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MR17671 Not entered 1942 Marble. 'Original entry: Marble'
Rome,surface exposure,polished specimen,Italy
MR17670 Not entered 1942 Marble. 'Original entry: Marble'
Italy,surface exposure,polished specimen,Italy
MR17669 Not entered 1942 Marble. 'Original entry: Marble Giallo Di Siena,'
Siena Tuscany,surface exposure,polished specimen,Italy
MR5195 Not entered 1943 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
Poggio di Gagziolo, Bologna,surface exposure,Italy
MR5196 Not entered 1944 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
Bombiana, Bologna,surface exposure,Italy
MR18077 Not entered 1944 Ash (Tephra). 'Original entry: Volcanic Ash'
Naples,surface exposure,Ash rain of the eruption of Vesuvius, 22-26 March 1944. Purchased whilst on active service 1944,Italy
thin section MR17712, F5101, Not entered 1944 Ash (Tephra). 'Original entry: Volcanic Dust'
Taken from balcony of billet at 201 Via Abate Gimma, Bari, Apulia at 0830 hours, 23 March 1944.,billet balcony,Precipitated during a fall of rain which lasted throughout the preceeding day,Italy
MR18420 Not entered 1950 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava And Ash'
Vesuvius, Italy,surface exposure,5 specimens, ?1934 eruption,Italy
MR19683 Not entered 1953 Ash (Tephra). 'Original entry: Volcanic Ash'
Island of Ischia, 18 miles WSW of Naples,surface exposure,Italy
thin section MR19803, F6068, Not entered 1954 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
From seaward side of crater, Vesuvius,surface exposure,Also MR 19803A+B and thin section F6068 + 9,Italy
MR20548 Not entered 1955 Skarn. 'Original entry: Ilvaite'
Dumps at works, Campiglia Marittima,?mine dumps,Collected on GA excursion, 1953,Italy
MR21566 Not entered 1958 Obsidian. 'Original entry: Volcanic Agglomerate'
Loose block on Volcano, Lapari Island
MR21567 Not entered 1958 'Original entry: Volcanic Agglomerate'
Vulcano, Lipari Islands,surface exposure,loose block on Vulcano,Italy
MR22024 Not entered 1959 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Quarry between railway and main Catania - Taormina road at Mascali, N of Giarre, Sicily,quarry,Italy
MR22027 Not entered 1959 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Top edge of crater on N slopes and c. 1000ft below highest point of Mt Etna, Sicily,surface exposure,Italy
MR22026 Not entered 1959 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Reputed to be from quarry at Mascali (see MR22024), Sicily,surface exposure,Italy
MR22025 Not entered 1959 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Shore, Naxos, S of Giardini, Sicily,surface exposure,Italy
MR28125 Not entered 1966 Igneous-Rock (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Nepheline Crystals'
Vesuvius, Italy,surface exposure,Italy
MR29195 Not entered 1967 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Surface exposure, half-way down mountain slope, Vesuvius,
MR29196 Not entered 1967 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Near top of crater, Vesuvius,surface exposure,

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