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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
RC1044/1 Not entered 'Original entry: Pyrochlore (Koppite)'
Koppite. Schelingen, Germany.
RC989/1 Not entered 'Original entry: Manganite'
Manganite. Ufeld, Harsc, Germany(?)
RC1043/1 Not entered 'Original entry: Magnoferrite'
Magnoferrite. Schelingen, Germany.
RC1050/1 Not entered 'Original entry: Pyrochlore (Koppite)'
Koppite. Kaiserstuhl, Germany.
RC1046/1 Not entered 'Original entry: Dysanalyte'
Dysanalyte. Badloch, Germany.
RC1045/1 Not entered 'Original entry: Pyrochlore, Dysanalyte, Apatite, Diopside'
Koppite. Badloch, Germany.
MR4879 Not entered 1825 Lava (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lava'
Bentrich in the Eifel,surface exposure,Germany
MR4961 Not entered 1843 Conglomerate. 'Original entry: Conglomerate'
Ober-Mittweida, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany
MR5024 Not entered 1852 Bomb-Tephra. 'Original entry: Volcanic Bomb'
Laacher see, Eifel,surface exposure,Germany
MR7250 Not entered 1852 Sand, Pebbly (Gravelly). 'Original entry: Pebbles'
Rhine, Germany,surface exposure,Germany
MR5046 Not entered 1871 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Augite Granulite - Pegmatite'
Hartmansdorf, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany
MR5047 Not entered 1872 Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite - Pegmatite'
Aschaffenburg, Bavaria,surface exposure,Germany
MR7548 Not entered 1874 Conglomerate. 'Original entry: Conglomerate'
Ober-Mittweida, Schreibenberg, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany
MR7551 Not entered 1874 Metamorphic Rocks With Unknown Protolith. 'Original entry: Granulite'
Seifersbad, near Mittweida, Saxony,surface exposure,polished. Normal granulite and pyroxene granulite,Germany
MR3661 Not entered 1886 Metamorphic Rocks With Unknown Protolith. 'Original entry: Granulite'
Tirschheim, near Glauchau, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany
MR5112 Not entered 1900 Marble. 'Original entry: Marble'
Griesbach, Erzgebirge,surface exposure,Germany
MR5113 Not entered 1901 Marble. 'Original entry: Marble'
Scheibenberg, Schettan, Erzgebirge,surface exposure,Germany
MR5129 Not entered 1906 Tuff, Trachytic. 'Original entry: Trass'
Between Brohl and the Laacher See, Eifel,surface exposure,Germany
MR5136 Not entered 1908 'Original entry: Lydian Stone'
Frankenburg, Hart,surface exposure,Germany
MR5145 Not entered 1910 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
Altweier, Bressoir, Vogesen,surface exposure,?Germany

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