AGS validation

Please use our new AGS File Utilities Tool and API for your AGS v4.x validation and data checks.

Validate your AGS files here.

  • Accepts multiple AGS files. (Hold down Ctrl key to select more than one file)
  • There is a total file size limit of 20MB
  • Tests AGS versions 3.1 and 4.0
  • May change the name of your files to ensure uniqueness
  • This is not a submission of your files to BGS, this is only an initial validation of the format and contents

If you would like the results emailed to you, please supply a valid email address.


Validation rules

Your files will be validated against the following rules as custom defined by BGS:

  • basic formatting: number of columns must match number of column headers
  • groups must include PROJ, LOCA or HOLE, ABBR, TYPE, UNITS (and GEOL for BGS)
  • FILE is required if the AGS file is submitted with other supporting non-AGS files
  • DICT is required if any user defined groups or headings are present, otherwise only standard/default settings are used
  • LOCA/HOLE file must contain a minimum of 75 per cent valid coordinates
  • the spatial referencing sytem or projection format should be specified in LOCA_GREF, LOCA_LREF or LOCA_LLZ columns (or HOLE equivalent)
  • BNG coordinates should be in the LOCA_NATE and LOCA_NATN columns(or HOLE equivalent)
  • local grid reference coordinates should be in the LOCA_LOCX and LOCA_LOCY columns(or HOLE equivalent)
  • LAT/LON coordinates should be in the LOCA_LAT and LOCA_LON columns(or HOLE equivalent)
  • local coordinates should not be duplicated in the BNG columns as this would indicate they have not been converted