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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
thin section S80363, COLLNOFY878, Highton,A.J. * 1988 Metamorphic Rock (Undifferentiated).
Allt Bruachaig
thin section S80846, COLLNOFY787, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
780m WNW of Carn Dearg Mor
thin section S80827, COLLNOFY7481, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Not entered
850m N of carn lethendry
thin section S80826, COLLNOFY748, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Not entered
Carn Lethendry
thin section S80837, COLLNOFY766, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
Allt Largy 770m WNW of Carn Mor
thin section S80836, COLLNOFY763, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
Sidhearn Ruighe Sheumais
thin section S80835, COLLNOFY757, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
1000m NW of Carn Deag Mor
thin section S80845, COLLNOFY786, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Psammite.
Docharn Crags
thin section S80844, COLLNOFY783, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Psammite.
Boat of Garten
thin section S80843, COLLNOFY777, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Not entered
250m NW of Carn Dearg Mor
thin section S80842, COLLNOFY774, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Not entered
400m SW of Carn Dearg Mor
thin section S80841, COLLNOFY771, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Not entered
800m SE of Mullochard
thin section S80840, COLLNOFY770, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Psammite.
800m SE of Shillochan
thin section S80839, COLLNOFY769, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Not entered
R.Dulnain at carrbridge
thin section S80838, COLLNOFY768, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Porphyry.
R.Dulnain at Carrbridge
thin section S80851, COLLNOFY900, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Lamprophyres.
250m NE of Quarry at Kinakyle
thin section S80850, COLLNOFY893, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Lamprophyres.
Quarry at Kinakyle
thin section S80849, COLLNOFY791, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
Coire na h-Uchdaich
thin section S80848, COLLNOFY790, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
450m NW of Carn Dearg Mor
thin section S80847, COLLNOFY788, Highton,A.J. * 1989 Granite.
790m NW of Carn Dearg Mor

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