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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
MR32865 Not entered 1975 'Original entry: Silicified Fossil Wood'
Gravel spit, below 0.5m of water between Tolaus Flat and Tolaus Point, Loch Neagh
MR18657, COLLNOAR75, NI235, Robbie,J.A. * Not entered 'Original entry: Sandy Clay'
Stream 1/2ml. W of RC chapel Brockagh
MR18658, COLLNOAR76, NI236, Robbie,J.A. * Not entered 'Original entry: Clay'
Ulster Fireclay Co. pit, Ballynakilly
MR18659, COLLNOAR77, NI237, Robbie,J.A. * Not entered 'Original entry: Sandy Clay'
Coalisland Pipe & Fireclay Co. pit
MR25926 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Conglomerate'
453ft-455ft, Annagher Boprehole, Annagher, Mills, 1160yds E by S of Coalisland Station

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