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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
MR2425 Rhodes,J.(Senior) * Not entered 'Original entry: Thin Cypris Band Below Flaggy Lst [Limestone. Cls]'
Lewis Burn, 300 yds above Lewis Burn Colliery, and 50 yds below Old Lewis Burn Bridge, Northumberland
MR2426 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Calc. Shale. Cls'
Lewis Burn, N Tyne, Northumberland
MR2429 Rhodes,J.(Senior) * Not entered 'Original entry: Yellow Fossiliferous Sst [Cls]'
In SW bank of Longrigg Sike, 0.25 mi NW of Bellingburn Head, Northumberland
MR2430 Rhodes,J.(Senior) * Not entered 'Original entry: Freestone. Carb. [Sandstone Cls]'
Scar, 1 mi NE of Plashetts Stn., Northumberland
MR7354, COLLNOR165, Rhodes,J.(Junior) * Not entered 'Original entry: Basalt Dyke, Lower Carboniferous, Porphyritic'
in syke tributary of Scalp [Scaup] Burn, 1 m W of N of Kielder Head, Northumberland
MR7356 Rhodes,J.(Junior) * Not entered 'Original entry: Whin Dyke'
Lewis Burn, about 1/2 m SW of the Low Long House, Northumberland
MR7315, COLLNOR145, Rhodes,J.(Junior) * Not entered 'Original entry: Dun Limestone, Carboniferous'
near foot of Belling Burn, Northumberland

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