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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E16560; COLLNOA67; Road N of Rhyd Wen E16560; COLLNOA67; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16562; COLLNOA69; E of the Road N of Rhyd Wen E16562; COLLNOA69; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16577; COLLNOA104; Source of stream between Tan y Gaden and Gill Farmyard E16577; COLLNOA104; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16580; COLLNOA112; Below E end of Mynydd Gader E16580; COLLNOA112; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16584; COLLNOA120; Foot of W end of Mynydd Gader E16584; COLLNOA120; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16589; COLLNOA127; E of Llynan Mynydd E16589; COLLNOA127; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16597; COLLNOA149A; ENGLAND. Barmouth (149) E16597; COLLNOA149A; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16622; COLLNOA189; Mynydd Gader, SE end. E16622; COLLNOA189; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Micropaciletic Rhyolite'
E16652; COLLNOA257; Mynydd Gader E16652; COLLNOA257; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16660; COLLNOA272; W of Little Ponds, Mynydd Gader E16660; COLLNOA272; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16665; COLLNOA282; Penrhyn Gwyn E16665; COLLNOA282; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E16666; COLLNOA290; SW boder of Mynydd Gader E16666; COLLNOA290; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7638; COLLNOA66; Road N of Rhydwen, Dolgelly E7638; COLLNOA66; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7640; COLLNOA80; Near source of Nant y Cennant, Dolgelly E7640; COLLNOA80; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7647; COLLNOA179; S side of Mynydd Gadder, Dolgelly E7647; COLLNOA179; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7648; COLLNOA183; Near Little Ponds, Mynydd Gadder, Dolgelly E7648; COLLNOA183; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7649; COLLNOA185; Mynydd Gadder, Dolgelly E7649; COLLNOA185; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E60427; E60427/A; E60427/B; COLLNOBARD A; Bardon Hill Qry. E60427; E60427/A; E60427/B; COLLNOBARD A; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E60428; COLLNOBARD B; Bardon Hill Qry. E60428; COLLNOBARD B; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E60429; COLLNOBARD B2; Bardon Hill Qry. E60429; COLLNOBARD B2; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E60430; COLLNOBARD C; Bardon Hill Qry. E60430; COLLNOBARD C; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E17313; COLLNOTJ1392; Withnoe Down Qry. 1/4 ml S of Withnoe Farm E17313; COLLNOTJ1392; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Biotite Rhyolite'
E17314; COLLNOTJ1395; Withnoe Qry. 1/4 ml S of Withnoe Farm E17314; COLLNOTJ1395; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Biotite Rhyolite'
COLLNO1; ED7344; BOTSWANA. COLLNO1; ED7344; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
S96993; COLLNOSR333; Beinn nan Stac, Rum S96993; COLLNOSR333; *; *; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
S96983; COLLNOSR248; Compass Hill, Canna S96983; COLLNOSR248; *; *; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
S97046; COLLNODU9870C; N of West Minishal, Rum S97046; COLLNODU9870C; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
S97061; COLLNODU13876; Beinn nan Stac summit, Rum S97061; COLLNODU13876; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
S97008; COLLNOSR486; Meall Breac, Rum S97008; COLLNOSR486; *; *; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
S97015; COLLNOSR526; Sandy Corrie, Dibidil, Rum S97015; COLLNOSR526; *; *; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E67340 Gilfach Farm No. 2 BH. 1 Km 324 deg from Gilfach Fm. 2.5 Km N of Llanwrtyd Wells E67340 * Rhyodacite.
E14656; COLLNOSEH202; 700 yds SW of Outfall stream joining Dale Beck E14656; COLLNOSEH202; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E15838; COLLNOFMT143; 870 yds E 10 deg S of Stockdale E15838; COLLNOFMT143; * Rhyolite; Tuff;. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E14542; COLLNOFMT68; In stream, 300 yds S of Norman E14542; COLLNOFMT68; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E14655; COLLNOSEH201; Roadside, 1600 yds SSE of Nether Row E14655; COLLNOSEH201; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E14625; COLLNOSEH171; Mine dump, 200 yds S of Potts Gill E14625; COLLNOSEH171; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E18143; COLLNOWCCR202; Hestham Qry. 400 N of Hestham E18143; COLLNOWCCR202; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Plagiophyre'
E17458; COLLNOWCR168; Quarry 640 yds S of Murthwaite Bridge E17458; COLLNOWCR168; * Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Plagiophyre'
E1141 Copper Mine Valley; N of Coniston E1141 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E52955; COLLNOLA753; 1200 Yds. at 108 deg. from Hafotty Lletty-wyn. E52955; COLLNOLA753; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E52957; COLLNOLA755; 700 Yds. West of Glasgwm. E52957; COLLNOLA755; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E66221; COLLNOWPR70; 310 m. NNW. of Spot height 766 m. (Craig Cwm Amarch). E66221; COLLNOWPR70; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E66222; COLLNOWPR71; 200 m. NNW. of Spot height 754 m. (Craig Cwm Amarch). E66222; COLLNOWPR71; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E9141; COLLNO4A; Knole Down Quarry. E9141; COLLNO4A; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E6754; COLLNO8; Near Collipark Cottages, S. of Christow. E6754; COLLNO8; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E633 Craig Rhiwarth Nr. Llangynnog E633 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E967 Shilla Mill, next to extreme S. end of quarry. E967 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E11171 On Y Garn Mountain (most westerly outcrop) E11171 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E11172 About 340 yds W of Garn Feifod E11172 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E11173 About 320 yds NW of Garn Feifod E11173 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E585 Y Wenallt, 1 3/4 ml NW of Llanneschllyn E585 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E9143; COLLNO6A; Knole Down Quarry. E9143; COLLNO6A; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E7420; COLLNOA33; Careg y Defaid, Pwllheli E7420; COLLNOA33; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7621; COLLNOA36; Pen y Chuin, Pwllheli E7621; COLLNOA36; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7624; COLLNOA8; Post office, Llanbedrog, Pwllheli E7624; COLLNOA8; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E591 0.25 miles S. of Moel-y-Menin, Arenig Range. E591 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E586 W. of Llyn Arenig, 6 miles NW. of Bala. E586 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E15939; COLLNOTG168; Pwll Hir, Goodwich, No.5. E15939; COLLNOTG168; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E9592; COLLNO337; 4. Crags on Penrhyn, E. side of Solva Harbour. E9592; COLLNO337; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E7237; COLLNO264; 8. E. of Brandy Brook. E7237; COLLNO264; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E9601; COLLNO10; 1. Foel Fawr, (foot of cliff) Ramsey Island. E9601; COLLNO10; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E9602; COLLNO11; 1. Foel Fawr, (summit) Ramsey Island. E9602; COLLNO11; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8833; COLLNO343; Tiot Hill near border of Caernarvon Town. E8833; COLLNO343; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E8910; COLLNO420; Ramsey Island. E8910; COLLNO420; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8913; COLLNO423; Pwll Hendro, Ramsey Island. E8913; COLLNO423; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8919; COLLNO429; Pointz Castle. E8919; COLLNO429; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8898; COLLNO408; Back of cave, Nuns Chapel, St. Davids. E8898; COLLNO408; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8899; COLLNO409; Back of cave, Nuns Chapel, St. Davids. E8899; COLLNO409; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8900; COLLNO410; Pwll Hendrs, Ramsey Island. E8900; COLLNO410; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8894; COLLNO404; Church Quarry, St. Davids. E8894; COLLNO404; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E609 Near Llanwada,2.5 miles NW of Fishguard. E609 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E54856; COLLNOLA996; Maiden Castle. E54856; COLLNOLA996; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E62907; COLLNOLC998; Troutbeck, N bank at bend in stream E62907; COLLNOLC998; * 1990 Rhyolite.
E62905; COLLNOLC962; Backside Beck, below main fault in volcanics E62905; COLLNOLC962; * 1990 Rhyolite.
E62906; COLLNOLC963; Backside Beck, below main fault in volcanics E62906; COLLNOLC963; * 1990 Rhyolite.
E62902; COLLNOLC959; Stockdale Beck; low in rhyolite E62902; COLLNOLC959; * 1990 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Tuff'
E62903; COLLNOLC960; Stockdale Beck; mid. in rhyolite E62903; COLLNOLC960; * 1990 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Tuff'
E62904; COLLNOLC961; Stockdale Beck; high in rhyolite E62904; COLLNOLC961; * 1990 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Tuff'
E62032; COLLNOGW70; 735 m 285 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62032; COLLNOGW70; * Rhyolite.
E62036; COLLNOGW74; 900 m 253 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62036; COLLNOGW74; * Rhyolite.
E61962; COLLNOMH1563; N of Mynydd Pencoed E61962; COLLNOMH1563; * Rhyolite.
E61616; COLLNOMH1530; S of Dyffrydan E61616; COLLNOMH1530; * Rhyolite.
E61964; COLLNOMH1565; S of Twll yr Ogof E61964; COLLNOMH1565; * Rhyolite.
E61344; COLLNOLC822; Exposure by forestry road at NE end of forest on Broughton Moor E61344; COLLNOLC822; * 1989 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E61345; COLLNOLC823; Exposure by forestry road at NE end of forest on Broughton Moor E61345; COLLNOLC823; * 1989 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E7119; COLLNO243; W95. Skomer Island. E7119; COLLNO243; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E7100; COLLNO224; W59. Skomer Island. E7100; COLLNO224; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E8845; COLLNO355; Tan Zr Allt E8845; COLLNO355; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E8876; COLLNO386; E of Dinorwic E8876; COLLNO386; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E8879; COLLNO389; Llyn Padarn E8879; COLLNO389; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E1528 Quarry, Roadside, SW of Llyn Padarn E1528 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E1529 Top of Clegyr Hill, NE side of Llyn Padarn E1529 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E1531 Top of Clegyr Hill, NE side of Llyn Padarn E1531 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E491 Llanberis Pass, 200 yds higher up than Pass of Pont y Cromleck E491 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
S74030; COLLNONX1481; Whiteadder Water, E bank, downstream of Ellenford S74030; COLLNONX1481; * Rhyodacite.
S74032; COLLNONX1485A; Eye Water, S bank, below Little Dod S74032; COLLNONX1485A; * Rhyodacite.
S74050; COLLNONX1506; W side Eildon Mid Hill S74050; COLLNONX1506; * Rhyolite.
S74051; COLLNONX1507; W side Eildon Mid Hill S74051; COLLNONX1507; * Rhyolite.
S74052; COLLNONX1508; W side Eildon Mid Hill S74052; COLLNONX1508; * Rhyolite.
S74048; COLLNONX1504; W side Eildon Mid Hill S74048; COLLNONX1504; * Rhyolite.
S74049; COLLNONX1505; W side Eildon Mid Hill S74049; COLLNONX1505; * Rhyolite.
S74002; COLLNONX1394; Whiteadder Water, below suspension bridge at Elba S74002; COLLNONX1394; * Rhyodacite.
S74003; COLLNONX1395; Whiteadder Water, S bank, at sharp bend below Mumbles Knowe S74003; COLLNONX1395; * Rhyodacite.
S74000; COLLNONX1389; S bank, Monynut Water, S of Godscroft (in stream) S74000; COLLNONX1389; * Rhyodacite.
E1439 E of Underwood, N of Ide. E1439 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E1451 Yeos Farm; between Kenford & Dunchideock E1451 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E6947; NEG642M; Quarry near Brannel. E6947; NEG642M; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E6948 S. of St. Stephens Combe. E6948 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E6949 Elvan Quarry, NE. of Sticker. E6949 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E6950 Phoebis Point. E6950 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E6952 Quarry in Penrice Park. E6952 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5510; COLLNO325; NEG639M; Tremore Quarry (West). (The small quarry). E5510; COLLNO325; NEG639M; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5511; COLLNO326; Tremore Quarry (West). (The small quarry). E5511; COLLNO326; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5512; COLLNO327; NEG644M; Tremore Quarry (West). (The small quarry). E5512; COLLNO327; NEG644M; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5513; COLLNO328; NEG640M; Tremore Quarry (West). (The small quarry). E5513; COLLNO328; NEG640M; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5514; COLLNO329; Tremore Quarry (West). (The small quarry). E5514; COLLNO329; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5515; COLLNO330; Tremore Quarry (Big Quarry). E5515; COLLNO330; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E5516; COLLNO331; NEG641M; Little quarry in Bodwannick Wood. E5516; COLLNO331; NEG641M; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E11945 Rhiwgoch Silica Qry. & Mine, Blaneau Ffestiniog E11945 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
COLLNOA42; ED2076; SCOTLAND. Kinross (40) COLLNOA42; ED2076; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
COLLNOA77; ED2111; COLLNOA77; ED2111; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
COLLNOUC224; ED4260; COLLNOUC224; ED4260; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
COLLNOUC225; ED4261; COLLNOUC225; ED4261; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
COLLNOUC227; ED4263; COLLNOUC227; ED4263; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
RC275/17 Liruei RC275/17 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Comendite'
S74738; COLLNOMY186; Mount Jane, 175m S of old manse S74738; COLLNOMY186; * Rhyodacite.
S74861; S74861/B; COLLNOZD828; Swinlees Quarry, SE corner of the large quarry in Carwinning Hill S74861; S74861/B; COLLNOZD828; * Rhyodacite; Rhyolite;.
M3073/2; RC319/8; Sudbury,Ontario M3073/2; RC319/8; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E14467 Tretheggry. E14467 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E4118; COLLNO82; Penhale, Hoblyns Cove. E4118; COLLNO82; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E4120; COLLNO84; Cubert, large quarry near Church. E4120; COLLNO84; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E4121; COLLNO85; NEG439M; Cubert, Gravel Hill Mine. E4121; COLLNO85; NEG439M; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E4122; COLLNO86; Cubert, NW. of Trelaske. E4122; COLLNO86; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E4123; COLLNO87; Cliff W. of St. Perans Chapel. E4123; COLLNO87; * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E3638 Between Wheal Prudence and Hanover Cove. E3638 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E3639 Between Wheal Prudence and Hanover Cove. E3639 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan'
E58332; E58332/A; E58332/B; COLLNODL1319; Small crag; c. 100 m E of Clulters Cave E58332; E58332/A; E58332/B; COLLNODL1319; * 0 Rhyolite.
RC1135/3 Rhyolite. Cronebane Pit, Avoca, ?Spain? RC1135/3 0 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite, Sulphide Minerals'
E61498; COLLNOLC837; Backside Beck, Cautley area E61498; COLLNOLC837; * 1989 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E61499; COLLNOLC838; Backside Beck, Cautley area E61499; COLLNOLC838; * 1969 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E61494; COLLNOLC833; Backside Beck, Cautley area E61494; COLLNOLC833; * 1989 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E61495; COLLNOLC834; Backside Beck, Cautley area E61495; COLLNOLC834; * 1989 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E71704; COLLNOCT1807; Bryants Gill, Kentmere. CT 1807. E71704; COLLNOCT1807; * 1997 Rhyolite.
E71689; COLLNOCT1791; Tongue Quarry, Kentmere. CT 1791. E71689; COLLNOCT1791; * 1997 Rhyolite.
E61496; COLLNOLC835; Backside Beck, Cautley area E61496; COLLNOLC835; * 1989 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E61497; COLLNOLC836; Backside Beck, Cautley area E61497; COLLNOLC836; * 1969 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72109; COLLNOIY1103; BB08. Wasdale Foot, Shap E72109; COLLNOIY1103; * 1998 Rhyodacite.
E2343 Spinny in field 250 yards south of Beacon Lodge. E2343 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E72242; COLLNOCT1816; Kentmere Pike, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1816. E72242; COLLNOCT1816; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72243; COLLNOCT1817; Kentmere Pike, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1817. E72243; COLLNOCT1817; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72246; COLLNOCT1820; Kentmere Pike, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1820. E72246; COLLNOCT1820; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72247; COLLNOCT1821; Kentmere Pike, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1821. E72247; COLLNOCT1821; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72238; COLLNOCT1812; Brown Howe, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1812. E72238; COLLNOCT1812; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72239; COLLNOCT1813; Brown Howe, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1813. E72239; COLLNOCT1813; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
N1009; COLLNORYF158; BH4 (BGS Scot, GW Reg No. 93/6), Machrie area, West Arran N1009; COLLNORYF158; * 1998 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Felsitic Rhyolite'
N1010; COLLNORYF159; BH3 (BGS Scot, GW Reg No. 93/5), Machrie area, West Arran N1010; COLLNORYF159; * 1998 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Felsitic Rhyolite'
E63692; COLLNOKB692; Cae canol E63692; COLLNOKB692; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63693; COLLNOKB693; Cae canol E63693; COLLNOKB693; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63585; COLLNOKB585; Nant Peris, S side of road E63585; COLLNOKB585; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63586; COLLNOKB586; W of Clogwyn y geifr E63586; COLLNOKB586; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63587; COLLNOKB587; Cwm Idwal E63587; COLLNOKB587; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63589; COLLNOKB589; Cwm Idwal E63589; COLLNOKB589; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63578; COLLNOKB578; Hafodydd brithion E63578; COLLNOKB578; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63579; COLLNOKB579; Bryn Gwynant E63579; COLLNOKB579; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63580; COLLNOKB580; Hen gapel E63580; COLLNOKB580; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63581; COLLNOKB581; Cwm Patrig E63581; COLLNOKB581; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63582; COLLNOKB582; Tan yr allt, Nant Peris E63582; COLLNOKB582; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63583; COLLNOKB583; Cwm Glas Bach, Nant Peris E63583; COLLNOKB583; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63584; COLLNOKB584; nr Cyrn Glas E63584; COLLNOKB584; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63571; COLLNOKB571; Afon cors-y-celyn E63571; COLLNOKB571; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63572; COLLNOKB572; Afon cors-y-celyn E63572; COLLNOKB572; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63573; COLLNOKB573; Afon cors-y-celyn E63573; COLLNOKB573; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63574; COLLNOKB574; Cors-y-celyn E63574; COLLNOKB574; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63575; COLLNOKB575; Moel Meirch E63575; COLLNOKB575; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63576; COLLNOKB576; E of cors-y-celyn E63576; COLLNOKB576; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63577; COLLNOKB577; SE of cors-y-celyn E63577; COLLNOKB577; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63566; COLLNOKB566; Craig yr hendre E63566; COLLNOKB566; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63567; COLLNOKB567; Craig yr hendre E63567; COLLNOKB567; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63570; COLLNOKB570; Maes-ysgoboriau E63570; COLLNOKB570; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72305; COLLNOCT1879; Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1879. E72305; COLLNOCT1879; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E72293; COLLNOCT1867; Raven Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1867. E72293; COLLNOCT1867; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72295; COLLNOCT1869; Goat Scar, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1869. E72295; COLLNOCT1869; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72287; COLLNOCT1861; Brown Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1861. E72287; COLLNOCT1861; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E13893 Lilleshall Quarry, 150 yards N.W. of Church. E13893 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E72288; COLLNOCT1862; Goat Scar, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1862. E72288; COLLNOCT1862; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72289; COLLNOCT1863; Goat Scar, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1863. E72289; COLLNOCT1863; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72290; COLLNOCT1864; Goat Scar, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1864. E72290; COLLNOCT1864; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72291; COLLNOCT1865; Raven Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1865. E72291; COLLNOCT1865; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72292; COLLNOCT1866; Raven Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1866. E72292; COLLNOCT1866; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72281; COLLNOCT1855; Raven Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1855. E72281; COLLNOCT1855; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72283; COLLNOCT1857; Kentmere Pike, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1857. E72283; COLLNOCT1857; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E72284; COLLNOCT1858; Raven Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1858. E72284; COLLNOCT1858; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72285; COLLNOCT1859; Raven Crag, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1859. E72285; COLLNOCT1859; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72286; COLLNOCT1860; Snow Cove Gill, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1860. E72286; COLLNOCT1860; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72363; COLLNOCT1061; not recorded E72363; COLLNOCT1061; * 1986 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72364; COLLNOCT1062; not recorded E72364; COLLNOCT1062; * 1986 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72365; COLLNOCT1063; not recorded E72365; COLLNOCT1063; * 1986 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72359; COLLNOCT1057; not recorded E72359; COLLNOCT1057; * 1986 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63261; COLLNOKB261; Carnedd y Cribau E63261; COLLNOKB261; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63251; COLLNOKB251; Gallt y Wenallt E63251; COLLNOKB251; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63252; COLLNOKB252; Gallt y Wenallt E63252; COLLNOKB252; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63253; COLLNOKB253; Gallt y Wenallt E63253; COLLNOKB253; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63248; COLLNOKB248; Gallt y Wenallt E63248; COLLNOKB248; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63249; COLLNOKB249; Gallt y Wenallt E63249; COLLNOKB249; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64309; COLLNOKB1309; Tan yr Allt E64309; COLLNOKB1309; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63639; COLLNOKB639; Moel Perfedd E63639; COLLNOKB639; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63640; COLLNOKB640; Moel Perfedd E63640; COLLNOKB640; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63641; COLLNOKB641; Y Dduallt E63641; COLLNOKB641; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63642; COLLNOKB642; Y Dduallt E63642; COLLNOKB642; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63643; COLLNOKB643; N of Ty Mawr E63643; COLLNOKB643; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63626; COLLNOKB626; Rhwn Gddwyafon E63626; COLLNOKB626; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63627; COLLNOKB627; Capel Cwm Pennant E63627; COLLNOKB627; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E1837 Scar near lane junction, Beacon Hill. E1837 Rhyolite; Tuff;. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E1836 Alderman's Haw. E1836 Rhyolite; Tuff;. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E2701 Warren Hills, Charnwood. E2701 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Rock.'
E64349; COLLNOKB1349; Cwm Penmachno - stream section E64349; COLLNOKB1349; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Gamallt)'
E64350; COLLNOKB1350; Penmachno slate quarry E64350; COLLNOKB1350; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Gamallt)'
E64303; COLLNOKB1303; Cae Uchaf E64303; COLLNOKB1303; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64302; COLLNOKB1302; Moelwyn Bach E64302; COLLNOKB1302; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64296; COLLNOKB1296; South of Carreg y Fron E64296; COLLNOKB1296; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Dyke'
E12970 Lilleshall Quarry hoc 10A 15. E12970 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E19372 Lawrence Hill Quarry, Wellington. E19372 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E72274; COLLNOCT1848; River Sprint, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1848. E72274; COLLNOCT1848; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E72275; COLLNOCT1849; River Sprint, Longsleddale. Sample No. CT 1849. E72275; COLLNOCT1849; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E13896 Lilleshall Quarry, 150 yards N.W. of church. E13896 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E63615; COLLNOKB615; Crib y ddysgl E63615; COLLNOKB615; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63607; COLLNOKB607; Cwm Fynhadeg Isaf E63607; COLLNOKB607; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Clast'
E63608; COLLNOKB608; Cwm Fynhadeg Isaf E63608; COLLNOKB608; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Clast'
E63609; COLLNOKB609; Cwm Fynhadeg Isaf E63609; COLLNOKB609; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Clast'
E63603; COLLNOKB603; Cwm Fynhadeg Isaf E63603; COLLNOKB603; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63604; COLLNOKB604; Cwm Fynhadeg Isaf E63604; COLLNOKB604; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E2702 Warren Hills, Charnwood. E2702 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E63592; COLLNOKB592; Braich tu du E63592; COLLNOKB592; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E12961 Lilleshall Quarry 30 yards N.E. of Monument. E12961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Brecciated ?Rhyolite.'
E72269; COLLNOCT1843; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1843. E72269; COLLNOCT1843; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E72261; COLLNOCT1835; Ullstone Gill, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1835. E72261; COLLNOCT1835; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E72262; COLLNOCT1836; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1836. E72262; COLLNOCT1836; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E72255; COLLNOCT1829; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1829. E72255; COLLNOCT1829; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72256; COLLNOCT1830; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1830. E72256; COLLNOCT1830; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72257; COLLNOCT1831; Ullstone Gill, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1831. E72257; COLLNOCT1831; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72258; COLLNOCT1832; Ullstone Gill, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1832. E72258; COLLNOCT1832; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72250; COLLNOCT1824; Ullstone Gill, Kentmere. Sample No. 1824. E72250; COLLNOCT1824; * 1998 Rhyolite; Tuff;.
E72251; COLLNOCT1825; Ullstone Gill, Kentmere. Sample No. 1825. E72251; COLLNOCT1825; * 1998 Rhyolite.
E63269; COLLNOKB269; Nant Mor/Croesor E63269; COLLNOKB269; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63270; COLLNOKB270; Nant Mor/Croesor E63270; COLLNOKB270; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63271; COLLNOKB271; Nant Mor/Croesor E63271; COLLNOKB271; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63272; COLLNOKB272; Nant Mor/Croesor E63272; COLLNOKB272; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63263; COLLNOKB263; Pen y Pass E63263; COLLNOKB263; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63256; COLLNOKB256; Bylchau Teyrn E63256; COLLNOKB256; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63257; COLLNOKB257; Bylchau Teyrn E63257; COLLNOKB257; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63258; COLLNOKB258; Carnedd y Cribau E63258; COLLNOKB258; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63259; COLLNOKB259; Carnedd y Cribau E63259; COLLNOKB259; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63260; COLLNOKB260; Carnedd y Cribau E63260; COLLNOKB260; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72370; COLLNOCT1070; not recorded E72370; COLLNOCT1070; * 1986 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64301; COLLNOKB1301; Moelwyn Bach E64301; COLLNOKB1301; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64295; COLLNOKB1295; South of Llynnan Gamallt E64295; COLLNOKB1295; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64283; COLLNOKB1283; Llyn y Drum E64283; COLLNOKB1283; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64286; COLLNOKB1286; North of Craig y Garreg Lwyd E64286; COLLNOKB1286; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64282; COLLNOKB1282; Llyn y Drum E64282; COLLNOKB1282; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63480; COLLNOKB480; Y Garn E63480; COLLNOKB480; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry'
E63481; COLLNOKB481; Y Garn E63481; COLLNOKB481; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry'
E63483; COLLNOKB483; Rhyd Ddu E63483; COLLNOKB483; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63474; COLLNOKB474; Beddgelert forest E63474; COLLNOKB474; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63475; COLLNOKB475; Beddgelert forest E63475; COLLNOKB475; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63414; COLLNOKB414; Arans E63414; COLLNOKB414; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63415; COLLNOKB415; Arans E63415; COLLNOKB415; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63413; COLLNOKB413; Arans E63413; COLLNOKB413; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63142; COLLNOKB142; Waen Bryn Gwenith E63142; COLLNOKB142; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63144; COLLNOKB144; Dolgarrog E63144; COLLNOKB144; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63140; COLLNOKB140; Waen Bryn Gwenith E63140; COLLNOKB140; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63141; COLLNOKB141; Waen Bryn Gwenith E63141; COLLNOKB141; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63476; COLLNOKB476; Beddgelert forest E63476; COLLNOKB476; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63470; COLLNOKB470; Moel yr ogof E63470; COLLNOKB470; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63471; COLLNOKB471; Moel yr ogof E63471; COLLNOKB471; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63199; COLLNOKB199; Conwy Mts., N Pen Sychnant E63199; COLLNOKB199; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63200; COLLNOKB200; Allt Wen, Sychnant, track E63200; COLLNOKB200; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63201; COLLNOKB201; Sychnant Pass E63201; COLLNOKB201; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63202; COLLNOKB202; Pen Maen Bach, nr tunnel E63202; COLLNOKB202; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63203; COLLNOKB203; Pen Maen Bach Point E63203; COLLNOKB203; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63050; COLLNOKB50; Bank of Afon Anafon E63050; COLLNOKB50; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
N200; MRPROGKLM1101; Glen Devon area N200; MRPROGKLM1101; *; *; 1988 Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Lava'
E63223; COLLNOKB223; Foel Lwyd, nr sheepfold E63223; COLLNOKB223; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63224; COLLNOKB224; Foel Lwyd, nr sheepfold E63224; COLLNOKB224; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63218; COLLNOKB218; Foel Lwyd E63218; COLLNOKB218; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63219; COLLNOKB219; Foel Lwyd E63219; COLLNOKB219; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63204; COLLNOKB204; Dwygyfylchi, NW Foel Las E63204; COLLNOKB204; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63456; COLLNOKB456; Rhydiadau Diwainedd E63456; COLLNOKB456; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63457; COLLNOKB457; Castell E63457; COLLNOKB457; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63458; COLLNOKB458; Castell E63458; COLLNOKB458; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63108; COLLNOKB108; Cwm Idwal/Twll du E63108; COLLNOKB108; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63109; COLLNOKB109; Cwm Idwal/Twll du E63109; COLLNOKB109; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63884; COLLNOKB884; Hafod y porth E63884; COLLNOKB884; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63459; COLLNOKB459; Castell E63459; COLLNOKB459; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63460; COLLNOKB460; Castell, Clogwyn yr Wylfa E63460; COLLNOKB460; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63297; COLLNOKB297; Nant Mor/Croesor E63297; COLLNOKB297; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63299; COLLNOKB299; Nant Mor/Croesor E63299; COLLNOKB299; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E64272; COLLNOKB1272; South of Cwt y Bugail E64272; COLLNOKB1272; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64274; COLLNOKB1274; Upper end of Cwm Teigl E64274; COLLNOKB1274; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64275; COLLNOKB1275; Carreg y Fron E64275; COLLNOKB1275; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64266; COLLNOKB1266; South South-West of Cwt y Bugail quarry E64266; COLLNOKB1266; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64267; COLLNOKB1267; Nr track South of Cwt y Bugail E64267; COLLNOKB1267; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64264; COLLNOKB1264; West of Cwt y Bugail quarry E64264; COLLNOKB1264; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64262; COLLNOKB1262; Yr Arddu E64262; COLLNOKB1262; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64263; COLLNOKB1263; West of Cwt y Bugail quarry E64263; COLLNOKB1263; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63196; COLLNOKB196; Conwy Mt. stone quarries E63196; COLLNOKB196; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63197; COLLNOKB197; Conwy Mt. stone quarries E63197; COLLNOKB197; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63198; COLLNOKB198; Pen Maen Bach E63198; COLLNOKB198; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63393; COLLNOKB393; Lleyn E63393; COLLNOKB393; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63347; COLLNOKB347; Cnicht E63347; COLLNOKB347; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63348; COLLNOKB348; Ceseiliau Moelwyn E63348; COLLNOKB348; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63349; COLLNOKB349; Ceseiliau Moelwyn E63349; COLLNOKB349; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63351; COLLNOKB351; Ceseiliau Moelwyn E63351; COLLNOKB351; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63352; COLLNOKB352; Ceseiliau Moelwyn E63352; COLLNOKB352; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63341; COLLNOKB341; LLyn Croesor E63341; COLLNOKB341; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63342; COLLNOKB342; LLyn Croesor E63342; COLLNOKB342; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63344; COLLNOKB344; Cnicht E63344; COLLNOKB344; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63472; COLLNOKB472; Moel lefn E63472; COLLNOKB472; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63464; COLLNOKB464; Rhydiau diwaunedd E63464; COLLNOKB464; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63465; COLLNOKB465; Moel Hebog E63465; COLLNOKB465; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63466; COLLNOKB466; Moel Hebog E63466; COLLNOKB466; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63371; COLLNOKB371; Croesor E63371; COLLNOKB371; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63374; COLLNOKB374; Croesor E63374; COLLNOKB374; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
S99995; MRPROGKLM1120; Glen Devon area S99995; MRPROGKLM1120; *; *; 1988 Rhyodacite; Tuff;. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
S99996; MRPROGKLM1121; Glen Devon area S99996; MRPROGKLM1121; *; *; 1988 Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E63043; COLLNOKB43; Afon Anafon E63043; COLLNOKB43; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64413; COLLNOTL44; Forestry Office, Be. y C E64413; COLLNOTL44; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63346; COLLNOKB346; Cnicht E63346; COLLNOKB346; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E64409; COLLNOTL40; Blaen y Nant, Llanb. Pass E64409; COLLNOTL40; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63041; COLLNOKB41; Afon Anafon E63041; COLLNOKB41; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63042; COLLNOKB42; S. bank, Afon Anafon E63042; COLLNOKB42; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64406; COLLNOTL37; Nant Peris E64406; COLLNOTL37; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64407; COLLNOTL38; Nant Peris E64407; COLLNOTL38; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64408; COLLNOTL39; Blaen y Nant, Llanb. Pass E64408; COLLNOTL39; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63450; COLLNOKB450; Yr Arddu, Cefn y cerrig E63450; COLLNOKB450; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63451; COLLNOKB451; Bwlch Ehediad E63451; COLLNOKB451; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63452; COLLNOKB452; Bwlch Ehediad E63452; COLLNOKB452; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63453; COLLNOKB453; Bwlch Ehediad E63453; COLLNOKB453; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63454; COLLNOKB454; Bwlch Ehediad E63454; COLLNOKB454; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63455; COLLNOKB455; Rhydiadau Diwainedd E63455; COLLNOKB455; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63444; COLLNOKB444; Yr Arddu, Llyn yr Arddu E63444; COLLNOKB444; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63445; COLLNOKB445; Yr Arddu E63445; COLLNOKB445; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63446; COLLNOKB446; Yr Arddu, Craig y myllt E63446; COLLNOKB446; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63448; COLLNOKB448; Yr Arddu, Cefn y cerrig E63448; COLLNOKB448; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63534; COLLNOKB534; Moel Ddu E63534; COLLNOKB534; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63535; COLLNOKB535; Moel Ddu E63535; COLLNOKB535; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63529; COLLNOKB529; Crib Goch, nr Pyg track E63529; COLLNOKB529; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63530; COLLNOKB530; Crib Goch, nr Pyg track E63530; COLLNOKB530; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63523; COLLNOKB523; Parc Hafod y Llan E63523; COLLNOKB523; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63524; COLLNOKB524; Cocyn Craflwyn E63524; COLLNOKB524; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63525; COLLNOKB525; Cocyn Craflwyn E63525; COLLNOKB525; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63526; COLLNOKB526; Castell Emrys E63526; COLLNOKB526; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63527; COLLNOKB527; Crib Goch, nr Pyg track E63527; COLLNOKB527; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64257; COLLNOKB1257; Clogwyn d,ur Arddu E64257; COLLNOKB1257; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64258; COLLNOKB1258; Clogwyn d'ur Arddu E64258; COLLNOKB1258; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64217; COLLNOKB1217; Croesor E64217; COLLNOKB1217; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E64209; COLLNOKB1209; Craflwyn Hall E64209; COLLNOKB1209; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64206; COLLNOKB1206; Hafod y Porth Farm E64206; COLLNOKB1206; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64207; COLLNOKB1207; Hafod y Porth Farm E64207; COLLNOKB1207; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64208; COLLNOKB1208; Craflwyn Hall E64208; COLLNOKB1208; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63449; COLLNOKB449; Yr Arddu, Cefn y cerrig E63449; COLLNOKB449; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63180; COLLNOKB180; Braich tu du type section E63180; COLLNOKB180; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63173; COLLNOKB173; Braich tu du type section E63173; COLLNOKB173; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63174; COLLNOKB174; Braich tu du type section E63174; COLLNOKB174; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63175; COLLNOKB175; Braich tu du type section E63175; COLLNOKB175; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63176; COLLNOKB176; Braich tu du type section E63176; COLLNOKB176; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63168; COLLNOKB168; Anafon E63168; COLLNOKB168; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63528; COLLNOKB528; Crib Goch, nr Pyg track E63528; COLLNOKB528; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63521; COLLNOKB521; Parc Hafod y Llan E63521; COLLNOKB521; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63522; COLLNOKB522; Parc Hafod y Llan E63522; COLLNOKB522; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63338; COLLNOKB338; Bwlch y rhydd E63338; COLLNOKB338; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63878; COLLNOKB878; Hafod y porth E63878; COLLNOKB878; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63945; COLLNOKB945; Crib Goch E63945; COLLNOKB945; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63319; COLLNOKB319; Cwmorthin E63319; COLLNOKB319; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63313; COLLNOKB313; Llyn Cwm Corseog E63313; COLLNOKB313; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63314; COLLNOKB314; Llyn Cwm Corseog E63314; COLLNOKB314; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63315; COLLNOKB315; Llyn Cwm Corseog E63315; COLLNOKB315; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63368; COLLNOKB368; Cnicht E63368; COLLNOKB368; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63369; COLLNOKB369; Cnicht E63369; COLLNOKB369; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63370; COLLNOKB370; Garregelldrem E63370; COLLNOKB370; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63359; COLLNOKB359; Ceseiliau Moelwyn E63359; COLLNOKB359; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63363; COLLNOKB363; Garregelldrem E63363; COLLNOKB363; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63364; COLLNOKB364; Manod Quarry E63364; COLLNOKB364; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry'
E63358; COLLNOKB358; Ceseiliau Moelwyn E63358; COLLNOKB358; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E64459; COLLNOTL90; N. ridge of Tryfan E64459; COLLNOTL90; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64460; COLLNOTL91; N. ridge of Tryfan E64460; COLLNOTL91; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63516; COLLNOKB516; Craig Cwmdulyn E63516; COLLNOKB516; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64278; COLLNOKB1278; Foel Gron quarry E64278; COLLNOKB1278; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64133; COLLNOKB1133; Sygun Mine E64133; COLLNOKB1133; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64134; COLLNOKB1134; Sygun Mine E64134; COLLNOKB1134; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64139; COLLNOKB1139; Cae Loch, Dolgarrog E64139; COLLNOKB1139; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Basic Tuff'
E63169; COLLNOKB169; Anafon E63169; COLLNOKB169; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63165; COLLNOKB165; Anafon E63165; COLLNOKB165; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63166; COLLNOKB166; Anafon E63166; COLLNOKB166; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63167; COLLNOKB167; Anafon E63167; COLLNOKB167; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63509; COLLNOKB509; Clogwyn Mawr, Llanberis E63509; COLLNOKB509; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63501; COLLNOKB501; Rhyd Ddu-Llechog E63501; COLLNOKB501; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63497; E63497/A; E63497/B; E63497/C; COLLNOKB497; Rhyd Ddu-Llechog E63497; E63497/A; E63497/B; E63497/C; COLLNOKB497; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Composite'
E63434; COLLNOKB434; Ramsey E63434; COLLNOKB434; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E63440; COLLNOKB440; Yr Arddu E63440; COLLNOKB440; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63441; COLLNOKB441; Yr Arddu E63441; COLLNOKB441; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63443; COLLNOKB443; Yr Arddu E63443; COLLNOKB443; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63427; COLLNOKB427; Fishguard E63427; COLLNOKB427; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
E63429; COLLNOKB429; Fishguard E63429; COLLNOKB429; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63430; COLLNOKB430; Fishguard E63430; COLLNOKB430; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63431; COLLNOKB431; Fishguard E63431; COLLNOKB431; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63433; COLLNOKB433; Ramsey E63433; COLLNOKB433; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite'
E63943; COLLNOKB943; Cwm Glas E63943; COLLNOKB943; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63944; COLLNOKB944; Crib Goch E63944; COLLNOKB944; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63011; COLLNOKB11; Bera Bach, nr. Drosgl pass E63011; COLLNOKB11; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63250; COLLNOKB250; Gallt y Wenallt E63250; COLLNOKB250; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63237; COLLNOKB237; Cae Coch area, forest rd. E63237; COLLNOKB237; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63238; COLLNOKB238; Cae Coch area, forest rd. E63238; COLLNOKB238; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63239; COLLNOKB239; Dolgarrog, Afon Ddug E63239; COLLNOKB239; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63240; COLLNOKB240; Cae Coch, forest road E63240; COLLNOKB240; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63220; COLLNOKB220; Foel Lwyd E63220; COLLNOKB220; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63221; COLLNOKB221; Foel Lwyd, above sheepfold E63221; COLLNOKB221; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63222; COLLNOKB222; Foel Lwyd, nr sheepfold E63222; COLLNOKB222; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72683; COLLNOCT1930; South of Buckborrow, Longsleddale. E72683; COLLNOCT1930; *; *; 1999 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72684; COLLNOCT1931; South of Buckborrow, Longsleddale. E72684; COLLNOCT1931; *; *; 1999 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E72686; COLLNOCT1933; South of Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale. E72686; COLLNOCT1933; *; *; 1999 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite.'
E72989 Calf Cove E72989 * 1989 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Glassy Rhyolite'
E14189 Fullbrook Brickworks one mile south of Walsall. E14189 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63290; COLLNOKB290; Nant Mor/Croesor E63290; COLLNOKB290; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63291; COLLNOKB291; Nant Mor/Croesor E63291; COLLNOKB291; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63279; COLLNOKB279; Nant Mor/Croesor E63279; COLLNOKB279; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63280; COLLNOKB280; Nant Mor/Croesor E63280; COLLNOKB280; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E63273; COLLNOKB273; Nant Mor/Croesor E63273; COLLNOKB273; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63274; COLLNOKB274; Nant Mor/Croesor E63274; COLLNOKB274; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63275; COLLNOKB275; Nant Mor/Croesor E63275; COLLNOKB275; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63276; COLLNOKB276; Nant Mor/Croesor E63276; COLLNOKB276; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E63268; COLLNOKB268; Nant Mor/Croesor E63268; COLLNOKB268; Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry Composite'
E64248; COLLNOKB1248; Forestry loc., Moel Hebog E64248; COLLNOKB1248; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64249; COLLNOKB1249; WALES. Snowdon (119) E64249; COLLNOKB1249; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64250; COLLNOKB1250; Mynydd Sygun E64250; COLLNOKB1250; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64242; COLLNOKB1242; Y Cribau E64242; COLLNOKB1242; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64243; COLLNOKB1243; Y Cribau E64243; COLLNOKB1243; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64244; COLLNOKB1244; Forestry loc., Moel Hebog E64244; COLLNOKB1244; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64245; COLLNOKB1245; Forestry loc.,Moel Hebog E64245; COLLNOKB1245; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64238; COLLNOKB1238; About 50m north of old lead mine E64238; COLLNOKB1238; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E64310; COLLNOKB1310; Pen Morfa E64310; COLLNOKB1310; Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
E18177 Erratic boulder 7'x3x2 in lane at point 500 yards W.N.W. of St. James Church, Churchill, E18177 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Tuff'
MR15466 Just east of centre of southface, Quarry at top of Withuse Down a quarter of a mile south of Withuse Farm, Maker Peuinsula, Cornwall, MR15466 1936 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Purple Rhyolite'
MR15467 Centre of South face, Quarry at top of Withuse Down a quarter of a mile south of Withuse Farm, ? Peuinsula, Cornwall, MR15467 1936 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Grey Rhyolite'
MR15468 Centre of South face, Quarry at top of Withuse Down a quarter of a mile south of Withuse Farm, ? Peuinsula, Cornwall, MR15468 1936 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Grey Rhyolite - Nodular Facies'
MR15469 Centre of northern face, Quarry at top of Withuse Down a quarter of a mile south of Withuse Farm, ? Peuinsula, Cornwall, MR15469 1936 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Elvan - Dyke In Rhyolite'
MR15470 Watergate Quarry,300 yards north of Kingsand Chapel Maker Peuinsular, MR15470 1936 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Purple Rhyolite With Bleached Spots'
MR15471 Bridgemoor Farm Quarry,Bridgemoor Farm Quarry, 1 mile N.W. of Millbrook, Maker Peuinsular, MR15471 1936 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Purple Rhyolite - Intermediate Stage - Withnoe-Cawsand'
MR11243 Quarry in Wastor Wood, Kingston, Devon, MR11243 * Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Spherulitic Rhyolite'
MR1512 St Saviour's Common, Jersey, MR1512 Rhyodacite, Porphyritic. 'Original entry: Quartz-Porphyry'
MR5415 Lea Rock,Wellington, MR5415 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Spherulitic Felsite (Altered Rhyolite), "Lea Rock"'
MR9960 Ingleton Granite Quarry,on the Ingleton - Hawes road, 1 mile N.E. of Ingleton, Yorkshire,See JFN Green, PGA, 1917, Note on the correlation of the Ingletonian MR9960 1933 Rock, Siliciclastic, Arenaceous. 'Original entry: Decomposed Arkose'
MR21060 East side of Quarry on south side of Glen ESE of Buckatree Hall, Ercall Hill, a quarter of a mile east of north end of large reservoir and about 1 and a half miles SSW of station, Wellington, Shropshire, MR21060 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Purple Rhyolite'
MR21098 Quarry south of road, a quarter of a mile east of Treneved, Llanrian, Pembrokeshire, MR21098 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Devitrified Rhyolite'
E16275; MR8630; 200 yards SE of British Camp Reservoir, Little Malvern, E16275; MR8630; 1932 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Epidotised And Brecciated Rhyolite'
MR8631 Overley Hill,NW end of Overley Hill Quarry, 1 and 3/16 mile SW of church, Wrockwardine, MR8631 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Pink Rhyolite'
MR8633 Overley Hill,S end of Overley Hill Quarry, 1 and 3/16 mile SW of church, Wrockwardine, MR8633 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rholite-Breccia'
MR21266 Just E of Centre of S face of Quarry at top of Withnoe Down, 1/4 ml S of Withnoe Farm, MR21266 1957 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Purple Rhyolite'
MR21267 Quarry,Centre of S face of Quarry at top of Withnoe Down, 1/4 ml S of Withnoe Farm, MR21267 1957 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Grey Rhyolite'
MR21268 Bridgemoore Farm Quarry,1ml NW of Millbrook, MR21268 1957 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Purple Rhyolite'
MR17799 Quarry,Quarry Town, Nr. Ballymena, MR17799 1946 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR7091 trachyte quarry by school 3 miles NE of Ballymena, MR7091 1888 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite, With Flow Structure'
MR7803 E of Barch, NE of Rock, MR7803 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR7853 S of road, 1/4 mile E of Trenevid, Llanrian, MR7853 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite, Devitrified'
MR7854 N of road, 1/4 mile E of Trenevid, Llanrian, MR7854 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR7855 N of road, 1/4 mile E of Trenevid, Llanrian, MR7855 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite, Brecciated'
MR7874 half way up hill leading to Llangynog, Pentre-newydd, MR7874 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR7875 at Lambstone Farm, NW of Llangynog, MR7875 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR9228 disused quarry at N end of Cwm-y-glo, Llyn Padarn, MR9228 1932 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite, Undeformed'
MR4979 T?di group, Alps,surface exposure,Switzerland MR4979 1809 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR4980 T?di group, Alps,surface exposure,Switzerland MR4980 1810 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR8260 Schemnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR8260 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR8261 Geletnek,surface exposure,Hungary MR8261 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR8269 Eisenbach,surface exposure,Hungary MR8269 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR8270 Apathy,surface exposure,Hungary MR8270 1931 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR8271 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR8271 1931 Rhyolitic-Rock. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Porphyry'
MR5389 Summit County, Colorado,surface exposure,USA MR5389 2071 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5391 Apati,surface exposure,Hungary MR5391 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5392 Eisenbach,surface exposure,Hungary MR5392 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5393 Glash?tte,surface exposure,Hungary MR5393 2074 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5394 Santa Maria, Ponza Island,surface exposure,Italy MR5394 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5395 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR5395 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5396 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR5396 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Liparite)'
MR5039 Pumiciazzo, Lipari,surface exposure,Italy MR5039 1867 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR3702 Point Pleasant, Halifax, Nova Scotia,surface exposure,Canada MR3702 1898 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR5397 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR5397 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite (Quartz Trachyte, Rhyolite)'
MR5400 Pusti Hrad,surface exposure,Hungary MR5400 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR5401 Kremnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR5401 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR5402 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR5402 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR5403 Kremnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR5403 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR5406 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR5406 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR4871 W of M Rosa, SW of Forgio Vecchio, Lipari,surface exposure,Italy MR4871 1822 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR11985 St Vito, Pantelleria,surface exposure,Italy MR11985 Rhyolite, Pantelleritic. 'Original entry: Pantellenite'
MR11990 Forgio Vecchio, Lipari,surface exposure,Italy MR11990 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR11992 Cliff near road W of Monte Rosa and SW of Forgio Vecchio, Lipari,surface exposure,Italy MR11992 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR8695; F98; Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8695; F98; Darwin ,C. 1836 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR25204 Lake Rotoiti. N76/899140,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25204 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25205 Lake Rotoiti. N76/899140,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25205 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25207 Lake Rotoma. N77/024142,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25207 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25210 Rotorua,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25210 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25211 Rotorua,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25211 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25212 Rotorua,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25212 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25213 Rotorua,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25213 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25214 Surface exposure, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand MR25214 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR19844 Beach, Cherbourg, Cotentin peninsula,surface exposure,France MR19844 1954 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR22686 Cliffs above Dooey, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22686 1960 Rock (Undifferentiated).
MR25199 Lake Rotoiti, near Rotorua. N77/924140,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25199 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25200 Ongaroto Gorge, near Atiamuri. N84/330684,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25200 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR25201 Ongaroto Gorge, near Atiamuri. N84/340691,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25201 1961 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR21573 Hot Springs District, Garland County, Arkansas,surface exposure,Roto-Finish Ltd, European Metal Finishing Division,USA MR21573 1958 Rock (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Novaculite" - Arkansas Stone'
MR32041 Tongnae,surface exposure,S Korea MR32041 1974 Rock (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoclase'
MR35764 Smoljanski Ernera, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria,surface exposure,Bulgaria MR35764 * 1982 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
MR35474 Waiane range, just off end of homestead road, c 4 miles NE of Waianae PO, Oahu, Hawaii,surface exposure,USA - Hawaii MR35474 1981 Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyodacite'
MR34616 Monte Louzina Quarry, 3.6km ENE of Teolo, Enganei Hills, Veneto, Italy. SW of Padova.,Monte Louzina Quarry,Italy MR34616 * 1979 Rhyolite. 'Original entry: Alkali Rhyolite'
MR34826 c. 100yds SW of summit of Mt Lassen (10453ft), Shasta County, California,surface exposure,USA MR34826 * 1979 Rhyodacite. 'Original entry: Rhyolite-Dacite'
MR17916 Island of Ornv, Stockholm archipelago,surface exposure,Sweden MR17916 1946 Rock (Undifferentiated).

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