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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E17477; COLLNOWCCR172; Sale Fell, 150 yds WSW of Trig Pt. 1170. SSW of Bassenthwaite Lake Station E17477; COLLNOWCCR172; * Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
E17535; MR9332; COLLNOWCCR172; Sale Fell, 150 yds WSW of Trig Pt. 1170. SSW of Bassenthwaite Lake Station E17535; MR9332; COLLNOWCCR172; * Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
E17308; E17308/A; MR15449; COLLNOTJ1342; Hannaborough quarry, 1.25 miles SSW. of Hatherleigh. E17308; E17308/A; MR15449; COLLNOTJ1342; * Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
E25665 Trench, 20 Yds. x 3 ft. deep, at Treveignan, half a mile NW. of Michaelstow. E25665 * Kaolinite-Clay. 'Original entry: Kaolin'
E8707; COLLNO337; Road below NE of The Wych, Malverns E8707; COLLNO337; * Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
E8710; COLLNO340; W of N Malverns E8710; COLLNO340; * Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
E8703; COLLNO333; Great Malverns E8703; COLLNO333; * Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
COLLNOR155; ED2009; COLLNOR155; ED2009; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
COLLNOR156; ED2010; COLLNOR156; ED2010; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
COLLNOR157; ED2011; COLLNOR157; ED2011; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
COLLNOR158; ED2012; COLLNOR158; ED2012; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
COLLNOR159; ED2013; COLLNOR159; ED2013; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
COLLNOR160; ED2014; COLLNOR160; ED2014; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
RC376/4; M6925/1; TS972; de Beers Mine,Kimberly RC376/4; M6925/1; TS972; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
RC376/5; TS973A; TS973B; Kimberly RC376/5; TS973A; TS973B; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3687; RC375/1; M6925/5; TS944; Mabuki Mine,Mwanza LABNO3687; RC375/1; M6925/5; TS944; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
RC375/2; M6925/1; Igwisi,Western Province RC375/2; M6925/1; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3690; RC375/3; M6925/5; TS929; 1,200 ft level,Williamsons (Mwadui) Mine LABNO3690; RC375/3; M6925/5; TS929; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3691; RC375/4; M6925/5; TS990; 1,200 ft level,Williamsons (Mwadui) Mine LABNO3691; RC375/4; M6925/5; TS990; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3688A; RC376/1; M6925/5; TS946; Bultfontein Mine,Kimberly LABNO3688A; RC376/1; M6925/5; TS946; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3688B; RC376/2; M6925/5; TS947; Bultfontein Mine,Kimberly LABNO3688B; RC376/2; M6925/5; TS947; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3689; RC376/3; M6925/5; TS945; LABNO3689; RC376/3; M6925/5; TS945; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
LABNO3706; RC378/1; M6925/5; TS991A-D; Carmutue LABNO3706; RC378/1; M6925/5; TS991A-D; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
M3769; RC379/1; Panna State M3769; RC379/1; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
RC377/1; M6925/1; TS951-7; Koidu RC377/1; M6925/1; TS951-7; Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
E8684 Swinyard Qry. S End of Swinyard Hill E8684 * 0 Kersantite.
E19848 100 yards south of Sutherland Farm, Geat Wyrley, South Cannock Colliery. E19848 * Kaolinite-Clay.
E5741; MR1631; Qy. west of Trevennen (Trevesson?), St Goran, E5741; MR1631; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR15463 Hornwell House Quarry,150 yards N.N.W. of Horwell House, 2 and seven-eigths of a mile W.S.W. of Kingsbridge, MR15463 1936 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
MR15464 Hornwell House Quarry,150 yards N.N.W. of Horwell House, 2 and Seven-eigths of a mile W.S.W. of Kingsbridge, MR15464 1936 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite With Shale Inclusions'
E28937; MR21976; Tuttle Hill Qry. "B",Nuneaton, E28937; MR21976; 1959 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre Aggregate'
E8383; MR8040; Garn Bodrean,on Garn Bodrean hill, W of Pwllheli, Lleyn Peninsula, (?Garn Boduan) E8383; MR8040; Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR21262 Disused Quarry, 150 yd W of Horswell House, Kingsbridge, MR21262 1957 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
MR21263 Disused Quarry, 150 yd W of Horswell House, Kingsbridge, MR21263 1957 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
MR21264 Disused Quarry, 150 yd W of Horswell House, Kingsbridge, MR21264 1957 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kersantite'
MR21107 Bruce's Quarry,Bruce's Quarry, Graig Wen, 1 mile SE of Llansilin, Shropshire, MR21107 Kersantite. 'Original entry: ?Keratophyre'
MR7906 Bruce's,at Graig Wen, Glascoed, 1 mile SE of Llansilin, MR7906 1931 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre, "Intrusive"'
MR7736 New Inn,New Inn, MR7736 1931 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR8217 Langenschwalbach, Nassau,surface exposure,Germany MR8217 1931 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kensantite With Amphibole'
MR8218 Markirch, Vosges,surface exposure,Germany MR8218 1931 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kensantite'
MR8219 Wissenbach, Nassau,surface exposure,Germany MR8219 1931 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kensantite'
MR16328 ?Altenelug, near Limburg,surface exposure,Germany MR16328 1937 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR8390 Alzenberg, Hof, Bavaria,surface exposure,Germany MR8390 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR5451 Wilisohthal, Erzgebirge, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR5451 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kensantite'
MR5452 Rhede, Brest, Brittany,surface exposure,France MR5452 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kensantite'
MR8403 Lehachenau, Euchenreuth, Bavaria,surface exposure,Germany MR8403 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre, Porphyritic'
MR25353 Chlumcany kaolinite deposit, c. 10km E of Plzen, W. Bohemia,surface exposure,Westphalian/Stephanian boundary,Czechoslovakia MR25353 1961 Kaolinite-Clay. 'Original entry: Kaolinised Sediment'
MR25358 Sedlec, Karlovy Vary, W. Bohemia,surface exposure,MI 31413,Czechoslovakia MR25358 1961 Kaolinite-Clay. 'Original entry: Kaolin'
MR35534 mine in Madyha Pradesh,Panna Mine,India MR35534 * 1981 Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
MR35574 Ellendale Mine, Palm Spring, Western Australia,Ellendale Mine,Australia MR35574 1981 Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
MR35576 Ellendale Mine, Palm Spring, Western Australia,Ellendale Mine,Australia MR35576 1981 Kimberlites. 'Original entry: Kimberlite'
MR7025; F614; Stockrenna, Grorud,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7025; F614; 1890 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kensantite'
MR12322; F3004; From NW end of small ridgelet at W Kesene, Fen Region,surface exposure,Norway MR12322; F3004; 1926 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Kesenite'
MR8313 Bdkkelaget, Christiania,surface exposure,dyke in Alum Slate,Norway MR8313 1889 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR6997; F583; Byrud, Feiring,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR6997; F583; 1890 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'
MR6998; F584; Osla, Kristiania,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR6998; F584; 1890 Kersantite. 'Original entry: Keratophyre'

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