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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
S25434; COLLNOSN156; Left bank of R Naver 1 mile 70 yds 10-11 deg S of E of exit of Gull Loch S25434; COLLNOSN156; *
S25435; COLLNOSN163; 660 yds 1 deg W of SW of exit of Gull Loch S25435; COLLNOSN163; *
S25436; COLLNOSN168; In burn (Allt Acadh nan Preas) 1150 yds 20 deg E of S of Syre Lodge S25436; COLLNOSN168; *
S25437; COLLNOSN169; In burn (Allt Bailltoire) 1430 yds 15 deg E of S of exit of Loch Langdale S25437; COLLNOSN169; *
S25438; COLLNOSN171; In burn, 1350 yds 14 deg E of S of exit of Loch Langdale S25438; COLLNOSN171; *
E42872; COLLNOWG411; 259d 0.30KM. FROM SORROWFULL HILL E42872; COLLNOWG411; *
E45241; COLLNOKS606; ENGLAND. Barnard Castle (32) E45241; COLLNOKS606; *
E11311; COLLNO1091; Shutter Point, Lundy Is. E11311; COLLNO1091; *
E11312; COLLNO1092; Shutter Point, Lundy Is. E11312; COLLNO1092; *
E11313; COLLNO1093; Shutter Point, Lundy Is. E11313; COLLNO1093; *
E11314; COLLNO1094; S.of Goat Island, Lundy Island E11314; COLLNO1094; *
E11315; COLLNO1095; Above Goat Island, Lundy Island E11315; COLLNO1095; *
E11316; COLLNO1096; NW.of Old Lighthouse, Lundy Is. E11316; COLLNO1096; *
E11317; COLLNO1097; S.of Battery Point, Lundy Is. E11317; COLLNO1097; *
E11281; COLLNO1061; Quarry Beach, Lundy Island E11281; COLLNO1061; *
E11319; COLLNO1099; S.of Battery Point, Lundy Is. E11319; COLLNO1099; *
E11320; COLLNO1100; S.of Battery Point, Lundy Is. E11320; COLLNO1100; *
E11321; COLLNO1101; Battery Point, Lundy Is. E11321; COLLNO1101; *
E11322; COLLNO1102; Battery Point, Lundy Is. E11322; COLLNO1102; *
E11323; COLLNO1103; Battery Point, Lundy Is. E11323; COLLNO1103; *
E11324; COLLNO1104; N.of Jenny's cove, Lundy Is. E11324; COLLNO1104; *
E11325; E11325/A; E11325/B; COLLNO1105; S.of St.Jame's Stone, Lundy Is. E11325; E11325/A; E11325/B; COLLNO1105; *
E11326; COLLNO1106; Bay S.of Brazen Ward, Lundy Is. E11326; COLLNO1106; *
E11327; COLLNO1107; Bay S.of Brazen Ward, Lundy Is. E11327; COLLNO1107; *
E11328; COLLNO1108; Bay S.of Brazen Ward, Lundy Is. E11328; COLLNO1108; *
E11329; COLLNO1109; S.of St.Jame's Stone, Lundy Is. E11329; COLLNO1109; *
E57706; COLLNOFK43; Brockholes near Kirby Knowle 750m 050d from Kirby Knowle Church E57706; COLLNOFK43; *
E57707; COLLNOFK44; Dissused quarry 360m 162d from Olstead Hall E57707; COLLNOFK44; *
E57708; COLLNOFK45; Dissused quarry 360m 162d from Olstead Hall E57708; COLLNOFK45; *
E57709; COLLNOFK46; Section Lunshaw Beck 500m 030d from Lunshaw House E57709; COLLNOFK46; *
E18025; COLLNOR 74; Kynance Cove E18025; COLLNOR 74; *
E18026; COLLNOR 75; Kynance Cove E18026; COLLNOR 75; *
E18027; COLLNOR 76; Kynance Cove E18027; COLLNOR 76; *
E18028; COLLNOR 77; Kynance Cove E18028; COLLNOR 77; *
E29275 Kennack Sands. 25yd.E.of termination of road running E.from Kennack Village E29275 *
E41716; COLLNOJH 1132; The Ness, Shaldon, 1km.S.of Teignmouth Railway Station E41716; COLLNOJH 1132; *
E34988; COLLNOJM 6; Specimens collected from N-S traverse across Pen Ervan & Labham Reefs to south of Lizard Point E34988; COLLNOJM 6; *
E34989; COLLNOJM 7; Specimens collected from N-S traverse across Pen Ervan & Labham Reefs to south of Lizard Point E34989; COLLNOJM 7; *
S25439; COLLNOSN173; Left bank of burn 990 yds 9 deg E of S of exit of Loch Langdale S25439; COLLNOSN173; *
S25440; COLLNOSN176; Left bank of Langdale Burn 1080 yds 15 deg S of W of the Broch N of Syre Lodge S25440; COLLNOSN176; *
S25441; COLLNOSN178; In burn 70 yds NNW of Ceann na Coille S25441; COLLNOSN178; *
S25442; COLLNOSN179; In burn 100 yds NW of Ceann na Coille S25442; COLLNOSN179; *
S25443; COLLNOSN186; Knob in hillside about 1000 yds 10-15 deg E of S of Syre Lodge S25443; COLLNOSN186; *
S25444; COLLNOSN187; 750 yds 15 deg S of E of exit of Loch Langdale S25444; COLLNOSN187; *
S25445; COLLNOSN188; Allt a'Ghlas Locha 1500 yds 7 deg N of W of SW corner of Loch Ban Harrald S25445; COLLNOSN188; *
S25446 Burn 1 mile 70 yds 25 deg N of W of Corrie Kinloch S25446 *
S25447 Burn 1 mile 70 yds 25 deg N of W of Corrie Kinloch S25447 *
E37034; E37034/A; E37034/B; E37034/C; E37034/D; COLLNONEQ1353; Burton Fleming (E. Riding) E37034; E37034/A; E37034/B; E37034/C; E37034/D; COLLNONEQ1353; *
E43945; COLLNOKS722; 0.62km 10d N. of W. of Burdale House Wharros E43945; COLLNOKS722; *
E43946; COLLNOKS723; 0.48km SW. of Grimston Hill House E43946; COLLNOKS723; *
E43947; COLLNOKS724; 0.48km SW. of Grimston Hill House E43947; COLLNOKS724; *
E43948; COLLNOKS725; 0.48km SW. of Grimston Hill House E43948; COLLNOKS725; *
E43949; COLLNOKS726; 0.8km W. of Grimston Hill House E43949; COLLNOKS726; *
E33828; COLLNO10; Holmescales quarry, Gatebeck, Old Hutton E33828; COLLNO10; *
E33785; COLLNONEQ1141; Dry Rigg quarry., 1/3ml W. of Helwith Bridge Railway Station E33785; COLLNONEQ1141; *
E36379; COLLNONEQ1140; Mealbank quarry Ingleton E36379; COLLNONEQ1140; *
E36380; COLLNOKH768; Salt lake quarry's 1/4m SE of Ribblehead station E36380; COLLNOKH768; *
E37128; COLLNOKH769; Recca Falls, Kingsdale beds, Kingsdale: app. 1 1/4m N. of Ingleton E37128; COLLNOKH769; *
E37129; COLLNOKH770; Recca Falls, Kingsdale beds, Kingsdale: app. 1 1/4m N. of Ingleton E37129; COLLNOKH770; *
E37130 Recca Falls, Kingsdale beds, Kingsdale: app. 1 1/4m N. of Ingleton E37130 *
E44171 1842' 31/2" to 1842' 7" depth in 1.g.s.Raydale BH 0.37cm bearing 020d Raydale House Marsett near Bainbridge E44171 *
E52790; MR34622; COLLNONS1; Fountains Fell 2000yd at 235d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52790; MR34622; COLLNONS1; *
E52791; MR34623; COLLNONS2; Fountains Fell 1600yd at 2231/2d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52791; MR34623; COLLNONS2; *
E52792; MR34624; COLLNONS3; Fountains Fell 1625yd at 2171/2d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52792; MR34624; COLLNONS3; *
E52793; MR34625; COLLNONS4; Fountains Fell 1350yd at 207d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52793; MR34625; COLLNONS4; *
E52794; MR34626; COLLNONS5; Fountains Fell 1350yd at 2031/2d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52794; MR34626; COLLNONS5; *
E52795; MR34627; COLLNONS6; Fountains Fell 1350yd at 200d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52795; MR34627; COLLNONS6; *
E52796; MR34628; COLLNONS7; Fountains Fell 1350yd at 1951/2d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52796; MR34628; COLLNONS7; *
E52797; MR34629; COLLNONS8; Fountains Fell 1450yd at 188d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52797; MR34629; COLLNONS8; *
E52798; MR34630; COLLNONS9; Fountains Fell 1600yd at 176d from 2048' on Darnbrook Fell E52798; MR34630; COLLNONS9; *
E16125; COLLNOM83-151; Watlass Limekilnes Thornton Watlass E16125; COLLNOM83-151; *
E19051; COLLNO42(35); Harmby quarry Leyburn E19051; COLLNO42(35); *
E33814; COLLNON5; Black quarry Leyburn E33814; COLLNON5; *
E57702; COLLNOFK39; Boars Gill near Kilburn 500m 060d N. from Acre House E57702; COLLNOFK39; *
E17054; COLLNOGH123; Right banks of Banks Gill 230yd N.30E.of Haynholme E17054; COLLNOGH123; *
E17051; COLLNOGH120; Bradford corporation water pipeline 400yd SE. of Haynholme E17051; COLLNOGH120; *
S26139 River Roy, 0.2 mile above Roy Bridge near Auchaderry S26139 *
S45694; COLLNOXJ1301; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45694; COLLNOXJ1301; *
S45695; S45695/A; COLLNOXJ1302; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45695; S45695/A; COLLNOXJ1302; *
S45696; COLLNOXJ1303; Allt na Cailliche, 966 yds upsream from Allt R Bhlair S45696; COLLNOXJ1303; *
S45713; COLLNOXJ1320; 1400 yds S 22 deg W from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45713; COLLNOXJ1320; *
E57703; COLLNOFK40; Boars Gill near Kilburn 500m 060d N. from Acre House E57703; COLLNOFK40; *
E57704; E57704/A; E57704/B; COLLNOFK41; Brockholes near Kirby Knowle 750m 050d from Kirby Knowle Church E57704; E57704/A; E57704/B; COLLNOFK41; *
E57705; COLLNOFK42; Brockholes near Kirby Knowle 750m 050d from Kirby Knowle Church E57705; COLLNOFK42; *
S46030; COLLNOYR210; 1960 yds E 8 deg N from Munerigie S46030; COLLNOYR210; *
MC5853 MC5853
MC8368 MC8368
MC5837 From one of Grange Cluster of quarries, Scotland. MC5837
S26382 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel 700 ft NW of Valve Shaft, Loch Treig S26382 *
S26698 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, 80 ft E of Adit No. 5 S26698 *
S26699 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, 2365 ft W of Adit No. 4 S26699 *
S26700 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, 1840 ft W of Adit No. 3 S26700 *
S26701 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, 180 ft W of Shaft No. 1 S26701 *
S26702 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, 180 ft E of Shaft No. 1 S26702 *
E24860; COLLNOCa868; Dowsham Deef, Lotherdale E24860; COLLNOCa868; *
S8281 0.5 mile SSE of Arderg S8281 *
S8282 0.5 mile SSE of Arderg S8282 *
E37943; COLLNOKH808b; Clayton Wood quarry Horsforth E37943; COLLNOKH808b; *
E37944; COLLNOKH809; Bolton Wood quarry Bradford E37944; COLLNOKH809; *
E37945; COLLNOKH810; Bolton Wood quarry Bradford E37945; COLLNOKH810; *
E37946; COLLNOKH811; Bolton Wood quarry Bradford E37946; COLLNOKH811; *
E37947; COLLNOKH812; Bolton Wood quarry Bradford E37947; COLLNOKH812; *
E37948; COLLNOKH813; Black Dyke Lane quarry Egypt, Bradford E37948; COLLNOKH813; *
E37949; COLLNOKH814; Black Dyke Lane quarry Egypt, Bradford E37949; COLLNOKH814; *
E37950; E37950/A; COLLNOKS97; NW of moor farm Guiseley Moor quarry spec. from top of exposed section E37950; E37950/A; COLLNOKS97; *
E37951; COLLNOKS98; Whetstone allotmnt N. of East Morton near Keighley E37951; COLLNOKS98; *
COLLNOMDE17; MC8505; Balnakeil Bay, Loch Eilean COLLNOMDE17; MC8505; * 2003
N5411; COLLNOZY215; Upper Allt nan Uahn N5411; COLLNOZY215; * 2003
S46240; COLLNOYZ27; 1100 yds S of Allt Leth-bheinn S46240; COLLNOYZ27; *
S46250; COLLNOYZ36; 300 yds S of Allt Leth-bheinn S46250; COLLNOYZ36; *
S45697; COLLNOXJ1304; Allt na Cailliche, 1600 yds upsream from Allt R Bhlair S45697; COLLNOXJ1304; *
S26703 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, 2600 ft E of Shaft No. 1 S26703 *
S26876 Loch Treig - Fort William tunnel, at point 4080 ft E of Adit No. 3 S26876 *
E30567; COLLNODS3; Depth 4241' 8 Armour Chemical Co's A3 BH 1/2m W or Sneaton Church near Whitton E30567; COLLNODS3; *
E39986; E39986/A; COLLNODS453; 620m E. 60d S. of All St Church Depth 4296' Yorkshire Potash No 4 BH Hawsker E39986; E39986/A; COLLNODS453; *
E39152; COLLNOHF282; S. Face of Greenscoe quarry E39152; COLLNOHF282; *
E39285; COLLNOIB249; 1050m bearing 128d from causeway end E39285; COLLNOIB249; *
E33829; COLLNOW30; Ingleton quarry Ingleton sheet 50 E33829; COLLNOW30; *
COLLNOSSK70951; G4084; Rosemanowes Quarry RH15 BH COLLNOSSK70951; G4084;
COLLNOSSK70951; G4085; Rosemanowes Quarry RH15 BH COLLNOSSK70951; G4085;
COLLNOSSK70953; G4086; Sellafield RCM 3 BH COLLNOSSK70953; G4086;
E43950; COLLNOKS727; 0.48 km SW. of Grimston Hill House E43950; COLLNOKS727; *
E43951; COLLNOKS728; 0.48km W. of Grimston Hill House North Grimston Whitewall Quarry Co Ltd E43951; COLLNOKS728; *
E43952; COLLNOKS729; 0.48km W. of Grimston Hill House North Grimston Whitewall Quarry Co Ltd E43952; COLLNOKS729; *
E43953; E43953/A; E43953/B; COLLNOKS730; 0.48km W. of Grimston Hill House North Grimston Whitewall Quarry Co Ltd E43953; E43953/A; E43953/B; COLLNOKS730; *
E48856; COLLNOKS1417; 0.58km 350d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48856; COLLNOKS1417; *
E40696; COLLNO262; Skibben Quarry's Ltd 2.1Km E. of Embsay Chapel Skipton E40696; COLLNO262; *
E52877; COLLNOK14; Stool Mine, 1400yd at 006d from 1301, NNE. Of Grassington E52877; COLLNOK14; *
E57151; COLLNOCR768; Summit of Sterden Hill E57151; COLLNOCR768; *
E57152; COLLNOCR769; Summit of Sterden Hill E57152; COLLNOCR769; *
E16121; COLLNOM80-147; Old Quarry Bries Hill Burton Leonard E16121; COLLNOM80-147; *
E16122; COLLNOM81-148; Micklehill Quarry Burton Leouard E16122; COLLNOM81-148; *
E16123; COLLNOM81-149; Micklehill Quarry Burton Leouard E16123; COLLNOM81-149; *
E16127; COLLNOM85-153; Monkton Wood, Wormald Green E16127; COLLNOM85-153; *
E16128; COLLNOM86-154; Quarries 450y SE. of Grinnbald bridge Knaresborough E16128; COLLNOM86-154; *
E16129; COLLNOM87-155; Quarry Moor Ripon E16129; COLLNOM87-155; *
E16130; COLLNOM87-156; Quarry Moor Ripou E16130; COLLNOM87-156; *
E16148; COLLNOMX-174; Spofforth Castle E16148; COLLNOMX-174; *
E33903; COLLNOKH474; Top of Whitbarrow, near Levens E33903; COLLNOKH474; *
S68742; COLLNOYR2527; NW slope of Beinn Bhan S68742; COLLNOYR2527; *
COLLNOSSK70953; G4087; Sellafield RCM 3 BH COLLNOSSK70953; G4087;
COLLNOSSK70955; G4088; Sellafield 9A BH COLLNOSSK70955; G4088;
E38694; COLLNO529; Chapel Hill Aldborough, Borobridge E38694; COLLNO529; *
E46052; COLLNODS533; West Wall of Old Quarry Quarry Moor Ripon E46052; COLLNODS533; *
S42737 Roadside exposure, 2370 yd on bearing 42 deg from 3858ft trig pt on summit of Stob Coire Claurigh S42737 *
S42782 Roadside exposure, 2570 yd on bearing 16 deg from 3858ft trig pt on summit of Stob Coire Claurigh S42782 *
S44724; COLLNOYR115; 430 yds E 33 deg S from Corriegour S44724; COLLNOYR115; *
S44725; COLLNOYR116; 1800 yds E 30deg N from Letterfinlay S44725; COLLNOYR116; *
S44726; COLLNOYR117; 1950 yds E 23deg N from Letterfinlay S44726; COLLNOYR117; *
E16334; COLLNOSEH537; 700YDS N. 31d E. OF PEAGILL E16334; COLLNOSEH537; *
E16335; COLLNOSEH538; 710YDS E. 41d S. OF PEAGILL E16335; COLLNOSEH538; *
E16336; COLLNOSEH539; 300YDS N. 20d W. OF FARMERY E16336; COLLNOSEH539; *
E16337; COLLNOSEH540; 500YDS E. 26d N. OF FARMERY E16337; COLLNOSEH540; *
E16338; COLLNOSEH541; 300YDS N. OF FARMERY E16338; COLLNOSEH541; *
E16339; COLLNOSEH542; 500-700YDS ENE. OF FARMERY E16339; COLLNOSEH542; *
S44727; COLLNOYR118; 1970 yds E 20deg N from Letterfinlay S44727; COLLNOYR118; *
S45685; COLLNOXJ1291; 1900 yds N 6 deg W from Laggan Locks S45685; COLLNOXJ1291; *
S45687; COLLNOXJ1293; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45687; COLLNOXJ1293; *
S45688; COLLNOXJ1294; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45688; COLLNOXJ1294; *
S45689; COLLNOXJ1295; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45689; COLLNOXJ1295; *
S45690; COLLNOXJ1296; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45690; COLLNOXJ1296; *
S23419 Cathraichean Bana S23419 *
S23420 Main Burn entering N shore of Loch Saile Ruathair, 420 yds upstream S23420 *
S23421 Main Burn entering N shore of Loch Sail an Ruathair, 435 yds upstream S23421 *
S23422 Black Rock Burn, 960 yds W by N of junction of R Oykell and Allt Sail an Ruathair S23422 *
S23423 R Oykell, 1 mile above entrance to Loch Ailsh S23423 *
E41152; COLLNO112; I.G.S. Roosecote, BH. Depth 668.9m E41152; COLLNO112; *
E41153; COLLNO113; I.G.S. Roosecote, BH. Depth 669.05m E41153; COLLNO113; *
E41154; COLLNO114; I.G.S. Roosecote, BH. Depth 669.09m E41154; COLLNO114; *
E41155; COLLNO115; I.G.S. Roosecote, BH. Depth 619.50m E41155; COLLNO115; *
E41156; COLLNO116; I.G.S. Roosecote, BH. Depth 620.06m E41156; COLLNO116; *
E41157; COLLNOBLE6055; Gleaston Castee farm BH depth 156.5-156.6m E41157; COLLNOBLE6055; *
E41158; COLLNOCBL6064; Gleaston Castee farm BH depth 156.5-156.6m E41158; COLLNOCBL6064; *
E43180; COLLNO112; I.G.S. Rooscote BH 500yd SE. of Rooscote farm Depth 473m E43180; COLLNO112; *
E44526; COLLNOCCR540; Cliff on roadside, 600m E. of grange marsh farm, meathop near grange-over sands E44526; COLLNOCCR540; *
E44527; COLLNOCCR541; Cliff on roadside, 600m E. of grange marsh farm, meathop near grange-over sands E44527; COLLNOCCR541; *
E45267; COLLNOKS640; Holme park quarry 150d 0.65km E. of holme park E45267; COLLNOKS640; *
E45268; COLLNOKS641; Holme park quarry 150d 0.65km E. of holme park E45268; COLLNOKS641; *
E45269; COLLNOKS642; Sandside quarry (tarmac limestone quarry) 0.92km 80d W. of S. dallam tower E45269; COLLNOKS642; *
E45270; COLLNOKS645; Keirby Perry road st. quarry silverdale 1.05km E. of Arnside tower Kingston Minerals E45270; COLLNOKS645; *
E45271; COLLNOKS646; Keirby Perry road st. quarry silverdale 1.05km E. of Arnside tower Kingston Minerals E45271; COLLNOKS646; *
E32993; COLLNONE14; M6 motorway S. of lancaster near forton E32993; COLLNONE14; *
E37702; COLLNORA59; Heysham HBR. Power station BH 53034146 E37702; COLLNORA59; *
E37703; COLLNORA60; Heysham HBR. Power station BH 53034147 E37703; COLLNORA60; *
S23424 Left bank of R Oykell, 610 yds N by W of Ben More Lodge S23424 *
S23425 Left bank of R Oykell, between Allt Cathair Bana and Allt Sail an Ruathair S23425 *
COLLNOSSK70955; G4089; Sellafield 9A BH COLLNOSSK70955; G4089;
S23426 Left bank of R Oykell, 530 yds N by W of Ben More Lodge S23426 *
S23428 200 yds NE of the head of Allt a'Choindruim S23428 *
S23427 E face of S peak of Sail an Ruathair, 305 yds W by S of fork of Allt Sail an Ruathair S23427 *
S37682; COLLNOPS413; 1470 yds SE of top of Sgonnan Mor S37682; COLLNOPS413; *
S37683; COLLNOPS416; 230 yds E 40 deg S of top of Sgonnan Mor S37683; COLLNOPS416; *
S38695 Allt na Cailliche (runs into SE end of Loch Ailsh) S38695 *
E16340; COLLNOSEH543; 500-700YDS ENE. OF FARMERY E16340; COLLNOSEH543; *
S61525; COLLNOYR2154; 1550 m S 12 deg W from Laggan Locks S61525; COLLNOYR2154; *
S45692; S45692/A; COLLNOXJ1299; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45692; S45692/A; COLLNOXJ1299; *
S45693; COLLNOXJ1300; 450 yds W 22 deg S from Iron Bridge, River Garry S45693; COLLNOXJ1300; *
S31783 Allt Innis Shin, 1930 yds S 31deg E of Leitirfearn S31783 *
S31784 2240 yds S 16deg E of Leitirfearn S31784 *
S31785 1.15 miles E 20deg N of Leitirfearn S31785 *
S31786 1716 yds E 31deg S of Invergarry station S31786 *
S37684 1170 yds S 10 deg E of top of Sgonnan Mor, in burn S37684 *
E30222 Quarry 2/3m WNW. Of Chapel,Threshfield E30222 *
E40691; COLLNO257; Hargreaves Quarry Ltd Skipton rock quarry E40691; COLLNO257; *
E40692; COLLNO258; Haw Bank Skipton E40692; COLLNO258; *
E40693; COLLNO259; 2.3Km E. of Embsay Chapel E40693; COLLNO259; *
E40694; COLLNO260; Skibben Quarry's Ltd 2.1Km E. of Embsay Chapel Skipton E40694; COLLNO260; *
E40695; COLLNO261; Skibben Quarry's Ltd 2.1Km E. of Embsay Chapel Skipton E40695; COLLNO261; *
E16341; COLLNOSEH544; 500-700YDS ENE. OF FARMERY E16341; COLLNOSEH544; *
E16342; COLLNOSEH545; 500-700YDS ENE. OF FARMERY E16342; COLLNOSEH545; *
E16343; COLLNOSEH546; 500YDS. E. 5d N. OF BROWN EDGE E16343; COLLNOSEH546; *
E16348; COLLNOSEH551; 230YDS E. 13d N. OF PEAGILL E16348; COLLNOSEH551; *
E16349; COLLNOSEH552; 240YDS W. 28d N. OF PEAGILL E16349; COLLNOSEH552; *
E16351; COLLNOSEH554; 410YDS S. 33d W. OF PEAGILL E16351; COLLNOSEH554; *
S31787 1740 yds E 31deg S of Invergarry station S31787 *
N5422; COLLNOPY1810; Wester Clett (East) N5422; COLLNOPY1810; * 2005
N5423; COLLNOPY1811; Wester Clett (East) N5423; COLLNOPY1811; * 2005
N5424; COLLNOPY1915; Baligill N5424; COLLNOPY1915; * 2005
S38682 2 sills between bridge over Strath Seasgaich Burn, R Oykell S38682 *
S38694 Allt na Cailliche (runs into SE end of Loch Ailsh) S38694 *
S38831; COLLNOCS176; 200 yds W of Strathsheaskich S38831; COLLNOCS176; *
S38833; COLLNOCS178; 360 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38833; COLLNOCS178; *
S38836; COLLNOCS182; 750 yds W of Strathsheaskich S38836; COLLNOCS182; *
S38837; COLLNOCS183; 900 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38837; COLLNOCS183; *
S38838; COLLNOCS184; 900 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38838; COLLNOCS184; *
S38839; COLLNOCS185; 900 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38839; COLLNOCS185; *
S38840; COLLNOCS186; 900 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38840; COLLNOCS186; *
S38841; COLLNOCS187; 950 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38841; COLLNOCS187; *
S38842; COLLNOCS188; 1150 yds NW of Strathsheaskich S38842; COLLNOCS188; *
E24861; COLLNOje241; Bowland Forest tunnel. Ellerbeck N. drive 3075yds W. 401/2d N. of Slaiaburn church E24861; COLLNOje241; *
E29880 Skirwith, 1 1/2ml NE. of Ingleton (sheet 50) E29880 *
E31761; COLLNO339; School share settle E31761; COLLNO339; *
E31762; COLLNO340; School share settle E31762; COLLNO340; *
E31763; COLLNO341; School share settle E31763; COLLNO341; *
E31764; COLLNO342; School share settle E31764; COLLNO342; *
E31765; COLLNO343; School share settle E31765; COLLNO343; *
E31766; COLLNO344; School share settle E31766; COLLNO344; *
E31760; COLLNO338; School share settle E31760; COLLNO338; *
E17050; COLLNOGH118; Oed quarry 430yd NW. New Laith Halton East E17050; COLLNOGH118; *
E17052; COLLNOGH121; 250yd N. 25E. Of Haynholme and L. bank of Banks Gule E17052; COLLNOGH121; *
E17053; COLLNOGH122; Right banks of Banks Gill 230yd N.30E.of Haynholme E17053; COLLNOGH122; *
E48857; COLLNOKS1418; 0.58km 350d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48857; COLLNOKS1418; *
E48858; COLLNOKS1419; 0.58km 350d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48858; COLLNOKS1419; *
E48859; COLLNOKS1420; 0.58km 350d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48859; COLLNOKS1420; *
S38863 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, to west S38863 *
S38864 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, E end S38864 *
S38865 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, W end S38865 *
S38866 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, W end S38866 *
S38867 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, W end S38867 *
S38870 Shand's 38 quarry, 250 yds from Benmore road end S38870 *
S41801 Corry Burn section, 440 yds NNE of Corry Farm S41801 *
S41803 Corry Burn section, 440 yds NNE of Corry Farm S41803 *
S41804 Sill at Leckmelm, 40 yds SE of mouth of Allt na Crighe S41804 *
S41808 Creag nam Broc, 1100 yd W of Glas Tulich; top of crag W of Torridonian S41808 *
E11804 Roadside Quarry Gerddi Gwynion E11804 *
E28870 Gwalchmai E28870 *; *;
E30000; COLLNO1; Anglesey Parys Mountain Quarry by old Copper pits NW.of Trysglywn E30000; COLLNO1; *
E30001; COLLNO2; Anglesey Parys Mountain Quarry by old Copper pits NW.of Trysglywn E30001; COLLNO2; *
E30002; COLLNO3; S.side of Great Opencast, Parys Mountain E30002; COLLNO3; *
E30003; COLLNO4; Stream below Calvinistic Methodist Chapel SW.end of Parys Mountain E30003; COLLNO4; *
E30023 Parys Mt. M2 BH. At 1254' E30023 *
E31268 Parys Mt. M1A BH. At 46' E31268 *
E31269 Parys Mt. M1A BH. At 248' E31269 *
E31270 Parys Mt. M1A BH. At 332' E31270 *
E31271 Parys Mountain M2 Borehole.Depth 674' E31271 *
E31272 Parys Mountain M2 Borehole.Depth 912' E31272 *
E31273 Parys Mountain M2 Borehole.Depth 1014' E31273 *
E31274 Parys Mountain M3 Borehole.Depth 847' E31274 *
E31275 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 419' E31275 *
E14940; COLLNO849; Amlwch Port Moor, 300' E.of walls at 100'level E14940; COLLNO849; *
E48860; COLLNOKS1421; 0.512 km 200d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48860; COLLNOKS1421; *
E48861; COLLNOKS1422; 0.512 km 200d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48861; COLLNOKS1422; *
E48862; COLLNOKS1423; 0.512 km 200d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48862; COLLNOKS1423; *
E48863; COLLNOKS1424; 0.512 km 200d SW. Grimston Hill Settrington E48863; COLLNOKS1424; *
E48864; COLLNOKS1425; 0.51km 214d SW Grimston Hill settrington E48864; COLLNOKS1425; *
E11805 Roadside Quarry Gerddi Gwynion E11805 *
E11806 Roadside Quarry Gerddi Gwynion E11806 *
E12363 200yds. W.from "N"of Nant-newydd (Day book gives Location as Sea Cliff 450-500ft S of last N in Ynys-y-Fydlyn) E12363 *
E12364 200yds. W.from "N"of Nant-newydd (Day book gives Location as Sea Cliff 450-500ft S of last N in Ynys-y-Fydlyn) E12364 *
E12365 Sheet edge 1-2,shelf at foot of boulder clay sea-cliff just W.of Porth Padrig Mynachdy E12365 *
E12366 Porth Gron (Mynachdy) SE.corner E12366 *
E12367 Porth Gron, W.cliff near ordovician boundary E12367 *
E12368 Porth-yr-Ogof. Wylfa, just S.of old lifeboat station E12368 *
E12369 Porth-yr-Ogof. Wylfa, just S.of old lifeboat station E12369 *
E12370 W.cliffs at Bull Bay Creek by 64ft. Level. E12370 *
E12371 W.cliffs at Bull Bay Creek S.cliff of creek E12371 *
E12372 Block in wall, almost certainly from boss W.of forking of roads, 800ft.WSW.of Clegyr-Mawr E12372 *
E12383 Holyhead E12383 *
E12895 Aeggor-Mawr Qy. Bodedern E12895 *
E14932; COLLNO841; Penrhyn cliff, Cemaes at "broken folding" E14932; COLLNO841; *
E14933; COLLNO842; Trwyn-y-Penrhyn, Cemaes,between western dyke E14933; COLLNO842; *
E14934; COLLNO843; Amlwch Port Moor, 500' S.of B.M.120.6 E14934; COLLNO843; *
E14935; COLLNO844; Bull Bay;low reef E.of 64ft.level E14935; COLLNO844; *
E14936; COLLNO845; Trwyn Cortog, Amlwch E14936; COLLNO845; *
E14937; COLLNO846; Amlwcy Port, at "district folding", W.cliff of creek E14937; COLLNO846; *
E14938; COLLNO847; Amlwch Port Moor, 500' S.of B.M.120.6 E14938; COLLNO847; *
E14939; COLLNO848; SW.of Ffynnon Eilian 400-500' ENE.of 100' level E14939; COLLNO848; *
E14941; COLLNO850; Holy Isle; 300ft. SE.of Cnwc-Melyn E14941; COLLNO850; *
E14942; COLLNO851; Rhydbout creek, S.side 150' E.of dam E14942; COLLNO851; *
E14944; COLLNO853; Rhydbout creek, S.side 150' E.of dam E14944; COLLNO853; *
E14948; COLLNO857; S.of Ffynnon Eilian E14948; COLLNO857; *
E14949; COLLNO858; Bull Bay Cliff, E.of 64ft.level, foot of cliff E14949; COLLNO858; *
E14952; COLLNO861; Bryn-gwallen ; new quarry at "O" of "O"ld quarry E14952; COLLNO861; *
E14954; COLLNO863; Amlwch Port, road metal E14954; COLLNO863; *
E14957; E14957/A; COLLNO866; Northern headland of Lligwy E14957; E14957/A; COLLNO866; *
S38668 Allt Eileag, opposite on L bank S38668 *
S6349 Leckmelm Wood, Loch Broom S6349 *
S35877 Loyne S35877 *
S35878 Loyne S35878 *
S37259 Gorge of Allt a'Mhuilinn, about 0.25 mile up from road S37259 *
S37400; MR18244; Quarry in morainic drift, N side of Lairg village S37400; MR18244; *
COLLNONS129RD; C729; 40 miles NNW of Brough HD., Orkney. 59-60/3-4W COLLNONS129RD; C729;
COLLNONS323DM; C730; 10 miles NW of Brough Head, Orkney. 59-60/3-4W COLLNONS323DM; C730;
S38757 About 100 yds up the Allt Bad a'Ghille Dhuibh S38757 *
S38769; S38769/A; 13 deg E of N of Loyne sheepfold, 262 E of Ledbeg S38769; S38769/A; *
S38770 350 yds S down burn, 600 yds ESE of Loyne S38770 *
C1005 North Shoal High. 59/-04/85 C1005
C1006 North Shoal High. 59/-04/96 C1006
S38772 1300 yds SE of Loyne S38772 *
C1137 North Shoal High. 59/-04/104 C1137
C1138 Papa Bank High. 59/-04/186 C1138
C1139 Papa Bank High. 59/-04/162 C1139
E28872 No2 Bore Grindleton E28872
E31767; COLLNO283A; Bathing Place, Stonyhurst, Hodder Valley E31767; COLLNO283A; *
E33904; COLLNOKH475; Flamborough Head E33904; COLLNOKH475; *
E34900; COLLNODT265; Accessible from the cliff farm south landing flamborough site 1170yd bearing E. 11d S. from Flamborough Church E34900; COLLNODT265; *
E13798 Saltbed Preesall E13798 *
S8430 SE of Creag a'Chait S8430 *
S42242 Shore, Loch Bad a'Ghaill, 300 yds S by E of dam at mouth of loch S42242 *
S42243 300 yds S of dam at mouth of Loch Bad a'Ghaill S42243 *
S42248 58 yd S of NWM at An Acarseid, and 500 yds ESE of Dun Lagaidh S42248 *
S49580 Crags above once cultivated exposure 2900 ft SSE of Lyne S49580 *
S49581 In burn 2650 ft 8 deg E of S of Lyne S49581 *
S9908 Roadside ner Ledbeg River, Loyne shepherd's house S9908
S9909 Ledbeg Burn above Ledbeg House S9909
S49586 Crag 200 ft from Lyne Burn, 1400 ft from junction with Ledbeg River S49586 *
S49587 1450 ft 5 deg E of S of school, Elphin S49587 *
S49589 Cliff exposure of Cnoc Breac, 1750 ft 10 deg E of S of school, Elphin S49589 *
S49590; S49590/A; Hillslope 2000 ft N 4 deg E of Ledmore S49590; S49590/A; *
S49591 Hillslope 2250 ft N 5 deg E of Ledmore S49591 *
S49593 R bank of Lyne Burn 1275 ft up from junction with Ledbeg river S49593 *
S49594 R bank of Lyne Burn 1150 ft up from junction with Ledbeg river S49594 *
S49595 R bank of Lyne Burn 1050 ft up from junction with Ledbeg river S49595 *
S49596 R bank of Lyne Burn 1000 ft up from junction with Ledbeg river S49596 *
S49702 Crags 200 yds NE of Lyne cottge S49702 *
S38774 Bad na h'Achlaise, 680 yds from Ledmore River S38774 *
S38775 Bad na h'Achlaise, 650 yds from Ledmore River S38775 *
S38776 Bad na h'Achlaise, 680 yds from Ledmore River S38776 *
S38787; S38787/A; Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38787; S38787/A; *
E27484 New Laund Hill, 1ml W. of Whitewell E27484 *; *;
E34970; COLLNOWV191; Flyde Water Board T44BH 1st site depth 50' E34970; COLLNOWV191; *
E34971; COLLNOWV192; Flyde Water Board T44BH 1st site depth 95' E34971; COLLNOWV192; *
E34972; COLLNOWV193; Flyde Water Board T44BH 2nd site depth 70' E34972; COLLNOWV193; *
E34973; COLLNOWV194; Fylde Water Board T46BH Depth 122' 6" E34973; COLLNOWV194; *
E38708; COLLNO655-4; Fylde Water Board NoT52 BH Garstang E38708; COLLNO655-4; *
E40761; COLLNO321; Longridge quarry, 1.7km 50d E. of N. of Longridge Church E40761; COLLNO321; *
E40762; COLLNO322; Longridge quarry, 1.7km 50d E. of N. of Longridge Church E40762; COLLNO322; *
E41084; COLLNONA680; Lancs River Authority BH NoT58 at 131' 5" - 132' 0" E41084; COLLNONA680; *
S37680; COLLNOPS411; 480 yds E 25 deg S of inflow of Loch Mhaolach Coire S37680; COLLNOPS411; *
S38788 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38788 *
S38789 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38789 *
S38790 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38790 *
S38791 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38791 *
S38792 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38792 *
S38793 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38793 *
S38794 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38794 *
S38795 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38795 *
S38796 Small burn W of Bad na h'Achlaise; 8 deg W of S of bridge over Ledbeg River S38796 *
S38797 Burn 30 deg W of S from bridge over Ledbeg River S38797 *
S38798 Burn 30 deg W of S from bridge over Ledbeg River S38798 *
S38799 Ledbeg River in bend 240 yds S of Ledbeg S38799 *
S38800 Ledbeg River in bend 240 yds S of Ledbeg S38800 *
S44650; COLLNOYR188; Deanie Main Tunnel at 9900 ft S44650; COLLNOYR188; *
S44651; COLLNOYR189; Deanie Main Tunnel at 9733 ft S44651; COLLNOYR189; *
S44652; COLLNOYR190; Deanie Main Tunnel at 9300 ft S44652; COLLNOYR190; *
S44653; COLLNOYR191; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8970 ft S44653; COLLNOYR191; *
S44654; COLLNOYR192; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8600 ft S44654; COLLNOYR192; *
S44655; COLLNOYR193; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8500 ft S44655; COLLNOYR193; *
S44656; COLLNOYR194; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8400 ft S44656; COLLNOYR194; *
S44657; COLLNOYR195; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8300 ft S44657; COLLNOYR195; *
S44658; COLLNOYR196; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8200 ft S44658; COLLNOYR196; *
S44659; COLLNOYR197; Deanie Main Tunnel at 8100 ft S44659; COLLNOYR197; *
S45828; S45828/A; COLLNOYW124; Deanie Tunnel (HE 5) chainage 14636 S45828; S45828/A; COLLNOYW124; *
S45829; COLLNOYW127; From spoil heap at No.2 adit S45829; COLLNOYW127; *
S49703 Foot of N slope of Cnoc na Sroine, 0.5 mile E 35 deg S of Lyne cottage S49703 *
E11335 Fydlyn, foot of cliff E11335 *
E11336 Fydlyn, foot of cliff E11336 *
E11337 Chasm opp.N.end of Great Caverns. Fydlyn foot of cliff. E11337 *
E11338 Porth-yr-Huch E11338 *
E11339 Porth-yr-Hwch E11339 *
E11340 Porth-yr-Hwch, ridge of spur E11340 *
E11341 Brow 800ft. NE.of Porth-y-Dwfr E11341 *
S48160; COLLNOYW428; 760 yd W 34 deg S of outflow of Na Tri Lochain S48160; COLLNOYW428; *
N16459; COLLNOSSK5212; LOCH BORRALAN 18/720 N16459; COLLNOSSK5212;
N16460; COLLNOSSK5233; LOCH BORRALAN 12/700 N16460; COLLNOSSK5233;
S67370 Borehole 6/840, 10.45 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67370 *
S67371 Borehole 6/840, 7.00 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67371 *
S67372 Borehole 8/630, 9.60 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67372 *
S67373 Borehole 8/630, 12.27 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67373 *
S67374 Borehole 10/600, 18.81 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67374 *
S67375 Borehole 10/650, 13.67 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67375 *
E11342 Clegyr Mawr Summit E11342 *
E11343 470yds. N.from Caerau E11343 *
S67376 Borehole 10/650, 17.12 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67376 *
S67377 Borehole 10/725, 17.36 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67377 *
E11250 Ty-Coch, 800ft.NE.of E11250 *
E11251 Hells Mouth, west side E11251 *
E11254 The East Mouse Islet E11254 *
E11255 The East Mouse Islet E11255 *
E11257 The East Mouse Islet E11257 *
E11258 The East Mouse Islet E11258 *
E11259 The East Mouse Islet E11259 *
E11260 The East Mouse Islet E11260 *
E11261 The East Mouse Islet E11261 *
N5412; COLLNOZY216; Side stream Allt nan Uahn N5412; COLLNOZY216; * 2003
N5413; COLLNOZY204; Allt Dubh-Liath N5413; COLLNOZY204; * 2001
N5414; COLLNOZY212; Garbh Meal Muir, close to summit N5414; COLLNOZY212; * 2001
N5425; COLLNOYW2293; SCOTLAND. Achnashellach (82W) N5425; COLLNOYW2293; * 2005
N5426; COLLNOYW2295; SCOTLAND. Achnashellach (82W) N5426; COLLNOYW2295; * 2005
N5427; COLLNOYW2296; SCOTLAND. Achnashellach (82W) N5427; COLLNOYW2296; * 2005
N5428; COLLNOYW2297; SCOTLAND. Achnashellach (82W) N5428; COLLNOYW2297; * 2005
N5429; COLLNOYW2298; SCOTLAND. Achnashellach (82W) N5429; COLLNOYW2298; * 2005
N5430; COLLNOYW2300; SCOTLAND. Loch Torridon (81E) N5430; COLLNOYW2300; * 2005
N5431; COLLNOYW2301; SCOTLAND. Achnashellach (82W) N5431; COLLNOYW2301; * 2005
N5415; COLLNOZY213; Upper Glen Cassley N5415; COLLNOZY213; * 2001
N5403; COLLNOKG112; W of Loch Seilge, nr Ben Stack N5403; COLLNOKG112; * 2005
N5404; COLLNOKG113; SW of Cnoc Bad na hiAchlaise, nr Ben Stack N5404; COLLNOKG113; * 2005
N5405; COLLNOKG114; N of Laxford River N5405; COLLNOKG114; * 2005
N5406; COLLNOKG115; N of Laxford River N5406; COLLNOKG115; * 2005
N5407; COLLNOKG116; NW of Arkle N5407; COLLNOKG116; * 2005
N5409; COLLNOKG118; N side of Ben Stack N5409; COLLNOKG118; * 2005
N5410; COLLNOKG119; NW of Claisfean, S side of Loch Laxford N5410; COLLNOKG119; * 2005
N5408; COLLNOKG117; NW of Arkle N5408; COLLNOKG117; * 2005
S38807 Allt a'Bhrisdidh, at second waterfall from road S38807 *
S38809 Allt a'Bhrisdidh, 100 yds upstream from road S38809 *
S38811 Allt a'Brisdidh, beginning of slope S38811 *
S38812 Allt a'Brisdidh, 50 ft altitdue above S. 38811 S38812 *
S38814 Knoll by road, Alltivullin S38814 *
S38815 Knoll by road, Alltivullin S38815 *
S38816 Allt a'Mhuillin S38816 *
S38818 Allt a'Mhuillin, flatter part S38818 *
S38820 Loch a'Mhuillin, 2nd knoll (Shand) S38820 *
S38821 Loch a'Mhuillin, 2nd knoll (Shand) S38821 *
S38822 Allt a'Mhuillin, below Shand's S38822 *
S38823 Allt a'Mhuillin, below flatter part S38823 *
S38824 Allt a'Mhuillin, below flatter part S38824 *
S38825 Allt a'Mhuillin, gorge S38825 *
S38827 Allt a'Mhuillin, gorge S38827 *
S38828 Allt a'Mhuillin, knoll nearest road S38828 *
S38829 Allt a'Mhuillin, knoll nearest road S38829 *
S38830 Allt a'Mhuillin, knoll nearest road S38830 *
S38843 N end of Ruighe Cnoc S38843 *
E11262 The East Mouse Islet E11262 *
E11263 The East Mouse Islet E11263 *
E11264 The East Mouse Islet E11264 *
E11265 The East Mouse Islet E11265 *
E11266 1/2 way down the slope of Parys Mtn. N.of Brimstone Yard E11266 *
E11333 Fydlyn, foot of cliff E11333 *
E11334 Fydlyn, foot of cliff E11334 *
S45145 Cliff top in SW corner of Camas na Soithechean, just NW of Achnahaird Bay, Rhu Coigach S45145 *
S48156; COLLNOYW424; 525 yd E 19 deg S of Falls of Kirkaig S48156; COLLNOYW424; *
S48157; COLLNOYW425; 1100 yd N 2 deg E of Falls of Kirkaig S48157; COLLNOYW425; *
S48158; COLLNOYW426; 770 yd W 30 deg S of outflow of Na Tri Lochain S48158; COLLNOYW426; *
S48159; COLLNOYW427; 760 yd W 34 deg S of outflow of Na Tri Lochain S48159; COLLNOYW427; *
S49577; S49577/A; R bank Lyne Burn 1225 ft up from junction with Ledbeg River S49577; S49577/A; *
S49578 R bank Loyne Burn 1150 ft up from junction with Ledbeg River S49578 *
S49579 Hill face 750 ft N of junction of Lyne Burn with Ledbeg River S49579 *
N5383; COLLNOCYY235; Water-washed outcrop, abandoned channel N5383; COLLNOCYY235; * 2005
N5384; COLLNOCYY236; W corner, Whitecraig Quarry N5384; COLLNOCYY236; * 2005
N5385; COLLNOCYY237; N end, Lunan Bay in cliffs S of Buckie Den N5385; COLLNOCYY237; * 2005
N5386; COLLNOCYY238; N end, Lunan Bay in cliffs S of Buckie Den N5386; COLLNOCYY238; * 2005
N5387; COLLNOCYY239; Gully, Boddin Harbour N5387; COLLNOCYY239; * 2005
N5388; COLLNOCYY240; S side of gully, Bodding Harbour N5388; COLLNOCYY240; * 2005
N5371; COLLNOMFH67; Lauriston Quarry N5371; COLLNOMFH67; * 2005
N5372; COLLNOMFH68; Johnshaven Harbour N5372; COLLNOMFH68; * 2005
N5374; COLLNOMFH70; Boddin Point fault zone N5374; COLLNOMFH70; * 2005
N5375; COLLNOMFH71; Johnshaven N5375; COLLNOMFH71; * 2005
N5373; COLLNOMFH69; Kasim(?) of Mathers N5373; COLLNOMFH69; * 2005
N5368; COLLNOASW142; Old quarry by A77 SSE of Ploak Farm N5368; COLLNOASW142; * 2005
S38849 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38849 *
S38850 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38850 *
S38851 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38851 *
S38632 Allt Loch Odhar S38632 *
S38634 c. 60 yds N by NE of Uamh Mor, below Uamh nan Tartair S38634 *
N16458; COLLNOSSK5211; LOCH BORRALAN 10/725 N16458; COLLNOSSK5211;
S38678 1840 ft SE of Altnachie (house) in burn at slight bend S38678 *
S67378 Borehole 10/950, 15.46 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67378 *
S67379 Borehole 12/700, 17.00 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67379 *
S67380 Borehole 16/750, 15.20 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S67380 *
S67381 Borehole 20/720, 16.10 m depth; S of Loch Borralan S67381 *
S67382 Borehole 22/720, 25.62 m depth; S of Loch Borralan S67382 *
S68037 Borehole 10/950, 13.11 m depth; SW of Loch Borralan S68037 *
S68038 Borehole 4/305, Loch Borralan S68038 *
E14958; E14958/A; COLLNO867; Southern side of Trayth-yr-Ord E14958; E14958/A; COLLNO867; *
E28869 Disused Quarry. 350yds. E.of Llandeusant Church E28869 *; *;
N5369; COLLNOASW143; Just SW of High Cleughcarn Farm N5369; COLLNOASW143; * 2005
N5370; COLLNOASW144; Quarry edge forest, WNW high Allestocks N5370; COLLNOASW144; * 2005
S38852 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38852 *
S38853; S38853/A; Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38853; S38853/A; *
S38854 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38854 *
S38855 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38855 *
S38856 Knoll just off road at Aultivullin S38856 *
S38857 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin S38857 *
S38858 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, big crag to W S38858 *
S38859 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, big crag to W S38859 *
S38860 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, to west S38860 *
S38861; S38861/A; Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, to west S38861; S38861/A; *
S38862 Crag above knoll at Aultivullin, to west S38862 *
S38819 Allt a'Mhuillin, flatter part S38819 *
S15703 Allt na Crannach 500 ft N of foot S15703 *
S15709 Creag na Gualainn S15709 *
S15710 Creag na Gualainn S15710 *
E34572 40yd WSW. Of Hen-Blas E34572 *
E15450; E15450/A; E15450/B; Tai-hirion E15450; E15450/A; E15450/B; *
E15451 Tai-hirion E15451 *
E15452 Upper field, S.of Minffordd E15452 *
E15453 200ft. N.of Tyddfn.-hic E15453 *
E15454 Glan Morfa Bed No.1 E15454 *
E15455 Glan Morfa Bed No.4 E15455 *
E10194; COLLNO406; Cromlech Crags E10194; COLLNO406; *
E10195; COLLNO407; Llangefni cutting E10195; COLLNO407; *
E31296 Parys Mountain M8 Borehole.Depth 311' 6" E31296 *
E34573 Quarry c300yd SE. of Gwyndy [gwyndy quarries] E34573 *
E34574 Quarry c300yd SE. of Gwyndy [gwyndy quarries] E34574 *
E34576 200yd W. of Gwg-Fawr E34576 *
E38762 Pylon Site 54 Anglesey E38762 *
E34575 Quarry c300yd SE. of Gwyndy [gwyndy quarries] E34575 *
E39876 BH Amlwch No 2 930yd 38d from Amlwch Parish Church Trig Point ! E39876 *
E39877 BH Amlwch No 2 930yd 38d from Amlwch Parish Church Trig Point ! E39877 *
E39878 BH Amlwch No 1 270yd S. of Pt Lynas Lighthouse E39878 *
E39879 BH Amlwch No 1 270yd S. of Pt Lynas Lighthouse E39879 *
MR38014 1.48km SSW of Foss Cross, near Cirencester MR38014 *
C231 Clyde Offshore Bore. 70/14/1. C231
E11248 About 1000ft. E.of Bryn Llwyd E11248 *
E11252 Cadair-y-Gythraul, in spilite E11252 *
E15953 Bryn Celyn. E15953
E8534; COLLNO511; Llangaffo. E8534; COLLNO511; *
S44649; COLLNOYR187; Culligran Main Tunnel at intake portal S44649; COLLNOYR187; *
S46948; COLLNOYR382; Beannacharan Dam site S46948; COLLNOYR382; *
S51711 Achnagart Quarry S51711 *
E31285 Parys Mountain M5 Borehole.Depth 85' E31285 *
E14956; COLLNO865; Holland Arms. Ravine below Inn (?) E14956; COLLNO865; *
E14959; E14959/A; E14959/B; E14959/C; COLLNO868; Holland Arms, hedge, 250'E.of 93ft.level, nr. Inn E14959; E14959/A; E14959/B; E14959/C; COLLNO868; *
E15457; E15457/A; E15457/B; Glan Morfa Bed No.7 E15457; E15457/A; E15457/B; *
E15458; E15458/A; E15458/B; Glan Morfa Bed No.9 E15458; E15458/A; E15458/B; *
E15459; E15459/A; E15459/B; Glan Morfa Bed No.25 E15459; E15459/A; E15459/B; *
E15460; E15460/A; E15460/B; Berw-uchaf E15460; E15460/A; E15460/B; *
E15461 Berw-uchaf upper beds E15461 *
E29770; COLLNOKC458; Hengae Qy., 650yd. NW.of Llangaffo E29770; COLLNOKC458; *
E29771; COLLNOKC459; Hengae Qy., 650yd. NW.of Llangaffo E29771; COLLNOKC459; *
E31286 Parys Mountain M5 Borehole.Depth 190' E31286 *
E31287 Parys Mountain M5 Borehole.Depth 295' E31287 *
E31288 Parys Mountain M6 Borehole.Depth 380' E31288 *
E31289 Parys Mountain M6 Borehole.Depth 423' E31289 *
E31290 Parys Mountain M6 Borehole.Depth 508' E31290 *
E31299 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 564' E31299 *
E31300 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 687' E31300 *
E10241; COLLNO453; Top of Tywyn-y-Parc E10241; COLLNO453; *
E14926; COLLNO835; Mainland 300' W.from 10.6 level E14926; COLLNO835; *
E15456 Glan Morfa Bed No.5 E15456 *
E14363; COLLNO1180; Jerusalem Quarry, near Gaerwen, which is 4.5m. SE.of Llangefni E14363; COLLNO1180; *
E14905; COLLNO814; Rhoscolyn, cliff NW.of Borth-Saint E14905; COLLNO814; *
E14906; COLLNO815; Rhoscolyn Head; NW.limb of infold E14906; COLLNO815; *
E14907; COLLNO816; Rhoscolyn, cliff: 'Gully usp' E14907; COLLNO816; *
E14908; COLLNO817; Rhoscolyn; cliff E.of Maen-y-fran E14908; COLLNO817; *
E14909; COLLNO818; Rhoscolyn; cliff SW.of Maen-y-fran E14909; COLLNO818; *
E14910; COLLNO819; Rhoscolyn; cliff SW.of Maen-y-fran E14910; COLLNO819; *
E31277 Parys Mountain M3 Borehole.Depth 1116' E31277 *
E31278 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 910' E31278 *
E31279 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 942' E31279 *
E31280 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 1012' E31280 *
E31281 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 101474' E31281 *
E31282 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 1043' E31282 *
E31283 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 1081' E31283 *
E31284 Parys Mountain M5 Borehole.Depth 57' E31284 *
E14911; COLLNO820; Cliff between fault chasm ENE.of Maen-y-sais E14911; COLLNO820; *
E14912; COLLNO821; Rhoscolyn; cliff NW.of Porth-yr-hwngan E14912; COLLNO821; *
E14913; COLLNO822; Rhoscolyn; cliff E.of Maen-y-fran E14913; COLLNO822; *
E14914; COLLNO823; Rhoscolyn; cliff NE.of Maen-y-sais E14914; COLLNO823; *
E14915; COLLNO824; Rhoscolyn; cliff ENE-NE.of Maen-y-fran E14915; COLLNO824; *
E14916; COLLNO825; Rhoscolyn; cliff between fault chasm ENE.of Maen-y-sais E14916; COLLNO825; *
E14917; COLLNO826; Rhoscolyn; cliff between fault chasm ENE.of Maen-y-sais E14917; COLLNO826; *
E14918; COLLNO827; Rhoscolyn; cliff NE.of Maen-y-fran E14918; COLLNO827; *
E14919; COLLNO828; Rhoscolyn; cliff between fault chasm ENE.of Maen-y-sais E14919; COLLNO828; *
E14920; COLLNO829; Rhoscolyn; cliff NE.of Maen-y-fran E14920; COLLNO829; *
E14921; COLLNO830; 350' N.of "L"of Cythrael, "Dune of Newboro" E14921; COLLNO830; *
E14922; COLLNO831; Ou Uleridiau, nr.SW. corner of sh.S.of r.of mawr E14922; COLLNO831; *
E14923; COLLNO832; 276ft.N.of C of Cadair-y-Cythraul E14923; COLLNO832; *
E14924; COLLNO833; Llanddwyn I.: Porth-twr-mawr, foot of E.cliff E14924; COLLNO833; *
E14925; COLLNO834; Llanddwyn I.: Porth-twr-mawr, foot of E.cliff E14925; COLLNO834; *
E14927; COLLNO836; Top of boss at "ig"of Cerig-mawr E14927; COLLNO836; *
E14928; COLLNO837; Llanddwyn Island, Porth-clochydd E14928; COLLNO837; *
E14929; COLLNO838; Llanddwyn Island, Porth-clochydd E14929; COLLNO838; *
E14930; COLLNO839; Llanddwyn Island, Pilots Cove, S.of Lifeboat House E14930; COLLNO839; *
E14931; COLLNO840; At 'C'of Cadaer-y-Cythrual, close to limestone E14931; COLLNO840; *
E14943; COLLNO852; Nr. NW.corner of 16NEE, 125ft.NE.of Ruin E14943; COLLNO852; *
E14945; COLLNO854; Rhoscolyn, 400' NNE of Cromlech House,-by alluvium E14945; COLLNO854; *
E14950; COLLNO859; Cadaet-y-Cythrael.Pl.V1.Geol. Anglesey E14950; COLLNO859; *
E14955; COLLNO864; Holland Arms. Ravine below Inn (?) E14955; COLLNO864; *
ED10478 From one of Haughyett Cluster of quarries, Scotland. ED10478
E28722; COLLNOJE4282; Opencut on blind stone seam.Rayle site. 1/3ml NNE. Of site of ighten hill Manor House E28722; COLLNOJE4282; *
E31301 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 854' E31301 *
E31302 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 856' 6" E31302 *
E31303 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 919' E31303 *
E31304 Parys Mountain M10 Borehole.Depth 266' E31304 *
E32457 Disused Qy., 600yds ENE.of Four Mile Bridge, near valley E32457 *
E32458 Disused Qy., 600yds ENE.of Four Mile Bridge, near valley E32458 *
E32460 Disused Qy., 250yds W.of Capel Ebenezer Kingsland. 1100yds S.of Holyhead Station E32460 *
E32461 Disused Qy., 200yds E.of St.Edeyn's Church, Bodedern E32461 *
E32462 Disused Qy., 350yds E.of Llandeusant Church E32462 *
E11249 The Dingle (near e of the.) Llangifni. E11249 *
E31291 Parys Mountain M7 Borehole.Depth 393' 6" E31291 *
E31292 Parys Mountain M7 Borehole.Depth 499' E31292 *
E31293 Parys Mountain M8 Borehole.Depth 115' E31293 *
E31294 Parys Mountain M8 Borehole.Depth 137' E31294 *
E31295 Parys Mountain M8 Borehole.Depth 296' E31295 *
E9557 W.end of Llangaffo cutting E9557 *
E32463 Disused Qy., 350yds E.of Llandeusant Church E32463 *
E32464 Disused Qy., 100yds E.of St.Mwrog's Church, Llanfwrog E32464 *
E32465 Disused Qy., at Rhyd Angharad, 700yds NW.of Rhydwyn P.O. E32465 *
E32466 Disused Qy., at Rhyd Angharad, 700yds NW.of Rhydwyn P.O. E32466 *
E32467 Disused Qy., 450yds ENE. of Rhydwyn P.O. E32467 *
E32468 Disused Qy., 450yds ENE. of Rhydwyn P.O. E32468 *
E32469 Disused Limestone Qy., 600yds N.of Coastguard Station, Cemaes E32469 *
E32470 Disused Limestone Qy., 600yds N.of Coastguard Station, Cemaes E32470 *
E32471 Disused Qy., 200yds ESE.of Llan-Lleiana. 1.25m. NE.of Cemaes Bay E32471 *
E32472 Disused Qy., 150yds E.of Neuadd. 1/2m. E.of Cemaes Bay E32472 *
E32473 Disused Qy., 750yds NNE.of Gardwr. 2m. ENE.of Cemaes Bay E32473 *
E32474 Disused Qy., 300yds SW.of Hafod-Onen, 1.5m. SW.of Amlwch Church E32474 *
E32475 Disused Qy., 450yds SW.of Hafod-Onen, 1.5m. SW.of Amlwch Church E32475 *
E32476 Disused Qy., 750yds NW.of Four Crosses, 2.75m. SW.of Amlwch Church E32476 *
E32477 Disused Qy., 750yds NW.of Four Crosses, 2.75m. SW.of Amlwch Church E32477 *
E32478 Disused Qy., 750yds NW.of Four Crosses, 2.75m. SW.of Amlwch Church E32478 *
E32479 Disused Qy., 750yds NW.of Four Crosses, 2.75m. SW.of Amlwch Church E32479 *
E32480 Disused Qy., 300yds N.of Hafod Uchaf, 3.75m.WSW.of Amlwch Church E32480 *
E32482 Disused Qy., 200yds SE.of Carreglefn P.O. 4.5m. WSW.of Amlwch E32482 *
E32483 Disused Qy., on Foel Newydd, 700yds SSE.of Parys Farm, 1.75m.SSW.of Amlwch Ch. E32483 *
E32484 Disused Qy., on Foel Newydd, 700yds SSE.of Parys Farm, 1.75m.SSW.of Amlwch Ch. E32484 *
E32485 Disused Qy., 150yds NW.Pensarn P.O. 1.75m. SE.of Amlwch Church E32485 *
E32486 Disused Qy., 150yds NW. Pensarn P.O. 1.75m. SE.of Amlwch Church E32486 *
E32487 Disused Qy., 600yds SE.of Nebo, & 2.5m. SE.of Amlwch Church E32487 *
E32488 Disused Qy., 500yds N.of City Dulas, 3.75m. SSE.of Amlwch E32488 *
E32489 Disused Qy., 500yds N.of City Dulas, 3.75m. SSE.of Amlwch E32489 *
E32490 Aber Qy., Aber-Strecht, 1100yds WNW.of Moelfre E32490 *
E41085; COLLNONA681; Lancs River Authority BH NoT58 at 157' 5" - 157' 9" E41085; COLLNONA681; *
S9913 0.33 mile from junction of Loch Ailsh and Lairg roads, 2.25 mile E of Aultnacealgach Hotel S9913
S9914 Ledbeg River, above Loyne, Assynt S9914
S9915 Ledbeg River, a few hundred yards above Ledbeg House, Assynt S9915
S9924 Knob 0.5 mile SE of Loyne shepherd's house, Assynt S9924
S9925 Ledbeg River, at I s in river about 0.5 mile E of Loyne shepherd's house S9925
S9926 On hill slope 0.75 miles ESE of Loyne shepherd's house, Assynt S9926
E9968; COLLNO180; Bryn Hyfrya, WSW.of "B" E9968; COLLNO180; *
E31297 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 41' 9" E31297 *
E31298 Parys Mountain M9 Borehole.Depth 540' 9" E31298 *
E37716; COLLNOBU 4476; Corringham No.1 B.H.@ 4908' E37716; COLLNOBU 4476; *
E37717; COLLNORN 6774; Corringham No.5 B.H. E37717; COLLNORN 6774; *
E11924 From a boulder 1.25 tons, 6" below the soil Louth. E11924 *
E32495 Disused Qy., at Pen-y-Lon, 3.25m. E.of S. of Amlwch E32495 *
E32496 Disused Qy., at Pen-y-Lon, 3.25m. E.of S. of Amlwch E32496 *
E32497 Small Quarries at Hen Blas, 3.25m. E.of S.of Amlwch E32497 *
E32498 Small Quarries at Hen Blas, 3.25m. E.of S.of Amlwch E32498 *
E32499 Small Quarries at Hen Blas, 3.25m. E.of S.of Amlwch E32499 *
E32500 Disused Quarry, 300yds W.of Deri-Isaf 3.25m. SSE.of Amlwch Church E32500 *
E32501 Disused Qy., 350yd. WSW.of Deri-Isaf E32501 *
E32502 Disused Qy., 350yd. WSW.of Deri-Isaf E32502 *
E37941; COLLNOKH807; Clayton Wood quarry Horsforth E37941; COLLNOKH807; *
E37942; COLLNOKH808a; Clayton Wood quarry Horsforth E37942; COLLNOKH808a; *
E32491 Disused Qy., opposite Glan Traeth, 1600yds SE.of Llanwenllwyfo Church E32491 *
E32492 Disused Qy., 350yds N.of Tyddyn Isaf & 200yds. SSE.of Llanwenllwyfo Church E32492 *
E32493 Disused Qy., Pen-y-Graig Wen, 3m. S.of Amlwch Church E32493 *
E32494 Disused Qy., at Pen-y-Lon, 3.25m. E.of S. of Amlwch E32494 *
E32503 Disused Quarry, 850yds, W.of City Dulas, & 3.33m.SSE.of Amlwch Church E32503 *
E32504 Disused Qy., 800yds NNE.of Maen Addwyn, 2.5m.E.of Llanerchymedd E32504 *
E32505 Disused Qy., 1200yds WSW.of St. Michaels Church, Penrhos Lligwy E32505 *
E32506 Disused Qy., 1200yds WSW.of St. Michaels Church, Penrhos Lligwy E32506 *
E32507 Disused Qy., 1350yds SW.of St. Michaels Church, Penrhos Lligwy E32507 *
E32508 Disused Qy., 900yds Nne.of Maenddwyn, 2.5m.E.of Llanerchymedd E32508 *
E32509 Disused Qy., 900yds E.of St. Michael's Church, Penrhos Lligwy E32509 *
E34563 Old quarry on S. side of road opposite Tai-Newydd Bachau E34563 *
E34564 500yd SE. of Neuadd E34564 *
E34565 350yd ENE. Of Neuadd E34565 *
E34566 Old quarry immediately S. of Churchyard Coedana E34566 *
E34567 Old quarry on E. side of the road opposite Plas-Coedana E34567 *
E34568 100yd N. of Bryntwrog Isaf E34568 *
E34569 100yd N. of Bryntwrog Isaf E34569 *
E34570 100yd N. of Bryntwrog Isaf E34570 *
E34571 120yd NNW. Of Hen-Blas E34571 *
E32481 Disused Qy., 450yds SSE.of Ynys. 4m.SW.of Amlwch Church E32481 *
E10762; COLLNO163; Over Tan-y-mynydd, Mynydd Llwydiarth E10762; COLLNO163; *
S41900 In tunnel 80 ft beneath Orrin Dam, Aradie, Strath Orrin S41900 *
S42729; COLLNOYK78; Orrin Dam site, N abutment HE4, near tunnel portal S42729; COLLNOYK78; *
S42730; COLLNOYK79; Orrin Dam site, N abutment HE4, near tunnel portal S42730; COLLNOYK79; *
S42731; COLLNOYK80; Orrin Dam site, N abutment HE4, near tunnel portal S42731; COLLNOYK80; *
S42732; COLLNOYK82; Orrin Dam site, N abutment HE4, near tunnel portal S42732; COLLNOYK82; *
S43487 Crags 50-100 yds N of Lochan an Torra Bhuidhe S43487 *
S44627; COLLNOYR182; Aigas Dam site, W bank S44627; COLLNOYR182; *
S44628; COLLNOYR183; Aigas Dam site, W bank S44628; COLLNOYR183; *
S44629; COLLNOYR184; Aigas Dam site, W bank S44629; COLLNOYR184; *
S44630; S44630/A; COLLNOYR185; Aigas Dam site, E bank S44630; S44630/A; COLLNOYR185; *
S44631; S44631/A; COLLNOYR186; Aigas Dam site, E bank S44631; S44631/A; COLLNOYR186; *
E14960; E14960/A; E14960/B; E14960/C; COLLNO869; Glan morfa, roadside quarry E14960; E14960/A; E14960/B; E14960/C; COLLNO869; *
E15449; E15449/A; E15449/B; Tai-hirion E15449; E15449/A; E15449/B; *
E10072; COLLNO284; NE.of Bodorgan, 1300ft.SW. B.M.116.6. WNW.of Tanlan E10072; COLLNO284; *
E10073; COLLNO285; NE.of Bodorgan, 650ft.SW.of Rhyd-y-fotyn, NE.of a tree ? E10073; COLLNO285; *
E10087; COLLNO299; Llanddwyn Is. Porth Halen. Back of cove E10087; COLLNO299; *
S43484 E side of road, 120 yds up from bridge over Gortally Burn S43484 *
S43485 E side of road, 150 yds up from bridge over Gortally Burn S43485 *
S43486 E side of road, 170 yds up from bridge over Gortally Burn S43486 *
S43488 250 yds up Beauly road from junction with Cannich road S43488 *
E51636; E51636/A; E51636/B; COLLNONGB318B; Waberthwaite quarry northern section north face at entrance to this section of the quarry E51636; E51636/A; E51636/B; COLLNONGB318B; *
S68946; COLLNONX503; Tump 100 m ENE of E end of Lochan an Torra Buidhe S68946; COLLNONX503; *
E51637; E51637/A; E51637/B; COLLNONGB318C; Waberthwaite quarry northern section north face at entrance to this section of the quarry E51637; E51637/A; E51637/B; COLLNONGB318C; *
E51638; E51638/A; E51638/B; COLLNONGB319; Waberthwaite quarry northern section south east face[from a large multiply drilled zone at the foot of the face] E51638; E51638/A; E51638/B; COLLNONGB319; *
E51639; E51639/A; E51639/B; E51639/C; E51639/D; COLLNONGB320A; Waberthwaite quarry northern section southern end of eastern face E51639; E51639/A; E51639/B; E51639/C; E51639/D; COLLNONGB320A; *
E51640; E51640/A; E51640/B; COLLNONGB321; Waberthwaite quarry northern section eastern face [nearer northern than southern end] E51640; E51640/A; E51640/B; COLLNONGB321; *
E51641; E51641/A; E51641/B; COLLNONGB323A; c 0.4km south of Miteside east of Thornflatt station and Muncaster mill E51641; E51641/A; E51641/B; COLLNONGB323A; *
E51642; E51642/A; E51642/B; E51642/C; COLLNONGB323B; c 0.4km south of Miteside east of Thornflatt station and Muncaster mill E51642; E51642/A; E51642/B; E51642/C; COLLNONGB323B; *
E51643; E51643/A; E51643/B; COLLNONGB336; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level east face [as NGB 316 above] E51643; E51643/A; E51643/B; COLLNONGB336; *
E29763; COLLNODT1; Garden of Kitchen Ground Farm Holmrook E29763; COLLNODT1; *
E30892; COLLNODT5; Holmrook No 14 BH at max. depth 2346' 715.4m E30892; COLLNODT5; *
E38083; E38083/A; E38083/B; COLLNOKH921; Waberthwaite Granite quarry [DIS] E38083; E38083/A; E38083/B; COLLNOKH921; *
E38084; COLLNOKH922; Waberthwaite Granite quarry E Face E38084; COLLNOKH922; *
S61447; COLLNODX8; Allt Dubhchlair 55m upstream from confluence with tributary draining Lochan Coire Dubhchlair S61447; COLLNODX8; *
E38085; COLLNOKH923; Waberthwaite Granite quarry NE Face E38085; COLLNOKH923; *
E38086; COLLNOKH924; Waberthwaite Granite quarry NE Face E38086; COLLNOKH924; *
E38087; COLLNOKH925; Waberthwaite Granite quarry SE Face E38087; COLLNOKH925; *
E38088; COLLNOKH926; Waberthwaite Granite quarry SE Face E38088; COLLNOKH926; *
E38089; COLLNOKH927; Waberthwaite Granite quarry SSW Feature E38089; COLLNOKH927; *
E38090; COLLNOKH928; Branken Wall E38090; COLLNOKH928; *
E38091; COLLNOKH929; Branken Wall small quarry just above KH928 E38091; COLLNOKH929; *
E38092; COLLNOKH930; Muncaster Castle grounds 200yds NNE Newtown Knott E38092; COLLNOKH930; *
E38093; COLLNOKH931; Muncaster Castle grounds 300yds E Newtown Farm E38093; COLLNOKH931; *
E38094; COLLNOKH932; Muncaster Castle grounds 400yds NE Newtown Farm E38094; COLLNOKH932; *
E38095; COLLNOKH933; Muncaster Castle grounds 100yds N. Newtown Farm E38095; COLLNOKH933; *
E38096; COLLNOKH934; Muncaster Castle grounds 1000yds NE. Newtown Knott E38096; COLLNOKH934; *
E38097; COLLNOKH935; Muncaster Castle grounds 1100yds NE. Newtown Knott E38097; COLLNOKH935; *
E38098; COLLNOKH936; Muncaster Castle grounds 900yds SSE. Decoy Wood Home Farm E38098; COLLNOKH936; *
S51704 Tomintoul Quarry S51704 *
E12808; COLLNONW15566; Peak Ravenscar E12808; COLLNONW15566; *
E12811 Peak Ravenscar E12811 *
E776 Watley Gill, Backside Beck E776 *
E27621; COLLNO15; NEGMR21378; Kendall Fell Quarry, Kendall E27621; COLLNO15; NEGMR21378; *
E30139; COLLNOTE178; NEGMR9146; Allen Knot Quarry 1.5ml N. of Windermere Station E30139; COLLNOTE178; NEGMR9146; *
E31276 Parys Mountain M4 Borehole.Depth 696' E31276 *
E10010; COLLNO222; Cerig-Ceinwen, NE.side of road at 160 E10010; COLLNO222; *
E16880; COLLNOSEH585; 570yds N. 44d E. of Peagill E16880; COLLNOSEH585; *
E16887; COLLNOSEH592; 640yds E. of Bungdale E16887; COLLNOSEH592; *
E16888; COLLNOSEH593; 780yds E. 18d N. of Thornholmes E16888; COLLNOSEH593; *
E16936; COLLNOFMT203; 1450yds N. 32d E. of Gosforth Church E16936; COLLNOFMT203; *
S69865; COLLNOYW1208; Allt Bhlaraidh S69865; COLLNOYW1208; *
S69887; COLLNOYW1251; Allt Loch an t'Sionnaich S69887; COLLNOYW1251; *
S69888; COLLNOYW1252; Allt Loch an t'Sionnaich S69888; COLLNOYW1252; *
E31419; NEGMR25968; Quarry 400yds 25d from far orrest, which is 1 1/4ml N. of Windermere Station E31419; NEGMR25968; *
E33190 Shap Granite Quarry E33190 *; *;
E33498; NEGMR6162; Sheepfold, Stakeley Folds, Shap E33498; NEGMR6162; *; *;
E45259; COLLNOKS649; Pennington Quarry 1.20km E. of Bank Head, Kendal E45259; COLLNOKS649; *
E45260; COLLNOKS650; Pennington Quarry 1.20km E. of Bank Head, Kendal E45260; COLLNOKS650; *
E49850; COLLNOWG421; 210m at 233d from SW. corner of Wassdale Head Farm E49850; COLLNOWG421; *
E49851; COLLNOWG422; 270m at 242d from SW. corner of Wassdale Head Farm E49851; COLLNOWG422; *
E49852; COLLNOWG423; 280m at 250d from SW. corner of Wassdale Head Farm E49852; COLLNOWG423; *
E49853; COLLNOWG424; 270m at 257d from SW. corner of Wassdale Head Farm E49853; COLLNOWG424; *
E49854; COLLNOWG425; 80m at 249d from SW. corner of Wassdale Head Farm E49854; COLLNOWG425; *
E38099; COLLNOKH937; Muncaster Castle grounds 510yds SSE. Of Home Farm E38099; COLLNOKH937; *
E38100; COLLNOKH938; Muncaster Castle grounds 500yds S. Of Home Farm E38100; COLLNOKH938; *
E38101; COLLNOKH939; Muncaster Castle grounds 500yds S. Of Home Farm E38101; COLLNOKH939; *
E44818; COLLNONGB27A; Waberthwaite quarry Bridge End E44818; COLLNONGB27A; *
E44819; E44819/A; E44819/B; E44819/C; COLLNONGB28B; Waberthwaite quarry Bridge End E44819; E44819/A; E44819/B; E44819/C; COLLNONGB28B; *
E44820; COLLNONGB29; Waberthwaite quarry Bridge End E44820; COLLNONGB29; *
E44821; E44821/A; E44821/B; E44821/C; COLLNONGB30B; Waberthwaite quarry Bridge End E44821; E44821/A; E44821/B; E44821/C; COLLNONGB30B; *
E51629; E51629/A; E51629/B; COLLNONGB315; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level west face [between broad oak & woodgate] E51629; E51629/A; E51629/B; COLLNONGB315; *
E51630; E51630/A; E51630/B; COLLNONGB316A; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level east face E51630; E51630/A; E51630/B; COLLNONGB316A; *
E51631; E51631/A; E51631/B; COLLNONGB316B; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level east face E51631; E51631/A; E51631/B; COLLNONGB316B; *
E51632; E51632/A; E51632/B; COLLNONGB316C; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level east face E51632; E51632/A; E51632/B; COLLNONGB316C; *
E51633; E51633/A; E51633/B; COLLNONGB316D; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level east face E51633; E51633/A; E51633/B; COLLNONGB316D; *
E51634; E51634/A; E51634/B; COLLNONGB317; Waberthwaite quarry southern section lower level east face E51634; E51634/A; E51634/B; COLLNONGB317; *
E51635; E51635/A; E51635/B; COLLNONGB318A; Waberthwaite quarry northern section north face at entrance to this section of the quarry E51635; E51635/A; E51635/B; COLLNONGB318A; *
E10062; COLLNO274; Adjoining Lmst.NE.of Gwna, Bodorgan E10062; COLLNO274; *
S10417 Burn above East Dail an Fhraoich S10417 *
S10418 Burn above East Dail an Fhraoich S10418 *
S10423 In the Moines, Glen Banvie S10423 *
S42923 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 2870ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42923 *
S42924 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 1700ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42924 *
S42925 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 1510ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42925 *
S42926 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 1300ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42926 *
S42927 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 1045ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42927 *
S42931 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 4350 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42931 *
S42932 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 4570 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42932 *
S42934 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 5200 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42934 *
S42935 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 6100 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42935 *
S42937 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 7200 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42937 *
S42938 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 7720 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42938 *
S42939 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 280 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42939 *
S42940 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 320 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42940 *
S42941 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 400 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42941 *
S42942 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 430 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42942 *
S42943 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 600 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42943 *
S42944 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 630 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42944 *
S42945 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 850 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42945 *
S42946 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 930 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42946 *
S61708 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge, 2 metres S of S. 61707 S61708 *
S61709 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61709 *
MC9392 Leadhill Mine,Leadhills MC9392 *
MC9398 Leadhill Mine,Leadhills MC9398 *
S61710 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61710 *
S61711 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61711 *
S61712 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61712 *
S61713 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61713 *
S61714 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61714 *
S61715 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61715 *
S61716 A'Chreag E side of Glen Tilt N of Auchghoul S61716 *
S61717 A'Chreag E side of Glen Tilt N of Auchghoul S61717 *
S61718 A'Chreag E side of Glen Tilt N of Auchghoul S61718 *
S61719 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61719 *
S61720 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61720 *
S61721 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61721 *
S61722 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61722 *
S61723 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61723 *
S61724 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61724 *
S61725 Allt Girnaig just below bridge leading to Shinagag S61725 *
S42947 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Lubreoch - Innisraineach tunnel. 960 ft from chainage zero point at outfall portal S42947 *
MC9386 Old mine tip,Wanlockhead MC9386 *
S42936 Lyon - Lochay HE scheme Giorra - Cashlie tunnel. 7000 ft from chainage zero point at intake portal S42936 *
S61726 Creag Oisinnidh W of Ben Vrackie S61726 *
S61727 Creag Oisinnidh W of Ben Vrackie S61727 *
MC1858 E side of road, 120yds up from bridge over Gartally Burn MC1858 *
S98146 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98146 *; *;
ED1426 Glen Lia Quarry, Foyers ED1426 *
ED1427 Glen Lia Quarry, Foyers ED1427 * 1944
S98148 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98148 *; *;
S73732; COLLNONX1521; W side of Allt Tarbh, above gorge, just above fence S73732; COLLNONX1521; *
S61728 Fender Burn, at junction with Monzie tributary S61728 *
S61729 Fender Burn, at junction with Monzie tributary S61729 *
MR37959; COLLNOSSG15; Lassi Pluton, NE of Padang, Sumatra MR37959; COLLNOSSG15; *
MR37960; COLLNOSSG46; Bungo Batholith, SW of Muarabungo, Sumatra MR37960; COLLNOSSG46; *
MR37961; COLLNOSSG48; Bungo Batholith, SW of Muarabungo, Sumatra MR37961; COLLNOSSG48; *
MR37968; COLLNOSSG58; Bungo Batholith, SW of Muarabungo, Sumatra MR37968; COLLNOSSG58; *
MR37962; COLLNOSSG59A; Bungo Batholith, SW of Muarabungo, Sumatra MR37962; COLLNOSSG59A; *
MR37963; COLLNOSSG61; Bungo Batholith, SW of Muarabungo, Sumatra MR37963; COLLNOSSG61; *
MR37967; COLLNOSSG70; Garba Pluton, S of Baturaja, Sumatra MR37967; COLLNOSSG70; *
MR37964; COLLNOSSG83; Sulan Pluton, E of Bandar Lampung, Sumatra MR37964; COLLNOSSG83; *
MR37957; COLLNOTC17A; Lampung granite mass, N of Bandar Lampung, Sumatra MR37957; COLLNOTC17A; *
MC8422 Megmillar, Granton Shore, lower sample MC8422 * 2005
MC8423 Megmillar, Granton Shore, upper sample MC8423 * 2005
S61707 Allt Fas Charraich E side of Glen Tilt near Gilbert's Bridge S61707 *
E73884 Maidens Hall Open Cast coal mine, ME 241. Grid ref [NZ 2370 9845] to [NZ 2370 9815] E73884 *
E73885 Maidens Hall Open Cast coal mine, ME 241. Grid ref [NZ 2370 9845] to [NZ 2370 9815] E73885 *
E73886 Maidens Hall Open Cast coal mine, ME 241. Grid ref [NZ 2370 9845] to [NZ 2370 9815] E73886 *
E73887 Maidens Hall Open Cast coal mine, ME 241. Grid ref [NZ 2370 9845] to [NZ 2370 9815] E73887 *
E73888 Maidens Hall Open Cast coal mine, ME 241. Grid ref [NZ 2370 9845] to [NZ 2370 9815] E73888 *
E73889 Maidens Hall Open Cast coal mine, ME 241. Grid ref [NZ 2370 9845] to [NZ 2370 9815] E73889 *
S65170 River Cannich, S side S65170 *
S33502 In stream beside mill, Fort Augustus S33502 *
S33503 In Allt Dail a'Chuirn, 0.75 mile upstream from confluence with R Oich S33503 *
N5377; COLLNOVY335; Cnoc nam Broc N5377; COLLNOVY335; * 2005
N5378; COLLNOVY336; Loch an Daimh N5378; COLLNOVY336; * 2005
N5379; COLLNOVY337; East Glen Achall N5379; COLLNOVY337; * 2005
N5380; COLLNOVY338; Glen Achall. Morefield Upper Quarry N5380; COLLNOVY338; * 2005
S44310 Glen Beith - St Fillans tunnel, 18055 ft from outfall tunnel S44310 *
S44311 Glen Beith - St Fillans tunnel, 19050 ft from outfall tunnel S44311 *
S44312 Glen Beith - St Fillans tunnel, 20050 ft from outfall tunnel S44312 *
S44313 Glen Beith - St Fillans tunnel, 21050 ft from outfall tunnel S44313 *
MC8424 Longcraig, Granton Shore (lower sample) MC8424 * 2005
MC8425 Granton Shore, reef west of Longcraig, upper sample MC8425 * 2005
MC8426 Granton Shore, reef west of Longcraig, lower sample MC8426 * 2005
MC8427 Granton Point, uppermost sample (Granton Sea Quarry) MC8427 * 2005
MC8428 Granton Point, upper sample (Granton Sea Quarry) MC8428 * 2005
S37538 Loch Ness south[?] road, 0.5 mile NE of Alltsaigh S37538 *
MC8429 Granton Point, upper sample (Granton Sea Quarry) MC8429 * 2005
MC8430 Granton Point, lower sample (Granton Sea Quarry) MC8430 * 2005
MC8431 Birnie Rocks, Granton Shore, upper sample MC8431 * 2005
MC8432 Birnie Rocks, Granton Shore, lower sample MC8432 * 2005
N5364; COLLNOWX1400; Skelfhill Pen, NE ridge, lowest exposure N5364; COLLNOWX1400; * 2004
N5365; COLLNOWX1404; Skelfhill Pen, crags on N side of long summit ridge N5365; COLLNOWX1404; * 2004
N5366; COLLNOWX1402; 300m N of Skelfhill Pen summit, N facing exposure at base of broad step in ridge N5366; COLLNOWX1402; * 2004
N5367; COLLNOWX1403; Skelfhill Farm, NW side of road at base of "The Craig". N5367; COLLNOWX1403; * 2004
MC8416 General's Rock, Granton Shore, upper sample MC8416 * 2005
MC8417 General's Rock, Granton Shore, lower sample MC8417 * 2005
MC8418 Granton Shore, small reef west of General's Rock MC8418 * 2005
MC8419 Hanging Craig, Granton Shore, upper sample MC8419 * 2005
MC8420 Hanging Craig, Granton Shore, lower sample MC8420 * 2005
MC8421 Megmillar, Granton Shore, lower sample MC8421 * 2005
N5381; COLLNOVY339; Glen Achall. Morefield Upper Quarry N5381; COLLNOVY339; * 2005
N5382; COLLNOVY341; Glen Achall. Morefield Upper Quarry N5382; COLLNOVY341; * 2005
N5376; COLLNOVY334; Garbh Allt, Elphin N5376; COLLNOVY334; * 2005
S41478 Schist from roadside E of Fort Augustus S41478 *
S41479 Schist from roadside E of Fort Augustus S41479 *
S43483 E side of road, 100 yds up from bridge over Gortally Burn S43483 *
S65194; COLLNONX342; Carn na Beinne Bige S65194; COLLNONX342; *
S71829; COLLNOZN1491; Kirkton Glen stream S71829; COLLNOZN1491; *
S64052; COLLNOMX21; Creag an Fhithich [BH 5] S64052; COLLNOMX21; *
S65797; COLLNOYR2455; New road cut on A9 S65797; COLLNOYR2455; *
S50125; S50125/A; 580 yds due W of Mullinavadie, Allt na Moine Buidhe S50125; S50125/A; *
S50126 Shore of Loch Rannoch 2070 yds S 56 deg W of BM in main bridge, Kinloch Rannoch S50126 *
S50127 Shore of Loch Rannoch 2070 yds S 56 deg W of BM in main bridge, Kinloch Rannoch S50127 *
S54518; COLLNOYU701; R Tilt (left bank) 190 yds upstream of Marble Lodge S54518; COLLNOYU701; *
MR2343 Missing May 1957 MR2343
MC1859 E side of road, 120yds up from bridge over Gartally Burn MC1859 *
S68260; COLLNORR380; Boreray PB 6 S68260; COLLNORR380; *
S98134 E of Allt Cail Tidh S98134 *; *;
ED760/1 River Oieh (?), a little SW of Loch Ness ED760/1 *
S73736; COLLNONX1525/A; S side of Cnoc na Mine S73736; COLLNONX1525/A; *
S98133 70m E of Allt Cail Tidh S98133 *; *;
S98130 N slopes of Bheinn Mheadian S98130 *; *;
MC1872 400yds up Beauly Rd from jtn with Cannich Rd MC1872 *
MC1860 E side of road, 150yds up from bridge over Gartally Burn MC1860 *
S98139 N side of Lochan Euaine S98139 *; *;
S98142 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98142 *; *;
MC407 Glen Lia Quarry, Foyers MC407 *
N5010; COLLNORYF438; Garve N5010; COLLNORYF438; *
N5009; COLLNORYF437; Garve N5009; COLLNORYF437; *
S98143 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98143 *; *;
S98141 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98141 *; *;
MR2233 Sample Missing May 1957 MR2233
S20913 Pink sill at bridge, Easter Invervack S20913 *
COLLNOPJH 344; MC8931; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 344; MC8931; *
COLLNOPJH 345; MC8932; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 345; MC8932; *
COLLNOPJH 346; MC8933; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 346; MC8933; *
S10234 Ben Vrackie, 3.25 miles N of Pitlochry S10234 *
S10419 Close below limestone above old Blair Castle S10419 *
S10420 Close below Little Limestone, Glen Tilt; just above Gilbert's Bridge S10420 *
S10421 Bed of Tilt, above Gilbert's Bridge S10421 *
S10522 Most westerly outcrop of limestone, Glen Banvie S10522 *
S10523 Most westerly outcrop of limestone, Glen Banvie S10523 *
S10524 Below Gilbert's Bridge S10524 *
S10525 Below Gilbert's Bridge S10525 *
S10526 Below Gilbert's Bridge S10526 *
S10527 Next to hornblende schist in Banvie Burn S10527 *
S10528 Tilt below Gilbert's Bridge S10528 *
S10529 Glen Tilt marble, above Marble Lodge S10529 *
S10530 Tilt below Gilbert's Bridge S10530 *
S10531 Banvie Burn, W end of Whim Plantation S10531 *
S10532 Banvie Burn, W end of Whim Plantation S10532 *
S10533 Banvie Burn, W end of Whim Plantation S10533 *
S71660; COLLNORR105; Quarry 500 m SW of Glacan Chonachair S71660; COLLNORR105; *
S71661 Quarry 500 m SW of Glacan Chonachair S71661 *
S10534 Tilt below Gilbert's Bridge S10534 *
S10535 Close to above, road in Glen Tilt, at Dalginross Burn S10535 *
S10536 Tilt below Gilbert's Bridge S10536 *
S10537 Banvie Burn, W end of Whim Plantation S10537 *
S10538 Banvie Burn, W end of Whim Plantation S10538 *
S10541 Banvie Burn, Whim Plantation S10541 *
S10542 N of bridge, Banvie Burn, Whim Plantation S10542 *
S10543 Head of little burn, NW of Paidir-mheann S10543 *
S98138 E of Allt Cail Tidh S98138 *; *;
S98132 300m up N slopes of Bheinn Mheadian S98132 *; *;
N3615; COLLNORYF1287; Hillside above gate to lodge N3615; COLLNORYF1287; *
MC1871 200yds up Beauly Rd from jtn with Cannich Rd MC1871 *
S98135 E of Allt Cail Tidh S98135 *; *;
S98144 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98144 *; *;
MC1861 E side of road, 170yds up from bridge over Gartally Burn MC1861 *
N3396; COLLNORYF1068; Glen Urquhart, by road 2.1km W of Beauly turning N3396; COLLNORYF1068; *
N3304; COLLNORYF976; 2.7km from Fasnakyle on Affric Road N3304; COLLNORYF976; *
MR433 Quarry name: not recorded: at limestone quarry above Polinally, Glen Urquhart MR433 *
MC4617 Old quarry N of Upper Gartally Farm MC4617 *
S98140 N side of Lochan Euaine S98140 *; *;
S98131 N slopes of Bheinn Mheadian S98131 *; *;
S73733; COLLNONX1522; Gartally Burn below bend in A833 S73733; COLLNONX1522; *
S10544 Quarry by road, end of wood, Glen Banvie S10544 *
S10545 The hill of dark schist, W of lake, W of Blair Castle S10545 *
S10546 A little W of last outcrop of Little Limestone in Glen Banvie S10546 *
S10547 Within a few yards of S. 10546, on N bank of Banvie Burn S10547 *
S10548 Glen Tilt Burn, a river close to mouth of Glen Mhairc S10548 *
S10549 Bend below Gilbert's Bridge in the Tilt S10549 *
S10550 Below most westerly outcrop of Little Limestone in Glen Banvie S10550 *
COLLNOPJH 248; MC8845; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 248; MC8845; *
COLLNOPJH 249; MC8846; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 249; MC8846; *
COLLNOPJH 250; MC8847; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 250; MC8847; *
COLLNOPJH 251; MC8848; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 251; MC8848; *
COLLNOPJH 252; MC8849; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 252; MC8849; *
COLLNOPJH 253; MC8850; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 253; MC8850; *
COLLNOPJH 254; MC8851; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 254; MC8851; *
COLLNOPJH 255; MC8852; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 255; MC8852; *
COLLNOPJH 256; MC8853; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 256; MC8853; *
MC8729 No details MC8729 *
MC8730 No details MC8730 *
MC8731 No details MC8731 *
MC8732 Bealach nam Bo MC8732 *
MC8733 Allt Gleann nan Meann MC8733 *
MC8734 Allt Gleann nan Meann MC8734 *
MC8735 Allt Gleann nan Meann MC8735 *
MC8736 Tarbet, Loch Fyne (shore) MC8736 *
MC8737 Tarbet, Loch Fyne (shore) MC8737 *
MC8738 Tarbet, Loch Fyne (shore) MC8738 *
MC8739 Tarbet, Loch Fyne (shore) MC8739 *
MC8740 No details MC8740 *
MC8741 No details MC8741 *
MC8742 No details MC8742 *
MC8743 Tayvallich MC8743 *
MC8744 Tayvallich MC8744 *
MC8745 No details MC8745 *
MC8746 Glen Clova, SW side MC8746 *
MC8747 Glen Clova, SW side MC8747 *
MC8748 Glen Clova, SW side MC8748 *
MC8749 Glen Clova, SW side MC8749 *
MC8750 Corb Farm MC8750 *
MC8751 Glen Girnock/Craig Megen MC8751 *
MC8752 Mull of Kintyre MC8752 *
MC8753 E side Meall Odhar MC8753 *
S10551 A little farther east than S. 10550 in Glen Banvie S10551 *
S10553 A little farther east than S. 10550 in Glen Banvie S10553 *
S10554 A little farther east than S. 10550 in Glen Banvie S10554 *
S10557 Bed of Tilt, close to Glen Mhairc S10557 *
COLLNOPJH 257; MC8854; Brae COLLNOPJH 257; MC8854; *
COLLNOPJH 258; MC8855; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 258; MC8855; *
COLLNOPJH 259; MC8856; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 259; MC8856; *
COLLNOPJH 260; MC8857; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 260; MC8857; *
COLLNOPJH 261; MC8858; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 261; MC8858; *
COLLNOPJH 262; MC8859; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 262; MC8859; *
COLLNOPJH 263; MC8860; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 263; MC8860; *
COLLNOPJH 264; MC8861; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 264; MC8861; *
COLLNOPJH 265; MC8862; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 265; MC8862; *
COLLNOPJH 266; MC8863; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 266; MC8863; *
COLLNOPJH 267; MC8864; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 267; MC8864; *
COLLNOPJH 268; MC8865; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 268; MC8865; *
COLLNOPJH 269; MC8866; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 269; MC8866; *
COLLNOPJH 270; MC8867; Brae COLLNOPJH 270; MC8867; *
COLLNOPJH 271; MC8868; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 271; MC8868; *
COLLNOPJH 272; MC8869; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 272; MC8869; *
COLLNOPJH 273; MC8870; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 273; MC8870; *
COLLNOPJH 274; MC8871; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 274; MC8871; *
COLLNOPJH 275; MC8872; Brae COLLNOPJH 275; MC8872; *
COLLNOPJH 276; MC8873; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 276; MC8873; *
COLLNOPJH 277; MC8874; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 277; MC8874; *
COLLNOPJH 278; MC8875; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 278; MC8875; *
COLLNOPJH 279; MC8876; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 279; MC8876; *
COLLNOPJH 280; MC8877; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 280; MC8877; *
COLLNOPJH 281; MC8878; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 281; MC8878; *
COLLNOPJH 282; MC8879; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 282; MC8879; *
COLLNOPJH 283; MC8880; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 283; MC8880; *
COLLNOPJH 284; MC8881; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 284; MC8881; *
COLLNOPJH 285; MC8882; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 285; MC8882; *
COLLNOPJH 286; MC8883; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 286; MC8883; *
COLLNOPJH 287; MC8884; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 287; MC8884; *
COLLNOPJH 288; MC8885; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 288; MC8885; *
COLLNOPJH 289; MC8886; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 289; MC8886; *
COLLNOPJH 290; MC8887; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 290; MC8887; *
S67658; COLLNORR392; Levenish L1A S67658; COLLNORR392; *
S67659; COLLNORR393; Levenish L1B S67659; COLLNORR393; *
S98137 E of Allt Cail Tidh S98137 *; *;
ED1428 Glen Lia Quarry ED1428 * 1945
MC1873 80yds up Beauly Rd from junction with Cannich Rd MC1873 *
ED328 Drumnadrochit Rd, above Glen Affic, upper exposure ED328 *
ED327 Roadside below Kilmartin, Strath Urquhart ED327 *
ED329 Drumnadrochit Rd above Glen Affric, lower exposure ED329 *
S98145 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98145 *; *;
ED753/1 Glen Urquhart, a third of a mile W of Milton ED753/1 *
S98147 SE slopes of Brin Rock S98147 *; *;
ED1429 Glen Lia Quarry, Foyers ED1429 *
S98136 E of Allt Cail Tidh S98136 *; *;
COLLNOYU540; MC2398; 920yds E13dgs S of Corriegarth Lodge COLLNOYU540; MC2398; *
COLLNOPJH 291; MC8888; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 291; MC8888; *
COLLNOPJH 292; MC8889; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 292; MC8889; *
COLLNOPJH 293; MC8890; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 293; MC8890; *
COLLNOPJH 294; MC8891; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 294; MC8891; *
COLLNOPJH 295; MC8892; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 295; MC8892; *
COLLNOPJH 296; MC8893; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 296; MC8893; *
COLLNOPJH 297; MC8894; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 297; MC8894; *
COLLNOPJH 298; MC8895; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 298; MC8895; *
COLLNOPJH 299; MC8896; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 299; MC8896; *
COLLNOPJH 300; MC8897; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 300; MC8897; *
COLLNOPJH 301; MC8898; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 301; MC8898; *
COLLNOPJH 302; MC8899; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 302; MC8899; *
COLLNOPJH 303; MC8900; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 303; MC8900; *
COLLNOPJH 304; MC8901; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 304; MC8901; *
COLLNOPJH 305; MC8902; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 305; MC8902; *
COLLNOPJH 316; MC8903; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 316; MC8903; *
COLLNOPJH 317; MC8904; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 317; MC8904; *
COLLNOPJH 318; MC8905; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 318; MC8905; *
COLLNOPJH 319; MC8906; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 319; MC8906; *
S10929 200 yds above Trinafour House in bed of Errochty Water S10929 *
S11133 300 yds S of Gilbert's Bridge, Glen Tilt S11133 *
COLLNOPJH 320; MC8907; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 320; MC8907; *
COLLNOPJH 321; MC8908; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 321; MC8908; *
COLLNOPJH 322; MC8909; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 322; MC8909; *
COLLNOPJH 323; MC8910; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 323; MC8910; *
COLLNOPJH 324; MC8911; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 324; MC8911; *
COLLNOPJH 325; MC8912; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 325; MC8912; *
COLLNOPJH 326; MC8913; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 326; MC8913; *
COLLNOPJH 327; MC8914; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 327; MC8914; *
COLLNOPJH 328; MC8915; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 328; MC8915; *
COLLNOPJH 329; MC8916; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 329; MC8916; *
COLLNOPJH 330; MC8917; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 330; MC8917; *
COLLNOPJH 331; MC8918; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 331; MC8918; *
COLLNOPJH 332; MC8919; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 332; MC8919; *
COLLNOPJH 333; MC8920; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 333; MC8920; *
COLLNOPJH 334; MC8921; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 334; MC8921; *
COLLNOPJH 335; MC8922; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 335; MC8922; *
COLLNOPJH 336; MC8923; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 336; MC8923; *
COLLNOPJH 337; MC8924; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 337; MC8924; *
COLLNOPJH 338; MC8925; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 338; MC8925; *
COLLNOPJH 339; MC8926; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 339; MC8926; *
COLLNOPJH 340; MC8927; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 340; MC8927; *
COLLNOPJH 341; MC8928; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 341; MC8928; *
COLLNOPJH 342; MC8929; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 342; MC8929; *
COLLNOPJH 343; MC8930; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 343; MC8930; *
S68056; COLLNORJM340; Dive 1, depth 68 m, 2 km at 180 deg from W end of Stac Lee S68056; COLLNORJM340; *
COLLNOZR918; MC9840; Pylon pit 1973 no 72 COLLNOZR918; MC9840; *
ED9394 Bidston Glen ED9394 *
ED9395 Bidston Glen ED9395 *
ED9396 Bidston Glen ED9396 *
ED9397 Bidston Glen ED9397 *
ED9398 Bidston Glen ED9398 *
ED9399 Bidston Glen ED9399 *
ED9400 Bidston Glen ED9400 *
ED9401 Bidston Glen ED9401 *
ED9402 Bidston Glen ED9402 *
ED9403 Bidston Glen ED9403 *
ED9404 Bidston Glen ED9404 *
ED9405 Bidston Glen ED9405 *
ED9406 Bidston Glen ED9406 *
ED9407 Bidston Glen ED9407 *
ED9408 Bidston Glen ED9408 *
ED9409 Bidston Glen ED9409 *
ED9410 Bidston Glen ED9410 *
ED9411 Bidston Glen ED9411 *
ED9412 Bidston Glen ED9412 *
ED9413 Bidston Glen ED9413 *
ED9414 Bidston Glen ED9414 *
ED9415 Bidston Glen ED9415 *
ED9416 Bidston Glen ED9416 *
ED10112 57-61 George Street, Edinburgh, rear of building, East elevation ED10112 *; *;
ED10113 Glasgow Post Office, 1 George Square ED10113 *; *;
ED10114 38 Montgomery Street/31 Windsor Street, Edinburgh ED10114 *; *;
ED10115 St. Nicholas Buccleuch, Dalkeith ED10115 *; *;
ED10116 1 Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow ED10116 *; *;
ED10117 Glasite Meeting House (sample A) ED10117 *; *;
ED10118 St. Simon's Church and Presbytery, Glasgow ED10118 *; *;
ED10119 Tullybelton Estate, Perthshire ED10119 *; *;
ED10120 St. John's Church of Scotland, Dunoon ED10120 *; *;
ED10121 55 King Street, Stirling ED10121 *; *;
ED10122 196 Bath Street, Glasgow ED10122 *; *;
ED10123 Doddington Quarry ED10123 *; *;
ED10124 Weetwood Bridge Quarry ED10124 *; *;
ED10125 Collar Heugh Quarry ED10125 *; *;
ED10126 Pondicherry- Cove Quarry ED10126 *; *;
ED10127 Pondicherry- Pennystane Quarry ED10127 *; *;
ED10128 Woodburn Quarries- Parkhead Quarry ED10128 *; *;
ED10129 Woodburn Quarries- Station Quarry (AKA Woodburn or Broomhill Quarry) ED10129 *; *;
ED10130 Reenes ED10130 *; *;
ED10131 Longhaughshields (Cragg) ED10131 *; *;
ED10132 Millknock Quarry ED10132 *; *;
ED10133 Copp Crag Quarry ED10133 *; *;
ED10134 White Law Plantatiion Quarry ED10134 *; *;
ED10135 Little Ryle ED10135 *; *;
ED10136 Deadwater- Quirinal Quarry a ED10136 *; *;
ED10137 Deadwater- Quirinal Quarry b ED10137 *; *;
ED10138 Deadwater- Wirchet Quarry ED10138 *; *;
ED9560 Cardowan ED9560 *
ED9561 Cardowan ED9561 *
ED9562 Cardowan ED9562 *
ED9563 Cardowan ED9563 *
ED9564 Cardowan ED9564 *
ED9565 Cardowan ED9565 *
ED9566 Cardowan ED9566 *
ED9567 Cardowan ED9567 *
ED9568 Cardowan ED9568 *
ED9569 Cardowan ED9569 *
ED9570 Cardowan ED9570 *
ED9571 Cardowan ED9571 *
ED9572 Cardowan ED9572 *
ED9573 Cardowan ED9573 *
ED9574 Cardowan ED9574 *
ED9575 Cardowan ED9575 *
ED9576 Cardowan ED9576 *
ED9577 Cardowan ED9577 *
ED9578 Cardowan ED9578 *
ED9579 Cardowan ED9579 *
ED9580 Cardowan ED9580 *
ED9581 Cardowan ED9581 *
ED9582 Cardowan ED9582 *
ED9583 Cardowan ED9583 *
ED9584 Cardowan ED9584 *
ED9585 Cardowan ED9585 *
ED9586 Cardowan ED9586 *
ED9587 Cardowan ED9587 *
ED9588 Cardowan ED9588 *
ED9589 Cardowan ED9589 *
ED9590 Cardowan ED9590 *
ED9591 Cardowan ED9591 *
ED9592 Cardowan ED9592 *
ED9593 Cardowan ED9593 *
ED9594 Cardowan ED9594 *
ED9595 Cardowan ED9595 *
COLLNOPJH 216; MC8813; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 216; MC8813; *
COLLNOPJH 217; MC8814; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 217; MC8814; *
COLLNOPJH 218; MC8815; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 218; MC8815; *
COLLNOPJH 219; MC8816; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 219; MC8816; *
COLLNOPJH 220; MC8817; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 220; MC8817; *
COLLNOPJH 221; MC8818; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 221; MC8818; *
COLLNOPJH 222; MC8819; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 222; MC8819; *
COLLNOPJH 223; MC8820; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 223; MC8820; *
COLLNOPJH 224; MC8821; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 224; MC8821; *
COLLNOPJH 225; MC8822; Sandsting COLLNOPJH 225; MC8822; *
COLLNOPJH 226; MC8823; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 226; MC8823; *
COLLNOPJH 227; MC8824; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 227; MC8824; *
COLLNOPJH 228; MC8825; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 228; MC8825; *
COLLNOPJH 229; MC8826; Spiggie Complex COLLNOPJH 229; MC8826; *
COLLNOPJH 230; MC8827; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 230; MC8827; *
COLLNOPJH 231; MC8828; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 231; MC8828; *
COLLNOPJH 232; MC8829; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 232; MC8829; *
COLLNOPJH 233; MC8830; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 233; MC8830; *
COLLNOPJH 234; MC8831; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 234; MC8831; *
COLLNOPJH 235 ; MC8832; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 235 ; MC8832; *
COLLNOPJH 236; MC8833; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 236; MC8833; *
COLLNOPJH 237; MC8834; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 237; MC8834; *
COLLNOPJH 238; MC8835; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 238; MC8835; *
COLLNOPJH 239; MC8836; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 239; MC8836; *
COLLNOPJH 240; MC8837; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 240; MC8837; *
ED9417 Bidston Glen ED9417 *
ED9418 Bidston Glen ED9418 *
ED9419 Bidston Glen ED9419 *
ED9420 Bidston Glen ED9420 *
ED9421 Bidston Glen ED9421 *
ED9422 Bidston Glen ED9422 *
ED9423 Bidston Glen ED9423 *
ED9424 Bidston Glen ED9424 *
ED9425 Bidston Glen ED9425 *
ED9426 Bidston Glen ED9426 *
ED9427 Bidston Glen ED9427 *
ED9428 Bidston Glen ED9428 *
ED9429 Cardowan ED9429 *
ED9430 Cardowan ED9430 *
ED9431 Cardowan ED9431 *
ED9432 Cardowan ED9432 *
ED9433 Cardowan ED9433 *
ED9434 Cardowan ED9434 *
ED9435 Cardowan ED9435 *
ED9436 Cardowan ED9436 *
ED9437 Cardowan ED9437 *
ED9438 Cardowan ED9438 *
ED9439 Cardowan ED9439 *
ED9440 Cardowan ED9440 *
ED9441 Cardowan ED9441 *
ED9442 Cardowan ED9442 *
ED9443 Cardowan ED9443 *
ED9444 Cardowan ED9444 *
ED9445 Cardowan ED9445 *
ED9446 Cardowan ED9446 *
ED9447 Cardowan ED9447 *
ED9448 Cardowan ED9448 *
ED9449 Cardowan ED9449 *
ED9450 Cardowan ED9450 *
ED9451 Cardowan ED9451 *
ED9452 Cardowan ED9452 *
COLLNOPJH 241; MC8838; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 241; MC8838; *
COLLNOPJH 242; MC8839; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 242; MC8839; *
COLLNOPJH 243; MC8840; Brae Complex COLLNOPJH 243; MC8840; *
COLLNOPJH 244; MC8841; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 244; MC8841; *
COLLNOPJH 245; MC8842; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 245; MC8842; *
COLLNOPJH 246; MC8843; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 246; MC8843; *
COLLNOPJH 247; MC8844; Northmaven COLLNOPJH 247; MC8844; *
ED9453 Cardowan ED9453 *
ED9454 Cardowan ED9454 *
ED9455 Cardowan ED9455 *
ED9456 Cardowan ED9456 *
ED9457 Cardowan ED9457 *
ED9458 Cardowan ED9458 *
ED9459 Cardowan ED9459 *
ED9460 Cardowan ED9460 *
ED9461 Cardowan ED9461 *
ED9462 Cardowan ED9462 *
ED9463 Cardowan ED9463 *
ED9596 Cardowan ED9596 *
ED9597 Cardowan ED9597 *
ED9598 Cardowan ED9598 *
ED9599 Cardowan ED9599 *
ED9600 Cardowan ED9600 *
ED9601 Cardowan ED9601 *
ED9602 Cardowan ED9602 *
ED9603 Cardowan ED9603 *
ED9604 Cardowan ED9604 *
ED9605 Cardowan ED9605 *
ED9606 Cardowan ED9606 *
ED9371 Bidston Glen ED9371 *
ED9372 Bidston Glen ED9372 *
ED9373 Bidston Glen ED9373 *
ED9374 Bidston Glen ED9374 *
ED9375 Bidston Glen ED9375 *
ED9376 Bidston Glen ED9376 *
ED9377 Bidston Glen ED9377 *
ED9378 Bidston Glen ED9378 *
ED9379 Bidston Glen ED9379 *
ED9380 Bidston Glen ED9380 *
ED9381 Bidston Glen ED9381 *
ED9382 Bidston Glen ED9382 *
ED9383 Bidston Glen ED9383 *
ED9384 Bidston Glen ED9384 *
ED9385 Bidston Glen ED9385 *
ED9386 Bidston Glen ED9386 *
ED9387 Bidston Glen ED9387 *
ED9388 Bidston Glen ED9388 *
ED9389 Bidston Glen ED9389 *
ED9390 Bidston Glen ED9390 *
ED9391 Bidston Glen ED9391 *
ED9392 Bidston Glen ED9392 *
ED9393 Bidston Glen ED9393 *
COLLNOZR382; MC9893; M90 bore 23 at 23' COLLNOZR382; MC9893; *
COLLNOZR383; MC9894; M90 bore 89 at 19.5m COLLNOZR383; MC9894; *
COLLNOZR384; MC9895; M90 bore 83 at 5.5m COLLNOZR384; MC9895; *
ED9464 Cardowan ED9464 *
ED9465 Cardowan ED9465 *
ED9466 Cardowan ED9466 *
ED9467 Cardowan ED9467 *
ED9468 Cardowan ED9468 *
ED9469 Cardowan ED9469 *
ED9470 Cardowan ED9470 *
ED9471 Cardowan ED9471 *
MR2767 Missing May 1957 MR2767
ED9472 Cardowan ED9472 *
ED9473 Cardowan ED9473 *
ED9474 Cardowan ED9474 *
ED9475 Cardowan ED9475 *
ED9476 Cardowan ED9476 *
ED9477 Cardowan ED9477 *
ED9478 Cardowan ED9478 *
ED9479 Cardowan ED9479 *
ED9480 Cardowan ED9480 *
ED9481 Cardowan ED9481 *
ED9482 Cardowan ED9482 *
ED9483 Cardowan ED9483 *
ED9484 Cardowan ED9484 *
ED9485 Cardowan ED9485 *
ED9486 Cardowan ED9486 *
ED9487 Cardowan ED9487 *
ED9488 Cardowan ED9488 *
ED9489 Cardowan ED9489 *
ED9490 Cardowan ED9490 *
ED9491 Cardowan ED9491 *
ED9492 Cardowan ED9492 *
ED9493 Cardowan ED9493 *
ED9494 Cardowan ED9494 *
ED9495 Cardowan ED9495 *
ED9496 Cardowan ED9496 *
ED9497 Cardowan ED9497 *
ED9498 Cardowan ED9498 *
ED9499 Cardowan ED9499 *
ED9500 Cardowan ED9500 *
ED9501 Cardowan ED9501 *
ED9502 Cardowan ED9502 *
ED9503 Cardowan ED9503 *
ED9504 Cardowan ED9504 *
ED9505 Cardowan ED9505 *
ED9506 Cardowan ED9506 *
ED9507 Cardowan ED9507 *
ED9508 Cardowan ED9508 *
ED9509 Cardowan ED9509 *
ED9510 Cardowan ED9510 *
ED9511 Cardowan ED9511 *
MC9563 S Loch of Lambister N shore 320yds from E end of loch MC9563 *
MC9574 West Sandwick MC9574 *
MC9579 In R bank of stream, 850ft S34degW of Fiordell Ho, 1.083miles N41degE of Innverkeithing Stn MC9579 *
MC9580 In R bank of stream, 750ft S44degW of Fiordell Ho, 1.083miles N41degE of Innverkeithing Stn MC9580 *
MC9581 Top of waterfall, 550ft S32degW of Fiordell Ho, 1.083miles N41degE of Innverkeithing Stn MC9581 *
MC9582 30yds N from bridge at waterfall, 560ft W21degS of Fiordell Ho, 1.083miles N41degE of Innverkeithing Stn MC9582 *
S64807; COLLNORR105; Quarry at Creagan Breac, approx. 600 yds WNW of W end of village S64807; COLLNORR105; *
S64808 Quarry at Creagan Breac, approx. 600 yds WNW of W end of village S64808 *
S64809 Quarry at Creagan Breac, approx. 600 yds WNW of W end of village S64809 *
MR1979 Greensidehill, Cheviots, Northumberland MR1979 *
ED9512 Cardowan ED9512 *
ED9513 Cardowan ED9513 *
ED9514 Cardowan ED9514 *
ED9515 Cardowan ED9515 *
ED9516 Cardowan ED9516 *
ED9517 Cardowan ED9517 *
ED9518 Cardowan ED9518 *
ED9519 Cardowan ED9519 *
ED9520 Cardowan ED9520 *
ED9521 Cardowan ED9521 *
ED9522 Cardowan ED9522 *
ED9523 Cardowan ED9523 *
ED9524 Cardowan ED9524 *
ED9525 Cardowan ED9525 *
ED9526 Cardowan ED9526 *
ED9527 Cardowan ED9527 *
ED9528 Cardowan ED9528 *
ED9529 Cardowan ED9529 *
ED9530 Cardowan ED9530 *
ED9531 Cardowan ED9531 *
ED9532 Cardowan ED9532 *
ED9533 Cardowan ED9533 *
ED9534 Cardowan ED9534 *
ED9535 Cardowan ED9535 *
ED9536 Cardowan ED9536 *
ED9537 Cardowan ED9537 *
ED9538 Cardowan ED9538 *
ED9539 Cardowan ED9539 *
ED9540 Cardowan ED9540 *
ED9541 Cardowan ED9541 *
ED9542 Cardowan ED9542 *
ED9543 Cardowan ED9543 *
ED9544 Cardowan ED9544 *
ED9545 Cardowan ED9545 *
ED9546 Cardowan ED9546 *
ED9547 Cardowan ED9547 *
ED9548 Cardowan ED9548 *
ED9549 Cardowan ED9549 *
ED9550 Cardowan ED9550 *
ED9551 Cardowan ED9551 *
ED9552 Cardowan ED9552 *
ED9553 Cardowan ED9553 *
ED9554 Cardowan ED9554 *
ED9555 Cardowan ED9555 *
ED9556 Cardowan ED9556 *
ED9557 Cardowan ED9557 *
ED9558 Cardowan ED9558 *
ED9559 Cardowan ED9559 *
ED9886 Lennoxlove House, Haddington ED9886 *; *;
ED9887 Walled Garden, Culzean Castle ED9887 *; *;
ED9888 Auld Isle Cemetery Bell Tower, Kirkintilloch ED9888 *; *;
ED9889 Hexham Moothall, Northumbria ED9889 *; *;
ED9890 Church of our Lady Star of the Sea, Castlebay, Isle of Barra ED9890 *; *;
ED9891 8 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh ED9891 *; *;
ED9892 North side of Charlotte Square ED9892 *; *;
ED9893 Queen's Park Synagogue, Falloch Road, Battlefield, Glasgow. ED9893 *; *;
ED9894 McPhuns Park ED9894 *; *;
ED9895 Grove Street, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh ED9895 *; *;
ED9896 The Pineapple, Airth ED9896 *; *;
ED9897 Garrison House, Cumbrae ED9897 *; *;
ED9898 Lennoxlove House, Haddington ED9898 *; *;
ED9899 Johnston Mausoleom, Alva ED9899 *; *;
ED9900 Liedstatter SST ED9900 *; *;
ED9901 Springburn Public Halls ED9901 *; *;
ED9902 52-54 Langside Drive ED9902 *; *;
ED9903 Summertown Centre, 71 Broomlaw Road ED9903 *; *;
ED9904 Battlefield Primary School, 44 Carmichael Place ED9904 *; *;
ED9905 Britannia Theatre, Glasgow ED9905 *; *;
ED9906 Redford Barracks, Edinburgh ED9906 *; *;
ED9907 Bank of Scotland, The Mound, Edinburgh ED9907 *; *;
ED9908 Govanhill, Trinity Church, 28 Daisy Street, G42 8JL ED9908 *; *;
ED9909 Church of the Sacred Heart, 50-56 Old Dalmarnock Road ED9909 *; *;
ED9910 Eastbank Academy, 1346-1364 Shettleston Road ED9910 *; *;
ED9911 Shettleston Old Parish Church, 85, 111 Killin Street, G32 9AH ED9911 *; *;
ED9912 London Road School, 1147&1167 London Road ED9912 *; *;
ED9913 Holy Cross Church, 109 Dixon Avenue ED9913 *; *;
ED9914 Pollockshields Church, 525-529 Shields Road, G41 2RF ED9914 *; *;
ED9915 Caledonian Road Church ED9915 *; *;
ED9916 Langside Primary School, 201 7 233 Tantallion Street ED9916 *; *;
ED9917 St Convals Primary School ED9917 *; *;
ED9918 Shawlands Cross Church, 1114 Pollockhaws Road, 7Moss Side Road G41 3DG ED9918 *; *;
ED8209 Frances ED8209 *
ED8210 Frances ED8210 *
ED8211 Frances ED8211 *
ED8212 Frances ED8212 *
ED8213 Frances ED8213 *
ED8214 Frances ED8214 *
ED8215 Frances ED8215 *
ED8216 Frances ED8216 *
ED8217 Frances ED8217 *
ED8218 Frances ED8218 *
ED8219 Frances ED8219 *
ED8220 Frances ED8220 *
ED8221 Frances ED8221 *
ED8222 Frances ED8222 *
ED8223 Frances ED8223 *
ED8224 Frances ED8224 *
ED8225 Frances ED8225 *
ED8226 Frances ED8226 *
ED8227 Frances ED8227 *
ED8228 Frances ED8228 *
ED8229 Frances ED8229 *
ED8230 Frances ED8230 *
ED8231 Frances ED8231 *
ED8232 Frances ED8232 *
ED8233 Frances ED8233 *
ED8234 Frances ED8234 *
ED8235 Frances ED8235 *
ED8236 Frances ED8236 *
ED8237 Brianthorn No 1 ED8237 *
ED8238 Brianthorn No 1 ED8238 *
ED8239 Brianthorn No 1 ED8239 *
ED8240 Brianthorn No 1 ED8240 *
ED8241 Brianthorn No 1 ED8241 *
ED8242 Brianthorn No 1 ED8242 *
ED8243 Brianthorn No 1 ED8243 *
ED8244 Brianthorn No 1 ED8244 *
ED8245 Brianthorn No 1 ED8245 *
ED8246 Dalquharran ED8246 *
ED8247 Dalquharran ED8247 *
ED8248 Dalquharran ED8248 *
ED8249 Dalquharran ED8249 *
ED8250 Dalquharran ED8250 *
ED8251 Dalquharran ED8251 *
ED8252 Dalquharran ED8252 *
ED8253 Dalquharran ED8253 *
ED8254 Dalquharran ED8254 *
ED8255 Dalquharran ED8255 *
ED8256 Dalquharran ED8256 *
ED8257 Dalquharran ED8257 *
ED8258 Dalquharran ED8258 *
ED8813 Monktonhall ED8813 *
ED8814 Monktonhall ED8814 *
ED8815 Monktonhall ED8815 *
ED8816 Monktonhall ED8816 *
ED8817 Monktonhall ED8817 *
ED8818 Monktonhall ED8818 *
ED8819 Monktonhall ED8819 *
ED8820 Monktonhall ED8820 *
ED8821 Monktonhall ED8821 *
ED8822 Monktonhall ED8822 *
ED8823 Monktonhall ED8823 *
ED8824 Monktonhall ED8824 *
ED8825 Monktonhall ED8825 *
ED8826 Monktonhall ED8826 *
ED8827 Monktonhall ED8827 *
ED8828 Monktonhall ED8828 *
ED8829 Monktonhall ED8829 *
ED8830 Monktonhall ED8830 *
ED8831 Monktonhall ED8831 *
ED8832 Monktonhall ED8832 *
ED8833 Monktonhall ED8833 *
ED9703 Cardowan ED9703 *
ED9704 Cardowan ED9704 *
ED9705 Cardowan ED9705 *
ED9706 Cardowan ED9706 *
ED9707 Cardowan ED9707 *
ED9708 Cardowan ED9708 *
ED9709 Cardowan ED9709 *
ED9710 Cardowan ED9710 *
ED9711 Cardowan ED9711 *
ED9712 Cardowan ED9712 *
ED9713 Cardowan ED9713 *
ED9714 Cardowan ED9714 *
ED9715 Cardowan ED9715 *
ED9716 Cardowan ED9716 *
ED9717 Cardowan ED9717 *
ED9718 Cardowan ED9718 *
ED9719 Cardowan ED9719 *
ED9720 Cardowan ED9720 *
ED9721 Cardowan ED9721 *
ED9722 Cardowan ED9722 *
ED9723 Cardowan ED9723 *
ED9724 Cardowan ED9724 *
ED9725 Cardowan ED9725 *
ED9726 Cardowan ED9726 *
ED9727 Cardowan ED9727 *
ED9728 Cardowan ED9728 *
ED9729 Cardowan ED9729 *
ED9730 Cardowan ED9730 *
ED9731 Cardowan ED9731 *
ED9732 Cardowan ED9732 *
ED9733 Cardowan ED9733 *
ED9734 Cardowan ED9734 *
ED9241 Polkemmet ED9241 *
ED9242 Bidston Glen ED9242 *
ED9243 Bidston Glen ED9243 *
ED9244 Bidston Glen ED9244 *
ED9245 Bidston Glen ED9245 *
ED9246 Bidston Glen ED9246 *
ED9247 Bidston Glen ED9247 *
ED9248 Bidston Glen ED9248 *
ED9249 Bidston Glen ED9249 *
ED9250 Bidston Glen ED9250 *
ED9251 Bidston Glen ED9251 *
ED9252 Bidston Glen ED9252 *
ED9253 Bidston Glen ED9253 *
ED9254 Bidston Glen ED9254 *
ED9255 Bidston Glen ED9255 *
ED9256 Bidston Glen ED9256 *
ED9257 Bidston Glen ED9257 *
ED9258 Bidston Glen ED9258 *
ED9201 Seafield ED9201 *
ED9259 Bidston Glen ED9259 *
ED9260 Bidston Glen ED9260 *
ED9261 Bidston Glen ED9261 *
ED9262 Bidston Glen ED9262 *
ED9263 Bidston Glen ED9263 *
ED9264 Bidston Glen ED9264 *
ED9265 Bidston Glen ED9265 *
ED9266 Bidston Glen ED9266 *
ED9267 Bidston Glen ED9267 *
ED9268 Bidston Glen ED9268 *
ED9269 Bidston Glen ED9269 *
ED9270 Bidston Glen ED9270 *
ED8834 Monktonhall ED8834 *
ED8835 Monktonhall ED8835 *
ED8836 Monktonhall ED8836 *
ED8837 Monktonhall ED8837 *
ED8838 Monktonhall ED8838 *
ED8839 Monktonhall ED8839 *
ED8840 Monktonhall ED8840 *
ED8841 Monktonhall ED8841 *
ED8842 Monktonhall ED8842 *
ED8843 Monktonhall ED8843 *
ED8844 Monktonhall ED8844 *
ED8845 Monktonhall ED8845 *
ED8846 Monktonhall ED8846 *
ED8847 Monktonhall ED8847 *
ED8848 Monktonhall ED8848 *
ED8849 Monktonhall ED8849 *
ED8850 Monktonhall ED8850 *
ED8851 Monktonhall ED8851 *
ED8852 Monktonhall ED8852 *
ED8853 Monktonhall ED8853 *
ED8854 Monktonhall ED8854 *
ED8855 Monktonhall ED8855 *
ED8856 Monktonhall ED8856 *
ED8857 Monktonhall ED8857 *
ED8858 Monktonhall ED8858 *
ED9735 Cardowan ED9735 *
ED9736 Cardowan ED9736 *
ED9737 Cardowan ED9737 *
ED9738 Various ED9738 *
ED9739 Various ED9739 *
ED9740 Various ED9740 *
ED9741 Various ED9741 *
ED9742 Various ED9742 *
ED9743 Various ED9743 *
ED9744 Various ED9744 *
ED9745 Various ED9745 *
ED9746 Various ED9746 *
ED9747 Various ED9747 *
ED9748 Various ED9748 *
ED9749 Various ED9749 *
ED9750 Various ED9750 *
ED9751 Various ED9751 *
ED9752 Various ED9752 *
ED9753 Various ED9753 *
ED9754 Various ED9754 *
ED9755 Various ED9755 *
ED9756 Various ED9756 *
ED9271 Bidston Glen ED9271 *
ED9272 Bidston Glen ED9272 *
ED9273 Bidston Glen ED9273 *
ED9274 Bidston Glen ED9274 *
ED9275 Bidston Glen ED9275 *
ED9276 Bidston Glen ED9276 *
ED9277 Bidston Glen ED9277 *
ED9278 Bidston Glen ED9278 *
ED9279 Bidston Glen ED9279 *
ED9280 Bidston Glen ED9280 *
ED9281 Bidston Glen ED9281 *
ED9282 Bidston Glen ED9282 *
ED9283 Bidston Glen ED9283 *
ED9284 Bidston Glen ED9284 *
ED9285 Bidston Glen ED9285 *
ED10030 4 Lansdowne Cresent, Glasgow ED10030 *; *;
ED10031 21 Roxburgh Street, Glasgow ED10031 *; *;
ED10032 Belmont Cresent, Glasgow, copestone ED10032 *; *;
ED10033 Wellfield Public School, Edgefauld Road, Springburn, Glasgow. Built 1897, demolished 2005 ED10033 *; *;
ED10034 Mar Hall, Bishopton ED10034 *; *;
ED10035 Mar Hall, Bishopton ED10035 *; *;
COLLNOPX560; ED10036; Bathgate Academy (old), small sample of masonry from wall adjacent to and N of main steps COLLNOPX560; ED10036; *
ED10037 Dick Institute, Kilmarnock ED10037 *; *;
ED10038 220 St. Vincent Street, Wallace House, Glasgow ED10038 *; *;
ED10039 217 to 233 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow ED10039 *; *;
ED10040 36 Ardenlea Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow, rear rubble stone ED10040 *; *;
ED10041 36 Ardenlea Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow, rear rubble stone ED10041 *; *;
ED10042 145 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow ED10042 *; *;
ED10043 The Vaults, 85-87 Giles Street, Leith ED10043 *; *;
ED10044 King Edward Railway Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne ED10044 *
ED10045 Whiting Bay and Kildonan Church, Arran ED10045 *; *;
ED10046 Dalzell Mausoleum, Motherwell ED10046 *; *;
ED10047 Pearce Institute, Govan ED10047 *; *;
ED10048 Lorne St. School, Glasgow ED10048 *; *;
ED10049 Govan Shipbuilders, 1048 Govan Road, Govan ED10049 *; *;
ED9919 Heritage House Nusery School, 328 Albert Drive ED9919 *; *;
ED9920 Carmmunock Parish Church, Kirk Road ED9920 *; *;
ED9921 Broomlaw Road Public School ED9921 *; *;
ED9922 Woodkirk Brown' Hillhead Congregational Church ED9922 *; *;
ED9923 19-21 Dundass St, Edinburgh ED9923 *; *;
ED9924 Palmeston Place Church, Edinburgh ED9924 *; *;
ED9925 Lennoxlove House, Haddington ED9925 *; *;
ED9926 St. Mary's R C Church, 99 Abercromby St., Glasgow ED9926 *; *;
ED9927 Queen Mary St. Nursery, Montgomery St. & 22 Queen Mary St., Glasgow ED9927 *; *;
ED9928 St. James Primary School, 88 Green St., Glasgow ED9928 *; *;
ED9929 Golfhill Public School, 1, 13 Circus Drive, Glasgow ED9929 *; *;
ED9930 Haghill Primary School, 42 Marwick St. & 9-29 Walter St., Glasgow ED9930 *; *;
ED9931 Holy trinity Church, Melrose ED9931 *; *;
ED9932 North Glasgow Colleage, Sringburn, 110-136 (even) Flemington Streer, Glasgow ED9932 *; *;
ED9933 Royston Primary School (formerly St. Rollox), 102 Royston St., Glasgow ED9933 *; *;
ED9934 Foundations of Jute Mill, Dundee ED9934 *; *;
ED9935 Farm buildings in Dunblane ED9935 *; *;
ED9936 Murthly ED9936 *; *;
ED9937 Dundee ED9937 *; *;
ED10050 Broomhill Church, Glasgow ED10050 *; *;
ED10051 Balshagray Victoria Parish Church, Glasgow ED10051 *; *;
ED10052 St. John's Renfield, Glasgow ED10052 *; *;
ED10053 St. Helens Roman Catholic Church, Glasgow ED10053 *; *;
ED10054 Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow ED10054 *; *;
ED10055 Govan Old Parish Church, Govan ED10055 *; *;
ED10056 Tron Church, Glasgow ED10056 *; *;
ED10057 Merchant's House, Glasgow ED10057 *; *;
ED10058 88-94 Castle Street. Glasgow ED10058 *; *;
ED10059 22-27 Brunton Place, Edinburgh ED10059 *; *;
ED10060 23-25 Hillside Cresent, Edinburgh ED10060 *; *;
ED10061 Barony Hall, Univ. Strathclyde, Glasgow ED10061 *; *;
ED10062 Barony Hall, Univ. Strathclyde, Glasgow ED10062 *; *;
ED10063 Linthouse/St. Kenneth's, Glasgow ED10063 *; *;
ED10064 Alexandra Parade, Armadale St, Glasgow ED10064 *; *;
ED10065 Merrylea Parish Church, Glasgow ED10065 *; *;
ED10066 Cardonald Parish Church, Glasgow ED10066 *; *;
ED10067 St. Patrick's, Glasgow ED10067 *; *;
ED10068 Pollockshields, Glasgow ED10068 *; *;
ED10069 St. Albert's, Glasgow ED10069 *; *;
ED10070 Annette Street Primary, Glasgow ED10070 *; *;
ED10071 St. Helen's, Glasgow ED10071 *; *;
ED10072 Pollockshields Primary, Glasgow ED10072 *; *;
ED8297 Lady Victoria ED8297 *
ED8298 Lady Victoria ED8298 *
ED8299 Lady Victoria ED8299 *
ED8300 Lady Victoria ED8300 *
ED8301 Lady Victoria ED8301 *
ED8302 Lady Victoria ED8302 *
ED8303 Lady Victoria ED8303 *
ED8304 Lady Victoria ED8304 *
ED8859 Monktonhall ED8859 *
ED8860 Monktonhall ED8860 *
ED8861 Monktonhall ED8861 *
ED8862 Monktonhall ED8862 *
ED8863 Monktonhall ED8863 *
ED8864 Monktonhall ED8864 *
ED8865 Monktonhall ED8865 *
ED8866 Monktonhall ED8866 *
ED8867 Monktonhall ED8867 *
ED8868 Monktonhall ED8868 *
ED8869 Monktonhall ED8869 *
ED8870 Monktonhall ED8870 *
ED8871 Monktonhall ED8871 *
ED8872 Monktonhall ED8872 *
ED8873 Monktonhall ED8873 *
ED8874 Monktonhall ED8874 *
ED8875 Monktonhall ED8875 *
ED8876 Monktonhall ED8876 *
ED8877 Monktonhall ED8877 *
ED8878 Monktonhall ED8878 *
ED8879 Polkemmet ED8879 *
ED8880 Polkemmet ED8880 *
ED8881 Polkemmet ED8881 *
ED8882 Polkemmet ED8882 *
ED8883 Polkemmet ED8883 *
ED8884 Polkemmet ED8884 *
ED8885 Polkemmet ED8885 *
ED8886 Polkemmet ED8886 *
ED8887 Polkemmet ED8887 *
ED8888 Polkemmet ED8888 *
ED9938 Mill, Blairgowrie ED9938 *; *;
ED9939 Perth/Dundee ED9939 *; *;
ED9940 Original masonary from Augustine United Church, Edinburgh ED9940 *; *;
ED9941 Dollarbeg Mansion House, Dollar, Clackmannanshire ED9941 *; *;
ED9942 St. Mark's Church, Newtownards, Belfast, NI ED9942 *; *;
ED9943 Jordanhill Parish Church, 28 Woodend Drive, Glasgow G13 1QT ED9943 *; *;
ED9944 Shakespear Primary School, 75 Hotspur Street, Glasgow ED9944 *; *;
ED9945 St Agnes RC Church, 694 Balmore Rd, Glasgow ED9945 *; *;
ED9946 Springburn Nursery, 48, 54 Gourlay St, Glasgow ED9946 *; *;
ED9947 Elmvale Primary School, 104 Elmvale St, 712 Hawthorn St, Glasgow ED9947 *; *;
ED9948 Hillhead High School, 44 Oakfield Ave, 737 Southpark Ave, Glasgow ED9948 *; *;
ED9949 From various buildings in Cupar, Fife ED9949 *; *;
ED9950 Cracked block, 5th course, right hand side of entrance, 17 East Norton Place, Edinburgh ED9950 *; *;
ED9951 2nd course, beneath shop front, 17 East Norton Place, Edinburgh ED9951 *; *;
ED9952 Holyrood RC School, Albert Road, Glasgow ED9952 *; *;
ED9953 Tureen Street School, Glasgow ED9953 *; *;
ED9954 Holy Cross Primary School, Hollybrook St, Glasgow ED9954 *; *;
ED9955 Mount Florida Primary School, Glasgow ED9955 *; *;
ED9956 Cuthbertson Primary School, Glasgow ED9956 *; *;
ED9757 Various ED9757 *
ED9758 Various ED9758 *
ED9759 Various ED9759 *
ED9760 Various ED9760 *
ED9761 Various ED9761 *
ED9762 Various ED9762 *
ED9763 Various ED9763 *
ED9764 Various ED9764 *
ED9765 Various ED9765 *
ED9766 Various ED9766 *
ED9767 Various ED9767 *
ED9768 Various ED9768 *
ED9769 Various ED9769 *
ED9770 Various ED9770 *
ED9771 Various ED9771 *
ED9772 Various ED9772 *
ED9286 Bidston Glen ED9286 *
ED9287 Bidston Glen ED9287 *
ED9288 Bidston Glen ED9288 *
ED9202 Seafield ED9202 *
ED9289 Bidston Glen ED9289 *
ED9290 Bidston Glen ED9290 *
ED8259 Dalquharran ED8259 *
ED8260 Dalquharran ED8260 *
ED8261 Dalquharran ED8261 *
ED8262 Dalquharran ED8262 *
ED8263 Dalquharran ED8263 *
ED8264 Lady Victoria ED8264 *
ED8265 Lady Victoria ED8265 *
ED8266 Lady Victoria ED8266 *
ED8267 Lady Victoria ED8267 *
ED8268 Lady Victoria ED8268 *
ED8269 Lady Victoria ED8269 *
ED8270 Lady Victoria ED8270 *
ED8271 Lady Victoria ED8271 *
ED8272 Lady Victoria ED8272 *
ED8273 Lady Victoria ED8273 *
ED8274 Lady Victoria ED8274 *
ED8275 Lady Victoria ED8275 *
ED8276 Lady Victoria ED8276 *
ED8277 Lady Victoria ED8277 *
ED8278 Lady Victoria ED8278 *
ED8279 Lady Victoria ED8279 *
ED8280 Lady Victoria ED8280 *
ED8281 Lady Victoria ED8281 *
ED8282 Lady Victoria ED8282 *
ED8283 Lady Victoria ED8283 *
ED8284 Lady Victoria ED8284 *
ED8285 Lady Victoria ED8285 *
ED8286 Lady Victoria ED8286 *
ED8287 Lady Victoria ED8287 *
ED8288 Lady Victoria ED8288 *
ED8289 Lady Victoria ED8289 *
ED8290 Lady Victoria ED8290 *
ED8291 Lady Victoria ED8291 *
ED8292 Lady Victoria ED8292 *
ED8293 Lady Victoria ED8293 *
ED8294 Lady Victoria ED8294 *
ED8295 Lady Victoria ED8295 *
ED8296 Lady Victoria ED8296 *
ED9773 Various ED9773 *
ED9774 Various ED9774 *
ED9775 Various ED9775 *
ED9776 Various ED9776 *
ED9777 Various ED9777 *
ED9778 Various ED9778 *
ED9779 Various ED9779 *
ED9780 Various ED9780 *
ED9781 Various ED9781 *
ED9782 Various ED9782 *
ED9783 Various ED9783 *
ED9784 Various ED9784 *
ED9785 Various ED9785 *
ED9786 Various ED9786 *
ED9787 Various ED9787 *
ED9788 Various ED9788 *
ED9789 Various ED9789 *
ED9790 Various ED9790 *
ED9791 Various ED9791 *
ED9792 Various ED9792 *
ED9793 Various ED9793 *
ED9794 Various ED9794 *
ED9795 Various ED9795 *
ED9796 Various ED9796 *
ED9797 Various ED9797 *
ED9798 Various ED9798 *
ED9799 Various ED9799 *
ED9800 Various ED9800 *
ED9801 Various ED9801 *
ED9802 Various ED9802 *
ED9803 Various ED9803 *
ED9804 Various ED9804 *
ED9805 Various ED9805 *
ED9806 Various ED9806 *
ED9807 Various ED9807 *
ED9808 Various ED9808 *
ED9809 Various ED9809 *
ED9810 Various ED9810 *
ED9811 Various ED9811 *
ED9812 Various ED9812 *
ED9813 Various ED9813 *
ED9814 Various ED9814 *
ED9815 Various ED9815 *
ED9816 Various ED9816 *
ED9817 Various ED9817 *
ED9818 Various ED9818 *
ED9819 Various ED9819 *
ED9820 Various ED9820 *
ED9821 Various ED9821 *
ED9822 Various ED9822 *
ED9823 Various ED9823 *
ED9824 Various ED9824 *
ED9825 Various ED9825 *
ED9826 Various ED9826 *
ED9291 Bidston Glen ED9291 *
ED9292 Bidston Glen ED9292 *
ED9293 Bidston Glen ED9293 *
ED9294 Bidston Glen ED9294 *
ED9295 Bidston Glen ED9295 *
ED9296 Bidston Glen ED9296 *
ED9297 Bidston Glen ED9297 *
ED9298 Bidston Glen ED9298 *
ED9299 Bidston Glen ED9299 *
ED9300 Bidston Glen ED9300 *
ED9301 Bidston Glen ED9301 *
ED9302 Bidston Glen ED9302 *
ED9303 Bidston Glen ED9303 *
ED9304 Bidston Glen ED9304 *
ED9305 Bidston Glen ED9305 *
ED9306 Bidston Glen ED9306 *
ED9307 Bidston Glen ED9307 *
ED9308 Bidston Glen ED9308 *
ED9203 Seafield ED9203 *
ED9204 Seafield ED9204 *
ED9205 Seafield ED9205 *
ED9206 Seafield ED9206 *
ED9207 Seafield ED9207 *
ED9208 Seafield ED9208 *
ED9309 Bidston Glen ED9309 *
ED9310 Bidston Glen ED9310 *
ED9311 Bidston Glen ED9311 *
ED9312 Bidston Glen ED9312 *
ED9313 Bidston Glen ED9313 *
ED9314 Bidston Glen ED9314 *
ED9315 Bidston Glen ED9315 *
ED9316 Bidston Glen ED9316 *
ED9317 Bidston Glen ED9317 *
ED9318 Bidston Glen ED9318 *
ED9319 Bidston Glen ED9319 *
ED9320 Bidston Glen ED9320 *
ED9321 Bidston Glen ED9321 *
ED9322 Bidston Glen ED9322 *
ED9607 Cardowan ED9607 *
ED9608 Cardowan ED9608 *
ED9609 Cardowan ED9609 *
ED9610 Cardowan ED9610 *
ED9611 Cardowan ED9611 *
ED9612 Cardowan ED9612 *
ED9613 Cardowan ED9613 *
ED9614 Cardowan ED9614 *
ED9323 Bidston Glen ED9323 *
ED9324 Bidston Glen ED9324 *
ED10073 Battlefield East, Glasgow ED10073 *; *;
ED10074 Glasgow School of Art ED10074 *; *;
ED10075 Glasgow School of Art ED10075 *; *;
ED10076 Cathcart Trinity, Glasgow ED10076 *; *;
ED10077 176 Duke Street, Kirkhaven, Glasgow ED10077 *; *;
ED10078 Mount Florida Parish Church, Glasgow ED10078 *; *;
ED10079 St. Mungo's School (Ladywell), Glasgow ED10079 *; *;
ED10080 Renfield St. Stephen's Church, Glasgow ED10080 *; *;
ED10081 Sherbrooke St. Gilberts, Glasgow ED10081 *; *;
ED10082 Queen's Park, Glasgow ED10082 *; *;
ED10083 158 Ingram St, Glasgow ED10083 *; *;
ED10084 St. Mary Immaculate, Shawhill Road, Glasgow ED10084 *; *;
ED10085 Ross Lodge, Ross Priory, Gartocharn ED10085 *; *;
ED10086 35 St. Andrew's Square, Edinburgh ED10086 *; *;
ED10087 18-22 Jamaica Street, Glasgow ED10087 *; *;
ED10088 147-153 Morningside Road, Edinburgh ED10088 *; *;
ED10089 99 Montgomery Place, Edinburgh ED10089 *; *;
ED10090 Garth Street, Glasgow ED10090 *; *;
ED10091 Kinghorn Town Hall, Kinghorn, Fife ED10091 *; *;
ED10092 39 Vincent Cresent, Glasgow G3 8NG ED10092 *; *;
ED10093 Dowanvale Church, Glasgow G11 5QR ED10093 *; *;
ED10094 Kilncraigs Mill, Alloa ED10094 *; *;
ED10095 St. Margrets Church, Polmadie Road, Glasgow ED10095 *; *;
ED10096 Assembly Rooms, George St., Edinburgh ED10096 *; *;
ED10097 Dalkeith House, Dalkeith ED10097 *; *;
ED10098 Dalkeith Estate Orangery, Dalkeith ED10098 *; *;
ED10099 27 Thistle St., Edinburgh ED10099 *; *;
ED10100 6-10 Smith's Place, Edinburgh ED10100 *; *;
ED10101 South Lochton Castle, Abernyte ED10101 *; *;
ED10102 Lerwick Post Office, Shetland ED10102 *; *;
ED10103 Bruntsfield Place/Forbes Road, Edinburgh ED10103 *; *;
ED10104 3 Victoria Place, Glasgow ED10104 *; *;
ED9615 Cardowan ED9615 *
ED9616 Cardowan ED9616 *
ED9617 Cardowan ED9617 *
ED9618 Cardowan ED9618 *
ED9619 Cardowan ED9619 *
ED9620 Cardowan ED9620 *
ED9621 Cardowan ED9621 *
ED9622 Cardowan ED9622 *
ED9623 Cardowan ED9623 *
ED9624 Cardowan ED9624 *
ED9625 Cardowan ED9625 *
ED9626 Cardowan ED9626 *
ED9627 Cardowan ED9627 *
ED9628 Cardowan ED9628 *
ED9629 Cardowan ED9629 *
ED9630 Cardowan ED9630 *
ED9631 Cardowan ED9631 *
ED9632 Cardowan ED9632 *
ED9633 Cardowan ED9633 *
ED9634 Cardowan ED9634 *
ED9635 Cardowan ED9635 *
ED9636 Cardowan ED9636 *
ED9637 Cardowan ED9637 *
ED9638 Cardowan ED9638 *
ED9639 Cardowan ED9639 *
ED9640 Cardowan ED9640 *
ED9641 Cardowan ED9641 *
ED9642 Cardowan ED9642 *
ED9643 Cardowan ED9643 *
ED9644 Cardowan ED9644 *
ED9645 Cardowan ED9645 *
ED9646 Cardowan ED9646 *
ED9647 Cardowan ED9647 *
ED9648 Cardowan ED9648 *
ED9649 Cardowan ED9649 *
ED9650 Cardowan ED9650 *
ED9651 Cardowan ED9651 *
ED9652 Cardowan ED9652 *
ED9653 Cardowan ED9653 *
ED9957 Homlea Primary School, Glasgow ED9957 *; *;
ED9958 Dennistown Central Church, Glasgow ED9958 *; *;
ED9959 St Andrew's East Church, Glasgow ED9959 *; *;
ED9960 Carmyle Parish Church, Glasgow ED9960 *; *;
ED9961 Hyndland Parish Church, Glasgow ED9961 *; *;
ED9962 Notre Dame High School, Glasgow ED9962 *; *;
ED9963 Notre Dame Primary School, Glasgow ED9963 *; *;
ED9964 Temple Primary School, Spencer St., Glasgow ED9964 *; *;
ED9965 Glasgow Cathedral, East face ED9965 *; *;
ED9966 Taymouth Castle Kenmore, from NE block ED9966 *; *;
ED9967 Taymouth Castle Kenmore, main block, N accade ED9967 *; *;
ED9968 Taymouth Castle Kenmore, NE block, window surround ED9968 *; *;
ED9969 Taymouth Castle Kenmore, main block, East parapet ED9969 *; *;
ED9970 1-5 Commercial Street, Edinburgh ED9970 *; *;
ED9971 18 East Norton Place, Edinburgh ED9971 *; *;
ED9972 New Cathcart Church, 212 Newlands Road, Cathcart, Glasgow, rubble, rear (SW) elevation ED9972 *; *;
ED9973 New Cathcart Church, 212 Newlands Road, Cathcart, Glasgow, window sill (central window), dressing rear (SW) elevation ED9973 *; *;
ED9974 92-98 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh ED9974 *; *;
ED9975 Demolition site, c.1040 Tollcross Road, Glasgow ED9975 *; *;
ED9976 Tenement, 82 Easterhill Place, Glasgow ED9976 *; *;
ED9977 North side evevation, rubble, 33 & 35 Saltoun Street, Glasgow ED9977 *; *;
ED9978 Provanhill House, Auchinlea Road, Glasgow ED9978 *; *;
ED9979 Tenement, rubble from inner courtyard, 19 Westland Road, Glasgow ED9979 *; *;
ED9980 129 High Street, Dalkeith ED9980 *; *;
ED9981 Ruchill Parish Church, MacIntosh Halls, Glasgow ED9981 *; *;
ED9982 Kilmarnock Old Kirk ED9982 *; *;
ED9983 Kilmarnock Old Kirk ED9983 *; *;
ED9984 Kerbstone, New Scottish Parliament ED9984 *; *;
ED9985 Kerbstone, New Scottish Parliament ED9985 *; *;
ED10105 112 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh ED10105 *; *;
ED10106 29/33 Hanover Street, Edinburgh ED10106 *; *;
ED10107 Hamilton Halls, St. Andrews ED10107 *; *;
ED10108 Core from Nelson's Statue, Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London. Also sample of replacement stone from stoneyard ED10108 *; *;
ED10109 Glasgow Necroplis, Crawford & Corbett headstones, Delta area ED10109 *; *;
ED10110 Necropolis Jewish Arch, Glasgow ED10110 *; *;
ED10111 55-56 George Street, Edinburgh, various inclding rear wall rubble ED10111 *; *;
N9200; COLLNOGX1744; 890m 266deg from Summit of Ben Hutig N9200; COLLNOGX1744; *
N9201; COLLNOGX1745; 1050m 267deg from Summit of Ben Hutig N9201; COLLNOGX1745; *
N9202; COLLNOGX1746; 1050m 267deg from Summit of Ben Hutig N9202; COLLNOGX1746; *
ED9654 Cardowan ED9654 *
ED9986 92-96 Portobello High Street ED9986 *; *;
ED9987 Wall cladding for New City of Edinburgh HQ, corner of New St/Market St ED9987 *; *;
ED9988 Lochwinnoch Parish Church ED9988 *; *;
ED9989 33 - 41b William Street, Edinburgh (East gable) ED9989 *; *;
ED9990 Glasgow Necropolis, Boundary Stones, small needle pillars on W side of path opposite bus shelter ED9990 *; *;
ED9991 7 - 11 Wellington St., Glasgow ED9991 *; *;
ED9992 Glasgow Necropolis, c.8 plots S of Tennant, Donald 1886 ED9992 *; *;
ED9827 Various ED9827 *
ED9828 Various ED9828 *
ED9829 Various ED9829 *
ED9830 Various ED9830 *
ED9831 Various ED9831 *
ED9832 Various ED9832 *
ED9833 Various ED9833 *
ED9834 Various ED9834 *
ED9835 Various ED9835 *
ED9836 Various ED9836 *
ED9837 Various ED9837 *
ED9838 Various ED9838 *
ED9839 Various ED9839 *
ED9840 Various ED9840 *
ED9841 Various ED9841 *
ED9842 Various ED9842 *
ED9843 Various ED9843 *
ED9844 Various ED9844 *
ED9845 Various ED9845 *
ED9846 Various ED9846 *
ED9847 Various ED9847 *
ED9848 Various ED9848 *
ED9849 Various ED9849 *
ED9850 Various ED9850 *
ED9851 Various ED9851 *
ED9852 Various ED9852 *
ED9853 Various ED9853 *
ED9854 Various ED9854 *
ED9855 Various ED9855 *
ED9856 Low Parks Museum, Hamilton ED9856 *; *;
ED9857 Commercial Hotel, Stornoway ED9857 *; *;
ED9858 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow ED9858 *; *;
ED9859 Doune Castle, Stirling ED9859 *; *;
ED9860 Dalquharran Castle ED9860 *
ED9861 6-8 Wemyss Place, Edinburgh ED9861 *; *;
ED9862 London Road Church, Edinburgh ED9862 *; *;
ED9863 Barracks Block, Broughty Castle ED9863 *; *;
ED9864 Fort George, Inverness ED9864 *; *;
ED9865 Fort George, Inverness ED9865 *; *;
ED9866 Belmont House, Shetland ED9866 *; *;
ED9867 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9867 *; *;
MR3385 No Locality Given MR3385
ED9325 Bidston Glen ED9325 *
ED9326 Bidston Glen ED9326 *
ED9327 Bidston Glen ED9327 *
ED9328 Bidston Glen ED9328 *
ED9329 Bidston Glen ED9329 *
ED9330 Bidston Glen ED9330 *
ED9331 Bidston Glen ED9331 *
ED9332 Bidston Glen ED9332 *
ED9333 Bidston Glen ED9333 *
ED9334 Bidston Glen ED9334 *
ED9335 Bidston Glen ED9335 *
ED9336 Bidston Glen ED9336 *
ED9337 Bidston Glen ED9337 *
ED9338 Bidston Glen ED9338 *
ED9339 Bidston Glen ED9339 *
ED9340 Bidston Glen ED9340 *
ED9341 Bidston Glen ED9341 *
ED9868 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9868 *; *;
ED9869 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9869 *; *;
ED9870 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9870 *; *;
ED9871 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9871 *; *;
ED9872 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9872 *; *;
ED9873 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9873 *; *;
ED9874 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9874 *; *;
ED9875 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9875 *; *;
ED9876 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9876 *; *;
ED9877 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9877 *; *;
ED9878 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9878 *; *;
MR3398; COLLNO23; Morne Bruce, Dominicai MR3398; COLLNO23;
ED9209 Seafield ED9209 *
ED9210 Seafield ED9210 *
ED9211 Seafield ED9211 *
ED9212 Seafield ED9212 *
ED9213 Seafield ED9213 *
ED9214 Seafield ED9214 *
ED9342 Bidston Glen ED9342 *
ED9343 Bidston Glen ED9343 *
ED9344 Bidston Glen ED9344 *
ED9345 Bidston Glen ED9345 *
ED9346 Bidston Glen ED9346 *
ED9347 Bidston Glen ED9347 *
ED9348 Bidston Glen ED9348 *
ED9349 Bidston Glen ED9349 *
ED9350 Bidston Glen ED9350 *
ED9351 Bidston Glen ED9351 *
ED9352 Bidston Glen ED9352 *
ED9353 Bidston Glen ED9353 *
ED9354 Bidston Glen ED9354 *
ED9355 Bidston Glen ED9355 *
ED9356 Bidston Glen ED9356 *
ED9357 Bidston Glen ED9357 *
ED9358 Bidston Glen ED9358 *
ED9359 Bidston Glen ED9359 *
ED9360 Bidston Glen ED9360 *
ED9361 Bidston Glen ED9361 *
ED9362 Bidston Glen ED9362 *
ED9363 Bidston Glen ED9363 *
ED9364 Bidston Glen ED9364 *
ED9365 Bidston Glen ED9365 *
ED9366 Bidston Glen ED9366 *
ED9367 Bidston Glen ED9367 *
ED9368 Bidston Glen ED9368 *
ED9369 Bidston Glen ED9369 *
ED9370 Bidston Glen ED9370 *
ED9655 Cardowan ED9655 *
ED9656 Cardowan ED9656 *
ED9657 Cardowan ED9657 *
ED9658 Cardowan ED9658 *
ED9659 Cardowan ED9659 *
ED9660 Cardowan ED9660 *
ED9661 Cardowan ED9661 *
ED9662 Cardowan ED9662 *
ED9663 Cardowan ED9663 *
ED9664 Cardowan ED9664 *
ED9665 Cardowan ED9665 *
ED9666 Cardowan ED9666 *
ED9667 Cardowan ED9667 *
ED9668 Cardowan ED9668 *
ED9669 Cardowan ED9669 *
ED9670 Cardowan ED9670 *
ED9671 Cardowan ED9671 *
ED9672 Cardowan ED9672 *
ED9673 Cardowan ED9673 *
ED9674 Cardowan ED9674 *
ED9215 Seafield ED9215 *
ED9216 Seafield ED9216 *
ED9217 Seafield ED9217 *
ED9218 Seafield ED9218 *
ED9219 Seafield ED9219 *
ED9220 Seafield ED9220 *
ED9221 Seafield ED9221 *
ED9222 Polkemmet ED9222 *
ED9223 Polkemmet ED9223 *
ED9224 Polkemmet ED9224 *
ED9225 Polkemmet ED9225 *
ED9226 Polkemmet ED9226 *
ED9227 Polkemmet ED9227 *
ED9228 Polkemmet ED9228 *
ED9199 Seafield ED9199 *
ED9200 Seafield ED9200 *
ED9229 Polkemmet ED9229 *
ED9230 Polkemmet ED9230 *
ED9231 Polkemmet ED9231 *
ED9232 Polkemmet ED9232 *
ED9233 Polkemmet ED9233 *
ED9234 Polkemmet ED9234 *
ED9235 Polkemmet ED9235 *
ED9236 Polkemmet ED9236 *
ED9237 Polkemmet ED9237 *
ED9238 Polkemmet ED9238 *
ED9239 Polkemmet ED9239 *
ED9240 Polkemmet ED9240 *
ED9993 Glasgow Necropolis, William Black Monument, fragments from pedestal string course and upper carving ED9993 *; *;
ED9994 Glasgow Necropolis, 'The Facade' ED9994 *; *;
ED9995 Glasgow Necropolis, Mackenzie Monument ED9995 *; *;
ED9996 Blairtummock House, Glasgow ED9996 *; *;
ED9997 39 Napiershall Street, Glasgow ED9997 *; *;
ED9998 25 Don Street, Glasgow ED9998 *; *;
ED9999 Garnetbank Primary School, 221 Renfrew Street, Glasgow ED9999 *; *;
ED10000 8 Greenfield Place, Glasgow ED10000 *; *;
ED10001 The Tramway', 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow ED10001 *; *;
ED9675 Cardowan ED9675 *
ED9676 Cardowan ED9676 *
ED9677 Cardowan ED9677 *
ED9678 Cardowan ED9678 *
ED9679 Cardowan ED9679 *
ED9680 Cardowan ED9680 *
ED9681 Cardowan ED9681 *
ED9682 Cardowan ED9682 *
ED9683 Cardowan ED9683 *
ED9684 Cardowan ED9684 *
ED9685 Cardowan ED9685 *
ED9686 Cardowan ED9686 *
ED9687 Cardowan ED9687 *
ED9688 Cardowan ED9688 *
ED9689 Cardowan ED9689 *
ED9690 Cardowan ED9690 *
ED9691 Cardowan ED9691 *
ED9692 Cardowan ED9692 *
ED9693 Cardowan ED9693 *
ED9694 Cardowan ED9694 *
ED9695 Cardowan ED9695 *
ED9696 Cardowan ED9696 *
ED9697 Cardowan ED9697 *
ED9698 Cardowan ED9698 *
ED9699 Cardowan ED9699 *
ED9700 Cardowan ED9700 *
ED9701 Cardowan ED9701 *
ED9702 Cardowan ED9702 *
ED10002 9 Mansionhouse Drive, Glasgow ED10002 *; *;
ED10003 230 Northwoodside Road, Glasgow ED10003 *; *;
ED10004 From E side, Inner Arch of South Archway of the Pends, St. Andrews ED10004 *; *;
ED10005 Queens Cross Church, Glasgow. SE elevation ED10005 *; *;
ED10006 Spec A - Caledonian Cresent, spec B - Caledonian Place, Edinburgh ED10006 *; *;
ED10007 Ardkinglass House, Cairndow, Argyll ED10007 *; *;
ED10008 Linlithgow Palace, W side, N Ranges ED10008 *; *;
ED10009 Balgrey Quarry, Springburn, Glasgow ED10009 *; *;
ED10010 Telephone exchange, Malloch Street, Glasgow ED10010 *; *;
ED10011 32 Monance Street, Glasgow ED10011 *; *;
ED10012 Canal Stables, Balmore Street, Lambhill, Glasgow ED10012 *; *;
ED10013 Bridge (upper ashlar), Garscube Estate ED10013 *; *;
ED10014 Wellfield Public School, Edgefauld Road, Springburn, Glasgow. Built 1897, demolished 2005 ED10014 *; *;
ED10015 Stables, Stobhill Hospital ED10015 *; *;
ED10016 Ruchill Hospital, North Gatehouse (West) ED10016 *; *;
ED10017 Lambhill Cemetry, arched gateway to cemetry on E side to Balmore Road ED10017 *; *;
ED10018 Castlemilk Stables, Glasgow, (1) NW corner ED10018 *; *;
ED10019 Castlemilk Stables, Glasgow, (2) S range ED10019 *; *;
ED10020 Glasgow Green Station, Binnie Place, Glasgow ED10020 *; *;
ED10021 East Building, Scotland Street, Glasgow ED10021 *; *;
ED10022 West Building, Scotland Street, Glasgow ED10022 *; *;
ED10023 Docks Building, Stag Street, Glasgow ED10023 *; *;
ED10024 8 Scotland Street, Glasgow ED10024 *; *;
ED10025 Pollock House, Glasgow ED10025 *; *;
ED10026 Glasgow University, Main Building, sample A ED10026 *; *;
ED10027 Glasgow University, Main Building, sample B ED10027 *; *;
ED10028 Glasgow University, Main Building, sample C ED10028 *; *;
ED10029 61 Clevedon Drive, Glasgow, copestone ED10029 *; *;
ED9879 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9879 *; *;
ED9880 Old Royal Infirmary,Edinburgh ED9880 *; *;
ED9881 SCOTLAND. North Berwick (41) ED9881 *; *;
ED9882 The Maltings, Haddington ED9882 *; *;
ED9883 7 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh ED9883 *; *;
ED9884 Alexander Scott's Hospital, Huntly ED9884 *; *;
ED9885 13-15 Bells Brae, Edinburgh ED9885 *; *;
MR5716; COLLNO4365; No Details MR5716; COLLNO4365;
MR4767 No Locality MR4767
MR5946 In hedge 60 yds W of Qy, Spence Combe, nr. Crediton, Devon MR5946
ED8026 Comrie CML ED8026 *
ED8027 Comrie CML ED8027 *
ED8028 Comrie CML ED8028 *
ED8029 Comrie CML ED8029 *
ED8030 Comrie CML ED8030 *
ED8031 Comrie CML ED8031 *
ED8032 Comrie CML ED8032 *
ED8033 Comrie CML ED8033 *
ED8034 Comrie CML ED8034 *
ED8035 Comrie CML ED8035 *
ED8036 Comrie CML ED8036 *
ED8037 Comrie CML ED8037 *
ED8038 Comrie CML ED8038 *
ED8039 Comrie CML ED8039 *
ED8040 Comrie CML ED8040 *
ED8041 Comrie CML ED8041 *
ED8042 Comrie CML ED8042 *
ED8043 Comrie CML ED8043 *
ED8044 Comrie CML ED8044 *
ED8965 Polkemmet ED8965 *
ED8966 Polkemmet ED8966 *
ED8967 Polkemmet ED8967 *
ED8968 Polkemmet ED8968 *
ED8969 Polkemmet ED8969 *
ED8970 Polkemmet ED8970 *
ED8971 Polkemmet ED8971 *
ED8972 Polkemmet ED8972 *
ED8973 Polkemmet ED8973 *
ED8974 Polkemmet ED8974 *
ED8975 Polkemmet ED8975 *
ED8976 Polkemmet ED8976 *
ED8977 Polkemmet ED8977 *
ED8978 Polkemmet ED8978 *
ED8979 Polkemmet ED8979 *
ED8980 Polkemmet ED8980 *
ED8981 Polkemmet ED8981 *
ED8982 Polkemmet ED8982 *
ED8983 Polkemmet ED8983 *
ED8984 Polkemmet ED8984 *
ED8985 Polkemmet ED8985 *
ED8986 Polkemmet ED8986 *
ED8987 Polkemmet ED8987 *
ED8988 Polkemmet ED8988 *
ED8989 Polkemmet ED8989 *
ED8990 Polkemmet ED8990 *
ED8991 Polkemmet ED8991 *
ED8992 Polkemmet ED8992 *
ED8993 Polkemmet ED8993 *
ED8994 Polkemmet ED8994 *
ED8995 Polkemmet ED8995 *
ED8996 Polkemmet ED8996 *
ED8997 Polkemmet ED8997 *
ED8998 Polkemmet ED8998 *
ED8999 Polkemmet ED8999 *
MR4852 No Locality Given MR4852
ED7895 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 M/G 4420 ED7895 *
ED7896 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 M/G 4421 ED7896 *
ED7897 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 M/G 4424 ED7897 *
ED7898 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 M/G 4332 ED7898 *
ED7899 Kinneil/Valleyfield, advance HDG ED7899 *
ED7900 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 F/L 1 ED7900 *
ED7901 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 F/L 2 ED7901 *
ED7902 Kinneil/Valleyfield KH/1/1 ED7902 *
ED7903 Kinneil/Valleyfield KH/1/2 ED7903 *
ED7904 Kinneil/Valleyfield KH/1/3 ED7904 *
ED7905 Kinneil/Valleyfield KH/1/4 ED7905 *
ED7906 Kinneil/Valleyfield KH/2/1 ED7906 *
ED7907 Kinneil/Valleyfield KH/3/1 ED7907 *
ED7908 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K1 K14T/G ED7908 *
ED7909 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K1 K12T/G ED7909 *
ED7910 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K2A/2 ED7910 *
ED7911 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K4 ED7911 *
ED7912 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K6 ED7912 *
ED7913 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K9 ED7913 *
ED7914 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K11 ED7914 *
ED7915 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K14/1 ED7915 *
ED7916 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K14/2 ED7916 *
ED7917 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K14/3 ED7917 *
ED7918 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K16/1 ED7918 *
ED7919 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K17/1 ED7919 *
ED7920 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K17/2 ED7920 *
ED7921 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K17/3 ED7921 *
ED7922 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/V K17/4 ED7922 *
ED7923 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK18/1 ED7923 *
ED7924 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK19/1 ED7924 *
ED7925 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK20/1 ED7925 *
ED7926 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK20/2 ED7926 *
ED7927 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK20/3 ED7927 *
ED7928 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK21/1 ED7928 *
ED7929 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK21/2 ED7929 *
ED8162 Castlebridge ED8162 *
ED8163 Castlebridge ED8163 *
ED8164 Castlebridge ED8164 *
ED8165 Castlebridge ED8165 *
ED8166 Castlebridge ED8166 *
ED8167 Castlebridge ED8167 *
ED8168 Castlebridge ED8168 *
ED8169 Castlebridge ED8169 *
ED8170 Castlebridge ED8170 *
ED8171 Castlebridge ED8171 *
ED8172 Castlebridge ED8172 *
ED8173 Castlebridge ED8173 *
ED8174 Castlebridge ED8174 *
ED8175 Castlebridge ED8175 *
ED8637 Dalkeith ED8637 *
ED8638 Dalkeith ED8638 *
ED8639 Dalkeith ED8639 *
ED8640 Dalkeith ED8640 *
ED8641 Dalkeith ED8641 *
ED8642 Dalkeith ED8642 *
ED8643 Dalkeith ED8643 *
ED8644 Dalkeith ED8644 *
ED8645 Dalkeith ED8645 *
ED8646 Dalkeith ED8646 *
ED8647 Dalkeith ED8647 *
ED8648 Dalkeith ED8648 *
ED8649 Dalkeith ED8649 *
ED8650 Dalkeith ED8650 *
ED8651 Dalkeith ED8651 *
ED8652 Dalkeith ED8652 *
ED8653 Dalkeith ED8653 *
ED8654 Dalkeith ED8654 *
ED8655 Dalkeith ED8655 *
ED8656 Dalkeith ED8656 *
ED8657 Dalkeith ED8657 *
ED8658 Dalkeith ED8658 *
ED8659 Dalkeith ED8659 *
ED8660 Monktonhall ED8660 *
ED8661 Monktonhall ED8661 *
ED8662 Monktonhall ED8662 *
ED8663 Monktonhall ED8663 *
ED8664 Monktonhall ED8664 *
ED8665 Monktonhall ED8665 *
ED8666 Monktonhall ED8666 *
ED8667 Monktonhall ED8667 *
ED8668 Monktonhall ED8668 *
ED8669 Monktonhall ED8669 *
ED8670 Monktonhall ED8670 *
ED8671 Monktonhall ED8671 *
ED7930 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK22/1 ED7930 *
ED7931 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK23/1 ED7931 *
ED7932 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK23/2 ED7932 *
ED7933 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VK24/1 ED7933 *
ED7934 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7934 *
ED7935 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7935 *
ED8176 Castlebridge ED8176 *
ED8177 Frances ED8177 *
ED8178 Frances ED8178 *
ED8179 Frances ED8179 *
ED8180 Frances ED8180 *
ED8181 Frances ED8181 *
ED8182 Frances ED8182 *
ED8183 Frances ED8183 *
ED8184 Frances ED8184 *
ED8185 Frances ED8185 *
ED8186 Frances ED8186 *
ED8187 Frances ED8187 *
ED8188 Frances ED8188 *
ED8189 Frances ED8189 *
ED8190 Frances ED8190 *
ED8191 Frances ED8191 *
ED8192 Frances ED8192 *
ED8193 Frances ED8193 *
ED8194 Frances ED8194 *
ED8195 Frances ED8195 *
ED8196 Frances ED8196 *
ED8197 Frances ED8197 *
ED8198 Frances ED8198 *
ED8199 Frances ED8199 *
ED8200 Frances ED8200 *
ED8201 Frances ED8201 *
ED8202 Frances ED8202 *
ED8203 Frances ED8203 *
ED8204 Frances ED8204 *
ED8205 Frances ED8205 *
ED8206 Frances ED8206 *
ED8207 Frances ED8207 *
ED8208 Frances ED8208 *
ED8672 Monktonhall ED8672 *
ED8673 Monktonhall ED8673 *
ED8674 Monktonhall ED8674 *
ED8675 Monktonhall ED8675 *
ED8676 Monktonhall ED8676 *
ED8677 Monktonhall ED8677 *
ED8678 Monktonhall ED8678 *
ED8679 Monktonhall ED8679 *
ED8680 Monktonhall ED8680 *
ED8681 Monktonhall ED8681 *
ED8682 Monktonhall ED8682 *
ED7849 Barony Colliery BA 17/3 ED7849 *
ED7850 Barony Colliery BE 3/1 ED7850 *
ED7851 Barony Colliery BE 3/5 ED7851 *
ED7852 Barony Colliery BE 4/3 ED7852 *
ED7853 Barony Colliery BE 4/4 ED7853 *
ED7854 Barony Colliery BE12/5 ED7854 *
ED7855 Barony Colliery BM 1/3 ED7855 *
ED7856 Barony Colliery BM 1/4 ED7856 *
ED7857 Barony Colliery BM 1/7 ED7857 *
ED7858 Barony Colliery BM 27/4 ED7858 *
ED7859 Barony Colliery BM 27/8 ED7859 *
ED7860 Barony Colliery BM 27/9 ED7860 *
ED7861 Barony Colliery BY 3/1 ED7861 *
ED7862 Barony Colliery BY 4/1 ED7862 *
ED7863 Barony Colliery BY 4/2 ED7863 *
ED7864 Barony Colliery BY 5/1 ED7864 *
ED7865 Barony Colliery BY 5/2 ED7865 *
ED7866 Barony Colliery BY 5/3 ED7866 *
ED7867 Barony Colliery BY 5/4 ED7867 *
ED7868 Barony Colliery BY 6/1 ED7868 *
ED7869 Barony Colliery BY 9/1 ED7869 *
ED7870 Barony Colliery BY 9/2 ED7870 *
ED7871 Barony Colliery BY 10/1 ED7871 *
ED7872 Barony Colliery BY 11/1 ED7872 *
ED7873 Barony Colliery BY 12/1 ED7873 *
ED7874 Barony Colliery BY 13/1 ED7874 *
MR5000 Durdle Cave, Dorset MR5000
ED8727 Monktonhall ED8727 *
ED8728 Monktonhall ED8728 *
ED8729 Monktonhall ED8729 *
ED8730 Monktonhall ED8730 *
ED8731 Monktonhall ED8731 *
ED8732 Monktonhall ED8732 *
ED8733 Monktonhall ED8733 *
ED8734 Monktonhall ED8734 *
ED8735 Monktonhall ED8735 *
ED8736 Monktonhall ED8736 *
ED8737 Monktonhall ED8737 *
ED8738 Monktonhall ED8738 *
ED8739 Monktonhall ED8739 *
ED8740 Monktonhall ED8740 *
ED8741 Monktonhall ED8741 *
ED8742 Monktonhall ED8742 *
ED8399 Polmaise ED8399 *
ED8400 Polmaise ED8400 *
ED8401 Polmaise ED8401 *
ED8402 Polmaise ED8402 *
ED8403 Polmaise ED8403 *
ED8404 Polmaise ED8404 *
ED8405 Polmaise ED8405 *
ED8406 Polmaise ED8406 *
ED8407 Polmaise ED8407 *
ED8408 Polmaise ED8408 *
ED8409 Polmaise ED8409 *
ED8410 Polmaise ED8410 *
ED8411 Polmaise ED8411 *
ED8412 Polmaise ED8412 *
ED8413 Polmaise ED8413 *
ED8414 Polmaise ED8414 *
ED8415 Polmaise ED8415 *
ED8416 Polmaise ED8416 *
ED8417 Polmaise ED8417 *
ED8418 Polmaise ED8418 *
ED8419 Polmaise ED8419 *
ED8420 Polmaise ED8420 *
ED8421 Broachrigg East Bore ED8421 *
ED8422 Broachrigg East Bore ED8422 *
ED8423 Broachrigg East Bore ED8423 *
ED8424 Broachrigg East Bore ED8424 *
ED8425 Broachrigg East Bore ED8425 *
ED8426 Broachrigg East Bore ED8426 *
ED8427 Broachrigg East Bore ED8427 *
ED8428 Broachrigg East Bore ED8428 *
ED7875 Barony Colliery BY 13/2 ED7875 *
ED7876 Barony Colliery BY 13/3 ED7876 *
ED7877 Barony Colliery M/G B1 ED7877 *
ED7878 Barony Colliery M/G B2 ED7878 *
ED7879 Barony Colliery M/G B3 ED7879 *
ED7880 Barony Colliery M/G B4 ED7880 *
ED7881 Barony Colliery M/G B5 ED7881 *
ED7882 Barony Colliery M/G B6 ED7882 *
ED7883 Barony Colliery, Lab Nos 110 ED7883 *
ED7884 Barony Colliery, Lab Nos 172 ED7884 *
ED7885 Barony Colliery, Lab Nos 173 ED7885 *
ED7886 Barony Colliery, Lab Nos 174 ED7886 *
ED7887 Barony Colliery, Lab Nos 175 ED7887 *
ED7888 Barony Colliery, Lab Nos 176 ED7888 *
ED7889 Barony Colliery, Manvers 1807 ED7889 *
ED7890 Barony Colliery, Manvers 4154 ED7890 *
ED7891 Barony Companion Mine 8275 ED7891 *
ED7892 Barony Companion Mine 8278 ED7892 *
ED7893 Kinneil 2/79 ED7893 *
MR5727 No Details MR5727
ED8743 Monktonhall ED8743 *
ED8744 Monktonhall ED8744 *
ED8745 Monktonhall ED8745 *
ED8746 Monktonhall ED8746 *
ED8747 Monktonhall ED8747 *
ED8748 Monktonhall ED8748 *
ED8749 Monktonhall ED8749 *
ED8750 Monktonhall ED8750 *
ED8751 Monktonhall ED8751 *
ED8752 Monktonhall ED8752 *
ED8753 Monktonhall ED8753 *
ED8754 Monktonhall ED8754 *
ED8755 Monktonhall ED8755 *
ED8756 Monktonhall ED8756 *
ED8757 Monktonhall ED8757 *
ED8758 Monktonhall ED8758 *
ED8759 Monktonhall ED8759 *
ED8760 Monktonhall ED8760 *
ED8761 Monktonhall ED8761 *
ED8768 Monktonhall ED8768 *
ED8769 Monktonhall ED8769 *
ED8770 Monktonhall ED8770 *
ED8771 Monktonhall ED8771 *
ED8772 Monktonhall ED8772 *
ED8773 Monktonhall ED8773 *
ED8774 Monktonhall ED8774 *
ED8775 Monktonhall ED8775 *
ED8776 Monktonhall ED8776 *
ED8777 Monktonhall ED8777 *
ED8778 Monktonhall ED8778 *
ED8779 Monktonhall ED8779 *
ED8780 Monktonhall ED8780 *
ED8781 Monktonhall ED8781 *
ED8782 Monktonhall ED8782 *
ED8783 Monktonhall ED8783 *
ED8784 Monktonhall ED8784 *
ED8785 Monktonhall ED8785 *
ED8786 Monktonhall ED8786 *
ED8085 Cairnhill ED8085 *
ED8086 Roger Kirkconnel ED8086 *
ED8087 Roger Kirkconnel ED8087 *
ED8088 Roger Kirkconnel ED8088 *
ED8089 Roger Kirkconnel ED8089 *
ED8429 Broachrigg East Bore ED8429 *
ED8430 Broachrigg East Bore ED8430 *
ED8431 Sorn ED8431 *
ED8432 Sorn ED8432 *
ED8433 Sorn ED8433 *
ED8434 Sorn ED8434 *
ED8435 Sorn ED8435 *
ED8436 Sorn ED8436 *
ED8437 Sorn ED8437 *
ED8438 Sorn ED8438 *
ED8439 Sorn ED8439 *
ED8440 Sorn ED8440 *
ED8441 Sorn ED8441 *
ED8442 Sorn ED8442 *
ED8443 Sorn ED8443 *
ED8444 Sorn ED8444 *
ED8445 Sorn ED8445 *
ED9000 Polkemmet ED9000 *
ED9001 Polkemmet ED9001 *
ED9002 Polkemmet ED9002 *
ED9003 Polkemmet ED9003 *
ED9004 Polkemmet ED9004 *
ED9005 Seafield ED9005 *
ED9006 Seafield ED9006 *
ED9007 Seafield ED9007 *
ED9008 Seafield ED9008 *
ED9009 Seafield ED9009 *
ED9010 Seafield ED9010 *
ED9011 Seafield ED9011 *
ED9012 Seafield ED9012 *
ED9013 Seafield ED9013 *
ED9014 Seafield ED9014 *
ED9015 Seafield ED9015 *
ED9016 Seafield ED9016 *
ED9017 Seafield ED9017 *
ED9018 Seafield ED9018 *
ED9019 Seafield ED9019 *
ED9020 Seafield ED9020 *
ED9021 Seafield ED9021 *
ED8787 Monktonhall ED8787 *
ED8788 Monktonhall ED8788 *
ED8789 Monktonhall ED8789 *
ED8790 Monktonhall ED8790 *
ED8791 Monktonhall ED8791 *
ED8792 Monktonhall ED8792 *
ED8793 Monktonhall ED8793 *
ED8794 Monktonhall ED8794 *
ED8795 Monktonhall ED8795 *
ED8796 Monktonhall ED8796 *
ED8797 Monktonhall ED8797 *
ED8798 Monktonhall ED8798 *
ED8799 Monktonhall ED8799 *
ED8800 Monktonhall ED8800 *
ED8801 Monktonhall ED8801 *
ED8802 Monktonhall ED8802 *
ED8803 Monktonhall ED8803 *
ED8804 Monktonhall ED8804 *
ED8805 Monktonhall ED8805 *
ED8806 Monktonhall ED8806 *
ED8807 Monktonhall ED8807 *
ED8808 Monktonhall ED8808 *
ED8809 Monktonhall ED8809 *
ED8810 Monktonhall ED8810 *
ED8811 Monktonhall ED8811 *
ED8812 Monktonhall ED8812 *
ED7936 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7936 *
ED7937 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7937 *
ED7938 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7938 *
ED7939 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7939 *
ED7940 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7940 *
ED7941 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7941 *
ED7942 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7942 *
ED7943 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7943 *
ED7944 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7944 *
ED7945 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7945 *
ED7946 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7946 *
ED9022 Seafield ED9022 *
ED9023 Seafield ED9023 *
ED9024 Seafield ED9024 *
ED9025 Seafield ED9025 *
ED9026 Seafield ED9026 *
ED9027 Seafield ED9027 *
ED9028 Seafield ED9028 *
ED9029 Seafield ED9029 *
ED9030 Seafield ED9030 *
ED9031 Seafield ED9031 *
ED9032 Seafield ED9032 *
ED9033 Seafield ED9033 *
ED9034 Seafield ED9034 *
ED9035 Seafield ED9035 *
ED9036 Seafield ED9036 *
ED9037 Seafield ED9037 *
ED9038 Seafield ED9038 *
ED9039 Seafield ED9039 *
ED9040 Seafield ED9040 *
ED9041 Seafield ED9041 *
ED9042 Seafield ED9042 *
ED9043 Seafield ED9043 *
ED9044 Seafield ED9044 *
ED9045 Seafield ED9045 *
ED9046 Seafield ED9046 *
ED9047 Seafield ED9047 *
ED8683 Monktonhall ED8683 *
ED8684 Monktonhall ED8684 *
ED8685 Monktonhall ED8685 *
ED8686 Monktonhall ED8686 *
ED8687 Monktonhall ED8687 *
ED8688 Monktonhall ED8688 *
ED8689 Monktonhall ED8689 *
ED8690 Monktonhall ED8690 *
ED7947 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7947 *
ED7948 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7948 *
ED7949 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7949 *
ED7950 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7950 *
ED7951 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7951 *
ED7952 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7952 *
ED7953 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7953 *
ED7954 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7954 *
ED7955 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7955 *
ED7956 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7956 *
ED7957 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7957 *
ED7958 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7958 *
ED7959 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7959 *
ED7960 Kinneil/Valleyfield K/VB ED7960 *
ED7961 Comrie CMC ED7961 *
ED7962 Comrie CMC ED7962 *
ED7963 Comrie CMC ED7963 *
ED7964 Comrie CMC ED7964 *
ED7965 Comrie CMC ED7965 *
ED7966 Comrie CMC ED7966 *
ED7967 Comrie CMC ED7967 *
ED7968 Comrie CMC ED7968 *
ED7969 Comrie CMC ED7969 *
ED7780 Bedlay BEC 20/1 ED7780 *
ED7781 Bedlay BEC 21/1 ED7781 *
ED7782 Bedlay BEC 22/1 ED7782 *
ED7783 Bedlay BEC 22/2 ED7783 *
ED7784 Bedlay BEC 22/3 ED7784 *
ED7785 Bedlay BEC 22/4 ED7785 *
ED7786 Bedlay BEC 22/5 ED7786 *
ED7787 Bedlay BEC 23/1 ED7787 *
ED7788 Bedlay BEC 24/1 ED7788 *
ED7789 Bedlay BEC 24/2 ED7789 *
ED7970 Comrie CMC ED7970 *
ED8045 Comrie CML ED8045 *
ED8046 Comrie CML ED8046 *
ED8047 Comrie CML ED8047 *
ED8048 Comrie CML ED8048 *
ED8049 Comrie CML ED8049 *
ED8050 Comrie CML ED8050 *
ED8051 Comrie CML ED8051 *
ED8052 Comrie CML ED8052 *
ED8053 Comrie CML ED8053 *
ED8054 Comrie CML ED8054 *
ED8055 Comrie CML ED8055 *
ED8056 Comrie CML ED8056 *
ED8057 Comrie CML ED8057 *
ED8058 Comrie CML ED8058 *
ED8059 Comrie CML ED8059 *
ED8060 Comrie CML ED8060 *
ED8061 Comrie CML ED8061 *
ED8062 Comrie CML ED8062 *
ED8063 Comrie CML ED8063 *
ED8064 Comrie CML ED8064 *
ED8065 Comrie CML ED8065 *
ED8066 Comrie CML ED8066 *
ED8067 Comrie CML ED8067 *
ED8068 Comrie CML ED8068 *
ED8069 Comrie CML ED8069 *
ED8070 Comrie CML ED8070 *
ED8071 Comrie CML ED8071 *
ED8072 Comrie CML ED8072 *
ED8073 Comrie CML ED8073 *
ED8074 Comrie CMJ ED8074 *
ED8075 Comrie CMJ ED8075 *
ED8076 Comrie CMJ ED8076 *
ED8077 Comrie CMJ ED8077 *
ED8078 Comrie ED8078 *
ED8079 Comrie ED8079 *
ED8080 Comrie ED8080 *
ED8081 Cairnhill ED8081 *
ED8082 Cairnhill ED8082 *
ED8083 Cairnhill ED8083 *
ED8084 Cairnhill ED8084 *
ED8691 Monktonhall ED8691 *
ED8692 Monktonhall ED8692 *
ED8693 Monktonhall ED8693 *
ED8694 Monktonhall ED8694 *
ED8695 Monktonhall ED8695 *
ED8696 Monktonhall ED8696 *
ED8697 Monktonhall ED8697 *
ED8698 Monktonhall ED8698 *
ED8699 Monktonhall ED8699 *
ED8700 Monktonhall ED8700 *
ED8701 Monktonhall ED8701 *
ED8702 Monktonhall ED8702 *
ED8703 Monktonhall ED8703 *
ED8704 Monktonhall ED8704 *
ED8705 Monktonhall ED8705 *
ED8706 Monktonhall ED8706 *
ED8707 Monktonhall ED8707 *
ED8708 Monktonhall ED8708 *
ED8709 Monktonhall ED8709 *
ED8710 Monktonhall ED8710 *
ED8711 Monktonhall ED8711 *
ED8712 Monktonhall ED8712 *
ED8713 Monktonhall ED8713 *
ED8714 Monktonhall ED8714 *
ED8715 Monktonhall ED8715 *
ED8716 Monktonhall ED8716 *
ED8717 Monktonhall ED8717 *
ED8718 Monktonhall ED8718 *
ED8719 Monktonhall ED8719 *
ED8720 Monktonhall ED8720 *
ED8721 Monktonhall ED8721 *
ED8722 Monktonhall ED8722 *
ED8723 Monktonhall ED8723 *
ED8724 Monktonhall ED8724 *
ED8725 Monktonhall ED8725 *
ED8726 Monktonhall ED8726 *
ED8767 Monktonhall ED8767 *
ED7894 Kinneil/Valleyfield K20 M/G 4413 ED7894 *
ED8889 Polkemmet ED8889 *
ED8890 Polkemmet ED8890 *
ED8891 Polkemmet ED8891 *
ED8892 Polkemmet ED8892 *
ED8893 Polkemmet ED8893 *
ED8894 Polkemmet ED8894 *
ED8895 Polkemmet ED8895 *
ED8896 Polkemmet ED8896 *
ED8897 Polkemmet ED8897 *
ED8898 Polkemmet ED8898 *
ED8899 Polkemmet ED8899 *
ED8900 Polkemmet ED8900 *
ED8901 Polkemmet ED8901 *
ED8902 Polkemmet ED8902 *
ED8903 Polkemmet ED8903 *
ED8904 Polkemmet ED8904 *
ED8905 Polkemmet ED8905 *
ED8541 Killock ED8541 *
ED8542 Killock ED8542 *
ED8543 Killock ED8543 *
ED8544 Killock ED8544 *
ED8545 Killock ED8545 *
ED8546 Killock ED8546 *
ED8547 Killock ED8547 *
ED8548 Killock ED8548 *
ED8549 Killock ED8549 *
ED8550 Killock ED8550 *
ED8551 Killock ED8551 *
ED8552 Killock ED8552 *
ED8553 Killock ED8553 *
ED8554 Killock ED8554 *
ED8555 Killock ED8555 *
ED8556 Killock ED8556 *
ED8557 Killock ED8557 *
ED8558 Killock ED8558 *
ED8559 Killock ED8559 *
ED8762 Monktonhall ED8762 *
ED8763 Monktonhall ED8763 *
ED8764 Monktonhall ED8764 *
ED8765 Monktonhall ED8765 *
ED8766 Monktonhall ED8766 *
ED7810 Bedlay BES 10/A ED7810 *
ED7811 Bedlay BES 11/B ED7811 *
ED7812 Bedlay BES 13/A ED7812 *
ED7813 Bedlay BES 13/B ED7813 *
ED7814 Bedlay BES 14/A ED7814 *
ED7815 Bedlay BES 14/B ED7815 *
ED7816 Bedlay BES 19/6 ED7816 *
ED7817 Bedlay BES 26/1 ED7817 *
ED7818 Bedlay BES 26/2 ED7818 *
ED7819 Bedlay BES 27/1 ED7819 *
ED7761 Bedlay BEC 1/1 ED7761 *
ED7762 Bedlay BEC 2/1 ED7762 *
ED7763 Bedlay BEC 3/1 ED7763 *
ED7764 Bedlay BEC 3/2 ED7764 *
ED7765 Bedlay BEC 4/1 ED7765 *
ED7766 Bedlay BEC 6/1 ED7766 *
ED7767 Bedlay BEC 8/1 ED7767 *
ED7768 Bedlay BEC 11/1 ED7768 *
ED7769 Bedlay BEC 12/1 ED7769 *
ED8090 Roger Kirkconnel ED8090 *
ED8091 Roger Kirkconnel ED8091 *
ED8092 Roger Kirkconnel ED8092 *
ED8093 Roger Kirkconnel ED8093 *
ED8094 Roger ED8094 *
ED8095 Roger ED8095 *
ED8096 Roger ED8096 *
ED8097 Roger ED8097 *
ED8098 Cairnhill CaG ED8098 *
ED8099 Cairnhill CaG ED8099 *
ED8446 Sorn ED8446 *
ED8447 Sorn ED8447 *
ED8448 Sorn ED8448 *
ED8449 Sorn ED8449 *
ED8450 Sorn ED8450 *
ED8451 Sorn ED8451 *
ED8452 Sorn ED8452 *
ED8453 Sorn ED8453 *
ED8454 Sorn ED8454 *
ED8455 Sorn ED8455 *
ED8456 Pennyvenie ED8456 *
ED8457 Pennyvenie ED8457 *
ED8458 Pennyvenie ED8458 *
ED8459 Pennyvenie ED8459 *
ED8460 Pennyvenie ED8460 *
ED8461 Pennyvenie ED8461 *
ED8462 Pennyvenie ED8462 *
ED8463 Pennyvenie ED8463 *
ED8464 Pennyvenie ED8464 *
ED8465 Pennyvenie ED8465 *
ED8466 Pennyvenie ED8466 *
ED8467 Pennyvenie ED8467 *
ED8468 Pennyvenie ED8468 *
ED8469 Pennyvenie ED8469 *
ED8470 Pennyvenie ED8470 *
ED8471 Pennyvenie ED8471 *
ED8472 Pennyvenie ED8472 *
ED8473 Pennyvenie ED8473 *
ED8474 Pennyvenie ED8474 *
ED8475 Pennyvenie ED8475 *
ED8476 Pennyvenie ED8476 *
ED8477 Pennyvenie ED8477 *
ED8478 Pennyvenie ED8478 *
ED8479 Pennyvenie ED8479 *
ED8480 Pennyvenie ED8480 *
ED8481 Pennyvenie ED8481 *
ED8482 Pennyvenie ED8482 *
ED8483 Solgirth ED8483 *
ED8484 Solgirth ED8484 *
ED8485 Solgirth ED8485 *
ED8560 Killock ED8560 *
ED8561 Killock ED8561 *
ED8562 Killock ED8562 *
ED8563 Killock ED8563 *
ED8564 Killock ED8564 *
ED8565 Killock ED8565 *
ED8566 Killock ED8566 *
ED8567 Killock ED8567 *
ED8568 Killock ED8568 *
ED8569 Killock ED8569 *
ED8570 Killock ED8570 *
ED8571 Killock ED8571 *
ED8572 Killock ED8572 *
ED8573 Killock ED8573 *
ED8574 Killock ED8574 *
ED8575 Killock ED8575 *
ED8576 Killock ED8576 *
ED8577 Killock ED8577 *
ED8578 Killock ED8578 *
ED8579 Killock ED8579 *
ED8580 Killock ED8580 *
ED8581 Killock ED8581 *
ED8582 Killock ED8582 *
ED8583 Killock ED8583 *
ED8584 Killock ED8584 *
ED8585 Dalkeith ED8585 *
ED8586 Dalkeith ED8586 *
ED8587 Dalkeith ED8587 *
ED8588 Dalkeith ED8588 *
ED8589 Dalkeith ED8589 *
ED9144 Seafield ED9144 *
ED9145 Seafield ED9145 *
ED9146 Seafield ED9146 *
ED9147 Seafield ED9147 *
ED9148 Seafield ED9148 *
ED9149 Seafield ED9149 *
ED9150 Seafield ED9150 *
ED9151 Seafield ED9151 *
ED9152 Seafield ED9152 *
ED9153 Seafield ED9153 *
ED8100 Cairnhill CaG ED8100 *
ED8101 Cairnhill CaG ED8101 *
ED8102 Cairnhill CaG ED8102 *
ED8103 Cairnhill CaG ED8103 *
ED8104 Cairnhill CaG ED8104 *
ED8105 Cairnhill CaG ED8105 *
ED8106 Wellgreen Bore ED8106 *
ED8107 Wellgreen Bore ED8107 *
ED8108 Wellgreen Bore ED8108 *
ED8109 Wellgreen Bore ED8109 *
ED8110 Wellgreen Bore ED8110 *
ED8111 Wellgreen Bore ED8111 *
ED8112 Wellgreen Bore ED8112 *
ED8113 Wellgreen Bore ED8113 *
ED8114 Wellgreen Bore ED8114 *
ED8305 Lady Victoria ED8305 *
ED8306 Lady Victoria ED8306 *
ED8307 Lady Victoria ED8307 *
ED8308 Lady Victoria ED8308 *
ED8309 Lady Victoria ED8309 *
ED8310 Lady Victoria ED8310 *
ED8311 Lady Victoria ED8311 *
ED8312 Lady Victoria ED8312 *
ED8313 Lady Victoria ED8313 *
ED8486 Solgirth ED8486 *
ED8487 Solgirth ED8487 *
ED8488 Solgirth ED8488 *
ED8489 Solgirth ED8489 *
ED8490 Solgirth ED8490 *
ED8491 Solgirth ED8491 *
ED8492 Solgirth ED8492 *
ED8493 Solgirth ED8493 *
ED9048 Seafield ED9048 *
ED9049 Seafield ED9049 *
ED9050 Seafield ED9050 *
ED9051 Seafield ED9051 *
ED9052 Seafield ED9052 *
ED9053 Seafield ED9053 *
ED9054 Seafield ED9054 *
ED9055 Seafield ED9055 *
ED9056 Seafield ED9056 *
ED9057 Seafield ED9057 *
ED9058 Seafield ED9058 *
ED9059 Seafield ED9059 *
ED9060 Seafield ED9060 *
ED9061 Seafield ED9061 *
ED9062 Seafield ED9062 *
ED9063 Seafield ED9063 *
ED9064 Seafield ED9064 *
ED9065 Seafield ED9065 *
ED9066 Seafield ED9066 *
ED9067 Seafield ED9067 *
ED9068 Seafield ED9068 *
ED9069 Seafield ED9069 *
ED9070 Seafield ED9070 *
ED9071 Seafield ED9071 *
ED9072 Seafield ED9072 *
ED9073 Seafield ED9073 *
ED9074 Seafield ED9074 *
ED9075 Seafield ED9075 *
ED9076 Seafield ED9076 *
ED9077 Seafield ED9077 *
ED9078 Seafield ED9078 *
ED9154 Seafield ED9154 *
ED9155 Seafield ED9155 *
ED9156 Seafield ED9156 *
ED9157 Seafield ED9157 *
ED9158 Seafield ED9158 *
ED9159 Seafield ED9159 *
ED9160 Seafield ED9160 *
ED9161 Seafield ED9161 *
ED9162 Seafield ED9162 *
ED9163 Seafield ED9163 *
ED9164 Seafield ED9164 *
ED9165 Seafield ED9165 *
ED9166 Seafield ED9166 *
ED9167 Seafield ED9167 *
ED9168 Seafield ED9168 *
ED9169 Seafield ED9169 *
ED9170 Seafield ED9170 *
ED9171 Seafield ED9171 *
ED9172 Seafield ED9172 *
ED9173 Seafield ED9173 *
ED9174 Seafield ED9174 *
ED9175 Seafield ED9175 *
ED9176 Seafield ED9176 *
ED9177 Seafield ED9177 *
ED9178 Seafield ED9178 *
ED9179 Seafield ED9179 *
ED9180 Seafield ED9180 *
ED9181 Seafield ED9181 *
ED9182 Seafield ED9182 *
ED9183 Seafield ED9183 *
ED9184 Seafield ED9184 *
ED9185 Seafield ED9185 *
ED9186 Seafield ED9186 *
ED9187 Seafield ED9187 *
ED9188 Seafield ED9188 *
ED9189 Seafield ED9189 *
ED9190 Seafield ED9190 *
ED9191 Seafield ED9191 *
ED7971 Comrie CMC ED7971 *
ED7972 Comrie CMC ED7972 *
ED7973 Comrie CMC ED7973 *
ED7974 Comrie CMC ED7974 *
ED7975 Comrie CMC ED7975 *
ED7976 Comrie CMC ED7976 *
ED7977 Comrie CMC ED7977 *
ED7978 Comrie CMC ED7978 *
ED7979 Comrie CMC ED7979 *
ED7790 Bedlay BEC 24/3 ED7790 *
ED7791 Bedlay BEC 25/1 ED7791 *
ED7792 Bedlay BEC 25/2 ED7792 *
ED7793 Bedlay BEC 25/3 ED7793 *
ED7794 Bedlay BEC 25/4 ED7794 *
ED7795 Bedlay BEC 25/5 ED7795 *
ED7796 Bedlay BEC 27/1 ED7796 *
ED7797 Bedlay BEC 29/1 ED7797 *
ED7798 Bedlay BEC 29/2 ED7798 *
ED7799 Bedlay BES 1/1 ED7799 *
ED7980 Comrie CMC ED7980 *
ED7981 Comrie CMC ED7981 *
ED8314 Lady Victoria ED8314 *
ED8315 Lady Victoria ED8315 *
ED8316 Lady Victoria ED8316 *
ED8317 Bogside ED8317 *
ED8318 Bogside ED8318 *
ED8319 Bogside ED8319 *
ED8320 Bogside ED8320 *
ED8321 Bogside ED8321 *
ED8322 Bogside ED8322 *
ED8323 Bogside ED8323 *
ED8324 Bogside ED8324 *
ED8325 Bogside ED8325 *
ED8326 Bogside ED8326 *
ED8327 Bogside ED8327 *
ED8328 Bogside ED8328 *
ED8329 Bogside ED8329 *
ED8330 Bogside ED8330 *
ED8331 Bogside ED8331 *
ED8332 Bogside ED8332 *
ED8333 Bogside ED8333 *
ED8334 Bogside ED8334 *
ED8335 Bogside ED8335 *
ED8336 Bogside ED8336 *
ED8337 Bogside ED8337 *
ED8338 Bogside ED8338 *
ED8339 Bogside ED8339 *
ED8340 Bogside ED8340 *
ED8341 Bogside ED8341 *
ED8342 Bogside ED8342 *
ED8343 Bogside ED8343 *
ED8344 Bogside ED8344 *
ED8345 Bogside ED8345 *
ED8346 Bogside ED8346 *
ED8347 Bogside ED8347 *
ED8348 Bogside ED8348 *
ED8349 Bogside ED8349 *
ED8350 Bogside ED8350 *
ED8351 Bogside ED8351 *
ED8906 Polkemmet ED8906 *
ED9079 Seafield ED9079 *
ED9080 Seafield ED9080 *
ED9081 Seafield ED9081 *
ED9082 Seafield ED9082 *
ED9083 Seafield ED9083 *
ED9084 Seafield ED9084 *
ED9085 Seafield ED9085 *
ED9086 Seafield ED9086 *
ED9087 Seafield ED9087 *
ED9088 Seafield ED9088 *
ED9089 Seafield ED9089 *
ED9090 Seafield ED9090 *
ED9091 Seafield ED9091 *
ED9092 Seafield ED9092 *
ED9093 Seafield ED9093 *
ED9094 Seafield ED9094 *
ED9095 Seafield ED9095 *
MR5819 Dunham, 11 mi NW of Lincoln MR5819
MR5832 Stanwix, nr. Carlisle, Cumberland MR5832
ED7982 Comrie CMC ED7982 *
ED7983 Comrie CMC ED7983 *
ED7984 Comrie CMC ED7984 *
ED7985 Comrie CMC ED7985 *
ED7986 Comrie CMC ED7986 *
ED7987 Comrie CMC ED7987 *
ED7988 Comrie CMC ED7988 *
ED7989 Comrie CMC ED7989 *
ED7990 Comrie CMC ED7990 *
ED7991 Comrie CMC ED7991 *
ED7992 Comrie CMC ED7992 *
ED7993 Comrie CMC ED7993 *
ED7994 Comrie CMC ED7994 *
ED7995 Comrie CMC ED7995 *
ED7996 Comrie CMC ED7996 *
ED7997 Comrie CMC ED7997 *
ED7998 Comrie CMC ED7998 *
ED7999 Comrie CMC ED7999 *
ED8000 Comrie CMC ED8000 *
ED8001 Comrie CMC ED8001 *
ED8002 Comrie CMC ED8002 *
ED8003 Comrie CMC ED8003 *
ED8004 Comrie CMC ED8004 *
ED8005 Comrie CMC ED8005 *
ED8006 Comrie CMC ED8006 *
ED8007 Comrie CMC ED8007 *
ED8907 Polkemmet ED8907 *
ED8908 Polkemmet ED8908 *
ED8909 Polkemmet ED8909 *
ED8910 Polkemmet ED8910 *
ED8911 Polkemmet ED8911 *
ED8912 Polkemmet ED8912 *
ED8913 Polkemmet ED8913 *
ED8914 Polkemmet ED8914 *
ED8915 Polkemmet ED8915 *
ED8916 Polkemmet ED8916 *
ED8917 Polkemmet ED8917 *
ED8918 Polkemmet ED8918 *
ED8919 Polkemmet ED8919 *
ED8920 Polkemmet ED8920 *
ED8921 Polkemmet ED8921 *
ED8922 Polkemmet ED8922 *
ED8923 Polkemmet ED8923 *
ED8924 Polkemmet ED8924 *
ED8925 Polkemmet ED8925 *
ED8926 Polkemmet ED8926 *
ED8927 Polkemmet ED8927 *
ED8928 Polkemmet ED8928 *
ED8929 Polkemmet ED8929 *
ED8930 Polkemmet ED8930 *
ED8931 Polkemmet ED8931 *
ED8932 Polkemmet ED8932 *
ED8933 Polkemmet ED8933 *
ED8934 Polkemmet ED8934 *
ED8935 Polkemmet ED8935 *
ED8936 Polkemmet ED8936 *
ED8937 Polkemmet ED8937 *
ED8938 Polkemmet ED8938 *
ED8939 Polkemmet ED8939 *
ED8940 Polkemmet ED8940 *
ED8941 Polkemmet ED8941 *
ED8942 Polkemmet ED8942 *
ED8943 Polkemmet ED8943 *
ED8944 Polkemmet ED8944 *
ED8945 Polkemmet ED8945 *
MR5897 Little hill, NW of Ideston, Devon MR5897
MR5907 Mendip Hills, Somerset MR5907
MR5910 Holmead, 1.5 mi W of Loxbear, Devon MR5910
MR4963 Transferred to Mineral Dept. MR4963
ED8115 Highouse ED8115 *
ED8116 Highouse ED8116 *
ED8117 Highouse ED8117 *
ED8118 Highouse ED8118 *
ED8119 Highouse ED8119 *
ED8120 Highouse ED8120 *
ED8946 Polkemmet ED8946 *
ED8947 Polkemmet ED8947 *
ED8948 Polkemmet ED8948 *
ED8949 Polkemmet ED8949 *
ED8950 Polkemmet ED8950 *
ED8951 Polkemmet ED8951 *
ED8952 Polkemmet ED8952 *
ED8494 Solgirth ED8494 *
ED8495 Solgirth ED8495 *
ED8496 Solgirth ED8496 *
ED8497 Solgirth ED8497 *
ED8498 Solgirth ED8498 *
ED8499 Solgirth ED8499 *
ED8500 Solgirth ED8500 *
ED8501 Solgirth ED8501 *
ED8502 Solgirth ED8502 *
ED8590 Dalkeith ED8590 *
ED8591 Dalkeith ED8591 *
ED8592 Dalkeith ED8592 *
ED8593 Dalkeith ED8593 *
ED8594 Dalkeith ED8594 *
ED8595 Dalkeith ED8595 *
ED8596 Dalkeith ED8596 *
ED8597 Dalkeith ED8597 *
ED8598 Dalkeith ED8598 *
ED8599 Dalkeith ED8599 *
ED8600 Dalkeith ED8600 *
ED8601 Dalkeith ED8601 *
ED8602 Dalkeith ED8602 *
ED8603 Dalkeith ED8603 *
ED8604 Dalkeith ED8604 *
ED8605 Dalkeith ED8605 *
ED8606 Dalkeith ED8606 *
ED8607 Dalkeith ED8607 *
ED8608 Dalkeith ED8608 *
ED8609 Dalkeith ED8609 *
ED8610 Dalkeith ED8610 *
ED8611 Dalkeith ED8611 *
ED8612 Dalkeith ED8612 *
ED8613 Dalkeith ED8613 *
ED8614 Dalkeith ED8614 *
ED8615 Dalkeith ED8615 *
ED8616 Dalkeith ED8616 *
ED8121 Highouse ED8121 *
ED8122 Highouse ED8122 *
ED8123 Highouse ED8123 *
ED8124 Highouse ED8124 *
ED8125 Highouse ED8125 *
ED8126 Highouse ED8126 *
ED8127 Highouse ED8127 *
ED8128 Highouse ED8128 *
ED8129 Highouse ED8129 *
ED8130 Highouse ED8130 *
ED8131 Highouse ED8131 *
ED8132 Highouse ED8132 *
ED8133 Highouse ED8133 *
ED8134 Highouse ED8134 *
ED8135 Highouse ED8135 *
ED8136 Highouse ED8136 *
ED8137 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8137 *
ED8138 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8138 *
ED8139 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8139 *
ED8140 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8140 *
ED8141 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8141 *
ED8142 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8142 *
ED8143 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8143 *
ED8144 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8144 *
ED8145 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8145 *
ED8146 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8146 *
ED8147 Tippet Knowe Bore ED8147 *
ED8148 Castlebridge ED8148 *
ED8149 Castlebridge ED8149 *
ED8150 Castlebridge ED8150 *
ED8151 Castlebridge ED8151 *
ED8152 Castlebridge ED8152 *
ED8153 Castlebridge ED8153 *
ED8154 Castlebridge ED8154 *
ED8155 Castlebridge ED8155 *
ED8156 Castlebridge ED8156 *
ED8157 Castlebridge ED8157 *
ED8158 Castlebridge ED8158 *
ED8503 Solgirth ED8503 *
ED8504 Solgirth ED8504 *
ED8505 Solgirth ED8505 *
ED8506 Solgirth ED8506 *
ED8507 Solgirth ED8507 *
ED8508 Solgirth ED8508 *
ED8509 Solgirth ED8509 *
ED8510 Solgirth ED8510 *
ED8511 Solgirth ED8511 *
ED8512 Solgirth ED8512 *
ED8513 Solgirth ED8513 *
ED8514 Solgirth ED8514 *
ED8515 Solgirth ED8515 *
ED8516 Solgirth ED8516 *
ED8517 Solgirth ED8517 *
ED8518 Solgirth ED8518 *
ED8519 Solgirth ED8519 *
ED8520 Solgirth ED8520 *
ED8521 Solgirth ED8521 *
ED8522 Solgirth ED8522 *
ED8523 Solgirth ED8523 *
ED8524 Solgirth ED8524 *
ED8525 Solgirth ED8525 *
ED8526 Solgirth ED8526 *
ED8527 Solgirth ED8527 *
ED8528 Solgirth ED8528 *
ED8529 Solgirth ED8529 *
ED8530 Solgirth ED8530 *
ED8531 Solgirth ED8531 *
ED8532 Solgirth ED8532 *
ED8533 Solgirth ED8533 *
ED8534 Solgirth ED8534 *
ED8535 Solgirth ED8535 *
ED8536 Solgirth ED8536 *
ED8537 Killock ED8537 *
ED8538 Killock ED8538 *
ED8539 Killock ED8539 *
ED8540 Killock ED8540 *
ED9096 Seafield ED9096 *
ED8617 Dalkeith ED8617 *
ED8618 Dalkeith ED8618 *
ED8619 Dalkeith ED8619 *
ED8620 Dalkeith ED8620 *
ED8621 Dalkeith ED8621 *
ED8622 Dalkeith ED8622 *
ED8623 Dalkeith ED8623 *
ED8624 Dalkeith ED8624 *
ED8625 Dalkeith ED8625 *
ED8626 Dalkeith ED8626 *
ED8627 Dalkeith ED8627 *
ED8628 Dalkeith ED8628 *
ED8629 Dalkeith ED8629 *
ED8630 Dalkeith ED8630 *
ED8631 Dalkeith ED8631 *
ED8632 Dalkeith ED8632 *
ED8633 Dalkeith ED8633 *
ED8634 Dalkeith ED8634 *
ED8635 Dalkeith ED8635 *
ED8636 Dalkeith ED8636 *
ED9192 Seafield ED9192 *
ED9193 Seafield ED9193 *
ED9194 Seafield ED9194 *
ED9195 Seafield ED9195 *
ED9196 Seafield ED9196 *
ED9197 Seafield ED9197 *
ED9198 Seafield ED9198 *
ED7770 Bedlay BEC 12/2 ED7770 *
ED7771 Bedlay BEC 13/1 ED7771 *
ED7772 Bedlay BEC 15/1 ED7772 *
ED7773 Bedlay BEC 15/2 ED7773 *
ED7774 Bedlay BEC 15/3 ED7774 *
ED7775 Bedlay BEC 16/1 ED7775 *
ED7776 Bedlay BEC 18/1 ED7776 *
ED7777 Bedlay BEC 18/2 ED7777 *
ED7778 Bedlay BEC 18/3 ED7778 *
ED7779 Bedlay BEC 19/1 ED7779 *
ED7820 Bedlay BES 27/2 ED7820 *
ED8159 Castlebridge ED8159 *
ED8160 Castlebridge ED8160 *
ED8161 Castlebridge ED8161 *
ED8352 Bogside ED8352 *
ED8353 Bogside ED8353 *
ED8354 Bogside ED8354 *
ED8355 Bogside ED8355 *
ED8356 Bogside ED8356 *
ED8357 Bogside ED8357 *
ED8358 Bogside ED8358 *
ED8359 Bogside ED8359 *
ED8360 Bogside ED8360 *
ED8361 Bogside ED8361 *
ED8362 Bogside ED8362 *
ED8363 Bogside ED8363 *
ED8364 Bogside ED8364 *
ED8365 Bogside ED8365 *
ED8366 Polmaise ED8366 *
ED8367 Polmaise ED8367 *
ED8368 Polmaise ED8368 *
ED8369 Polmaise ED8369 *
ED8370 Polmaise ED8370 *
ED8371 Polmaise ED8371 *
ED9097 Seafield ED9097 *
ED9098 Seafield ED9098 *
ED9099 Seafield ED9099 *
ED9100 Seafield ED9100 *
ED9101 Seafield ED9101 *
ED9102 Seafield ED9102 *
ED9103 Seafield ED9103 *
ED9104 Seafield ED9104 *
ED9105 Seafield ED9105 *
ED9106 Seafield ED9106 *
ED9107 Seafield ED9107 *
ED9108 Seafield ED9108 *
ED9109 Seafield ED9109 *
ED9110 Seafield ED9110 *
ED9111 Seafield ED9111 *
ED9112 Seafield ED9112 *
ED9113 Seafield ED9113 *
ED9114 Seafield ED9114 *
ED9115 Seafield ED9115 *
ED9116 Seafield ED9116 *
ED9117 Seafield ED9117 *
ED9118 Seafield ED9118 *
ED9119 Seafield ED9119 *
ED9120 Seafield ED9120 *
ED9121 Seafield ED9121 *
ED9122 Seafield ED9122 *
ED9123 Seafield ED9123 *
ED9124 Seafield ED9124 *
ED9125 Seafield ED9125 *
ED9126 Seafield ED9126 *
ED9127 Seafield ED9127 *
ED9128 Seafield ED9128 *
ED9129 Seafield ED9129 *
ED9130 Seafield ED9130 *
ED9131 Seafield ED9131 *
ED9132 Seafield ED9132 *
ED9133 Seafield ED9133 *
ED9134 Seafield ED9134 *
ED9135 Seafield ED9135 *
ED7821 Bedlay BES 29/1 ED7821 *
ED7822 Bedlay BES 29/2 ED7822 *
ED7823 Bedlay BES 30/1 ED7823 *
ED7824 Bedlay BES 31/1 ED7824 *
ED7825 Bedlay BES 31/2 ED7825 *
ED7826 Bedlay BES 33/1 ED7826 *
ED7827 Bedlay BES 34/1 ED7827 *
ED7828 Bedlay BES 34/2 ED7828 *
ED7829 Bedlay BES 37/1 ED7829 *
ED7830 Bedlay BES 37/2 ED7830 *
ED7831 Bedlay BES 37/3 ED7831 *
ED7832 Bedlay BES 38/1 ED7832 *
ED7833 Bedlay BES 38/2 ED7833 *
ED7834 Bedlay BES 38/3 ED7834 *
ED7835 Bedlay BES 39/1 ED7835 *
ED7836 Bedlay BES 39/2 ED7836 *
ED7837 Bedlay BES 39/3 ED7837 *
ED7838 Barony Colliery BA 1/3 ED7838 *
ED7839 Barony Colliery BA 2/1 ED7839 *
ED7840 Barony Colliery BA 2/1 DUP ED7840 *
ED7841 Barony Colliery BA 2/2 ED7841 *
ED7842 Barony Colliery BA 5/1 ED7842 *
ED7843 Barony Colliery BA 5/2 ED7843 *
ED7844 Barony Colliery BA 10/3 ED7844 *
ED7845 Barony Colliery BA 12/3 ED7845 *
ED7846 Barony Colliery BA 13/3 ED7846 *
ED7847 Barony Colliery BA 14/3 ED7847 *
ED7848 Barony Colliery BA 15/3 ED7848 *
ED8008 Comrie CMC ED8008 *
ED8009 Comrie CMC ED8009 *
ED8010 Comrie CMC ED8010 *
ED8011 Comrie CMC ED8011 *
ED8012 Comrie CMC ED8012 *
ED8013 Comrie CMC ED8013 *
ED8014 Comrie CMC ED8014 *
ED8015 Comrie CMC ED8015 *
ED8016 Comrie CMC ED8016 *
ED8017 Comrie CMC ED8017 *
ED8018 Comrie CMC ED8018 *
ED8019 Comrie CMC ED8019 *
ED7800 Bedlay BES 1/2 ED7800 *
ED7801 Bedlay BES 2/1 ED7801 *
ED7802 Bedlay BES 3/1 ED7802 *
ED7803 Bedlay BES 3/2 ED7803 *
ED7804 Bedlay BES 4/D ED7804 *
ED7805 Bedlay BES 5/C ED7805 *
ED7806 Bedlay BES 6/A ED7806 *
ED7807 Bedlay BES 6/B ED7807 *
ED7808 Bedlay BES 7/1 ED7808 *
ED7809 Bedlay BES 8/1 ED7809 *
ED8020 Comrie CML ED8020 *
ED8021 Comrie CML ED8021 *
ED8022 Comrie CML ED8022 *
ED8023 Comrie CML ED8023 *
ED8024 Comrie CML ED8024 *
ED8025 Comrie CML ED8025 *
ED8372 Polmaise ED8372 *
ED8373 Polmaise ED8373 *
ED8374 Polmaise ED8374 *
ED8375 Polmaise ED8375 *
ED8376 Polmaise ED8376 *
ED8377 Polmaise ED8377 *
ED8378 Polmaise ED8378 *
ED8379 Polmaise ED8379 *
ED8380 Polmaise ED8380 *
ED8381 Polmaise ED8381 *
ED8382 Polmaise ED8382 *
ED8383 Polmaise ED8383 *
ED8384 Polmaise ED8384 *
ED8385 Polmaise ED8385 *
ED8386 Polmaise ED8386 *
ED8387 Polmaise ED8387 *
ED8388 Polmaise ED8388 *
ED8389 Polmaise ED8389 *
ED8390 Polmaise ED8390 *
ED8391 Polmaise ED8391 *
ED8392 Polmaise ED8392 *
ED8393 Polmaise ED8393 *
ED8394 Polmaise ED8394 *
ED8395 Polmaise ED8395 *
ED8396 Polmaise ED8396 *
ED8397 Polmaise ED8397 *
ED8398 Polmaise ED8398 *
ED8953 Polkemmet ED8953 *
ED8954 Polkemmet ED8954 *
ED8955 Polkemmet ED8955 *
ED8956 Polkemmet ED8956 *
ED8957 Polkemmet ED8957 *
ED8958 Polkemmet ED8958 *
ED8959 Polkemmet ED8959 *
ED8960 Polkemmet ED8960 *
ED8961 Polkemmet ED8961 *
ED8962 Polkemmet ED8962 *
ED8963 Polkemmet ED8963 *
ED8964 Polkemmet ED8964 *
ED9136 Seafield ED9136 *
ED9137 Seafield ED9137 *
ED9138 Seafield ED9138 *
ED9139 Seafield ED9139 *
ED9140 Seafield ED9140 *
ED9141 Seafield ED9141 *
ED9142 Seafield ED9142 *
ED9143 Seafield ED9143 *
S58457; COLLNOZG566; 990yd E by N of Coldingham Church; shallow trench S58457; COLLNOZG566; *
N3703 57/-17 9DR 0.24m N3703 *
N3704 56-08/920DR N3704 *
N3705 56-08/921DR N3705 *
N3706 56-08/921DR N3706 *
N3707 56-08/924DR N3707 *
N3708 56-09/384DR N3708 *
N3709 56-09/386DR N3709 *
N3710 56-09/388DR N3710 *
N3711 56-15/18DR N3711 *
N3712 56-15/18DR N3712 *
N3713 57-09/534DR N3713 *
N3714 57-09/535DR N3714 *
N3715 57-09/536DR N3715 *
N3716 57-09/537DR N3716 *
N3717 57-09/537DR N3717 *
N3718 57-09/537DR N3718 *
N3719 57-14/58 N3719 *
N3720 58-08/228DR N3720 *
N3721 58-08/230DR N3721 *
N3722 88/02 N3722 *
N3723 88/02 N3723 *
N3724 90/14 N3724 *
N3725 164/25-2 N3725 *
N3726 164/25-2 N3726 *
N3727 202/3-1 N3727 *
N3728 204/23-1 N3728 *
N3729 204/25-1 N3729 *
N3730 205/16-1 N3730 *
N3731 205/16-1 N3731 *
N3732 205/16-1 N3732 *
N3733 205/22-1 N3733 *
N3734 205/26-1 N3734 *
N3735 206/8-1A N3735 *
N3736 206/8-2 N3736 *
N3737 206/8-7 N3737 *
N3738 206/8-8 N3738 *
N3739 206/8-8 N3739 *
N3740 206/8-8 N3740 *
N3741 208/27-2 N3741 *
N3742 208/27-2 N3742 *
N3743 206/9-1 N3743 *
N3744 209/12-1 N3744 *
N3745 220/26-1 N3745 *
N3746 56-15/15DR N3746 *
N3747 57-14/57DR N3747 *
N3748 57-14/59DR N3748 *
N3749 57-15/15DR N3749 *
N3750 57-15/23DR N3750 *
N3751 81/17 (137.6 > 138.2 ) N3751 *
N3956 BGS offshore BH sample 88/11, depth 25.45m N3956 *
N3957 BGS offshore BH sample 88/10, depth 133m N3957 *
N3958 BGS offshore BH sample 72/12, depth 30.75 - 31.0m N3958 *
N3959 BGS offshore BH sample 73/26, depth 4.25m N3959 *
MR39591; COLLNORGR445; LABNO2183; Tyllau Mwn MR39591; COLLNORGR445; LABNO2183;
MR39600 Dylife MR39600
MR39606 Coed-y-Brenin MR39606
MR39607 Borrowdale (Plumbago) Graphite Mine MR39607
MR39608 Rosegill (Rosgill) MR39608
MR6075 Nr. Yr. Eifl, Carnarvonshire MR6075
N3960 Comercial offshore BH sample 207/1-4, depth 5292'6'' N3960 *
N3961 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 39.9m N3961 *
N3962 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 30.65m N3962 *
N3963 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 35.1m N3963 *
N3964 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 38.1m N3964 *
N3965 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 22.4m N3965 *
N3966 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 29.43m N3966 *
N3967 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 23.15m N3967 *
N3968 BGS offshore BH sample 90/18, depth 37.75m N3968 *
N3969; N3969/A; BGS offshore BH sample 57 - 13/54, depth 0.55 - 0.6m N3969; N3969/A; *
N3970 BGS offshore BH sample 57 - 14/52, depth 0.26 - 0.3m N3970 *
N3971 BGS offshore BH sample 58 - 14/31, depth 3.71 - 3.78m N3971 *
N3972 BGS offshore BH sample 58 - 14/42, depth 5.05 - 5.12mm N3972 *
N3973 BGS offshore BH sample 94/3, depth 92.91 - 9296m N3973 *
N3974 BGS offshore BH sample 94/3, depth