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MR35521 Not entered 1981 Limestone. 'Original entry: Limestone'
Limestone quarry at Cantera de Piedra Caliza, Alcoa Co., Carbo Rojo, SW part of country near Haiti border, Dominican Republic, West Indies,quarry,?lagoonal, few fossils,Dominican Republic, West Indies
MR35523 Not entered 1981 Tephra (Pyroclastic Sediment). 'Original entry: Pumicite'
Upper Pumicite quarry, c. 80m E of Rosean Deep Water Harbour, Dominica, West Indies,Upper Pumicite quarry,Valley fill deposit, ?nuee ardente type. Age 30-50,000BP,Dominica, West Indies
MR35524 Not entered 1981 Quartz (Vein). 'Original entry: Quartz Vein'
Roadside exposure in centre of island at Deux Branches, Dominica, West Indies,surface exposure,Dominica, West Indies
MR3398, COLLNO23, Not entered Not entered Not entered
Morne Bruce, Dominicai

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