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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
MR11069, COLLNOJR5, Rhodes,J.(Senior) * 1888 Not entered
On shore 1ml. NE of Carrickfergus
MR5225, I270, Not entered 1888 Diorite. 'Original entry: Dolerite Dyke In Keuper Marl'
Carrickfergus Qy., N of Carrickfergus town,
MR21056 Dimes, F.G. * Not entered 'Original entry: Baked Lias'
"Woodburn Glen (North)" Section on bank of Woodburn River just upstream from weir, c.2.5ml. N52degW of Carrickfergus Castle & 1380yds N 48.5degE of Farmhill Ho.
MR20360 Dines,H.G. * Not entered Not entered
Section on shore at Cloghfin Port 455yds NNW of Boatinghole Rock, and 700yds NE of TrigPoint Muldersleigh Hill

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