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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E317 Moel Tan y Grisiau E317 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E318 Moel Tan y Grisiau E318 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E345 Moel Tan-y-Grisiau E345 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E501 Llyn Cwm-y-Ffynon, Nr. top of Llanberis Pass E501 * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E21930 Shaldon. E21930 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E22903; COLLNOKY202; 600 yds WNW Henbury Hill Lodge, Rhododendron Walk, Blaize Castle Woods NE side of Tump, Kingsweston E22903; COLLNOKY202; * Granite; Volcaniclastic-Breccia;. 'Original entry: Conglomerate Quartz'
E22880; COLLNOKY165; Avon Gorge, 400 yd. NW of Observatory, Valley Rd., Roadside section, Portway beneath bridge E22880; COLLNOKY165; * Granite; Granodiorite;. 'Original entry: Pebbly Oolitic Limestone'
E60958; COLLNOCH8; Linhope Burn E60958; COLLNOCH8; * Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Cheviot Granite: Granite'
E60132; COLLNOLONG4; Longcliffe Qry. (ARC) E60132; COLLNOLONG4; *; *; Granite, Granophyric-Porphyritic. 'Original entry: Diorite'
E26586 Near Verwicke on Stepside Farm E26586 * Granite. 'Original entry: Adamellite'
E27699; COLLNO1; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E27699; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E27704; COLLNO6; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E27704; COLLNO6; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E60573; COLLNOBRM454; Minffordd Qry. Nr. Porthmadog E60573; COLLNOBRM454; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Dolerite'
E328 Dolgelly y Mass E328 * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E886 Hanter Hill, Kington E886 * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E888 Stanner Rocks, Nr. Kington E888 * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E28820; COLLNOHM41; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E28820; COLLNOHM41; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E28821; COLLNOHM42; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E28821; COLLNOHM42; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E28824; COLLNOHM59; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E28824; COLLNOHM59; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E28827; COLLNOHM63; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E28827; COLLNOHM63; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E28830; COLLNOHM69; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E28830; COLLNOHM69; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E19329 Rutt Qry. Ugborough E19329 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Tourmaline'
S34758; COLLNO654; Admiralty No. 1 Quarry, Stirling Hill, Peterhead NK 12200 41500 4 S34758; COLLNO654; Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E1051 River Erme, above Ivybridge E1051 * Granite; Hornfels;. 'Original entry: Granite Vein And Tourmaline Hornfels'
E6745 Dewerston Wood E6745 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E1653 Bed of River Erme, above Ivybridge E1653 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E1790 Between Modbury and Aveton Gifford, Stolliford E1790 * Granite. 'Original entry: Sheared Granite'
E1829 N of Fallapit House. N of Kingsbridge E1829 * Granite. 'Original entry: Spherulitic Granophyre'
E7162 Trowlesworthy Tor E7162 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E1904 Blackadon Bottom. Nr. Bittaford Bridge E1904 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E13737; COLLNO1195; Shaugh E13737; COLLNO1195; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13736; COLLNO1194; Shaugh E13736; COLLNO1194; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNONR633 SCOTLAND. Unst (131) COLLNONR633 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E21987 Shiphay, 1/2 ml W of Torquay E21987 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E9058 Western Beacon. Nr. Ivybridge E9058 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E21971 Shipley Bridge, Brent E21971 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81808; COLLNOMY1144; Water Aven 200m WSW of confluence with Burn of Clashmad S81808; COLLNOMY1144; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81810; COLLNOMY1146; Large outcrop on S side of road, 400m NW of Wester Clune S81810; COLLNOMY1146; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81811; COLLNOMY1147; Garrol Burn 1100m SSW of its confluence with Water of Feugh S81811; COLLNOMY1147; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81623; COLLNOYR2729; Ord Burn S81623; COLLNOYR2729; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S81624; COLLNOYR2730; Ord Burn S81624; COLLNOYR2730; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S81800; COLLNOMY1136; Tampie, 30m SW of summit cairn S81800; COLLNOMY1136; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81801; COLLNOMY1137; Burn of Cammie 1000m SE of confluence with Water of Feugh S81801; COLLNOMY1137; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81802; COLLNOMY1138; Holland Hill summit, 1150m ESE of Burnfoot S81802; COLLNOMY1138; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81803; COLLNOMY1139; Burn of Auldmead, 1150m WSW of confluence with Burn of Corn S81803; COLLNOMY1139; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81804; COLLNOMY1140; Laird's Burn 550m S of confluence with Water of Feugh S81804; COLLNOMY1140; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81805; COLLNOMY1141; Water Aven 750m ENE of confluence with Wolf Burn S81805; COLLNOMY1141; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81806; COLLNOMY1142; Water Aven 800m WSW of confluence with Wolf Burn S81806; COLLNOMY1142; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98491; COLLNOFY1445; R.Findhorn S98491; COLLNOFY1445; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98492; COLLNOFY1446; R.Findhorn S98492; COLLNOFY1446; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98494; COLLNOFY1448; Allt Choire Shainilegaich S98494; COLLNOFY1448; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98478; COLLNOFY1432; Allt Fionnach S98478; COLLNOFY1432; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98479; COLLNOFY1433; Allt Fionnach S98479; COLLNOFY1433; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98480; COLLNOFY1434; Caochan a'Chrithin S98480; COLLNOFY1434; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98481; COLLNOFY1435; Caochan a'Chrithin S98481; COLLNOFY1435; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98482; COLLNOFY1436; Allt Fionnach S98482; COLLNOFY1436; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98483; COLLNOFY1437; Allt Creagach S98483; COLLNOFY1437; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98484; COLLNOFY1438; Allt Creagach S98484; COLLNOFY1438; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S81975; COLLNOLY465; 150m NE of NE end of Loch Brandy S81975; COLLNOLY465; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81976; COLLNOLY466; 300 N/E of Creag Bhuidle S81976; COLLNOLY466; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S81798; COLLNOMY1134; 600m NE from summit of Hill of Cammie S81798; COLLNOMY1134; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81799; COLLNOMY1135; Water of Aven, E bank 30m N of confluence with Rowantree Burn S81799; COLLNOMY1135; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81969; COLLNOLY459; Slopes 400m NW of Ben Truan S81969; COLLNOLY459; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81972; S81972/A; S81972/B; COLLNOLY462; 700m SW of Ben Reid S81972; S81972/A; S81972/B; COLLNOLY462; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81973; COLLNOLY463; 700m SW of Ben Reid S81973; COLLNOLY463; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S81962; COLLNOLY452; 650m SE of Rough Craig S81962; COLLNOLY452; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81963; COLLNOLY453; 550m SE of Rough Craig S81963; COLLNOLY453; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81951; COLLNOLY441; Geag a' Chrocain S81951; COLLNOLY441; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98486; COLLNOFY1440; Cutting in track 1km N of Dalaig S98486; COLLNOFY1440; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98469; COLLNOFY1423; R.Findhorn S98469; COLLNOFY1423; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98473; COLLNOFY1427; S slope of Maol Bhan S98473; COLLNOFY1427; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98474; COLLNOFY1428; SW slope of Maol Bhan S98474; COLLNOFY1428; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98476; COLLNOFY1430; Allt Fionnach S98476; COLLNOFY1430; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98477; COLLNOFY1431; Allt Fionnach S98477; COLLNOFY1431; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98453; COLLNOFY1407; Allt Odhar Mor S98453; COLLNOFY1407; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98454; COLLNOFY1408; 1200m WNW of Meallan Dubhe S98454; COLLNOFY1408; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98455; COLLNOFY1409; Caochan Chave Odhar Bhig S98455; COLLNOFY1409; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98460; COLLNOFY1414; Caochan Clais nan Aignean S98460; COLLNOFY1414; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98461; COLLNOFY1415; Caochan Clais nan Aignean S98461; COLLNOFY1415; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98464; COLLNOFY1418; Glac Torr Chruidh S98464; COLLNOFY1418; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S81967; COLLNOLY457; Crags N of Loch Brandy S81967; COLLNOLY457; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81959; COLLNOLY449; 550m N/W of Caire Bhindle S81959; COLLNOLY449; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81957; COLLNOLY447; Caire Bhindle 550m SSW of Milton of Tardanoch S81957; COLLNOLY447; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81958; S81958/A; S81958/B; COLLNOLY448; 650m N/W of Caire Bhindle S81958; S81958/A; S81958/B; COLLNOLY448; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81938; S81938/A; S81938/B; COLLNOLY428; 400m E/S of Meall Mor S81938; S81938/A; S81938/B; COLLNOLY428; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81944; COLLNOLY434; 1,25km NE of Green Hill S81944; COLLNOLY434; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S81945; COLLNOLY435; 1,25km NE of Green Hill S81945; COLLNOLY435; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S81946; COLLNOLY436; Stables of Urich S81946; COLLNOLY436; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S81947; COLLNOLY437; 500m NNW of Stables of Urich S81947; COLLNOLY437; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81929; COLLNOLY419; 1.2km N of Beinn nan Cailleach S81929; COLLNOLY419; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81931; S81931/A; S81931/B; COLLNOLY421; Beinn ana Cailleach S81931; S81931/A; S81931/B; COLLNOLY421; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81932; COLLNOLY422; Carn Dar-riacl S81932; COLLNOLY422; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81933; COLLNOLY423; 400m NW of Carn Dar-riacl S81933; COLLNOLY423; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81934; COLLNOLY424; 500m WNW of Carn Dar-riacl S81934; COLLNOLY424; * Gneiss; Lamprophyres;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81936; S81936/A; S81936/B; COLLNOLY426; 250m E/S of Meall Mor S81936; S81936/A; S81936/B; COLLNOLY426; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98449; COLLNOFY1403; Allt Calder S98449; COLLNOFY1403; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98450; COLLNOFY1404; Allt Calder S98450; COLLNOFY1404; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98451; COLLNOFY1405; Allt Calder S98451; COLLNOFY1405; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E41196; COLLNOOH26; New Road Cutting. 750 yd due W of Naird Farm. Nr. Shifnal E41196; COLLNOOH26; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E41197; COLLNOOH27; New Road Cutting. 750 yd due W of Naird Farm. Nr. Shifnal E41197; COLLNOOH27; * Granite. 'Original entry: Adamellite'
S98540; COLLNOFY1496; Allt Fionndairnich S98540; COLLNOFY1496; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81900; COLLNOLY390; Burn of Sloddenes S81900; COLLNOLY390; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81901; COLLNOLY391; Bottom of Long Shanks S81901; COLLNOLY391; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81902; COLLNOLY392; Bottom of Long Shanks S81902; COLLNOLY392; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81904; COLLNOLY394; 180m N/E of Stables of Lee S81904; COLLNOLY394; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81905; COLLNOLY395; 330m NE of Stables of Lee S81905; COLLNOLY395; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
COLLNOPY413; MC5617; SE of South Cookney COLLNOPY413; MC5617; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43864 Hawcliff Qry. E43864 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43865 Hawcliff Qry. E43865 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81885; COLLNOLY375; Ben Tinlan S81885; COLLNOLY375; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Kyanite Pelitic Gneiss'
S81888; COLLNOLY378; Craig Burn S81888; COLLNOLY378; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43866 Nunckley Hill Qry. NW side E43866 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81875; COLLNOLY365; Matthews Burn S81875; COLLNOLY365; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81876; COLLNOLY366; 500m E of Cairn Trench S81876; COLLNOLY366; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81878; COLLNOLY368; Cairn Trench S81878; COLLNOLY368; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81879; COLLNOLY369; 500m SW of Cairn Trench S81879; COLLNOLY369; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43860 Mount Sorrel Qry. South side E43860 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43861 Mount Sorrel Qry. South side E43861 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43862 Mount Sorrel Qry. NW side E43862 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E43863 Mount Sorrel Qry. NW side E43863 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E42596; COLLNOOH31; Telford "Twee Dale 3" sewer trench. North of Modeley Branch Railway E42596; COLLNOOH31; * Granite. 'Original entry: Adamellite'
S81919; COLLNOLY409; Ton a' Ghlalagaidh S81919; COLLNOLY409; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81920; COLLNOLY410; Carn Torr Mheadhain S81920; COLLNOLY410; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81922; COLLNOLY412; 270m ENE of Beinn a Bheurlaicl S81922; COLLNOLY412; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81923; COLLNOLY413; 550m NE of Beinn a Bheurlaicl S81923; COLLNOLY413; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81926; COLLNOLY416; N side of Carn na Ieinne S81926; COLLNOLY416; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81927; S81927/A; S81927/B; COLLNOLY417; W side of Carn na Geite S81927; S81927/A; S81927/B; COLLNOLY417; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81849; COLLNOLY339; NE slopes of Blowen Holm S81849; COLLNOLY339; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNO5; ED7348; BOTSWANA. COLLNO5; ED7348; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNO6; ED7349; BOTSWANA. COLLNO6; ED7349; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNO7; ED7350; BOTSWANA. COLLNO7; ED7350; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOTM3; ED7354; Mosetse area COLLNOTM3; ED7354; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
COLLNOTM4; ED7355; Mosetse area COLLNOTM4; ED7355; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
COLLNOTM5; ED7356; Mosetse area COLLNOTM5; ED7356; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S81914; COLLNOLY404; E side of Meall Mor S81914; COLLNOLY404; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81916; S81916/A; S81916/B; COLLNOLY406; Allt Seileach S81916; S81916/A; S81916/B; COLLNOLY406; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81908; COLLNOLY398; S slopes of Wolf Craig S81908; COLLNOLY398; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S81912; COLLNOLY402; 1km NW/W of Beinn a Bheurlaich S81912; COLLNOLY402; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S97332; COLLNOLY988; 600m NE of Sron Garbh S97332; COLLNOLY988; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98100; COLLNOSMS113; 350m SE of summit of Carn Coire Dhugan S98100; COLLNOSMS113; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S98104; COLLNOSMS117; SW flank of An Suidhe S98104; COLLNOSMS117; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98109; COLLNOSMS122; Crags near fence on trail from Dunachton Mill S98109; COLLNOSMS122; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S98091; COLLNOSMS104; Cairn W of Dunachton trail S98091; COLLNOSMS104; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S96995; COLLNOSR363; E side of Meall Breac, Rum S96995; COLLNOSR363; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S96986; COLLNOSR253; S side of Sunday S96986; COLLNOSR253; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S81861; COLLNOLY351; 350m S of Loch Whanal S81861; COLLNOLY351; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98302; COLLNOGX1625; Lower NE shoulder of Binnein Shuas S98302; COLLNOGX1625; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98303; COLLNOGX1626; NE steep main flank of Binnein Shuas S98303; COLLNOGX1626; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S98080; COLLNOSMS93; N bank of Raitt's Burn S98080; COLLNOSMS93; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S98086; COLLNOSMS99; Coire Chlenich, W of Dunachton Trail S98086; COLLNOSMS99; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S97253; COLLNOFY1373; Kyllachy Burn S97253; COLLNOFY1373; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S97255; COLLNOFY1375; Daltomach S97255; COLLNOFY1375; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97256; COLLNOFY1376; Daltomach S97256; COLLNOFY1376; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97241; COLLNOFY1361; Glen Kyllachy S97241; COLLNOFY1361; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S97242; COLLNOFY1362; Glen Kyllachy S97242; COLLNOFY1362; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S97243; COLLNOFY1363; Glen Kyllachy S97243; COLLNOFY1363; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S97245; COLLNOFY1365; Glen Kyllachy S97245; COLLNOFY1365; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S97246; COLLNOFY1366; Glen Kyllachy S97246; COLLNOFY1366; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S97247; COLLNOFY1367; Glen Kyllachy S97247; COLLNOFY1367; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S97248; COLLNOFY1368; Carn Oighreagan S97248; COLLNOFY1368; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97249; COLLNOFY1369; Carn Oighreagan S97249; COLLNOFY1369; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81852; COLLNOLY342; SE slopes of Rough Craig S81852; COLLNOLY342; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98151; COLLNO21; N bank of R.Dalmain S98151; COLLNO21; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S98154; COLLNO24; N bank of R.Dalmain S98154; COLLNO24; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S96943; COLLNOMY1501; Disused quarry 180m E of Wellfield S96943; COLLNOMY1501; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S97250; COLLNOFY1370; Kyllachy Burn S97250; COLLNOFY1370; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97251; COLLNOFY1371; Kyllachy Burn S97251; COLLNOFY1371; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81854; COLLNOLY344; SE spur, Rough Craig S81854; COLLNOLY344; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81855; COLLNOLY345; SE spur, Rough Craig S81855; COLLNOLY345; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81858; COLLNOLY348; 1km SE of Rough Craig S81858; COLLNOLY348; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81859; COLLNOLY349; SE spur Rough Craig S81859; COLLNOLY349; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Migmatite'
S98155; COLLNO25; N bank of R.Dalmain S98155; COLLNO25; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S98149; COLLNO19; N bank of R.Dalmain S98149; COLLNO19; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S98150; COLLNO20; N bank of R.Dalmain S98150; COLLNO20; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
COLLNOTM6; ED7357; Mosetse area COLLNOTM6; ED7357; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
COLLNOBK7; ED7358; BOTSWANA. COLLNOBK7; ED7358; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Gneiss'
COLLNOBK12; ED7359; BOTSWANA. COLLNOBK12; ED7359; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Gneiss'
COLLNOBK59; ED7360; Quarry outcrop COLLNOBK59; ED7360; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
COLLNOBK83; ED7361; BOTSWANA. COLLNOBK83; ED7361; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
COLLNOBK92; ED7362; Kii Hills COLLNOBK92; ED7362; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S98337; COLLNOJXX203; Diollaid a' Chairn S98337; COLLNOJXX203; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S98338; COLLNOJXX204; Cheap/Sgoir Ridge S98338; COLLNOJXX204; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S98339; COLLNOJXX205; Cheap/Sgoir Ridge S98339; COLLNOJXX205; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S98340; COLLNOJXX206; Cheap/Sgoir Ridge S98340; COLLNOJXX206; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S98334; COLLNOJXX200; SW ridge of Carn Dearg S98334; COLLNOJXX200; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S98327; COLLNOGX1650; SW cliff, head of Corrie na Coichille S98327; COLLNOGX1650; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S98347; COLLNOLY1003; Allt Coire Pitridh S98347; COLLNOLY1003; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S98352; COLLNOLY1008; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S98352; COLLNOLY1008; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S98112; COLLNOSMS125; Crags NE of Leault Burn watertank S98112; COLLNOSMS125; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S98113; COLLNOSMS126; Old limestone workings NE of Leault Farm S98113; COLLNOSMS126; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S98317; COLLNOGX1640; Lowermost part of N shoulder Coire Cheap S98317; COLLNOGX1640; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97111; COLLNORH.46; Near N end of the Long Loch, Rum S97111; COLLNORH.46; *; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97049; COLLNODU9904; SW of Loch a' Ghillie Reamhra, Rum S97049; COLLNODU9904; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97050; COLLNODU13739; NE of Loch Gainmich, Rum S97050; COLLNODU13739; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S97051; COLLNODU13773; Ard Nev summit, Rum S97051; COLLNODU13773; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S97052; COLLNODU13781; Gully c.700m SSE of Ard Nev, Rum S97052; COLLNODU13781; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S97132; COLLNOA701; 400m W of the Harris Mausoleum, Rum S97132; COLLNOA701; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97133; COLLNOA702; NW of the Harris Mausoleum, 480m NW of S.97132, Rum S97133; COLLNOA702; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97134; COLLNOA705; NW of the Harris Mausoleum, 1380m NW of S.97132, Rum S97134; COLLNOA705; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97260; COLLNOFY1380; Allt na Crolite S97260; COLLNOFY1380; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97261; COLLNOFY1381; Allt na Crolite S97261; COLLNOFY1381; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97263; COLLNOFY1383; Creag Ruairidh S97263; COLLNOFY1383; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S97072; COLLNODU25665; c.1.2km NE of Hallival, Rum S97072; COLLNODU25665; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S97073; COLLNODU25666; W face of Beinn nan Stac, Rum S97073; COLLNODU25666; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S97271; COLLNOFY1391; Lochan Allt Fearna S97271; COLLNOFY1391; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97275; COLLNOFY1395; Glac Torr Chruidh S97275; COLLNOFY1395; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97279; COLLNOFY1399; Carn Mheadnoch S97279; COLLNOFY1399; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97280; COLLNOFY1400; S flank of Beinn Bhreach S97280; COLLNOFY1400; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97270; COLLNOFY1390; Allt Fearna S97270; COLLNOFY1390; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82133; COLLNOGY745; NE of Craig Hill S82133; COLLNOGY745; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97058; COLLNODU13857; Gully c.700m SSE of Ard Nev, Rum S97058; COLLNODU13857; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S97030; COLLNOSR584; Camas Mor, Muck S97030; COLLNOSR584; *; *; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S82092; COLLNOGY704; SE of Bar, near Palvure Burn S82092; COLLNOGY704; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82093; COLLNOGY705; Palvure Burn S82093; COLLNOGY705; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97301; COLLNOJXX189; Culra Bothy area S97301; COLLNOJXX189; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97303; COLLNOJXX191; Black Wood S97303; COLLNOJXX191; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97225; S97225/A; S97225/B; COLLNOSMS70; Creag Bhuide S97225; S97225/A; S97225/B; COLLNOSMS70; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97228; COLLNOSMS73; Summit of Brin Rock S97228; COLLNOSMS73; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97229; COLLNOSMS74; Summit of Brin Rock S97229; COLLNOSMS74; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97292; COLLNOJXX180; Carn Fraoich S97292; COLLNOJXX180; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82143; COLLNOGY755; NE of Dromore S82143; COLLNOGY755; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S97300; COLLNOJXX188; N of Culra Bothy S97300; COLLNOJXX188; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97297; COLLNOJXX185; Carn Dearg, Ben Alder Forest S97297; COLLNOJXX185; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97299; COLLNOJXX187; Allt a'Chaoil-Reidhe S97299; COLLNOJXX187; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
S97135; COLLNOA706; NW of the Harris Mausoleum, 1500m NW of S.97132, Rum S97135; COLLNOA706; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97136; COLLNOA707; NW of the Harris Mausoleum, 1650m NW of S.97132, Rum S97136; COLLNOA707; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97137; COLLNOA709; NW of the Harris Mausoleum, 1000m NW of S.97132, Rum S97137; COLLNOA709; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97138; COLLNOA710; NW of the Harris Mausoleum, 750m NW of S.97132, Rum S97138; COLLNOA710; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97265; COLLNOFY1385; Creag Fhionnlaidh S97265; COLLNOFY1385; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97269; COLLNOFY1389; Allt Fearna S97269; COLLNOFY1389; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S97004; COLLNOSR445; Glen Harris, Rum S97004; COLLNOSR445; *; *; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Beerbachite'
S97005; COLLNOSR449; SSW of Salisbury's Dam S97005; COLLNOSR449; *; *; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S97108; COLLNORH.1; Glen Duian, Rum S97108; COLLNORH.1; *; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97109; COLLNORH.2; Upper part of Glen Duian, Rum S97109; COLLNORH.2; *; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S97110; COLLNORH.3; S of Ard Nev, Rum S97110; COLLNORH.3; *; *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S82308; COLLNOCX2521; Crathie Burn 250m from bridge S82308; COLLNOCX2521; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82296; COLLNOCX2505; 70m W of mast on Craig Coillick S82296; COLLNOCX2505; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82297; COLLNOCX2506; 25m W of mast on Craig Coillick S82297; COLLNOCX2506; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E67660; COLLNOTCP4; Raydale BH, Wensleydale, 504.29m E67660; COLLNOTCP4; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E67661; COLLNOTCP5; Raydale BH, Wesleydale, 524.10m E67661; COLLNOTCP5; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E67662; COLLNOTCP6; Raydale BH, 525.58m, Wensleydale E67662; COLLNOTCP6; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E67663; COLLNOTCP7; Raydale BH, 559.00m, Wensleydale E67663; COLLNOTCP7; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E67664; COLLNOTCP8; Raydale BH, Wensleydale, 598.12m E67664; COLLNOTCP8; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82197; COLLNOCX2440; Stream bed, Girnock Burn tributary S82197; COLLNOCX2440; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82198; COLLNOCX2441; N bank of stream, Girnock Burn S82198; COLLNOCX2441; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82181; COLLNOCX2423; Disused quarry 550m SSW of Albert's Cairn S82181; COLLNOCX2423; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82184; COLLNOCX2426; By path 160m NE of Albert's Cairn S82184; COLLNOCX2426; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82185; COLLNOCX2427; Base of slope 350m SW of reservoir S82185; COLLNOCX2427; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82188; COLLNOCX2430; 70m ESE of Tom a' Chuir summit S82188; COLLNOCX2430; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82687; COLLNOMY1166; SW side of Rough Bank, 400m WSW of summit S82687; COLLNOMY1166; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82041; COLLNOCX2277; 550m WSW of Camlet S82041; COLLNOCX2277; * Granite. 'Original entry: Acid Rock'
S82036; COLLNOCX2272; 260m ESE of bend in forest fence S82036; COLLNOCX2272; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82014; COLLNOCX2247; Creag Ghiubhais, E end of N face S82014; COLLNOCX2247; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82163; COLLNOCX2399; SW side of forestry track S82163; COLLNOCX2399; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Feldspar Gneiss'
S82165; COLLNOCX2401; 120m N of Fence, Craig of Inchnabobart S82165; COLLNOCX2401; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82168; COLLNOCX2404; Tip of NE ridge, Creag of Inchnabobart S82168; COLLNOCX2404; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82169; COLLNOCX2405; Tip of NE ridge, Creag of Inchnabobart S82169; COLLNOCX2405; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82156; COLLNOCX2389; W of firebreak Creag Bheag summit S82156; COLLNOCX2389; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Feldspar Biotite Gneiss'
S82159; COLLNOCX2394; 40m WNW of bend in deer fence S82159; COLLNOCX2394; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Plagioclase Biotite Gneiss'
S96782; COLLNOPY333; Cowton Burn S96782; COLLNOPY333; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82394; COLLNOMB105; Burn of Blackfolds S82394; COLLNOMB105; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82395; COLLNOMB106; Bluehill Quarry S82395; COLLNOMB106; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Migmatite'
S82399; COLLNOMB138; Tullich Burn E of Ballater S82399; COLLNOMB138; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82670; COLLNOMY1149; Clachnaben, E tor, 140m ESE of trig. beacon S82670; COLLNOMY1149; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82382; COLLNOMB81; Trackside exposure at junction of 2 tracks S82382; COLLNOMB81; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S82387; COLLNOMB90; New road cutting, A95 S of Craigellachie S82387; COLLNOMB90; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S82388; COLLNOMB92; Small quarry at side of B9102 near Craigellachie S82388; COLLNOMB92; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82065; COLLNOCX2304; Ridge 100m W of Glen Girnock track S82065; COLLNOCX2304; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82015; COLLNOCX2248; Creag Ghiubhais, summit S82015; COLLNOCX2248; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82017; COLLNOCX2250; 300m NW of Tarnauran S82017; COLLNOCX2250; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82174; COLLNOCX2413; Tom a' Chuic 270m W of Reservoir S82174; COLLNOCX2413; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82176; COLLNOCX2415; NW slopes of Tom a' Chuic S82176; COLLNOCX2415; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82180; COLLNOCX2420; 220m SSE of Albert's Cairn S82180; COLLNOCX2420; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S81838; COLLNOLY328; SE slopes Blowen Holm S81838; COLLNOLY328; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81845; COLLNOLY335; S end of Craigs of Loch Biandy S81845; COLLNOLY335; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81836; COLLNOLY326; Blowen Holm S81836; COLLNOLY326; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81837; COLLNOLY327; Blowen Holm S81837; COLLNOLY327; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81998; COLLNOCX2228; 120m W of Senechal Cottage S81998; COLLNOCX2228; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81999; COLLNOCX2229; 120m W of Senechal Cottage S81999; COLLNOCX2229; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82000; COLLNOCX2230; 100m WSW of Senechal Cottage S82000; COLLNOCX2230; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82162; COLLNOCX2398; SW side of forestry track S82162; COLLNOCX2398; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Feldspar Gneiss'
S82379; COLLNOMB78; Glen Grant Back Burn 300m before forest S82379; COLLNOMB78; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Mica Gneiss'
S82380; S82380/A; COLLNOMB79; Glen Grant Back Burn 100m before forest S82380; S82380/A; COLLNOMB79; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S82485; COLLNORY527; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82485; COLLNORY527; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82358; COLLNOCX2573; Creag na Gaoithie S82358; COLLNOCX2573; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82361; COLLNOCX2576; Creag a' Chlainhain, 130m WNW of cairn S82361; COLLNOCX2576; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S82342; COLLNOCX2557; 50m N of Ardoch Farm S82342; COLLNOCX2557; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81991; COLLNOCX2220; Summit of Tom Bad a' Mhonaidh S81991; COLLNOCX2220; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82326; COLLNOCX2541; 280m NE of Knock of Lawsie S82326; COLLNOCX2541; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82328; COLLNOCX2543; 490m NE of Knock of Lawsie S82328; COLLNOCX2543; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S81987; COLLNOCX2215; 800m NE of Tom Buailtench summit S81987; COLLNOCX2215; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S81989; COLLNOCX2217; 250m NW of Tom Bad a' Mhonaidh S81989; COLLNOCX2217; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S81980; COLLNOCX2206; 120m SSE of summit Tom Buailtench S81980; COLLNOCX2206; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Feldspar Biotite Gneiss'
S82298; COLLNOCX2507; 25m W of mast on Craig Coillick S82298; COLLNOCX2507; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82299; COLLNOCX2508; Knoll 800m NW of Corrienearn S82299; COLLNOCX2508; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96453; COLLNOLY909; 550m SSE of E end of Lochlaggan S96453; COLLNOLY909; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82524; COLLNOZM38; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82524; COLLNOZM38; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82506; COLLNOZM6; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82506; COLLNOZM6; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82507; COLLNOZM7; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82507; COLLNOZM7; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82510; COLLNOZM11; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82510; COLLNOZM11; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82514; COLLNOZM22; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82514; COLLNOZM22; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S96556; COLLNOIY760; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96556; COLLNOIY760; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96561; COLLNOIY765; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96561; COLLNOIY765; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96486; COLLNOLY943; R. Pattack S96486; COLLNOLY943; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96479; COLLNOLY936; R. Pattack S96479; COLLNOLY936; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E1630 Carrock Fell E1630 *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E1631 Carrock Fell E1631 *; *; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S96552; COLLNOIY757; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96552; COLLNOIY757; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96455; COLLNOLY911; 1050m S/W of E end of Lochlaggan S96455; COLLNOLY911; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82778; COLLNOMY1257; Mount Een, E slopes, 2100m NNW of Blackcraigs S82778; COLLNOMY1257; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96441; COLLNOLY897; Kinlochlaggan S96441; COLLNOLY897; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96442; COLLNOLY898; Kinlochlaggan S96442; COLLNOLY898; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96446; COLLNOLY902; 550m SW of P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96446; COLLNOLY902; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96447; COLLNOLY903; 800m SW of P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96447; COLLNOLY903; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96433; COLLNOLY889; 300mNW of old P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96433; COLLNOLY889; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96369; S96369/A; COLLNOSMS51; Carb na Farr Bheinne S96369; S96369/A; COLLNOSMS51; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96370; COLLNOSMS52; Carb na Farr Bheinne S96370; COLLNOSMS52; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96371; COLLNOSMS53; Carb na Farr Bheinne S96371; COLLNOSMS53; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S96372; COLLNOSMS54; Glen Mazeran, N side S96372; COLLNOSMS54; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96373; COLLNOSMS55; Glen Mazeran S96373; COLLNOSMS55; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96374; COLLNOSMS56; Glen Mazeran S96374; COLLNOSMS56; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96376; COLLNOSMS58; Glac Gharbh S96376; COLLNOSMS58; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82515; COLLNOZM23; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82515; COLLNOZM23; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82517; COLLNOZM29; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82517; COLLNOZM29; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E15002; COLLNOSEH235; 500 yds W 37 deg N of B.M 723, Mosedale Vilage E15002; COLLNOSEH235; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granulite'
S96517; COLLNOIY723; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96517; COLLNOIY723; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96519; COLLNOIY725; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96519; COLLNOIY725; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96520; COLLNOIY726; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96520; COLLNOIY726; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96522; COLLNOIY728; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96522; COLLNOIY728; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96523; COLLNOIY729; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96523; COLLNOIY729; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S96481; COLLNOLY938; R. Pattack S96481; COLLNOLY938; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S96468; COLLNOLY925; 900m N of Mullack Doir-ath S96468; COLLNOLY925; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82505; COLLNOZM5; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82505; COLLNOZM5; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82501; COLLNOZM1; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82501; COLLNOZM1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82530; COLLNOZM56; Quarry behind Crathie Church S82530; COLLNOZM56; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82531; COLLNOZM57; Balmoral Bridge, N side S82531; COLLNOZM57; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96469; COLLNOLY926; 900m N of Mullack Doir-ath S96469; COLLNOLY926; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96472; COLLNOLY929; R. Pattack S96472; COLLNOLY929; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E16184; E16184/A; COLLNOSEH467; NEG2004,5M; ELABNO944; 600 yds E of Trig Pt. 2174, Carrock Fell E16184; E16184/A; COLLNOSEH467; NEG2004,5M; ELABNO944; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E23656 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23656 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E23657 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23657 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E23658 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23658 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E23660 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23660 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82502; COLLNOZM2; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82502; COLLNOZM2; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82503; COLLNOZM3; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82503; COLLNOZM3; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82504; COLLNOZM4; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82504; COLLNOZM4; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82544; COLLNOSY244; Kells Burn S82544; COLLNOSY244; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82545; COLLNOSY245; Kells Burn S82545; COLLNOSY245; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82548; COLLNOSY248; Bar Hill S82548; COLLNOSY248; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E126 Brandy Gill E126 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E127 Brandy Gill E127 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E130 Brandy Gill E130 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E131; MR1192; COLLNO128; Foot of Brandy Gill E131; MR1192; COLLNO128; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
S96421; COLLNOLY862; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96421; COLLNOLY862; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E23661 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23661 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E23662 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23662 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E23663 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23663 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E23664 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23664 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E23665 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23665 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96394; S96394/B; COLLNOB032P; Baligill S96394; S96394/B; COLLNOB032P; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96395; COLLNOB033P; Baligill S96395; COLLNOB033P; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96396; COLLNOB034P; Baligill S96396; COLLNOB034P; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E15735; COLLNOSEH396; White Gill, 1100 yds S of Junction between Blackhazel Beck and R. Caldew E15735; COLLNOSEH396; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E15736; COLLNOSEH397; NEG1997,98M; 250 yds SW of Junction between Blackhazel Beck and R. Caldew E15736; COLLNOSEH397; NEG1997,98M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S96342; COLLNOSMS24; Beinn Bhreac S96342; COLLNOSMS24; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96326; COLLNOSMS8; N side of Glac a' Chatha S96326; COLLNOSMS8; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96327; COLLNOSMS9; N side of Glac a' Chatha S96327; COLLNOSMS9; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S96330; COLLNOSMS12; Creag Dhubh Flichity S96330; COLLNOSMS12; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96331; COLLNOSMS13; Creag Dhubh Flichity S96331; COLLNOSMS13; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96333; COLLNOSMS15; Allt Glac na Eich S96333; COLLNOSMS15; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E17377; COLLNOPH10; 560 yds S 25 deg W of Stone Ends E17377; COLLNOPH10; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Granulite'
E12499; COLLNOSEH18; E top of Bowness Knott E12499; COLLNOSEH18; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S82536; COLLNOSY236; Calnaightree S82536; COLLNOSY236; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96530; COLLNOIY736; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96530; COLLNOIY736; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96531; COLLNOIY737; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96531; COLLNOIY737; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S96541; COLLNOIY747; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96541; COLLNOIY747; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82525; COLLNOZM40; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82525; COLLNOZM40; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82528; COLLNOZM47; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82528; COLLNOZM47; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E12500; COLLNOSEH19; 200 yds SW of 'S' of the side of Bowness Knott E12500; COLLNOSEH19; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S96467; COLLNOLY923; 400m ENE of Mullack Doir-ath S96467; COLLNOLY923; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E12574; COLLNOSEH55; NEG1992M; 150 yds S of Boathow at 1250 ft. E12574; COLLNOSEH55; NEG1992M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E15260; COLLNOSEH304; Old Level, 900 yds E 3 deg S of Calder Grainsgill Junction E15260; COLLNOSEH304; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granulite'
E15261; COLLNOSEH305; NEG1995M; 560 yds W 40 deg S of Stone Ends E15261; COLLNOSEH305; NEG1995M; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Granulite'
E15265; COLLNOSEH309; 900 yds E 18 deg N of Trig Pt. 2174, Carrock Fell E15265; COLLNOSEH309; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E15255; COLLNOSEH299; 750 yds N 12 deg W of Calder Bridge, Mosedale E15255; COLLNOSEH299; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granulite'
E15764; COLLNOSEH424; 1610 yds S 43 deg E of Trig Pt. 2157. High Pike. SE arm of Drysgills E15764; COLLNOSEH424; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S96554; COLLNOIY759; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96554; COLLNOIY759; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96392; COLLNOB030P; Baligill S96392; COLLNOB030P; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96393; COLLNOB031P; Baligill S96393; COLLNOB031P; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E17264; COLLNOSEH624; Poddy Gill, 450 yds N of R. Caldew, Grainsgill Junc. E17264; COLLNOSEH624; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granulite'
E14639; COLLNOSEH185; 600 yds ESE of Roughton Gill Lead Mine E14639; COLLNOSEH185; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E14640; COLLNOSEH186; 1/2 ml SSW of Trig Pt. 2157 on High Pike E14640; COLLNOSEH186; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S82518; COLLNOZM30; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82518; COLLNOZM30; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82519; COLLNOZM31; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82519; COLLNOZM31; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82520; COLLNOZM33; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82520; COLLNOZM33; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82521; COLLNOZM35; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82521; COLLNOZM35; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82522; COLLNOZM36; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82522; COLLNOZM36; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S96465; COLLNOLY921; 400m E of Mullack Doir-ath S96465; COLLNOLY921; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
E714 Emmerdale [?Ennerdale] E714 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S96567; COLLNOSMS65; Creagan Bheulaith S96567; COLLNOSMS65; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E23553 Crag at 1500 ft contour, 600 yds S 70 deg W of Stone Ends E23553 *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E23556 Crag at 1500 ft contour, 600 yds S 70 deg W of Stone Ends E23556 *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E23545; MR18348; Grag Fast, 790 yds S 20 deg W of Stone Ends E23545; MR18348; *; *; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Fluxion Metagabbro'
E16976; COLLNOWCR109; 380 yds 15 deg E of Low Ground in Birker Beck E16976; COLLNOWCR109; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisenized Granite'
E16980; COLLNOWCR113; Harding Gill, 850 yds above confluence with Burnmoor Tarn E16980; COLLNOWCR113; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisenized Granite'
E16951; COLLNOWCCR107; Beckfoot Qry. 700 yds E of Spout House, Eskdale E16951; COLLNOWCCR107; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisenized Granite'
E16957; COLLNOSEH595; 936 yds E 180 deg N of Trig Pt. on Brook Edge E16957; COLLNOSEH595; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S96099; COLLNOMY1434; Stag Burn 450m upstream from confluence with Water of Dye S96099; COLLNOMY1434; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96234; COLLNOJXX163; Pipers Burn S96234; COLLNOJXX163; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82913; COLLNOGX1317; W Corrie 690m 165deg from Bachnagairn S82913; COLLNOGX1317; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82914; COLLNOGX1318; NW side of Corrie Fee, Glen Doll S82914; COLLNOGX1318; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S82905; COLLNOGX1309; NE end of Craigs of Loch Esk S82905; COLLNOGX1309; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82907; COLLNOGX1311; SW end of Craigs of Loch Esk S82907; COLLNOGX1311; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S82908; COLLNOGX1312; SW end of Craigs of Loch Esk S82908; COLLNOGX1312; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S83129; COLLNOFY924; W face of Ruthed nam Meirleach S83129; COLLNOFY924; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83130; COLLNOFY925; Allt Ruadh S83130; COLLNOFY925; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83131; COLLNOFY926; Allt Ruadh S83131; COLLNOFY926; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83114; COLLNOFY897; 100m NNW of quarry at Kinakyle S83114; COLLNOFY897; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83115; COLLNOFY898; 170m NNW of quarry at Kinakyle S83115; COLLNOFY898; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83122; COLLNOFY907; 650m SW of Carn Cruinn S83122; COLLNOFY907; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
E16989; COLLNOWCR122; 250 yds S 100 deg W of B1754 Rd. Kinmont Beck, Barrow E16989; COLLNOWCR122; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96182; COLLNOMY1486; Burn of Garrol, S bank, 1000m upstream of confluence with Burn of Sheeoch S96182; COLLNOMY1486; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S96183; COLLNOMY1487; Burn of Sheeoch 130m downstream of Balladrum Bridge S96183; COLLNOMY1487; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96090; COLLNOMY1425; Water of Dye, 15m downstream from confluence with Spital Burn S96090; COLLNOMY1425; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96091; COLLNOMY1426; Water of Dye, 500m downstream from confluence with Spital Burn S96091; COLLNOMY1426; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96092; COLLNOMY1427; Crags 30m S of Water of Dye, 800m SW of its confluence with Spital Burn S96092; COLLNOMY1427; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96096; COLLNOMY1431; 850m due E of summit of Mount Shade, on forestry track S96096; COLLNOMY1431; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96097; COLLNOMY1432; Craigangower, 1150m WSW of AA Box S96097; COLLNOMY1432; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96222; COLLNOJXX120; Allt Tarsuinn Beag S96222; COLLNOJXX120; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Psammitic Gneiss'
S96224; COLLNOJXX126; An Dirc Mhor S96224; COLLNOJXX126; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E22127 Beckfoot Qry. Eskdale E22127 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
COLLNOZQ904; MC5481; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ904; MC5481; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOZQ906; MC5483; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ906; MC5483; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOZQ912; MC5489; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ912; MC5489; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82911; COLLNOGX1315; Burn of Altduthrie 140m 287deg from Bachnagairn S82911; COLLNOGX1315; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82899; COLLNOGX1303; 50m NW of Burn of Leck, 360m O.D., Upper Glen Clova S82899; COLLNOGX1303; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82902; COLLNOGX1306; Crag at S end of The Strone S82902; COLLNOGX1306; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Pelitic Gneiss'
S83167; COLLNOFY963; Carnhahan a Beinn S83167; COLLNOFY963; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83168; COLLNOFY964; Carnhahan a Beinn S83168; COLLNOFY964; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83525; COLLNOLY619; Ruthven S83525; COLLNOLY619; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83527; COLLNOLY621; Ruthven S83527; COLLNOLY621; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96170; COLLNOMY1474; Slug Road, 240m ESE of Cairn-men-Earn cafe S96170; COLLNOMY1474; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96172; COLLNOMY1476; Forestry road 870m SSE of Meikle Tulloch S96172; COLLNOMY1476; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96278; COLLNOYW2136; Stream section, Allt Gilbe S96278; COLLNOYW2136; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S96174; COLLNOMY1478; Disused quarry 350m NNE of Gennel S96174; COLLNOMY1478; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96178; COLLNOMY1482; Burn of Sheeoch, 600m upstream of confluence with Burn of Garrol S96178; COLLNOMY1482; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96169; COLLNOMY1473; Cairn-men-Earn, 100m due W of beacon S96169; COLLNOMY1473; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83201; COLLNOFY1000; Ord Ban S83201; COLLNOFY1000; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite Gneiss'
S82903; COLLNOGX1307; Ridge of The Strone, Upper Glen Clova S82903; COLLNOGX1307; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82904; COLLNOGX1308; 810m 283deg from Bachnagairn S82904; COLLNOGX1308; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E17365; COLLNOWCR76; Road Stone Qry. at foot of Muncaster Fell, 620 yds due S of Northwater Bridge E17365; COLLNOWCR76; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
COLLNOZQ894; MC5471; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ894; MC5471; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
COLLNOZQ900; MC5477; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ900; MC5477; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
COLLNOZQ903; MC5480; Beinn Eilde COLLNOZQ903; MC5480; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82880; COLLNOCX2619; Track 250m SW of Linn of Muich S82880; COLLNOCX2619; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Oligoclase Biotite Gneiss'
S82881; COLLNOCX2620; 120m WSW of Linn of Muich S82881; COLLNOCX2620; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Oligoclase Biotite Gneiss'
S82882; COLLNOCX2622; 600m WSW of Headinel Cottage S82882; COLLNOCX2622; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82883; COLLNOCX2624; 50m S of Craig Megen summit S82883; COLLNOCX2624; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
COLLNOZQ853; MC5460; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ853; MC5460; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
COLLNOZQ886; MC5465; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ886; MC5465; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83158; COLLNOFY954; Road cutting, A9, Craigellichie S83158; COLLNOFY954; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83160; COLLNOFY956; Laggantygown Quarry S83160; COLLNOFY956; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83161; S83161/A; COLLNOFY957; Laggantygown Quarry S83161; S83161/A; COLLNOFY957; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83159; COLLNOFY955; Road A9, Sluggengranish S83159; COLLNOFY955; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83151; COLLNOFY947; Ellan Wood, railway cutting S83151; COLLNOFY947; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83512; COLLNOLY606; 700m SW of Shenachie S83512; COLLNOLY606; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83513; COLLNOLY607; E bank R.Findhorn, 1.4km ENE of Ruthven S83513; COLLNOLY607; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S96019; COLLNOETS85; Tributary to Sheriffcleugh Burn 1210m S 20deg W of Ewe Hill top S96019; COLLNOETS85; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E17011; COLLNOSEH608; 360 yds E 1 deg N of Earthwaite E17011; COLLNOSEH608; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S96277; COLLNOYW2135; Stream section, Allt Gilbe S96277; COLLNOYW2135; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E729 Bootle E729 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E731 3/4ml. NE of Bootle E731 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E732 Seaton Hallwood, N of Bootle E732 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E861 N of Bootle E861 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E17007; COLLNOSEH604; 470 yds E 5 deg S of Earthwaite E17007; COLLNOSEH604; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82872; COLLNOCX2610; 560m SSW of Tom Bad a`Mhonaidh S82872; COLLNOCX2610; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E23564 Dump from Upper New Level on Harding Vein E23564 *; *; Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E23565 Dump from Lower New Level on Harding Vein E23565 *; *; Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E23654 Cumbria Water Board. BH. No. 10 E23654 * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E23559 Rae Crag E23559 *; *; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E23548 Crag at 1500 ft contour, 600 yds S 70 deg W of Stone Ends E23548 *; *; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro Pegmatite'
S96087; COLLNOMY1422; Outcrop 40m S of Glendye Lodge, beside footbridge S96087; COLLNOMY1422; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82932; COLLNOGX1336; Top of NE flank of Glen Doll S82932; COLLNOGX1336; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83135; COLLNOFY930; 400m NE of Allt na Criche S83135; COLLNOFY930; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83136; COLLNOFY931; Road cutting, A9 Aviemore S83136; COLLNOFY931; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96528; COLLNOIY734; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96528; COLLNOIY734; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96507; COLLNOIY713; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96507; COLLNOIY713; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82799; COLLNOMY1278; 350m NNE of St.Andrews Tower S82799; COLLNOMY1278; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E40532; COLLNOKH1056; Greenscoe Lower Qry. (Entrance) E40532; COLLNOKH1056; * Gravel. 'Original entry: Calcirudite'
S82938; COLLNOGX1342; W margin of E Corrie, Uppermost Glen Clova S82938; COLLNOGX1342; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82939; COLLNOGX1343; W margin of E Corrie, Uppermost Glen Clova S82939; COLLNOGX1343; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82920; COLLNOGX1324; S Craig, Upper Glen Prosen S82920; COLLNOGX1324; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82787; COLLNOMY1266; Braid Cairn, SE slopes, 1200m due S of summit S82787; COLLNOMY1266; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82788; COLLNOMY1267; Ladder Burn, 400m N of confluence with Millstone Stripe S82788; COLLNOMY1267; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82691; COLLNOMY1170; West Grain of Badumicks, 950m NW of its confluence with East Grain of Badymicks S82691; COLLNOMY1170; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82693; COLLNOMY1172; Mount Battock, 100m NE of Trig. beacon S82693; COLLNOMY1172; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82694; COLLNOMY1173; Cairn of Eldendocher, 1400m SW of summit of Clachnaben S82694; COLLNOMY1173; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82695; COLLNOMY1174; Cairn of Finglenny, summit, 1500m due N of Charr S82695; COLLNOMY1174; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78722; COLLNOTY9; R.Deveron, S bank, 640m WSW of Castle Bridge S78722; COLLNOTY9; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78723; COLLNOTY10; R.Deveron, S bank, 110m W of Castle Bridge S78723; COLLNOTY10; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78724; COLLNOTY11; R.Deveron, S bank, 65m W of Castle Bridge S78724; COLLNOTY11; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78726; COLLNOTY13; R.Deveron, S bank, 55m E of Castle Bridge S78726; COLLNOTY13; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95720; COLLNOPY284; Garrol Wood S95720; COLLNOPY284; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83748; COLLNOZN2043; W of Big Water of Fleet Viaduct S83748; COLLNOZN2043; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83749; COLLNOZN2055; SE of Benmeal S83749; COLLNOZN2055; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83750; S83750/A; COLLNOZN2057; E of Shaw Hill S83750; S83750/A; COLLNOZN2057; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83751; COLLNOZN2063; W of Craigs of Burnfoot S83751; COLLNOZN2063; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83386; COLLNOLY469; Daviot Quarry S83386; COLLNOLY469; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Migmatite'
S83390; COLLNOLY473; Disused quarry 500m S of Loch a Chaorainn S83390; COLLNOLY473; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83392; COLLNOLY475; Kennel Burn S83392; COLLNOLY475; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95721; COLLNOPY285; Garrol Wood S95721; COLLNOPY285; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83313; COLLNOYR2755; R. Spey S83313; COLLNOYR2755; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94449; COLLNOCX2378; E side of forest track, Glen Muich S94449; COLLNOCX2378; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E22430 Haverigg Haws Boring. Nr. Haverigg E22430 * Gypsum. 'Original entry: Anhydrite Rock'
E22431 Haverigg Haws Boring. Nr. Haverigg E22431 * Gypsum. 'Original entry: Anhydrite Rock'
E22424 Haverigg Haws Boring. Nr. Haverigg E22424 * Gypsum. 'Original entry: Anhydrite Rock'
S78795; COLLNOTY76; R.Deveron, 110m WSW of Bridge of Gibston, S side S78795; COLLNOTY76; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78796; COLLNOTY77; SW side of knoll, 300m W of Gibston Farm S78796; COLLNOTY77; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78797; COLLNOTY78; N end of Mungo Hill by forest road in Kinnoir Wood S78797; COLLNOTY78; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78798; COLLNOTY79; N end of Mungo Hill by forest road in Kinnoir Wood S78798; COLLNOTY79; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78794; COLLNOTY75; R.Deveron, 120m WSW of Bridge of Gibston, S side S78794; COLLNOTY75; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78790; COLLNOTY71; Muckle Torny Hillock, N side, S78790; COLLNOTY71; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78792; COLLNOTY73; R.Deveron, 90m SE of Bridge of Gibston, S bank S78792; COLLNOTY73; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78793; COLLNOTY74; R.Deveron, 130m WSW of Bridge of Gibston, S bank S78793; COLLNOTY74; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83310; COLLNOYR2752; Allt Arder S83310; COLLNOYR2752; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S83311; COLLNOYR2753; Allt Arder S83311; COLLNOYR2753; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S79049; COLLNOGU83; 350m W of Gibston S79049; COLLNOGU83; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S82842; COLLNOCX2580; Tom bad a`Mhonaidh S82842; COLLNOCX2580; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82848; COLLNOCX2586; 35m SE of fence, Craig of Inchnabobart S82848; COLLNOCX2586; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Oligoclase Biotite Gneiss'
E109 East of Brantrake Moss E109 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E110 Brantrake Crag E110 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E111 Hill, NW of Brantrake Moss E111 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E112 West Side of top of Hill, NW of Brantrake Moss E112 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82991; S82991/A; COLLNOFY596; Craigenlow Quarry S82991; S82991/A; COLLNOFY596; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82993; COLLNOFY598; Craigenlow Quarry S82993; COLLNOFY598; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82994; COLLNOFY599; Craigenlow Quarry S82994; COLLNOFY599; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82971; COLLNOFY576; Maryfield Wood S82971; COLLNOFY576; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S82972; S82972/A; COLLNOFY577; Maryfield Quarry S82972; S82972/A; COLLNOFY577; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82976; COLLNOFY581; Sawmill Wood S82976; COLLNOFY581; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82977; COLLNOFY582; Ley Wood S82977; COLLNOFY582; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82978; COLLNOFY583; 500m NE of West Park S82978; COLLNOFY583; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82979; COLLNOFY584; Gask Quarry S82979; COLLNOFY584; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S79157; COLLNOGU216; 600m ESE of Ordiquhill S79157; COLLNOGU216; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79158; COLLNOGU217; 625m E of Ordiquhill S79158; COLLNOGU217; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79153; COLLNOGU211; SP-; 500m SSE of Haggieshall S79153; COLLNOGU211; SP-; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79154; COLLNOGU213; 380m E of Ordiquhill S79154; COLLNOGU213; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79156; COLLNOGU215; SP-; 550m ESE of Ordiquhill S79156; COLLNOGU215; SP-; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83746; COLLNOZN1985; W slope of Branyea S83746; COLLNOZN1985; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83747; S83747/A; COLLNOZN2024; NW of Stroan Loch S83747; S83747/A; COLLNOZN2024; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79977; COLLNOTY275; Tanyblake Wood, old quarry pit 250m S of Woodside S79977; COLLNOTY275; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S96268; COLLNOYW2124; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96268; COLLNOYW2124; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S78779; COLLNOTY60; S side, W end of Huntly Bypass cutting beneath railway bridge S78779; COLLNOTY60; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78780; COLLNOTY61; N side of Huntly Bypass cutting beneath railway bridge, W of railway S78780; COLLNOTY61; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78781; COLLNOTY62; Carvichen (middle) Quarry, SW side S78781; COLLNOTY62; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78782; COLLNOTY63; Mill Iade, N of Lintmill Cottage S78782; COLLNOTY63; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78783; COLLNOTY64; Cairnhill Farm, in burn, 50m W of Cairnhill Cottages S78783; COLLNOTY64; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78789; COLLNOTY70; Small hill SW of Craigwillie Farm S78789; COLLNOTY70; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78768; COLLNOTY50; NE corner of Battlehill Quarry S78768; COLLNOTY50; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78769; COLLNOTY51; N end of E face of Battlehill Quarry S78769; COLLNOTY51; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94447; COLLNOCX2376; W side of forest track, Glen Muich S94447; COLLNOCX2376; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S94448; COLLNOCX2377; E side of forest track, Glen Muich S94448; COLLNOCX2377; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S96257; COLLNOYW2107; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96257; COLLNOYW2107; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
S96258; COLLNOYW2108; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96258; COLLNOYW2108; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78771; COLLNOTY53; E side of Battlehill Quarry S78771; COLLNOTY53; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78772; COLLNOTY54; E face, S end of Battlehill Quarry S78772; COLLNOTY54; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78773; COLLNOTY55; SE corner of Battlehill Quarry S78773; COLLNOTY55; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78774; COLLNOTY55B; Small quarry at N end of Battle Hill Wood S78774; COLLNOTY55B; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78775; COLLNOTY56; Battle Hill, N peak summit S78775; COLLNOTY56; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78776; COLLNOTY57; S side, W end of Huntly Bypass cutting beneath railway bridge S78776; COLLNOTY57; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78777; COLLNOTY58; S side, W end of Huntly Bypass cutting beneath railway bridge S78777; COLLNOTY58; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78778; COLLNOTY59; S side, W end of Huntly Bypass cutting beneath railway bridge S78778; COLLNOTY59; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78757; COLLNOTY39; Track along E side of Kinnoir Forest, 100m S of Woodside Cottage S78757; COLLNOTY39; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78758; COLLNOTY40; Ridge 700m ENE of Pirrismill Farm, between Battle Hill and Hill of Bruntstane S78758; COLLNOTY40; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78759; COLLNOTY41; Summit of Hill of Bruntstane S78759; COLLNOTY41; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95991; COLLNOCYY122; NE summit of Kiln Hill S95991; COLLNOCYY122; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83509; COLLNOLY599; Track between Quilichan and Ballachrochin S83509; COLLNOLY599; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83510; COLLNOLY600; Choire Bhuidhe, 550m SSE of Ballachrochin S83510; COLLNOLY600; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S82957; COLLNOGX1361; Burn of Dounalt, Glen Doll S82957; COLLNOGX1361; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82963; COLLNOGX1367; 220m 195deg from summit of Carn Mor, by Croachy, Strathnairn S82963; COLLNOGX1367; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S82964; COLLNOGX1368; 220m 195deg from summit of Carn Mor, by Croachy, Strathnairn S82964; COLLNOGX1368; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83104; COLLNOFY886; Torre Hill S83104; COLLNOFY886; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83102; COLLNOFY884; Torre Hill S83102; COLLNOFY884; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83103; COLLNOFY885; Torre Hill S83103; COLLNOFY885; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79123; COLLNOGU176; 300m S of Midtown S79123; COLLNOGU176; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S94405; COLLNOCX2331; S bank of R.Dee, 80m W of Corby Hall S94405; COLLNOCX2331; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95934; COLLNOSCX94; Foreshore, 620m 081deg from Sillyflatt Farmhouse S95934; COLLNOSCX94; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78763; COLLNOTY45; W side, S end of Battlehill Quarry S78763; COLLNOTY45; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78764; COLLNOTY46; N corner of Battlehill Quarry S78764; COLLNOTY46; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S96251; COLLNOYW2099; Allt Coire Iain Oig, stream section S96251; COLLNOYW2099; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S78767; COLLNOTY49; N face of Battlehill Quarry S78767; COLLNOTY49; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78747; COLLNOTY31; E side of Mungo Hill, at road cutting, forest road junction at NE entrance to Kinnoir Wood, by forest rosd S78747; COLLNOTY31; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78749; COLLNOTY33; Cradle Stone (E), summit of Mungo Hill S78749; COLLNOTY33; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78750; COLLNOTY34; Small quarry (N end) on NW side of Hill of Mosstown S78750; COLLNOTY34; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78751; COLLNOTY34B; Small quarry (N end) on NW side of Hill of Mosstown S78751; COLLNOTY34B; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78753; COLLNOTY36; SW side of Hill of Greenfold S78753; COLLNOTY36; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78737; COLLNOTY22; Meadow Burn, Cooper Park Golf Course, Huntly, 210m W of confluence with R.Bogie S78737; COLLNOTY22; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78739; COLLNOTY23B; Kinnoir Wood, SW side, by junction of forest roads S78739; COLLNOTY23B; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78740; COLLNOTY24; R.Deveron, E bank, 110m NE of Meeting Pot S78740; COLLNOTY24; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78741; COLLNOTY25; Railway cutting (E side, S end) on W edge of Kinnoir Wood, SE of Meeting Pot S78741; COLLNOTY25; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78742; COLLNOTY26; Railway cutting (E side, N end) on W edge of Kinnoir Wood, SE of Meeting Pot S78742; COLLNOTY26; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78743; COLLNOTY27; Kinnoir Wood, S end, by junction of tracks S78743; COLLNOTY27; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78744; COLLNOTY28; N end of Mungo Hill, Kinnoir Wood, by forest road S78744; COLLNOTY28; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78745; COLLNOTY29; N end of Mungo Hill, Kinnoir Wood, by forest road S78745; COLLNOTY29; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78746; COLLNOTY30; E side of Mungo Hill, at road cutting, forest road junction at NE entrance to Kinnoir Wood, by forest rosd S78746; COLLNOTY30; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S82949; COLLNOGX1353; Upper Corrie Fee, 960m 014deg from Mayar summit S82949; COLLNOGX1353; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S82952; COLLNOGX1356; Floor of Corrie Sharroch, Glen Doll S82952; COLLNOGX1356; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S79861; COLLNOTY159; Coniecleugh Forest, Crow Wood Hill, 85m E of summit S79861; COLLNOTY159; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79862; COLLNOTY160; Coniecleugh Forest, Crow Wood Hill, 120m ENE of summit S79862; COLLNOTY160; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79863; COLLNOTY161; Coniecleugh Forest, Crow Wood Hill, 120m ENE of summit S79863; COLLNOTY161; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S80559; COLLNOGU258; 200m NNW of Ordbrae Croft S80559; COLLNOGU258; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S80571; COLLNOGU270; 700m SW of (new) Bridge of Gibston S80571; COLLNOGU270; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79095; COLLNOGU145; 600m SW of Bin S79095; COLLNOGU145; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79098; COLLNOGU148; SP-; 575m SSW of Bin S79098; COLLNOGU148; SP-; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79104; COLLNOGU154; Sinsharnie Quarry S79104; COLLNOGU154; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79105; COLLNOGU155; 570m SSW of Bin S79105; COLLNOGU155; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79080; COLLNOGU123; 125m W of Ord Hill S79080; COLLNOGU123; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79085; COLLNOGU130; 350m N of Ord Hill S79085; COLLNOGU130; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S82875; COLLNOCX2614; 40m E of Craig of Inchnabobart S82875; COLLNOCX2614; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82876; COLLNOCX2615; Linn of Muich - top of salmon ladder S82876; COLLNOCX2615; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S82877; COLLNOCX2616; Linn of Muich - top of salmon ladder S82877; COLLNOCX2616; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S82878; COLLNOCX2617; Linn of Muich - top of salmon ladder S82878; COLLNOCX2617; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Oligoclase Biotite Gneiss'
S82879; COLLNOCX2618; Track 250m SW of Linn of Muich S82879; COLLNOCX2618; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Oligoclase Biotite Gneiss'
S82861; COLLNOCX2599; By fence 750m WNW of the Maim S82861; COLLNOCX2599; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82862; COLLNOCX2600; The Maim, 340m SSW of Cairn S82862; COLLNOCX2600; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83001; COLLNOFY606; Craigenlow Quarry S83001; COLLNOFY606; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83004; COLLNOFY609; Craigenlow Quarry S83004; COLLNOFY609; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83005; COLLNOFY610; Craigenlow Quarry S83005; COLLNOFY610; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83010; COLLNOFY615; Banteith S83010; COLLNOFY615; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79091; COLLNOGU139; 525m SE of Bin S79091; COLLNOGU139; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S82863; COLLNOCX2601; By fence 550m SSW of Craig Megen summit S82863; COLLNOCX2601; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S82864; COLLNOCX2602; By fence 220m S of Craig Megen summit S82864; COLLNOCX2602; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Gneiss'
S82865; COLLNOCX2603; By fence 220m S of Craig Megen summit S82865; COLLNOCX2603; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Gneiss'
S82866; COLLNOCX2604; By fence 150m SSE of Craig Megen summit S82866; COLLNOCX2604; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Gneiss'
S82852; COLLNOCX2590; 650m N of bridge over Girnack Burn S82852; COLLNOCX2590; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82853; COLLNOCX2591; 730m N of bridge over Girnack Burn S82853; COLLNOCX2591; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82854; COLLNOCX2592; 750m NNW of bridge over Girnack Burn S82854; COLLNOCX2592; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S82997; COLLNOFY602; Craigenlow Quarry S82997; COLLNOFY602; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82998; COLLNOFY603; Craigenlow Quarry S82998; COLLNOFY603; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82986; COLLNOFY591; Meikle Tap S82986; COLLNOFY591; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82987; COLLNOFY592; Hill of Drumshalloch S82987; COLLNOFY592; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82988; COLLNOFY593; Bohill S82988; COLLNOFY593; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82990; COLLNOFY595; Craigenlow Quarry S82990; COLLNOFY595; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83394; COLLNOLY478; 300m NW of Lochanluie S83394; COLLNOLY478; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83397; COLLNOLY481; 600m NW of Lochanluie S83397; COLLNOLY481; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78732; COLLNOTY17; R.Deveron, S bank, 440m E of Castle Bridge S78732; COLLNOTY17; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78733; COLLNOTY18; R.Deveron, S bank, 465m E of ENE of Castle Bridge S78733; COLLNOTY18; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78734; COLLNOTY19; R.Deveron, E bank, 500m E of ENE of Castle Bridge S78734; COLLNOTY19; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78735; COLLNOTY20; R.Deveron, E bank, 170m SSW of Meeting Pot S78735; COLLNOTY20; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78736; COLLNOTY21; R.Deveron, S bank, 100m S of SSW of Meeting Pot S78736; COLLNOTY21; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E113 Upper End of Dry Gill E113 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E114 Behind Fisher Ground E114 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E115 Below Filass Knott E115 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E117 South of Great How E117 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E118 Between Bracken and Ill Gill E118 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E119 West of Irton Pikes E119 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E120 South West of Irton Pikes E120 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E123 Stanley Gill E123 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E124 Near Stony Tarn E124 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83096; COLLNOFY876; An leth-chreag S83096; COLLNOFY876; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83097; COLLNOFY877; An leth-chreag S83097; COLLNOFY877; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83099; COLLNOFY881; Creag nan Gabhar S83099; COLLNOFY881; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79951; COLLNOTY250; Boulder in field by NW end of Hill of Cormalet S79951; COLLNOTY250; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79952; COLLNOTY251; Auchencrieve, corner of field by R.Isla, 500m SW of farm S79952; COLLNOTY251; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79953; COLLNOTY252; Auchencrieve, in trees on bank of R.Isla, 600m SSW of farm S79953; COLLNOTY252; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79954; COLLNOTY253; Milltown of Rothiemay, edge of field, 130m ENE of church S79954; COLLNOTY253; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79955; COLLNOTY254; N bank of Balloch Burn S79955; COLLNOTY254; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83091; COLLNOFY871; 760m SW of Cairn Beinn Ghuilbin S83091; COLLNOFY871; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83092; COLLNOFY872; 800m SW of Cairn Beinn Ghuilbin S83092; COLLNOFY872; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83093; COLLNOFY873; Carn Avie S83093; COLLNOFY873; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83094; COLLNOFY874; An leth-chreag S83094; COLLNOFY874; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83083; COLLNOFY863; 60m S of Triangulation Stn., Beinn Mhor S83083; COLLNOFY863; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Gneiss'
S83478; COLLNOLY566; Beinn Bhreac S83478; COLLNOLY566; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83479; COLLNOLY567; 1100m WNW of Beinn Bhreac S83479; COLLNOLY567; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83481; COLLNOLY569; 180m W/N of Red Craig S83481; COLLNOLY569; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83464; COLLNOLY552; Corrie of Clova, N wall S83464; COLLNOLY552; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83465; COLLNOLY553; Corrie of Clova, N wall S83465; COLLNOLY553; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83470; COLLNOLY558; May Burn S83470; COLLNOLY558; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83471; COLLNOLY559; Allt Odhar S83471; COLLNOLY559; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83472; COLLNOLY560; Allt na Beinne S83472; COLLNOLY560; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83473; COLLNOLY561; 1km ENE of Dalmagarry S83473; COLLNOLY561; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83457; COLLNOLY545; 500m SW of White Bents S83457; COLLNOLY545; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83459; COLLNOLY547; 500m SW of White Bents S83459; COLLNOLY547; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83462; COLLNOLY550; 450m SSW limb of Loch Brandy S83462; COLLNOLY550; * Gneiss; Lamprophyres;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S78859; COLLNOTY140; R.Deveron, S side, 470m E of Castle Bridge S78859; COLLNOTY140; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78860; COLLNOTY141; R.Deveron, S side, 470m E of Castle Bridge S78860; COLLNOTY141; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78861; COLLNOTY142; Backwood Hill, 15m E of bend in forest road S78861; COLLNOTY142; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78862; COLLNOTY143; Backwood Hill, E side of summit S78862; COLLNOTY143; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78863; COLLNOTY144; Coniecleugh Forest road, 45m S of 159m hill S78863; COLLNOTY144; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78864; COLLNOTY145; Coniecleugh Forest road, 135m S of 159m hill S78864; COLLNOTY145; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78865; COLLNOTY146; Coniecleugh Forest, 600m W of weir in river S78865; COLLNOTY146; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78866; COLLNOTY147; Coniecleugh Forest, 785m W of S of Coniecleugh Farmhouse S78866; COLLNOTY147; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78848; COLLNOTY129; R.Deveron, W bank, Kemp's Brig S78848; COLLNOTY129; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78849; COLLNOTY130; Coniecleugh Forest, 270m W of top of Crow Wood Hill S78849; COLLNOTY130; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78850; COLLNOTY131; Coniecleugh Forest, by forest road, top of Crow Wood Hill S78850; COLLNOTY131; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78851; COLLNOTY132; Coniecleugh Forest, 25m E of top of Crow Wood Hill S78851; COLLNOTY132; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78852; COLLNOTY133; Coniecleugh Forest, small quarry at S end of main forest road S78852; COLLNOTY133; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78853; COLLNOTY134; Coniecleugh Forest, small quarry at S end of main forest road S78853; COLLNOTY134; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78854; COLLNOTY135; Coniecleugh Forest, small quarry at S end of main forest road S78854; COLLNOTY135; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78855; COLLNOTY136; Coniecleugh Forest, by old track, S side of Deerpark Wood Hill S78855; COLLNOTY136; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78837; COLLNOTY118; R.Deveron, N bank, Hazel Craig S78837; COLLNOTY118; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78838; COLLNOTY119; Wooded knoll, 150m NE of Huntly Lodge Fm S78838; COLLNOTY119; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78839; COLLNOTY120; 350m SW of Huntly Lodge Fm S78839; COLLNOTY120; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78840; COLLNOTY121; 350m NW of Huntly Castle Bridge S78840; COLLNOTY121; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78841; COLLNOTY122; 425m WNW of Huntly Castle Bridge S78841; COLLNOTY122; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78842; COLLNOTY123; Coppice, 400m E of S of Robieston Cottage S78842; COLLNOTY123; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78843; COLLNOTY124; 125m WNW of Robieston Croft S78843; COLLNOTY124; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78844; COLLNOTY125; 150m W of Robieston Croft S78844; COLLNOTY125; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78845; COLLNOTY126; 150m W of WSW of Robieston Croft S78845; COLLNOTY126; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79957; COLLNOTY256; Cuttle Hill, 250m ESE of summit S79957; COLLNOTY256; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79941; COLLNOTY240; White Hill summit S79941; COLLNOTY240; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79942; COLLNOTY241; White Hill, 500m NNW of summit, crags W of woods S79942; COLLNOTY241; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79943; COLLNOTY242; Ridge W of Road Burn, Cumrie, S quarry S79943; COLLNOTY242; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E6625; E6625/A; ELABNO297; Shore, E. of Porthallow Inn, Porthallow. E6625; E6625/A; ELABNO297; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite Gneiss'
E7589; E7589/A; MR14511; NEG2083M; 450 Yds. S. of Polpidnick. E7589; E7589/A; MR14511; NEG2083M; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Cordierite Gneiss'
S79947; COLLNOTY246; 210m WNW of Cumrie Hill, craggy exposure 125m E of unnamed house S79947; COLLNOTY246; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79948; COLLNOTY247; Summit of Cumrie Hill S79948; COLLNOTY247; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79928; COLLNOTY227; Stone circle at top of Arn Hill, S of Rothiemay Station S79928; COLLNOTY227; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79929; COLLNOTY228; R.Isla, 325m NE of Bridge of Isla S79929; COLLNOTY228; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79933; COLLNOTY232; Brownhill Plantation, forest track across hill top, S side S79933; COLLNOTY232; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79936; COLLNOTY235; Knoll in corner of field, 350m NE of Whitehill Farm S79936; COLLNOTY235; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79913; COLLNOTY211; R.Deveron, S bank, 30m W of Bridge of Marnoch S79913; COLLNOTY211; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79914; COLLNOTY212; R.Deveron, S bank, 340m W of Bridge of Marnoch S79914; COLLNOTY212; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79915; COLLNOTY213; R.Deveron, S bank, 390m W of Bridge of Marnoch S79915; COLLNOTY213; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S92858; COLLNOCX2673; Gully SE side of Corrie Kilbo S92858; COLLNOCX2673; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Gneiss'
S92859; COLLNOCX2674; Small crag 600m N of Moulzie S92859; COLLNOCX2674; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92863; COLLNOCX2678; Crag 500m ENE of footbridge S92863; COLLNOCX2678; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83073; COLLNOFY854; An Creagan S83073; COLLNOFY854; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83074; COLLNOFY855; An Creagan S83074; COLLNOFY855; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83061; COLLNOFY842; 550m N of Cam Sgriob S83061; COLLNOFY842; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83055; COLLNOFY836; 850m SW of Cam Sgriob S83055; COLLNOFY836; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S92868; COLLNOCX2683; 150m E of The Gouroch S92868; COLLNOCX2683; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95725; COLLNOLY784; 300m NE of Cuingard S95725; COLLNOLY784; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83451; COLLNOLY538; Plateau N of Craigs of Loch Wharrel S83451; COLLNOLY538; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83452; COLLNOLY539; Green Hill S83452; COLLNOLY539; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83453; COLLNOLY541; W of Corrie of Bonhard S83453; COLLNOLY541; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Muscovite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83456; COLLNOLY544; 500m SW of White Bents S83456; COLLNOLY544; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78846; COLLNOTY127; Cutting in new forest road, Coniecleugh Forest, 330m E of N of top of Crow Wood Hill S78846; COLLNOTY127; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78847; COLLNOTY128; Cutting in new forest road, Coniecleugh Forest, 330m E of N of top of Crow Wood Hill S78847; COLLNOTY128; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78827; COLLNOTY108; Hill of Kinnoir S78827; COLLNOTY108; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78829; COLLNOTY110; R.Deveron, E bank, old quarries 540m ENE of Castle Bridge S78829; COLLNOTY110; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78830; COLLNOTY111; R.Deveron, E bank, old quarries 550m ENE of Castle Bridge S78830; COLLNOTY111; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78832; COLLNOTY113; R.Deveron, E bank, old quarries 550m ENE of Castle Bridge S78832; COLLNOTY113; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78833; COLLNOTY114; R.Deveron, E bank, old quarries 550m ENE of Castle Bridge S78833; COLLNOTY114; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78834; S78834/A; S78834/B; COLLNOTY115; R.Deveron, E bank, old quarries 560m ENE of Castle Bridge S78834; S78834/A; S78834/B; COLLNOTY115; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78836; COLLNOTY117; R.Deveron, W bank, 530m ENE of Castle Bridge S78836; COLLNOTY117; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78835; COLLNOTY116; R.Deveron, N bank, opposite fisherman's chalet, 225m E of Castle Bridge S78835; COLLNOTY116; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78820; COLLNOTY101; Hill Craig S78820; COLLNOTY101; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78822; COLLNOTY103; Hill Craig S78822; COLLNOTY103; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S78825; COLLNOTY106; Hill Craig, W Quarry S78825; COLLNOTY106; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79925; COLLNOTY224; 350m SE of Arn Hill, on slope W of road S79925; COLLNOTY224; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79912; COLLNOTY210; R.Deveron, S bank, 30m E of Bridge of Marnoch S79912; COLLNOTY210; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79909; COLLNOTY207; R.Deveron, S bank, 400m WNW of Bridge of Marnoch S79909; COLLNOTY207; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79910; COLLNOTY208; R.Deveron, S bank, 250m NW of Bridge of Marnoch S79910; COLLNOTY208; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79911; COLLNOTY209; R.Deveron, S bank, 250m NW of Bridge of Marnoch S79911; COLLNOTY209; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79894; COLLNOTY192; Avochie Quarry, SW corner S79894; COLLNOTY192; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79902; COLLNOTY200; Small quarry, 280m SE of Milltown of Rathiemay Bridge S79902; COLLNOTY200; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79884; COLLNOTY182; Railway cutting,N end, Wood of Avochie, E side of cutting S79884; COLLNOTY182; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79885; COLLNOTY183; Bank on W side of Wood of Avochie railway cutting S79885; COLLNOTY183; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83052; COLLNOFY833; 340m S of Carn Cruinn S83052; COLLNOFY833; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83053; COLLNOFY834; 340m S of Carn Cruinn S83053; COLLNOFY834; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83035; COLLNOFY816; 400m WSW of Easter Rynechkra S83035; COLLNOFY816; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83042; COLLNOFY823; 550m W of Cam Sgriob S83042; COLLNOFY823; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S83440; COLLNOLY527; 300m SE of Dun Mor S83440; COLLNOLY527; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83442; COLLNOLY529; 300m SE of Dun Mor S83442; COLLNOLY529; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83449; COLLNOLY536; Shank of Catstae, Loch Wharrel S83449; COLLNOLY536; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S83427; COLLNOLY513; Carn Derg S83427; COLLNOLY513; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92870; COLLNOCX2686; 220m up Ketchie Burn S92870; COLLNOCX2686; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92751; COLLNOLY646; E slopes of Little Cull, Glen Cally S92751; COLLNOLY646; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92752; COLLNOLY647; E slopes of Little Cull, Glen Cally S92752; COLLNOLY647; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92753; COLLNOLY648; E slopes of Little Cull, Glen Cally S92753; COLLNOLY648; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92754; COLLNOLY649; SE slopes of Little Cull, Glen Cally S92754; COLLNOLY649; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92755; COLLNOLY650; SE slopes of Little Cull, Glen Cally S92755; COLLNOLY650; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92756; COLLNOLY651; SE slopes of Little Cull, Glen Cally S92756; COLLNOLY651; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83428; COLLNOLY514; 250m NW of Carn Derg S83428; COLLNOLY514; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83433; COLLNOLY520; Glen Doll, Dun Mor S83433; COLLNOLY520; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83415; COLLNOLY500; Tullich Burn S83415; COLLNOLY500; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83416; COLLNOLY501; Tullich Burn S83416; COLLNOLY501; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83419; COLLNOLY504; Tullich Burn S83419; COLLNOLY504; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78814; COLLNOTY95; Roughground between railway and Kinnoir Forest S78814; COLLNOTY95; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S92733; COLLNOLY628; Water of Saugh S92733; COLLNOLY628; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92735; COLLNOLY630; Water of Saugh S92735; COLLNOLY630; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92736; COLLNOLY631; Water of Saugh S92736; COLLNOLY631; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S79886; COLLNOTY184; 325m WNW of Boghead, by R.Deveron S79886; COLLNOTY184; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83503; COLLNOLY593; Ladder Burn S83503; COLLNOLY593; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83504; COLLNOLY594; Ladder Burn tributary S83504; COLLNOLY594; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83505; COLLNOLY595; Burn of Doune S83505; COLLNOLY595; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83474; COLLNOLY562; 150m NE of Tullochclury S83474; COLLNOLY562; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83475; COLLNOLY563; 150m E of Loch a Chaorainn S83475; COLLNOLY563; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83476; COLLNOLY564; Tullochclury Burn S83476; COLLNOLY564; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83477; COLLNOLY565; Dalriach Burn S83477; COLLNOLY565; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S79883; COLLNOTY181; Railway cutting, Wood of Avochie, E side of cutting S79883; COLLNOTY181; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79875; COLLNOTY173; Coniecleugh Forest, 320m WSW of Coniecleugh Farm S79875; COLLNOTY173; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79876; COLLNOTY174; Coniecleugh Forest, 180m E of hill 154 S79876; COLLNOTY174; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79877; COLLNOTY175; Coniecleugh Forest, 130m E of hill 154 S79877; COLLNOTY175; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79878; COLLNOTY176; Coniecleugh Forest, 100m ESE of hill 154 S79878; COLLNOTY176; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79879; COLLNOTY177; Coniecleugh Forest, 220m SSE of hill 154 S79879; COLLNOTY177; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79880; COLLNOTY178; Coniecleugh Forest, 300m SSE of hill 154 S79880; COLLNOTY178; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79881; COLLNOTY179; Small old quarry 200m SSW of Haddoch Farm S79881; COLLNOTY179; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79882; COLLNOTY180; Ridge, W edge of uncleared field, S of Mill Burn, 300m SE of Haddoch S79882; COLLNOTY180; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79864; COLLNOTY162; Coniecleugh Forest, Crow Wood Hill, 200m NE of summit S79864; COLLNOTY162; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79865; COLLNOTY163; Coniecleugh Forest, Crow Wood Hill, 200m NE of summit S79865; COLLNOTY163; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79871; COLLNOTY169; Coniecleugh Forest, 450m S of SSE of Coniecleugh Farmhouse S79871; COLLNOTY169; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83032; COLLNOFY813; 600m NNW of Easter Rynechkra S83032; COLLNOFY813; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Migmatitic Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S78871; COLLNOTY152; Coniecleugh Forest, 770m WSW of Coniecleugh Fm S78871; COLLNOTY152; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S83024; COLLNOFY805; Creag na h-llamha S83024; COLLNOFY805; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83011; COLLNOFY616; 600m NW of Banteith S83011; COLLNOFY616; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83012; COLLNOFY772; 800m SE of Mullochard S83012; COLLNOFY772; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83013; COLLNOFY775; 230m S of Carn Dearg Mor S83013; COLLNOFY775; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83014; COLLNOFY776; 150m NNE of Carn Dearg Mor S83014; COLLNOFY776; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83020; COLLNOFY800; 900m NNW of Dalraddy S83020; COLLNOFY800; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83021; COLLNOFY801; Allt Chriochaidh S83021; COLLNOFY801; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83022; COLLNOFY802; Allt Chriochaidh S83022; COLLNOFY802; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S78858; COLLNOTY139; R.Deveron, S side, 470m E of Castle Bridge S78858; COLLNOTY139; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79963; COLLNOTY262; Old quarry in woods, S of top of Mannoch Hill, Rothiemay S79963; COLLNOTY262; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Gneiss'
S79964; COLLNOTY263; Old quarry in woods, SW side of top of Mannoch Hill, Rothiemay S79964; COLLNOTY263; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Gneiss'
S79949; COLLNOTY248; Summit of Cumrie Hill S79949; COLLNOTY248; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S82999; COLLNOFY604; Craigenlow Quarry S82999; COLLNOFY604; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83420; COLLNOLY505; NW of West Milton Burn S83420; COLLNOLY505; * Granite. 'Original entry: Lithian Mica Granite'
S83421; COLLNOLY506; NW of West Milton Burn S83421; COLLNOLY506; * Granite. 'Original entry: Lithian Mica Granite'
S83422; COLLNOLY507; 1.3km NNE of Creag na Creiche S83422; COLLNOLY507; * Granite. 'Original entry: Lithian Mica Granite'
S83425; COLLNOLY510; 950m NNE of Creag na Creiche S83425; COLLNOLY510; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83426; COLLNOLY512; Carn Derg S83426; COLLNOLY512; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83411; COLLNOLY496; SE of Dalnabo S83411; COLLNOLY496; * Granite. 'Original entry: Lithian Mica Granite'
S83414; COLLNOLY499; Tullich Burn S83414; COLLNOLY499; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S83408; COLLNOLY492; Tullich Burn S83408; COLLNOLY492; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83409; COLLNOLY494; SE of Dalnabo S83409; COLLNOLY494; * Granite. 'Original entry: Lithian Mica Granite'
S83095; COLLNOFY875; An leth-chreag S83095; COLLNOFY875; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92554; COLLNOZQ604; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92554; COLLNOZQ604; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S92557; COLLNOZQ609; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92557; COLLNOZQ609; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95671; COLLNOPY216; Midtown Farm S95671; COLLNOPY216; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S95673; COLLNOPY218; Midtown Farm S95673; COLLNOPY218; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S95675; COLLNOPY221; Tod's Stone S95675; COLLNOPY221; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95676; COLLNOPY222; Midtown Farm S95676; COLLNOPY222; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S95677; COLLNOPY223; Midtown Farm S95677; COLLNOPY223; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95678; COLLNOPY224; Blarourie S95678; COLLNOPY224; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95670; COLLNOPY215; Midtown Farm S95670; COLLNOPY215; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
E13572 The Island, Polpeor. E13572 * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E13578 Inside Labham Reef. E13578 * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E13579 Outer Labham Reef. E13579 * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
E13580 ENGLAND. Lizard (359) E13580 * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92728; COLLNOLY623; Burn of Blackshank S92728; COLLNOLY623; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E3945; COLLNO374; 100 Yds. SE. of Prage Station. E3945; COLLNO374; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3946; COLLNO375; NEG452M; Quarry at Prage Station. E3946; COLLNO375; NEG452M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E3950; COLLNO379; Brea. E3950; COLLNO379; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13616; COLLNO955(36); Lizard. Compass Cove. E13616; COLLNO955(36); * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13618; COLLNO978; Parn Voose. E13618; COLLNO978; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92731; COLLNOLY626; 400m W of Tom Titlach S92731; COLLNOLY626; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E3453 Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall. E3453 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S92667; COLLNOCX2638; Creag nan Gall S92667; COLLNOCX2638; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E3454 Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall. E3454 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E13487; COLLNO702(11); N. side of Pentreath Beach. E13487; COLLNO702(11); * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92766; COLLNOLY661; Calls of Finlet S92766; COLLNOLY661; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S92769; COLLNOLY664; Algeilly Burn S92769; COLLNOLY664; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
E13571 Kennack Cove. E13571 * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite Gneiss'
S92773; COLLNOLY668; SCOTLAND. Blairgowrie (56) S92773; COLLNOLY668; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S92774; COLLNOLY669; W slope Fae Brae S92774; COLLNOLY669; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92777; COLLNOLY672; Calls of Finlet S92777; COLLNOLY672; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92778; COLLNOLY673; Calls of Finlet S92778; COLLNOLY673; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92779; COLLNOLY674; Calls of Finlet S92779; COLLNOLY674; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92780; COLLNOLY675; 300m SW of Fae Brae S92780; COLLNOLY675; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92784; COLLNOLY679; 200m S of Craig Lair S92784; COLLNOLY679; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S92785; COLLNOLY680; Slopes SE of Kenel Burn S92785; COLLNOLY680; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92786; COLLNOLY681; 550m NW of Lochanluie S92786; COLLNOLY681; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92787; COLLNOLY682; 600m NW of Lochanluie S92787; COLLNOLY682; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95665; COLLNOPY201; East Burn of Bulig S95665; COLLNOPY201; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4017 Newmills. E4017 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4067; COLLNO153; St. Just, Levant Mine, 338 fm. level. E4067; COLLNO153; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E56437; E56437/A; E56437/B; E56437/C; E56437/D; COLLNONEQ3305; Kirby Lane (NCB) BH. (Base). E56437; E56437/A; E56437/B; E56437/C; E56437/D; COLLNONEQ3305; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E3461 Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall. E3461 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S95668; COLLNOPY209; Track on NW side of Burn of Sheeoch S95668; COLLNOPY209; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95669; COLLNOPY212; Garrol Wood S95669; COLLNOPY212; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95652; COLLNOPY181; Mound near small burn S95652; COLLNOPY181; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4074; COLLNO160; St. Just, Balleswidden Mine. (From burrow). E4074; COLLNO160; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4075; COLLNO161; Ding Dong Mine (Madron). E4075; COLLNO161; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4078; COLLNO164; St. Just. (Amalgamated). (From burrow). E4078; COLLNO164; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
E4082; COLLNO168; Carnyorth Mine. (From burrow). E4082; COLLNO168; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4083; COLLNO169; Wheal Castle. (From burrow). E4083; COLLNO169; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4084; COLLNO170; Botallack. (From burrow). E4084; COLLNO170; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4086; COLLNO172; E. Levant Mine. (Lode stuff). E4086; COLLNO172; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4088; COLLNO174; Boscregan. (A common rock). E4088; COLLNO174; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4089; COLLNO175; S. Providence Mine, Towednack. From a burrow at new Billia Shaft. E4089; COLLNO175; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4090; COLLNO176; S. Providence Mine, Towednack. From a burrow at new Billia Shaft. E4090; COLLNO176; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
S95654; COLLNOPY184; March Burn S95654; COLLNOPY184; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95655; COLLNOPY186; March Burn S95655; COLLNOPY186; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95657; COLLNOPY189; Hill of Blacklodge S95657; COLLNOPY189; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95659; COLLNOPY192; Track S side of Burn of Sheeoch S95659; COLLNOPY192; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95660; COLLNOPY193; White Sheets of Shillofad S95660; COLLNOPY193; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95648; COLLNOPY173; Monluth Hill track S95648; COLLNOPY173; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94837; COLLNOYW2052; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94837; COLLNOYW2052; * Gabbro; Metadiorite;. 'Original entry: Microdiorite'
E13559; COLLNO857; Quarry above Cadgwith. E13559; COLLNO857; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite Gneiss'
S83895; COLLNOFY1180; NW track, Carn na Guaille S83895; COLLNOFY1180; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83883; COLLNOFY1168; Carn nam Bain-bighearna S83883; COLLNOFY1168; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83893; COLLNOFY1178; NW track, Carn na Guaille S83893; COLLNOFY1178; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92568; COLLNOZQ624; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92568; COLLNOZQ624; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92571; COLLNOZQ629; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92571; COLLNOZQ629; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92849; COLLNOCX2664; 350m NNE of Duchess of York's Cairn S92849; COLLNOCX2664; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92850; COLLNOCX2665; 350m NNE of Duchess of York's Cairn S92850; COLLNOCX2665; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92851; COLLNOCX2666; Gully SE side of Corrie Kilbo S92851; COLLNOCX2666; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92852; COLLNOCX2667; Crags on SE side of Corrie Kilbo S92852; COLLNOCX2667; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92853; COLLNOCX2668; Crags on SE side of Corrie Kilbo S92853; COLLNOCX2668; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S92854; COLLNOCX2669; Crags on SE side of Corrie Kilbo S92854; COLLNOCX2669; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Kyanite Gneiss'
S92626; COLLNOZQ742; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92626; COLLNOZQ742; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E3523 Knills Monument Quarry. E3523 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E3526 Providence Mine. E3526 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3715 Woon Smith, Towednack. E3715 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3716 Providence Mine. E3716 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S92683; COLLNOCX2654; 350m NNE of Duchess of York Cairn S92683; COLLNOCX2654; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E3734 Trevalgan. E3734 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3735 Trevalgan. E3735 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3736 Trevalgan. E3736 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3737 Trevalgan. E3737 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3738; E3738/A; Trevalgan. E3738; E3738/A; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3482 Port Ledden, N. of Cape Cornwall. E3482 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E3483 Nancathnan. W. of Penzance. E3483 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
COLLNOZE156 SCOTLAND. Unst (131) COLLNOZE156 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOZE167 SCOTLAND. Unst (131) COLLNOZE167 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92660; COLLNOCX2631; Northern most crag, Creag nan Gall S92660; COLLNOCX2631; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E7964; COLLNO1; Ryders Hill. E7964; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7965; COLLNO1; Buckfastleigh Moor. E7965; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E7966; COLLNO2; Puppers Hill. E7966; COLLNO2; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7967; COLLNO1; Headland Warren. E7967; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7968; COLLNO1; Beardon Tor. E7968; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7970; COLLNO3; Bellever Bridge. E7970; COLLNO3; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E7972; COLLNO6; Quarry on Merrypit Hill. E7972; COLLNO6; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7973; COLLNO1; Riddon Bridge. E7973; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7974; COLLNO2; Cator Common. E7974; COLLNO2; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7975; COLLNO2; O. Brook. E7975; COLLNO2; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7976; COLLNO2; O. Brook. E7976; COLLNO2; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7977; COLLNO3; O. Brook. E7977; COLLNO3; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7978; COLLNO4; O. Brook. E7978; COLLNO4; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7979; COLLNO1; Quarry on Holne Moor. E7979; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3930; COLLNO359; Railway, half a mile NE. of Cambourne Station. E3930; COLLNO359; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3931; COLLNO360; Railway at Cooks Kitchen Mine. E3931; COLLNO360; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
E3932; COLLNO361; Railway, Half a mile NE. of Sithney Green. E3932; COLLNO361; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E3933; COLLNO362; Trethannas. E3933; COLLNO362; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3937; COLLNO366; A third of a mile WNW. of Truthall. E3937; COLLNO366; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E3370; COLLNO197; Penare. E3370; COLLNO197; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E7983; COLLNO14; Lucky Tor. E7983; COLLNO14; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13502; COLLNO721(29); Man Of War Rock, Lizard Point. E13502; COLLNO721(29); * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S92758; COLLNOLY653; Bada na Bresoch S92758; COLLNOLY653; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92759; COLLNOLY654; Tasmach Cairn S92759; COLLNOLY654; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92760; COLLNOLY655; Tasmach Cairn S92760; COLLNOLY655; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92761; COLLNOLY656; W Ridge, Mid Hill S92761; COLLNOLY656; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E53072; COLLNOAS54; 350 m. NNW. of Sandhills Farm, Cubley. E53072; COLLNOAS54; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E3558; COLLNO266; Near Ponsanooth. E3558; COLLNO266; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
E977 De Lank. E977 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E5521; COLLNO336; Temple. Bodmin High Moor. E5521; COLLNO336; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E5523; COLLNO338; S. end of Browngelly. E5523; COLLNO338; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E13509; COLLNO732(41); Between Kennack and Caerlion Cove. E13509; COLLNO732(41); * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
E13514; COLLNO740(49); Pen Voose. E13514; COLLNO740(49); * Granofels. 'Original entry: Granulite'
E13520; COLLNO751(60); Serpentine quarry, Gen Graze. E13520; COLLNO751(60); * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E996 Brazen Tor. E996 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S92763; COLLNOLY658; 300m SW of Tasmach Cairn S92763; COLLNOLY658; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S92765; COLLNOLY660; 500m ESE of Mid Hill S92765; COLLNOLY660; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
E3855; COLLNO327; Medlyn Moor Mine. E3855; COLLNO327; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E3856; COLLNO328; Rame Common. E3856; COLLNO328; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92495; COLLNOYW1950; E of Loch Spey S92495; COLLNOYW1950; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E16954; COLLNORB1425; Blackenstone Quarry, Moreton Hampstead. E16954; COLLNORB1425; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E16966; COLLNORB1427; Blackenstone Quarry, Moreton Hampstead. E16966; COLLNORB1427; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13539; COLLNO835; Caerthillan Cove, Lizard. E13539; COLLNO835; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Biotite Granulite'
E13540; COLLNO836; ENGLAND. Lizard (359) E13540; COLLNO836; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Biotite Granulite'
E13549; COLLNO846; Flagstaff Quarry. E13549; COLLNO846; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite Gneiss'
E13550; COLLNO847; Flagstaff Quarry. E13550; COLLNO847; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite Gneiss'
E13551; COLLNO848; Flagstaff Quarry. E13551; COLLNO848; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
E3872; COLLNO342; 208 Yds. NNW. of Lower Tretharrup. E3872; COLLNO342; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
E30848; COLLNOJW258; S. bank of river Teign, 430 Yds. E. at 38 deg. S. of Fingle bridge. E30848; COLLNOJW258; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E30850; COLLNOJW260; Loose rock, 420 Yds. E. 28 deg. N. of Cranbrook. E30850; COLLNOJW260; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E66210; COLLNOWPR59; On cliff edge, 350 m. E. of Twr Du. E66210; COLLNOWPR59; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E66128; COLLNOMZ23; Nr. Fox's Hole, 200 m. NE. of the Long Stone. E66128; COLLNOMZ23; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E66131; COLLNOMZ26; Nr. Fox's Hole, 400 m. NE. of the Long Stone. E66131; COLLNOMZ26; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E66132; COLLNOMZ27; Nr. Fox's Hole, 400 m. NE. of the Long Stone. E66132; COLLNOMZ27; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E53043; COLLNOAS8; 640 m. S. of The Grove, near Ashbourne. E53043; COLLNOAS8; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E53044; COLLNOAS9; 460 m. WSW. of Herdsmans Close Farm, near Ashbourne. E53044; COLLNOAS9; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E53050; COLLNOAS15; 400 m. N. of Herdsmans Close Farm, near Ashbourne. E53050; COLLNOAS15; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4096; COLLNO182; Bosworlis Mine, St. Just. (From burrow). E4096; COLLNO182; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4299; COLLNO3; Sennen Cove (Inclusion in granite). E4299; COLLNO3; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E4870; NEG330M; Wheal Herland, Gwinean. E4870; NEG330M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3356; COLLNO183; NEG444M; Near Longdowns. E3356; COLLNO183; NEG444M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E1434 Dawlish. E1434 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7898; COLLNO31; N. of old Chapel, S. of big alluvium, De Lank Water. E7898; COLLNO31; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E7899; COLLNO32; Shiel Wood Quarry. E7899; COLLNO32; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E7900; COLLNO33; Stream hollow, half a mile NE. of Helllend. E7900; COLLNO33; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E8059; COLLNO26; Rd. S. of Kennan, 2 miles E. of St. Teath. E8059; COLLNO26; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8060; COLLNO28; Rough Tor, loose blocks. E8060; COLLNO28; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8061; COLLNO29; Rough Tor, (above bridge) E8061; COLLNO29; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83936; COLLNOGX1412; 190m at 75deg from summit of Cairn Broadlands S83936; COLLNOGX1412; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83939; COLLNOGX1415; 285m at 159deg from summit of Cairn Braodlands S83939; COLLNOGX1415; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83942; COLLNOGX1418; 450m at 244deg from Cairn Broadlands S83942; COLLNOGX1418; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83944; COLLNOGX1420; N flank of Shank of Drumfollow S83944; COLLNOGX1420; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83946; COLLNOGX1422; N flank of Shank of Drumfollow S83946; COLLNOGX1422; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E7340; COLLNO326; NEG1522M; De Lank Quarry, Bodmin. E7340; COLLNO326; NEG1522M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E23764; COLLNOC5; Dean Quarry, St. Keverne. E23764; COLLNOC5; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E6758; COLLNO16; S. of Hatherleigh, (SE. of Lustleigh). E6758; COLLNO16; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E8028; COLLNO257; Half a mile S. of Blackadon. E8028; COLLNO257; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E8029; COLLNO258; Hamil Down, Widescombe in The Moor. E8029; COLLNO258; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8037; COLLNO266; NEG769M; NW. of Haytor Rocks, Islington Quarry. E8037; COLLNO266; NEG769M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E8323; COLLNO128; K. SW. corner of 6" map. E8323; COLLNO128; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E8329; COLLNO134; Near end of water pipes from Paignton Reservoir. E8329; COLLNO134; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E8338; COLLNO138; Granite close to top, above island in Mardale. E8338; COLLNO138; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E9140; COLLNO3A; A little east of Princetown. E9140; COLLNO3A; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E6472; COLLNO104; Gravel Gugs. E6472; COLLNO104; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13668; COLLNO1084; ENGLAND. Okehampton (324) E13668; COLLNO1084; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13669; COLLNO1085; ENGLAND. Okehampton (324) E13669; COLLNO1085; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13670; COLLNO1088; Flank of Woodcock Hill. E13670; COLLNO1088; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13697; COLLNO1126; Tor above Sourton. E13697; COLLNO1126; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13698; COLLNO1127; Tor above Sourton. E13698; COLLNO1127; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13699; COLLNO1128; Tor above Sourton. E13699; COLLNO1128; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13701; COLLNO1133; Sourton Tor. E13701; COLLNO1133; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13702; COLLNO1134; Sourton Tor. E13702; COLLNO1134; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13703; COLLNO1136; Sourton Tor. E13703; COLLNO1136; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13709; COLLNO1148; Near Railway Viaduct, Meldon. E13709; COLLNO1148; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7884; COLLNO1; Beacon Crag, NE. of Blisland. E7884; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E7885; COLLNO2; NE. of Millpool. E7885; COLLNO2; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E7886; COLLNO5; St. Neot. E7886; COLLNO5; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E7887; COLLNO7; 400 Yds. SE. of Roughton Mine. E7887; COLLNO7; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E13628; COLLNO995; Between Spirnie Cove and Carrick Luz. E13628; COLLNO995; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13631; COLLNO1002; North Portreath Beach, top of cliff. E13631; COLLNO1002; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13636; COLLNO1012; Cadgwith Cove, S. corner. E13636; COLLNO1012; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83948; COLLNORY545; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83948; COLLNORY545; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83951; COLLNORY548; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83951; COLLNORY548; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83957; COLLNORY554; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83957; COLLNORY554; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13653; COLLNO1039; Cliff nearest St. Kevern, N. of Caraclews. E13653; COLLNO1039; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E13654; COLLNO1040; Cliff nearest St. Kevern, N. of Caraclews. E13654; COLLNO1040; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E7889; COLLNO11; O. edge, a sloping roof of granite, close to Camel. E7889; COLLNO11; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E7890; COLLNO12; Left side of Crag Quarry, granite valley,Devils Jump. E7890; COLLNO12; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83872; COLLNOFY1157; Quarry, Easter Delfour S83872; COLLNOFY1157; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83873; COLLNOFY1158; Quarry, Easter Delfour S83873; COLLNOFY1158; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83874; COLLNOFY1159; Quarry, Easter Delfour S83874; COLLNOFY1159; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83875; COLLNOFY1160; Creag a' Mhuillin S83875; COLLNOFY1160; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83876; COLLNOFY1161; Creag a' Mhuillin S83876; COLLNOFY1161; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E13662; COLLNO1073; Near top of Brat Tor. E13662; COLLNO1073; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13673; COLLNO1094; River Tavy. E13673; COLLNO1094; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83786; COLLNOZM61; Quarry N side of R.Spey S83786; COLLNOZM61; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83787; COLLNOZM62; Quarry in Forestry Commission Plantation S83787; COLLNOZM62; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83792; COLLNOZM69; Burn of Rothes S83792; COLLNOZM69; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83793; COLLNOZM70; Burn of Rothes S83793; COLLNOZM70; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83794; COLLNOZM71; Burn of Rothes S83794; COLLNOZM71; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83795; COLLNOZM72; Burn of Rothes S83795; COLLNOZM72; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83796; COLLNOZM73; Burn of Rothes S83796; COLLNOZM73; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83797; COLLNOZM74; Burn of Rothes S83797; COLLNOZM74; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83916; COLLNOGX1392; Corrie Sharroch S83916; COLLNOGX1392; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83919; S83919/A; COLLNOGX1395; 490m at 283deg from Moulzie, Glen Clova S83919; S83919/A; COLLNOGX1395; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83799; COLLNOZM76; Cann Cattoch S83799; COLLNOZM76; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83800; COLLNOZM77; Cann Cattoch S83800; COLLNOZM77; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83803; COLLNOZM81; S side of Muick S83803; COLLNOZM81; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83923; COLLNOGX1399; Base of the Dounalt cliffs S83923; COLLNOGX1399; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83925; COLLNOGX1401; R. S Esk, 50m downstream from confluence with Burn of Fafernie S83925; COLLNOGX1401; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83927; S83927/A; COLLNOGX1403; 500m at 20deg from Fafernie Shiel S83927; S83927/A; COLLNOGX1403; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83928; COLLNOGX1404; Knapps of Fee S83928; COLLNOGX1404; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83929; COLLNOGX1405; Fee Burn, Upper Corrie Fee S83929; COLLNOGX1405; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S83785; COLLNOZM60; S bank of R.Spey S83785; COLLNOZM60; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95596; COLLNOFY1345; Slochd, cutting A9 S95596; COLLNOFY1345; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E13714; COLLNO1156; Summit of Tor with precipice overhanging the Tavy Cleave. E13714; COLLNO1156; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13715; COLLNO1157; Summit of Tor with precipice overhanging the Tavy Cleave. E13715; COLLNO1157; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13723; COLLNO1170; Large quarry at Princetown, 2 miles from station, on railway. E13723; COLLNO1170; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13724; COLLNO1171; Large quarry at Princetown, 2 miles from station, on railway. E13724; COLLNO1171; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83933; COLLNOGX1409; Upper part Fee Burn S83933; COLLNOGX1409; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83934; COLLNOGX1410; SW part of the Strone S83934; COLLNOGX1410; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83871; COLLNOFY1156; Quarry, Easter Delfour S83871; COLLNOFY1156; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7158 Gunnislake Quarry, E. side. E7158 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S83909; COLLNOGX1385; Loupshiel Burn, 170m from confluence with R. S Esk S83909; COLLNOGX1385; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83910; COLLNOGX1386; Loupshiel Burn, 230m from confluence with R. S Esk S83910; COLLNOGX1386; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83912; COLLNOGX1388; Upper W part of E Corrie S83912; COLLNOGX1388; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E4932; E4932/A; Llangynogg Qry. 14 ml W by S of Oswestry E4932; E4932/A; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E21823 Haytor. E21823 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E21801 Greator Rock, Dartmoor. E21801 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E1054 Whitestone Quarry near Bovey Tracey E1054 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E1055 Whitestone Quarry near Bavey. E1055 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95117; COLLNOMY1402; Water of Dye, E bank 370m downstream of confluence with Bingly Burn S95117; COLLNOMY1402; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95118; COLLNOMY1403; Water of Dye, W bank 80m upstream of confluence with Bingly Burn S95118; COLLNOMY1403; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83809; COLLNOFY1094; Hangmans Craig, Ben Rinnes S83809; COLLNOFY1094; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83810; COLLNOFY1095; Milstone Craig, Roy's Hill S83810; COLLNOFY1095; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83811; COLLNOFY1096; Burn of Aberlour, at Linn Brae S83811; COLLNOFY1096; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S83812; COLLNOFY1097; Burn of Aberlour, at Woods of Ruthrie S83812; COLLNOFY1097; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83813; COLLNOFY1098; Burn of Aberlour, at Linn of Ruthrie S83813; COLLNOFY1098; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83814; COLLNOFY1099; Burn of Aberlour, at Linn of Ruthrie S83814; COLLNOFY1099; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83815; COLLNOFY1100; Quarry E of Rinermany Farm S83815; COLLNOFY1100; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95604; COLLNOFY1353; 300m ESE of Banchor S95604; COLLNOFY1353; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95605; COLLNOFY1354; 670m E of Creag Bheag S95605; COLLNOFY1354; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95606; COLLNOFY1355; 900m E of Creag Bheag S95606; COLLNOFY1355; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83806; COLLNOFY1091; Scurran of Morinsh, Ben Rinnes S83806; COLLNOFY1091; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83807; COLLNOFY1092; Burn of Scurran, Ben Rinnes S83807; COLLNOFY1092; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83808; COLLNOFY1093; Burn of Scurran, Ben Rinnes S83808; COLLNOFY1093; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13443; COLLNO1110; Parish Piece Quarry, Calstock. E13443; COLLNO1110; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83877; S83877/A; COLLNOFY1162; 900m NE of shooting huts, Corrybrough S83877; S83877/A; COLLNOFY1162; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83866; COLLNOFY1151; E slope of An Sguabach S83866; COLLNOFY1151; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83867; COLLNOFY1152; E slope of An Sguabach S83867; COLLNOFY1152; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83868; COLLNOFY1153; E slope of An Sguabach S83868; COLLNOFY1153; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83869; COLLNOFY1154; 950m NW of Cain nan Suilean Dubh S83869; COLLNOFY1154; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83870; COLLNOFY1155; SW slope of An Sguabach S83870; COLLNOFY1155; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83860; COLLNOFY1145; NW slope of Geal-charn Mor S83860; COLLNOFY1145; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83861; COLLNOFY1146; N slope of Cuin nan Suilean Dubh S83861; COLLNOFY1146; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83862; COLLNOFY1147; 900m WNW of Creag Ghleannain S83862; COLLNOFY1147; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83863; COLLNOFY1148; E slope of An Sguabach S83863; COLLNOFY1148; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83864; COLLNOFY1149; E slope of An Sguabach S83864; COLLNOFY1149; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E6810; COLLNO525; 1/3 mile E. of Hisley, Lustleigh. E6810; COLLNO525; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E9064 Dartmoor Prison Quarry. E9064 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S95243; COLLNOJXX68; Sron na Creige S95243; COLLNOJXX68; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95317; COLLNOGX1589; Drumnagorrach No.2 Borehole, depth 38.50m S95317; COLLNOGX1589; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95308; COLLNOGX1580; Drumnagorrach No.1 Borehole, depth 139.29m S95308; COLLNOGX1580; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95309; COLLNOGX1581; Drumnagorrach No.1 Borehole, depth 141.54m S95309; COLLNOGX1581; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95231; COLLNOJXX56; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95231; COLLNOJXX56; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95234; S95234/A; COLLNOJXX59; Blargie S95234; S95234/A; COLLNOJXX59; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Gneiss'
S95237; COLLNOJXX62; Blargie S95237; COLLNOJXX62; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S95213; COLLNOJXX38; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95213; COLLNOJXX38; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95214; COLLNOJXX39; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95214; COLLNOJXX39; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95219; COLLNOJXX44; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95219; COLLNOJXX44; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95220; COLLNOJXX45; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95220; COLLNOJXX45; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92918; COLLNOCX2716; 250m NNE of path junction S92918; COLLNOCX2716; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95352; S95352/A; COLLNOIY656; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95352; S95352/A; COLLNOIY656; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95354; COLLNOIY658; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95354; COLLNOIY658; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95333; COLLNOIY595; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95333; COLLNOIY595; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95338; COLLNOIY642; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95338; COLLNOIY642; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95340; COLLNOIY644; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95340; COLLNOIY644; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7625; COLLNOA12; West of Mynytho, Llanbedrog, Pwllheli E7625; COLLNOA12; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S95571; COLLNOFY1320; 950m W of Tigh An Allt S95571; COLLNOFY1320; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95572; COLLNOFY1321; Tom namh-Ulaidh S95572; COLLNOFY1321; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95573; COLLNOFY1322; Tom namh-Ulaidh S95573; COLLNOFY1322; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83858; COLLNOFY1143; SSW slope of Geal-charn Mor S83858; COLLNOFY1143; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83859; COLLNOFY1144; Geal-charn Beag S83859; COLLNOFY1144; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83857; COLLNOFY1142; S slope of Geal-charn Mor S83857; COLLNOFY1142; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92984; COLLNOCX2726; 40m W of The Gouroch (Loch) S92984; COLLNOCX2726; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S92985; COLLNOCX2727; By patch 830m NNW of Sandy Hillock S92985; COLLNOCX2727; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92965; COLLNOCX2742; E end of Cnoc Chalmac S92965; COLLNOCX2742; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92968; COLLNOCX2745; 60m due W of track S92968; COLLNOCX2745; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95560; COLLNOFY1309; 300m NNE Carn Eitidh S95560; COLLNOFY1309; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95561; COLLNOFY1310; 800m W of Loch nan Stuirteag S95561; COLLNOFY1310; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95562; COLLNOFY1311; Caochan Odhar S95562; COLLNOFY1311; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95307; COLLNOGX1579; Drumnagorrach No.1 Borehole, depth 136.23m S95307; COLLNOGX1579; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S95405; S95405/A; COLLNOIY709; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95405; S95405/A; COLLNOIY709; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95406; COLLNOIY710; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95406; COLLNOIY710; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95407; COLLNOIY711; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95407; COLLNOIY711; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E14870; COLLNOSH/55/1/18; Chittol Wood, 40 yds E of Cornes E14870; COLLNOSH/55/1/18; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S83996; COLLNOFY1051; 300m W of Lynscalan S83996; COLLNOFY1051; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83997; COLLNOFY1052; 290m W of Lynscalan S83997; COLLNOFY1052; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83842; COLLNOFY1127; 1250m S of Cnoc Fraing S83842; COLLNOFY1127; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83845; COLLNOFY1130; Cnoc Fraing S83845; COLLNOFY1130; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83846; COLLNOFY1131; R.Dulnain S83846; COLLNOFY1131; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83826; COLLNOFY1111; Allt an Tudair S83826; COLLNOFY1111; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83827; COLLNOFY1112; 1400m NW of Red Bothy S83827; COLLNOFY1112; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95199; COLLNOJXX24; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95199; COLLNOJXX24; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95200; COLLNOJXX25; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95200; COLLNOJXX25; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95201; COLLNOJXX26; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95201; COLLNOJXX26; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95203; COLLNOJXX28; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95203; COLLNOJXX28; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Gneiss'
S95204; COLLNOJXX29; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95204; COLLNOJXX29; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95205; COLLNOJXX30; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95205; COLLNOJXX30; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95206; COLLNOJXX31; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95206; COLLNOJXX31; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95208; COLLNOJXX33; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95208; COLLNOJXX33; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E11205 500 yds NW of Neud of Pen y Gwely Reservoir E11205 * Gravel; Rhyolite;. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
S95185; COLLNOJXX10; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95185; COLLNOJXX10; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95186; COLLNOJXX11; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95186; COLLNOJXX11; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95187; COLLNOJXX12; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95187; COLLNOJXX12; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95188; COLLNOJXX13; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95188; COLLNOJXX13; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95189; COLLNOJXX14; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95189; COLLNOJXX14; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95190; COLLNOJXX15; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95190; COLLNOJXX15; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Gneiss'
S95191; COLLNOJXX16; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95191; COLLNOJXX16; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95192; COLLNOJXX17; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95192; COLLNOJXX17; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95193; COLLNOJXX18; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95193; COLLNOJXX18; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95194; COLLNOJXX19; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95194; COLLNOJXX19; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95195; COLLNOJXX20; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95195; COLLNOJXX20; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92900; COLLNOCX2697; 90m W of track S92900; COLLNOCX2697; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S92453; COLLNOFY1081; R.Dulnain S92453; COLLNOFY1081; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92454; COLLNOFY1082; R.Dulnain S92454; COLLNOFY1082; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92457; COLLNOFY1085; Allt an Tudain S92457; COLLNOFY1085; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E522A Mynydd Cefn Amwlch, 9 ml W of Pwllheli E522A * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E524 Mynydd tyre y Cwmmewd, 4 ml SW of Pwllheli E524 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S95563; COLLNOFY1312; A9 road cutting, Tomatin S95563; COLLNOFY1312; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95564; COLLNOFY1313; A9 road cutting, Soilshan S95564; COLLNOFY1313; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95565; COLLNOFY1314; A9 road cutting, Soilshan S95565; COLLNOFY1314; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95566; COLLNOFY1315; A9 road cutting, Soilshan S95566; COLLNOFY1315; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95567; COLLNOFY1316; Carn Airigh nam Malt S95567; COLLNOFY1316; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95570; COLLNOFY1319; E slope of Carn Moraig S95570; COLLNOFY1319; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92441; S92441/A; COLLNOFY1068; 550m WNW of Ortunan S92441; S92441/A; COLLNOFY1068; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95285; COLLNOJXX110; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95285; COLLNOJXX110; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S83855; COLLNOFY1140; 660m NE monument Kinrara track S83855; COLLNOFY1140; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83856; COLLNOFY1141; NE slope of Geal-charn Mor S83856; COLLNOFY1141; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92961; COLLNOCX2738; 700m N of Bovaglie S92961; COLLNOCX2738; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92962; COLLNOCX2739; 300m E of Duchrie Burn S92962; COLLNOCX2739; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95553; COLLNOFY1302; 600m SW Loch nan Stuirteag S95553; COLLNOFY1302; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95554; COLLNOFY1303; 200m E of shooting hut, Allt Tarsuinn S95554; COLLNOFY1303; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95555; COLLNOFY1304; 180m E of shooting hut, Allt Tarsuinn S95555; COLLNOFY1304; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95556; COLLNOFY1305; 120m W of shooting hut, Allt Tarsuinn S95556; COLLNOFY1305; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95557; COLLNOFY1306; Allt Tarsuinn S95557; COLLNOFY1306; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95558; COLLNOFY1307; Allt Tarsuinn S95558; COLLNOFY1307; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95543; COLLNOFY1292; Carn na Seanalaich S95543; COLLNOFY1292; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S95546; S95546/A; COLLNOFY1295; Creag a' Bhealaidh S95546; S95546/A; COLLNOFY1295; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95281; COLLNOJXX106; Sron mor Na-h-uamhaidh S95281; COLLNOJXX106; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95259; COLLNOJXX84; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95259; COLLNOJXX84; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95260; COLLNOJXX85; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95260; COLLNOJXX85; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95261; COLLNOJXX86; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95261; COLLNOJXX86; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95262; COLLNOJXX87; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95262; COLLNOJXX87; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95264; COLLNOJXX89; Carn Macoul S95264; COLLNOJXX89; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95389; S95389/A; COLLNOIY693; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95389; S95389/A; COLLNOIY693; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95395; COLLNOIY699; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95395; COLLNOIY699; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83998; COLLNOFY1053; 350m WNW of Lynscalan S83998; COLLNOFY1053; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S83985; COLLNOFY1040; Creag Shoiler S83985; COLLNOFY1040; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83988; COLLNOFY1043; Creag Shoiler S83988; COLLNOFY1043; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83854; COLLNOFY1139; 850m SE of Geal Charn Beag S83854; COLLNOFY1139; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95196; COLLNOJXX21; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95196; COLLNOJXX21; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95197; COLLNOJXX22; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95197; COLLNOJXX22; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95372; COLLNOIY676; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95372; COLLNOIY676; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95376; S95376/A; COLLNOIY680; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95376; S95376/A; COLLNOIY680; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95378; COLLNOIY682; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95378; COLLNOIY682; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95381; COLLNOIY685; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95381; COLLNOIY685; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83992; COLLNOFY1047; Allt an t-Sluichd Bhig S83992; COLLNOFY1047; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S83971; COLLNOFY1026; R.Dulnain S83971; COLLNOFY1026; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83972; COLLNOFY1027; R.Dulnain S83972; COLLNOFY1027; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83973; COLLNOFY1028; R.Dulnain S83973; COLLNOFY1028; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83975; COLLNOFY1030; R.Dulnain S83975; COLLNOFY1030; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83976; COLLNOFY1031; R.Dulnain S83976; COLLNOFY1031; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83977; COLLNOFY1032; R.Dulnain S83977; COLLNOFY1032; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83978; COLLNOFY1033; R.Dulnain S83978; COLLNOFY1033; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83979; COLLNOFY1034; Sguman Beag S83979; COLLNOFY1034; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S83851; COLLNOFY1136; SCOTLAND. Tomatin (74W) S83851; COLLNOFY1136; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95177; COLLNOJXX2; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95177; COLLNOJXX2; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95179; COLLNOJXX4; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95179; COLLNOJXX4; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95182; COLLNOJXX7; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95182; COLLNOJXX7; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95183; COLLNOJXX8; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95183; COLLNOJXX8; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S92446; COLLNOFY1073; 1300m SE of Eil S92446; COLLNOFY1073; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92447; COLLNOFY1075; 800m E of Eil S92447; COLLNOFY1075; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92448; COLLNOFY1076; Garbh Meall Beag S92448; COLLNOFY1076; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92449; COLLNOFY1077; Garbh Meall Beag S92449; COLLNOFY1077; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92450; COLLNOFY1078; Garbh Meall Mr S92450; COLLNOFY1078; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S92451; COLLNOFY1079; Garbh Meall Mr S92451; COLLNOFY1079; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92433; COLLNOFY1060; Carn an Ailean S92433; COLLNOFY1060; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S92434; COLLNOFY1061; Carn an Ailean S92434; COLLNOFY1061; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S83853; COLLNOFY1138; 130m NE monument Kinrara track S83853; COLLNOFY1138; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83850; COLLNOFY1135; SCOTLAND. Tomatin (74W) S83850; COLLNOFY1135; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92991; COLLNOCX2734; 60m S of bend path S92991; COLLNOCX2734; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92977; COLLNOCX2756; NE bank of R.Dee below bridge S92977; COLLNOCX2756; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92979; COLLNOCX2721; 350m S of Coulachan Burn S92979; COLLNOCX2721; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S92980; COLLNOCX2722; 350m S of Coulachan Burn S92980; COLLNOCX2722; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95548; S95548/A; COLLNOFY1297; Carn Ruighe Bhric S95548; S95548/A; COLLNOFY1297; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83805; COLLNOFY1090; SW slope of Meikle Conval, Glack Harnes S83805; COLLNOFY1090; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95528; COLLNOFY1277; Kyllachy Burn S95528; COLLNOFY1277; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95529; COLLNOFY1278; Kyllachy Burn S95529; COLLNOFY1278; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95530; COLLNOFY1279; 650m WNW of Torr na Garbde S95530; COLLNOFY1279; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95531; COLLNOFY1280; 600m WNW of Torr na Garbde S95531; COLLNOFY1280; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95532; COLLNOFY1281; Allt Chaillich S95532; COLLNOFY1281; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S95534; COLLNOFY1283; Track 760m SE of Beinn Breac S95534; COLLNOFY1283; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95252; COLLNOJXX77; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95252; COLLNOJXX77; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S95253; COLLNOJXX78; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95253; COLLNOJXX78; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S95254; COLLNOJXX79; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95254; COLLNOJXX79; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S95257; COLLNOJXX82; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95257; COLLNOJXX82; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95258; COLLNOJXX83; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95258; COLLNOJXX83; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
E19730 Nanhoron Qry. Nanhoron E19730 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S95238; COLLNOJXX63; Sron na Creige S95238; COLLNOJXX63; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95239; COLLNOJXX64; Sron na Creige S95239; COLLNOJXX64; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95240; COLLNOJXX65; Sron na Creige S95240; COLLNOJXX65; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95241; COLLNOJXX66; Sron na Creige S95241; COLLNOJXX66; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95242; COLLNOJXX67; Sron na Creige S95242; COLLNOJXX67; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S95387; COLLNOIY691; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95387; COLLNOIY691; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95356; COLLNOIY660; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95356; COLLNOIY660; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95366; COLLNOIY670; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95366; COLLNOIY670; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95341; COLLNOIY645; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95341; COLLNOIY645; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83980; COLLNOFY1035; 280m SE Sguman Beag S83980; COLLNOFY1035; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S95598; COLLNOFY1347; Carn Neadhonach S95598; COLLNOFY1347; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95580; COLLNOFY1329; R.Findhorn SW of Dalmigaile Lodge S95580; COLLNOFY1329; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95583; COLLNOFY1332; Allt a' Mhuillin S95583; COLLNOFY1332; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S83865; COLLNOFY1150; E slope of An Sguabach S83865; COLLNOFY1150; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95574; COLLNOFY1323; Craig Morile S95574; COLLNOFY1323; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95575; S95575/A; COLLNOFY1324; Forestry track 650m NNW of Garbole S95575; S95575/A; COLLNOFY1324; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95576; S95576/A; COLLNOFY1325; Forestry 750m NNE of Garbole S95576; S95576/A; COLLNOFY1325; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95577; COLLNOFY1326; Forestry 750m NNE of Garbole S95577; COLLNOFY1326; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95578; COLLNOFY1327; Stream on W flank of Torr na Garbole S95578; COLLNOFY1327; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95579; S95579/A; COLLNOFY1328; Torr na Garbole S95579; S95579/A; COLLNOFY1328; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E7249; COLLNO276; 10. S. of Silver Hill Farm. E7249; COLLNO276; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7251; COLLNO278; 17. NW. of Knareston. E7251; COLLNO278; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E12126; COLLNOMG3; Penrhyn-Mawr, Rickyard. E12126; COLLNOMG3; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissic Rock'
E13270 Old quarry, Pen-y-Gopa. E13270 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E13279 Meillionydd. E13279 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E14370; COLLNOMYDD D; Trig. station, Crag above Myllionydd Farmhouse. E14370; COLLNOMYDD D; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95131; COLLNOMY1416; Spital Burn 20m downstream of confluence with Cairn Burn S95131; COLLNOMY1416; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95134; COLLNOMY1419; Water of Aven, 1850m upstream from Balblythe S95134; COLLNOMY1419; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95127; COLLNOMY1412; West Burn of Builg, E bank, at upper limit of trees S95127; COLLNOMY1412; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95129; COLLNOMY1414; 80m E of summite of Heathery Hill, 2220m E of Bridge of Dye S95129; COLLNOMY1414; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S95080; COLLNOYW2081; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95080; COLLNOYW2081; * Gneiss; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S83835; COLLNOFY1120; R.Dulnain S83835; COLLNOFY1120; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83816; COLLNOFY1101; Burn of Aberlour, 350m NE of Blackshank S83816; COLLNOFY1101; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83817; COLLNOFY1102; Forestry track, Glenburnie S83817; COLLNOFY1102; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S83818; COLLNOFY1103; Forestry track, NE slope of Knock of Buchromb S83818; COLLNOFY1103; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83820; COLLNOFY1105; Conval Crofts S83820; COLLNOFY1105; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83823; COLLNOFY1108; Quarry, Millstone Craig S83823; COLLNOFY1108; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S83824; COLLNOFY1109; Burn of Balliemulich S83824; COLLNOFY1109; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83825; COLLNOFY1110; Cairn Guish S83825; COLLNOFY1110; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E14374; COLLNOMYDD H; N. of Trig. Station, Meillionydd, near cart track and field fence. E14374; COLLNOMYDD H; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93135; COLLNOLY702; 350m W of Sandside Burn S93135; COLLNOLY702; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8902; COLLNO412; Roscribed, St. Davids. E8902; COLLNO412; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81662; COLLNOYW1680; Allt Chonnal S81662; COLLNOYW1680; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81663; COLLNOYW1681; Allt Chonnal S81663; COLLNOYW1681; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81664; COLLNOYW1682; Allt Chonnal S81664; COLLNOYW1682; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8892; COLLNO402; Bryn-y-garn, St. Davids. E8892; COLLNO402; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S81643; COLLNOYW1658; SW of Annat S81643; COLLNOYW1658; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81644; COLLNOYW1659; SW of Annat S81644; COLLNOYW1659; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81645; COLLNOYW1660; SW of Annat S81645; COLLNOYW1660; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93133; COLLNOLY700; Meur a' Chrochain Ghil S93133; COLLNOLY700; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E50651; COLLNODF1244; River Breamish, 940 Yds. NE. of Low Bleakhope. E50651; COLLNODF1244; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E51326; E51326/A; E51326/B; COLLNODF1261; Threestone Burn Nr. Hedgehope. Loose blocks common to the vicinity, containing black vein material. 1200 Yds. WSW. of Threestone Burn House. E51326; E51326/A; E51326/B; COLLNODF1261; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
ED7292 Raydale BH, 5.8km SSE of Hawes Church, depth 1913ft.6in (583.2m) ED7292 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93137; COLLNOLY704; Clackgeal Hill S93137; COLLNOLY704; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93138; COLLNOLY705; Beinn nam Bad Mor S93138; COLLNOLY705; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E51323; COLLNODF1258; Usway Burn on the South side of Cheviot, 1160 Yds. NE. of junction of Murder Cleugh and Davidsons Burn. E51323; COLLNODF1258; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E51324; COLLNODF1259; Threestone Burn Nr. Hedge hope Hill, Cheviot, 1900 Yds. WSW. of Threestone Burn House. E51324; COLLNODF1259; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E51325; E51325/A; E51325/B; COLLNODF1260; Threestone Burn Nr. Hedge hope Hill, Cheviot, 1850 Yds. WSW. of Threestone Burn House. E51325; E51325/A; E51325/B; COLLNODF1260; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E52386; COLLNODN161; 100 m. at 226 deg. from trig. point at Twt Hill. E52386; COLLNODN161; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93139; COLLNOLY706; 150m NE of Lochain a' Chleirich S93139; COLLNOLY706; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93140; COLLNOLY707; 600m NW of Lochain a' Chleirich S93140; COLLNOLY707; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93141; COLLNOLY708; Upper Sandside Burn S93141; COLLNOLY708; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93142; COLLNOLY709; Sandside Burn S93142; COLLNOLY709; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93143; COLLNOLY710; Gleann Chorcaill S93143; COLLNOLY710; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82213; COLLNOYW1710; Creag Tarsuinn S82213; COLLNOYW1710; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82217; COLLNOYW1714; Creag Tarsuinn S82217; COLLNOYW1714; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81652; COLLNOYW1668; Creag Corrag S81652; COLLNOYW1668; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93113; COLLNOGX1429; Rocky knoll 220m E of Loch Akram S93113; COLLNOGX1429; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93032; COLLNOHY655; Cats Craig, Clashindarroch S93032; COLLNOHY655; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S82206; COLLNOYW1703; Glas Bheinn S82206; COLLNOYW1703; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S81676; COLLNOYW1695; Allt Dubh S81676; COLLNOYW1695; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E50660; COLLNODF1253; 1150 Yds. SW. of Threestone Burn House. New exposure by Forestry Commission. E50660; COLLNODF1253; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E50661; COLLNODF1254; 860 Yds. SW. of Langleford Hope, Horthope Burn. (Horthope Linn). E50661; COLLNODF1254; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E50662; COLLNODF1255; 300 Yds. ENE. of Langleford Hope, Horthope Burn. (Horthope Linn). E50662; COLLNODF1255; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E917 Rosmoddress St. Buruan. E917 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93130; COLLNOZQ801; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93130; COLLNOZQ801; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S82235; COLLNOYW1734; Carn Dearg S82235; COLLNOYW1734; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93563; COLLNOTY338; Sunntside 100m W of Shallow Quarry (dis) S93563; COLLNOTY338; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93559; COLLNOTY334; R. Deveron, E bank exposure N end of old quarries S93559; COLLNOTY334; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93098; COLLNORY561; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93098; COLLNORY561; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94532; COLLNOPY110; Forestry track - Mill of Three Stones 500m W of Black Burn S94532; COLLNOPY110; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S93647; COLLNOTY422; Shore Street, rock cutting S93647; COLLNOTY422; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93102; COLLNORY564; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93102; COLLNORY564; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93103; COLLNORY565; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93103; COLLNORY565; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S93104; COLLNORY566; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93104; COLLNORY566; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S93105; COLLNORY567; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93105; COLLNORY567; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S93106; COLLNORY568; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93106; COLLNORY568; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S94543; COLLNOLY762; 650m N/E of Red Craig S94543; COLLNOLY762; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94544; COLLNOLY763; 650m N/E of Red Craig S94544; COLLNOLY763; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93069; COLLNOCX2758; 280m NE of Craig Nordie summit S93069; COLLNOCX2758; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93071; COLLNOCX2760; 250m NE of Craig Nordie summit S93071; COLLNOCX2760; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S93108; COLLNORY570; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93108; COLLNORY570; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Plagioclase Gneiss'
S93110; COLLNORY572; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93110; COLLNORY572; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S93619; COLLNOTY394; Links Bay, SW side S93619; COLLNOTY394; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93621; COLLNOTY396; Links Bay, W side S93621; COLLNOTY396; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93606; COLLNOTY381; North Mains of Drum, field on W side S93606; COLLNOTY381; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93607; COLLNOTY382; E edge of Kirkwood S93607; COLLNOTY382; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93608; S93608/A; S93608/B; COLLNOTY383; Field just E of Kirkwood S93608; S93608/A; S93608/B; COLLNOTY383; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93609; COLLNOTY384; Burn of Drum S93609; COLLNOTY384; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93639; COLLNOTY414; Head of inlet immediately W of Old Harbour S93639; COLLNOTY414; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93641; COLLNOTY416; Hill of Mosstown, E side of hilltop on break of slope S93641; COLLNOTY416; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93642; COLLNOTY417; Hill of Mosstown, W side of summit S93642; COLLNOTY417; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93645; COLLNOTY420; Doonie Point S93645; COLLNOTY420; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93612; COLLNOTY387; Links Bay Reef, W side S93612; COLLNOTY387; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93613; COLLNOTY388; Links Bay Reef, W side S93613; COLLNOTY388; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93616; COLLNOTY391; Links Bay, S side S93616; COLLNOTY391; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93617; COLLNOTY392; Links Bay, SW side S93617; COLLNOTY392; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93588; COLLNOTY363; Burn 120m NW of Windsole S93588; COLLNOTY363; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94528; COLLNOPY101; Slug Road Quarry S94528; COLLNOPY101; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94529; COLLNOPY104; Drainage channel 300m N of Black Loch S94529; COLLNOPY104; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93583; COLLNOTY358; Burn of Boyne, 40m W of Newmills Bridge S93583; COLLNOTY358; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S93585; COLLNOTY360; Ordenhores, large block in field 300m W of farm S93585; COLLNOTY360; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93575; COLLNOTY350; Old quarry Upper Culphin, Cornhill S93575; COLLNOTY350; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S93651; COLLNOTY433; Seatown W side of Links Bay S93651; COLLNOTY433; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93652; COLLNOTY434; Seatown, point on W side of Links Bay S93652; COLLNOTY434; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93094; COLLNOMY1370; New forestry road, 850m SSW of limekiln on old road S93094; COLLNOMY1370; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93097; COLLNOMY1373; Beinn Ratha, E slopes, 1km NW of ruined bothy in Helsletter Strath S93097; COLLNOMY1373; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S92788; COLLNOGX1423; 420m 194deg from summit of Majar S92788; COLLNOGX1423; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S92789; COLLNOGX1424; 160m 306deg from summit of Cairn Lunkard S92789; COLLNOGX1424; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Kyanite Cordierite Pelitic Gneiss'
S94374; COLLNOZQ805; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94374; COLLNOZQ805; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94379; COLLNOZQ811; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94379; COLLNOZQ811; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S94380; COLLNOZQ812; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94380; COLLNOZQ812; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Pelitic Gneiss'
S94462; COLLNOJX44; Burn of Rothes S94462; COLLNOJX44; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94545; COLLNOLY764; 650m N/E of Red Craig S94545; COLLNOLY764; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94546; COLLNOLY765; 700m NE of Red Craig S94546; COLLNOLY765; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94547; COLLNOLY766; 200m NNE of Red Craig S94547; COLLNOLY766; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93188; COLLNOAX2312; M74 road cut, NE slope of Knock Leaven, 4km NW of Abington S93188; COLLNOAX2312; * Gravel. 'Original entry: Pebble'
S93111; COLLNOGX1427; 850m 246deg from W edge of Loch Akram S93111; COLLNOGX1427; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S93086; COLLNOCX2775; Prominent crag 800m SSW of The Doll S93086; COLLNOCX2775; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S96797; S96797/A; COLLNOPS005P; SP-; MC5398; Portskerra S96797; S96797/A; COLLNOPS005P; SP-; MC5398; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S96798; S96798/A; COLLNOPS006P; SP-; MC5399; Portskerra S96798; S96798/A; COLLNOPS006P; SP-; MC5399; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93570; COLLNOTY345; Little Brown Hill, overgrown quarry on edge of wood, debris only no exposure S93570; COLLNOTY345; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S93573; COLLNOTY348; Catstone Hill summit S93573; COLLNOTY348; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E4392; COLLNOCREID169; C1124; Rock of Eddystone Lighthouse. E4392; COLLNOCREID169; C1124; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S96799; S96799/A; COLLNOPS007P; SP-; MC5400; Portskerra S96799; S96799/A; COLLNOPS007P; SP-; MC5400; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOPS009P; MC5402; Portskerra COLLNOPS009P; MC5402; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOPSO13P; MC5406; Portskerra COLLNOPSO13P; MC5406; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94323; COLLNOLY689; 1km NE of Fergus, Glen Isla S94323; COLLNOLY689; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94325; COLLNOLY691; 800m NE/N of Fergus, Glen Isla S94325; COLLNOLY691; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94326; COLLNOLY692; 900m NE/N of Fergus, Glen Isla S94326; COLLNOLY692; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S93941; COLLNOGX1453; 330m at 143deg from summit of Cairn Lunkard S93941; COLLNOGX1453; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94301; COLLNOCX2791; Plateau, N end of Sron Dubh S94301; COLLNOCX2791; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94303; COLLNOCX2794; 360m SW of Sron Dubh summit S94303; COLLNOCX2794; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94304; COLLNOCX2795; 530m SW of Sron Dubh summit S94304; COLLNOCX2795; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94383; COLLNOZQ834; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94383; COLLNOZQ834; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S94384; COLLNOZQ836; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94384; COLLNOZQ836; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S94385; COLLNOZQ837; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94385; COLLNOZQ837; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S94386; COLLNOZQ838; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94386; COLLNOZQ838; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S94390; COLLNOZQ846; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94390; COLLNOZQ846; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S94393; COLLNOZQ851; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94393; COLLNOZQ851; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S94298; COLLNOCX2787; E bank of R Dee S94298; COLLNOCX2787; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94299; COLLNOCX2788; N bank of R Dee upstream of Balmoral Bridge S94299; COLLNOCX2788; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOB019P; MC5413; Baligill COLLNOB019P; MC5413; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94209; COLLNOFY1259; Slochd S94209; COLLNOFY1259; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S94211; COLLNOFY1261; Slochd S94211; COLLNOFY1261; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94203; S94203/A; COLLNOFY1253; A9 road cut below Creag an Tum Bhig S94203; S94203/A; COLLNOFY1253; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94204; S94204/A; COLLNOFY1254; A9 road cut below Creag an Tum Bhig S94204; S94204/A; COLLNOFY1254; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94178; COLLNOFY1228; An Socach S94178; COLLNOFY1228; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S93657; COLLNOTY445; Small hillock on S side of Brownhill Plantation S93657; COLLNOTY445; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94159; COLLNOFY1209; Slope E of Knocknadoo farm S94159; COLLNOFY1209; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94360; COLLNOLY746; Track 1km ENE of Linns, Glen Isla S94360; COLLNOLY746; * Granite. 'Original entry: Intermediate Rock'
S94169; COLLNOFY1219; Carn an Ruighe S94169; COLLNOFY1219; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94170; COLLNOFY1220; Allt Lathach S94170; COLLNOFY1220; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S94172; COLLNOFY1222; Allt Lathach S94172; COLLNOFY1222; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Kyanite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94350; COLLNOLY735; 230m WNW of Badandun Hill S94350; COLLNOLY735; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94343; COLLNOLY727; 150m SW of Craig Lair S94343; COLLNOLY727; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S94328; COLLNOLY694; 600m SE/E of Fergus, Glen Isla S94328; COLLNOLY694; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94330; COLLNOLY696; 700m SE of Fergus, Glen Isla S94330; COLLNOLY696; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94331; COLLNOLY697; 950m E/S of Fergus, Glen Isla S94331; COLLNOLY697; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S93658; COLLNOTY446; Lower crag feature on W side of Whitehill S93658; COLLNOTY446; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94033; COLLNOGU501; Claymires BH3, depth 9.2m S94033; COLLNOGU501; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Kyanite Gneiss'
S94295; COLLNOCX1836; SE bank of R Dee S94295; COLLNOCX1836; * Granite. 'Original entry: Trondhjemite'
E18191; COLLNOC1MI27009; Wheal Reeth, Germoe. E18191; COLLNOC1MI27009; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E18407; COLLNOA24MI26983; Geevor Mine, Pendeen, St. Just. E18407; COLLNOA24MI26983; * Granite. 'Original entry: Luxullianite'
S94351; COLLNOLY736; 700m SW of Badandun Hill S94351; COLLNOLY736; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94352; COLLNOLY737; 300m S of Cuingand S94352; COLLNOLY737; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94353; COLLNOLY738; Cuingand, Glen Isla S94353; COLLNOLY738; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94354; COLLNOLY739; Cuingand, Glen Isla S94354; COLLNOLY739; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S93603; COLLNOTY378; Old railway cutting W side of Portsay Burgh, W end cutting S93603; COLLNOTY378; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93604; COLLNOTY379; Old railway cutting W side of Portsay Burgh, W end cutting S93604; COLLNOTY379; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S93594; COLLNOTY369; Burn 280m ESE of Summertown, bank above fence S93594; COLLNOTY369; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94373; COLLNOLY759; Findhorn 1.5km SW/W of Ruthven S94373; COLLNOLY759; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S93601; COLLNOTY376; Old railway cutting W side of Portsay Burgh, W end cutting S93601; COLLNOTY376; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94306; COLLNOCX2797; 70m W of triple fence junction S94306; COLLNOCX2797; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94307; COLLNOCX2798; 150m NW of triple fence junction S94307; COLLNOCX2798; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94367; COLLNOLY753; 1200m WSW of Meallmore Lodge S94367; COLLNOLY753; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94368; COLLNOLY754; 1400m NNE of Beinn a'Bheurlaich S94368; COLLNOLY754; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94369; COLLNOLY755; 1050m NNE of Beinn a'Bheurlaich S94369; COLLNOLY755; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S94371; COLLNOLY757; 950m SSW of Cantraydoune S94371; COLLNOLY757; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94372; COLLNOLY758; ENE of Beinn nan Creagan S94372; COLLNOLY758; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93635; COLLNOTY410; Rubbish Tip Point, Portsoy S93635; COLLNOTY410; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro Pegmatite'
S94188; COLLNOFY1238; Carn Bad an Daimh S94188; COLLNOFY1238; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94189; COLLNOFY1239; 400m SW of Carn Bad an Daimh S94189; COLLNOFY1239; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94190; COLLNOFY1240; 400m SW of Carn Bad an Daimh S94190; COLLNOFY1240; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
COLLNOB031P; MC5425; Baligill COLLNOB031P; MC5425; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOB032P; MC5426; Baligill COLLNOB032P; MC5426; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOB033P; MC5427; Baligill COLLNOB033P; MC5427; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOB034P; MC5428; Baligill COLLNOB034P; MC5428; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOB030P; MC5424; Baligill COLLNOB030P; MC5424; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E14452 Half a mile South of Manaccan. E14452 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S93633; COLLNOTY408; Rubbish Tip Point, Portsoy S93633; COLLNOTY408; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro Pegmatite'
S93634; COLLNOTY409; Rubbish Tip Point, Portsoy S93634; COLLNOTY409; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro Pegmatite'
E8638; COLLNO30; N of the Wych, Malvern E8638; COLLNO30; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S94111; COLLNOPY73; Craig of the Lochan S94111; COLLNOPY73; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94149; COLLNOFY1199; 400m SE of Carn na Glaic Fluich S94149; COLLNOFY1199; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S93894; COLLNOHY532; Knock of Buchromb S93894; COLLNOHY532; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93895; COLLNOHY533; Knock of Buchromb S93895; COLLNOHY533; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93893; COLLNOHY531; Knock of Buchromb S93893; COLLNOHY531; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E60372; COLLNOKDC1605; Rigg, C 200 m 30 deg T from Field House Farm E60372; COLLNOKDC1605; * Granite.
E60373; COLLNOKDC1606; Rigg, C 340 m 25 deg T from Field House Farm E60373; COLLNOKDC1606; * Granite.
E60376; COLLNOKDC1611; RIGG, C 450 m 45 deg T from Field House Farm E60376; COLLNOKDC1611; * Granite; Microgranite;.
S94222; COLLNOJX22; Rothes Burn S94222; COLLNOJX22; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94223; COLLNOJX23; Rothes Burn S94223; COLLNOJX23; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94213; COLLNOJX13; SCOTLAND. Rothes (85) S94213; COLLNOJX13; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S93558; COLLNOTY333; R. Deveron, S bank exposure in old quarry holes S93558; COLLNOTY333; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94217; COLLNOJX17; Cairn Cattoch S94217; COLLNOJX17; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94218; COLLNOJX18; SCOTLAND. Rothes (85) S94218; COLLNOJX18; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S94147; COLLNOFY1197; S slope of Carn na`Phris S94147; COLLNOFY1197; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94140; COLLNOFY1190; Findhorn Bridge S94140; COLLNOFY1190; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94141; S94141/A; COLLNOFY1191; N bank of R. Findhorn S94141; S94141/A; COLLNOFY1191; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94143; COLLNOFY1193; N slope of Carn na Glaic Fluich S94143; COLLNOFY1193; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
E60353; COLLNOKDC1581; Beckfoot Qry. base of N face; loose block E60353; COLLNOKDC1581; * Granite.
E60355; COLLNOKDC1583; Waberthwaite Qry., SE side; loose block E60355; COLLNOKDC1583; * Granodiorite.
E60341; COLLNOKDC1568; Samgarth Beck, S side, E end of Gorge, C 460 m 65 deg T from Grange Farm E60341; COLLNOKDC1568; * Granite.
E60342; COLLNOKDC1569; Samgarth Beck, S side, Gorge, C 450 m 60 deg T from Grange Farm E60342; COLLNOKDC1569; * Granite.
E60343; COLLNOKDC1571; Stainton Beck, C 1250 m Upstream of Stainton Farm E60343; COLLNOKDC1571; * Granodiorite.
E60344; COLLNOKDC1572; Stainton Beck, C 1350 m Upstream of Stainton Farm E60344; COLLNOKDC1572; * Granodiorite.
S93537; COLLNOTY312; Rocky knoll field SW side of Bany Hill S93537; COLLNOTY312; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Quartz Gneiss'
S93538; COLLNOTY313; Bany Hill, crags by track near entrance to wood on WSW side of hill S93538; COLLNOTY313; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Garnet Gneiss'
S93534; COLLNOTY309; R.Deveron, S Bank, 20m E of Castle Bridge S93534; COLLNOTY309; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E60350; COLLNOKDC1578; Beckfoot Qry. E side, base, Nr. entrance, loose block E60350; COLLNOKDC1578; * Granite.
S77378; COLLNOMY508; Berts Burn, 200m below Mill of Bandley S77378; COLLNOMY508; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E60345; COLLNOKDC1573; Stainton Beck, C 1300 m Upstream of Stainton Farm E60345; COLLNOKDC1573; * Granodiorite.
E60346; COLLNOKDC1574; Waberthwaite Fell, in stream, C 2100 m 63 deg T from High Corney Farm E60346; COLLNOKDC1574; * Granodiorite.
E60347; COLLNOKDC1575; Waberthwaite Fell, C 1500 m 77 deg T from High Corney Farm E60347; COLLNOKDC1575; * Granodiorite.
E60348; COLLNOKDC1576; Waberthwaite Fell, C 1450 m 80 deg T from High Corney Farm E60348; COLLNOKDC1576; * Granodiorite.
E60349; COLLNOKDC1577; Beckfoot Qry. E side, base, Nr. entrance, loose block E60349; COLLNOKDC1577; * Granite.
E60333; COLLNOKDC1552; Fell End, C 650 m 358 deg T from Fisherground E60333; COLLNOKDC1552; * Granite.
E60334; COLLNOKDC1553; Fell End, C 600 m 10 deg T from Fisherground E60334; COLLNOKDC1553; * Granite.
E60335; COLLNOKDC1555; Fell End, C 650 m 345 deg T from Fisherground E60335; COLLNOKDC1555; * Granite.
E60336; COLLNOKDC1558; Fell End, C 450 m 340 deg T from Fisherground E60336; COLLNOKDC1558; * Granite.
E60337; COLLNOKDC1559; Fell End, C 350 m 335 deg T from Fisherground E60337; COLLNOKDC1559; * Granite.
E60338; COLLNOKDC1561; Scale Crag, C 450 m 20 deg T from Fisherground E60338; COLLNOKDC1561; * Granite.
E60339; COLLNOKDC1563; Brown How, C 280 m 325 deg T from Fisherground E60339; COLLNOKDC1563; * Granite.
E60329; COLLNOKDC1544; Hollinghead Bank, C 400 m 10 deg T from Beckfoot Bridge in wood E60329; COLLNOKDC1544; * Granite.
S77426; COLLNOMY566; Edderlick, old quarry behind farm buildings S77426; COLLNOMY566; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S94164; COLLNOFY1214; N slope of Carn na Loine S94164; COLLNOFY1214; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94153; COLLNOFY1203; Knocknadoo, slope above farm S94153; COLLNOFY1203; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S94136; COLLNOFY1186; E bank of R. Findhorn 350m W of Drumbain S94136; COLLNOFY1186; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94137; COLLNOFY1187; E bank of R. Findhorn 350m W of Drumbain S94137; COLLNOFY1187; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77402; COLLNOMY539; Tornaveen Hill, 150m W of summit S77402; COLLNOMY539; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S94134; COLLNOFY1184; 900m SSW of Tom nan Cliath S94134; COLLNOFY1184; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S77458; COLLNOMY598; Old quarry 150m WNW of Oldtown Farm S77458; COLLNOMY598; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77462; COLLNOMY602; Disused quarry beside Earlsfield Cottages, 200m ESE of Kennethmont Church S77462; COLLNOMY602; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77463; COLLNOMY603; Quarry by roadside, 250m SSE of Law S77463; COLLNOMY603; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77464; COLLNOMY604; Small outcrop on SW side of Meiklenewton Hill, 400m SW of Meikle Newton S77464; COLLNOMY604; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E6667; COLLNOHDC306; Lower Wych Qry. Gt. Malvern E6667; COLLNOHDC306; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S93757; COLLNORY573; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93757; COLLNORY573; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S93758; COLLNORY574; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93758; COLLNORY574; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S93761; COLLNORY577; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93761; COLLNORY577; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S77478; COLLNOMY618; Syllavethy Quarry, centre of N face S77478; COLLNOMY618; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S77471; COLLNOMY611; Disused quarry, Montgarrie 250m N of X-roads S77471; COLLNOMY611; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S77472; COLLNOMY612; Disused pit at hillside 350m SSE of Parkhead S77472; COLLNOMY612; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S77473; COLLNOMY613; Disused pit at hillside 250m SSE of Parkhead S77473; COLLNOMY613; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S77417; COLLNOMY556; Hill of Dunnideer 180m NW of ruined tower S77417; COLLNOMY556; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77418; COLLNOMY558; Disused quarry behind Wantonwells farm S77418; COLLNOMY558; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E8740; COLLNO398; W top of Ragged Stone Hill, Malverns E8740; COLLNO398; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E8741; COLLNO399; W top of Ragged Stone Hill, Malverns E8741; COLLNO399; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S77502; COLLNOMY643; Old quarry in Westertown Wood, 750m NW of Dess House; W face S77502; COLLNOMY643; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77503; COLLNOMY644; Old quarry in Westertown Wood, 750m NW of Dess House; E face S77503; COLLNOMY644; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77384; COLLNOMY521; Stream section, Kirkton of Tough, 200m S of village S77384; COLLNOMY521; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77493; COLLNOMY634; S summit of Balnacraig Hill, 950m NNW of Balnacraig farmhouse S77493; COLLNOMY634; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77496; COLLNOMY637; By roadside 150m E of Westhall S77496; COLLNOMY637; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77491; COLLNOMY632; 270m NW of Balnacraig S77491; COLLNOMY632; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Sillimanite Migmatite'
S77492; COLLNOMY633; 600m NW of Balnacraig S77492; COLLNOMY633; * Granofels. 'Original entry: Migmatite'
S80591; COLLNORY305; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80591; COLLNORY305; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E8720; COLLNO351; The Wych, Malverns E8720; COLLNO351; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8721; COLLNO352; The Wych, Malverns E8721; COLLNO352; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77450; COLLNOMY590; Bin Hill S slope 250 SSE of summit S77450; COLLNOMY590; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E8738; COLLNO396; S of Worcester Beacon, Nr. Wych. Malvern E8738; COLLNO396; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S80287; COLLNOCX2079; 830m SE of Driesh summit S80287; COLLNOCX2079; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S77489; COLLNOMY630; 180m NW of Balnacraig S77489; COLLNOMY630; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S77479; COLLNOMY619; Drumlrick Hill 1200m W of Scotsmill S77479; COLLNOMY619; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S77480; COLLNOMY620; Disused quarry 300m NNW of Wellhouse S77480; COLLNOMY620; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S77410; COLLNOMY548; Cauldron How 450m SE of New Mains of Edingarioch S77410; COLLNOMY548; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77411; COLLNOMY549; Cauldron How 450m SE of New Mains of Edingarioch S77411; COLLNOMY549; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77485; COLLNOMY626; Disused quarry 300m due E of Kincardine House S77485; COLLNOMY626; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E8697; COLLNO326; NE of Wych, Malverns E8697; COLLNO326; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E8698; COLLNO327; NE of Wych, Malverns E8698; COLLNO327; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E8699; COLLNO328; NE of Wych, Malverns E8699; COLLNO328; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E8700; COLLNO329; NE of Wych, Malverns E8700; COLLNO329; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E8662; COLLNO288; N of Wych, Malvern E8662; COLLNO288; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
E8664; COLLNO290; Midsummer Hill, Malvern Hills E8664; COLLNO290; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Chlorite Gneiss'
S77439; COLLNOMY579; Old quarry 30m E of Bridge of Johnston S77439; COLLNOMY579; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77443; COLLNOMY583; Quarry at foot of Suie Hill 450m NW of Newtonhill S77443; COLLNOMY583; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77475; COLLNOMY615; 200m SE of Cairncosh S77475; COLLNOMY615; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S77476; COLLNOMY616; Disused quarry by roadside 450m NW of Old Keig S77476; COLLNOMY616; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S77477; COLLNOMY617; Syllavethy Quarry, E end of face S77477; COLLNOMY617; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S77383; COLLNOMY520; Stream section, Kirkton of Tough, 250m S of village S77383; COLLNOMY520; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77454; COLLNOMY594; Old quarry 300m SW of Seggiecrook, W face S77454; COLLNOMY594; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77455; COLLNOMY595; Old quarry 300m SW of Seggiecrook, NE corner S77455; COLLNOMY595; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E60330; COLLNOKDC1546; Hollinghead Bank, C 280 m 350 deg T from Beckfoot Bridge in wood E60330; COLLNOKDC1546; * Granite.
E60332; COLLNOKDC1550; Fell End, C 740 m 352 deg T from Fisherground E60332; COLLNOKDC1550; * Granite.
S77397; COLLNOMY534; Small pit, 900m N of Buffle S77397; COLLNOMY534; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S77391; COLLNOMY528; Lyne Burn, just above confluence with Burn of Tough S77391; COLLNOMY528; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77395; COLLNOMY532; 250m NNW of Craich S77395; COLLNOMY532; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S77508; COLLNOMY649; 80m WNW of Lumphanan Church S77508; COLLNOMY649; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S77509; COLLNOMY650; 450m NE of Lumphanan Church S77509; COLLNOMY650; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S80611; COLLNORY367; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80611; COLLNORY367; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S80613; COLLNORY373; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80613; COLLNORY373; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Calcite Garnet Gneiss'
S80615; COLLNORY376; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80615; COLLNORY376; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Chlorite Gneiss'
S80595; COLLNORY316; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80595; COLLNORY316; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Actinolite Biotite Gneiss'
S80597; COLLNORY323; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80597; COLLNORY323; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S77437; COLLNOMY577; Old quarry 300m SSW of Johnston S77437; COLLNOMY577; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S77438; COLLNOMY578; Old quarry 300m SSW of Johnston S77438; COLLNOMY578; * Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S80097; COLLNORY221; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80097; COLLNORY221; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80068; COLLNORY192; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80068; COLLNORY192; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80069; COLLNORY193; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80069; COLLNORY193; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S81043; COLLNOCX2097; SE flank of Little Driesh S81043; COLLNOCX2097; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S80278; COLLNOCX2070; 420m N of Doup's Burn S80278; COLLNOCX2070; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S80247; COLLNOCX2039; E side of valley S80247; COLLNOCX2039; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S80248; COLLNOCX2040; E side of valley S80248; COLLNOCX2040; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S81049; COLLNOCX2103; 30m ESE of bend in fence S81049; COLLNOCX2103; * Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite'
S81051; COLLNOCX2105; 950m SSW of Atton S81051; COLLNOCX2105; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81052; COLLNOCX2106; 160m NW along fence from Carin Inks S81052; COLLNOCX2106; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81053; COLLNOCX2107; 160m NW along fence from Carin Inks S81053; COLLNOCX2107; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S81056; COLLNOCX2110; 750m SW of Cairn Inks summit S81056; COLLNOCX2110; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S80047; COLLNORY171; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80047; COLLNORY171; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80056; COLLNORY180; Chno Dearg S80056; COLLNORY180; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S80057; COLLNORY181; Chno Dearg S80057; COLLNORY181; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Gneiss'
S80266; COLLNOCX2058; 600m NW of West Grail S80266; COLLNOCX2058; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S80267; COLLNOCX2059; 100m N of cairn Hill of Strone S80267; COLLNOCX2059; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S80269; COLLNOCX2061; 110m NNE of cairn Hill of Strone S80269; COLLNOCX2061; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S80271; COLLNOCX2063; Base of crags 170m ENE of Sneck of Farchal S80271; COLLNOCX2063; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S80027; COLLNORY151; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80027; COLLNORY151; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite Gneiss'
S80018; COLLNORY142; Charnan S80018; COLLNORY142; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Gneiss'
S80019; COLLNORY143; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80019; COLLNORY143; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Gneiss'
S80014; COLLNORY138; Allt Cam Stream S80014; COLLNORY138; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80015; COLLNORY139; Ruigh Dubh Cloinne Chatnach S80015; COLLNORY139; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80016; S80016/A; COLLNORY140; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80016; S80016/A; COLLNORY140; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80002; COLLNORY126; Binnein Shuas S80002; COLLNORY126; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S80003; COLLNORY127; Binnein Shuas S80003; COLLNORY127; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
S80006; COLLNORY130; Strath Ossian Estate S80006; COLLNORY130; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S80085; COLLNORY209; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80085; COLLNORY209; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Calcareous Gneiss'
S80077; COLLNORY201; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80077; COLLNORY201; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80079; COLLNORY203; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80079; COLLNORY203; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80081; COLLNORY205; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80081; COLLNORY205; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80042; COLLNORY166; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80042; COLLNORY166; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S80039; COLLNORY163; Meall Nathrach S80039; COLLNORY163; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80026; COLLNORY150; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80026; COLLNORY150; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80276; COLLNOCX2068; 50m N of fence S80276; COLLNOCX2068; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
S80257; COLLNOCX2049; SCOTLAND. Balmoral (65) S80257; COLLNOCX2049; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S80242; COLLNOCX2033; 10-20m E of gully N side of Glen Doll S80242; COLLNOCX2033; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S80073; COLLNORY197; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80073; COLLNORY197; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80075; COLLNORY199; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80075; COLLNORY199; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
S80065; COLLNORY189; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80065; COLLNORY189; * Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semipelite Gneiss'
E18106; COLLNOM223; E of River Mawddash. Opp. Plas Tyddyngwlady E18106; COLLNOM223; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E1556 Glen Llyn y Forwyn, 5 ml N of Dolgelly E1556 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S94951; COLLNOMY1396; Slack of Pitreadie, 650m NNE of summit of Melmannoch S94951; COLLNOMY1396; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94952; COLLNOMY1397; Coves of Curran, 1200m due S of Pitreadie farmhouse S94952; COLLNOMY1397; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94953; COLLNOMY1398; Melmannoch, 30m SW of summit S94953; COLLNOMY1398; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94954; COLLNOMY1399; Deil's Oxter, W end, 1700m NE of Heatheryheugh S94954; COLLNOMY1399; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94955; COLLNOMY1400; Kerloch, 20m NW of summit S94955; COLLNOMY1400; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94950; COLLNOMY1395; 15m S of summit of hill, 850m N 80deg E from Craig of Dalfro S94950; COLLNOMY1395; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E7757; COLLNO314; 30. East side of Martin's Haven, Marloes. E7757; COLLNO314; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
S94957; COLLNOMY1402; Water of Dye, E bank, 370m downstream of confluence with Bingly Burn S94957; COLLNOMY1402; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94958; COLLNOMY1403; Water of Dye, W bank, 80m upstream of confluence with Bingly Burn S94958; COLLNOMY1403; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E4276; MR11483; Carngrey near road from St. Austell to Luxullyan and 2.25 miles from St. Austell. E4276; MR11483; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3498 Mayon, near Sennen, Lands End. E3498 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3492 Aite Point, White Sands Bay, Lands End. E3492 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3493 North of Sennen, Lands End. E3493 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3495; NEG332M; East corner of Mill Bay, above cliff, S. of Lands End. E3495; NEG332M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E3496 N. of Sennen, White Sands Bay, Lands End. E3496 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S83773; COLLNOWX1221; Allt Feith Lair, above Fealar Lodge S83773; COLLNOWX1221; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94936; COLLNOMY1381; 170m SW of confluence of Slack Burn with Burn of Greenshiels S94936; COLLNOMY1381; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S94895; S94895/a; COLLNOLC1183; Kirkmabreck Quarries BH CT5/91 S94895; S94895/a; COLLNOLC1183; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S73997; COLLNOFY522; Quarry 550m NW of Cluanie Dam S73997; COLLNOFY522; * Granodiorite.
S73907; COLLNOZN1746; Blackwater at Muckle Burn S73907; COLLNOZN1746; * Gabbro.
S73908; COLLNOZN1747; Blackwater at Muckle Burn S73908; COLLNOZN1747; * Gneiss.
S73910; COLLNOZN1749; Blackwater at Houseward S73910; COLLNOZN1749; * Gabbro.
S74355; COLLNOLY8; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74355; COLLNOLY8; * Granite.
S73906; COLLNOZN1745; Blackwater at Muckle Burn S73906; COLLNOZN1745; * Gabbro.
S73900; COLLNOZN1738; S side of Ladylea Hill S73900; COLLNOZN1738; * Gneiss.
S73904; COLLNOZN1743; Muckle Burn S73904; COLLNOZN1743; * Gabbro.
S73915; COLLNOZN1766; Stroninch S73915; COLLNOZN1766; * Gneiss.
S73586; COLLNOB; S side of hillock, 2km E Clachtoll, just NE of Loch Leatbed nan Aighean S73586; COLLNOB; * Gneiss.
S73917; COLLNOZN1778; Burn of Runnywaar S73917; COLLNOZN1778; * Gabbro.
S73585; COLLNOA; S side of hillock, 2km E Clachtoll, just NE of Loch Leatbed nan Aighean S73585; COLLNOA; * Gneiss.
S74367; COLLNOLY20; Dunnottar Castle S74367; COLLNOLY20; * Granodiorite.
S74370; COLLNOLY23; Dunnottar Castle S74370; COLLNOLY23; * Granite.
S74371; COLLNOLY24; Crawton S74371; COLLNOLY24; * Granite.
S73916; COLLNOZN1777; Burn of Runnywaar S73916; COLLNOZN1777; * Gabbro.
S77166; COLLNOCX1618; 15m N of track, Glackwood S77166; COLLNOCX1618; * Granite.
S77167; COLLNOCX1619; Disused quarry, NE part of Glackwood S77167; COLLNOCX1619; * Granite.
S73883; COLLNOZN1713; Blackwater at Stapler Road S73883; COLLNOZN1713; * Gabbro.
S73884; COLLNOZN1714; Blackwater at Stapler Road S73884; COLLNOZN1714; * Gabbro.
S77186; COLLNOHX1560; Turnpike Hill, NNW of Largue Farm, Glenkindie S77186; COLLNOHX1560; * Gneiss.
S74026; COLLNONX1474; Immediately E of main railway line and N of stream, Lamberton Fishery S74026; COLLNONX1474; * Granite.
S77226; COLLNOZN1927; Summit of Ben Newe S77226; COLLNOZN1927; * Gneiss.
S74359; COLLNOLY12; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74359; COLLNOLY12; * Granite.
S77228; COLLNOZN1929; E side of Meall Beag S77228; COLLNOZN1929; * Gneiss.
S77229; COLLNOZN1930; N side of Meall Beag S77229; COLLNOZN1930; * Gneiss.
S77231; COLLNOZN1932; W of Glenbuchat Castle S77231; COLLNOZN1932; * Gneiss.
S77215; S77215/A; COLLNOZN1916; Glac of Barns S77215; S77215/A; COLLNOZN1916; * Gneiss.
S77220; COLLNOZN1921; Roadside, SW of Hill of Greenstile S77220; COLLNOZN1921; * Gneiss.
S77221; COLLNOZN1922; Quarry, SE of Corlich Hill S77221; COLLNOZN1922; * Gabbro.
S77222; COLLNOZN1923; W side of White Hill S77222; COLLNOZN1923; * Gneiss.
S76326; COLLNOLY079; Beside track, old small quarry exposures 550m N of Tomnakeist S76326; COLLNOLY079; * Granite.
S74225; COLLNOGX959; Headland NW of Old Hythe Bay S74225; COLLNOGX959; * Gneiss.
S77259; COLLNOGX1167; 250m SW of Crathie Point S77259; COLLNOGX1167; * Gneiss.
S77260; COLLNOGX1168; 250m SW of Crathie Point S77260; COLLNOGX1168; * Gneiss.
S77262; COLLNOGX1171; E side of Crathie Point S77262; COLLNOGX1171; * Gneiss.
S73842; COLLNOZN1692; Leadensider Burn S73842; COLLNOZN1692; * Gneiss.
S76343; COLLNOLY096; Sluggan Burn S76343; COLLNOLY096; * Granite.
S76344; COLLNOLY097; Head of Sluggan Burn, S slopes of Craigs S76344; COLLNOLY097; * Granite.
S76348; COLLNOLY101; Tullich Burn, low cliffs to W of burn S76348; COLLNOLY101; * Gneiss.
S73843; COLLNOZN1693; Leadensider Burn S73843; COLLNOZN1693; * Granite.
S73848; COLLNOZN1698; The Torr S73848; COLLNOZN1698; * Granite.
S77206; COLLNOHX1582; Millhuie Hill, Glenbuchat S77206; COLLNOHX1582; * Gneiss.
S77207; COLLNOHX1585; Crow Wood, Glenkindie S77207; COLLNOHX1585; * Gneiss.
S77208; COLLNOHX1586; Quarry at Allt Dorie Cottage, Glenkindie S77208; COLLNOHX1586; * Gneiss.
S77209; COLLNOHX1587; River Don, W of Millwaddoch Cottage, Glenkindie S77209; COLLNOHX1587; * Gneiss.
S77211; COLLNOHX1589; Burns Wood, Glenkindie S77211; COLLNOHX1589; * Gneiss.
S74562; COLLNOGX975; 1km SW of Tomnavoulin Distillery S74562; COLLNOGX975; * Gneiss.
S74563; COLLNOGX976A; W flank of Tom Dubh Hill S74563; COLLNOGX976A; * Gneiss.
S74224; COLLNOGX958; Headland NW of Old Hythe Bay S74224; COLLNOGX958; * Gneiss.
S74218; COLLNOGX952; 430m NNW of Dunanfiew, Upper Donside S74218; COLLNOGX952; * Granite.
S74302; COLLNOGX868; 80m E of Fae (Dorback Estate) S74302; COLLNOGX868; * Granite.
S75722; COLLNOWX856; 250m NW of Lynebain S75722; COLLNOWX856; * Gabbro.
S74251; COLLNOGX837; 90m SE of swimming pool, Portsoy S74251; COLLNOGX837; * Gneiss.
S73983; COLLNOFY519; 250m NE of Lochan na Curra S73983; COLLNOFY519; * Granodiorite.
S73985; COLLNOFY524; 1200m NW of Boathouse, Loch Lundie S73985; COLLNOFY524; * Granodiorite.
S73954; COLLNOFY481A; 600m SSE of Boathouse, Loch Lundie S73954; COLLNOFY481A; * Gneiss.
S74564; COLLNOGX976B; W flank of Tom Dubh Hill S74564; COLLNOGX976B; * Gneiss.
S76368; COLLNOLY122; Carn Dearg, immediately E of prominant quartz veins S76368; COLLNOLY122; * Granite.
S76369; COLLNOLY123; SE spur of Creag na Creich, hilltop S76369; COLLNOLY123; * Granite.
S76372; COLLNOLY126; 200m SSE of Dalnabo S76372; COLLNOLY126; * Granite.
S74272; COLLNOGX838; Links Bay, low tide S74272; COLLNOGX838; * Gabbro.
S77193; COLLNOHX1567; Culsh Burn S77193; COLLNOHX1567; * Gneiss.
S74312; COLLNOGX878; 560m at 024 degrees from Letteraitten S74312; COLLNOGX878; * Granodiorite.
S74034; COLLNONX1488; Small wood S of Stoleshiels House S74034; COLLNONX1488; * Granite.
S74035; COLLNONX1489; Old quarry by stream, S side of Kidlaw Fort S74035; COLLNONX1489; * Granite.
S77239; COLLNOZN1942; Quarry E of Coull of Newe S77239; COLLNOZN1942; * Gneiss.
S77240; COLLNOZN1943; Quarry E of Coull of Newe S77240; COLLNOZN1943; * Gneiss.
S73880; COLLNOZN1708; Saugh Burn S73880; COLLNOZN1708; * Gabbro.
S74178; S74178/A; COLLNOGX911; Fireach Beag S74178; S74178/A; COLLNOGX911; * Gneiss.
S75552; COLLNOCX1644; c.90m SSW of Wester Tillybin S75552; COLLNOCX1644; * Granite.
S75553; COLLNOCX1645; Disused quarry c.50m SSE of Wester Tillybin S75553; COLLNOCX1645; * Granite.
S75554; COLLNOCX1646; NE corner of Burnside Quarry S75554; COLLNOCX1646; * Granite.
S75555; COLLNOCX1647; N side of disused quarry, E corner of Drum Hill S75555; COLLNOCX1647; * Granite.
S75556; COLLNOCX1648; Just W of wall, S side of Drum Hill S75556; COLLNOCX1648; * Granite.
S75557; COLLNOCX1649; 20m W of track, 160m S of Wardes S75557; COLLNOCX1649; * Granite.
S75558; COLLNOCX1650; Face on N side of old drove road, Kinnernie S75558; COLLNOCX1650; * Granite.
S75559; COLLNOCX1651; Field c.600m ENE of Kinnernie S75559; COLLNOCX1651; * Granite.
S75542; COLLNOCX1634; Small face, c.100m W of Lauchentilly S75542; COLLNOCX1634; * Granite.
S75543; COLLNOCX1635; Small bluff E side of track, S of Lauchentilly S75543; COLLNOCX1635; * Granite.
S75544; COLLNOCX1636; Small bluff E side of track, S of Lauchentilly S75544; COLLNOCX1636; * Granite.
S75545; COLLNOCX1637; By fence, W side of Rumplehead S75545; COLLNOCX1637; * Granite.
S75546; COLLNOCX1638; c.20-30m NW of CX1637 S75546; COLLNOCX1638; * Granite.
S75547; COLLNOCX1639; S side of Rumplehead W ridge S75547; COLLNOCX1639; * Granite.
S75549; COLLNOCX1641; Small outcrop c.50m NW of standing stone S75549; COLLNOCX1641; * Granite.
S75550; COLLNOCX1642; Track S of Lauchentilly S75550; COLLNOCX1642; * Granite.
S75551; COLLNOCX1643; c.25m S of pylon, 300m W of Bogfold S75551; COLLNOCX1643; * Granite.
S75533; COLLNOCX1625; c.30m S of cornerpost, W end of Lymphanan Hill S75533; COLLNOCX1625; * Granite.
S75534; COLLNOCX1626; Small roadside quarry, NNW of Nether Lauchentilly S75534; COLLNOCX1626; * Granite.
S75535; COLLNOCX1627; NE corner of disused quarry, Lauchentilly S75535; COLLNOCX1627; * Granite.
E17445; COLLNORB1520; J&C Beut Qry. Roekbeave E17445; COLLNORB1520; * Gravel; Quartzite;. 'Original entry: Quartzite'
S75536; COLLNOCX1628; NE corner of field, Achath Farm S75536; COLLNOCX1628; * Granite.
S75537; COLLNOCX1629; NW corner of field, Achath Farm S75537; COLLNOCX1629; * Granite.
S76919; COLLNORY86; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76919; COLLNORY86; * Gneiss.
S76899; COLLNORY46; Laggan Dam S76899; COLLNORY46; * Granite.
S76884; COLLNORY2; Rubha na Magach S76884; COLLNORY2; * Granite.
S75539; COLLNOCX1631; Face c.50m E of quarry, N side of road S75539; COLLNOCX1631; * Granite.
S75540; COLLNOCX1632; c.40m NE of track S75540; COLLNOCX1632; * Granite.
S76731; COLLNOYW1608; Allt na Glas Bheinne S76731; COLLNOYW1608; * Granite.
S76893; COLLNORY25; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76893; COLLNORY25; * Granite.
S76318; COLLNOLY071; On crest under planted pine, 1km S/E of Creagan Riabhach S76318; COLLNOLY071; * Granite.
S76319; COLLNOLY072; S side of hilltop 500m NW of Burn o'Vat Reserve Centre S76319; COLLNOLY072; * Granite.
S76309; COLLNOLY062; Craigendarroch; N slopes of hill immediately above trees S76309; COLLNOLY062; * Granite.
S76875; COLLNOHX1500; 450m E of Clayhooter Hill summit S76875; COLLNOHX1500; * Gneiss.
S76867; COLLNOMY689; Pit No. NJ72NW5: Mill of Pitcaple S76867; COLLNOMY689; *; *; Gabbro.
S75528; COLLNOCX1620; Fence corner, SE corner of wood on Sallow Hill S75528; COLLNOCX1620; * Granite.
S75529; COLLNOCX1621; S edge of wood on Sallow Hill S75529; COLLNOCX1621; * Granite.
S75530; COLLNOCX1622; Disused quarry, 40m SE of W Lodge, Castle Fraser S75530; COLLNOCX1622; * Granite.
S75531; COLLNOCX1623; Small pit in plantation, 450m NE of Greenmoss S75531; COLLNOCX1623; * Granite.
S75532; COLLNOCX1624; Just E of cistern, Braeneil Farm S75532; COLLNOCX1624; * Granite.
S75791; COLLNOCX907; Disused quarry, Green Hill S75791; COLLNOCX907; * Granite.
S75792; COLLNOCX920; Disused quarry, NE of Home Farm, Kinmundy, SW corner S75792; COLLNOCX920; * Granite.
S75793; COLLNOCX921; Disused quarry, Millhill, W side S75793; COLLNOCX921; * Granite.
S75799; COLLNOCX914; W side of Longside Quarry S75799; COLLNOCX914; * Granite.
S75794; COLLNOCX1672; Quarry, 300m W of Upper Brownhill S75794; COLLNOCX1672; * Granite.
S75800; COLLNOCX1674; Disused railway cutting near Bogbrae Cottage S75800; COLLNOCX1674; * Granite.
S75795; COLLNOCX1682; W side of Burn of Faichfield S75795; COLLNOCX1682; * Granodiorite.
S76695; COLLNOYW1554; River Roy S76695; COLLNOYW1554; * Granite.
S74584; S74584/A; COLLNOGX1003; SP-; Allt Reppachie, 740m at 331 degrees from summit of Tom Dunan S74584; S74584/A; COLLNOGX1003; SP-; * Gneiss.
S74586; COLLNOGX1005; 1280m at 121 degrees from Delnadamph Lodge S74586; COLLNOGX1005; * Gneiss.
S75703; COLLNOWX837; 300m NNE of Lynebain S75703; COLLNOWX837; * Gabbro.
S76772; COLLNOZN1908; S of Clachmaddy hill S76772; COLLNOZN1908; * Granodiorite.
S76773; COLLNOZN1909; S of Clachmaddy hill S76773; COLLNOZN1909; * Gneiss.
S76701; COLLNOYW1563; Burn of Agie S76701; COLLNOYW1563; * Granite.
S76859; COLLNOMY681; Pit 21: Gallows Hill, 1000m due N of Balquhair Castle S76859; COLLNOMY681; * Gneiss.
S76860; COLLNOMY682; Pit 21: Gallows Hill, 1000m due N of Balquhair Castle S76860; COLLNOMY682; * Gneiss.
S76861; COLLNOMY683; Pit 22: Gallows Hill, 1020m due N of Balquhair Castle S76861; COLLNOMY683; * Granofels.
S76862; COLLNOMY684; Pit 23: Gallows Hill, 960m due N of Balquhair Castle S76862; COLLNOMY684; * Gneiss.
S76850; COLLNOMY672; Pit 15: 550m ENE of Logie House, 15m S of Pit 11 S76850; COLLNOMY672; * Gabbro.
S76774; COLLNOZN1910; S of Clachmaddy hill S76774; COLLNOZN1910; * Granodiorite.
S76775; COLLNOZN1911; NW of Meikle Firbriggs Hill S76775; COLLNOZN1911; * Granodiorite.
S76760; COLLNOZN1894; Quarry SW of Bridge of Buchaam S76760; COLLNOZN1894; * Gneiss.
S76762; COLLNOZN1896; S of Buchaam S76762; COLLNOZN1896; * Gneiss.
S76765; COLLNOZN1899; SW of Creag an Sgor S76765; COLLNOZN1899; * Gneiss.
S76767; COLLNOZN1902; SE Meikle Firbriggs Hill S76767; COLLNOZN1902; * Gneiss.
S76768; COLLNOZN1904; SE Meikle Firbriggs Hill S76768; COLLNOZN1904; * Granodiorite.
S76770; COLLNOZN1906; NW Meikle Firbriggs Hill S76770; COLLNOZN1906; * Granite.
S76753; COLLNOZN1886; Tom Dubh Burn S76753; COLLNOZN1886; * Gabbro.
S76755; COLLNOZN1888; Road N of Bridge of Buchaam S76755; COLLNOZN1888; * Gneiss.
S76756; COLLNOZN1889; Road section W of Bridge of Buchaam S76756; COLLNOZN1889; * Gneiss.
S76757; COLLNOZN1891; SW of Buchaam S76757; COLLNOZN1891; * Gneiss.
S75804; COLLNOCX1688; E side of Burn of Faichfield S75804; COLLNOCX1688; * Granite.
S75805; COLLNOCX1690; W side of Burn of Faichfield S75805; COLLNOCX1690; * Granite.
S75786; COLLNOCX841; Shore of Burhaven S75786; COLLNOCX841; * Granite.
S75787; COLLNOCX858; NE corner of Cairngall Quarry S75787; COLLNOCX858; * Granite.
S75796; COLLNOCX860; Disused quarry, confluence of E and W Dens S75796; COLLNOCX860; * Granite.
S75797; COLLNOCX864; W slope of E Dens S75797; COLLNOCX864; * Granite.
S75788; COLLNOCX879; N wall of railway cutting S75788; COLLNOCX879; * Granite.
S75789; COLLNOCX882; Disused quarry, Ardlaw Hill S75789; COLLNOCX882; * Granite.
S75798; COLLNOCX896; Savoch Quarry, Kinmundy S75798; COLLNOCX896; * Granite.
S75790; COLLNOCX898; Disused quarry, Hill of Ludquhorn S75790; COLLNOCX898; * Granite.
E60513; COLLNOTCP18; Rempston 1 BH 1202.2m, datum (RTE) +83.5m E60513; COLLNOTCP18; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E60514; COLLNOTCP19; Rempston 1 BH 1202.5m, datum (RTE) +83.5m E60514; COLLNOTCP19; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S75676; COLLNOWX810; River Deveron, 100m NW of Bridge of Parkhaugh S75676; COLLNOWX810; * Gabbro.
S76174; COLLNOFY563; New forestry track, Munerigie S76174; COLLNOFY563; * Granite.
S76175; COLLNOFY564; New forestry track, Munerigie S76175; COLLNOFY564; * Granodiorite.
E1435 Pengilly, nr Haven Shillingford, S of Exeter E1435 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E1436 Pengilly, nr Lower Shillingford, S of Exeter E1436 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E1437 High Road to Kenford E1437 * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
E1438 Crediton Valley E1438 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S76879; COLLNOHX1504; Old quarry, 600m E of Clova Hill, Lumsden S76879; COLLNOHX1504; * Gneiss.
S76759; COLLNOZN1893; E of Deskry S76759; COLLNOZN1893; * Gneiss.
S76752; COLLNOZN1885; Road, c.1km S of Boultenstone S76752; COLLNOZN1885; * Gneiss.
S75814; COLLNOCX1710; N bank of disused canal, Ravenscraig S75814; COLLNOCX1710; * Granite.
S75820; COLLNOCX875; Overflow channel, S of Ravenscraig Castle S75820; COLLNOCX875; * Granite.
S75560; COLLNOCX1652; Small rock knoll c.400m S of Backhill of Glack S75560; COLLNOCX1652; * Granite.
S75561; COLLNOCX1653; Disused quarry S end of Glack Wood S75561; COLLNOCX1653; * Granite.
S75563; COLLNOCX1655; Rocky knoll opposite lane to Craigforthie Farm S75563; COLLNOCX1655; * Gneiss.
S75564; COLLNOCX1656; Rocky knoll opposite lane to Craigforthie Farm S75564; COLLNOCX1656; * Gneiss.
S75565; COLLNOCX1657; S side of road 600m NE of Ardmurdo House S75565; COLLNOCX1657; * Gneiss.
S75569; COLLNOCX1661; c.20m E of Spyfar, Ardmurdo S75569; COLLNOCX1661; * Gneiss.
S76747; COLLNOZN1880; NW of Craigielea S76747; COLLNOZN1880; * Granite.
S76750; COLLNOZN1883; Road, c.1km S of Boultenstone S76750; COLLNOZN1883; * Gneiss.
S76751; COLLNOZN1884; Road, c.1km S of Boultenstone S76751; COLLNOZN1884; * Gneiss.
S75859; COLLNOWX914; Allt Daimh, Blackwater S75859; COLLNOWX914; * Gabbro.
S75860; COLLNOWX915; Blackwater, 700m S of lodge S75860; COLLNOWX915; * Gabbro.
S76921; COLLNORY90; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76921; COLLNORY90; * Gneiss.
S76922; COLLNORY91; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76922; COLLNORY91; * Gneiss.
S76925; COLLNORY98; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76925; COLLNORY98; * Gneiss.
S76926; COLLNORY100; River Treig S76926; COLLNORY100; * Gneiss.
S76929; COLLNORY105; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76929; COLLNORY105; * Gneiss.
S76914; COLLNORY74; Allt a Chaorainn S76914; COLLNORY74; * Granite.
S76321; COLLNOLY074; Hilltop, 600m N/E of Burn o'Vat Reserve Centre S76321; COLLNOLY074; * Granite.
S76323; COLLNOLY076; Centre of broad spur, SW spur of Culblean Hill S76323; COLLNOLY076; * Granite.
S76311; COLLNOLY064; Creag an t-Seabhaig; lower slopes, N side of Ross of Ballater S76311; COLLNOLY064; * Granite.
S76180; COLLNOFY569; New forestry track, Munerigie S76180; COLLNOFY569; * Granite.
S74565; S74565/A; COLLNOGX977; Lynebeg Burn, 260m W of Lynebeg S74565; S74565/A; COLLNOGX977; * Gneiss; Paraschist;.
S75645; COLLNOWX779; 300m NW of Dumeath S75645; COLLNOWX779; * Gabbro.
S74566; S74566/A; COLLNOGX978; 340m at 124 degrees from Carn Liath summit S74566; S74566/A; COLLNOGX978; * Gneiss; Paraschist;.
S76388; COLLNOLY142; 500m S of Tom Garchory S76388; COLLNOLY142; * Granofels.
S76374; COLLNOLY128; Burn between Gairnshiel and Braenaloin, roadside exposure S76374; COLLNOLY128; * Granite.
S76376; COLLNOLY130; 750m E of Braenaloin S76376; COLLNOLY130; * Granite.
S76378; COLLNOLY132; 600m E of Braenaloin S76378; COLLNOLY132; * Granite.
S76381; COLLNOLY135; The Strone, cairn above change in slope S76381; COLLNOLY135; * Granodiorite.
S76382; COLLNOLY136; The Strone, cairn above change in slope S76382; COLLNOLY136; * Granite.
S76855; COLLNOMY677; Pit 17: 350m E of Drumdurno, c.14m S of field corner S76855; COLLNOMY677; * Granofels.
S76856; COLLNOMY678; Pit 18: 380m E of Drumdurno, c.50m S of field corner S76856; COLLNOMY678; * Granofels.
S76857; S76857/A; COLLNOMY679; Pit 19: Just behind house at Hillhead of Pitbee S76857; S76857/A; COLLNOMY679; * Granofels.
S76840; COLLNOMY662; Pit 11: 570m ENE of Logie House, 50m S of road S76840; COLLNOMY662; * Gabbro.
S76841; COLLNOMY663; Pit 11: 570m ENE of Logie House, 50m S of road S76841; COLLNOMY663; * Gabbro.
S76843; S76843/A; COLLNOMY665; Pit 13: 550m ENE of Logie House, 50m S of Pit 11 S76843; S76843/A; COLLNOMY665; * Gabbro.
S76844; COLLNOMY666; Pit 13: 550m ENE of Logie House, 50m S of Pit 11 S76844; COLLNOMY666; * Gabbro.
S76845; COLLNOMY667; Pit 14: 550m ENE of Logie House, 30m S of Pit 11 S76845; COLLNOMY667; * Gabbro.
S76846; COLLNOMY668; Pit 14: 550m ENE of Logie House, 30m S of Pit 11 S76846; COLLNOMY668; * Gabbro.
S76849; COLLNOMY671; Pit 14: 550m ENE of Logie House, 30m S of Pit 11 S76849; COLLNOMY671; * Granite.
S76835; COLLNOMY657; Pit 9: 230m ENE of Mid Harlaw Farmhouse S76835; COLLNOMY657; * Gabbro.
S76836; COLLNOMY658; Pit 9: 230m ENE of Mid Harlaw Farmhouse S76836; COLLNOMY658; * Gabbro.
S76837; COLLNOMY659; Pit 9: 230m ENE of Mid Harlaw Farmhouse S76837; COLLNOMY659; * Gabbro.
S75429; COLLNOHX1015; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75429; COLLNOHX1015; * Granite.
S75441; COLLNOHX1027; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75441; COLLNOHX1027; * Gneiss.
S83346; COLLNOYW1871; SW of Carn Dearg S83346; COLLNOYW1871; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83371; COLLNOYW1901; Meall Clach a'Cheannaiche S83371; COLLNOYW1901; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E22721; MR18240; Bunny Mine Dump, Stenalees, N. of St. Austell. E22721; MR18240; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Topaz Greisen'
E22724; MR18235; Dump by roadside, Prideaux, Luxullian. E22724; MR18235; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Tourmalinised Greisen'
E33615; MR20323; St. Mewan Beacon. E33615; MR20323; * Granite.
E4843; COLLNO15; Roche Feldspar Works. E4843; COLLNO15; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S83347; COLLNOYW1873; Allt Dearg Mor S83347; COLLNOYW1873; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E16282 Luxullian. E16282 * Granite. 'Original entry: Luxullianite'
E13395 Tregargas China Stone Quarry. E13395 * Granite. 'Original entry: China Stone'
E6903; COLLNO400; Quarry, 0.25 mile NW. of Meledon, St. Stephen-in-Brannel. E6903; COLLNO400; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E6906; COLLNO406; S. side of Conse Moor, Luxulyan. E6906; COLLNO406; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E6897; COLLNO394; NEG629M; Carbears Quarry, near Gready, Luxulyan. E6897; COLLNO394; NEG629M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOU77 SCOTLAND. Tongue (114) COLLNOU77 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
E60955B; COLLNOCH5; Staindrop Rigg E60955B; COLLNOCH5; * Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Cheviot Granite: Pyroxene Granite'
E60956B; COLLNOCH6; Great Staindrop E60956B; COLLNOCH6; * Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Cheviot Granite: Altered Granite'
ED4658 SCOTLAND. Kingussie (64) ED4658 Granofels. 'Original entry: Granulite'
ED4659 SCOTLAND. Kingussie (64) ED4659 Granofels. 'Original entry: Granulite'
ED4677 SCOTLAND. Girvan (7) ED4677 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOR148; ED2002; COLLNOR148; ED2002; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Beerbachite'
COLLNOZD474; MC5094; SCOTLAND. Carrick (8) COLLNOZD474; MC5094; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOZD489; MC5102; SCOTLAND. Carrick (8) COLLNOZD489; MC5102; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOA90; ED2124; SCOTLAND. North Berwick (41) COLLNOA90; ED2124; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOUC223; ED4259; COLLNOUC223; ED4259; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOUC226; ED4262; COLLNOUC226; ED4262; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNOZD499; MC5108; SCOTLAND. Carrick (8) COLLNOZD499; MC5108; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
ED225 SCOTLAND. Kirkcudbright (5) ED225 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S74822; COLLNOMY295; Corner of field, 1150m NE of Tillycairn Castle S74822; COLLNOMY295; * Granite.
S75937; COLLNOMY426; 150m E of Blackchambers S75937; COLLNOMY426; * Granofels.
S75939; COLLNOMY459; 300m SE of Mains of Keir S75939; COLLNOMY459; * Gneiss.
S75940; COLLNOMY460; 650m SSE of Mains of Keir S75940; COLLNOMY460; * Granofels.
S75943; COLLNOMY474; Tillyfourie No.1 Quarry, E face, 150m NE of A944/B993 junction S75943; COLLNOMY474; * Gneiss.
S75916; COLLNOMY303; Port Elphinstone, behind western-most house on N side of B993 S75916; COLLNOMY303; * Gneiss.
S76059; S76059/A; COLLNOMY401; Tom's Forest Quarry, lowest level, near sump S76059; S76059/A; COLLNOMY401; * Granite.
S76058; COLLNOMY400; Kemnay Quarry, working area, lower level, W. end of face S76058; COLLNOMY400; * Granite.
S76056; COLLNOMY398; Old quarry,250m.SE of Hogholm S76056; COLLNOMY398; * Granite.
S76057; COLLNOMY399; 500m. east of Beechfield S76057; COLLNOMY399; * Granite.
S75079; COLLNOCX1584; Roadside quarry by Boghead Croft S75079; COLLNOCX1584; * Granite.
S75076; COLLNOCX1581; Small pit NW of Red House, Blairdaff S75076; COLLNOCX1581; * Granite.
S75078; COLLNOCX1583; Scarp face, N of Donhead S75078; COLLNOCX1583; * Granite.
S75069; COLLNOCX1572; Disused quarry, S side, S of Crichie Farm S75069; COLLNOCX1572; * Granite.
S74804; COLLNOMY277; 150m W of Kennel Croft S74804; COLLNOMY277; * Granite.
S74662; COLLNOMY83; 100m NE of Kennerty farmhouse S74662; COLLNOMY83; * Granite.
S74655; S74655/B; COLLNOMY75; Ord Fundlie, 500m NW of Newton Farmhouse S74655; S74655/B; COLLNOMY75; * Granodiorite.
S74656; COLLNOMY76; Ord Fundlie, summit S74656; COLLNOMY76; * Granite.
S74658; COLLNOMY79; Knockings Wood, summit of northern hillock,120m S of A980 S74658; COLLNOMY79; * Gneiss.
S74659; COLLNOMY80; Knockings Wood, summit of northern hillock,120m S of A980 S74659; COLLNOMY80; * Granite.
S74660; COLLNOMY81; Knockings Wood, 50m E of main summit S74660; COLLNOMY81; * Granodiorite.
S76070; COLLNOMY414; Old quarry,300m ESE of Leschargie farm S76070; COLLNOMY414; * Granite.
S76071; COLLNOMY415; Old quarry,300m ESE of Leschargie farm S76071; COLLNOMY415; * Granite.
S74807; COLLNOMY280; Disused gravel pit, 150m NW of Cartars S74807; COLLNOMY280; * Granite.
S74809; COLLNOMY282; Disused quarry, 100m NW of Newfold S74809; COLLNOMY282; * Granite.
S74811; COLLNOMY284; Disused quarry, 100m NW of Newfold S74811; COLLNOMY284; * Granite.
S74794; COLLNOMY267; W slope of hill, 550m W of Wellwood S74794; COLLNOMY267; * Granite.
S75061; COLLNOCX1562; 200m SW of Womblehill Farm S75061; COLLNOCX1562; * Granite.
S75063; COLLNOCX1566; W wall, mid level, Tom's Forest Quarry S75063; COLLNOCX1566; * Granite.
S75065; COLLNOCX1568; S wall Tom's Forest Quarry S75065; COLLNOCX1568; * Granite.
S75066; COLLNOCX1569; S wall, bottom level, Tom's Forest Quarry S75066; COLLNOCX1569; * Granofels.
S74694; COLLNOMY137; Kist Hill, summit, 100m WSW of wall S74694; COLLNOMY137; * Gneiss.
S74677; COLLNOMY113; Maiden Castle, NE Bennachie S74677; COLLNOMY113; * Granite.
S74680; COLLNOMY118; 350m NE of Byresfold, at field corner S74680; COLLNOMY118; * Gabbro.
S74681; COLLNOMY119; 350m NE of Byresfold, at field corner S74681; COLLNOMY119; * Gabbro.
S74682; COLLNOMY120; 350m NE of Byresfold, at field corner S74682; COLLNOMY120; * Gabbro.
S74683; COLLNOMY121; Berry Hill, 300m ESE of Burnside S74683; COLLNOMY121; * Gabbro.
S74685; COLLNOMY123; Berry Hill, 500m ENE of Burnside S74685; COLLNOMY123; * Gabbro.
S74651; COLLNOMY71; Ord Fundlie, 300m NNW of Newton farmhouse S74651; COLLNOMY71; * Granite.
S74652; COLLNOMY72; Ord Fundlie, 700m NW of Newton Farmhouse S74652; COLLNOMY72; * Granodiorite.
S74637; COLLNOMY51; Shannel, 250m SSW of farmhouse S74637; COLLNOMY51; * Gneiss.
S74638; COLLNOMY52; Shannel, 250m SSW of farmhouse S74638; COLLNOMY52; * Gneiss.
S74671; COLLNOMY98; New trench beside new field, W slopes of Bennachie S74671; COLLNOMY98; * Granite.
S74672; S74672/A; COLLNOMY102; 10m below top of new field drain, above forestry plantation on NW slopes of Bennachie S74672; S74672/A; COLLNOMY102; * Granite.
S74674; COLLNOMY105; Hermit Seat, Bennachie S74674; COLLNOMY105; * Granite.
S74676; COLLNOMY108; Craig Shannoch, N end of crags, Bennachie S74676; COLLNOMY108; * Granite.
S75971; COLLNOMY510; Kist Hill 1100m ESE of Cattie S75971; COLLNOMY510; * Gneiss.
S75972; COLLNOMY512; Kist Hill, S crag, 1150m ESE of Cattie S75972; COLLNOMY512; * Gneiss.
S75977; COLLNOMY540; Woodside Quarry, behind cottage, 1300m ENE of Keith Hall S75977; COLLNOMY540; * Gneiss.
S76064; COLLNOMY408; 800m E of Balbithan S76064; COLLNOMY408; * Granite.
S76065; COLLNOMY409; 700m ESE of Balbithan S76065; COLLNOMY409; * Granite.
S76066; COLLNOMY410; NE slope of Tuach Hill,70m ENE of summit S76066; COLLNOMY410; * Granite.
S76067; COLLNOMY411; 250m ENE of Woodhead S76067; COLLNOMY411; * Granite.
S74785; COLLNOMY258; Foresrty road, 600m NNE of Fonteroy Lodge S74785; COLLNOMY258; * Granodiorite.
S74790; COLLNOMY263; Old quarry, 550m W of summit of Ordie Caber S74790; COLLNOMY263; * Granite.
S74791; COLLNOMY264; N bank of Rough-haugh Burn, 700m W of Hill of Bandodle farmhouse S74791; COLLNOMY264; * Granite.
S74793; COLLNOMY266; Col between hills, N side, 700m NE of Redstones S74793; COLLNOMY266; * Granite.
S74778; COLLNOMY249; Crow Wood, 50m SW of Craigmyle Farmhouse S74778; COLLNOMY249; * Granodiorite.
S74641; COLLNOMY57; Hill of Trustach, 300m SSW ofsummit, beside forestry road S74641; COLLNOMY57; * Gneiss.
S74642; COLLNOMY58; Cutting on S side of A93, 500m W of Bridge of Canny S74642; COLLNOMY58; * Gneiss.
S76068; COLLNOMY412; Old quarry,350m E of The Horner S76068; COLLNOMY412; * Granite.
S75070; COLLNOCX1573; Copse on W side of track running S from Crichie Farm S75070; COLLNOCX1573; * Gneiss; Granofels;.
S75071; COLLNOCX1574; Copse on W side of track running S from Crichie Farm S75071; COLLNOCX1574; * Gneiss; Granofels;.
S75073; COLLNOCX1576; 20m N of the Clovenstone S75073; COLLNOCX1576; * Gneiss.
S75074; COLLNOCX1578; Disused quarry on S side of Tuach Hill, Kintore S75074; COLLNOCX1578; * Granite.
S74820; COLLNOMY293; Corrennie Quarry, towards N end of E face S74820; COLLNOMY293; * Granite.
S74813; COLLNOMY286; Small quarry 100m NE of Causeyton Quarry, 650m N of Millbank School S74813; COLLNOMY286; * Granite.
S74814; COLLNOMY287; Small quarry 100m NE of Causeyton Quarry, 650m N of Millbank School S74814; COLLNOMY287; * Granite.
S75103; COLLNOCX1611; W wall of Whilestones Quarry S75103; COLLNOCX1611; * Granite.
S75106; COLLNOCX1614; c. 8m SW of forestry fence, Bandshed Moss S75106; COLLNOCX1614; * Granite.
S75107; COLLNOCX1615; 350m WNW of N Leylodge Farm S75107; COLLNOCX1615; * Granite.
S75108; COLLNOCX1616; Small roadside quarry, 550m W of N Leylodge Farm S75108; COLLNOCX1616; * Granite.
S75109; COLLNOC1617; Disused quarry, 300m S of Bankview, Kemnay S75109; COLLNOC1617; * Granite.
S75095; COLLNOCX1600; Disused quarry on hilltop 250m ESE of E Keithney S75095; COLLNOCX1600; * Granofels.
S75097; COLLNOCX1603; W wall, mid level, Tom's Forest Quarry S75097; COLLNOCX1603; * Granite.
S75098; COLLNOCX1605; NE corner, Leschargie Quarry S75098; COLLNOCX1605; * Granite.
S75068; COLLNOCX1571; Disused quarry, N side, S of Crichie Farm S75068; COLLNOCX1571; * Granite.
RC275/19 Kofayi RC275/19 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
RC275/1 Jos RC275/1 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
RC275/2 Rukuba RC275/2 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
RC275/5 Kudaru RC275/5 Granite. 'Original entry: Riebeckite Granite'
S74667; COLLNOMY90; Corrie burn S74667; COLLNOMY90; * Granite.
S75964; COLLNOMY501; 650m NE of Mains of Whitehouse S75964; COLLNOMY501; * Gneiss.
S75965; COLLNOMY502; 450m NE of Mains of Whitehouse S75965; COLLNOMY502; * Gneiss.
S75966; COLLNOMY503; 1150m ESE of Pittoothies S75966; COLLNOMY503; * Gneiss.
S75967; COLLNOMY504; 1250m ESE of Pittoothies S75967; COLLNOMY504; * Gneiss.
S74628; COLLNOMY36; Cults Farm, across track from farmhouse S74628; COLLNOMY36; * Gneiss.
S74631; COLLNOMY42; On track to Scolty Hill, 500m NE of Ardlair farmhouse S74631; COLLNOMY42; * Gneiss.
S74635; COLLNOMY49; Beside forestry road, Blackhall Forest, 1.1 km NW of summit of Hill of Goauch S74635; COLLNOMY49; * Gneiss.
S74620; COLLNOMY25; Glack's Hill, 15m SW of old limestone workings S74620; COLLNOMY25; * Gneiss.
S74621; COLLNOMY26; Old limestone workings on Glack's Hill, 250m NE of Upper Tillygarmond farmhouse S74621; COLLNOMY26; * Gneiss.
S74624; COLLNOMY30; Glack's Hill, approx. 350m W of summit S74624; COLLNOMY30; * Gneiss.
S74610; COLLNOMY13; Gellan Wood, NE corner S74610; COLLNOMY13; * Gneiss.
S74613; COLLNOMY16; Ord of Cuttieshillock, summit S74613; COLLNOMY16; * Granite.
S75953; COLLNOMY484; Railway cutting, 1000m ESE of Whiteley S75953; COLLNOMY484; * Gneiss.
S75957; COLLNOMY494; 700m ESE of Mains of Whitehouse S75957; COLLNOMY494; * Gneiss.
S75958; COLLNOMY495; W slope of Green Hill, 800m ESE of Mains of Whitehouse S75958; COLLNOMY495; * Gneiss.
S75959; COLLNOMY496; W slope of Green Hill, 900m ENE of Mains of Whitehouse S75959; COLLNOMY496; * Gneiss.
S75960; COLLNOMY497; W slope of Green Hill, 900m NE of Mains of Whitehouse S75960; COLLNOMY497; * Gneiss.
S75947; COLLNOMY478; Col between White Lady and Green Hill, 400m SSW of summit of Green Hill S75947; COLLNOMY478; * Gneiss.
S76062; COLLNOMY406; Old quarry on southslopes of Shaw Hill,450m. NW of Thairston House S76062; COLLNOMY406; * Granite.
S76063; COLLNOMY407; 750m.SSW of John's Forest S76063; COLLNOMY407; * Granite.
S75101; COLLNOCX1609; Disused quarry, Cunningar Wood S75101; COLLNOCX1609; * Granite.
S75088; COLLNOCX1593; Disused quarry, NE corner of Cot-toun Wood S75088; COLLNOCX1593; * Granite.
S75089; COLLNOCX1594; Disused quarry, NE corner of Cot-toun Wood S75089; COLLNOCX1594; * Granite.
S75083; COLLNOCX1588; Stream section S of "The Firs" S75083; COLLNOCX1588; * Granofels; Psammite;.
S75084; COLLNOCX1589; Disused quarry, Lower Boghead S75084; COLLNOCX1589; * Granite.
S75085; COLLNOCX1590; Disused quarry, Shangri-La (Greatstone) S75085; COLLNOCX1590; * Granofels; Psammite;.
S75086; COLLNOCX1591; Disused quarry, Shangri-La (Greatstone) S75086; COLLNOCX1591; * Granite.
S75087; COLLNOCX1592; Disused quarry, Shangri-La (Greatstone) S75087; COLLNOCX1592; * Granite.
S75080; COLLNOCX1585; Stream section S of "The Firs" S75080; COLLNOCX1585; * Granite.
M3073/2; RC319/2; Sudbury Ontario M3073/2; RC319/2; Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
M3073/2; RC319/5; Sudbury,Ontario M3073/2; RC319/5; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S74757; COLLNOMY219; 10m SE of small wood, 200m SE of Hattenburn Farmhouse S74757; COLLNOMY219; * Granite.
S74741; COLLNOMY189; Midmar Forest, old gravel pit, 350m WSW of Craigshannoch S74741; COLLNOMY189; * Granite.
S74742; COLLNOMY191; Quarry on N side of B9119, 80m E of end of drive to Midmar Castle S74742; COLLNOMY191; * Granite.
S74743; S74743/A; COLLNOMY192; Quarry on N side of B9119, 80m E of end of drive to Midmar Castle S74743; S74743/A; COLLNOMY192; * Granite.
S74744; S74744/A; COLLNOMY194; Old quarry, 350m SSW of Sunhoney Farm S74744; S74744/A; COLLNOMY194; * Granite.
S74745; COLLNOMY196; Forestry road, 8oom S of Sunhoney Farm S74745; COLLNOMY196; * Granite.
S74746; COLLNOMY198; Tornamean, 200m ENE of summit S74746; COLLNOMY198; * Granite.
S74748; COLLNOMY200; N slope of Blackyduds, 1100m E of summit of Tornamean S74748; COLLNOMY200; * Granite.
S74736; COLLNOMY184; Max Hill, 20m E of Gowk Stone S74736; COLLNOMY184; * Gabbro.
S74740; COLLNOMY188; Reedbed beside river, 340m S of Deuchries S74740; COLLNOMY188; * Granofels.
S74723; COLLNOMY171; 220m due N of Fielding S74723; COLLNOMY171; * Gabbro.
S74726; COLLNOMY174; 20m N of ruined church at Harthill, Oyne S74726; COLLNOMY174; * Gabbro.
S74727; COLLNOMY175; 20m N of ruined church at Harthill, Oyne S74727; COLLNOMY175; * Gabbro.
S74731; COLLNOMY179; Harthill Farm, temporary exposure in farm buildings S74731; COLLNOMY179; * Gabbro.
S74714; S74714/A; COLLNOMY162; N slopes of Parnassus, 50m S of fence corner S74714; S74714/A; COLLNOMY162; * Gabbro.
S76031; COLLNOMY375; 250m ENE of farm buildings, Gunhill S76031; COLLNOMY375; * Gabbro.
S76033; COLLNOMY377; 200m NNE of farm buildings, Gunhill S76033; COLLNOMY377; * Granite.
S76037; COLLNOMY381; Old quarry, 150m W of Cuttlecraigs S76037; COLLNOMY381; * Gabbro.
S76039; COLLNOMY383; Old quarry, 150m W of Cuttlecraigs S76039; COLLNOMY383; * Gabbro.
S76020; COLLNOMY364; Disused quarry, 300m NW of Legatesden House, middle of face S76020; COLLNOMY364; * Gabbro.
S76021; COLLNOMY365; Disused quarry, 300m NW of Legatesden House, S part of face S76021; COLLNOMY365; * Gabbro.
S76116; COLLNOMY465; Quarry behind Home Farm, 350m SW of Drum Castle S76116; COLLNOMY465; * Granite.
S76117; COLLNOMY466; E bank of River Dee, 100m W of Dalmaik S76117; COLLNOMY466; * Granite.
S76118; COLLNOMY467; 250m NW of Blackhall, N of Milton of Drum S76118; COLLNOMY467; * Granite.
S76101; COLLNOMY447; 200m W of Tillioch S76101; COLLNOMY447; * Granite.
S76102; COLLNOMY448; South Kirkton, 30m SW of cottages S76102; COLLNOMY448; * Granite.
S76109; COLLNOMY455; Disused quarry, N end of S face, 200m NW of Gask S76109; COLLNOMY455; * Granite.
S76094; COLLNOMY440; Old quarry, 250m SSE of Myriewells S76094; COLLNOMY440; * Granite.
S76096; COLLNOMY442; Old quarry, 350m ESE of Wantonwells S76096; COLLNOMY442; * Granite.
S76023; COLLNOMY367; Garden of house, on site of old quarry, 700m W of Whiteford cross-roads S76023; COLLNOMY367; * Gabbro.
S76024; COLLNOMY368; 300m NW of Logie Durno House S76024; COLLNOMY368; * Gabbro.
S76025; COLLNOMY369; 300m NW of Logie Durno House S76025; COLLNOMY369; * Gabbro.
S76026; COLLNOMY370; 275m WNW of Durno Post office S76026; COLLNOMY370; * Gabbro.
S76027; COLLNOMY371; 275m WNW of Durno Post Office S76027; COLLNOMY371; * Gabbro.
S76028; COLLNOMY372; 275m WNW of Durno Post Office S76028; COLLNOMY372; * Gabbro.
S76029; COLLNOMY373; Railway cutting, 800m ENE of Durno Post Office S76029; COLLNOMY373; * Gabbro.
S76012; COLLNOMY355; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, E face, S end S76012; COLLNOMY355; * Gabbro.
S76013; COLLNOMY356; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, E face, S end S76013; COLLNOMY356; * Granite.
S76014; COLLNOMY357; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, E face, Centre S76014; COLLNOMY357; * Gabbro.
S76015; COLLNOMY358; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, E face, N end (E of slip road) S76015; COLLNOMY358; * Gabbro.
S76016; COLLNOMY359; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, upper level, NE corner S76016; COLLNOMY359; * Gabbro.
S76017; COLLNOMY360; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, upper level, NE corner S76017; COLLNOMY360; * Gabbro.
S76018; COLLNOMY361; Large active quarry, 250m SE of Pitscurry, low level, W face N end S76018; COLLNOMY361; * Gabbro.
S76019; COLLNOMY363; Disused quarry, 300m NW of Legatesden House, N end S76019; COLLNOMY363; * Gabbro.
S76088; COLLNOMY434; Barmekin Hill, 750m WNW of Upper Mains S76088; COLLNOMY434; * Granite.
S76091; COLLNOMY437; Drain beside B977, 200m WNW of Easter Culfosie S76091; COLLNOMY437; * Granite.
S76092; COLLNOMY438; Drain beside B977, 200m WNW of Easter Culfosie S76092; COLLNOMY438; * Granite.
S76093; COLLNOMY439; Old quarry, 250m SSE of Myriewells S76093; COLLNOMY439; * Granite.
S75119; COLLNOLY042; Crawton S75119; COLLNOLY042; * Granite.
S74715; COLLNOMY163; S slopes of Candle Hill, 160m S of summit S74715; COLLNOMY163; * Gabbro.
S74717; COLLNOMY165; S slopes of Candle Hill, 140m S of summit S74717; COLLNOMY165; * Gabbro.
S74718; COLLNOMY166; Scald Craigs, 160m SSW of summit of Candle Hill S74718; COLLNOMY166; * Gabbro.
S74719; COLLNOMY167; Corner of field, 100m E of stone circle S74719; COLLNOMY167; * Gabbro.
S74720; COLLNOMY168; Old quarry on W side of Parnassus S74720; COLLNOMY168; * Gabbro.
S74860; COLLNOZD827; Biglees Quarry, NE corner of upper quarry S74860; COLLNOZD827; * Granite.
S74722; COLLNOMY170; 180m SE of Knowehead Farmhouse S74722; COLLNOMY170; * Gabbro.
S74705; COLLNOMY149; 250m WSW of Overhall Farm S74705; COLLNOMY149; * Gabbro.
S74707; COLLNOMY151; Pitmachie Quarry, N side S74707; COLLNOMY151; * Gabbro.
S74709; COLLNOMY153; Pitmachie Quarry, centre of W face S74709; COLLNOMY153; * Gabbro.
S74710; COLLNOMY154; Pitmachie Quarry, centre of W face S74710; COLLNOMY154; * Granite.
S74698; COLLNOMY141; Bridge of Keig, N bank, at E side of bridge, just above river S74698; COLLNOMY141; * Gneiss.
S74699; COLLNOMY143; Quarry, NW side of Carriers Hill S74699; COLLNOMY143; * Gabbro.
S74701; COLLNOMY145; Hill of Netherhall, 200m N of Netherhall Farm S74701; COLLNOMY145; * Gabbro.
S74702; COLLNOMY146; Hill of Netherhall, 300m N of Burryhillock S74702; COLLNOMY146; * Gabbro.
S74703; COLLNOMY147; Hill of Netherhall, summit S74703; COLLNOMY147; * Gabbro.
S74686; COLLNOMY124; Scare Hill, 40m NW of summit S74686; COLLNOMY124; * Granite.
S74687; COLLNOMY125; Millstone Hill, summit S74687; COLLNOMY125; * Granite.
S74688; COLLNOMY130; Pitfichie Hill, 700m due S of summit on track S74688; COLLNOMY130; * Granite.
S76003; COLLNOMY346; 250m S of Knockollochie S76003; COLLNOMY346; * Gabbro.
S76005; COLLNOMY348; Den of Crowmallie, 400m SSE of Crowmallie House S76005; COLLNOMY348; * Gabbro.
S74849; COLLNOFY552; Portclair Burn S74849; COLLNOFY552; * Granite.
S76080; COLLNOMY425; 650m WNW of Deystone S76080; COLLNOMY425; * Granite.
S76081; COLLNOMY427; Disused quarry by roadside, 600m S of Aquharsk S76081; COLLNOMY427; * Granite.
S76082; COLLNOMY428; On W bank of stream, 100m W of Broomhill S76082; COLLNOMY428; * Granite.
S76083; COLLNOMY429; Banteith, at back of farm building S76083; COLLNOMY429; * Granite.
S76084; COLLNOMY430; Old quarry by roadside, 400m WNW of South Tillydaff S76084; COLLNOMY430; * Granite.
S76085; S76085/A; COLLNOMY431; Calton Hill, 800m E of Tillyboy S76085; S76085/A; COLLNOMY431; * Granite.
S76086; COLLNOMY432; 500m NW of New Wester Echt S76086; COLLNOMY432; * Granite.
S76087; COLLNOMY433; Barmekin Hill, 700m WNW of Upper Mains S76087; COLLNOMY433; * Granite.
S76006; COLLNOMY349; Disused quarry behind Warrenside, 200m SE of England S76006; COLLNOMY349; * Gabbro.
S76009; COLLNOMY352; Road cutting in forest,700m ENE of Pitcaple Post Office S76009; COLLNOMY352; * Gabbro.
S75995; COLLNOMY338; Railway cutting, 200m NW of Harthill S75995; COLLNOMY338; * Gabbro.
S75996; COLLNOMY339; Railway cutting, 200m NW of Harthill S75996; COLLNOMY339; * Gabbro.
S75997; COLLNOMY340; Railway cutting, 250m NE of Harthill S75997; COLLNOMY340; * Gabbro.
S75998; COLLNOMY341; Grounds of Crowmallie House, 250m NE of house S75998; COLLNOMY341; * Gabbro.
S75992; COLLNOMY335; Railway cutting, 250m NW of Knockollochie S75992; COLLNOMY335; * Gabbro.
S75994; COLLNOMY337; Railway cutting, 400m N of Crowmallie House S75994; COLLNOMY337; * Gabbro.
S75990; COLLNOMY333; Railway cutting, 300m NNW of Pitbee S75990; COLLNOMY333; * Gabbro.
S75985; COLLNOMY328; Railway cutting, 325m NNE of Govals S75985; COLLNOMY328; * Gabbro.
S75987; COLLNOMY330; Railway cutting, 600m NW of Govals S75987; COLLNOMY330; * Gabbro.
S75988; COLLNOMY331; Railway cutting, 600m NW of Govals S75988; COLLNOMY331; * Gabbro.
S75980; COLLNOMY323; Railway cutting, 300m NNE of Govals S75980; COLLNOMY323; * Gabbro.
S75982; S75982/A; COLLNOMY325; Railway cutting, 350m N of Govals S75982; S75982/A; COLLNOMY325; * Gabbro.
S76114; COLLNOMY463; Anguston Quarry, NE corner of eastern excavation S76114; COLLNOMY463; * Granite.
S76075; COLLNOMY419; Whitestones quarry, half way along E face S76075; COLLNOMY419; * Granite.
S76077; COLLNOMY422; 450m NW of Mains of Testowie S76077; COLLNOMY422; * Granite.
S76074; COLLNOMY418; Whitestones quarry, E face, 1/3 of way from N end S76074; COLLNOMY418; * Granite.
S75979; COLLNOMY322; Railway cutting, 300m NNE of Govals S75979; COLLNOMY322; * Gabbro.
RC349/2 Njoboulema Camp,Ncheu District RC349/2 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Graphite Gneiss'
RC349/3 Kapulula Village,Chivamba RC349/3 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Graphite Gneiss'
S74783; COLLNOMY256; Garnet Hill, W side, along forestry track, 250m NNW of summit S74783; COLLNOMY256; * Granodiorite.
S74768; COLLNOMY238; 250m N of Wester Mains S74768; COLLNOMY238; * Granite.
S74769; COLLNOMY240; Disused quarry, 20m NNW of Sunnybank S74769; COLLNOMY240; * Granite.
S74770; COLLNOMY241; Disused quarry on E side of B993, just S of junction with B9119 S74770; COLLNOMY241; * Granite.
S74771; COLLNOMY242; Disused quarry on W side of B993, just N of junction with B9119 S74771; COLLNOMY242; * Granite.
S74758; COLLNOMY220; Beside farm buildings, Bohill Farm S74758; COLLNOMY220; * Granite.
S74759; S74759/A; COLLNOMY221; 300m SW of Bohill Farmhouse S74759; S74759/A; COLLNOMY221; * Granite.
S74761; COLLNOMY231; Quarry on B993, 500m W of Tillenturk S74761; COLLNOMY231; * Granodiorite.
S74766; COLLNOMY236; 150m ENE of West Mains S74766; COLLNOMY236; * Granite.
S74750; COLLNOMY206; Beside road, 725m S of southernmost corner of Midmar Forest S74750; COLLNOMY206; * Granite.
S74751; S74751/A; COLLNOMY208; 250m SE of Woodside Farmhouse S74751; S74751/A; COLLNOMY208; * Granite.
S74753; COLLNOMY213; Southern slope of Meikle Tap, on knoll just S of meltwater channel S74753; COLLNOMY213; * Granite.
S74754; COLLNOMY214; Craigton Quarry no.2,(Spoilheap), 550m NW of Craigton Croft S74754; COLLNOMY214; * Granite.
S74755; COLLNOMY216; Raemoir Quarry no.1,(spoilheap), 350m N of cottage above The Green S74755; COLLNOMY216; * Granite.
S74756; COLLNOMY217; Raemoir Quarry no.2,(spoilheap), 500m N of cottage above The Green S74756; COLLNOMY217; * Granite.
S74601; COLLNOMY3; Hill 300m E of Ardlair Cottage S74601; COLLNOMY3; * Gneiss.
S74602; COLLNOMY4; Burn of Rhoda, W side, 120m S of bridge S74602; COLLNOMY4; * Granite.
S74603; COLLNOMY5; Bridge of Bogendreip, on S side of river, just below bridge S74603; COLLNOMY5; * Granite.
S74606; COLLNOMY9; Cairnshee Quarry (disused) S74606; COLLNOMY9; * Gneiss.
S74607; COLLNOMY10; Cairnshee Quarry (disused) S74607; COLLNOMY10; * Gneiss.
S74608; COLLNOMY11; N end of Kitalnaekit Wood S74608; COLLNOMY11; * Gneiss.
S76054; COLLNOMY553; S side of Overhall Road, 750m WNW of Overhall S76054; COLLNOMY553; * Gabbro.
S76055; COLLNOMY557; Hill of Westfield, approx. 50m NE of summit S76055; COLLNOMY557; * Gabbro.
S74599; COLLNOMY1; Craiglash Quarry S74599; COLLNOMY1; * Granite.
S76040; COLLNOMY384; Old quarry, 150m W of Cuttlecraigs S76040; COLLNOMY384; * Gabbro.
S76127; COLLNOMY511; Kist Hill, 1100m ESE of Cattie S76127; COLLNOMY511; * Granite.
S76110; COLLNOMY457; Old quarry beside mausoleum, 650m SW of Skene House S76110; COLLNOMY457; * Granodiorite.
S76112; S76112/A; COLLNOMY461; Anguston quarry, N face S76112; S76112/A; COLLNOMY461; * Granodiorite.
S76113; COLLNOMY462; Anguston quarry, NE corner of eastern excavation S76113; COLLNOMY462; * Granite.
S76115; COLLNOMY464; Old quarry on Cowie Hill, 250m W of Drum Castle S76115; COLLNOMY464; * Granite.
S76048; COLLNOMY392; Small quarry 100m NE of Mill of Pitcaple S76048; COLLNOMY392; * Gabbro.
RC184/1; LABNO3607A; St.Austell RC184/1; LABNO3607A; Granite. 'Original entry: China Stone'
RC184/2; LABNO3607B; St.Austell RC184/2; LABNO3607B; Granite. 'Original entry: China Stone'
RC184/3; LABNO3607C; St.Austell RC184/3; LABNO3607C; Granite. 'Original entry: China Stone'
E60308; COLLNOKDC1507; Buckbarrow beck, W bank, c 500m upstream of road bridge E60308; COLLNOKDC1507; * Granodiorite.
E60309; COLLNOKDC1508; Buckbarrow beck, E bank, c 550m upstream of road bridge E60309; COLLNOKDC1508; * Granodiorite.
E60310; COLLNOKDC1510; Buckbarrow beck, isdolated outcrop, c 900m upstream of road bridge E60310; COLLNOKDC1510; * Granodiorite.
E60311; COLLNOKDC1511; Buckbarrow beck, whit crags, c 600m at 05deg T from upstream of road bridge E60311; COLLNOKDC1511; * Granodiorite.
E70947; COLLNOLV299; 150 m @ 337 deg from Shag Rock E70947; COLLNOLV299; * 1996 Granite.
E70950; COLLNOLV302; 1280 m @ 127 deg from Carne Beacon E70950; COLLNOLV302; * 1996 Gabbro.
E60307; COLLNOKDC1506; Eskdale Green, 50m E of Forge Bridge E60307; COLLNOKDC1506; * Granite.
E19457; COLLNO9053; Cligga Mine, Cligga Head, 1 mile W. of Perranporth, 200 Ft. level. E19457; COLLNO9053; * Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen'
E60320; COLLNOKDC1528; Gillbank outcrop, C 360 m 22deg T from Gill Bank E60320; COLLNOKDC1528; * Granite.
E70943; COLLNOLV295; 150 m @ 337 deg from Shag Rock E70943; COLLNOLV295; * 1996 Granite.
E60324; COLLNOKDC1533; Blea Tarn, C 400 m 205 deg T from Trig point on Bleatarn Hill E60324; COLLNOKDC1533; * Granite.
E60325; COLLNOKDC1536; Hollinghead Bank, C 450 m 195deg T from Trig point on Bleatarn Hill E60325; COLLNOKDC1536; * Granite.
E60312; COLLNOKDC1512; Buckbarrow beck, whit crags, c 580m at 348deg T from upstream of road bridge E60312; COLLNOKDC1512; * Granodiorite.
E60313; COLLNOKDC1516; 1000m at 90deg T from Field House Farm E60313; COLLNOKDC1516; * Granite.
E60314; COLLNOKDC1517; Great Barrow, Norht West of summit Cairn; top of feature E60314; COLLNOKDC1517; * Granite.
E60319; COLLNOKDC1525; Great Barrow, C 270 m 100deg T from Gill Bank E60319; COLLNOKDC1525; * Granite.
E3640 An old shaft near Wheal Coates Engine House. E3640 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3679 Pelyn. E3679 * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E1768 Belovelly Beacon. E1768 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3641 Wheal Bungay Mine. E3641 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3642; NEG435M; Wheal Bungay Mine. E3642; NEG435M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E3643 Wheal Bungay Mine. E3643 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
E4829; COLLNO51; NEG1791M; Roche rock. E4829; COLLNO51; NEG1791M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4830; E4830/A; COLLNO52; NEG631M; Roche rock. E4830; E4830/A; COLLNO52; NEG631M; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4831; COLLNO53; Roche rock. E4831; COLLNO53; * Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E4181; COLLNO1; Dyers Quarry. E4181; COLLNO1; * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline Granite'
S99459; COLLNOFY1500; SSW flank of Cairn Mor S99459; COLLNOFY1500; * 1996 Gneiss.
S99460; COLLNOFY1501; NW flank of Sagarmem nan Findh S99460; COLLNOFY1501; * 1996 Gneiss.
S99461; COLLNOFY1502; Slochd summit S99461; COLLNOFY1502; * 1996 Granofels.
RC1203/1 Graphic granite. Aomac property, MonmouthTwp., Haliburton County, Canada. RC1203/1 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite Rock (Graphic)'
UG7217; RC959/1; Manganese minerals. Kazumu Mine, Ankole, Uganda UG7217; RC959/1; 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
E23249; COLLNOGM236; Manor Park Gravel Pits. King's Bromley E23249; COLLNOGM236; * 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Erratics'
E23254; COLLNOGM241; Manor Park Gravel Pits. King's Bromley E23254; COLLNOGM241; * 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Erratics'
E71232; COLLNOZN2107; SE of Bowness Knott. Lake Ennerdale E71232; COLLNOZN2107; * 0 Granodiorite.
E8681 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8681 * 0 Gneiss.
RC1107/5 Riebeckite concentrate. Kaffo Valley, Lirevi-n-Kano, Nigeria. RC1107/5 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Riebeckite, Albite'
E8655 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8655 * 0 Gneiss.
E8733 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8733 * 0 Gneiss.
E8724 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8724 * 0 Gneiss.
E8725 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8725 * 0 Gneiss.
E17784; MR9979; Parliament Hill Fields. London E17784; MR9979; * 0 Granodiorite.
E29739 Deddington, No. 19 E29739 * 0 Gravel.
E29741 Deddington, No. 20 E29741 * 0 Gravel; Hydroxides And Oxides Of Iron;.
E29732 Deddington, No. 3 E29732 * 0 Gravel; Hydroxides And Oxides Of Iron;.
E29734 Deddington, No. 5 E29734 * 0 Gravel; Hydroxides And Oxides Of Iron;.
E24831; COLLNOGM257/B; Knowles Mill, 360 yd ESE of Lodgehill Farm, Doles Valley, Wyr'e Forest E24831; COLLNOGM257/B; * 0 Gravel.
E24832; COLLNOGM257/C; Knowles Mill, 360 yd ESE of Lodgehill Farm, Doles Valley, Wyr'e Forest E24832; COLLNOGM257/C; * 0 Gravel.
E24833; COLLNOGM257/D; Knowles Mill, 360 yd ESE of Lodgehill Farm, Doles Valley, Wyr'e Forest E24833; COLLNOGM257/D; * 0 Gravel.
E24834; COLLNOGM257/E; Knowles Mill, 360 yd ESE of Lodgehill Farm, Doles Valley, Wyr'e Forest E24834; COLLNOGM257/E; * 0 Gravel.
E24830; COLLNOGM257/A; Knowles Mill, 360 yd ESE of Lodgehill Farm, Doles Valley, Wyr'e Forest E24830; COLLNOGM257/A; * 0 Gravel.
E8726 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8726 * 0 Gneiss.
E8732 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8732 * 0 Gneiss.
E15302 Boaring, 220 yd SW of Green ford Bridge, E15302 * 0 Gravel; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
E17837 Boaring, for water. South Cambridge R.D.C. 750 yd NW of Wendy Church E17837 * 0 Gravel.
RC1121/3 Heluite. Ladini, Banchi Province, Northern Nigeria. RC1121/3 0 Greisen. 'Original entry: Helvite, Microcline'
E19843 Gullet Qry. Castle Morton E19843 * 0 Gneiss.
E18849 Demolition site of Waterloo Bridge E18849 0 Granite.
S80833; COLLNOFY754; 600m SSW of Carn Sleamhwinn S80833; COLLNOFY754; * 1989 Granite.
S80830; COLLNOFY751; 350m N of Carn na Guaille S80830; COLLNOFY751; * 1989 Granite.
E17833 Boaring, for water. South Cambridge R.D.C. 750 yd NW of Wendy Church E17833 * 0 Gravel.
E17835 Boaring, for water. South Cambridge R.D.C. 750 yd NW of Wendy Church E17835 * 0 Gravel; Metadolostone;.
E17836 Boaring, for water. South Cambridge R.D.C. 750 yd NW of Wendy Church E17836 * 0 Gravel.
E17827 Boaring, for water. South Cambridge R.D.C. 750 yd NW of Wendy Church E17827 * 0 Gravel; Metadolostone;.
RC1137/1 Molybdenite. Lairg, Sutherland. RC1137/1 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Molybdenite'
S99462; COLLNOFY1503; Abhaing Cro Chlacn S99462; COLLNOFY1503; * 1996 Granodiorite.
RC1218/1 Pink 'Granite'. Monmouth Twp., Canada. RC1218/1 0 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Calcite, Phlogopite, Diopside'
RC1220/1 Banded Gneiss. York River, Canada. RC1220/1 0 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss Rock'
RC1212/1 Syenite-Gneiss. North-east leg, Ontario, Canada. RC1212/1 0 Gneiss; Syenite;. 'Original entry: Gneiss Rock'
RC1213/1 Nepheline-Gneiss. North-east Leg, Ontario, Canada. RC1213/1 0 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss, Nepheline'
RC1214/1 Nepheline-Gneiss. Tony Hill Area, Ontario, Canada. RC1214/1 0 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss, Nepheline'
S80835; COLLNOFY757; 1000m NW of Carn Deag Mor S80835; COLLNOFY757; * 1989 Granite.
S80836; COLLNOFY763; Sidhearn Ruighe Sheumais S80836; COLLNOFY763; * 1989 Granite.
S80837; COLLNOFY766; Allt Largy 770m WNW of Carn Mor S80837; COLLNOFY766; * 1989 Granite.
S80846; COLLNOFY787; 780m WNW of Carn Dearg Mor S80846; COLLNOFY787; * 1989 Granite.
S80847; COLLNOFY788; 790m NW of Carn Dearg Mor S80847; COLLNOFY788; * 1989 Granite.
S80848; COLLNOFY790; 450m NW of Carn Dearg Mor S80848; COLLNOFY790; * 1989 Granite.
S80849; COLLNOFY791; Coire na h-Uchdaich S80849; COLLNOFY791; * 1989 Granite.
E8689 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8689 * 0 Gneiss.
E8690 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8690 * 0 Gneiss.
E8691 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8691 * 0 Gneiss.
E8722 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8722 * 0 Gneiss.
RC1121/2 Danalite. Ladini, Banchi Province, Northern Nigeria. RC1121/2 0 Greisen. 'Original entry: Danalite'
S99246; COLLNOSMS263; Minor hill N of Carn Odhar S99246; COLLNOSMS263; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99247; COLLNOSMS264; Creag Dubh Flinchity, N end S99247; COLLNOSMS264; * 1996 Gneiss; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E71621; COLLNOMS1667; East side of Polpeor Cove. E71621; COLLNOMS1667; * 1997 Gneiss.
E71623; COLLNOMS1669; Rocks 500m south of Trevenwith. E71623; COLLNOMS1669; * 1997 Gneiss.
E71624; COLLNOMS1670; 200m S.E. Gweredreath Farm. E71624; COLLNOMS1670; * 1997 Gneiss.
E71625; COLLNOMS1671; 100m east of Porthellow. E71625; COLLNOMS1671; * 1997 Gneiss.
E71743; COLLNODMA105; S.E. Haweswater, Above Walla Crag. E71743; COLLNODMA105; * 1997 Gabbro.
S79921; COLLNOTY220; Outcrop at rubbish tip 150m SW of Doonie Pt W of Portsoy Harbour, from boulders in Links Bay S79921; COLLNOTY220; * 1988 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro Pegmatite'
S79924; COLLNOTY223; Nether Dallachy Farm, rubble from demolished building in yard S79924; COLLNOTY223; * 1988 Gabbro; Norite;. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
S79919; COLLNOTY218; Rocks in centre uncovered at low tide, Links Bay, Portsoy S79919; COLLNOTY218; * 1988 Gabbro; Norite;. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
E71739; COLLNODMA101; S.E. Haweswater, Naddle Forest. E71739; COLLNODMA101; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71729; COLLNODMA91; S.E. Haweswater, north of Guerness Wood. E71729; COLLNODMA91; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71821 S.E. of Haweswater, Kit Crag. E71821 * 1997 Gabbro.
E71813; COLLNODMA172C; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71813; COLLNODMA172C; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71807; COLLNODMA168; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71807; COLLNODMA168; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71808; COLLNODMA169; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71808; COLLNODMA169; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71809; COLLNODMA170; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71809; COLLNODMA170; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71810; COLLNODMA171; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71810; COLLNODMA171; * 1997 Gabbro.
E21247; COLLNOEP36; 1050 y 275deg from North Lodge, Barnwell E21247; COLLNOEP36; * 0 Gravel. 'Original entry: Breccia'
E21248; COLLNOEP37; sewer trench 600 y 47deg from North Lodge, Barnwell E21248; COLLNOEP37; * 0 Gravel; Microgranite;. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Microgranite'
E28009 Gilmorton Pit Gilmorton E28009 0 Gravel; Metadolostone;. 'Original entry: Ferruginous Mudstone'
E21241; COLLNOEP26; pond at E end of Bull Nose Coppice 0.75 miles N of Clapton E21241; COLLNOEP26; * 0 Gravel; Wacke;. 'Original entry: Greywacke'
E50329 borehole Oxenden Hall BH 700 metres SSW of post office at Great Oxenden, depth 754-756 ft E50329 * 0 Gravel.
E50330 borehole Oxenden Hall BH 700 metres SSW of post office at Great Oxenden, depth 754-756 ft E50330 * 0 Gravel.
E71811; COLLNODMA172A; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71811; COLLNODMA172A; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71812; COLLNODMA172B; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71812; COLLNODMA172B; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71801; COLLNODMA162; Haweswater, top of Walla Crag. E71801; COLLNODMA162; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71802; COLLNODMA163; Haweswater, top of Walla Crag. E71802; COLLNODMA163; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71803; COLLNODMA164; Haweswater, top of Walla Crag. E71803; COLLNODMA164; * 1997 Gabbro.
E71806; COLLNODMA167; Haweswater shore, Quarry beneath Walla Crag. E71806; COLLNODMA167; * 1997 Gabbro.
E70891; COLLNOCT1684; S.E. of Buck Crag. E70891; COLLNOCT1684; * 0 Granite.
E70884; COLLNOCT1677; N.N.W. of Garburn Pass. E70884; COLLNOCT1677; * 0 Granite.
E70885; COLLNOCT1678; N.N.W. of Garburn Pass. E70885; COLLNOCT1678; * 0 Granite.
E32619; COLLNOGP99; Loddington Long Pit in field at W edge of pit E32619; COLLNOGP99; * 0 Gravel.
E71083; COLLNOMS1643; Kildown Point. E71083; COLLNOMS1643; * 1996 Gneiss.
E71085; COLLNOMS1647; Near Green Saddle. E71085; COLLNOMS1647; * 1996 Granite.
E71075; COLLNOJNC793; S.E. shore of Swithland Reservoir, in Buddon Wood. E71075; COLLNOJNC793; * 1996 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E71076; COLLNOJNC795; North of Swithland Reservoir dam, at base of rock face. E71076; COLLNOJNC795; * 1996 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E71077; COLLNOJNC796; North face of Croft Quarry, 600m north of Croft. E71077; COLLNOJNC796; * 1996 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E71078 North face of Croft Quarry, 600m north of Croft. E71078 * 1996 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Basaltic Rock'
E28010 Gilmorton Pit Gilmorton E28010 0 Gravel; Limestone;. 'Original entry: Limestone'
E32028 borehole Orton BH, Harrington Dale near Kettering, at 713 ft E32028 * 0 Gravel; Porphyry;.
E32616; COLLNOGP96; Loddington Long Pit western face of pit E32616; COLLNOGP96; * 0 Gravel; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
E32617; COLLNOGP97; Loddington Long Pit western face of pit E32617; COLLNOGP97; * 0 Gravel; Limestone;.
S99218; COLLNOIY987; Sron Dubh summit S99218; COLLNOIY987; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99594; COLLNOMY1574; Disused quarry, 100m E of Baggierow Croft S99594; COLLNOMY1574; * 1997 Gneiss.
S99595; COLLNOMY1575; Disused quarry, 100m E of Baggierow Croft S99595; COLLNOMY1575; * 1997 Gneiss.
E21254; COLLNOEP47; 200 y E of High Street Farm, Old Weston E21254; COLLNOEP47; * 0 Gravel. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock'
E21257; COLLNOEP51; 550 y SW of Winwick Church E21257; COLLNOEP51; * 0 Gravel; Schist;. 'Original entry: Schist'
E21249; COLLNOEP38; pond 540 y 321deg from North Lodge, Barnwell E21249; COLLNOEP38; * 0 Gravel; Trachyte;. 'Original entry: Trachyte'
E21253; E21253/A; COLLNOEP46; 250 y 60deg from Howson's Lodge, Old Weston E21253; E21253/A; COLLNOEP46; * 0 Gravel; Igneous Rock And Igneous Sediment (Hierarchy);. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
RC1041/1 Quartz Felspar Granulite. Ferrylaudug Point, Chilwa Island, Malawi. RC1041/1 0 Granofels. 'Original entry: Quartz, Feldspar'
E71742; COLLNODMA104; S.E. Haweswater, north of Kit Crag. E71742; COLLNODMA104; * 1997 Gabbro.
S80567; COLLNOGU266; Candle Hill S80567; COLLNOGU266; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80569; COLLNOGU268; Candle Hill S80569; COLLNOGU268; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80570; COLLNOGU269; Candle Hill S80570; COLLNOGU269; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80561; COLLNOGU260; Pitscurry Quarry S80561; COLLNOGU260; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80562; COLLNOGU261; Pitscurry Quarry S80562; COLLNOGU261; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80560; COLLNOGU259; Pitscurry Quarry S80560; COLLNOGU259; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80563; COLLNOGU262; Pitscurry Quarry S80563; COLLNOGU262; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80564; COLLNOGU263; Pitscurry Quarry S80564; COLLNOGU263; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80565; COLLNOGU264; Pitscurry Quarry S80565; COLLNOGU264; * 1988 Gabbro.
S80566; COLLNOGU265; Legatesden Quarry S80566; COLLNOGU265; * 1988 Gabbro.
N1261; COLLNOETS545; 230m SW of Carn nan Gabhar summit N1261; COLLNOETS545; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Psammitic Gneiss'
N1247; COLLNOETS531; 1340m NE of Easter Rynechkra N1247; COLLNOETS531; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S99723; COLLNOLY1081; N of E end of Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99723; COLLNOLY1081; * 1997 Gneiss.
S99724; COLLNOLY1082; N of E end of Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99724; COLLNOLY1082; * 1997 Gneiss.
S99725; COLLNOLY1083; N of E end of Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99725; COLLNOLY1083; * 1997 Gneiss.
S99254; COLLNOJXX217; Allt Coire Dhomhain (Drumochter) S99254; COLLNOJXX217; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1583; COLLNOFY1665; An Sgarsoch N1583; COLLNOFY1665; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1586; COLLNOFY1668; Tarf Water N1586; COLLNOFY1668; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99727; COLLNOLY1085; Col W of Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99727; COLLNOLY1085; * 1997 Granite.
N1439; COLLNOPY530; Clunas Dam N1439; COLLNOPY530; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Migmatitic Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1440; COLLNOPY532; Clunas Dam N1440; COLLNOPY532; * 1998 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1433; COLLNOPY524; Park Quarry N1433; COLLNOPY524; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1434; COLLNOPY525; Park Quarry N1434; COLLNOPY525; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1435; COLLNOPY526; Park Quarry N1435; COLLNOPY526; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1436; COLLNOPY527; Park Quarry N1436; COLLNOPY527; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1437; COLLNOPY528; Park Quarry N1437; COLLNOPY528; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1428; COLLNOPY519; Park Quarry N1428; COLLNOPY519; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1429; COLLNOPY520; Park Quarry N1429; COLLNOPY520; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1426; COLLNOPY514; Winewell N1426; COLLNOPY514; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1431; COLLNOPY522; Park Quarry N1431; COLLNOPY522; * 1998 Granite; Igneous Rock And Igneous Sediment (Hierarchy);. 'Original entry: Igneous Rock'
N1432; COLLNOPY523; Park Quarry N1432; COLLNOPY523; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99981; COLLNOGX1697; Creag Mhor Bhrinicoire S99981; COLLNOGX1697; * 1997 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S99969; COLLNOGX1685; On rocky promontory in intertidal zone 225m SW of East Head S99969; COLLNOGX1685; * 1997 Granite. 'Original entry: Leucogranite'
S99971; COLLNOGX1687; Intertidal sea stack at Kings Head S99971; COLLNOGX1687; * 1997 Granite. 'Original entry: Trondhjemite'
N1235; COLLNOETS519; 450m NNE of Cairnloch N1235; COLLNOETS519; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Hornblende Gneiss'
E72116; COLLNOIY1110; Shap Quarry E72116; COLLNOIY1110; * 1998 Granite.
E72105; COLLNOIY1099; BB04. Wasdale Head, Shap E72105; COLLNOIY1099; * 1998 Granite.
E72111; COLLNOIY1105; BB10. Longfell Gill E72111; COLLNOIY1105; * 1998 Granite.
N1231; COLLNOETS515; 110m NNW of Cairnloch N1231; COLLNOETS515; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
N1232; COLLNOETS516; 150m NNW of Cairnloch N1232; COLLNOETS516; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Garnet Gneiss'
N1222; COLLNOETS506; 520m NNW of Easter Rynechkra N1222; COLLNOETS506; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Biotite Pelitic Gneiss'
N1227; COLLNOETS511; 10m SE of Cairnloch N1227; COLLNOETS511; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Mica Garnet Gneiss'
MR36462 Locality unknown. MR36462 1998 Gypsum. 'Original entry: Gypsum.'
MR36463 Locality unknown. MR36463 1998 Gypsum. 'Original entry: Gypsum.'
E20775 Dump at Chislet Colliery. Sturry E20775 * Gravel; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
E20776 Dump at Chislet Colliery. Sturry E20776 * Gravel; Siltstone (Undifferentiated);.
E20777 Dump at Chislet Colliery. Sturry E20777 * Gravel.
E20778 Dump at Chislet Colliery. Sturry E20778 * Gravel; Limestone;.
E20773 Dump at Chislet Colliery. Sturry E20773 * Gravel; Ooid-Limestone;.
E20774 Dump at Chislet Colliery. Sturry E20774 * Gravel; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
N1242; COLLNOETS256; 90m ENE of Carn Mor N1242; COLLNOETS256; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
N1238; COLLNOETS522; 160m E of Creagan na h-Othaisge N1238; COLLNOETS522; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1239; COLLNOETS523; 150m NNE of Creagan na h-Othaisge N1239; COLLNOETS523; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1578; COLLNOFY1660; Ca' Steal a' Choire N1578; COLLNOFY1660; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1063; COLLNOWX1152; Boggierow Quarry N1063; COLLNOWX1152; * 1997 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1067; COLLNOWX1156; Curious weathering stack NE side of Red Haven N1067; COLLNOWX1156; * 1997 Granite; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99329; COLLNOETS447; 1625m E of junction of Birk Burn and Redrec Burn S99329; COLLNOETS447; * 1997 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
E25599 Chislet Colliery. UP BH No. 29; from No. 5 Seam E25599 * Gravel.
E25600 Chislet Colliery. UP BH No. 29; from No. 5 Seam E25600 * Gravel.
S80232; COLLNOTY299; S end, E side of Goval Quarry, Pitcaple S80232; COLLNOTY299; * 1988 Gabbro; Norite;.
S80233; COLLNOTY300; S end of Goval Quarry, Pitcaple S80233; COLLNOTY300; * 1988 Gabbro; Norite;.
S80234; COLLNOTY301; SW corner of Goval Quarry, Pitcaple S80234; COLLNOTY301; * 1988 Gabbro; Norite;.
S79721; MRPROGKLM1011; Boreland Glen area, small quarry S79721; MRPROGKLM1011; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S79722; MRPROGKLM1012; Boreland Glen area, quarry S79722; MRPROGKLM1012; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S79723; MRPROGKLM1013; Boreland Glen area, quarry S79723; MRPROGKLM1013; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S79716; MRPROGKLM1007; Boreland Glen area S79716; MRPROGKLM1007; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S79717; MRPROGKLM1008; Boreland Glen area S79717; MRPROGKLM1008; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S80238; COLLNOTY305; West Auquhadlie, disused railway cutting S80238; COLLNOTY305; * 1988 Gabbro.
S79739; MRPROGKLM1029; Boreland Glen area S79739; MRPROGKLM1029; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S79724; MRPROGKLM1014; Boreland Glen area, outcrop S79724; MRPROGKLM1014; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
S79725; MRPROGKLM1015; Boreland Glen area, outcrop in Creich Burn S79725; MRPROGKLM1015; *; *; 1988 Gabbro; Granite;.
S79726; MRPROGKLM1016; Boreland Glen area S79726; MRPROGKLM1016; *; *; 1988 Gabbro.
E72188; COLLNODMA236; Sherry Gill, Shap Fells E72188; COLLNODMA236; * 1998 Granite.
N1574; COLLNOFY1654; Tarff Water N1574; COLLNOFY1654; * 1998 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1576; COLLNOFY1656; S slope of Beinn Bhreac N1576; COLLNOFY1656; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
N1566; COLLNOFY1644; SE flank Elrig'ic an Toisich (750) N1566; COLLNOFY1644; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1557; COLLNOFY1635; NE slope Beinn a' Chait N1557; COLLNOFY1635; * 1998 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
N1559; COLLNOFY1637; Beinn Dearg N1559; COLLNOFY1637; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1561; COLLNOFY1639; Beinn Garbh N1561; COLLNOFY1639; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1562; COLLNOFY1640; NE flank of Beinn Dearg N1562; COLLNOFY1640; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1057; COLLNOWX1145; Keith By-Pass Borehole 705 N1057; COLLNOWX1145; * 1988 Gneiss; Granite;. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1058; COLLNOWX1146; Keith By-Pass Borehole 705 N1058; COLLNOWX1146; * 1988 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1056; COLLNOWX1144; Keith By-Pass Borehole 704 N1056; COLLNOWX1144; * 1988 Gneiss; Granite;. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99764; COLLNOETS463; 1200m SSW of Shieldholm S99764; COLLNOETS463; * 1997 Granodiorite.
S99671; COLLNOMY1581; Larger quarry, S face, Cairns of Ord, 200m NW of farm building S99671; COLLNOMY1581; * 1997 Granite.
S99962; COLLNOGX1678; Cliffed promontory 450m SW of East Head S99962; COLLNOGX1678; * 1997 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Semi Pelite'
S99957; COLLNOGX1673; W side of Bay, 210m N of Rosehall Croft S99957; COLLNOGX1673; * 1997 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Pelitic Gneiss'
S99654; COLLNOSMS292; Creag nam Abhag, W of summit S99654; COLLNOSMS292; * 1997 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneissose Semi Pelite'
N1493; COLLNOETS641; 90m SE of Craig Titibeg N1493; COLLNOETS641; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Biotite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1488; COLLNOETS636; 900m ESE of Glengour ruin N1488; COLLNOETS636; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1489; COLLNOETS637; 1490m E of Glengour ruin N1489; COLLNOETS637; * 1998 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Mica Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1479; COLLNOETS627; 820m ENE of Lochindorb Castle N1479; COLLNOETS627; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Mica Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1481; COLLNOETS629; 830m ENE of Lochindorb Castle N1481; COLLNOETS629; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Mica Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N895; COLLNOWX1166; Keith By-pass BH E8A, depth 28.7m, 200m S of Corsairtly farm N895; COLLNOWX1166; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N894; N894/A; N894/B; COLLNOWX1151; Boggierow Quarry, 1.5km SW of Portsoy N894; N894/A; N894/B; COLLNOWX1151; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1148; COLLNORYF147; Banvie Burn N1148; COLLNORYF147; *; *; 1998 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
N1180; COLLNOWX1343; 400m WSW of Creag na h-Iolair N1180; COLLNOWX1343; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Bioite Granite'
N1170; COLLNOWX1333; Allt Bhron N1170; COLLNOWX1333; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1171; COLLNOWX1334; Buachaille Breige, SW spur N1171; COLLNOWX1334; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1477; COLLNOETS625; 15m E of Carn Ruigh Chorrach top N1477; COLLNOETS625; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1478; COLLNOETS626; 780m NE of Lochindorb Castle N1478; COLLNOETS626; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
N920; N920/A; N920/B; COLLNOHY1262; Bealach an t-Suidhe N920; N920/A; N920/B; COLLNOHY1262; * 1997 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
N909; COLLNOHY1251; 300m W of Drum Buidhe N909; COLLNOHY1251; * 1997 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
N896; COLLNOHY1238; Duchray Water, Aberfoyle N896; COLLNOHY1238; * 1997 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
N1173; COLLNOWX1336; Buachaille Breige, SW spur N1173; COLLNOWX1336; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1185; COLLNOWX1348; Creag na h-Iolair summit N1185; COLLNOWX1348; * 1998 Gneiss; Schist;. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
N1187; COLLNOWX1350; Carn a'Bhutha, 150m NE of summit N1187; COLLNOWX1350; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1508; COLLNOLY1211; Carn Bad a'Glad, Dava Moor N1508; COLLNOLY1211; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1500; COLLNOLY1203; Dava Moor N1500; COLLNOLY1203; * 1998 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
N1502; COLLNOLY1205; Dava Moor N1502; COLLNOLY1205; * 1998 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
N1503; COLLNOLY1206; Dava Moor N1503; COLLNOLY1206; * 1998 Gneiss; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1504; COLLNOLY1207; Dava Moor N1504; COLLNOLY1207; * 1998 Gneiss; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1423; COLLNOPY474; Ord Quarry N1423; COLLNOPY474; * 1998 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1425; COLLNOPY509; Hill of Urchany N1425; COLLNOPY509; * 1998 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1416; COLLNOPY454; Foynesfield N1416; COLLNOPY454; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1417; COLLNOPY455; Field near Foynesfield N1417; COLLNOPY455; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1418; COLLNOPY456; Bognafuaran N1418; COLLNOPY456; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1421; COLLNOPY471; E of Lyne of Urchany N1421; COLLNOPY471; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N1412; COLLNOPY443; Rait Castle N1412; COLLNOPY443; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N1413; COLLNOPY447; Geddes Estate Hill track N1413; COLLNOPY447; * 1998 Gneiss; Pelite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1204; COLLNOSMS313; R.Feshie, 240m upstream from Allt nan Clachan N1204; COLLNOSMS313; * 1998 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1207; COLLNOSMS316; Slochd Beag, large waterfall N1207; COLLNOSMS316; * 1998 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR21300 Birstall Gravel Pit,: at Birstall MR21300 * 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR21303 Tallington Pit, Stamford MR21303 * 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
N2329; COLLNOPY606; Newton Clump N2329; COLLNOPY606; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2330; COLLNOPY607; Newton Clump N2330; COLLNOPY607; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N264; COLLNORYF32; WNW trending gorge, upper reaches of An Leth Allt, Coire Dhuinnid (see Clifford et al, Min Mag, Feb 99, vol. 63, pp37-52) N264; COLLNORYF32; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Granulite'
N265; COLLNORYF33; WNW trending gorge, upper reaches of An Leth Allt, Coire Dhuinnid (see Clifford et al, Min Mag, Feb 99, vol. 63, pp37-52) N265; COLLNORYF33; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Granulite'
N2064; COLLNOLY1215; SE ridge of Rough Craig N2064; COLLNOLY1215; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2065; COLLNOLY1216; SE ridge of Rough Craig N2065; COLLNOLY1216; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2066; COLLNOLY1217; SE ridge of Rough Craig N2066; COLLNOLY1217; * 1999 Gneiss; Granite;. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2063; COLLNOLY1214; SE ridge of Rough Craig N2063; COLLNOLY1214; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2067; COLLNOLY1218; SE ridge of Rough Craig N2067; COLLNOLY1218; * 1999 Gneiss; Granite;. 'Original entry: Granite'
E24154 Huncote Quarry, Huncote. E24154 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granophyric Granodiorite.'
MR22073 Weeford Pit: at Weeford Pit MR22073 * 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
N267; N267/B; COLLNORYF35; WNW trending gorge, upper reaches of An Leth Allt, Coire Dhuinnid (see Clifford et al, Min Mag, Feb 99, vol. 63, pp37-52) N267; N267/B; COLLNORYF35; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Granulite'
N268; COLLNORYF36; WNW trending gorge, upper reaches of An Leth Allt, Coire Dhuinnid (see Clifford et al, Min Mag, Feb 99, vol. 63, pp37-52) N268; COLLNORYF36; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Granulite'
N269; N269/A; N269/B; N269/C; COLLNORYF37; WNW trending gorge, upper reaches of An Leth Allt, Coire Dhuinnid (see Clifford et al, Min Mag, Feb 99, vol. 63, pp37-52) N269; N269/A; N269/B; N269/C; COLLNORYF37; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Granulite'
N266; COLLNORYF34; WNW trending gorge, upper reaches of An Leth Allt, Coire Dhuinnid (see Clifford et al, Min Mag, Feb 99, vol. 63, pp37-52) N266; COLLNORYF34; * 1998 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Granulite'
MR21967 Quarry name: West Deeping Pit: at West Deeping Pit MR21967 * 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
E63588; COLLNOKB588; Llyn Ogwen, N shore E63588; COLLNOKB588; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E63590; COLLNOKB590; Llyn Ogwen, N shore E63590; COLLNOKB590; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99392; COLLNOJXX245; Laggan Monument, N S99392; COLLNOJXX245; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99393; COLLNOJXX246; Above Lagg Cottage S99393; COLLNOJXX246; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99394; COLLNOJXX247; Above Laggan Cottage S99394; COLLNOJXX247; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99395; COLLNOJXX248; An Dun, S of summit S99395; COLLNOJXX248; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2199; COLLNOJXX144; Blargie N2199; COLLNOJXX144; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N2198; COLLNOJXX143; Blargie N2198; COLLNOJXX143; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
N2200; COLLNOJXX147; Blargie N2200; COLLNOJXX147; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N2201; COLLNOJXX149; Blargie N2201; COLLNOJXX149; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N2202; COLLNOJXX152; Spay Reservoir N2202; COLLNOJXX152; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
N2203; COLLNOJXX158; Laggan Bridge Quarry N2203; COLLNOJXX158; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Psammitic Gneiss'
N2197; COLLNOLY885; Allt Mhainasteir N2197; COLLNOLY885; *; *; 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Kyanite Gneiss'
E4227 Groby. E4227 * Granite.
E72303; COLLNOCT1877; Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale. Sample CT 1877. E72303; COLLNOCT1877; * 1998 Granite.
E2783 Enderby Village. E2783 * Granite.
N2301; COLLNOALW52; Carn Allt Laoigh N2301; COLLNOALW52; * 1999 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E63622; COLLNOKB622; Swalch Mai, Anglesey E63622; COLLNOKB622; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E63623; COLLNOKB623; Monument, Pont Britannia. E63623; COLLNOKB623; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Blueschist'
E63625; COLLNOKB625; Brythdir Mawr E63625; COLLNOKB625; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E748 Cliff Hill, Charnwood Forest. E748 Granite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granitite.'
E749 Cliff Hill, Charnwood Forest. E749 Granofels. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granulite'
E9472 Palners Cross Group, Wolverhampton. E9472 Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre.'
E6328 Groby Quarry. E6328 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre.'
E6329 Groby Quarry. E6329 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre.'
E9694 Enderby Mill Quarry. E9694 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Epidote Grandiorite.'
E9695 Enderby Warren Quarry. E9695 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Epidote Grandiorite.'
E9697 Huncote Quarry. E9697 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granophyric Granodiorite.'
E15478 Hill of Lady Hay Wood near Groby. E15478 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite.'
E15628 Bradgate Hill Quarry. E15628 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite.'
E63005; COLLNOKB5; Garn, 40m W of summit E63005; COLLNOKB5; Granite. 'Original entry: Microgranophyre'
E63006; COLLNOKB6; Gyrn, quarry on SE side E63006; COLLNOKB6; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E2073 Markfield Lane below village. E2073 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyric Granite.'
N2294; COLLNOALW36; SCOTLAND. Nairn (Lochindorb) (84E) N2294; COLLNOALW36; * 1999 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
N2291; COLLNOALW30; SW Carn nan Clach Garbha N2291; COLLNOALW30; * 1999 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N2293; COLLNOALW33; Carn nan Clach Garbha N2293; COLLNOALW33; * 1999 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
N2309; COLLNOALW61; Craig a' Ghiuthais N2309; COLLNOALW61; * 1999 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N2304; COLLNOALW35; Creag a' Ghiuthais N2304; COLLNOALW35; * 1999 Gneiss; Metamorphic Rock (Undifferentiated); Psammite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2317; COLLNOALW124; Rhilean Burn N2317; COLLNOALW124; * 1999 Gneiss; Metamorphic Rock (Undifferentiated); Psammite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2318; COLLNOALW125; Rhilean Burn N2318; COLLNOALW125; * 1999 Gneiss; Metamorphic Rock (Undifferentiated); Psammite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E72486 Treviscoe Borehole SC 2/6 E72486 * Granite.
E72485 ECLP Borehole (L2), Henbarrow Pit E72485 * Granite.
E72478 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72478 * Granite.
E72479 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72479 * Granite.
E21133 Huncote Quarry, Huncote. E21133 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granophyric Granodiorite.'
E9462 Barnhurst Group, Wolverhampton. E9462 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite.'
E9465 Barnhurst Group, Wolverhampton. E9465 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite.'
E11951 Croft Hill Quarry, Croft. E11951 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E11943 Elmsthorpe, Barrow Hill Quarry. E11943 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite.'
E72264; COLLNOCT1838; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1838. E72264; COLLNOCT1838; * 1998 Granite.
E72265; COLLNOCT1839; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1839. E72265; COLLNOCT1839; * 1998 Granite.
S99381; COLLNOLY1070; The Fara S99381; COLLNOLY1070; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99377; COLLNOLY1066; Meall Cruaidh S99377; COLLNOLY1066; * 1996 Gneiss; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E41186 Between Stirchley and Shifnal, New Road cutting, 750 yards due west of Naird Farm. E41186 * Granite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Adamellite.'
E41187 Between Stirchley and Shifnal, New Road cutting, 750 yards due west of Naird Farm. E41187 * Granite. 'Original entry: Adamellite.'
E41171 Between Stirchley and Shifnal, New Road cutting, 750 yards due west of Naird Farm. E41171 * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Graniodiorite.'
E72480 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72480 * Granite.
E72481 ECLP Gunheath Pit E72481 * Granite.
E72482 Gunthorpe Pit E72482 * Granite.
E72483 ECLP Gunheath Pit E72483 * Granite.
E72477 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72477 * Granite.
E72484 ECLP Gunheath Pit E72484 * Granite.
E72473 base of cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72473 * Granite.
E72474 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72474 * Granite.
E72475 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72475 * Granite.
E72476 cliff west of Trequean Zawn E72476 * Granite.
S99362; COLLNOLY1050; Meall Leac na Sguabaich S99362; COLLNOLY1050; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E41181 Between Stirchley and Shifnal, New Road cutting, 750 yards due west of Naird Farm. E41181 * Granite. 'Original entry: Adamellite.'
E41176 Between Stirchley and Shifnal, New Road cutting, 750 yards due west of Naird Farm. E41176 * Granite. 'Original entry: Alkali Granite.'
E41177 Between Stirchley and Shifnal, New Road cutting, 750 yards due west of Naird Farm. E41177 * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite.'
E19166 Cliffe Hill Granite Quarry, Markfield. E19166 Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre.'
N2185; COLLNOSMS520; NW of Loch Tarff N2185; COLLNOSMS520; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2182; COLLNOSMS517; NW of Loch Tarff N2182; COLLNOSMS517; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2183; COLLNOSMS518; NW of Loch Tarff N2183; COLLNOSMS518; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2184; COLLNOSMS519; NW of Loch Tarff N2184; COLLNOSMS519; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E16927 Huncote Quarry, Huncote. E16927 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite.'
E16928 Earl Shelton Quarry, Shelton. E16928 Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyric Rock.'
N2115; COLLNOFY1755; 400m SW of Corrour Bothy, Glen Dee N2115; COLLNOFY1755; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2111; COLLNOFY1751; R. Dee 300m NE of confluence with Geulachan Burn N2111; COLLNOFY1751; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2106; COLLNOFY1746; 1100m NNW of Cnapan Mor N2106; COLLNOFY1746; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2107; COLLNOFY1747; An Garbh-allt N2107; COLLNOFY1747; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2108; COLLNOFY1748; R. Dee in Glen Dee N2108; COLLNOFY1748; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2109; COLLNOFY1749; R. Dee in Glen Dee N2109; COLLNOFY1749; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2110; COLLNOFY1750; NE flank of Beinn Bhrotain - Glen Dee N2110; COLLNOFY1750; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2101; COLLNOFY1741; Allt Garbh N2101; COLLNOFY1741; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2102; COLLNOFY1742; 1100m SE of Carn Cloich-mhuilinn N2102; COLLNOFY1742; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2096; COLLNOFY1736; Sgor na Culkige N2096; COLLNOFY1736; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2071; COLLNOFY1711; R. Dee N2071; COLLNOFY1711; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S99391; COLLNOJXX244; Laggan Monument, S S99391; COLLNOJXX244; * 1996 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2097; COLLNOFY1737; Carn Fiaclach N2097; COLLNOFY1737; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2098; COLLNOFY1738; Cairn Fiaclach N2098; COLLNOFY1738; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2091; COLLNOFY1731; Carn Fraclach Beag N2091; COLLNOFY1731; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E63026; COLLNOKB26; N bank of Afon Goch E63026; COLLNOKB26; Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S79550; COLLNOWX1062; 350m E of Clochmacreich S79550; COLLNOWX1062; * 1987 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79546; COLLNOWX1058; Over Windyhills S79546; COLLNOWX1058; * 1987 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79547; COLLNOWX1059; 150m SW of Over Windyhills S79547; COLLNOWX1059; * 1987 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79548; COLLNOWX1060; Quarry 250m SW of Over Windyhills S79548; COLLNOWX1060; * 1987 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2352; COLLNOETS697; Outcrop 1620m SSE of Aitnoch, N of Dorback Burn N2352; COLLNOETS697; * 1999 Gneiss; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2374; COLLNOETS719; Outcrop 250m SSE of Little Aitnoch N2374; COLLNOETS719; * 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Muscovite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N2375; COLLNOETS720; Outcrop 300m NW of Kerrow, W side of Dorback Burn N2375; COLLNOETS720; * 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
S79544; COLLNOWX1056; Bowie Burn, 350m NW of Goukstone S79544; COLLNOWX1056; * 1987 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E63052; COLLNOKB52; Twt Hill Quarry E63052; COLLNOKB52; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
COLLNORYF217; MC5819; Water pipe trench on E side of Clemiston Road North, Edinburgh COLLNORYF217; MC5819; * 2000 Gabbro; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
COLLNORYF219; MC5821; Water pipe trench on E side of Clemiston Road North, Edinburgh, c.3m deep COLLNORYF219; MC5821; * 2000 Gabbro; Pegmatite;. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
N2371; COLLNOETS716; Outcrop 1160m SSE of Aitnoch N2371; COLLNOETS716; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
N2338; COLLNOLY1226; R. Divie, beside Dunphail Ho N2338; COLLNOLY1226; * 1999 Gneiss; Granite;. 'Original entry: Gneissose Rock'
N2340; COLLNOLY1229; R. Divie, 400m SSW of Dunphail Ho N2340; COLLNOLY1229; * 1999 Gneiss; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N2339; COLLNOLY1228; R. Divie, 300m S of Dunphail Ho N2339; COLLNOLY1228; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
S79530; COLLNOWX1042; Burn of Aultmore, 350m SE of Allacardoch S79530; COLLNOWX1042; * 1987 Gneiss; Schist;. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S79531; COLLNOWX1043; Float, 100m SW of Berryleys Fm S79531; COLLNOWX1043; * 1987 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S79343; S79343/A; COLLNOWX1031; Old quarry 900m WSW of Bridge of Montgrew S79343; S79343/A; COLLNOWX1031; * 1987 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S79340; S79340/A; COLLNOWX1028; R.Isla, Strathisla Distillery S79340; S79340/A; COLLNOWX1028; * 1987 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
S79335; S79335/A; COLLNOWX1023; Cuthill Wood, Keith S79335; S79335/A; COLLNOWX1023; * 1987 Gneiss; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S79338; COLLNOWX1026; R.Isla, 100m above Keith Bridge S79338; COLLNOWX1026; * 1987 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S79339; S79339/A; COLLNOWX1027; R.Isla, Strathmill Distillery S79339; S79339/A; COLLNOWX1027; * 1987 Gneiss; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
S99982; MRPROGKLM1107; Glen Devon area S99982; MRPROGKLM1107; *; *; 1988 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Micrograbbro'
E63040; COLLNOKB40; Llyn Ogwen E63040; COLLNOKB40; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E63038; COLLNOKB38; Llyn Ogwen E63038; COLLNOKB38; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E63039; COLLNOKB39; Llyn Ogwen E63039; COLLNOKB39; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
N2452; COLLNOCYY212; Lochmaben Hospital BH, depth 81.95 - 81.97m N2452; COLLNOCYY212; * 1999 Gypsum. 'Original entry: Gypsum Rock'
E63067; COLLNOKB67; Llyn Ogwen, N shore E63067; COLLNOKB67; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E64433; COLLNOTL64; Bochlwyd E64433; COLLNOTL64; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E64434; COLLNOTL65; Bochlwyd E64434; COLLNOTL65; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
N2377; COLLNOETS722; Outcrop S of R. Findhorn 870m W of Ferness P.O. N2377; COLLNOETS722; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
S79533; COLLNOWX1045; Float, 250m NNW of Moss-side S79533; COLLNOWX1045; * 1987 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E63003; COLLNOKB3; Gyrn, 20m from summit E63003; COLLNOKB3; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
E63004; COLLNOKB4; Gyrn, 20m from summit E63004; COLLNOKB4; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
N2365; COLLNOETS710; Outcrop, E of Reroppie Burn 1130m SSE of Refouble N2365; COLLNOETS710; * 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Epidote Gneiss'
N2364; COLLNOETS709; Outcrop, Reroppie Burn 1060m SSE of Refouble N2364; COLLNOETS709; * 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Semi Pelitic Gneiss'
N2359; COLLNOETS704; Outcrop 400m SSE of Refouble N2359; COLLNOETS704; * 1999 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
N2358; COLLNOETS703; Outcrop 290m NNW of Reeskie N2358; COLLNOETS703; * 1999 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
E9554 From Stone Heap, near Kents Cottage, Skeldon, near Birmingham. E9554 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E72618 'Gravel pit'. 450m S.S.E. of Mill Farm. E72618 * 2000 Gravel. 'Original entry: ?Cambrian Hornfelsed Mudstones.'
MR36570 Stonar Gravel Pit, north of Sandwich MR36570 *; *; Gravel.
E38704 A458 near Bridnorth. E38704 * Gravel. 'Original entry: Pebble'
MR36436 South Crofty Tin Mine, Roskear B lode 425 fathoms SL, 1008 m W hanging wall MR36436 * Granite. 'Original entry: Mineralised Granite'
E63007; COLLNOKB7; Gyrn, quarry on SE side E63007; COLLNOKB7; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyre'
MR36409 South Crofty Tin Mine, No.4 lode, 410 fathoms, S level 670 m W MR36409 * Granite. 'Original entry: Mineralised Granite'
MR36410 South Crofty Tin Mine, No.8 lode 360 fathoms, 529 m W raise MR36410 * Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmalinite-Granite'
MR36412 South Crofty Tin Mine, No.2 lode 400 fathoms, 650 m W MR36412 * Granite. 'Original entry: Mineralised Granite'
MR36407 South Crofty Tin Mine, 360/8/400W MR36407 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR14035 Quarry, west side of road, Loch Laoghal side, 1m. 925ft north 10 degrees west of Leitermhor, Sutherland - locality not in gazetteer, MR14035 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - Intrusion In Moine Schists - Newer Igneous'
MR14049 Quarry on point 300 yards E.N.E. of Eilean a' Mhuirich, fully 1 metre west of Strontian (?), Argyllshire, MR14049 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Granodiorite - Intrusion In Moine Schists - Newer Igneous (Survey An'
MR14050 Quarry at Kingairloch pier (1670 yards south 7 degrees west of 2136 Beinn near Cille), Loch a Choire, Morvern, Argyllshire, MR14050 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Biotite-Granite - Intrusion In Moine Schists - Newer Igneous'
MR14051 Dalmore Quarry,Dalmore Quarry, Rogart, Sutherland, MR14051 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite And Biotite - Intrusion In Moine Schists - Newer Igneous'
E123; MR1199; above Stanley Gill - not uniquely located in gazetteer, E123; MR1199; * 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Granitite, Eskdale Granite)'
E109; MR1200; E end of Brantrake Moss, E109; MR1200; * 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Granitite, Eskdale Granite)'
E110; MR1201; Brantrake Crags, E110; MR1201; 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Granitite, Eskdale Granite)'
MR1202 below Buckbarrow, MR1202 Granite. 'Original entry: Granitite, Eskdale Granite'
MR1203 Bootle, MR1203 Granite. 'Original entry: Granitite, Muncaster Granite'
MR14140 Dalmore Quarry,Dalmore Quarry, Rogart, Sutherland, MR14140 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - Intrusion In Moine Schists'
MR11462 Quarry by Boswidjack, Constantine, Cornwall, MR11462 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11463 Quarry 0.5 miles N.W. of Meledor, St. Stephen-in-Brannel, Cornwall, MR11463 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Near Margin)'
MR11464 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Lamorna, Paul, Cornwall, MR11464 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11465 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Lamorna, Paul, Cornwall, MR11465 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusions Of Killas'
MR11469 Quality on Gulval Downs, Gulval, Cornwall, MR11469 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Fine-Grained, Newer)'
MR11536 Mabe Quarries,Mabe Quarries, Penryn, Cornwall, MR11536 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Dendritic Markings On Joints'
MR11671 Quarry 0.25 miles S.W. of Burnthouse, Cornwall, MR11671 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR12847 Haugh Hill Plantation,Haugh Hill Pplantation, Beckfield House, MR12847 1931 Gypsum. 'Original entry: Gypsum From Middle Permian Marls'
MR12851 Haugh Hill Plantation,Haugh Hill Pplantation, Beckfield House, MR12851 1931 Gypsum-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Middle Marls With Gypsum'
MR11693 Quarry first below summit of Western Beacon, near Ivybridge, Devon, MR11693 1909 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11700 Cheesewring Quarry,1 km North of the Hurlers, near Liskeand, MR11700 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Biotite - Granite'
MR11701 East side of Quarry, Gunnislake, Cornwall, MR11701 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Schorl, Decolorized Biotite, And Idiomorphic Quartz'
E6572; MR14466; Quarry Uauty-coy Brook,Quarry Uauty-coy Brook 200 yards south of Caufi, Pembrokeshire, E6572; MR14466; Granite. 'Original entry: Granophyric Biogranite'
MR14517 Waberthwaite Quarry,Waberthwaite Quarry about 2 miles S.E. of Ravenglau, Cumberland, MR14517 * Granite. 'Original entry: Broad Oak Granite'
MR13363 Craignain Quarry,Craignain Quarry, five-sixths of a mile S.W. of station, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudlightshire, MR13363 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - Old Red Sandstone'
MR11730 Gready Quarry, Luxulyan, Cornwall, MR11730 1919 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Large Twinned Felspar'
MR11732 Gready Quarry, Luxulyan, Cornwall, MR11732 1919 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Pegmatite Vein'
MR11733 Gready Quarry, Luxulyan, Cornwall, MR11733 1919 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Large Zoned Felspar'
MR11855 Macdonald's Quarry,Macdonald's Quarry, Stirling Hill, Peterhead, Aberdeen, MR11855 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11856 Macdonald's Quarry,Macdonald's Quarry, Stirling Hill, Peterhead, Aberdeen, MR11856 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11857 Macdonald's Quarry,Macdonald's Quarry, Stirling Hill, Peterhead, Aberdeen, MR11857 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11861 ,Kemnay Quarry, Aberdeen, MR11861 Granite. 'Original entry: Junction Of Tap And Granite'
MR11862 ,Kemnay Quarry, Aberdeen, MR11862 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11863 Rubislaw Quarry, Aberdeen, MR11863 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11864 Sclattie Quarry, Aberdeen, MR11864 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR10419 Bothenhampton Brickpit,Botherhampton, MR10419 1933 Gypsum-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Kellaways Rock With Selenite'
MR10420 Dorset Brick Company's Pit,Chickerell, near Weymouth, MR10420 1933 Gypsum. 'Original entry: Selenite Crystals From Kellaways Clay'
MR10449 Cranhill Quarry,200 yards SE of Milncroft Bridge, Linlithgow, MR10449 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Teschenite'
MR10552 0.25 mile W of Ben More Lodge, Loch Ba, Mull, MR10552 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Granophyre (Beinn A'Ghraig)'
MR14296 Rubislaw Granite Quarries,Rubislaw Granite Quarries, Aberdeen, MR14296 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - Block 8" Cube'
MR14347 Cairnshee Quarry,Cairnshee Quarry, Aberdeenshire, MR14347 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Injection Gneiss'
MR14357 Retire Elvan Quarry,Tremorebridge Withiel, near Bodminl, MR14357 Granite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
MR14358 Retire Elvan Quarry,Tremorebridge Withiel, near Bodminl, MR14358 Granite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
MR10402 Beacon Cottage Clay Pits (Saule's),1 mile WSW of St Agnes Church, MR10402 1933 Gravel. 'Original entry: Top Of Basal Gravel'
MR13103 Luxulyan Quarry,Luxulyan Quarry, Cornwall, MR13103 Granite. 'Original entry: Junction Of Granite And Mica-Schist'
MR14533 Quarry on north bank of Nanty-coy brook half a mile east of Brimaston, Pembrokeshire, MR14533 Granodiorite, Hornblende. 'Original entry: Hornblende-Granite'
MR13261 Granite Quarry, Carsluith, Kirkcudbrightshire, MR13261 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Darker Variety Of Creetown Rock) - Lower Old Red Sandstone'
MR13262 Creetown Granite Quarries, Kirkcudbrightshire, MR13262 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Creetown Silver-Grey) - Lower Old Red Sandstone'
MR11865 Sclattie Quarry, Aberdeen, MR11865 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion (Unpolished)'
MR11866 Dyce Quarry, Aberdeen, MR11866 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. (Unpolished)'
MR11867 Ardshiel,Ardshiel Quarry, Ballachulish, MR11867 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polised Specimen'
MR11868 Ardshiel,Ardshiel Quarry, Ballachulish, MR11868 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11869 Ardshiel,Ardshiel Quarry, Ballachulish, MR11869 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11870 Ardshiel,Ardshiel Quarry, Ballachulish, MR11870 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11872 Shap Quarry,Shap Quarry, Westmorland, MR11872 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11880 Moor Quarry, Newry, Co. Down, MR11880 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion (Unpolished)'
MR11882 Greedy Quarry, St.. Blazey, Cornwall, MR11882 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
MR11883 Lamorna Quarry, Penzance, Cornwall, MR11883 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion'
MR11884 Lamorna Quarry, Penzance, Cornwall, MR11884 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion. Polished Specimen'
E4277; E4277/B; MR11885; Lamorna Quarry, Penzance, Cornwall, E4277; E4277/B; MR11885; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion (Unpolished)'
E5697; MR11886; Tregorden Quarry,Tregarden, E5697; MR11886; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusiom (Unpolished)'
E5700; MR11887; Golden Point Quarry,? Golden Point Quarry, Cornwall, E5700; MR11887; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion (Unpolished)'
E5701; MR11888; ?Golden Point Quarry,?Golden Point Quarry, Cornwall, E5701; MR11888; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Inclusion (Unpolished)'
MR1196; COLLNO123; foot of Kirk Fell, Wasdale Head, MR1196; COLLNO123; * 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite ("Granitite", Wasdale Granite)'
E117; MR1197; COLLNO87; near Great How - not uniquely located in gazetteer, E117; MR1197; COLLNO87; * 1878 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite ("Granitite", Wasdale Granite)'
MR1198 behind Woolpack, MR1198 Granite. 'Original entry: Granitite (Eskdale Granite)'
MR13803 Longmans Quarry,Longmans Quarry, 4.5 miles east of Banff, MR13803 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - "Newg Granites", Caledonian'
MR13805 Inmoshay Quarry, Portland, Dorset, MR13805 1933 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite Pebble From Clay Bed With Lower Purbeck'
MR11452 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Carnsew, Mabe, Cornwall (12), MR11452 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11453 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Eathorne, Mabe, Cornwall, MR11453 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11454 Quarry at Budock Water, Budock, Cornwall, MR11454 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11455 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., 0.25 miles north of Longdowns, Mabe, Cornwall, MR11455 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11456 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., 0.25 miles west of Brill, Constantine, Cornwall, MR11456 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR14365 Quarry, Giurlet Rock, Careg-ysr - Guibill, Pullhelic, MR14365 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
MR14392 Trearrell Quarry,Bliland, Cornwall, MR14392 Granite. 'Original entry: Elvan With Fluor'
MR11457 Quarry at Carn Marth, Redruth, Cornwall, MR11457 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11460 Quarry 300 yards north of Newton Round, Gowan, Cornwall, MR11460 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11461 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., 0.5 miles west of Treculliacks, Constantine, Cornwall, MR11461 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR19095 Westmead Quarry, MR19095 Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Grey Granite'
MR19096 Foggintor Quarry,1.4 ml W of Princetown Church, North Entrance, S side, MR19096 Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Grey Granite'
MR19097 Foggintor Quarry,1.4 ml W of Princetown Church, North Entrance, S side, MR19097 Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Granite'
MR19101 Merryvale Quarry,Merryvale Quarry, MR19101 Granite. 'Original entry: Finer Grained Grey Granite - Porphyritic Grey'
MR1578; COLLNO613; Qy. 3/4 mile N of Penhale, Mullion, MR1578; COLLNO613; Gneiss. 'Original entry: Granite-Gneiss'
MR15784 Quarry, Knock of Braemoray (five-eigths of a mile N.W. of top) Moray, Elgin, MR15784 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Permeation Gneiss With Pegmatite Lit'
E24496; MR18590; Gwylwyr Quarry,Gwylwyn Qry. (Bottom), 3/4 ml NE of Nevin,(Nefyn) E24496; MR18590; 1950 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: ? Granodiorite; Light Pinkish With Darker Finegrained Xenoliths'
E24497; MR18591; Gwylwyr Quarry,Gwylwyn Qry. (Middle), 3/4 ml NE of Nevin,(Nefyn) E24497; MR18591; 1950 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: ? Granodiorite, Darker Type'
E24498; MR18592; Gwylwyr Quarry,Gwylwyn Qry. (Top), 3/4 ml NE of Nevin,(Nefyn) E24498; MR18592; 1950 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: ? Granodiorite, Grey'
MR15865 Small Quarry 300 yards S.W. of over Windyhills Farm, Banffshire MR15865 Granite. 'Original entry: Foliated Porphyritic Granite'
MR15866 Quarry in wood at roadside 1 mile W.S.W. of Portsoy, Bauffshire, MR15866 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Augen-Gneiss'
MR15880 Cairnshee Quarry,Cairnshee Quarry, Banchory, MR15880 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Injection Gneiss'
MR13712 Dhoon Quarry,Dhoon Quarry, Isle of Man, MR13712 Granite. 'Original entry: Dhoon Granite'
MR1853 Qy. 3/8 mile N of station at Ivybridge, MR1853 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1866 Qy. at Col Cerrow,at Luxulyan, MR1866 Granite. 'Original entry: Segregation Patch In Granite'
MR11205 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Carnsew, Mabe, Cornwall, MR11205 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11206 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co. Lamorna, Paul, Cornwall, MR11206 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11207 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., 0.25 miles north of Longdowns, Mabe, Cornwall, MR11207 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11208 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Earthorne, Mabe, Cornwall, MR11208 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11209 Quarry of Messrs. John Freeman & Co., Newmill, Gulval, Cornwall, MR11209 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11210 Quarry at Carn Marth, Redruth, Cornwall, MR11210 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11213 Castle Quarry,Castle Quarry, below Castle-an-Dinas, Ludguan, Cornwall, MR11213 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR15925 Blackhill Quarry,Blackhill Quarry 4 miles south of Peterhead, MR15925 Granite. 'Original entry: Peterhead Granite'
MR15926 Kemnay Granite,Kemnay Quarry, Aberdeenshire, MR15926 Granite. 'Original entry: Kennay Granite'
MR16547 Quarry in granite with Elvan dykes west side of road, Wheal Bungay, St. Agnes Head, Cornwall, MR16547 Granite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
MR18625 Shap Granite Quarry,Shap Granite Qry. Westmorland, MR18625 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Shap Granite. Dark Variety'
MR18627 Shap Granite Quarry,Shap Granite Qry. Westmorland, MR18627 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Fine Grained Shap Granite'
MR18629 Shap Granite Quarry,Shap Granite Qry. Westmorland, MR18629 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Shap Granite. Fine Grained, Porphyritic. Dark Coloured Variety'
MR10217 Wicklesome Gravel Pit,0.5 mile SE of Farringdon Station, MR10217 1933 Gravel. 'Original entry: Red Gravel'
MR10218 Wicklesome Gravel Pit,0.5 mile SE of Farringdon Station, MR10218 1933 Gravel. 'Original entry: Red Gravel'
MR10219 large sponge gravel pit 0.25 mile SW of Wicklesome Pit, 0.625 mile S of Farringdon Station, MR10219 1933 Gravel. 'Original entry: Sponge Gravel'
MR19026 Kincorth Quarry,Kincorth Quarry, about 2 miles south of Aberdeen, MR19026 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - 'Intrusive' Into Dalradian'
MR19029 Kincorth Quarry,Kincorth Quarry about 2 miles south of Aberdeen, MR19029 Granite. 'Original entry: Junction Of Granite And Shale - Dalradian'
MR19031 Cove Quarry,Cove Quarry approximately 4 miles SSE of Aberdeen, MR19031 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite From Small Mass'
MR19032 Cove Quarry,Cove Quarry approximately 4 miles SSE of Aberdeenshire, MR19032 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
MR19036 Maryfield Quarry,Maryfield Quarry, about 1 mile east of Banchory, Kincardine, MR19036 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Veined Gneiss'
E24835; MR18661; Carnsew Quarries,Earnsew Qry. Nr. Penrhyn, E24835; MR18661; 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite'
MR1869 Qy. NW of Knill's Monument, St. Ives, MR1869 Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline-Pegmatite'
MR1856 Qy. near Rutt, Ugborough, MR1856 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite ("Pinite-Granite") With Tourmaline'
MR16625 Quarry in bank of small stream, Allt an Dris, 1000 feet north of Dereneneach Farm, Arran, MR16625 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - Central Ring Complex - Tertiary'
MR11242 Quarry in Whympston Wood, Modbury, Devon, MR11242 * Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Granophyre'
MR16032 Kincorth Quarry,Kincorth Quarry, Aberdeen, MR16032 Granite. 'Original entry: Road Metal - Granite'
MR16033 Rubislaw Granite Quarries,Rubinlaw Quarry, Aberdeen, MR16033 Granite. 'Original entry: Building Stone - Granite'
MR16034 Kemnay Quarry,Kemnay Quarry, Aberdeenshire, MR16034 Granite. 'Original entry: Building Stone - Granite'
MR1846 Qy. 1/4 mile WSW of Camborne Beacon, Camborne, MR1846 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1847 Castle Qy. ,below Castle-an-Dinas, Ludgvan, MR1847 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1848 Qy. at De Lank, St. Breward, MR1848 Granite, Muscovite-Biotite. 'Original entry: Muscovite-Biotite-Granite'
MR1849 Greedy Qy., at St. Blazey, MR1849 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, With Basic Inclusion'
MR16040 Bouaue Granite Quarries,Bonawe Granite Quarries - north side of Loch Etive, Argyll, MR16040 Granite. 'Original entry: Road Metal - Granite'
MR16047 Kentallen Quarries,Kentallen Quarries, Argyllshire, MR16047 Granite. 'Original entry: Building Stone - Black Granite'
E19647; MR17501; Sweet's Quarry,Caradon Hill, 500 yards S.W. of trig. point at 1213 feet, Cornwall, E19647; MR17501; 1942 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1861 Qy. 1/2 mile W of Treculliocks, Constantine, MR1861 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Aplite Vein'
MR1862 Gunnislake Qy., Gunnislake, centre of quarry, MR1862 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Aplite Vein'
MR15587 Wabberthwaite,Wabberthwaite Quarry near Seascale, MR15587 Granite.
MR16407 Small Quarry, at the Lighthouse, Butt of Lewis, Lewis, MR16407 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Lewisian Gneiss (1 Piece Showing Faulting)'
MR16408 Quarry close to war memorial, Stornoway, Lewis, MR16408 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
MR15668 1300 yards N 30o E of Lane End, Wabberthwaite, MR15668 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Eskdale Granite (Granodiorite)'
MR16103 Waberthwaite Quarry,Waberthwaite Quarry 2 miles S.E. of Ravenglaces, Cumberland, MR16103 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Eskdale Granite (Granodiorite)'
MR13709 Beckfoot Quarry,Beckfoot Quarry, Eskdale, MR13709 Granite. 'Original entry: Eskdale Granite - Porphyritic Type'
MR1852; COLLNO750; Qy. in Kit Hill, Callington, MR1852; COLLNO750; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11169 Quarry at De bank, St. Breward, Cornwall, MR11169 * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR11174 Quarry at De Lank, St. Breward, Cornwall, MR11174 * Granite. 'Original entry: Aplite Vein In Granite'
MR18002 Quarry,Sand Pits, W of Fostall (Section S End), MR18002 1946 Gravel, Sandy, Clayey. 'Original entry: Woolich Beds. 9' Band Of Mauve Sandy Concretions. C 10' Down From Top Of Section'
MR18006 Quarry,Gravel Pits, Sturry, W of Herne Bay Road., MR18006 1946 Gravel. 'Original entry: River Gravel'
MR18007 Cremer Whiting & Co, Brickworks Faversham section at west side of workings, MR18007 Gravel. 'Original entry: Head Gravel, Towards Top Of Gravel Section'
MR18790; COLLNOEM33; Trannack Quarry,Sithney, MR18790; COLLNOEM33; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18795; COLLNOEM38; Spargo Downs Quarry,Mabe, MR18795; COLLNOEM38; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18796; COLLNOEM39; Rosemanowes Quarry,Stithians, MR18796; COLLNOEM39; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18797; COLLNOEM40; Mawes Quarry,Longdowns, MR18797; COLLNOEM40; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18798; COLLNOEM41; Mawes Quarry,Longdowns, MR18798; COLLNOEM41; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18799; COLLNOEM42; Spargo Downs Quarry,Mabe, MR18799; COLLNOEM42; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18800; COLLNOEM43; Polkanuffo Quarry,Longdowns, MR18800; COLLNOEM43; * Granite. 'Original entry: Top Granite Weathered Red'
MR21948 Quarry,Ham Hill Pit, Snodland,PET XLIII p315 MR21948 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint And Sandstone Gravel'
MR21949 Quarry,Darenth Lane Pit, Dartford,PET XLIII p315 MR21949 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint And Sandstone Gravel'
MR21950 Quarry,New Road Pit, Charlton, MR21950 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21953 Halford Road Pit, Mucking, MR21953 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint And Sandstone Gravel'
MR21954 Dagenham Pit, MR21954 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel With Sandstone Pebbles'
MR21955 Quarry,Longford Pit, MR21955 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21956 Quarry,Testwood Pit, Totton MR21956 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21957 Quarry,Fen Drayton pit, MR21957 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel With Quartz And Limestone Pebbles'
MR18070 Stamp Hill Gypsum Mine, MR18070 1947 Gypsum. 'Original entry: Daisy Bed In Gypsum Seam (Spherultic Gypsum)'
MR18081 Sheffield Quarry,2.5 ml SSW of Penzance, MR18081 1947 Granite. 'Original entry: Sheffield Granite (In The Lands End Granite)'
MR21958 Quarry,Moreton Sand Pit, Harlow Common, MR21958 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel With Quartz And Sandstone Pebbles'
MR21959 Quarry,Ringwood Pit, Blashford, MR21959 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21961 Swail Pit, Brompton On Swail MR21961 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
MR21968 Quarry,Chapel Lane Pit, Stockley, MR21968 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21969 Quarry,Eastbrookend Pit, Dagenham, MR21969 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21970 Packington Park Qry.,Meriden, MR21970 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
MR21971 Thorney Pit, West Drayton, MR21971 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21978 Quarry,Flint Cross Qry. Royston MR21978 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR18822; COLLNOEM67; Newton Quarry,Ruddle Common, MR18822; COLLNOEM67; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Somewhat Kaolinised'
E22722; MR18826; COLLNOEM72; Tregarden Quarry,Luxulyan, E22722; MR18826; COLLNOEM72; * Granite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Granite'
MR18827; COLLNOEM73; Tregarden Quarry,Luxulyan, MR18827; COLLNOEM73; * Granite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite Patch In Granite. Large Crystals Of Schorl And Clusters Of Radiating M'
MR1837 Qy. at Sheffield, Paul, MR1837 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1838 Qy. near church at Pendeen, St. Just, MR1838 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Biotite-Granite'
MR1839 Qy. 1/4 mile NE of Bosleake, Carn Brea, Camborne, MR1839 Granite, Muscovite-Biotite. 'Original entry: Muscovite-Biotite-Granite'
MR1841 Qy. 300 yards WNW of Cosawes Barton, S of Ponsanooth, MR1841 Granite, Muscovite-Biotite. 'Original entry: Muscovite-Biotite-Granite, Foliated'
MR18419 Knocknull Gravel Pit, MR18419 1950 Gravel. 'Original entry: De Silicilified And Disintegrated Flint Pebbles'
MR1842 Qy. 1/4 mile SE or SW of Croft Michael, Camborne, MR1842 Granite. 'Original entry: Fine-Grained Granite (Schorlaceous)'
MR18429 Quorn Wood Pit.,E of Buddon Wood, Mountsorrel, MR18429 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Main Dyke, Granite'
MR18431 Cocklow Wood Quarry,3/4 ml W of Mountsorrel Mkt. Pl., MR18431 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR25410; COLLNOC1391; Home Farm Pit,300 yards NW of W end of Stowe School,owner not recorded MR25410; COLLNOC1391; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Fine Gravel'
MR25411; COLLNOC1392; Home Farm Pit,300 yards NW of W end of Stowe School,owner not recorded MR25411; COLLNOC1392; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Medium Gravel'
MR25419; COLLNOC1404; Lower Park Farm Gravel Pits,Bromham,Samuel W. Jarvis & Sons Ltd., 117 Midland Road, Bedford: 6 acres of reserves in 1961 MR25419; COLLNOC1404; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Washed Gravel >1 Inch'
MR25420; COLLNOC1405; Lower Park Farm Pit, 1/2ml. SSW of St.Thomas a Becket's Church, Clapham,Bromham,Samuel W. Jarvis & Sons Ltd., 117 Midland Road, Bedford: 6 acres of reserves in 1961 MR25420; COLLNOC1405; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Washed Fines'
MR25421; COLLNOC1406; Lower Park Farm Pit, 1/2ml. SSW of St.Thomas a Becket's Church, Clapham (,Bromham,Samuel W. Jarvis & Sons Ltd., 117 Midland Road, Bedford: 6 acres of reserves in 1961) MR25421; COLLNOC1406; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Washed Aggregate (0.25 Inch)'
MR18432 Cocklow Wood Qry.,3/4 ml W of Mountsorrel Mkt. Pl., MR18432 1950 Granodiorite, Hornblende. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granite; White Variety'
MR18433 Mountsorrel Quarry,Mountsorrel, MR18433 1950 Granite. 'Original entry: Dyke, Granite'
MR18436 Enderby,Enderby, quarry west of Warren farm, MR18436 Gravel. 'Original entry: Syenite'
MR1844 Golden Point Qy. (J. Freeman & Sons),SW of Tregarden, Luxulyan, MR1844 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR16999 Old Quarry,Old Quarry in quartzose granite, south of Newcastle, Co. Down, N. Ireland, MR16999 Greisen. 'Original entry: Greisen Veins In Tertiary Granite Of Mourne Mounts'
MR26175 Broomhill,Broom Hill, 2/3 mile due S of Creeting St Mary Church,owned by W & J Cordle, Rivenhall House, Hasketon Woodbridge; marketed by Associated Sand & Gravels: "large pits and plant" MR26175 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR26176 Broomfield Pit,500 yards due W of Sorrel Horse Inn,Ipswich Concrete Aggregates Ltd., Hadleigh Road, Ipswich MR26176 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR26186 Raydon 'A',400 yards SE of Raydon Ponds Farm,AM Emeny, 130 High Street, Hadleigh, Essex MR26186 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR2200 Gunnislake Qy. ,eastern side of quarry at Gunnislake, MR2200 Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline-Granite'
MR2201 Gunnislake Qy. ,Gunnislake, MR2201 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR2202 Whiterocks Qy. ,Hingston Down, Callington, MR2202 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Fine-Grained'
MR2203 Qy. 3/8 mile N of station, Ivybridge, MR2203 Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline-Granite'
E28949; MR22035; Quarry,Ronez Qry. St. John, E28949; MR22035; * 1959 Granodiorite, Hornblende. 'Original entry: Hornblende Granodiorite Aggregate'
MR22041 Wraysbury Qry. Kingsmead MR22041 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel Including Flint And Quartzite'
MR22047 Moreton Say Pit, MR22047 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
MR22048 Straits Mill Pit, Bocking, MR22048 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel Including Flint And Quartzite'
E6811; MR2205; Qy. at Whitestone, Bovey Tracey, E6811; MR2205; Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline-Granite'
MR22061 Yatton Pit, Aymestrey, MR22061 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
E28962; MR22062; Quarry,Dagenham Pit, E28962; MR22062; 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR18273 at 225 ft in BH at Moles Brewery, Newark, 2850ft SSE of Newark Station, MR18273 Gypsum-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Gypsum Nodule'
MR18274 at 232 ft in BH at Moles Brewery, Newark, 2850ft SSE of Newark Station, MR18274 Gypsum-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Impure Gypsum'
MR18840; COLLNOEM89; Carne Quarry, Nancledra,Carne Quarry, Nancledra, MR18840; COLLNOEM89; * Granite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Granite'
MR18844; COLLNOEM93; Higher Castallack Quarry,Higher Castallack Quarry, Paul, MR18844; COLLNOEM93; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18845; COLLNOEM94; Lower Castallack Quarry,Lower Castallack Quarry, Paul, MR18845; COLLNOEM94; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18846; COLLNOEM95; Lower Castallack Quarry,Lower Castallack Quarry, Paul, MR18846; COLLNOEM95; * Granite. 'Original entry: Biotic 'Inclusion' In Granite'
MR18847; COLLNOEM96; Lower Castallack Quarry,Lower Castallack Quarry, Paul, MR18847; COLLNOEM96; * Granite. 'Original entry: Vein In Granite'
MR18849; COLLNOEM98; Crean Quarry,Crean Quarry, St. Buryan, MR18849; COLLNOEM98; * Granite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Granite With Pink Feldspars'
MR1886 China stone qy.,at Tregargus, St. Stephen in Brammel, MR1886 Granite. 'Original entry: Kaolinised Granite'
MR21334 City Fields Pit, Henlow, MR21334 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21336 Quarry,Llwyn Isaf Pit, Upper Clynnog, MR21336 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel, Glacial'
MR21337 Quarry,Chatteris Road Pit. Mepal, MR21337 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21345 Quarry,Langridge Pit. Langridge Farm, Nazeing, MR21345 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
E27609; MR21348; Quarry,Brook Qry. Pontardulais, E27609; MR21348; 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Greywacke Aggregate'
E27610; MR21349; Quarry,Cornelly (Pantmawr) Qry. Pyle, E27610; MR21349; 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Oolitic Limestone Aggregate'
MR21351 Quarry,Colney Heath Pit, colney Heath, MR21351 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21352 Quarry,Gilston Pit, Sawbridgeworth, MR21352 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21353 Quarry,Little Paxton Pit, St. Neots, MR21353 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21354 Quarry,Marsh Lane Pit, Hemingford Grey, St. Ives, MR21354 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21363 Quarry,Heath Pit, Hounslow Heath, MR21363 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
E27615; MR21364; Quarry,Cwmynyscoy Qry. Pontypool, E27615; MR21364; 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Dolomite Aggregate'
E27608; MR21368; Quarry,Worsham Qry. Asthall Leigh, E27608; MR21368; 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Limestone Aggregate'
MR21375 Quarry,Higham Pit, Nr. Bury St. Edmunds Church, MR21375 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21376 Quarry,Eartham Pit, Nr. Chichester, MR21376 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
E27620; MR21377; COLLNO12; Holme Park Qry,. Holme E27620; MR21377; COLLNO12; 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Limestone Aggregate'
MR21564 Quarry,Halangy Downs Quarry, St. Mary's, MR21564 1958 Granite. 'Original entry: Finer Granite'
E9064; MR2207; Dartmoor Prison Qy., Dartmoor Prison, E9064; MR2207; Granite. 'Original entry: Tourmaline-Granite'
MR25754 Fox Hall,4 miles E of Ipswich,Wilding & Smith Ltd., Nacton Road, Ipswich MR25754 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR25755 Fox Hall,4 miles E of Ipswich,Wilding & Smith Ltd., Nacton Road, Ipswich MR25755 Gravel. 'Original entry: Pebbles From Gravel'
MR25760 Sink Pits,Kesgrave,Hall & Co. Ltd., Victoria Wharf, Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, Surrey MR25760 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR25761 Sink Pits,Kesgrave,Hall & Co. Ltd., Victoria Wharf, Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, Surrey MR25761 Gravel. 'Original entry: Pebbles And Gravel'
MR26141 Cornard Brickworks,400 yards SSE of Stone Farm, Little Conard,Cornard Brick and Tile Co.: see mGS Sheet 206 Chapter V p.36 MR26141 Gravel. 'Original entry: Red-Brown Gravel'
MR22082 Lunsford Farm Pit. E Malling, MR22082 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
MR22090 Llay Qry. Llay, MR22090 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
MR22103 Bristol Channel - offshore location, MR22103 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Fine Mixed Gravel'
MR1887 china stone,at Lower Kengilliack, Budock, MR1887 Granite. 'Original entry: Kaolinised Granite'
MR18876; COLLNOEM126; Bradford Quarry,Bradford Quarry, Blisland, MR18876; COLLNOEM126; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18877; COLLNOEM127; Bodwithiel Quarry,Bodwithiel Quarry, Blisland, MR18877; COLLNOEM127; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18878; COLLNOEM128; Tor Down Quarry,St. Breward, MR18878; COLLNOEM128; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18879; COLLNOEM129; Hantergantick Quarry, St. Breward, MR18879; COLLNOEM129; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18880; COLLNOEM130; Carbilley Quarry,Carbilley Quarry, Blisland, MR18880; COLLNOEM130; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite Porphyritic Granite'
MR15263 3/8 mile W of Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale, MR15263 Granite. 'Original entry: Grey Eskdale Granite'
MR15264 3/8 mile W of Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale, MR15264 Granite. 'Original entry: Pinkish Eskdale Granite'
MR26142 Cornard Brickworks,400 yards SSE of Stone Farm, Little Conard,Cornard Brick and Tile Co.: see mGS Sheet 206 Chapter V p.36 MR26142 Gravel. 'Original entry: Red-Brown Gravel'
MR460; I859; Derrygarve Slate,5 miles south of Louisburgh, MR460; I859; 1877 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Hornblende Rock (Sheared Gabbro)'
E1632; MR492; Roadside 500ft. W.of Bryn. Gwallen Farm lane gate. Qy., NE.of Tafarn-y-botel, Llanerchymedd. E1632; MR492; *; *; 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite-Gneiss'
MR5169 Qy. St Brelades, Jersey, MR5169 Granodiorite, Hornblende. 'Original entry: Hornblende-Granite'
E28983; MR22113; Quarry,St Peter's Valley Qry. Jersey, E28983; MR22113; 1959 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite Aggregate'
E28986; MR22117; Quarry,Gigoulande Qry. St Mary, Jersey, E28986; MR22117; 1959 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Biotite Granite Aggregate'
MR22122 Llay Hall Pit, Cefn y Bedd MR22122 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel'
MR26168 Kersey,1100 yards SW of Semer Lodge, Kersey,AM Emeny MR26168 Gravel. 'Original entry: Chalky Gravel'
MR26171 Valley Farm,250 yards SE of Valley Farm, 1.25 miles SW of Sproughton Church,Nicholls, 4-6 Bridge Street, Ipswich MR26171 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR17209 Eifl Quarry,Eifl Quarry, (Top Bank), Trevor, Lleyn, Caernarvonshire, MR17209 Granite. 'Original entry: Basalt Thin Dyke Granite Porphy Proc. Geol. Association Vol. 50 1939 Pt1 P.92'
MR18762; COLLNOEM5; Bosahan Quarry,Recktallak Hill, MR18762; COLLNOEM5; * Granite. 'Original entry: Meduim Coarse Granite'
MR18763; COLLNOEM6; Callevan [Kalevan] Quarry,Longdowns Penryll, MR18763; COLLNOEM6; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18764; COLLNOEM7; Callevan Quarry,Longdowns Penryll, MR18764; COLLNOEM7; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18765; COLLNOEM8; Callevan Quarry,Longdowns Penryll, MR18765; COLLNOEM8; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18766; COLLNOEM9; Troon Quarry,Camborne, MR18766; COLLNOEM9; * Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18767; COLLNOEM10; Trevone Quarry,Mabe, MR18767; COLLNOEM10; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18770; COLLNOEM13; Retallack Quarry,Constantine, MR18770; COLLNOEM13; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18771; COLLNOEM14; Retallack Quarry,Constantine, MR18771; COLLNOEM14; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite With Feldspar Clots'
MR18772; ELABNOEM15; Trenoweth Quarry,Mabe, MR18772; ELABNOEM15; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18773; COLLNOEM16; Tresahor Quarry,Mabe, MR18773; COLLNOEM16; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18774; COLLNOEM17; Trannack Quarry,Sithney, MR18774; COLLNOEM17; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18775; COLLNOEM18; Boreise Quarry,Constantine, MR18775; COLLNOEM18; * Granite. 'Original entry: Coarse Granite'
MR18777; COLLNOEM20; Goodagrane Quarry,Mabe, MR18777; COLLNOEM20; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18778; COLLNOEM21; Mean Pern Quarries,Constantine, MR18778; COLLNOEM21; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18780; COLLNOEM23; Brill (or ?Brite) Quarry,Constantine, MR18780; COLLNOEM23; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR21944 Quarry,Mogden Lane Pit, Twickenham,PET XLIII p315 MR21944 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21946 Quarry,Darenth River Pit, Sundridge,PET XLIII p315 MR21946 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel With Sandstone Pebbles'
MR21947 Poringland Pit,5.5 ml SE of Norwich,PET XLIII p315 MR21947 1959 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR24784 Thwaite farm, Stourton, Leeds, MR24784 1961 Gravel. 'Original entry: Mixed Gravel, Predominately Sandstone'
MR18801; COLLNOEM44; Polkanuffo Quarry,Longdowns, MR18801; COLLNOEM44; * Granite. 'Original entry: Fine Grained White Granite'
MR18802; COLLNOEM45; Herniss Quarry,Longdowns, MR18802; COLLNOEM45; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18803; COLLNOEM46; Herniss Quarry,Longdowns, MR18803; COLLNOEM46; * Granite. 'Original entry: Fine Granite With Unusual Concentration Of Mica'
MR18804; COLLNOEM47; South Carn Marth Quarry,Lannet, MR18804; COLLNOEM47; * Granite. 'Original entry: Meduim Grained Ganite'
MR18806; COLLNOEM49; Trolvis Quarry,Stithians, MR18806; COLLNOEM49; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18807; COLLNOEM50; Trolvis Quarry,Stithians, MR18807; COLLNOEM50; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18808; COLLNOEM51; Trolvis Quarry,Stithians, MR18808; COLLNOEM51; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18809; COLLNOEM52; Trolvis Quarry,Stithians, MR18809; COLLNOEM52; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18810; COLLNOEM53; Trolvis Quarry,Stithians, MR18810; COLLNOEM53; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18811; COLLNOEM59; Kennal Vale Quarry,Kennal Vale Quarry, Stiltians, Cornwall, MR18811; COLLNOEM59; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR14863 Location134 south side of Loch Etive, small granite quarry 1 and a quarter miles E.N.E. of Bonawe Ferry, MR14863 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite With Inclusions - Lower Old Red Sandstone'
MR1833 Qy. at Newmill, Gulval, MR1833 * Granite. 'Original entry: Andalusite-Granite'
MR1834 Granite Quarry, J. Freeman & Sons,at Newmill, Gulval, MR1834 Granite. 'Original entry: Biotite-Granite'
MR1835 Qy. (J. Freeman & Sons Co. Ltd.), at Sheffield, Paul, MR1835 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1836 Qy. at Lamorna, Paul, MR1836 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Porphyritic'
MR18781; COLLNOEM24; Trelubbas Quarry,Wenalton, MR18781; COLLNOEM24; * Granite. 'Original entry: Coarse Grained Granite'
MR18782; COLLNOEM25; Lower Spargo Downs Quarry,Mabe, MR18782; COLLNOEM25; * Granite. 'Original entry: Coarse Grained Granite'
MR18783; COLLNOEM26; Carn Marth Quarry,Carn Marth, MR18783; COLLNOEM26; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Phorphyritic Granite'
MR18787; COLLNOEM30; Carn Brea Quarry,Camborne, MR18787; COLLNOEM30; * Granite. 'Original entry: Coarse Grained Granite'
MR18788; COLLNOEM31; Carnlanking Quarry,Kerries, MR18788; COLLNOEM31; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Phorphyritic Granite'
MR25384; COLLNOC1346; Olney,Gravel Pit (Welford Gravels Ltd.), 800yds SW of St.Reter & St.Paul's Church, Olney MR25384; COLLNOC1346; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR25385; COLLNOC1347; Olney,Gravel Pit (Welford Gravels Ltd.), 800yds SW of St.Reter & St.Paul's Church, Olney MR25385; COLLNOC1347; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Washed 3/4 Inch Gravel'
MR25395; COLLNOC1361; Great Linford Pit,Newport Pagnell,(Bletchley Concrete Aggregates Ltd.) 650yds NW of St.Andrew's Church, Great Linford MR25395; COLLNOC1361; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Coarse Gravel'
MR25396; COLLNOC1362; Woad Farm Pit,Bedford Road, Newport Pagnell(,GFX Hartigan Ltd., High Street, Newport Pagnell) 950yds NW of St.Peter & St.Paul's Church, Newport Parnell MR25396; COLLNOC1362; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Coarse Gravel'
MR25397; COLLNOC1363; Odell Pit,0.75 mile E of St. Peter's Church Harrold,(John Hawtrey & Co.) MR25397; COLLNOC1363; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Coarse Gravel'
MR25398; COLLNOC1364; Mansion Lane,Harrold, 850 yards W 12degrees N of St.Peter's Church Harrold (,C Clayson & Sons, Mansion Lane Quarry, Harrold) MR25398; COLLNOC1364; *; *; *; Gravel. 'Original entry: Coarse Gravel'
E9247; E9247/A; MR14869; COLLNO1045; Northmost Granite Qy. 1ml.due N.of Church, Lundy Island E9247; E9247/A; MR14869; COLLNO1045; Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1505; COLLNO144; St. Brelades,Jersey, MR1505; COLLNO144; Granite. 'Original entry: Granitite'
MR16866 Quarry 300 yards E.N.E. of Eilean a Mhuirich, Strontian, Argyllshire, MR16866 Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Normal Porphyritic Granodiorite'
MR18899; COLLNOEM151; Caradon Silver-Grey Granite Quarry,Caradon Silver-Grey Granite Quarry, MR18899; COLLNOEM151; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18900; COLLNOEM152; Hawk's Tor Quarry,Castick MR18900; COLLNOEM152; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18901; COLLNOEM158; Darley Tor Quarry,Henwood, MR18901; COLLNOEM158; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18902; COLLNOEM154; Darley Quarry,Henwood, MR18902; COLLNOEM154; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR18903; COLLNOEM155; Bearah Tor Quarry, Northill, MR18903; COLLNOEM155; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Granite'
MR14839 Castlehill Flagstone Quarry,Castlehill Flagstone Quarry, Castletown, Caithness, MR14839 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Bituminous Sandstone With Rain Pits. Middle Old Red Sandstone - Thurso Group'
MR16673 Quarry S.E. of Adavoyle railway station, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland, MR16673 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Quartz-Gabbro - Slieve Cullion Complex -Tertiary'
MR16678 Quarry N.E. side of Chimney Rock Mount, Mourne Mounts, N. Ireland, MR16678 1934 Granite. 'Original entry: Hornblende-Granite - Tertiary'
MR16679 Lislea Quarry,Lislea Quarry, Co Armagh, N. Ireland, MR16679 1934 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Hornblende-Granophyre Slieve Cullion Complex, Tertiary'
MR16685 Quarry south of Newcastle, Co. Down, Ireland, MR16685 1934 Granite. 'Original entry: Drusy Cavity In Granite Filled With Crystals Of Dark Quartz And White Albite - T'
MR16908 From near west end of Market Hill, Gluss, above Quarry Head, Shetland - not unique in gazetteer, MR16908 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Injection Gneiss'
MR15394 Mountsorrel Quarry,main quarry at Mountsorrel, MR15394 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR15395 Mountsorrel Quarry,main quarry at Mountsorrel, MR15395 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR19715 Deans Close Sand Pit,Dean, near Charlbury,RJ Hobbs, Lowlands Farm, Chadlington. 15 foot of well sorted and graded sands and gravels MR19715 1954 Gravel. 'Original entry: Quartzite Gravel'
MR36139 Blackhills,Peterhead, N/Centre Scotland, MR36139 1995 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR36140 Corrennie,Aberdeen, N/Centre Scotland, MR36140 1995 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR36142 Sandfordhill,Peterhead, N/Centre Scotland, MR36142 1995 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR20966 Maen Offeren Quarries, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Merioneth, MR20966 Granite. 'Original entry: Blue Granite Of Back Vein'
MR20967 Maen Offeren Quarries, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Merioneth, MR20967 Granite. 'Original entry: Blue Granite Of Old Vein'
MR20968 Maen Offeren Quarries, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Merioneth, MR20968 Granite. 'Original entry: Slateof Old Vein'
MR36149 Corncockle Quarry,Lockerbie, S Scotland, MR36149 1995 Granite. 'Original entry: Microgranite'
E101; MR1208; Buttermere, E101; MR1208; Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Granophyre (Syenitic Granite)'
MR12809 20 yards W of fence at 750 feet, E of Bowness Knotts, MR12809 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Contaminated Granophyre'
MR12810 100 yards E of fence at 800 feet, Bowness Knotts, MR12810 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Contaminated Granophyre'
MR12811 NW corner of Latterbarrow at 700-750 feet, Ennerdale, MR12811 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Dark Granophyre With Epidote'
MR9892 0.25 mile W of Lower Ditchford, 3 miles N of Moreton-in-Marsh, MR9892 1933 Gravel. 'Original entry: Paxford Gravel'
MR9893 S of Stretton-on-Fosse, MR9893 1933 Gravel. 'Original entry: Glacial Gravel'
MR8951 McLaren's pit,Balleswidden Works, St Just, MR8951 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite Breaking Down Into Kaolin, Mica, Etc.'
MR8953 Candle Down Clay Works,near St Austell, MR8953 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Decomposed, With Large Orthoclase Crystals'
MR8955 Sheffield,Land's End, MR8955 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite With Interpenetratin Twin Crystals Of Feldspar Forming A Cross'
MR8956 Wheal Louisa Clay Pit,High Street, St Austell, MR8956 1931 Granite. 'Original entry: Schorl Rock With Feldspars Replaced By Gilbertite Mica'
MR8958 Wheal Coates,St Agnes, MR8958 1931 Granite. 'Original entry: Greisenized Granite'
MR1843 Carbean's Quarry,near Gready, Luxulyan, MR1843 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Biotite-Granite, With Schorl'
MR20300 Pelastine Quarry,from Old Waterloo Bridge -. , Penryn, MR20300 Granite. 'Original entry: Grey Granite'
MR20301 Daviot Quarry,Daviot Quarry, (William Tawse Ltd, Rubishaw, Aberdeen,) MR20301 Granite. 'Original entry: Variegated Granite Aggregate. See S16273'
MR20302 Shiphorne Quarry,Shiphorne Quarry, Eddleston, Alexander Russell & Co. Ltd, Peebles, MR20302 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel Aggregate Composed Of Sandstone, Siltstone And Felsite, River Terrace, Re'
MR21032 Longton Quarry,Longtown Quarry, Longtown, Cumberland, MR21032 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR21041 Dumfin Quarry,Dumfin Quarry, Arden, Dumbartonshire, MR21041 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel'
MR19658 Quarry 100 yards south of Wolf's Corner, Limps Field Common, MR19658 Gravel. 'Original entry: Superrfacial Gravel - Heavy Minerals Examined (A) & (B)'
E27615; MR21367; Quarry,Sonning Eye Pit. Sonning Eye, E27615; MR21367; 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Dolomite Aggregate'
E57996; MR35770; COLLNOS15; Outcrop on bluff on E side of Sherry Gill, 1.52 km on bearing 009o from Wasdale Pike, E57996; MR35770; COLLNOS15; *; *; 1983 Granite. 'Original entry: Megacrystic Granite, Marginal Facies'
E8381; MR8038; Cefn Amlwch,Cefn Amlwch, Lleyn Peninsula, E8381; MR8038; Granite. 'Original entry: Soda-Granite'
E8382; MR8039; Cefn Amlwch,Cefn Amlwch, Lleyn Peninsula, E8382; MR8039; Granite. 'Original entry: Soda-Granite'
MR8847 pit at Cubblecote, 5.3 miles NW of Tring station, MR8847 1932 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel "Opposite Dry Gaps" - "Average Sample"'
MR8848 pit at Cubblecote, 5.3 miles NW of Tring station, MR8848 1932 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel "Opposite Dry Gaps" - "Average Sample"'
MR20308 Quarry half a mile west of Nanpean 2.25Km SSE of St.Dennis, Ch. near St. Austell, MR20308 * Granite. 'Original entry: China-Stone (Granite) With ?Gilbertite. China-Stone Harder Variety - 'Shell Ston'
MR20321 Tregargus Quarry,0.9 km 30 deg. from St. Stephen church,, St. Stephen MR20321 Granite. 'Original entry: China Stone'
MR20343 De Lank Quarries,De Lank Quarries, Cornwall, MR20343 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Faced Block)'
MR21079 Bulford Quarry,Bulford Quarry, half a mile east of Tiers Cross, Pembrokeshire, MR21079 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite - Pre-Cambrian'
MR12812 most easterly crag, Bowness Knotts, MR12812 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Granophyre, Porphyritic Marginal Type'
MR12813 top of Bowness Knotts, MR12813 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Granophyre, Marginal Type'
MR12814 NW corner of Latterbarrow at 700-750 feet, Ennerdale, MR12814 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Granophyre, Fine-Grained, Grey'
MR12815 most easterly crag, Bowness Knotts, MR12815 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Basic Rock In Granophyre'
MR12816 above Jenny Crag Well .. ? Side, 400 feet - not in gazetteer, MR12816 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Grey Granophyre'
MR13704 Latterbarrow, 700-750 feet, Ennerdale, MR13704 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Ennerdale-Buttermere Granophyre'
MR13705 20 yards W of fence E of Bowness Knott, at 750 feet, MR13705 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Ennerdale-Buttermere Granophyre, Basified'
MR15262 5/8 mile WNW of outfall of Smithy Beck into Ennerdale Water, MR15262 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Ennerdale Granophyre'
MR15660 200 yards ENE of outfall of River Liza into Ennerdale Water, MR15660 Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Ennerdale Granophyre, Fine-Grained Type, Not Marginal'
MR15661; COLLNOSEH95-7M; 3/4 mile SSE of outfall of River Liza into Ennerdale Water, MR15661; COLLNOSEH95-7M; Granite, Granophyric . 'Original entry: Ennerdale Granophyre, Normal Rock Possibly Very Slightly Less Acid Than Typical'
MR8052; I93; Lough Meena,Dunglow, MR8052; I93; 1908 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR8053; I94; Lough Meena,Dunglow, MR8053; I94; 1908 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR8619 just E of reservoir, Worcestershire Beacon, MR8619 1932 Gneiss, Hornblende-Biotite. 'Original entry: Hornblendic Gneiss With Acid Intrusion'
E16271; MR8620; 100 yards SE of reservoir, Worcestershire Beacon, E16271; MR8620; 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Diorite Gneiss'
E16273; MR8622; Tanks Quarry,North Malvern, E16273; MR8622; 1932 Granite, Biotite. 'Original entry: Biotite-Granite-Gneiss'
MR19900 Delank Quarries,Delank Quarries, Bodmin, Cornwall, MR19900 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Small Polished Specimen'
MR19488; COLLNOC599; Blackenstone Quarry,Blackenstone, c. 3ml. N of Lustleigh MR19488; COLLNOC599; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Porphyritic Granite'
MR19489; COLLNOC600; Blackenstone Quarry,Blackenstone, c. 3ml. N of Lustleigh MR19489; COLLNOC600; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Porphyritic Granite'
MR19490; COLLNOC601; Blackenstone Quarry,Blackenstone, c.3ml. N of Lustleigh MR19490; COLLNOC601; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Porphyritic Granite'
MR19491; COLLNOC603; Blackenstone Quarry,Blackenstone, c.3ml. N of Lustleigh MR19491; COLLNOC603; * Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Pink Granite'
MR19494; COLLNOC609; Rutt Quarry,Rutt Quarry, MR19494; COLLNOC609; * Granite. 'Original entry: Pink Porphyritic Granite'
MR19495; COLLNOC610; Rutt Quarry,Rutt Quarry, MR19495; COLLNOC610; * Granite. 'Original entry: Pink Granite With Tourmaline'
MR21283 Kingsmead Pit, Horton, MR21283 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21287 Brouxbourne No. 2 Pit, Nazeing, MR21287 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21288 Aveley Pit, Aveley, MR21288 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21289 Quarry,Nine Acre Shaw Pit, W Thurrock, MR21289 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21290 New Hall Pit, Asheldham, MR21290 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR2215 Qy. at Bovey Tracey, MR2215 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite At Contact With Culm'
MR21291 Foxland's Gravel Pit, Dagenham MR21291 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21292 Quarry,Somerley Gravel Pit, MR21292 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21293 Brouxbourne Pit, Broxbourne, MR21293 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21294 Three Hills Pit, Cadicote, MR21294 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21295 70 Acres Field Qry. Cheshunt, MR21295 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21296 Pynesfield Pit, West Hyde, MR21296 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21297 West Ends Pit, Fenstanton, MR21297 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21298 Blackwater Pit, Newport, MR21298 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21304 Heston Airport Pit, Heston, MR21304 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21305 Harrow Farm Pit, Charlton, MR21305 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21306 ,Hydecrete Nos. 2 & 3 Pits, Colnbrook, MR21306 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21307 Quarry,Dews Farm Sand & Gravel Pits, Harefield, MR21307 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21308 Poyle Sand & Gravel Pits, Colnbrook, MR21308 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21309 Berg Apton Pit,Norwich, MR21309 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21310 Kilverston Pit,Thetford, MR21310 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21311 Briton's Lane Pit,Beeston Regis, MR21311 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21326 Staines Lane Pit, Chertsey, MR21326 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21327 Norlands Lane Pit, Thorpe, MR21327 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR21328 Nore Hill Pit, Worms Heath, MR21328 1957 Gravel. 'Original entry: Flint Gravel'
MR9533 Raven Crag, 850 yards S 10o W of Knott End, Eskdale, MR9533 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Eskdale'
MR9534 crag at foot of Muncaster Fell, 700 yards W 38o S of Musthwaite, MR9534 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Eskdale'
MR9535 small crag in wall of overflow channel 600 yard at S 35o E of Muncaster Station (Ravenglass & Eskale railway), MR9535 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, Marginal Facies Of Eskdale Type'
MR20249 Quarry Seafinhill, 2 miles N.W. of Annalong, MR20249 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR20250 Quarry, Seefinhill, 2 miles N.W. of Annalong, Co. Down, MR20250 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR7728 Bulford,0.5 mile E of Tiers Cross, MR7728 1931 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR7729 Bulford,0.5 mile E of Tiers Cross, MR7729 1931 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite, At Contact'
MR9559 Tanks Quarry,North Malvern, MR9559 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Malvernian Gneiss'
MR9560 Tanks Quarry,North Malvern, MR9560 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Malvernian Gneiss'
MR9561 Tanks Quarry,North Malvern, MR9561 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Malvernian Gneiss'
MR9562 Tanks Quarry,North Malvern, MR9562 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Malvernian Gneiss'
MR9571 Gullet quarry,Castle Morton, South Malverns,WJ Jackman, Stoneleigh, Castle Morton, Malvern MR9571 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
MR9572 Gullet quarry,Castle Morton, South Malverns,WJ Jackman, Stoneleigh, Castle Morton, Malvern MR9572 1932 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
E152; MR6268; COLLNO122; West of Gap, E of Brantrake Moss, E152; MR6268; COLLNO122; * 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Eskdale Granite, Quartzo-Felsitic'
MR6273 Brantrake Crags, MR6273 * 1877 Granite. 'Original entry: Eskdale Granite, Roughly Cleaved'
MR3441; I1409; Templepatrick,Templepatrick, MR3441; I1409; 1888 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel Bed On Chalk In Contct With Trachyte'
MR3901 Temple Patrick,Temple Patrick, MR3901 1888 Gravel. 'Original entry: Gravel Bed On Chalk, Altered By Trachyte'
MR5160 Qy at Seefin Hill, 2 miles NW of Annalong, MR5160 Granite. 'Original entry: Granitite'
MR7120 at Seefin Hill, 2 miles NW of Annalong, MR7120 1888 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR18422 Peldar Tor Quarry,half a mile SE of Whitwick, Charnwood, MR18422 Gravel. 'Original entry: Dark ?Syenite'
MR18423 Peldar Tor Quarry,half a mile SE of Whitwick, Charnwood, MR18423 Gravel. 'Original entry: Dark ?Syenite'
MR19093 Swelltor Quarry, MR19093 Granite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Grey Granite - Post-Carboniferous'
MR19094 Swelltor Quarry, MR19094 Granite. 'Original entry: Pink Coloured Granite With Schorl Post-Carboniferous'
MR19098 Merrivale Quarry MR19098 Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Grey Granite With Remains Of A Basic Clot. (Polished Slab) - Post'
MR19099 Merrivale Quarry MR19099 Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Slightly Porphyritic Grey Granite. (Polished Slab) - Post-Carboni'
MR19100 Merryvale Quarry,Merryvale Quarry, MR19100 Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Grey Granite - Post Carboniferous'
MR9509 Stanner,S of Kington, MR9509 1932 Gabbro. 'Original entry: Gabbro'
MR19102 Heckwood Quarry,Heckwood Quarry, MR19102 Granite. 'Original entry: Medium Grained Slightly Porphyritic Grey Granite - Post-Carboniferous'
MR19103 Heckwood Quarry,Heckwood Quarry, MR19103 Granite. 'Original entry: Coarser Grained Porphyritic Granite - Post-Carboniferous'
MR36145 Tormore Quarry,Isk of Mull, N/Centre Scotland, MR36145 1995 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR9336 Hooker Crag, 1000 yards S 32o W of Murthwaite, Miterdale, MR9336 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Coarse Pink Granite, Eskdale Granite'
MR9371 on Llandbedrog Point, MR9371 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR9372 on Llandbedrog Point, MR9372 1932 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
E73858; COLLNOJNC871; Mt. Sorrel, quarry 700m WSW of Christ Ch. E73858; COLLNOJNC871; * Granodiorite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
MR5096 Glendowan, S shore of Inishfree Bay, 4 miles SW of Bunbeg, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR5096 1890 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite.'
MR5097 Mullaghderg, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR5097 1891 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite.'
MR5145 Altweier, Bressoir, Vogesen,surface exposure,?Germany MR5145 1910 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR5146 Ochsenkopf, Fichtelgebirge, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR5146 1911 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR5147 Rent, near Gefrees, Fichtelgebirge, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR5147 1912 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR5149 Georgetown, Clear Lake, Colorado,surface exposure,USA MR5149 1913 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR5150 Aughrim, Co. Wicklow,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR5150 1914 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite (Soda-Granite)'
MR5305 Wilischthal, Erzgebirge,surface exposure,Austria MR5305 2018 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Gneiss (Granitoid)'
MR5307 Ross Lake, between Galway and Oughterard,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR5307 2020 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss (Granitoid)'
MR5311 Pferdeberg, D?beln, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5311 2021 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
MR8066 Barriefield, Frontenac County, Ontario,surface exposure,Canada MR8066 1931 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
MR8085; F1270; Kuttenberg, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8085; F1270; 1931 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
MR8086; F1271; Kuttenberg, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8086; F1271; 1931 Gneiss, Micaceous. 'Original entry: Two-Mica Gneiss'
MR8360 S of Hohwald, Vosges,surface exposure,Germany MR8360 Granite. 'Original entry: Amphibole Biotite Granite'
MR8361 Magurka,surface exposure,Hungary MR8361 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR8363 Eisenbach,surface exposure,Hungary MR8363 Granite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Granite (Aplite)'
MR8207 Buchholz, Erzgebirge,surface exposure,Germany MR8207 1931 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Biotite Gneiss'
MR8208 Taubenstein, Erzgebirge,surface exposure,Germany MR8208 1931 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss, Mica Schist'
MR8209 Mittweida'en Hammer, Erzgebirge,surface exposure,Germany MR8209 1931 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Gneiss'
MR8210 Krebsberg, Ehrenfriedendsdorf, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR8210 1931 Gneiss. 'Original entry: Muscovite Gneiss'
MR1432 1.5 miles above Drumgoff Hotel, Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR1432 Granite. 'Original entry: Granite'
MR1433 0.5 miles S of Clash, 3 miles S of Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow,surface exposure,Repu