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Sample ids Donor Year Rock name
thin section E36829 Sabine,P.A. * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
19 Beaufort Road, Ealing. W5
thin section E1775 Rose,W.C.C. * Basalt.
Finchley. North London
thin section E17115 Rose,W.C.C. * Not entered
Renton. Nr. Pinner
thin section E13263 Thomas, Dr. * Dolerite (Synonymous With Microgabbro).
Spitalfields Market
thin section E12399 Hallimond,Doctor * Not entered
Chingford Pit.
thin section E26957 Sabine,P.A. * Not entered
White Heather Laundry BH. Willesden
thin section E26953 Sabine,P.A. * Not entered
Kentish Town BH
thin section E26952 Sabine,P.A. * Not entered
Kentish Town BH
thin section E26951 Sabine,P.A. * Not entered
Meux's Tottenham Court BH
thin section E24925 Palaeontology Department. * Not entered
White Hall BH. New govt. Offices. Whitehall Gdns. SW1
thin section E22311 Palaeontology Department. * Limestone.
Willesden Boring
thin section E18179, MR17105, Phemister,J. * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Ferruginous Grit.'
Orley Farm School. 700 yd ESE of South Harrow Station
thin section E17784, MR9979, Phemister,J. * Granodiorite.
Parliament Hill Fields. London
thin section E49487 Berry,F.G. * Not entered
200 m W of GPO sorting office. Mount Pleasant
thin section ENQ1 Enquiry * 1933 Not entered
Gamage Building Holborn EC1
thin section ENQ453 Enquiry * 1943 Not entered
Buildingstone from bombes building at Highgate London, (NOT IN SITU)
MR22084 Not entered 1959 Flint. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
Hoe Lane Pit. Enfield,
MR33243, COLLNOFGB22, Berry,F.G. * 1976 'Original entry: Clay'
Bh. RC3 immediately W of St.Pancras Station (depth 24.64-24.76m)
MR33244, COLLNOFGB23, Berry,F.G. * 1976 'Original entry: Mudstone'
Bh. RC2 immediately W of St.Pancras Station (depth 19.66-19.86m)
MR13032 Not entered Not entered 'Original entry: Conglomerate'
Highgate Old Cemetery

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