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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
MR3902 Not entered 1888 Chalk. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Chalk'
Mesoin-Ciply, near Mons,surface exposure,Belgium
MR8204 Not entered 1931 'Original entry: Phyllite'
Salm Chateau,surface exposure,Belgium
MR8206 Not entered 1931 Diorite. 'Original entry: Diorite'
Quenast,surface exposure,Belgium
MR8205 Not entered 1931 Diorite. 'Original entry: Diorite'
Champ St Veron, Lambecq, Brabant,surface exposure,Belgium
MR10362 Not entered 1933 'Original entry: Gaize'
Bracquegnies, near Mons,surface exposure,Belgium
thin section ENQ158, ECONECON2541, Enquiry * 1937 'Original entry: Artificial Stone'
thin section ENQ243 Enquiry * 1939 'Original entry: Porphyry'
thin section ENQ244 Enquiry * 1939 'Original entry: Silex(Flint)'
Detailed locality not known
MR18610 Not entered 1950 'Original entry: Loess'
Gette near Bruxelles,surface exposure
MR18975 Not entered 1952 Chalk. 'Original entry: Chalk'
The Rabots, St Dennis near Masiere,surface exposure,Belgium
MR29621 Wilson,V. * 1967 Mudstone. 'Original entry: Shale'
Temporary shaft 2.2km W of Focant village cross roads, 24km SSE of Dinant,,Belgium
MR5339 Not entered 2038 Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
Ottrez,surface exposure,Belgium
MR5354 Not entered 2048 'Original entry: Phyllite (Mica Clay Slate)'
Salm Chateau, Ardennes,surface exposure,Belgium
MR6879 Not entered Not entered Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyroid'
?Johiefenig, Dame de Meuse, near Mairus, Franzos, Ardennes,surface exposure,?Belgium
MR39796 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Diorite'
COLLNO150/03, COLLNO439, RGSCRGSCM478, Royal Geological Society of Cornwall * Not entered 'Original entry: Galena And Blende Showing Concentric Structure'
Welkenraedt, Rhenish, Prussia
COLLNO227, COLLNO5/15, RGSCRGSCM380, Royal Geological Society of Cornwall * Not entered 'Original entry: Blende'
Welkenraedt, Rhenish, Prussia
thin section EMC8283 Murchison House Mineral Collection * Not entered 'Original entry: Ottrelite Schist'

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