BGS mineralogy and petrology collection record

Sample number MR33948; COLLNOJB51;
Sample Donor Berrange, Dr.J.P.
Rock name Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
Stratigraphy Not entered
Comments pegmatite, Pailin Gemfield,Collected by J P Berrang�:JB51
Locality details On road leading from bridge across O Ta Vav to S. des Mines, Pailin. GR 414 224. Cambodia 1:50,000 Series L708 Pailin 5549iv,surface exposure,See Berrang� & Jobbins, IGS Overseas Div. Rep. No. 35. Geology & Gemmology of Pailin Gemfield.,Cam
50k map sheet Not entered
Map reference Not entered
Year collected 1977 
Bore name Not applicable
Confidentiality No restrictions