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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
MR45857, COLLNOWMD11073, Woods, M.A. * 2005 Not entered
Section on western side of A360 descending hill to the south of Devies, c.1.1 km S of DeviesCastle, Devies, Wilts
thin section E12896 Hallimond,Doctor * Not entered Not entered
Potterne Road Devizes
thin section E18596, COLLNORRL4C, NEG1116, Road Research Laboratory * Not entered 'Original entry: Chalk With Forams & Spheres'
Bulford Camp
thin section E20304, COLLNOKY27, NEG1351, Kellaway,G.A. * Not entered 'Original entry: Gritty Pan From Oolitic Ferug. Lst'
Small disused pit, 170y W. of pump at Lotterton House Seend
MR4025 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Lowest Stone Band,Building Stone'
Potterne road, Wiltshire.
MR4032 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Fine Grained Glauconitic Sand. Malmstone.Base Of Upper Greensand.'
Potterne road,Devizes, Wiltshire.
MR4050 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone.Upper Greensand.'
Lane W of Earl Stoke, Wiltshire.
MR6820 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Chert In Lower Chalk'
Eastcott nr. Market Lavington, Wiltshire
MR39820 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: ?Burrstone'
Base of chalk scarp nr. Devizes
MR39795 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: ?Spongiferous Bed'
N of Etchilhampton nr. Devizes
MR19161, COLLNOJEM182, Morey,J.E. * Not entered 'Original entry: Blue Clay With Fossils'
Caen Hill Brick Works

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