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Registration No. : GSM 14011 . Type : Not Designated a Type
Identifications :
New:   Arthropoda: Trilobita  Trinucleus (Cryptolithus) elongatus Portlock  
New:   Arthropoda: Trilobita  Cryptolithus portlockii (Salter)  
Old:   Arthropoda: Trilobita  Trinucleus concentricus Eaton  
New:   Arthropoda: Trilobita  Cryptolithus (Latus) latus Ingham  
Locality : Desertcreight,Tyrone 
Grid Reference : Not available Country : Northern Ireland 
1:50K map : 34 Pomeroy    
Chronostratigraphy : Caradoc Series — Caradoc Series  
Collector / Donor : Available from curator
References :
Lamont,1941,Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist.Ser.II,VIII,pg. 449 as Cryptolithus portlockii (Salter)  
Reed,1952,Proc. Roy. Irish Acad. 55,B,no. 3,pp.96-97  
Portlock 1843, Geol. Rep. Londonderry,etc. op. cit. pg. 263 as intermediate between Trinucleus caractaci & T. elongatus  
Portlock,1843 Geol.Rep. Londonderry,etc. as intermediate between Trinucleus cacactaci & T. elongatus  
Portlock,1843, Geol. Rep. Londonderry, etc. as intermediate between Trinucleus cacactaci & T. elongatus op. cit. pg. 263  
Reed,1952,Proc. Roy. Irish Acad.,55.B,no. 3,pp.96-97