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Registration No. : GSM 8427 . Type : Not Designated a Type
Identifications :
New:   Arthropoda: Chelicerata  [Eurypterus mammatus Salter]  
New:   Plants: Sphenophyta  Calamites sp  
Locality : Pendleton Colliery - Lancs. 
Grid Reference : Available from curator Country : England 
1:50K map :    
Chronostratigraphy : Westphalian Stage — Westphalian Stage  
Lithostratigraphy : COAL MEASURES GROUP 
Collector / Donor : Available from curator
References :
Salter 1863 Quart Journ Geol Soc Vol XIX  
Carruthers 1872 Pal Soc Vol XXVI  
Woodward 1873 Geol Mag Vol X