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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
MR8103; F1288; Policau, Kuttenberg, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8103; F1288; 1931 Eclogite. 'Original entry: Eclogite'
MR5286 Epenreuth, Bavaria,surface exposure,Germany MR5286 2008 Eclogite. 'Original entry: Eclogite'
MR5287 Silberbach, Fichtelgebirge,surface exposure,Germany MR5287 2009 Eclogite. 'Original entry: Eclogite'
MR10085; F3584; Val Gorduno, Bellinzona,surface exposure,Zone of Roots,Switzerland MR10085; F3584; 1933 Eclogite. 'Original entry: Eclogite'
S3996; MR31985; Almklovdale area, Nordfjordeld, West Norway,surface exposure,Norway S3996; MR31985; *; *; 1974 Eclogite. 'Original entry: Eclogite'

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