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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E3611; COLLNO77; Butterton Qry. E3611; COLLNO77; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E3612; COLLNO78; Butterton Qry. E3612; COLLNO78; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3615; COLLNO83; Butterton Qry E3615; COLLNO83; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3616; COLLNO84; Butterton Qry E3616; COLLNO84; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3617; COLLNO86; Butterton Qry E3617; COLLNO86; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3619; COLLNO90; Butterton Qry E3619; COLLNO90; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60811; COLLNOBV2967; Church Stretton No. 7 BH E60811; COLLNOBV2967; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Glauconitic Sandstone'
E60812; COLLNOBV9273; Church Stretton No. 7 BH E60812; COLLNOBV9273; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Glauconitic Sandstone'
E60813; COLLNOBV9281; Church Stretton No. 7 BH E60813; COLLNOBV9281; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Glauconitic Sandstone'
E22789 Towerwood Quarry, Haldon. E22789 * Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
E22790 Aller Quarry, B. E22790 * Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
E22791 Aller Quarry, B. E22791 * Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
E21848 Labrador. E21848 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E22911; COLLNOKY225; The Holmes, 550 yds NE ST Georges Church, E Bristol E22911; COLLNOKY225; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E22904; COLLNOKY203; 300 yds NW of Kingsweston House E22904; COLLNOKY203; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E22905; COLLNOKY204; Road side section. 200 yds N of NW Kingsweston House E22905; COLLNOKY204; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E22906; COLLNOKY206; In Bankside of footpath from Blaiz Castle Ho. to Henbury Hill Lodge. E22906; COLLNOKY206; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60957; COLLNOCH7; Linhope Burn, S of Staindrop E60957; COLLNOCH7; * Syenogranite. 'Original entry: Cheviot Granite: Altered Granite'
E60957C; COLLNOCH7; Linhope Burn, S of Staindrop E60957C; COLLNOCH7; * Syenogranite. 'Original entry: Cheviot Granite: Altered Granite'
E22914; COLLNOKY228; Old pit heap. Georges Brewery sports ground; West Town Lane, Bridlington E22914; COLLNOKY228; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E22915; COLLNOKY229; Stream section, 1350 yds N of Publow church E22915; COLLNOKY229; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Siltstone'
E22916; COLLNOKY230; Exposure, 100 yds NW Cabot Tower, Brandon Hill E22916; COLLNOKY230; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E16551; COLLNOA26; W of Tyddyn y Llyn E16551; COLLNOA26; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E24787; COLLNOBF4709; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr. Bristol (Reg. No. In Water Dept. 264/127) E24787; COLLNOBF4709; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24772; COLLNOBF3276; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr. Bristol (Reg. No. In Water Dept. 264/127) E24772; COLLNOBF3276; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24774; COLLNOBF3595; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr. Bristol (Reg. No. In Water Dept. 264/127) E24774; COLLNOBF3595; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24776; COLLNOBF3598; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr. Bristol (Reg. No. In Water Dept. 264/127) E24776; COLLNOBF3598; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24768; COLLNOBF3247; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr. Bristol (Reg. No. In Water Dept. 264/127) E24768; COLLNOBF3247; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24771; COLLNOBF3275; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr. Bristol (Reg. No. In Water Dept. 264/127) E24771; COLLNOBF3275; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24758; COLLNOBF3067; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr Bristol (Reg No in Water Dept. 264/127) E24758; COLLNOBF3067; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E24759; COLLNOBF3095; Harry Stoke BH, NCB, Hambrook, nr Bristol (Reg No in Water Dept. 264/127) E24759; COLLNOBF3095; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Sphaerosiderite Mudstone'
E24329; COLLNOKY277; Old Compensation Reservoir, 400 yds S.E. of Ich Dien Inn, Barrow Gurney E24329; COLLNOKY277; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcite Siltstone'
E24331; COLLNOKY279; Temporary Expansion in Trench 400;yds W. of Chalk Farm, Whitchurch Nr. Bristol E24331; COLLNOKY279; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcite Siltstone'
E20532; COLLNO1723; Ystrad Meurig Qry. E of G.W Railway with siding entering from Main Line. Parish of YsbtlyYstwyth E20532; COLLNO1723; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E20679; COLLNO1740/3; Ystrad Meurig Qry. E of G.W Railway with siding entering from Main Line. Parish of YsbtlyYstwyth E20679; COLLNO1740/3; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E18252; COLLNO1662; Hendre Qry. Yspytty Ystwyth E18252; COLLNO1662; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E17479; COLLNORB1530; Folly Bank Qry. Presteigne E17479; COLLNORB1530; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Gritty Impure Sandstone'
E60844; COLLNOLC701; Watch Hill E60844; COLLNOLC701; * 1988 Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60845; COLLNOLC702; Watch Hill E60845; COLLNOLC702; * 1988 Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E19271; COLLNO14; Alltgoch Qry. Cwrtnewydd E19271; COLLNO14; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone With Micas, Chlorite'
E20560; COLLNORB1725; |Bwlchcrwys Qry. 3/4 ml N of Tanygroes Village E20560; COLLNORB1725; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
S77298; COLLNOKX457; 400m ENE of junction of Garchory Burn with Lary Burn. S77298; COLLNOKX457; * Schist.
S77284; COLLNOKX442; 450m NW of Ardoch, SE side of Mammie Hill. S77284; COLLNOKX442; * Schist.
E60850; COLLNOLC709; Buttermere Slate Quarry, SE side E60850; COLLNOLC709; * 1988 Slate. 'Original entry: Slaty Mudstone'
E60851; COLLNOLC710; Buttermere Slate Quarry, from rock forming the NW side of the working E60851; COLLNOLC710; * 1988 Slate. 'Original entry: Slaty Mudstone'
S77294; COLLNOKX453; 240m NE of junction of Larry Burn with Garchory Burn. S77294; COLLNOKX453; * Schist.
S77296; COLLNOKX455; 15m NE of Garchory Burn, 110m upstream from junction with Larry Burn. S77296; COLLNOKX455; * Schist.
E18060; COLLNOM191; Porkington Qry. Barmouth E18060; COLLNOM191; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandy Siltstone'
E14072; COLLNO1147; Cwim Castell Qry. Llanarth E14072; COLLNO1147; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E15686; COLLNO1301; New Quay Qry. Llanllwychirian E15686; COLLNO1301; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E60590; COLLNOLC667; Trout Beck, 450 m ENE of Gill Head Farm E60590; COLLNOLC667; * 1988 Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60592; COLLNOLC669; Trout Beck, 450 m ENE of Gill Head Farm E60592; COLLNOLC669; * 1988 Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Cherty Sandstone'
E11219 Neolithic Grindstone. E11219 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Mica Syenite'
E7494; COLLNO1053; BS1053; Sutton. Upper Bridgewater E7494; COLLNO1053; BS1053; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E9001 N of Bickley Station E9001 * Slate. 'Original entry: Muscovite Biotite Slate'
E5412 W of Murston. Nr. Butts Cross. E5412 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sheared Grit'
E4667; COLLNO192; NEG489M; 50 yds W of Picklecombe Point. Maker E4667; COLLNO192; NEG489M; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E4668; COLLNO193; 1/2 ml W of Picklecombe Point. Maker E4668; COLLNO193; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E4670; COLLNO197; Coast of River Lyner. 170 yds E of Wearde qry. St. Stephens E4670; COLLNO197; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E3018 Rye Hill, 4ml. SW of Warminster E3018 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
E22179 Stubhampton BH. Nr. Shaftsbury E22179 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Glauconitic Limey Sandstone'
E17366; COLLNOPAL20585; Melbury E17366; COLLNOPAL20585; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E21672 Qry. in Nantgwnlle, Penuwch. E21672 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Gritty Impure Sandstone'
E21777 Golf Course, Wrangaton E21777 * Siltstone, Micaceous. 'Original entry: Sericitic Siltstone'
E2136 Near Efford. NE of Plymouth E2136 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Grit'
E2137 Near Efford. NE of Plymouth E2137 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Grit'
E2149 Woodford Farm. 1/2 ml NW of Plympton Stn. E2149 * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritic Schist'
E2150 Kitley Park. NNE of Wintonf Plympton Stn. E2150 * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentine'
E3127; E3127/A; Near Efford. Plymouth E3127; E3127/A; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Grit'
E3698 N of Poldrissick E3698 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Highly Feldspathic Grit'
E3699 Wood. N of Padderda E3699 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated); Wacke;. 'Original entry: Sheared Feldspathic Grit Or Greywacke'
E5431 Caringdon. Between Owley and Caringdon Bull E5431 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E5432 Near Didwortly E5432 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E5442 Quarry E of Dorsmouth Hill E5442 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Grit'
E5445 Near Moors Head. Nurston E5445 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siliceous Grit'
E1788 Aveton Gifford E1788 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Grit'
E2138 Wearde Qry E2138 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Grit'
E2139 Quarry Nr. Wearde Quay E2139 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E6826 Quarry 1/2 ml SE of Compton Egg Buckland E6826 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sheared Grit'
E19304; COLLNO6; Gore Qry. Llandrinodd Wells E19304; COLLNO6; * Sand (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Grit'
E1873 Holbeton Wood; by River Erme E1873 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Schistosic Grit'
E1875 N of Higher Pool District. N of Kingsbridge E1875 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E8997 Shaugh Tunnel E8997 * Slate. 'Original entry: Muscovite Slate'
E8998 N of Shaugh Tunnel E8998 * Slate. 'Original entry: Muscovite Slate'
E13733; COLLNO1188; Road Widening Clay Works E13733; COLLNO1188; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E13734; COLLNO1189; Old Qry. Shaugh E13734; COLLNO1189; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E13735; COLLNO1191; Old Qry. Shaugh E13735; COLLNO1191; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E1792 S of Headland Hope E1792 * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Mica Schist'
S79000; MRPROGGLR2063; Cairn of Claise S79000; MRPROGGLR2063; * 1987 Schist.
E21980 Asheldon Copse E21980 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E21989 Paignton E21989 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E21991 Oddicombe E21991 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E21997 Manor Gardens E21997 * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Siltstone'
E21998 Woolacombe E21998 * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Siltstone'
E1876 S of Willymare, Malborough E1876 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E3082 N of S Pool E3082 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E3083 Beacon Point E3083 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E3084 Quarry Opposite Gullet Farm. S of Pool Creek E3084 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3088; E3088/A; Near Life Boat House. Hope E3088; E3088/A; * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3089 Opp. Gullet Farm. S of Pool Creek E3089 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3090 Sascombe Sands. Prawle Coast E3090 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3092 N of Quarry. Opp. Gullet Farm. S of Pool Creek E3092 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3093 N of Quarry. N of Chivelstone E3093 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3091 Waterhead Creek. Nr. Salcombe E3091 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E1787 Quarry by road to Combe E1787 * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E22007 Smugglers Cove, Torbay E22007 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E22015 Kingswear E22015 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E21976 Fish Cove, Hope's Nose E21976 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E22879; COLLNOKY164; Avon Gorge, 400 yd. NW of Observatory, Valley Rd., Roadside section, Portway beneath bridge E22879; COLLNOKY164; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E37221; COLLNOHS72; Temp. exposure. 2335 yd S 19 deg E of Golden Grove Station E37221; COLLNOHS72; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Ferruginous Sandstone'
S98509; COLLNOFY1463; Elrich Burn S98509; COLLNOFY1463; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98511; COLLNOFY1465; Elrich Burn S98511; COLLNOFY1465; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98513; COLLNOFY1467; Elrich Burn S98513; COLLNOFY1467; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98514; COLLNOFY1468; Elrich Burn S98514; COLLNOFY1468; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98497; COLLNOFY1451; Elrich Burn S98497; COLLNOFY1451; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98498; COLLNOFY1452; Elrich Burn S98498; COLLNOFY1452; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98499; COLLNOFY1453; Elrich Burn S98499; COLLNOFY1453; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98502; COLLNOFY1456; Elrich Burn S98502; COLLNOFY1456; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E37235; COLLNOHS86; Road Cutting. 3080 yd E 44 deg S of Golden Grove Station E37235; COLLNOHS86; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
S98412; COLLNOSMS185; Tributary of Allt Uniag S98412; COLLNOSMS185; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98413; COLLNOSMS186; Tributary of Allt Uniag S98413; COLLNOSMS186; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98414; COLLNOSMS187; Tributary of Allt Uniag S98414; COLLNOSMS187; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98631; COLLNOZD923; Craig Burn, 870m 80deg from Parkhall S98631; COLLNOZD923; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81764; COLLNOLX837; 150m N from Pinbain Bridge S81764; COLLNOLX837; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81974; COLLNOLY464; 550m E of S end of Loch Brandy S81974; COLLNOLY464; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81968; COLLNOLY458; Slopes E of Loch Whaual S81968; COLLNOLY458; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E1780 Start Point; Nr. Light House E1780 * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Schist'
E3081 Cliffs S of Strete. Nr. Sea Cliff E3081 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E3086 Coast S of Sight of Start House E3086 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
E3087 Quarry on N side of Bikerton Valley E3087 * Schist. 'Original entry: Albite Schist'
S81970; COLLNOLY460; Slopes NE of Loch Whaual S81970; COLLNOLY460; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81971; COLLNOLY461; Slopes NE of Loch Whaual S81971; COLLNOLY461; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98402; COLLNOSMS175; Minor summit 1km WNW of Dulnain Bothy S98402; COLLNOSMS175; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98403; COLLNOSMS176; Minor hill 900m W of Dulnain Bothy S98403; COLLNOSMS176; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98487; COLLNOFY1441; Am Bathaich S98487; COLLNOFY1441; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98488; COLLNOFY1442; Am Bathaich S98488; COLLNOFY1442; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98468; COLLNOFY1422; R.Findhorn S98468; COLLNOFY1422; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98470; COLLNOFY1424; R.Findhorn S98470; COLLNOFY1424; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98472; COLLNOFY1426; SE slope of Maol Bhan S98472; COLLNOFY1426; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98475; COLLNOFY1429; R.Findhorn S98475; COLLNOFY1429; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E3125 S of Torcross E3125 * Schist. 'Original entry: Calcareous Schist'
S98393; COLLNOLY1049; Gairbhean S98393; COLLNOLY1049; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98400; COLLNOSMS173; Minor hill W of Alvie Estate Track S98400; COLLNOSMS173; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98379; COLLNOLY1035; Coire Cheap S98379; COLLNOLY1035; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98382; COLLNOLY1038; 400m NW of Loch Coire Cheap S98382; COLLNOLY1038; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81762; COLLNOLX835; 150m N from Pinbain Bridge S81762; COLLNOLX835; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81763; COLLNOLX836; 150m N from Pinbain Bridge S81763; COLLNOLX836; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81616; COLLNOPX200; N of Thirlstane S81616; COLLNOPX200; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S98462; COLLNOFY1416; S slope of Creag Irealaig S98462; COLLNOFY1416; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98521; COLLNOFY1477; Allt Coire Challich S98521; COLLNOFY1477; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98525; COLLNOFY1481; 1200m SE of Dalbaig S98525; COLLNOFY1481; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98506; COLLNOFY1460; Elrich Burn S98506; COLLNOFY1460; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81955; COLLNOLY445; Roche Moutonee 530m SW of Ballone S81955; COLLNOLY445; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81939; COLLNOLY429; 370m W of Beinn Dubh S81939; COLLNOLY429; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81941; COLLNOLY431; 550m NNE of Green Hill S81941; COLLNOLY431; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81937; COLLNOLY427; 250m E/S of Meall Mor S81937; COLLNOLY427; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E38342; MR31860; Pen Rhiw Wen (higher), Disused Qry. on A4069. 2.5 ml NNE of Brynamman E38342; MR31860; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
E3119 Cliff; Outer Hope E3119 * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E3123 E side of Kingsbridge Estuary E3123 * Schist. 'Original entry: Calcareous Schist'
E8343; MR14743; Salcombe E8343; MR14743; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S81871; COLLNOLY361; Burn of fleurs S81871; COLLNOLY361; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S81872; COLLNOLY362; Burn of fleurs S81872; COLLNOLY362; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81873; COLLNOLY363; Burn of fleurs S81873; COLLNOLY363; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S98535; COLLNOFY1491; NE slope of Carn Leitin Coire Callich S98535; COLLNOFY1491; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98527; COLLNOFY1483; N flank of Calpa Mor S98527; COLLNOFY1483; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96909; COLLNOAX2546; Portandea S96909; COLLNOAX2546; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96877; COLLNOZH4145; 490m E of Welton of Creuches S96877; COLLNOZH4145; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96878; COLLNOZH4146; 490m E of Welton of Creuches S96878; COLLNOZH4146; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S96879; COLLNOZH4147; 490m E of Welton of Creuches S96879; COLLNOZH4147; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S97149; COLLNOKKD8136; Wellheads BH3, depth 40,32-40,40m S97149; COLLNOKKD8136; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S97359; COLLNOGX1615; Port Liath 620m W of Kilmory S97359; COLLNOGX1615; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97360; COLLNOGX1616; S Kilmory Bay S97360; COLLNOGX1616; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97361; COLLNOGX1617; South Bay (by Barmore Is), Loch Fyne S97361; COLLNOGX1617; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92954; COLLNOGU434; Torry Hillock S92954; COLLNOGU434; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S98533; COLLNOFY1489; NE slope of Carn an t-Seilich S98533; COLLNOFY1489; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98787; COLLNOZK738; Auchinoon Quarry S98787; COLLNOZK738; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S81886; COLLNOLY376; Craig Burn S81886; COLLNOLY376; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S81889; COLLNOLY379; 190m E of Lochanlvie S81889; COLLNOLY379; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S81890; COLLNOLY380; 190m NE of Lochanlvie S81890; COLLNOLY380; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97139; COLLNOKKD8101; Wellheads BH2, depth 40.40m S97139; COLLNOKKD8101; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S97141; COLLNOKKD8103; Wellheads BH3, depth 17.30m S97141; COLLNOKKD8103; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S81882; COLLNOLY372; NW side of Adielinn Plantation S81882; COLLNOLY372; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S81883; COLLNOLY373; NW side of Adielinn Plantation S81883; COLLNOLY373; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S98270; COLLNOWX1297; Luib Mhor, Glen Tilt S98270; COLLNOWX1297; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98272; COLLNOWX1299; Allt a` Choire Bhuidhe Mhoir, E flank S98272; COLLNOWX1299; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S98658; COLLNOZD954; 1520m 42deg from the summit of Jack's Law S98658; COLLNOZD954; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S98659; COLLNOZD955; 1370m 45deg from the summit of Jack's Law S98659; COLLNOZD955; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S98660; COLLNOZD913; Ponfeigh Burn, 660m 16deg from Mountstewart S98660; COLLNOZD913; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S98273; COLLNOWX1300; Allt a` Choire Bhuidhe Mhoir, E flank S98273; COLLNOWX1300; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S96883; COLLNOZH4151; 490m E of Welton of Creuches S96883; COLLNOZH4151; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Schist'
S96884; COLLNOZH4152; 350m E 18deg S of Welton of Creuches S96884; COLLNOZH4152; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
E38787; MR31873; COLLNO71; Quarry, 330 yds, 230 deg from Castle Hill House E38787; MR31873; COLLNO71; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
S81924; S81924/A; S81924/B; COLLNOLY414; Tom na h-Ulaidh S81924; S81924/A; S81924/B; COLLNOLY414; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98549; COLLNOHY1178; Banvie Burn, Blair Atholl S98549; COLLNOHY1178; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S98550; COLLNOHY1179; Banvie Burn, Blair Atholl S98550; COLLNOHY1179; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S81850; COLLNOLY340; SE slopes of Rough Craig S81850; COLLNOLY340; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
COLLNO3; ED7346; BOTSWANA. COLLNO3; ED7346; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
COLLNO8; ED7351; Chawe River COLLNO8; ED7351; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritic Schist'
S81909; COLLNOLY399; S slopes of Wolf Craig S81909; COLLNOLY399; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81895; COLLNOLY385; Burn of Adielinn S81895; COLLNOLY385; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S81896; COLLNOLY386; Burn of Adielinn S81896; COLLNOLY386; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S97153; COLLNOPY366; Cowie Water S97153; COLLNOPY366; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S97154; COLLNOPY367; Cowie Water S97154; COLLNOPY367; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97156; COLLNOPY369; Ury House, Cowie Water S97156; COLLNOPY369; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97152; COLLNOPY365; Cowie Water S97152; COLLNOPY365; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S97339; COLLNOLY995; 1.5km ENE of Meall na Brachdlach S97339; COLLNOLY995; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97342; COLLNOLY998; SW of Meall na Brachdlach S97342; COLLNOLY998; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97343; COLLNOLY999; SW of Meall na Brachdlach S97343; COLLNOLY999; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S97344; COLLNOLY1000; SW of Meall na Brachdlach S97344; COLLNOLY1000; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96991; COLLNOSR317; Allt Bealach Mhic Neill, Rum S96991; COLLNOSR317; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
S97151; COLLNOPY364; Cowie Water S97151; COLLNOPY364; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S97327; COLLNOLY983; Allt Mhainisteir S97327; COLLNOLY983; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97328; COLLNOLY984; Allt Mhainisteir S97328; COLLNOLY984; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97329; COLLNOLY985; 1km NNE of Meall na Bracldlach S97329; COLLNOLY985; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97333; COLLNOLY989; S side of Coire an Iubair Beag S97333; COLLNOLY989; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97334; COLLNOLY990; S side of Coire an Iubair Beag S97334; COLLNOLY990; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S97335; COLLNOLY991; S side of Coire an Iubair Beag S97335; COLLNOLY991; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97336; COLLNOLY992; E slopes of Meall an Odhar S97336; COLLNOLY992; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97318; COLLNOLY974; Allt Meall Each S97318; COLLNOLY974; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98114; COLLNOSMS127; Old limestone workings NE of Leault Farm S98114; COLLNOSMS127; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S98115; COLLNOSMS128; Old limestone workings NE of Leault Farm S98115; COLLNOSMS128; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98117; COLLNOSMS130; Badden Cottage S98117; COLLNOSMS130; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98103; COLLNOSMS116; Lower NW flank of An Suidhe S98103; COLLNOSMS116; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98106; COLLNOSMS119; Dunachton Burn S98106; COLLNOSMS119; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96994; COLLNOSR359; S of Allt nam Ba, Rum S96994; COLLNOSR359; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Ferruginous Sandstone'
S97323; COLLNOLY979; All Liath nam Baden S97323; COLLNOLY979; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98385; COLLNOLY1041; Coire Cheap S98385; COLLNOLY1041; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97427; COLLNOBRS1101; Monument exposure, 8km SW of Boreland S97427; COLLNOBRS1101; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S97428; COLLNOBRS1109; Burnside exposure, 8km E of Thornhill S97428; COLLNOBRS1109; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S97463; COLLNOSCX210; 90m 133deg from Culnagrine Steading S97463; COLLNOSCX210; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S97465; COLLNOSCX212; 340m 114deg from summit of Meall na Criche S97465; COLLNOSCX212; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97466; COLLNOSCX213; 1000m 127deg from Tiobairt na Reil S97466; COLLNOSCX213; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97467; COLLNOSCX214; 220m 190deg from Tiobairt na Reil S97467; COLLNOSCX214; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S98163; COLLNO33; Allt Mor S98163; COLLNO33; *; *; Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98164; COLLNO34; NE flanks of Cnocantiupain S98164; COLLNO34; *; *; Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S81862; COLLNOLY352; Burn of Heughs S81862; COLLNOLY352; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81867; COLLNOLY357; Burn of Fleurs S81867; COLLNOLY357; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S81869; COLLNOLY359; Burn of Heughs S81869; COLLNOLY359; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S81851; COLLNOLY341; SE slopes of Rough Craig S81851; COLLNOLY341; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S97472; COLLNOSCX219; 1170m 260deg from trianglation station on Craig of Monierreckie S97472; COLLNOSCX219; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97473; COLLNOSCX220; 1100m 209deg from Braeval Crossroads S97473; COLLNOSCX220; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97452; COLLNOSCX199; 330m 191deg from summit of Cnoc Meadhonach S97452; COLLNOSCX199; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97459; COLLNOSCX206; 330m 90deg from confluence of Cos burn and Drunkie Burn S97459; COLLNOSCX206; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S97460; COLLNOSCX207; 340m 91deg from confluence of Cos burn and Drunkie Burn S97460; COLLNOSCX207; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S98300; COLLNOGX1623; W burn draining Coire na Coichille S98300; COLLNOGX1623; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98165; COLLNO35; NE flanks of Cnocantiupain S98165; COLLNO35; *; *; Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S96889; COLLNOBRS1010; Agate Point, Eyemouth Bay S96889; COLLNOBRS1010; *; *; Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96892; COLLNOBRS1025; 7.3km NW of Shawhead S96892; COLLNOBRS1025; *; *; Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96939; COLLNOMY1497; Cowton Burn 250m downstream from Union Cottage S96939; COLLNOMY1497; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97311; COLLNOLY967; 300m E of Geag a' Chuir S97311; COLLNOLY967; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97313; COLLNOLY969; Allt Mhainisteir S97313; COLLNOLY969; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98308; S98308/A; S98308/B; COLLNOGX1631; Base of NNW ridge of Aonach Beag S98308; S98308/A; S98308/B; COLLNOGX1631; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98295; COLLNOGX1618; E ridge Sgor Iuthern, lower part S98295; COLLNOGX1618; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98287; COLLNOWX1314; 950m NNE of meall Chrombaig S98287; COLLNOWX1314; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S98288; COLLNOWX1315; Dubh Alltan S98288; COLLNOWX1315; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98290; COLLNOWX1317; 350m NW of Carn Torcaidh summit S98290; COLLNOWX1317; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98097; COLLNOSMS110; Small lochan 720m W of Track S98097; COLLNOSMS110; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98099; COLLNOSMS112; 200m NE of summit of Cnoc na Tiumpan S98099; COLLNOSMS112; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98084; COLLNOSMS97; Crag 410m NW of Dunachton trail S98084; COLLNOSMS97; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S98089; S98089/A; S98089/B; COLLNOSMS102; E of Cnoc na Tiumpan S98089; S98089/A; S98089/B; COLLNOSMS102; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98374; COLLNOLY1030; Allt Coire Cheap S98374; COLLNOLY1030; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98376; COLLNOLY1032; R.Pattack, W bank S98376; COLLNOLY1032; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98079; COLLNOSMS92; N of Raitt's Burn S98079; COLLNOSMS92; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98276; COLLNOWX1303; Allt Air Chul S98276; COLLNOWX1303; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S98278; COLLNOWX1305; Glen Tilt, 500m ENE of Dail-an-eas Bridge S98278; COLLNOWX1305; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S97257; COLLNOFY1377; Cnoc Thulagain S97257; COLLNOFY1377; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97258; COLLNOFY1378; Allt na Crolite S97258; COLLNOFY1378; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98366; COLLNOLY1022; NE slopes Sron Garbh S98366; COLLNOLY1022; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98369; COLLNOLY1025; Coire an Iubhair Mor, corrie floor S98369; COLLNOLY1025; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Biotite Schist'
S98281; COLLNOWX1308; Bealach an Fhiodha S98281; COLLNOWX1308; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
E1332 Osmington E1332 Woodward, H.B. Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S96942; COLLNOMY1500; Meikle Carewe Hill 400m SSE of Burnside S96942; COLLNOMY1500; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96944; COLLNOMY1502; Hawkhill Wood 350m SSE of Trees S96944; COLLNOMY1502; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96945; COLLNOMY1503; Burn of Monquick 120m due S of Netherley House S96945; COLLNOMY1503; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81853; COLLNOLY343; Rough Craig S81853; COLLNOLY343; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97447; COLLNOSCX194; 240m 145deg from farmhouse at Mill of Garvoch S97447; COLLNOSCX194; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97449; COLLNOSCX196; 580m 117deg from farmhouse at Davo Mains S97449; COLLNOSCX196; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97451; COLLNOSCX198; 410m 199deg from summit of Cnoc Meadhonach S97451; COLLNOSCX198; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97434; COLLNOSCX181; 1050m 280deg from Cairn of Shiel S97434; COLLNOSCX181; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97435; COLLNOSCX182; 1050m 280deg from Cairn of Shiel S97435; COLLNOSCX182; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97436; COLLNOSCX183; 420m 78deg from farmhouse at Davo Mains S97436; COLLNOSCX183; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97437; COLLNOSCX184; 210m 0deg from East lodge of Johnston Mains S97437; COLLNOSCX184; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97441; COLLNOSCX188; 460m 118deg from Laurencekirk War Memorial S97441; COLLNOSCX188; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S98161; COLLNO31; Allt Mor, 230m upstream of bothy S98161; COLLNO31; *; *; Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S98293; COLLNOWX1320; Allt na h-Easg Leathain S98293; COLLNOWX1320; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S98294; COLLNOWX1321; Allt Garbh Buidhe S98294; COLLNOWX1321; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S98336; COLLNOJXX202; Carn Dearg summit S98336; COLLNOJXX202; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98345; COLLNOJXX211; Loch a'Bhealach Leamhain S98345; COLLNOJXX211; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97399; COLLNOETS224; Gass Water 1000m E 19deg N of Dry Burn Junction S97399; COLLNOETS224; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97400; COLLNOETS225; Proscribe Burn 1320m W 7deg N of Wardlaw Kill cairn S97400; COLLNOETS225; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97402; COLLNOETS227; Slackshaw Burn 1380m N 6deg E of Wardlaw Hill cairn S97402; COLLNOETS227; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97404; COLLNOETS229; Boghead Burn, 1060m W 9deg S of Greymare Stone S97404; COLLNOETS229; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97387; COLLNOETS212; Craigdullyeat Quarry S97387; COLLNOETS212; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97388; COLLNOETS213; Outcrop 380m W of Craigshiel S97388; COLLNOETS213; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97390; COLLNOETS215; Quarry 860m W 8deg S of Craigshiel S97390; COLLNOETS215; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97391; COLLNOETS216; Over Guelt 1400m N 14deg W of Craigdullyeat Hill top S97391; COLLNOETS216; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97392; COLLNOETS217; Garclaugh Burn 200m E 15deg N of Glen S97392; COLLNOETS217; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97393; COLLNOETS218; Garclaugh Burn 1350m W 18deg S of Craigshiel S97393; COLLNOETS218; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97396; COLLNOETS221; Garclaugh Burn 750m W 20deg S of Craigshiel S97396; COLLNOETS221; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S98354; COLLNOLY1010; 500m E of Loch a' Bhealaiel Leanlain S98354; COLLNOLY1010; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S98362; COLLNOLY1018; 400m S of W end of Loch a' Bhealaiel Leanlain S98362; COLLNOLY1018; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98365; COLLNOLY1021; E slopes Sron Garbh S98365; COLLNOLY1021; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Schist'
S98325; COLLNOGX1648; Lowest part of N flank Binnean Shuas S98325; COLLNOGX1648; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98346; COLLNOLY1002; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S98346; COLLNOLY1002; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98315; COLLNOGX1638; Aisre Ghabhainn S98315; COLLNOGX1638; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S97362; COLLNOSMS87; NW summit of Meall a'Chocaire S97362; COLLNOSMS87; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98076; COLLNOSMS89; NW of Meall a'Chaochan Dubh S98076; COLLNOSMS89; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97397; COLLNOETS222; Outcrop 730m W 33deg S of Craigshiel S97397; COLLNOETS222; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97379; COLLNOETS204; Foredibban Syke 840m S 2deg W of W Foredibban Hill cairn S97379; COLLNOETS204; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97383; COLLNOETS208; Sunny Syke 1250m W 9deg N of Lethans S97383; COLLNOETS208; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97384; COLLNOETS209; Sunny Syke 1130m W 4deg N of Lethans S97384; COLLNOETS209; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97385; COLLNOETS210; Guelt Water 1230m N 14deg E of Craigshial S97385; COLLNOETS210; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97373; COLLNOETS198; Outcrop 170m N 12deg E of Lethans S97373; COLLNOETS198; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97374; COLLNOETS199; Clocklowie Burn 640m N of Lethans S97374; COLLNOETS199; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97375; COLLNOETS200; Outcrop 1010m N 7deg E of Lethans S97375; COLLNOETS200; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97376; COLLNOETS201; Back Lane 1010m S 6deg W of W Foredibban Hill cairn S97376; COLLNOETS201; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97474; COLLNOSCX221; 540m 165deg from Malling Cottage S97474; COLLNOSCX221; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E24283; COLLNOXG33; NCB No. 3 BH (1950), Marsden Bay, South Shields (surface level: 106 ft. OD) E24283; COLLNOXG33; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S97424; COLLNOBRS1052; Farm quarry, 8km N of Lockerbie S97424; COLLNOBRS1052; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S97425; COLLNOBRS1079; Disused quarry, Cotland Farm, 1km NE of Timwald S97425; COLLNOBRS1079; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S97426; COLLNOBRS1092; Disused quarry, 5km SSW of Boreland S97426; COLLNOBRS1092; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S98318; COLLNOGX1641; N flank of Coire Cheap S98318; COLLNOGX1641; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S98321; COLLNOGX1644; Lower part Allt Coire Cheap section S98321; COLLNOGX1644; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
E24285; COLLNOXG35; NCB No. 3 BH (1950), Marsden Bay, South Shields (surface level: 106 ft. OD) E24285; COLLNOXG35; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E24290; COLLNOXG40; NCB No. 3 BH (1950), Marsden Bay, South Shields (surface level: 106 ft. OD) E24290; COLLNOXG40; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Siltstone'
S96837; S96837/A; S96837/B; COLLNOGY928; Barr Hill summit S96837; S96837/A; S96837/B; COLLNOGY928; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96838; S96838/A; S96838/B; COLLNOGY929; Barr Hill, SSE of summit S96838; S96838/A; S96838/B; COLLNOGY929; *; *; Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S96840; COLLNOGY931; Wauk Hill summit S96840; COLLNOGY931; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96841; COLLNOGY932; Wauk Hill summit S96841; COLLNOGY932; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96844; S96844/A; S96844/B; COLLNOGY935; SE of Clone Moor S96844; S96844/A; S96844/B; COLLNOGY935; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96845; S96845/A; S96845/B; COLLNOGY936; Tynron, ESE of Craigturra Cottage S96845; S96845/A; S96845/B; COLLNOGY936; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96834; S96834/A; S96834/B; COLLNOGY925; NW of Barr Hill S96834; S96834/A; S96834/B; COLLNOGY925; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96835; COLLNOGY926; Barr Hill summit S96835; COLLNOGY926; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96836; COLLNOGY927; Barr Hill summit S96836; COLLNOGY927; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97264; COLLNOFY1384; Creag Fhionnlaidh S97264; COLLNOFY1384; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96728; COLLNOSCX123; Stream exposure, Burn of Guinea, 530m 283deg from Bridge of Bogincaber S96728; COLLNOSCX123; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97276; COLLNOFY1396; Creag Dubh S97276; COLLNOFY1396; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97278; COLLNOFY1398; Creag Dubh S97278; COLLNOFY1398; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82108; COLLNOGY720; N of Clatteringshaws S82108; COLLNOGY720; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S96746; COLLNOSCX141; Exposure at top of overgrown quarry, E bank of Berrie Water, S of Corbie's Pot 670m 010deg from Deep Farmhouse S96746; COLLNOSCX141; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97232; COLLNOSMS77; Creag nam Ba S97232; COLLNOSMS77; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97238; COLLNOSMS83; Brin Rock S97238; COLLNOSMS83; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97239; COLLNOSMS84; Brin Rock S97239; COLLNOSMS84; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97059; COLLNODU13858; Gully N of Allt nam Ba, Rum S97059; COLLNODU13858; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82096; COLLNOGY708; SW of Craigdistant S82096; COLLNOGY708; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S82097; COLLNOGY709; Airie Bennom S82097; COLLNOGY709; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S82098; COLLNOGY710; Airie Bennom S82098; COLLNOGY710; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S97029; COLLNOSR583; Foreshore, Camas Mor, Muck S97029; COLLNOSR583; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97017; COLLNOSR532; Inbhir Ghil, Rum S97017; COLLNOSR532; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82273; COLLNOGU420; SP-; 300m W of Burntreble S82273; COLLNOGU420; SP-; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S97227; COLLNOSMS72; 120m NE of Achneim Ho S97227; COLLNOSMS72; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96788; COLLNOBRS983; Disused quarry, A703, 5km S of Penicuik S96788; COLLNOBRS983; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96790; COLLNOBRS997; Crook Inn Burn, 8km S of Drumelzier S96790; COLLNOBRS997; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S96795; COLLNOPY206; Burn of Annamuick S96795; COLLNOPY206; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S82122; COLLNOGY734; A713 Knocktinkle S82122; COLLNOGY734; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S82123; COLLNOGY735; A713 Knocktinkle S82123; COLLNOGY735; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E69110; COLLNODMA7E; not recorded E69110; COLLNODMA7E; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S97266; COLLNOFY1386; Creag Fhionnlaidh S97266; COLLNOFY1386; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S97007; COLLNOSR481; N side of Kinloch Glen, Rum S97007; COLLNOSR481; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96821; COLLNOGY912; Grammery Hill S96821; COLLNOGY912; *; *; Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S97013; COLLNOSR517; Path S of Dibidil, Rum S97013; COLLNOSR517; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S97014; COLLNOSR518; N of Rubha nam Meirlich, Rum S97014; COLLNOSR518; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96898; COLLNOBRS1036; 5.0km SE of Shawhead S96898; COLLNOBRS1036; *; *; Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96894; COLLNOBRS1039; 6.0km SE of Shawhead S96894; COLLNOBRS1039; *; *; Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S82287; COLLNOCX2496; N slope of Craig Megen S82287; COLLNOCX2496; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82288; COLLNOCX2497; N slope of Craig Megen S82288; COLLNOCX2497; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82289; COLLNOCX2498; N slope of Craig Megen S82289; COLLNOCX2498; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82291; COLLNOCX2500; N slope of Craig Megen S82291; COLLNOCX2500; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82293; COLLNOCX2502; 160m ENE of Craig Megen summit S82293; COLLNOCX2502; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82278; COLLNOCX2485; 500m ESE of bridge over Girnoch Burn S82278; COLLNOCX2485; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82059; COLLNOCX2295; 140m N of stream, E side of Creag nam Bah S82059; COLLNOCX2295; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82061; COLLNOCX2297; 150m N of bend in fence S82061; COLLNOCX2297; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Hornblende Schist'
S82063; COLLNOCX2299; Stream 300 WSW of fence S82063; COLLNOCX2299; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Hornblende Schist'
S82043; COLLNOCX2279; 300m WSW of Camlet S82043; COLLNOCX2279; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82044; COLLNOCX2280; Sgor an`h-Iolaire, 350m WNW of Camlet S82044; COLLNOCX2280; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82046; COLLNOCX2282; 400m SSE of Corby Hall S82046; COLLNOCX2282; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82048; S82048/A; COLLNOCX2284; 250m SW of track junction S82048; S82048/A; COLLNOCX2284; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82049; COLLNOCX2285; Camlet, between house and barn S82049; COLLNOCX2285; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S82052; COLLNOCX2288; Camlet, 70m N of deer fence S82052; COLLNOCX2288; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S96724; COLLNOSCX119; N side of Drumlithie Burn, 380m 31deg from Newbigging Cottage S96724; COLLNOSCX119; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82487; COLLNORY529; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82487; COLLNORY529; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Schist'
S82489; COLLNORY531; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82489; COLLNORY531; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96777; COLLNOSCX172; Cliff, E bank of Devilly Burn 110m 095deg from Clattering Bridge S96777; COLLNOSCX172; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96778; COLLNOSCX173; Cutting, E side Glen Saugh 140m 180deg from sluice on Loch Saugh Dam S96778; COLLNOSCX173; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96801; COLLNOHY912; Craigeven Bay, Stonehaven S96801; COLLNOHY912; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96803; COLLNOHY914; Craigeven Bay, Stonehaven S96803; COLLNOHY914; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S96766; COLLNOSCX161; Base of cliff seaward end of Pow Dam 120m 142deg from Hallhill Farmhouse S96766; COLLNOSCX161; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96768; COLLNOSCX163; S side Coventree Quarry 560m on 180deg from Gaterside Cottage S96768; COLLNOSCX163; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96769; COLLNOSCX164; Quarry exposure 820m 090deg from road junction at Hillhead Cottage S96769; COLLNOSCX164; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
S82494; COLLNORY536; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82494; COLLNORY536; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82470; COLLNORY512; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82470; COLLNORY512; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82471; COLLNORY513; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82471; COLLNORY513; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Garnet Schist'
S82472; COLLNORY514; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82472; COLLNORY514; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82473; COLLNORY515; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82473; COLLNORY515; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Muscovite Schist'
S82474; COLLNORY516; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82474; COLLNORY516; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S82476; COLLNORY518; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82476; COLLNORY518; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82478; COLLNORY520; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82478; COLLNORY520; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82479; COLLNORY521; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82479; COLLNORY521; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82457; COLLNORY499; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82457; COLLNORY499; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Muscovite Schist'
S82459; COLLNORY501; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82459; COLLNORY501; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Quartz Schist'
S82460; COLLNORY502; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82460; COLLNORY502; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82462; COLLNORY504; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82462; COLLNORY504; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S82463; COLLNORY505; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82463; COLLNORY505; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82464; COLLNORY506; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82464; COLLNORY506; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82465; COLLNORY507; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82465; COLLNORY507; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S96770; COLLNOSCX165; Quarry exposure 820m 090deg from road junction at Hillhead Cottage S96770; COLLNOSCX165; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandy Siltstone'
S96771; COLLNOSCX166; Stream exposure Burn of Balfour 490m 279deg from Hillhead Cottage S96771; COLLNOSCX166; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96773; COLLNOSCX168; Stream exposure Burn of Balnakettle 20m upstream from road bridge S96773; COLLNOSCX168; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Silty Sandstone'
S82196; COLLNOCX2439; NW of back SE side of the Knock S82196; COLLNOCX2439; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S82183; COLLNOCX2425; Crag by path 100m SSE of Beatrice's Cairn S82183; COLLNOCX2425; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Hornblende Schist'
S82191; COLLNOCX2434; N side of track, Craig of the Knock S82191; COLLNOCX2434; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S82686; COLLNOMY1165; Kettock Burn 650m SW of confluence with Hazly Grain S82686; COLLNOMY1165; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82678; COLLNOMY1157; Long Gormack Burn, 850m ESE of its confluence with Short Gormack Burn S82678; COLLNOMY1157; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96084; COLLNOBRS937; Outcrop 12.0km NE of Peebles S96084; COLLNOBRS937; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96951; COLLNOHY928; Centre of Bay, N of Red Man S96951; COLLNOHY928; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96955; COLLNOHY932; A90 road cut, SE side, Magray Hill S96955; COLLNOHY932; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96958; COLLNOHY935; Castle rock of Muchalls S96958; COLLNOHY935; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96959; COLLNOHY936; Castle rock of Muchalls S96959; COLLNOHY936; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82039; COLLNOCX2275; 150m N of track, 500m E of Boraglie S82039; COLLNOCX2275; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96725; COLLNOSCX120; Back feature of terrace, N of Berrie Water, 100m 128deg from Berrie Bridge S96725; COLLNOSCX120; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82031; COLLNOCX2266; 550m NE of Boraglie S82031; COLLNOCX2266; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Mica Schist'
S82034; COLLNOCX2269; Immediately SW of fence S82034; COLLNOCX2269; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82035; COLLNOCX2270; Sgor an`h-Iolaire, 120m S of cairn S82035; COLLNOCX2270; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Mica Schist'
S96764; COLLNOSCX159; ?Quarry exposure, Laflan Knowes 490m 317deg from W Mondynes Cottage S96764; COLLNOSCX159; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82154; COLLNOCX2387; Lowest crag NW side of Coyles of Muich S82154; COLLNOCX2387; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82155; COLLNOCX2388; SW most crags NW side of Coyles of Muich S82155; COLLNOCX2388; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82157; COLLNOCX2392; Forest track 950m S of Craig of Lainmuie S82157; COLLNOCX2392; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S82158; COLLNOCX2393; 15m E of deer fence, Meall Dubh S82158; COLLNOCX2393; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S96785; COLLNOPY336; Cowton Burn S96785; COLLNOPY336; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Biotite Schist'
S82281; COLLNOCX2490; 550m WSW of Meall Dubh summit S82281; COLLNOCX2490; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82283; COLLNOCX2492; 550m S of Meall Dubh summit S82283; COLLNOCX2492; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82284; COLLNOCX2493; 850m SSW of Meall Dubh summit S82284; COLLNOCX2493; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S96380; COLLNOPX402; Borrow Pit, Cowdeur Farm S96380; COLLNOPX402; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
S96381; COLLNOPX405; Tributary of Carron Water, S of Jenny Hair's Bridge, Durisdeer S96381; COLLNOPX405; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96382; COLLNOPX406; E bank of Carron Water, S of Jenny Hair's Bridge, Durisdeer S96382; COLLNOPX406; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82384; COLLNOMB87A; Burn of Rathes, near junction with tributary from S S82384; COLLNOMB87A; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82385; COLLNOMB87B; Burn of Rathes, near junction with tributary from S S82385; COLLNOMB87B; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82386; COLLNOMB89; Burn of allachoy, 200m above main road S82386; COLLNOMB89; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S82079; COLLNOCX2318; 230m NNW of Loinvey, Glen Girnock S82079; COLLNOCX2318; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S82068; S82068/A; COLLNOCX2307; 420m W of track junction, Glen Girnock S82068; S82068/A; COLLNOCX2307; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82069; COLLNOCX2308; 420m W of track junction, Glen Girnock S82069; COLLNOCX2308; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82070; COLLNOCX2309; 420m W of track junction, Glen Girnock S82070; COLLNOCX2309; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Hornblende Schist'
S82074; COLLNOCX2313; 270m W of track junction, Glen Girnock S82074; COLLNOCX2313; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82066; COLLNOCX2305; Near lone tree 400m W of Glen Girnock track S82066; COLLNOCX2305; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82067; COLLNOCX2306; Ridge 400m W of Glen Girnock track S82067; COLLNOCX2306; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96741; COLLNOSCX136; W face, Garrold Quarry, 560m 263deg from Glen of Drumtochty Church S96741; COLLNOSCX136; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96787; COLLNOPY338; Cowton Burn/Rikarton S96787; COLLNOPY338; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Staurolite Schist'
S96714; COLLNOSCX109; Carron Water, 420m 089deg from confluence of Carron Water and Cleuch Burn S96714; COLLNOSCX109; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96806; COLLNOHY917; Road section, old A92 by golf course S96806; COLLNOHY917; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S96808; COLLNOHY919; Promontry, N end of Skatie Shore S96808; COLLNOHY919; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S96809; COLLNOHY920; Promontry, N end of Skatie Shore S96809; COLLNOHY920; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S82018; COLLNOCX2251; 20m S of Corby Hall S82018; COLLNOCX2251; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82020; COLLNOCX2253; Hillside 450m SW of Corby Hall S82020; COLLNOCX2253; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82021; COLLNOCX2254; Hillside 450m SW of Corby Hall S82021; COLLNOCX2254; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82009; COLLNOCX2240; 190m NNW of Duchess of York Cairn S82009; COLLNOCX2240; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82010; COLLNOCX2241; Mound W of cairn, 300m N of D. of York Cairn S82010; COLLNOCX2241; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82171; COLLNOCX2408; NE tip, Craig of the Knock S82171; COLLNOCX2408; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96717; COLLNOSCX112; N bank of Barrie Water, 750m 204deg from Trig Pt. on Droop Hill S96717; COLLNOSCX112; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81839; COLLNOLY329; Burn of North Inchdowrie S81839; COLLNOLY329; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S81844; COLLNOLY334; S end of Craigs of Loch Biandy S81844; COLLNOLY334; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81847; COLLNOLY337; Ridge N of Blowen Holm S81847; COLLNOLY337; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96781; COLLNOPY332; Slug road bridge, Cowton Burn S96781; COLLNOPY332; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Muscovite Schist'
S96754; COLLNOSCX149; Stream exposure below corner of plantation above Templebank 160m 244deg from Templebank Cottage S96754; COLLNOSCX149; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96756; COLLNOSCX151; Quarry exposure E side Temple Hilloch Quarry 240m 169deg from Templebank Cottage S96756; COLLNOSCX151; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96757; COLLNOSCX152; Quarry exposure, N slope of Herscha Hill 650m 288deg from N Blairs S96757; COLLNOSCX152; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96729; COLLNOSCX124; Back feature of terrace, S of Fourant Wood, 420m 261deg from Chapelton Farmhouse S96729; COLLNOSCX124; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96730; COLLNOSCX125; Abandoned quarry, N bank of Bervie Water 410m 217deg from Chapelton Farmhouse S96730; COLLNOSCX125; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S96732; COLLNOSCX127; Float, N bank of Burn of Bankhead 450m 276deg from Tipperty Farmhouse S96732; COLLNOSCX127; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96733; COLLNOSCX128; Stream section, S bank of Burn of Bankhead 580m 267deg from Tipperty Farmhouse S96733; COLLNOSCX128; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82160; COLLNOCX2395; Base of crags, NE end of Coyles of Muich S82160; COLLNOCX2395; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82161; COLLNOCX2397; 70m WSW of Craig of Lainmuie summit S82161; COLLNOCX2397; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82373; COLLNOMB65; Burn of Sittinghillock, W of Sittinghillock S82373; COLLNOMB65; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82375; COLLNOMB70; Glen Grant Back Burn 600m SW of Drumbain S82375; COLLNOMB70; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82381; COLLNOMB80; Small trackside quarry 300m SW of Blackhall S82381; COLLNOMB80; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82496; COLLNORY538; SCOTLAND. Loch Lochy (62E) S82496; COLLNORY538; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82500; COLLNORY542; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82500; COLLNORY542; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82365; COLLNOMB43; N side, Burn of Cairnie, in small tributary from N S82365; COLLNOMB43; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82367; COLLNOMB48; S side, Burn of Cairnie S82367; COLLNOMB48; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82495; COLLNORY537; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S82495; COLLNORY537; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82483; COLLNORY525; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82483; COLLNORY525; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S96742; COLLNOSCX137; W face, Garrold Quarry, 560m 263deg from Glen of Drumtochty Church S96742; COLLNOSCX137; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96743; COLLNOSCX138; W face, Knockhill Quarry, 300m 214deg from Bridge of Berrie S96743; COLLNOSCX138; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S82329; COLLNOCX2544; 490m NE of Knock of Lawsie S82329; COLLNOCX2544; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82353; COLLNOCX2568; 280m NE of Ardoch S82353; COLLNOCX2568; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S82360; COLLNOCX2575; Creag a' Chlainhain, 80m SSW of cairn S82360; COLLNOCX2575; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S82345; COLLNOCX2560; 250m NE of Ardoch Farm S82345; COLLNOCX2560; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82193; COLLNOCX2436; 20m NW of back SE side of the Knock S82193; COLLNOCX2436; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82301; COLLNOCX2512; 250m S of Craig Megen summit S82301; COLLNOCX2512; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S82303; COLLNOCX2514; Lowest outcrops 350m WNW of Megen S82303; COLLNOCX2514; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96452; COLLNOLY908; 450m SE of E end of Lochlaggan S96452; COLLNOLY908; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96454; COLLNOLY910; 1000m S of E end of Lochlaggan S96454; COLLNOLY910; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96489; COLLNOLY946; 700m NE/E of Badanun Hill S96489; COLLNOLY946; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E8401 Near Bowscale Tarn E8401 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E11946 1 ml NNE of Brayton Station Boring. E11946 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Ferruginous Sandstone'
S96557; COLLNOIY761; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96557; COLLNOIY761; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96558; COLLNOIY762; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96558; COLLNOIY762; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96408; COLLNOLY849; Kinlochlaggan S96408; COLLNOLY849; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96409; COLLNOLY850; 500m NE of E end of Lochlaggan S96409; COLLNOLY850; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96410; COLLNOLY851; E end of Lochlaggan S96410; COLLNOLY851; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96411; COLLNOLY852; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96411; COLLNOLY852; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96412; COLLNOLY853; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96412; COLLNOLY853; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96413; COLLNOLY854; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96413; COLLNOLY854; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96542; COLLNOIY748; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96542; COLLNOIY748; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96602; COLLNOPY290; Burnishag Quarry entrance S96602; COLLNOPY290; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96483; COLLNOLY940; R. Pattack S96483; COLLNOLY940; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96485; COLLNOLY942; R. Pattack S96485; COLLNOLY942; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82748; COLLNOMY1227; Burn of Mooran, 1100m WSW of confluence with Burn of Whitebank S82748; COLLNOMY1227; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E11948 1 ml NNE of Brayton Station Boring. E11948 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Ferruginous Sandstone'
E13899; COLLNOTE102; Small Qry. Grasmere House. 3/4 ml SE of Cockermouth E13899; COLLNOTE102; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
E199 Brandy Gill E199 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E201 Black Hazel Gill E201 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E203 Caldew E203 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E210 Birkett Edge, Dead Crags E210 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S96547; COLLNOIY752; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96547; COLLNOIY752; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96549; COLLNOIY754; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96549; COLLNOIY754; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96550; COLLNOIY755; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96550; COLLNOIY755; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82728; COLLNOMY1207; N Esk, E bank, 900m WNW of Bonharry S82728; COLLNOMY1207; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13009; COLLNOSEH75; 500 yds S of BM 1750. Lankrigg E13009; COLLNOSEH75; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S82736; COLLNOMY1215; N.Esk, E bank, 700m SSW of Auchmull S82736; COLLNOMY1215; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82737; COLLNOMY1216; N.Esk, E bank, 650m SW of Auchmull S82737; COLLNOMY1216; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S82738; COLLNOMY1217; N.Esk, E bank, 650m SW of Auchmull S82738; COLLNOMY1217; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96588; COLLNOETS178; Small quarry 970m N 25deg E of Todholes Hill Mast S96588; COLLNOETS178; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96589; COLLNOETS179; Tod Grain 810m N 45deg W of Todholes Hill Mast S96589; COLLNOETS179; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96591; COLLNOETS181; Churn Burn 680m S 20deg W of Kirkland Hill Trig. Point S96591; COLLNOETS181; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96502; COLLNOLY959; Drumturn Burn S96502; COLLNOLY959; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96503; COLLNOLY960; Brown Holm S96503; COLLNOLY960; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96505; COLLNOLY962; Black Water, W of Kingseat S96505; COLLNOLY962; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82777; COLLNOMY1256; Bennygray, on ridge, 2400m WSW of summit of Mount Battock S82777; COLLNOMY1256; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S96444; COLLNOLY900; 300m SSE of P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96444; COLLNOLY900; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96427; COLLNOLY868; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96427; COLLNOLY868; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96428; COLLNOLY869; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96428; COLLNOLY869; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96431; COLLNOLY872; E end of Loch laggan S96431; COLLNOLY872; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96434; COLLNOLY890; 300mNW of old P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96434; COLLNOLY890; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96439; COLLNOLY895; Kinlochlaggan S96439; COLLNOLY895; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96521; COLLNOIY727; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96521; COLLNOIY727; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96525; COLLNOIY731; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96525; COLLNOIY731; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82467; COLLNORY509; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82467; COLLNORY509; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82468; COLLNORY510; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82468; COLLNORY510; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82469; COLLNORY511; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82469; COLLNORY511; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S82444; COLLNORY486; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82444; COLLNORY486; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82446; COLLNORY488; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82446; COLLNORY488; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82448; COLLNORY490; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82448; COLLNORY490; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82449; COLLNORY491; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82449; COLLNORY491; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S82450; COLLNORY492; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82450; COLLNORY492; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82451; COLLNORY493; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82451; COLLNORY493; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82453; COLLNORY495; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82453; COLLNORY495; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82454; COLLNORY496; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82454; COLLNORY496; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S82455; COLLNORY497; SCOTLAND. Loch Lochy (62E) S82455; COLLNORY497; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82456; COLLNORY498; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82456; COLLNORY498; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Muscovite Schist'
S82429; COLLNORY471; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82429; COLLNORY471; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82430; COLLNORY472; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82430; COLLNORY472; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82432; COLLNORY474; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82432; COLLNORY474; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82433; COLLNORY475; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82433; COLLNORY475; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritic Schist'
S82435; COLLNORY477; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82435; COLLNORY477; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S82436; COLLNORY478; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82436; COLLNORY478; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96506; COLLNOLY963; Black Water, 1km SSE of Blackwater Inn S96506; COLLNOLY963; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E13005; COLLNOSEH71; E side of Rd. 1020 yds NW of the Gill E13005; COLLNOSEH71; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13002 300 yds S of Ulldale. 1400 yds NE of Hilton E13002 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Silty Sandstone'
S96476; COLLNOLY933; R. Pattack S96476; COLLNOLY933; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82437; COLLNORY479; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82437; COLLNORY479; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96496; COLLNOLY953; Burn of Drimmie S96496; COLLNOLY953; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96497; COLLNOLY954; 400m NE of Hill of Ashmore S96497; COLLNOLY954; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82772; COLLNOMY1251; Burn of Meallie, 700m NE of confluence with Burn of Leuchery S82772; COLLNOMY1251; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82774; COLLNOMY1253; Green Burn, 700m NNE of confluence with N Esk S82774; COLLNOMY1253; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E187 Grainsgill Beck E187 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S96420; COLLNOLY861; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96420; COLLNOLY861; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S96422; COLLNOLY863; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96422; COLLNOLY863; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S82706; COLLNOMY1185; Burn of Auchmull, 600m NE of summit of Manach Hill S82706; COLLNOMY1185; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82707; COLLNOMY1186; Burn of Kirkton 250m NW of Kirkton of Balfour farmhouse S82707; COLLNOMY1186; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S82710; COLLNOMY1189; Burn of Kirkton, 300m SE of Kirkton of Balflour farmhouse S82710; COLLNOMY1189; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E15675; COLLNOTE141; Quary in wood. 1000 yds ESE of Dunthwaite E15675; COLLNOTE141; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
S96347; COLLNOSMS29; Caochan a' Chairn S96347; COLLNOSMS29; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82442; COLLNORY484; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82442; COLLNORY484; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82443; COLLNORY485; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82443; COLLNORY485; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82419; COLLNORY461; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82419; COLLNORY461; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82420; S82420/A; COLLNORY462; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82420; S82420/A; COLLNORY462; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82426; COLLNORY468; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82426; COLLNORY468; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96533; COLLNOIY739; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96533; COLLNOIY739; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96534; COLLNOIY740; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96534; COLLNOIY740; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96535; COLLNOIY741; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96535; COLLNOIY741; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96537; COLLNOIY743; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96537; COLLNOIY743; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E17553; COLLNOSEH90M; ELABNO1034; 200 yds S 16 deg W of Barkbeth E17553; COLLNOSEH90M; ELABNO1034; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E17554; E17554/A; COLLNOSEH91M; ELABNO1035; 220 yds S 9 deg W of Barkbeth E17554; E17554/A; COLLNOSEH91M; ELABNO1035; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E17555; COLLNOSEH92M; ELABNO1036; 1470 yds W 43 deg S of Mungresdale Church E17555; COLLNOSEH92M; ELABNO1036; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S82427; COLLNORY469; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82427; COLLNORY469; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82428; COLLNORY470; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82428; COLLNORY470; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82406; COLLNORY448; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82406; COLLNORY448; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
S82407; COLLNORY449; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82407; COLLNORY449; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82409; COLLNORY451; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82409; COLLNORY451; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82414; COLLNORY456; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82414; COLLNORY456; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96592; COLLNOETS182; Churn Burn 420m S 4deg W of Kirkland Hill Trig. Point S96592; COLLNOETS182; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96579; COLLNOETS169; Polwhannan Burn, 220m E 24deg S of Coal Skye junction S96579; COLLNOETS169; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96583; COLLNOETS173; Fingland Burn 1030m N 59deg E of High Knypes top S96583; COLLNOETS173; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96584; COLLNOETS174; Fingland Burn 630m N 46deg E of High Knypes top S96584; COLLNOETS174; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96585; COLLNOETS175; 370m E 10deg S of High Knypes top S96585; COLLNOETS175; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96586; COLLNOETS176; Tributary 660m S 3deg W of High Knypes top S96586; COLLNOETS176; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96492; COLLNOLY949; R.Isla, Dalvanie S96492; COLLNOLY949; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96493; COLLNOLY950; R.Isla, Dalvanie S96493; COLLNOLY950; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82761; COLLNOMY1240; Burn of Auchmull, 530m ENE of Auchmull Farmhouse S82761; COLLNOMY1240; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82753; COLLNOMY1232; Craigangower, S slope, 600m SE of summit S82753; COLLNOMY1232; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E14566; COLLNOFMT92; 280 yds S 40 deg E of Longthwaite E14566; COLLNOFMT92; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96414; COLLNOLY855; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96414; COLLNOLY855; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S96415; COLLNOLY856; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96415; COLLNOLY856; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96419; COLLNOLY860; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96419; COLLNOLY860; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82756; COLLNOMY1235; Burn of Oldtown, 750m NW of Oldtown S82756; COLLNOMY1235; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82744; COLLNOMY1223; Burn of Mooran, 330m NW of confluence with N Esk S82744; COLLNOMY1223; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S82745; COLLNOMY1224; Burn of Mooran, 400m S of Cornescorn S82745; COLLNOMY1224; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82746; COLLNOMY1225; Burn of Mooran, 800m SW of Cornescorn S82746; COLLNOMY1225; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82794; COLLNOMY1273; Burn of Linns, 650m WSW of Wester Aucheen S82794; COLLNOMY1273; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E2181 Wilton Fell E2181 * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritic Schist'
E190 Beckmere E190 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E17201; COLLNOWCCR154; Close Qry. Embleton E17201; COLLNOWCCR154; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Markfieldite'
E17204; COLLNOWCCR157; 200 yds NE of Close Qry. Embleton E17204; COLLNOWCCR157; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Markfieldite'
S96569; COLLNOSMS67; Brin Rock, upper crags S96569; COLLNOSMS67; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96597; COLLNOETS187; Great Pitechiat 960m W 8deg N of Kirland Hill Trig. Point S96597; COLLNOETS187; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E15717; COLLNOSEH380; 700 yds N 20 deg W of Trig Pt. 2265, Gt. Caloa E15717; COLLNOSEH380; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritoid Schist'
S96383; COLLNOPX407; Under Jenny Hair's Bridge, Durisdeer S96383; COLLNOPX407; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96384; COLLNOPX408; Under Jenny Hair's Bridge, Durisdeer S96384; COLLNOPX408; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96077; COLLNOBRS877; Old slate works, 7.2 km W of Thornhill S96077; COLLNOBRS877; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96079; COLLNOBRS895; Roadside quarry 7.0km N of Innerleithen S96079; COLLNOBRS895; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S82827; COLLNOZA3243; Overtoun Burn S82827; COLLNOZA3243; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82828; COLLNOZA3244; Overtoun Burn S82828; COLLNOZA3244; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82829; COLLNOZA3245; Culcreuch S82829; COLLNOZA3245; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82830; COLLNOZA3246; Culcreuch S82830; COLLNOZA3246; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82824; COLLNOZA3240; Fairlie Glen S82824; COLLNOZA3240; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82825; COLLNOZA3241; Fairlie Glen S82825; COLLNOZA3241; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82826; COLLNOZA3242; Fairlie Glen S82826; COLLNOZA3242; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96107; COLLNOMY1442; Disused Quarry, 150m WSW of Clatterin Bridge S96107; COLLNOMY1442; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96108; COLLNOMY1443; Knowegreens Burn 250m upstream from Clatterin Bridge S96108; COLLNOMY1443; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96109; COLLNOMY1444; Knowegreens Burn 450m upstream from Clatterin Bridge S96109; COLLNOMY1444; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96111; COLLNOMY1446; Knowegreens Burn 1200m upstream from Clatterin Bridge S96111; COLLNOMY1446; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96112; COLLNOMY1447; Roadside 1050m NW of Arnbarrow Farmhouse S96112; COLLNOMY1447; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96113; COLLNOMY1448; Back Burn of Arnbarrow 100m downstream from confluence with Burn of Whiteclaws S96113; COLLNOMY1448; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96114; COLLNOMY1449; Hill of Craigiedarg 900m SE of summit of Hound Hillock S96114; COLLNOMY1449; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96102; COLLNOMY1437; 100m NW of Cairn `o' Mount summit S96102; COLLNOMY1437; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96104; COLLNOMY1439; Piclethen Burn 400m upstream from confluence with Water of Dye S96104; COLLNOMY1439; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96232; COLLNOJXX161; Markie Burn S96232; COLLNOJXX161; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96235; COLLNOJXX164; Geal Charn S96235; COLLNOJXX164; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96236; COLLNOJXX165; R.Pattack S96236; COLLNOJXX165; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96068; COLLNOETS134; Polmarlach Burn, 350m W 11deg S of Glengaber Hill top S96068; COLLNOETS134; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E862 3/4 ml NE of Stanton Bridge E862 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S96072; COLLNOETS138; Outcrop 210m E 12deg N of Friarminnan ruin S96072; COLLNOETS138; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96074; COLLNOETS140; Outcrop 410m S of Black Law top S96074; COLLNOETS140; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96058; COLLNOETS124; Pit 1160m W 26deg S of Black Law top S96058; COLLNOETS124; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96060; COLLNOETS126; March Burn, to E, 450m S 40deg E of Connor Hill top S96060; COLLNOETS126; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96063; COLLNOETS129; Outcrop 660m E 33deg S of Auchtitench ruin S96063; COLLNOETS129; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96065; COLLNOETS131; Outcrop 20m SW of Auchtitench ruin S96065; COLLNOETS131; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96048; COLLNOETS114; Friarminnan Burn 530m E 24deg S of White Hill S96048; COLLNOETS114; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96054; COLLNOETS120; Lady Burn 1470m W 29deg S of Stony Hill cairn S96054; COLLNOETS120; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96055; COLLNOETS121; Poldive Burn 570m W 20deg N of Black Law top S96055; COLLNOETS121; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96056; COLLNOETS122; Poldive Burn 520m W 29deg N of Black Law top S96056; COLLNOETS122; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96213; COLLNOPY323; Nether Swanley S96213; COLLNOPY323; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Schist'
S96214; COLLNOPY325; Cowie Water S96214; COLLNOPY325; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Schist'
S96218; COLLNOPY331; Burn of Graham S96218; COLLNOPY331; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S96194; COLLNOPY293; Head of the Burn of Annamuck S96194; COLLNOPY293; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S96189; COLLNOMY1493; Craig of Affresk 230m SE of summit, beside track S96189; COLLNOMY1493; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96205; COLLNOPY310; Burn of Day S96205; COLLNOPY310; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Chlorite Schist'
S96206; COLLNOPY312; Burn of Day S96206; COLLNOPY312; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Biotite Schist'
S96207; COLLNOPY314; Burn E of Raven's Craig S96207; COLLNOPY314; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82909; COLLNOGX1313; Cairn Dye (W flank) S82909; COLLNOGX1313; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S83125; COLLNOFY913; Craigellachie S83125; COLLNOFY913; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83127; COLLNOFY922; 300m NW of Lynwily Ho S83127; COLLNOFY922; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83132; COLLNOFY927; W face of Ord Ben S83132; COLLNOFY927; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83116; COLLNOFY899; 250m NNW of quarry at Kinakyle S83116; COLLNOFY899; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83118; COLLNOFY902; 650m SW of Carn Cruinn S83118; COLLNOFY902; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83119; COLLNOFY903; 650m SW of Carn Cruinn S83119; COLLNOFY903; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83120; COLLNOFY904; 650m SW of Carn Cruinn S83120; COLLNOFY904; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96209; COLLNOPY318; Snob Cottage S96209; COLLNOPY318; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Chlorite Schist'
E40535; COLLNOKH1059; Little Urswick swer trench E40535; COLLNOKH1059; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcitic Sandstone'
S96016; COLLNOETS82; Sheriffcleugh Burn 690m S 15deg W of Ewe Hill top S96016; COLLNOETS82; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated); Wacke;. 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96018; COLLNOETS84; Tributary to Sheriffcleugh Burn 650m S 8deg W of Ewe Hill top S96018; COLLNOETS84; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96005; S96005/A; COLLNOSCX51; By track, S of Little Barras, 480m 341deg from standing stone on Murrystone Hill S96005; S96005/A; COLLNOSCX51; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S83172; COLLNOFY968; Eag a' Gharbh-choire S83172; COLLNOFY968; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96220; COLLNOJXX116; Markie Burn, West S96220; COLLNOJXX116; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96227; COLLNOJXX131; Spay Dam S96227; COLLNOJXX131; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82823; COLLNOZA3239; Fairlie Glen S82823; COLLNOZA3239; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
COLLNOZQ909; MC5486; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ909; MC5486; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
COLLNOZQ910; MC5487; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ910; MC5487; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83166; COLLNOFY962; Carnhahan a Beinn S83166; COLLNOFY962; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96042; COLLNOETS108; Tributary to March Burn, 1520m S 30deg W of Stony Hill cairn S96042; COLLNOETS108; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96043; COLLNOETS109; March Burn, 1640m S 27deg W of Stony Hill cairn S96043; COLLNOETS109; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96046; COLLNOETS112; Pit 980m S 44deg W of Drummond's Knowe S96046; COLLNOETS112; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96047; COLLNOETS113; Outcrop 10m S of summit of White Hill S96047; COLLNOETS113; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96033; COLLNOETS99; Penbreck Burn 620m W 7deg S of Drummond's Knowe S96033; COLLNOETS99; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96272; COLLNOYW2128; Stream section, Allt a Choire Ghuirny S96272; COLLNOYW2128; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96273; COLLNOYW2130; Hillside, Leathad Gaothach S96273; COLLNOYW2130; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96034; COLLNOETS100; Penbreck Burn 730m W 19deg S of Drummond's Knowe S96034; COLLNOETS100; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96035; COLLNOETS101; Penbreck Burn 870m W 29deg S of Drummond's Knowe S96035; COLLNOETS101; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96036; COLLNOETS102; Penbreck Burn 590m W 1deg S of Drummond's Knowe S96036; COLLNOETS102; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96037; COLLNOETS103; Penbreck Burn 640m W 27deg N of Drummond's Knowe S96037; COLLNOETS103; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S83113; COLLNOFY896; 100m N of quarry at Kinakyle S83113; COLLNOFY896; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E18509; E18509/A; Borehole, Sandscale. No. K.B. 76 E18509; E18509/A; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E17786 Sand Core of Black Ore, 300 ft Level, Park Shaft E17786 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83193; COLLNOFY991; 700m NW of Auchtertearg S83193; COLLNOFY991; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83195; COLLNOFY993; 600m NE of Tom Mor S83195; COLLNOFY993; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96000; COLLNOSCX46; Foreshore below Shield Hill, 400m 133deg from Kinneff Old Church S96000; COLLNOSCX46; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S83183; COLLNOFY981; Tighma Hatch S83183; COLLNOFY981; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83186; COLLNOFY984; Muckrach Castle S83186; COLLNOFY984; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83189; COLLNOFY987; 450m SW of Achnagaoualin S83189; COLLNOFY987; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82886; S82886/A; COLLNOGX1290; Crags W of prominant gully, S side of Corrie Fee, Glen Doll S82886; S82886/A; COLLNOGX1290; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Schist'
S82887; COLLNOGX1291; Crags W of prominant gully, S side of Corrie Fee, Glen Doll S82887; COLLNOGX1291; * Schist. 'Original entry: Sillimanite Schist'
S82894; COLLNOGX1298; Gully 140m 340deg from summit of Craig Rennet S82894; COLLNOGX1298; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
COLLNOZQ891; MC5469; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ891; MC5469; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
COLLNOZQ896; MC5473; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ896; MC5473; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
COLLNOZQ897; MC5474; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ897; MC5474; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S82840; COLLNOCX2006; 950m SSW of Alton S82840; COLLNOCX2006; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83145; COLLNOFY940; Easter Laggan S83145; COLLNOFY940; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96198; COLLNOPY299; Burn of Glassna S96198; COLLNOPY299; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96199; COLLNOPY301; Burn of Glassna S96199; COLLNOPY301; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96201; COLLNOPY304; Burn of Baulks S96201; COLLNOPY304; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S96204; COLLNOPY309; Burn of Day S96204; COLLNOPY309; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Chlorite Schist'
S96210; COLLNOPY319; Snob Cottage S96210; COLLNOPY319; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Staurolite Schist'
S96211; COLLNOPY321; Hill of Pitspunkie S96211; COLLNOPY321; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Chlorite Schist'
S96317; COLLNOGX1608; Burn of Rosarie, 530m SSW of A95(bridge) S96317; COLLNOGX1608; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S96286; COLLNOYW2147; Hillside, Coire Gorm S96286; COLLNOYW2147; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
COLLNOZQ922; MC5498; Bridge over R.Mashie COLLNOZQ922; MC5498; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82817; COLLNOZA3167; Water of Leith, Kinauld S82817; COLLNOZA3167; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82818; COLLNOZA3232; Dragham Spur road cut S82818; COLLNOZA3232; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82819; COLLNOZA3233; Dragham Spur road cut S82819; COLLNOZA3233; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82820; COLLNOZA3236; Corsiehill Burn, Stewarton S82820; COLLNOZA3236; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82821; COLLNOZA3237; Hillhousemuir Quarry, Stewarton S82821; COLLNOZA3237; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82822; COLLNOZA3238; Fairlie Glen S82822; COLLNOZA3238; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96030; COLLNOETS96; 270m N 15deg E of Cairn of Stony Hill S96030; COLLNOETS96; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96023; COLLNOETS89; Scar Burn 450m N 30deg E of Mid Hill top S96023; COLLNOETS89; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96024; COLLNOETS90; Pit 1480m N 17deg E of White Hill summit S96024; COLLNOETS90; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96025; COLLNOETS91; Tributary to Lard's Burn 660m N 3deg W of Drummond's Knowe S96025; COLLNOETS91; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S82834; COLLNOZA3250; Pleanbank S82834; COLLNOZA3250; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82835; COLLNOZA3251; Gartwhinnie S82835; COLLNOZA3251; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82836; COLLNOZA3252; Airth Castle S82836; COLLNOZA3252; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82837; COLLNOZA3253; Glenback, opencast site S82837; COLLNOZA3253; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82838; COLLNOZA3254; Glenback, opencast site S82838; COLLNOZA3254; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96021; COLLNOETS87; Pit 1140m N 2deg W of White Hill summit S96021; COLLNOETS87; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E17789 1.1 ml NE of Bootle Station E17789 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82839; COLLNOZA3255; Garpel Water S82839; COLLNOZA3255; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E271 Through Mickledoor E271 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S96165; COLLNOCX2919; S bank of R.Dee 500m SW of Dubrack S96165; COLLNOCX2919; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96571; COLLNOETS161; Polbuie Burn, 390m N 33deg W of Gareland Burn junction S96571; COLLNOETS161; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96572; COLLNOETS162; Garpel Water, 2360m W 4deg N of Cairn Table Trig Point S96572; COLLNOETS162; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96573; COLLNOETS163; Burn, 1710m W 3deg N of Cairn Table Trig Point S96573; COLLNOETS163; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S96574; COLLNOETS164; Burn, 1880m W 46deg S of Cairn Table Trig Point S96574; COLLNOETS164; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96575; COLLNOETS165; Burn, 1500m S 7deg W of Cairn Table Trig Point S96575; COLLNOETS165; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96576; COLLNOETS166; Rowantree Burn, 490m W 45deg S of bridge over Garple Water S96576; COLLNOETS166; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96577; COLLNOETS167; Rowantree Burn, 840m W 58deg S of bridge over Garple Water S96577; COLLNOETS167; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E872 Appletreeworth E872 * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82564; COLLNOBRS508; 4.5km SE of Newton Stewart S82564; COLLNOBRS508; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S82565; COLLNOBRS510; Ardwell Hill S82565; COLLNOBRS510; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S82566; COLLNOBRS512; Blairbuies Hill S82566; COLLNOBRS512; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96066; COLLNOETS132; Outcrop E of Polmarlach Burn, 630m W 41deg N of Glengaber Hill top S96066; COLLNOETS132; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E18132; MR17060; COLLNOFMT209; Barrow Steel BH No. 11. 100 yds SSE of Sike House. Nr. Bank End E18132; MR17060; COLLNOFMT209; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone With Fluorite Replacement'
S82558; COLLNOBRS477B; Grennan Slate Quarry S82558; COLLNOBRS477B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S82563; COLLNOBRS494B; TV mast, Cambret Hill S82563; COLLNOBRS494B; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S82933; COLLNOGX1337; W side of Corrie Sharroch 150m 234deg from SE corner of forestry S82933; COLLNOGX1337; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96529; COLLNOIY735; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96529; COLLNOIY735; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96796; COLLNOIY712; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96796; COLLNOIY712; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96512; COLLNOIY718; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S96512; COLLNOIY718; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S82800; COLLNOMY1279; Craig Crane, 200m ENE of summit S82800; COLLNOMY1279; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82801; COLLNOMY1280; Craig Crane, 120m S of summit S82801; COLLNOMY1280; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E15718; COLLNOSEH381; 1240 yds W 6 deg S of Trig Pt. 2265, Gt. Caloa E15718; COLLNOSEH381; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritoid Schist'
S82832; COLLNOZA3248; Craigbeg Quarry S82832; COLLNOZA3248; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82833; COLLNOZA3249; Cadger's Loan, Plean S82833; COLLNOZA3249; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S96115; COLLNOMY1450; Garrol Burn 850m WNW of Arnbarrow Farmhouse S96115; COLLNOMY1450; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96117; COLLNOMY1452; East Burn of Cardowan, 150m upstream of confluence with West Burn of Cardowan S96117; COLLNOMY1452; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96119; COLLNOMY1454; East Burn of Cardowan, 630m upstream of confluence with West Burn of Cardowan S96119; COLLNOMY1454; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96120; COLLNOMY1455; Crichie Burn 500m upstream of Fasque Home Farm S96120; COLLNOMY1455; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82712; COLLNOMY1191; N Esk, E bank, 900m NW of The Burn House S82712; COLLNOMY1191; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82713; COLLNOMY1192; N Esk, E bank, 900m NW of The Burn House S82713; COLLNOMY1192; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S82700; COLLNOMY1179; Just above meltwater channel, 800m NW of confluence of Burn of Corsheilie with Burn of Balvairnie S82700; COLLNOMY1179; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95719; COLLNOPY283; Maxie Burn S95719; COLLNOPY283; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S83404; COLLNOLY488; Dalnabo Quarry S83404; COLLNOLY488; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S94450; COLLNOCX2379; Summit 450m SW of Meall Dubh S94450; COLLNOCX2379; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94451; COLLNOCX2380; 280m SSW of Meall Dubh S94451; COLLNOCX2380; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94452; COLLNOCX2381; 280m SSW of Meall Dubh S94452; COLLNOCX2381; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94453; COLLNOCX2382; 90m W of Meall Dubh S94453; COLLNOCX2382; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94455; COLLNOCX2384; Small crag 60m WSW of deer fence, Meall Dubh S94455; COLLNOCX2384; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S83319; COLLNOYR2761; Balnaclash S83319; COLLNOYR2761; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83308; COLLNOYR2750; Allt a' Gheallaidh S83308; COLLNOYR2750; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82845; COLLNOCX2583; Gate 130m NE of Polhollick S82845; COLLNOCX2583; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Epidote Schist'
S81415; COLLNOGU341; Red Burn BH 3, depth 61.30m S81415; COLLNOGU341; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95942; COLLNOSCX102; Carron Wood, 500m 347deg from West Carmont Cottage S95942; COLLNOSCX102; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Silty Sandstone'
S95959; COLLNOSCX45; SE of Law of Lumgair, 150m 089deg from road junction by Chapelton Farm S95959; COLLNOSCX45; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S94422; COLLNOCX2349; Old limestone pit, Toman Lagain S94422; COLLNOCX2349; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phlogopite Schist'
S94413; COLLNOCX2339; 640m SSE of Bridge of Girnoch S94413; COLLNOCX2339; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Mica Schist'
S94416; COLLNOCX2342; S flank of Creag Phiobaidh S94416; COLLNOCX2342; * Schist. 'Original entry: Sericite Biotite Schist'
S94418; COLLNOCX2344; 380m ESE of summit of Creag Phiobaidh S94418; COLLNOCX2344; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Biotite Schist'
S94419; COLLNOCX2345; 380m ESE of Creag Phiobaidh S94419; COLLNOCX2345; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Garnet Schist'
S94420; COLLNOCX2346; 430m ESE of Creag Phiobaidh S94420; COLLNOCX2346; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Quartz Schist'
S94402; COLLNOCX2326; 440m SE of Bridge of Girnoch S94402; COLLNOCX2326; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94403; COLLNOCX2327; 640m SSE of Bridge of Girnoch S94403; COLLNOCX2327; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S96158; COLLNOCX2912; Duncan Grays Burn 430m above mouth S96158; COLLNOCX2912; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95983; COLLNOCYY114; Outcrop 500m NNE of Lochanhead S95983; COLLNOCYY114; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95984; COLLNOCYY115; Small square quarry NW of old railway at Lochanhead S95984; COLLNOCYY115; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S95986; S95986/a; S95986/b; COLLNOCYY117; 450m SE of Lochrutton Parish Church S95986; S95986/a; S95986/b; COLLNOCYY117; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95987; S95987/a; S95987/b; COLLNOCYY118; 350m WNW of Newfield builders yard S95987; S95987/a; S95987/b; COLLNOCYY118; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95988; COLLNOCYY119; 300m NW of Carswadda Crossing S95988; COLLNOCYY119; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95989; COLLNOCYY120; Outcrop NW side of Kiln Hill S95989; COLLNOCYY120; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S96153; COLLNOCX2906; Base of waterfall, Duncan Grays Burn S96153; COLLNOCX2906; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Muscovite Schist'
S96138; COLLNOCX2890; S bank of R.Dee, 550m SW of Dubrack S96138; COLLNOCX2890; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S95906; COLLNOSCX64; Quarry above and 370m 090deg from Benholm Castle, S95906; COLLNOSCX64; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95912; COLLNOSCX70; Quarry 200m 073deg from summit cairn on St.John's Knap S95912; COLLNOSCX70; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S96265; COLLNOYW2120; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96265; COLLNOYW2120; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95897; COLLNOSCX54; Quarry at St.John's Knap, 150m 116deg from summit cairn S95897; COLLNOSCX54; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95898; COLLNOSCX55; Gully? Hareden, 380m 100deg from Bloomfield S95898; COLLNOSCX55; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95901; COLLNOSCX58; Glaslinn Burn, 250m 345deg from Fernyflatt Farmhouse S95901; COLLNOSCX58; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S78785; COLLNOTY66; Cairn Hill, 90m SW of summit S78785; COLLNOTY66; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S78786; COLLNOTY67; Cairn Hill, 90m SW of summit S78786; COLLNOTY67; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S78787; COLLNOTY68; Stream cutting 200m NW of Burnend S78787; COLLNOTY68; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S95998; COLLNOCYY129; 100m W Deanside Farmhouse S95998; COLLNOCYY129; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95999; COLLNOCYY130; 200m S Deanside Farmhouse S95999; COLLNOCYY130; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94438; COLLNOCX2366; By deer fence, S slope of Creag Liath S94438; COLLNOCX2366; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94441; COLLNOCX2370; NW side of forestry track S94441; COLLNOCX2370; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S94444; COLLNOCX2373; 50m SW of An t-Sron summit S94444; COLLNOCX2373; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S94427; COLLNOCX2355; 160m ENE of bend in fence, Glen Girnoch S94427; COLLNOCX2355; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Epidote Schist'
S94428; COLLNOCX2356; 260m E of bend in fence, Glen Girnoch S94428; COLLNOCX2356; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S94429; COLLNOCX2357; 250m NE of bend in fence, Glen Girnoch S94429; COLLNOCX2357; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S94430; COLLNOCX2358; 50m NE of summit S94430; COLLNOCX2358; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94431; COLLNOCX2359; 50m NE of summit S94431; COLLNOCX2359; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94432; S94432/A; COLLNOCX2360; 75m N of bend in fence S94432; S94432/A; COLLNOCX2360; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S94433; S94433/b; COLLNOCX2361; 75m N of bend in fence S94433; S94433/b; COLLNOCX2361; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S94434; COLLNOCX2362; 200m E of bend in fence S94434; COLLNOCX2362; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S96270; COLLNOYW2126; Stream section, Allt Coire Iain Oig S96270; COLLNOYW2126; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96255; COLLNOYW2103; Meall an Domhnaich, hillside S96255; COLLNOYW2103; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96260; COLLNOYW2112; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96260; COLLNOYW2112; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96261; COLLNOYW2113; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96261; COLLNOYW2113; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82966; S82966/A; COLLNOGX1370; On SE cliff of overflow channel gully, N side of Creag Bheag, Glen Banchor S82966; S82966/A; COLLNOGX1370; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96167; COLLNOZQ710; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S96167; COLLNOZQ710; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chloritic Schist'
S95957; COLLNOSCX43; Burn of Glaslow, 720m upstream from confluence with Carron Water S95957; COLLNOSCX43; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95975; COLLNOCYY106; Outcrop W of Hills Wood S95975; COLLNOCYY106; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95976; S95976/a; S95976/b; COLLNOCYY107; Outcrop SW of Hills Wood S95976; S95976/a; S95976/b; COLLNOCYY107; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95977; COLLNOCYY108; Outcrop S of Hills Wood, N of marked gully S95977; COLLNOCYY108; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95978; COLLNOCYY109; Outcrop on hill crest 200m N of Newfield builders yard S95978; COLLNOCYY109; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95979; COLLNOCYY110; Quarry 200m N of Mains of Hills S95979; COLLNOCYY110; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95980; COLLNOCYY111; Outcrop 330m W of Newfield builders yard S95980; COLLNOCYY111; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95981; COLLNOCYY112; Outcrop 500m E of Foreside Hill S95981; COLLNOCYY112; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95982; COLLNOCYY113; Outcrop 600m NNE of Lochanhead S95982; COLLNOCYY113; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95968; COLLNOCYY99; Outcrop N of Craigmore Hill S95968; COLLNOCYY99; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94424; S94424/A; COLLNOCX2352; 240m NNW of Carn a'Bhealaidh S94424; S94424/A; COLLNOCX2352; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S82965; S82965/A; COLLNOGX1369; On SE cliff of overflow channel gully, N side of Creag Bheag, Glen Banchor S82965; S82965/A; COLLNOGX1369; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S96139; COLLNOCX2891; S bank of R.Dee, 550m SW of Dubrack S96139; COLLNOCX2891; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S96141; COLLNOCX2893; S bank of R.Dee, 500m SW of Dubrack S96141; COLLNOCX2893; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S83105; COLLNOFY887; 500m ENE of Allt na Criche S83105; COLLNOFY887; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96128; COLLNOMY1463; Burn of Delalie 800m upstream of road S96128; COLLNOMY1463; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96129; COLLNOMY1464; Burn of Mather 1750m upstream of road S96129; COLLNOMY1464; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96132; COLLNOMY1467; Burn of Balnakettle 230m upstream of road bridge S96132; COLLNOMY1467; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S96136; COLLNOMY1471; Burn of Balnakettle 200m downstream of confluence of Burn of Corshielie and Burn of Balvairnies S96136; COLLNOMY1471; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96133; COLLNOMY1468; Burn of Balnakettle 470m upstream of road bridge S96133; COLLNOMY1468; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S96125; COLLNOMY1460; Disused quarry 550m NW of Crichieburn S96125; COLLNOMY1460; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S96126; COLLNOMY1461; West Burn of Cardowan 900m upstream of confluence with East Burn of Cardowan S96126; COLLNOMY1461; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83290; COLLNOBR022; Pit A1, Broubster Analogue site S83290; COLLNOBR022; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83292; COLLNOBR024; Pit A1, Broubster Analogue site S83292; COLLNOBR024; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S83293; COLLNOBR029; Broubster Analogue site S83293; COLLNOBR029; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S83284; COLLNOBR019; Pit A1, Broubster Analogue site, old quarry and kiln S83284; COLLNOBR019; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94408; COLLNOCX2334; Summit of Creag Phiobuidh S94408; COLLNOCX2334; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S94409; COLLNOCX2335; By fence on S side of Creag Phiobuidh S94409; COLLNOCX2335; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Tremolite Schist'
S94435; COLLNOCX2363; 100m W of deer fence S94435; COLLNOCX2363; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94436; COLLNOCX2364; 15m E of deer fence, Meall Dubh S94436; COLLNOCX2364; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Garnet Schist'
S94437; COLLNOCX2365; 50m W of deer fence, Meall Dubh S94437; COLLNOCX2365; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95936; COLLNOSCX96; Foreshore, Mudlins Den, 620m 077deg from Sillyflatt Farmhouse S95936; COLLNOSCX96; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Lithic Sandstone'
S94395; COLLNOCX2319; Crags just above fence S94395; COLLNOCX2319; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94396; COLLNOCX2320; Crags just above fence S94396; COLLNOCX2320; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94397; COLLNOCX2321; 150m SSE of Bridge of Girnoch S94397; COLLNOCX2321; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94398; COLLNOCX2322; 280m SE of Bridge of Girnoch S94398; COLLNOCX2322; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94399; COLLNOCX2323; 340m SE of Bridge of Girnoch S94399; COLLNOCX2323; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S94400; COLLNOCX2324; 340m SE of Bridge of Girnoch S94400; COLLNOCX2324; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S79980; COLLNOTY278; W side of quarry, Drumna Gorach S79980; COLLNOTY278; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95992; COLLNOCYY123; 200m W of Woodhead Farm S95992; COLLNOCYY123; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95993; COLLNOCYY124; Outcrop in stream bank 200m S of Lochaber View S95993; COLLNOCYY124; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95994; COLLNOCYY125; E of Lochanhead near entrance to forest track to Hillhead S95994; COLLNOCYY125; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95995; COLLNOCYY126; Exposure in old railway cutting next to A711 S95995; COLLNOCYY126; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95996; COLLNOCYY127; Outcrop at foot of railway embankment by A711 S95996; COLLNOCYY127; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S79981; COLLNOTY279; Centre of quarry, Drumna Gorach S79981; COLLNOTY279; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S83285; COLLNOBR020; Pit A1, Broubster Analogue site, old quarry and kiln S83285; COLLNOBR020; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83286; COLLNOBR021; Pit A1, Broubster Analogue site, old quarry and kiln S83286; COLLNOBR021; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83288; COLLNOBR028; Broubster Analogue site S83288; COLLNOBR028; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S83289; COLLNOBR030; Broubster Analogue site S83289; COLLNOBR030; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S83276; COLLNOBR009; Broubster Forest, track exposure S83276; COLLNOBR009; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E23046 Hare Stake Hill Qry. E23046 *; *; Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S83277; COLLNOBR010; Broubster Forest, track exposure S83277; COLLNOBR010; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S82270; COLLNOGU417; 300m ENE of Smiddy Muckle Hillock S82270; COLLNOGU417; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82271; COLLNOGU418; Longhill, 420m S of Upper Gordonsburn S82271; COLLNOGU418; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82867; COLLNOCX2605; 220m SSE of Craig Megen summit S82867; COLLNOCX2605; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82850; COLLNOCX2588; 220m SSW of Craig Megen summit S82850; COLLNOCX2588; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S82851; COLLNOCX2589; 120m SSW of Craig Megen summit S82851; COLLNOCX2589; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S83398; COLLNOLY482; Dalnabo Quarry S83398; COLLNOLY482; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83399; COLLNOLY483; Dalnabo Quarry S83399; COLLNOLY483; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S83400; COLLNOLY484; Dalnabo Quarry S83400; COLLNOLY484; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S83401; COLLNOLY485; Dalnabo Quarry S83401; COLLNOLY485; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S83086; COLLNOFY866; 1150m S of Triangulation Stn., Beinn Mhor S83086; COLLNOFY866; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83393; COLLNOLY476; Kennel Burn S83393; COLLNOLY476; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S92876; COLLNOGU22; SP-; 0.25km NW of Upper Gordonsburn S92876; COLLNOGU22; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92877; COLLNOGU27; SP-; Muckle Smiddy Hillock S92877; COLLNOGU27; SP-; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95753; COLLNOLY822; 300m WNW of N end of Loch Shandra S95753; COLLNOLY822; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95755; COLLNOLY824; 600m SW of Craighead S95755; COLLNOLY824; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83084; COLLNOFY864; Fuaran na h-Innseig S83084; COLLNOFY864; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95757; COLLNOLY826; 550m SW of Craighead S95757; COLLNOLY826; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95745; COLLNOLY814; 630m ESE of Wost Mill S95745; COLLNOLY814; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S95746; COLLNOLY815; 1300m NW of Craighead S95746; COLLNOLY815; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95749; COLLNOLY818; 500m WNW of S end of Loch Shandra S95749; COLLNOLY818; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95750; COLLNOLY819; 1050m WSW of S end of Loch Shandra S95750; COLLNOLY819; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83458; COLLNOLY546; 500m SW of White Bents S83458; COLLNOLY546; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83463; COLLNOLY551; Corrie of Clova, NE wall S83463; COLLNOLY551; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
E66082; COLLNORAE5; 400 m. SE. of Branston Beck Farm. E66082; COLLNORAE5; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66084; COLLNORAE7; 400 m. SE. of Branston Beck Farm. E66084; COLLNORAE7; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57126; COLLNOWG241; 1920 Yds. at 97 deg. from Melmerby Church. E57126; COLLNOWG241; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57128; COLLNOWG243; 1560 Yds. at 103 deg. from Melmerby Church. E57128; COLLNOWG243; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57133; COLLNOWG248; 860 Yds. at 86 deg. from SE. corner of Fellside Farm. E57133; COLLNOWG248; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E57134; COLLNOWG249; 680 Yds. at 211 deg. from Cuns Fell Summit. E57134; COLLNOWG249; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S79938; COLLNOTY237; White Hill, crags on W side, 60m WSW of summit S79938; COLLNOTY237; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S79944; COLLNOTY243; Ridge W of Road Burn, Cumrie, S quarry S79944; COLLNOTY243; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S79945; COLLNOTY244; Ridge W of Road Burn, Cumrie, E side, crags S79945; COLLNOTY244; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95771; COLLNOLY840; Burn of Watersheal, 950m WSW of Hill of Fernyhirst S95771; COLLNOLY840; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E57135; COLLNOWG250; 270 Yds. at 86 deg. from Fellside Farm. E57135; COLLNOWG250; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92827; COLLNONY183; Nethan Burn near Craignethan Castle near Crossford S92827; COLLNONY183; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60136; COLLNODB555; 600 m. at 075 deg. from Lower Edenhope. E60136; COLLNODB555; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60137; E60137/A; E60137/B; COLLNODB556; 230 m. due E. of Lower Edenhope. E60137; E60137/A; E60137/B; COLLNODB556; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60138; COLLNODB557; 1100 m. at 145 deg. from Lower Dolfawr. E60138; COLLNODB557; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60139; COLLNODB558; 360 m. at 054 deg. from Cwmffrydd. E60139; COLLNODB558; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60140; COLLNODB559; 390 m. at 251 deg. from Bryn House. E60140; COLLNODB559; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60141; COLLNODB560; 400 m. at 185 deg. from Brook House. E60141; COLLNODB560; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92828; COLLNONY184; Nethan Burn near Craignethan Castle near Crossford S92828; COLLNONY184; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92829; COLLNONY185; Nethan Burn near Craignethan Castle near Crossford S92829; COLLNONY185; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92830; COLLNONY186; Nethan Burn near Craignethan Castle near Crossford S92830; COLLNONY186; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92831; COLLNONY187; Rotten Calder, East Kilbride S92831; COLLNONY187; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92832; COLLNONY188; River Avon, Stonehouse S92832; COLLNONY188; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92833; COLLNONY189; Un-named stream below Dramnessie Farm, near Kilsyth S92833; COLLNONY189; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95708; COLLNOPY270; West Burn of Bulig S95708; COLLNOPY270; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Schist'
S95709; COLLNOPY271; East Burn of Bulig S95709; COLLNOPY271; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95710; COLLNOPY274; Bervie Water S95710; COLLNOPY274; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95717; COLLNOPY281; Maxie Burn S95717; COLLNOPY281; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Chlorite Schist'
S95696; S95696/A; COLLNOPY253; Shoolbraid Wood S95696; S95696/A; COLLNOPY253; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Biotite Schist'
S95697; COLLNOPY255; Gaerlie S95697; COLLNOPY255; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S95698; COLLNOPY256; Gaerlie S95698; COLLNOPY256; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S79930; COLLNOTY229; Whitehill Quarry, near N end of quarry S79930; COLLNOTY229; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S83065; COLLNOFY846; 160m NNE of Triangulation Stn., Beinn Mhor S83065; COLLNOFY846; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83067; COLLNOFY848; 300m N of Triangulation Stn., Beinn Mhor S83067; COLLNOFY848; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83068; COLLNOFY849; 430m N of Triangulation Stn., Beinn Mhor S83068; COLLNOFY849; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E66188; COLLNOBKD0566; Copper Hill BH; Copper Hill Quarry, Ancaster: c. 1000 m. at 204 deg. from Ancaster Church. "Grand" level (quarry flour) 69.30 m. above OD. Newlyn. E66188; COLLNOBKD0566; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66189; COLLNOBKD0567; Copper Hill BH; Copper Hill Quarry, Ancaster: c. 1000 m. at 204 deg. from Ancaster Church. "Grand" level (quarry flour) 69.30 m. above OD. Newlyn. E66189; COLLNOBKD0567; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66086; COLLNOBH74; Near Folly Farm, Uton, Crediton. E66086; COLLNOBH74; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66087; COLLNOBH75; Near Great Fulford, Dunsford. E66087; COLLNOBH75; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66088; COLLNOBH76; Silverland Copse, Higher Wheatley. E66088; COLLNOBH76; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66089; COLLNOBH77; Kingswell, Holcombe Burnell. Small quarry. E66089; COLLNOBH77; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66090; COLLNOBH78; Kingswell, Holcombe Burnell. Cutting by a barn. E66090; COLLNOBH78; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66091; COLLNOBH80; Crownhill Lane, Raddon, Thorverton. Laneside exposure. E66091; COLLNOBH80; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83063; COLLNOFY844; 560m N of Beinn Mhor S83063; COLLNOFY844; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83056; COLLNOFY837; 200m SW of Cam Sgriob S83056; COLLNOFY837; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83057; COLLNOFY838; 200m SW of Cam Sgriob S83057; COLLNOFY838; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83059; COLLNOFY840; 170m SW of Cam Sgriob S83059; COLLNOFY840; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
E59468; COLLNODB501; 350 m. at 216 deg. from Betton Farm. E59468; COLLNODB501; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95737; COLLNOLY796; R.Isla, 620m SE/E of Dalvanie S95737; COLLNOLY796; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95722; COLLNOLY781; Cuingard S95722; COLLNOLY781; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95723; COLLNOLY782; 250m N of Cuingard S95723; COLLNOLY782; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95726; COLLNOLY785; 650m ESE of Cuinard S95726; COLLNOLY785; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83454; COLLNOLY542; 550m SW/S of White Bents S83454; COLLNOLY542; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E59476; COLLNODB509; 500 m. at 207 deg. from Leigh Hall. E59476; COLLNODB509; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59477; COLLNODB510; 500 m. at 207 deg. from Leigh Hall. E59477; COLLNODB510; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Crystal'
E59479; COLLNODB512; 500 m. at 207 deg. from Leigh Hall. E59479; COLLNODB512; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57948; COLLNOCN90; 800 m. N. at 61 deg. W. from Millrigg. E57948; COLLNOCN90; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57949; COLLNOCN91; 800 m. N. at 61 deg. W. from Millrigg. E57949; COLLNOCN91; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57447; COLLNOCN92; 800 m. N. at 61 deg. W. from Millrigg. E57447; COLLNOCN92; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57950; COLLNOCN94; West bank of Park Beck, 970 m. N. at 90 deg. W. from Millriggs. E57950; COLLNOCN94; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57448; COLLNOCN101; 850 m. N. at 522 deg. W. from Millrigg. E57448; COLLNOCN101; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57452; COLLNOCN108; 1170 m. N. at 80 deg. W. from Millrigg. E57452; COLLNOCN108; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57453; COLLNOCN110; 350 m. N. at 43 deg. W. from Low Fold. E57453; COLLNOCN110; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57456; COLLNOCN118B; 1180 m. E. from Long Houses. E57456; COLLNOCN118B; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59763; COLLNOHA36MARK7; Groby Quarry, ARC. E59763; COLLNOHA36MARK7; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Markfieldite'
S95700; COLLNOPY258; Bervie Water Valley S95700; COLLNOPY258; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95701; COLLNOPY261; Burn of Glassna S95701; COLLNOPY261; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95703; COLLNOPY263; Burn of Glassna S95703; COLLNOPY263; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95704; COLLNOPY264; East Burn of Bulig S95704; COLLNOPY264; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S95683; COLLNOPY232; East Town Farm S95683; COLLNOPY232; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Phyllite'
S95684; COLLNOPY233; East Town Farm S95684; COLLNOPY233; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Phyllite'
E66160; COLLNONB12; Copper Hill Quarry, Ancaster. E66160; COLLNONB12; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66161; COLLNONB13; Copper Hill Quarry, Ancaster. E66161; COLLNONB13; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92834; COLLNONY190; Un-named stream below Dramnessie Farm, near Kilsyth S92834; COLLNONY190; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92835; COLLNONY191; Carron Water, Denny S92835; COLLNONY191; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92836; COLLNONY192; Carron Water, Denny S92836; COLLNONY192; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92837; COLLNONY193; Un-named stream W of Woodburn Reservoir, at 1st waterfall S92837; COLLNONY193; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60155; COLLNOBA1114; Garden behind house. 130 m. at 069 deg. from Public House, Wellington Heath. E60155; COLLNOBA1114; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60156; COLLNOBA1115; Cutting in arden at side of Raycomb Wood, 890 m. at 024 deg. from Oyster Hill Summit E60156; COLLNOBA1115; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60157; COLLNOBA1116; Forest trackside, Cannon Heath Wood, 880 m. at 100 deg from Peg's Farm, Wellington Heath. E60157; COLLNOBA1116; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60158; COLLNOBA1117; Forest trackside, Cannon Heath Wood, 880 m. at 100 deg from Peg's Farm, Wellington Heath. E60158; COLLNOBA1117; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60159; COLLNOBA1118; Forest trackside, Cannon Heath Wood, 880 m. at 100 deg from Peg's Farm, Wellington Heath. E60159; COLLNOBA1118; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60160; COLLNOBA1119; Forest trackside, Cannon Heath Wood, 840 m. at 096 deg from Peg's Farm, Wellington Heath. E60160; COLLNOBA1119; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60161; COLLNOBA1120; Forest trackside, Cannon Heath Wood, 840 m. at 096 deg from Peg's Farm, Wellington Heath. E60161; COLLNOBA1120; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60162; COLLNOBA1121; Forest trackside, Cannon Heath Wood, 840 m. at 096 deg from Peg's Farm, Wellington Heath. E60162; COLLNOBA1121; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92838; COLLNONY194; Un-named stream W of Woodburn Reservoir, at 1st waterfall S92838; COLLNONY194; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92839; COLLNONY195; Kennex Water S92839; COLLNONY195; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92840; COLLNONY196; Kennex Water S92840; COLLNONY196; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92841; COLLNONY197; Kennex Water S92841; COLLNONY197; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66108; COLLNORAE16; River Greta Section. 67SW/SE36. E66108; COLLNORAE16; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66109; COLLNORAE17; River Greta Section. 67SW/SE39. E66109; COLLNORAE17; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66110; COLLNORAE18; River Greta Section. 67SW/SE42. E66110; COLLNORAE18; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59498; COLLNOBD523; 250 m. at 000 deg. from Capsall. E59498; COLLNOBD523; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59500; COLLNOBD525; 250 m. at 000 deg. from Capsall. E59500; COLLNOBD525; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59507; COLLNOBD532; 910 m. at 279 deg. from Habbarley Church. E59507; COLLNOBD532; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59508; COLLNOBD533; 910 m. at 279 deg. from Habbarley Church. E59508; COLLNOBD533; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E59459; COLLNODB492; 110 m. at 010 deg. from Headontown Chapel. E59459; COLLNODB492; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59461; COLLNODB494; 450 m. at 211 deg. from Headontown Chapel. E59461; COLLNODB494; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59462; COLLNODB495; 610 m. at 342 deg. from Headontown Chapel. E59462; COLLNODB495; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59463; COLLNODB496; 570 m. at 141 deg. from Betton Farm. E59463; COLLNODB496; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E59464; COLLNODB497; 570 m. at 141 deg. from Betton Farm. E59464; COLLNODB497; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83045; COLLNOFY826; 400m SSE of Carn Cruinn S83045; COLLNOFY826; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E59522; COLLNO542; 300 m. at 054 deg. from Heath Mynd Trig. station. E59522; COLLNO542; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83040; COLLNOFY821; 350m W of Easter Rynechkra S83040; COLLNOFY821; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83030; COLLNOFY811; 560m NNW of Easter Rynechkra S83030; COLLNOFY811; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83441; COLLNOLY528; 300m SE of Dun Mor S83441; COLLNOLY528; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92744; COLLNOLY639; Water of Saughs S92744; COLLNOLY639; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92745; COLLNOLY640; Water of Saughs S92745; COLLNOLY640; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92747; COLLNOLY642; Water of Saughs S92747; COLLNOLY642; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92749; COLLNOLY644; Water of Saughs S92749; COLLNOLY644; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
E56654; COLLNOGE1; Exploratory adit, Bosaneth valley. 440 m. at 226 deg. from Bosaneth Mill. E56654; COLLNOGE1; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E56655; COLLNOGE2; Gunnis at Magdalen Mine, Ponsanooth. 620 m. at 095 deg. from Ponsanooth Wesleyan Chapel. E56655; COLLNOGE2; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E56656; E56656/A; E56656/B; COLLNOGE3; Foreshore on W. side of Corrick Roads. 1320 m. at 108 deg. from St. Peter's Church, Flushing. E56656; E56656/A; E56656/B; COLLNOGE3; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E56657; COLLNOGE4; Quarry on Lower Penpoll Farm. 650 m. at 210 deg. from Bosaneth Mill. E56657; COLLNOGE4; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S92826; COLLNONY182; Nethan Burn near Craignethan Castle near Crossford S92826; COLLNONY182; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92734; COLLNOLY629; Water of Saugh S92734; COLLNOLY629; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92738; COLLNOLY633; Burn of Duskintry S92738; COLLNOLY633; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S92739; COLLNOLY634; Burn of Duskintry S92739; COLLNOLY634; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S92740; COLLNOLY635; Burn of Duskintry S92740; COLLNOLY635; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92741; COLLNOLY636; Long Green Burn S92741; COLLNOLY636; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92742; COLLNOLY637; Long Green Burn S92742; COLLNOLY637; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E59467; COLLNODB500; 350 m. at 216 deg. from Betton Farm. E59467; COLLNODB500; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E60174; COLLNOWJ13; Stream exposure, Linceter Brook, 420 m NNW. of Whitbourne Hall, Herefordshire. E60174; COLLNOWJ13; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E5335 Trenoweth Hill, N. of Bochyrn Cury, Cross Lanes. E5335 *; *; Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E6523; ELABNO297; Shore, N. side of Porthallow Cave, S. side of Porthallow Cove. E6523; ELABNO297; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S78799; COLLNOTY80; Loanganny, old quarry (now rubbish tip), N end S78799; COLLNOTY80; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S78800; COLLNOTY81; Loanganny, old quarry (now rubbish tip), N end S78800; COLLNOTY81; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S78801; COLLNOTY82; Loanganny, old quarry (now rubbish tip), N end S78801; COLLNOTY82; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S79889; COLLNOTY187; Small old quarry, 40m S of Avochie Castle S79889; COLLNOTY187; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S79890; COLLNOTY188; Small old quarry, 40m S of Avochie Castle S79890; COLLNOTY188; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S79891; COLLNOTY189; Small old quarry, 40m S of Avochie Castle S79891; COLLNOTY189; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95972; COLLNOCYY103; Outcrop SW summit of Craigmore Hill S95972; COLLNOCYY103; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95973; S95973/a; S95973/b; COLLNOCYY104; Outcrop NE summit of Craigmore Hill S95973; S95973/a; S95973/b; COLLNOCYY104; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95974; COLLNOCYY105; Outcrop SE flank of Craigmore Hill S95974; COLLNOCYY105; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83497; COLLNOLY587; Burn of Doune S83497; COLLNOLY587; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83498; COLLNOLY588; Mounth Road N of Couternach S83498; COLLNOLY588; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83508; COLLNOLY598; 300m SW of Carlochy of Mark S83508; COLLNOLY598; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E60271; COLLNOTF611; Thoresway BH. [I.G.S] Crest of hill on E. side of fence, 365 m. at 211 deg. from W. end of St. Mary's Church, Thoresway. E60271; COLLNOTF611; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56658; COLLNOGE5; Foreshore, Carrick Roads. 750 m. at 109 deg. from Restorguet crossroads. E56658; COLLNOGE5; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E56659; COLLNOGE6; Roadcutting, Hill Head, Penryn. 530 m. at 257 deg. from Penryn Town Hall. E56659; COLLNOGE6; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E56660; E56660/A; E56660/B; COLLNOGE7; Roadcutting near Penryn. 650 m. at 158 deg. from Lower Treluswell, near Penryn. E56660; E56660/A; E56660/B; COLLNOGE7; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E56662; COLLNOGE9; Railway cutting. 1410 m. at 146 deg. from Penryn Town Hall. E56662; COLLNOGE9; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E56663; COLLNOGE10; Road cutting in Hill Head Road. 380 m. at 150 deg. from Penryn Town Hall. E56663; COLLNOGE10; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S79892; COLLNOTY190; Small old quarry, N end, E side of Avochie Castle S79892; COLLNOTY190; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
E56664; E56664/A; E56664/B; COLLNOGE11; Railway cutting. 550 m. at 285 deg. from Penryn Town Hall. E56664; E56664/A; E56664/B; COLLNOGE11; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E56666; COLLNOGE13; Railway cutting. 1170 m. at 120 deg. from Wesleyan Chapel, Ponsanooth. E56666; COLLNOGE13; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S79971; COLLNOTY269; Burn of Tillathrowie, 350m NW of Wester Tillathrowie, E bank S79971; COLLNOTY269; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S79950; COLLNOTY249; 100m NNW of summit of Cumrie Hill, near edge of wood S79950; COLLNOTY249; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83101; COLLNOFY883; 450m E of Lochan Dubh S83101; COLLNOFY883; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92508; COLLNOYW1964; NW of Auchivarie S92508; COLLNOYW1964; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S92640; COLLNOZQ772; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92640; COLLNOZQ772; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92555; COLLNOZQ605; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92555; COLLNOZQ605; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92558; COLLNOZQ612; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92558; COLLNOZQ612; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S95681; COLLNOPY229; East Town Farm Burn S95681; COLLNOPY229; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
S95682; COLLNOPY230; East Town Farm Burn S95682; COLLNOPY230; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Phyllite'
E52668; COLLNOBA1014; Small sandstone pit, 470 m. at 103 deg. from Lower Lyde Farm, Pipe and Lyde, Hereford. E52668; COLLNOBA1014; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52669; COLLNOBA1015; Small sandstone pit, 880 m. at 185 deg. from Wergins Bridge over R. Lugg, Sutton. E52669; COLLNOBA1015; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52670; COLLNOBA1016; Trackside exposure at 200 m. contour, 440 m. at 019 deg. from Credenhill Church, Credenhill. E52670; COLLNOBA1016; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52672; COLLNOBA1018; West side of Roman Way ancient road ? cutting. 135 m. at 350 deg. from Credenhill Church at 125 m. contour. E52672; COLLNOBA1018; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52673; COLLNOBA1019; Temporary ditch exposure, 1070 m. at 199 deg. from railway tunnel at Haywood Lodge. E52673; COLLNOBA1019; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52674; COLLNOBA1020; Ditch exposure, 530 m. at 201 deg. from railway tunnel at Haywood Lodge. E52674; COLLNOBA1020; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52675; COLLNOBA1021; Small sandstone pit in Spring Grove, 980 m. at 327 deg. from Railway Tunnel at Haywood Lodge. E52675; COLLNOBA1021; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52676; COLLNOBA1022; Cutting at NW. side of Beech's factory. 380 m. at 021 deg. from Huntington Church. E52676; COLLNOBA1022; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52677; COLLNOBA1023; Ditch exposure, 420. at 224 deg. from railway tunnel at Haywood Lodge. E52677; COLLNOBA1023; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92727; COLLNOLY622; Burn of Blackshank S92727; COLLNOLY622; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E54391; COLLNOBA1043; Ditch, 510 m. at 155 deg. from White House, Canon Frome. E54391; COLLNOBA1043; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54392; COLLNOBA1045; Ditch, 510 m. at 155 deg. from White House, Canon Frome. E54392; COLLNOBA1045; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54393; COLLNOBA1046; Brash on hill, 500 m. at 350 deg. from Yorkill Church, Yorkill. E54393; COLLNOBA1046; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54394; COLLNOBA1047; Brash in field, 310 m. at 104 deg. from Woodbury House, Newtown. E54394; COLLNOBA1047; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54395; COLLNOBA1048; Brash in field, 350 m. at 356 deg. from Woodbury House, Newtown. E54395; COLLNOBA1048; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54396; COLLNOBA1050; Exposure in ploughed field, 550 m. at 260 deg. from Hinton Farm, Preston Wynne. E54396; COLLNOBA1050; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54397; COLLNOBA1051; Brash at old quarry, 370 m. at 176 deg. from Preston Wynne Church. E54397; COLLNOBA1051; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54398; COLLNOBA1052; Brash on hill feature, 500 m. at 075 deg. from Trumpet crossroads, Trumpet. E54398; COLLNOBA1052; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54399; COLLNOBA1053; NE. face of old quarry, 670 m. at 065 deg. from Priors Court Farm. E54399; COLLNOBA1053; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54400; COLLNOBA1054; Old quarry on E. side of Perton Lane and 140 m. at 084 deg. from Dormington Church. E54400; COLLNOBA1054; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54401; COLLNOBA1055; Old quarry on E. side of Perton Lane and 140 m. at 084 deg. from Dormington Church. E54401; COLLNOBA1055; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13612; COLLNO952(33)A; Lizard. E13612; COLLNO952(33)A; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13619; COLLNO981; N. Kennack. E13619; COLLNO981; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E56327; COLLNORK2034; Strat Al BH. E56327; COLLNORK2034; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56328; E56328/A; E56328/B; E56328/C; COLLNORK2035; Strat Al BH. E56328; E56328/A; E56328/B; E56328/C; COLLNORK2035; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56329; E56329/A; E56329/B; E56329/C; COLLNORK2036; Strat Al BH. E56329; E56329/A; E56329/B; E56329/C; COLLNORK2036; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56397; COLLNOLA1057; 150 m. at 58 deg. from Nant y Coy Mill. E56397; COLLNOLA1057; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56398; COLLNOLA1058; 180 m. at 40 deg. from Nant y Coy Mill. E56398; COLLNOLA1058; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56399; COLLNOLA1059; 560 m. at 22 deg. from Nant y Coy Mill. E56399; COLLNOLA1059; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56400; E56400/A; E56400/B; COLLNOKL121; Weston Mouth, Salcombe Regis, S. Devon coast. (W. of Beer Head). E56400; E56400/A; E56400/B; COLLNOKL121; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92730; COLLNOLY625; Water of Saughs S92730; COLLNOLY625; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E65878; COLLNOZA2869; Ravine near Hawkshead Farm, Halton. E65878; COLLNOZA2869; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65880; COLLNOZA2872; Old quarry at Hagley Wood. E65880; COLLNOZA2872; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65881; COLLNOZA2873; Exposure below car park, Hagley Wood. E65881; COLLNOZA2873; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65882; COLLNOZA2874; Roadside crag, Lutley, Halesowen. E65882; COLLNOZA2874; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65883; COLLNOZA2875; Ludgebridge Brook, Lye. E65883; COLLNOZA2875; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65884; COLLNOZA2876; Stream below Modderhall. E65884; COLLNOZA2876; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92517; COLLNOYW1973; Leacann Doire Bainneir S92517; COLLNOYW1973; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S92525; COLLNOYW1984; Allt Goibhre S92525; COLLNOYW1984; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Schist'
E8403; MR11428; COLLNO570; Kennack Bay, E. side E8403; MR11428; COLLNO570; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92686; COLLNOMY1328; Greenbush, upper slopes, 1400m SE of Glenmark Cottage S92686; COLLNOMY1328; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92689; COLLNOMY1331; Foot of step cliffs, 1650m NW of Invermark Lodge S92689; COLLNOMY1331; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92691; COLLNOMY1333; West Water, S bank, 250m downstream of Stonyford Bridge S92691; COLLNOMY1333; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E66248; COLLNOVC81; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66248; COLLNOVC81; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66249; COLLNOVC82; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66249; COLLNOVC82; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65885; COLLNOZA2877; Stream by Holehouse Farm. E65885; COLLNOZA2877; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65886; COLLNOZA2878; Stream below Holehouse Farm. E65886; COLLNOZA2878; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65887; COLLNOZA2879; Hemming and Webster's Brick Pit, Coventry. E65887; COLLNOZA2879; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65888; COLLNOZA2880; Hemming and Webster's Brick Pit, Coventry. E65888; COLLNOZA2880; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65889; COLLNOZA2881; Newdigate Mineral Railway, Bedworth. E65889; COLLNOZA2881; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92767; COLLNOLY662; Calls of Finlet S92767; COLLNOLY662; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13569; COLLNO867; The Point, Chough's Ogo. E13569; COLLNO867; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13570; COLLNO868; The Point, Chough's Ogo. E13570; COLLNO868; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E54404; COLLNOBA1060; West face of quarry, 540 m. at 225 deg, from 173 m. summit of Shucknall Hill. E54404; COLLNOBA1060; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53815; COLLNOBA1024; Summit of small hill, 300 m. at 346 deg. from Ashperton Church. E53815; COLLNOBA1024; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53816; COLLNOBA1025; At site of former pit, on ridge, 100 m. SW. of Poll Noddy and 930 m. at 208 deg. from Westhide Church. E53816; COLLNOBA1025; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53817; COLLNOBA1026; Near site of former pit, on ridge, 170 m. NNE. of Poll Noddy and 650 m. at 213 deg. from Westhide Church. E53817; COLLNOBA1026; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53818; COLLNOBA1027; Field, East of Staples Hole Coppice and 1440 m. at 127.5 deg. from Withington Church. E53818; COLLNOBA1027; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53819; COLLNOBA1028; Temporary trench dug on new housing site, 250 m. at 241 deg. from Withington Church. E53819; COLLNOBA1028; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53820; COLLNOBA1029; Temporary trench dug on new housing site, 250 m. at 241 deg. from Withington Church. E53820; COLLNOBA1029; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53821; COLLNOBA1030; Vicinity of old pits, 800 m. at 017 deg. from Withington Church. E53821; COLLNOBA1030; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53822; COLLNOBA1032; Temporary trench for water main, 70 m. at 106 deg. from White Stone, Withington. E53822; COLLNOBA1032; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53827; COLLNOBA1037; Quarry, Western end, 250 m. at 237 deg. from Chapel at Roman Catholic Convent, Bartestree. E53827; COLLNOBA1037; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66234; COLLNOVC67; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66234; COLLNOVC67; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66235; COLLNOVC68; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66235; COLLNOVC68; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66236; COLLNOVC69; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66236; COLLNOVC69; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66237; COLLNOVC70; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66237; COLLNOVC70; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66238; COLLNOVC71; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66238; COLLNOVC71; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66239; COLLNOVC72; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66239; COLLNOVC72; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66240; COLLNOVC73; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66240; COLLNOVC73; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66241; COLLNOVC74; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66241; COLLNOVC74; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66242; COLLNOVC75; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66242; COLLNOVC75; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66243; COLLNOVC76; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66243; COLLNOVC76; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66244; COLLNOVC77; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66244; COLLNOVC77; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66245; COLLNOVC78; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66245; COLLNOVC78; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66246; COLLNOVC79; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66246; COLLNOVC79; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66247; COLLNOVC80; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66247; COLLNOVC80; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92717; COLLNOMY1359; Water of Saughs, 1500m NW of confluence with Burn of Duskintry S92717; COLLNOMY1359; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92718; COLLNOMY1360; Burn of Duskintry, 1200m SW of confluence with Water of Saughs S92718; COLLNOMY1360; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92719; COLLNOMY1361; Burn of Adikinear, 300m S of confluence with Burn of Duskintry S92719; COLLNOMY1361; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92720; COLLNOMY1362; Burn of Duskintry, 200m WSW of confluence with Muckle Saughan Burn S92720; COLLNOMY1362; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92725; COLLNOMY1367; Smithy Burn, 480m NE of confluence with Water of Saughs S92725; COLLNOMY1367; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E66250; COLLNOVC83; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66250; COLLNOVC83; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66251; COLLNOVC84; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66251; COLLNOVC84; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66252; COLLNOVC85; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66252; COLLNOVC85; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66253; COLLNOVC86; Brash fro feature at Malt House (Loc. 16). E66253; COLLNOVC86; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66254; COLLNOVC87; 500 m. E. of Monwode House Farm. (Loc. 5). E66254; COLLNOVC87; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92574; COLLNOZQ639; E slopes of Glen Buck S92574; COLLNOZQ639; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92579; COLLNOZQ645; N of Glen Buck Bothy S92579; COLLNOZQ645; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92581; COLLNOZQ650; Near Glen Buck Bothy S92581; COLLNOZQ650; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92582; COLLNOZQ651; Upper part of Glen Buck S92582; COLLNOZQ651; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E65890; COLLNOZA2882; Newdigate Mineral Railway, Bedworth. E65890; COLLNOZA2882; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65891; COLLNOZA2883; Newdigate Mineral Railway, Bedworth. E65891; COLLNOZA2883; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65892; COLLNOZA2886; Corley Rocks. E65892; COLLNOZA2886; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65893; COLLNOZA2890; Old quarries S. of Sellerley. E65893; COLLNOZA2890; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65894; COLLNOZA2891; Hunt's Gill, Wray. E65894; COLLNOZA2891; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65895; COLLNOZA2893; River Greta, E. of Burton in Lonsdale. E65895; COLLNOZA2893; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65896; COLLNOZA2902; Whaley Bridge BH. 6. (SK07NW/23). E65896; COLLNOZA2902; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65897; COLLNOZA2903; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Top of section). E65897; COLLNOZA2903; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65898; COLLNOZA2904; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Just below top of section). E65898; COLLNOZA2904; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92536; COLLNOYW1996; Allt na h-Atha S92536; COLLNOYW1996; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92695; COLLNOMY1337; West Water, S bank, 400m W of Tillybardine S92695; COLLNOMY1337; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92698; COLLNOMY1340; Ridge E of Garlet Burn 850m ESE of summit of Black Hill S92698; COLLNOMY1340; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92699; COLLNOMY1341; Clash of Wirren, E cliffs, 700m NE of confluence of Clash Burn with Burn of Tillybardine S92699; COLLNOMY1341; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92701; COLLNOMY1343; Cocie Breac, back wall 600m SE of Black Hill summit S92701; COLLNOMY1343; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92703; COLLNOMY1345; 550m ENE of Broom Craig summit S92703; COLLNOMY1345; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E51373; MR34859; COLLNODX1791; IGS Great Cornard (Keddington Hill) BH. near Sudbury.(depth 14.8m) E51373; MR34859; COLLNODX1791; * 1980 Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
E65899; COLLNOZA2905; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Just below E 65898). E65899; COLLNOZA2905; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65900; COLLNOZA2906; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Near base of section). E65900; COLLNOZA2906; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65901; COLLNOZA2907; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Near base of section). E65901; COLLNOZA2907; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65902; COLLNOZA2908; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Lower in sequence than E 65897-E 65901). E65902; COLLNOZA2908; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65903; COLLNOZA2909; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Lower in sequence than E 65902). E65903; COLLNOZA2909; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E65904; COLLNOZA2910; Railway cutting at Stony Low, Keele. (Lowest exposures in the section). E65904; COLLNOZA2910; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95667; COLLNOPY205; Burn of Annamuick S95667; COLLNOPY205; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95651; COLLNOPY179; Green Flaws track S95651; COLLNOPY179; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95629; COLLNOPY145; Cowie Water S95629; COLLNOPY145; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95630; COLLNOPY147; Cowie Water S95630; COLLNOPY147; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95633; COLLNOPY152; Meikleouf Burn S95633; COLLNOPY152; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95617; COLLNOPY127; Pittendarknie Grain S95617; COLLNOPY127; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95618; COLLNOPY129; Pittendarknie Grain S95618; COLLNOPY129; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95619; COLLNOPY130; Cross Lochan S95619; COLLNOPY130; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
E52928; COLLNOBAH241; 905 m. at 223 deg. from West end of St. Peter's Church, Bullinghope. E52928; COLLNOBAH241; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52931; COLLNOBAH244; 1095 m. at 70 deg. from East end of St. Andrew's Church, Dinedor. E52931; COLLNOBAH244; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52932; COLLNOBAH245; 780 m. at 345 deg. from East end of St. Andrew's Church, Dinedor. E52932; COLLNOBAH245; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E57141; COLLNOFU245; 400 m. at 050 deg. from Merthyr Mawr House. E57141; COLLNOFU245; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcarenite'
S95640; S95640/A; COLLNOPY163; Wolf Burn S95640; S95640/A; COLLNOPY163; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95642; S95642/A; COLLNOPY165; Cowie Water S95642; S95642/A; COLLNOPY165; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95643; COLLNOPY166; Cowie Water S95643; COLLNOPY166; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95644; COLLNOPY167; Wolf Burn S95644; COLLNOPY167; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95646; COLLNOPY170; Burn of Roughbank S95646; COLLNOPY170; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95649; COLLNOPY176; Wolf Burn S95649; COLLNOPY176; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Schist'
S95650; COLLNOPY177; Wolf Burn S95650; COLLNOPY177; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E57148; COLLNOFU271; 580 m. at 068 deg. from Upper Park. E57148; COLLNOFU271; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94839; COLLNOYW2054; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94839; COLLNOYW2054; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E13556; COLLNO853; Polbarrow. (Doubtful). E13556; COLLNO853; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13558; COLLNO855; Lower part of quarry above Cadgwith. E13558; COLLNO855; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13562; COLLNO860; Quarry above Cadgwith. E13562; COLLNO860; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13565; COLLNO863; The Point, Chough's Ogo. E13565; COLLNO863; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92566; COLLNOZQ621; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92566; COLLNOZQ621; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E66228; COLLNOVC60; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66228; COLLNOVC60; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66229; COLLNOVC62; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66229; COLLNOVC62; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66230; COLLNOVC63; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66230; COLLNOVC63; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66231; COLLNOVC64; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66231; COLLNOVC64; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66232; COLLNOVC65; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66232; COLLNOVC65; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66233; COLLNOVC66; Birch Tree Farm BH. (SP38SW/161). E66233; COLLNOVC66; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92631; COLLNOZQ752; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92631; COLLNOZQ752; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95620; COLLNOPY131; Doups of Graig Nour S95620; COLLNOPY131; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95623; S95623/A; COLLNOPY138; Cowie Water S95623; S95623/A; COLLNOPY138; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95626; COLLNOPY141; Burn of Anaquhat S95626; COLLNOPY141; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95625; S95625/A; COLLNOPY140; Cowie Water S95625; S95625/A; COLLNOPY140; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S95772; COLLNOLY841; Burn of Watersheal, 950m WSW of Hill of Fernyhirst S95772; COLLNOLY841; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95776; COLLNOLY845; 500m NE of Black Hill S95776; COLLNOLY845; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95777; COLLNOLY846; Burn of Kilry, 600m NNW of Little Kilry S95777; COLLNOLY846; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95613; COLLNOPY119; Rashy Grain S95613; COLLNOPY119; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95615; COLLNOPY124; Pittendarknie Grain S95615; COLLNOPY124; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E3733 Carrick Gladden. E3733 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S95634; COLLNOPY154; Blackhill Burn S95634; COLLNOPY154; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S95635; COLLNOPY155; Blackhill Burn S95635; COLLNOPY155; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S95769; COLLNOLY838; Burn of Watersheal, 850m WNW of Nether Drumhead S95769; COLLNOLY838; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E7611 Quarry, Beach Road, a quarter mile E. of Mullion's Cove. E7611 * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E7685; NEG2099M; S. side of Leggan Point, St. Keverne. E7685; NEG2099M; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E7691 W. side of Kennack Cove. E7691 * Schist. 'Original entry: Talc Tremolite Schist'
S95686; COLLNOPY235; Cleuch Burn S95686; COLLNOPY235; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S95687; COLLNOPY237; Cleuch Burn S95687; COLLNOPY237; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95688; COLLNOPY240; Bog Jurgan S95688; COLLNOPY240; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95689; COLLNOPY241; Bog Jurgan S95689; COLLNOPY241; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95690; COLLNOPY244; Bog Jurgan S95690; COLLNOPY244; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Phyllite'
E7952; COLLNO20; White Tor. E7952; COLLNO20; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E54546; COLLNOER21; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54546; COLLNOER21; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S92498; COLLNOYW1953; Allt nan Reith S92498; COLLNOYW1953; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E24534; COLLNOBN53; From dump at West end of Prewley Tunnel. E24534; COLLNOBN53; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E24535; COLLNOBN54; From dump at West end of Prewley Tunnel. E24535; COLLNOBN54; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E24536; COLLNOBN55; From dump at West end of Prewley Tunnel. E24536; COLLNOBN55; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E13494; COLLNO710(20); Caerlion Cove. E13494; COLLNO710(20); * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92590; COLLNOZQ665; W slopes of Beinn Bhan S92590; COLLNOZQ665; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92591; COLLNOZQ668; E slopes of Glen Buck S92591; COLLNOZQ668; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92593; COLLNOZQ675; Creag nan Gobhar S92593; COLLNOZQ675; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53058; COLLNOAS36; 780 m. SE. of Thorswood House, Stanton. E53058; COLLNOAS36; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53059; COLLNOAS37; 780 m. SE. of Thorswood House, Stanton. E53059; COLLNOAS37; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53060; COLLNOAS39; Quarry waste tip, 320 m. E. of Alton Castle. E53060; COLLNOAS39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53061; COLLNOAS40; Quarry waste tip, 320 m. E. of Alton Castle. E53061; COLLNOAS40; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53062; COLLNOAS41; Disused quarry, 375 m. SSW. of Alton Castle. E53062; COLLNOAS41; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53063; COLLNOAS42; Quarry, 290 m. S. of The Home Farm, Wooton. E53063; COLLNOAS42; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53064; COLLNOAS43; Quarry, 430 m. S. of Wood Farm, Greatgates. E53064; COLLNOAS43; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53065; COLLNOAS44; Quarry, 430 m. S. of Wood Farm, Greatgates. E53065; COLLNOAS44; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53066; COLLNOAS45; Disused quarry, 750 m. E. of Harlow Farm, Mayfield. E53066; COLLNOAS45; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53067; COLLNOAS46; Quarry, 480 m. NNE. of Birchendale, Hollington. E53067; COLLNOAS46; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53068; COLLNOAS47; Quarry, 480 m. NNE. of Birchendale, Hollington. E53068; COLLNOAS47; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53069; COLLNOAS48; Stream section, 320 m. NW. of Bailey's Close, Longford. E53069; COLLNOAS48; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53070; COLLNOAS50; Stream section, 580 m. ESE. of Stoop Farm, Thurvaston. E53070; COLLNOAS50; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E4358; COLLNO95; Great Penhaven, Gorran Haven. E4358; COLLNO95; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E7681 Meldon Quarry, 2.5 miles SW. of Okehampton. E7681 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S92597; COLLNOZQ688; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92597; COLLNOZQ688; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92599; COLLNOZQ692; Glen Buck S92599; COLLNOZQ692; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E66148; COLLNOMZ43; Downderry Beach, 440 m. WSW. of the Church. E66148; COLLNOMZ43; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92604; COLLNOZQ700; Carn Leac S92604; COLLNOZQ700; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92607; COLLNOZQ706; Tarff Gorge S92607; COLLNOZQ706; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92610; COLLNOZQ710; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92610; COLLNOZQ710; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S92757; COLLNOLY652; SW slopes of Bada na Bresoch S92757; COLLNOLY652; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Semi Pelitic Rock'
E53073; COLLNOAS55; 450 m. N. of Coppice Farm, Cubley. E53073; COLLNOAS55; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53074; COLLNOAS57; 100 m. N. of Sandhills Farm, Cubley. E53074; COLLNOAS57; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53075; E53075/A; E53075/B; E53075/C; COLLNOAS58; 240 m. NW. of Alkmonton Old Hall. E53075; E53075/A; E53075/B; E53075/C; COLLNOAS58; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53076; COLLNOAS59; 310 m. NW. of Alkmonton Old Hall. E53076; COLLNOAS59; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53077; COLLNOAS60; 500 m. N. of Vernon's Oak Farm, Somersal Herbert. E53077; COLLNOAS60; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53078; COLLNOAS62; 560 m. N. of Havenhouse Farm, Marston Montgomery. E53078; COLLNOAS62; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53079; COLLNOAS64; 670 m. NE. of Sedsll, near Rocester. E53079; COLLNOAS64; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53476; COLLNOAS149; Windyharbour (I.G.S.) BH. 1.1 miles SE. of Alton Parish Church. E53476; COLLNOAS149; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53477; COLLNOAS153; Darley Moor (I.G.S). BH. 350 m. NNW. of top of Styold Farm. E53477; COLLNOAS153; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52690; COLLNORC347; X7970; 560 m. at 228 deg. from St. Bartholomew's Church, Oakridge, Lynch. E52690; COLLNORC347; X7970; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E2213 Perleze for Harlyn Bay, S. of Padstow. E2213 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E4790; COLLNO263; The outcrop of BG. on E. side of De Lank Water, half a mile above Keybridge. E4790; COLLNO263; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E54550; COLLNOER25; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54550; COLLNOER25; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E51580; COLLNOBA1001; South bank of River Wye, 870 m. at 329 deg. from St. Michael's Abbey, Hereford. E51580; COLLNOBA1001; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51581; COLLNOBA1002; South bank of River Wye, 950 m. at 324 deg. from St. Michael's Abbey, Hereford. E51581; COLLNOBA1002; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51583; COLLNOBA1004; 4 m. up steep South bank of River Wye, 710 m. at 34 deg from St. Michael's Abbey, Hereford. E51583; COLLNOBA1004; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E51584; COLLNOBA1005; 4 m. up steep South bank of River Wye, 710 m. at 34 deg from St. Michael's Abbey, Hereford. E51584; COLLNOBA1005; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51585; COLLNOBA1006; Small exposure below road in corner of field, 260 m. at 270 deg from Wyecliffe House, Breinton, Hereford. E51585; COLLNOBA1006; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51586; COLLNOBA1007; Small exposure in N. bank of River Wye, 190 m. at268 deg. from St. Michael's Church, Breinton, Hereford. E51586; COLLNOBA1007; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E51587; COLLNOBA1008; Cliff section on East side of River Wye, 90 m. at 285 deg. from P.O. Breinton Common, Hereford. E51587; COLLNOBA1008; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51588; COLLNOBA1009; Cliff section on East side of River Wye, 90 m. at 285 deg. from P.O. Breinton Common, Hereford. E51588; COLLNOBA1009; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51589; COLLNOBA1010; Cliff section on S. side of River Wye, 580 m. at 354 deg. from Valets Farm, Clehanger, Hereford. E51589; COLLNOBA1010; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E51590; COLLNOBA1011; Cliff section on S. side of River Wye, 580 m. at 354 deg. from Valets Farm, Clehanger, Hereford. E51590; COLLNOBA1011; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E51591; COLLNOBA1012; Small exposure in deep South bank of River Wye, 560 m. at 343 deg. from Valets Farm, Clehanger, Hereford. E51591; COLLNOBA1012; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E52667; COLLNOBA1013; 890 m. at 193 deg. from Stretton Sugwas Church. E52667; COLLNOBA1013; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E5692; COLLNO73; PHOTO627M; Kustyn Woods. E5692; COLLNO73; PHOTO627M; * Slate. 'Original entry: Calcareous Slate'
E5693; COLLNO74; PHOTOM628; Burlorne Eglos. E5693; COLLNO74; PHOTOM628; * Slate. 'Original entry: Calcareous Slate'
E54555; COLLNOER30; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54555; COLLNOER30; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E54557; COLLNOER32; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54557; COLLNOER32; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E54558; COLLNOER33; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54558; COLLNOER33; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54559; COLLNOER34; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54559; COLLNOER34; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54561; COLLNOER36; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54561; COLLNOER36; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54562; COLLNOER37; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54562; COLLNOER37; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54563; COLLNOER38; I.G.S. Eldersfield BH. 700 m. SE. of Pendock crossroads. [SO73SE/6] E54563; COLLNOER38; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E56783; COLLNOER39; Field brash 500 m. SE. of Chase End Hill. E56783; COLLNOER39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E56784; COLLNOER40; Field brash 500 m. SE. of Chase End Hill. E56784; COLLNOER40; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E4100; E4100/A; COLLNO186; ELABNO135; Dalcoath Mine. Stray Park Shaft. E4100; E4100/A; COLLNO186; ELABNO135; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
S92472; COLLNOYW1926; Glen Gloy S92472; COLLNOYW1926; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94847; COLLNOSCX4; Shore by Cowie Sewage Works; 880m 39deg from bridge at mouth of Cowie Water S94847; COLLNOSCX4; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94848; COLLNOSCX5; Shore by Cowie Sewage Works; 880m 39deg from bridge at mouth of Cowie Water S94848; COLLNOSCX5; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94849; COLLNOSCX6; Shore, S side of Cowie Harbour; 635m 47deg from bridge at Cowie Water S94849; COLLNOSCX6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13513; COLLNO739(48); Pen Voose. E13513; COLLNO739(48); * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E53080; COLLNOAS65; 690 m. NE. of Sedsll, near Rocester. E53080; COLLNOAS65; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53081; COLLNOAS68; 720 m. E. of Havenhouse Farm, Marston Montgomery. E53081; COLLNOAS68; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53082; COLLNOAS70; 200 m. ESE. of Woodhay, near Roston. E53082; COLLNOAS70; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53083; COLLNOAS71; 180 m. ESE. of Woodhay, near Roston. E53083; COLLNOAS71; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53084; COLLNOAS72; 200 m. ESE. of Woodhay, near Roston. E53084; COLLNOAS72; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E16820 Meldon Railway cutting near Okehampton. E16820 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S92611; COLLNOZQ713; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92611; COLLNOZQ713; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
E66065; COLLNOVA98; 600 m. at 355 deg. from Askew Hill. E66065; COLLNOVA98; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66066; COLLNOVA99; 1220 m. at 294 deg. from Askew Hill. E66066; COLLNOVA99; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66067; COLLNOVA101; 280 m. at 359 deg. from spot height (128 m.) on road. E66067; COLLNOVA101; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66068; COLLNOVA106; 700 m. at 44 deg. from Halton Church. E66068; COLLNOVA106; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66069; COLLNOVA111; 870 m. at 271 deg. from Gressingham Church. E66069; COLLNOVA111; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66070; COLLNOVA112; 1410 m. at 282 deg. from Caton Moor summit. E66070; COLLNOVA112; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53085; COLLNOAS77; 450 m. NNE. of Woodhouse Farm, Doveridge. E53085; COLLNOAS77; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53088; COLLNOAS85; Stream section, 630 m. SW. of Windmill Farm, Snelston. E53088; COLLNOAS85; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53089; COLLNOAS87; Stream section, 340 m. WSW. of Headlow Fields Farm, Snelston. E53089; COLLNOAS87; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53090; COLLNOAS88; Waterfall, 330 m. WSW. of Headlow Fields Farm, Snelston. E53090; COLLNOAS88; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53091; COLLNOAS89; Quarry lip, 250 m. N. of Birchwood Park Farm, near Snelston. E53091; COLLNOAS89; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53092; COLLNOAS90; Quarry lip, 250 m. N. of Birchwood Park Farm, near Snelston. E53092; COLLNOAS90; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53103; COLLNOAS103; Rodsley (I.G.S.) BH. (SK14SE/8). E53103; COLLNOAS103; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92706; COLLNOMY1348; Guyer Clash, W side, at top, 900m SW of Stonyford S92706; COLLNOMY1348; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E6512; COLLNO144; West of Tregue. E6512; COLLNO144; * Schist. 'Original entry: Sericite Phyllite'
E6514; COLLNO146; PHOTOM623; Villaparks. E6514; COLLNO146; PHOTOM623; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Phyllite'
S92707; COLLNOMY1349; Craig Duchrey 300m W of summit S92707; COLLNOMY1349; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E53977; COLLNOKEMPSEY 1; Kempsey BH. I.G.S. E53977; COLLNOKEMPSEY 1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53978; COLLNOKEMPSEY 2; Kempsey BH. I.G.S. E53978; COLLNOKEMPSEY 2; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53190; COLLNOIC175; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53190; COLLNOIC175; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53191; COLLNOIC176; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53191; COLLNOIC176; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92476; COLLNOYW1930; Glen Fintaig S92476; COLLNOYW1930; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92477; COLLNOYW1931; Glen Fintaig S92477; COLLNOYW1931; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92489; COLLNOYW1944; Burn of Agie S92489; COLLNOYW1944; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92491; COLLNOYW1946; River Ray S92491; COLLNOYW1946; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S92492; COLLNOYW1947; River Ray S92492; COLLNOYW1947; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E24082; MR18477; COLLNOBN68; Meldon Quarry, 2 miles SW. of Okehampton. (BR-S.Reg). E24082; MR18477; COLLNOBN68; * Slate. 'Original entry: Contact Altered Protoquartzite Type (Biotite Muscovite Bearing)'
E24083; MR18478; COLLNOBN69; Meldon Quarry, 2 miles SW. of Okehampton. (BR-S.Reg). E24083; MR18478; COLLNOBN69; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E8255; COLLNO60; 4. Chalk Ford. E8255; COLLNO60; * Slate. 'Original entry: Andalusite Slate'
E53193; COLLNOIC178; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53193; COLLNOIC178; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13545; COLLNO842; The Bumble. E13545; COLLNO842; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13552; COLLNO849; Polbarrow. E13552; COLLNO849; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94856; COLLNOSCX13; Central foreshore, Strathlethan Bay at 190m 119deg from Black Hill Memorial S94856; COLLNOSCX13; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53117; COLLNOAS118; 850 m. SE. of Weaver Farm, Wooton. E53117; COLLNOAS118; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E4733; COLLNO235; No. 1 lane leading up to Upper Lank. E4733; COLLNO235; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E4734; COLLNO236; No. 2 lane leading up to Upper Lank. E4734; COLLNO236; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E65539; COLLNOMB44; River Teign, 270 m. E. of Steps Bridge. E65539; COLLNOMB44; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65541; COLLNOMB47; Crags, 150 m. NW. of Steps Bridge. E65541; COLLNOMB47; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53122; COLLNOAS126; 520 m. SSW. of Mount Pleasant Farm, Forsbrook. E53122; COLLNOAS126; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53473; COLLNOAS143; Windyharbour (I.G.S.) BH. 1.1 miles SE. of Alton Parish Church. E53473; COLLNOAS143; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53474; COLLNOAS144; Windyharbour (I.G.S.) BH. 1.1 miles SE. of Alton Parish Church. E53474; COLLNOAS144; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53475; COLLNOAS145; Windyharbour (I.G.S.) BH. 1.1 miles SE. of Alton Parish Church. E53475; COLLNOAS145; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E7946; COLLNO6; Quarry near Broad Tor. E7946; COLLNO6; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E7947; COLLNO8; NEG1311M; NEG805M; Quarry near Broad Tor. E7947; COLLNO8; NEG1311M; NEG805M; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E30844; COLLNOJW253; Stream section, 370 Yds. W. at 15 deg. N. of Woodbrooke. E30844; COLLNOJW253; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Silty Sandstone'
E30845; COLLNOJW254; Stream section, 600 Yds. W. at 14 deg. N. of Woodbrooke. E30845; COLLNOJW254; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E30846; COLLNOJW255; Stream section, 790 Yds. W. at 20 deg. N. of Woodbrooke. E30846; COLLNOJW255; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Siltstone'
E53200; COLLNOIC185; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53200; COLLNOIC185; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53201; COLLNOIC186; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53201; COLLNOIC186; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53203; COLLNOIC188; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53203; COLLNOIC188; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53204; COLLNOIC189; Caldon Low BH. 1300 m. on bearing 170 deg. from Cauldon Church. E53204; COLLNOIC189; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E51374; MR34868; COLLNODX1800; IGS Great Cornard (Keddington Hill) BH. near Sudbury. (depth19.7-19.8) E51374; MR34868; COLLNODX1800; * 1980 Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
E51375; MR34913; COLLNODX1852; IGS Wormingford Mere BH. near Colchester. (depth 32-33m) E51375; MR34913; COLLNODX1852; * 1980 Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
E66119; COLLNOMZ13; 140 m. NW. of the Long Stone. E66119; COLLNOMZ13; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66120; COLLNOMZ14; 140 m. NW. of the Long Stone. E66120; COLLNOMZ14; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66122; COLLNOMZ16; Battern Cliffs, 570 m. WNW. of The Long Stone. E66122; COLLNOMZ16; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66123; COLLNOMZ17; Battern Cliffs, 570 m. WNW. of The Long Stone. E66123; COLLNOMZ17; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66130; COLLNOMZ25; Eglarooze Cliff, 840 m. NE. of the Long Stone. E66130; COLLNOMZ25; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66133; COLLNOMZ28; Beaks Horn, 450 m. NE. of the Long Stone. E66133; COLLNOMZ28; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66134; COLLNOMZ29; Britain Cove, 370 m. W. of Portwrinkle Harbour. E66134; COLLNOMZ29; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66135; COLLNOMZ30; Seaton Beach, 200 m. SW. of Seaton Bridge. E66135; COLLNOMZ30; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66136; COLLNOMZ31; Seaton Beach, 200 m. SW. of Seaton Bridge. E66136; COLLNOMZ31; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66137; COLLNOMZ32; Seaton Beach, 220 m. SW. of Seaton Bridge. E66137; COLLNOMZ32; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66138; COLLNOMZ33; Seaton Beach, 230 m. SW. of Seaton Bridge. E66138; COLLNOMZ33; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52427; COLLNOIC142; Ravine side, 750 m. at 246 deg. from Westwood Hall. Leek. E52427; COLLNOIC142; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52428; COLLNOIC143; Ravine side, 730 m. at 247 deg. from Westwood Hall. Leek. E52428; COLLNOIC143; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E52429; COLLNOIC144; Ravine side, 660 m. at 248 deg. from Westwood Hall. Leek. E52429; COLLNOIC144; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53053; COLLNOAS26; 510 m. E. of Shirley Bridge, near Ashbourne. E53053; COLLNOAS26; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53054; COLLNOAS28; 510 m. ENE. of Bradley Oldpark, Yelderley. E53054; COLLNOAS28; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E53055; COLLNOAS30; 720 m. NW. of Bradley Oldpark, Yelderley. E53055; COLLNOAS30; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E53056; COLLNOAS31; 670 m. NW. of Bradley Oldpark, Yelderley. E53056; COLLNOAS31; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66191; COLLNORAE21; 1 Km. SW. of Knypersley Church, opencast site called Brownlees. E66191; COLLNORAE21; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66115; COLLNOMZ9; Britain Point, 380 m. W. of Portwrinkle Harbour. E66115; COLLNOMZ9; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66116; COLLNOMZ10; Britain Cove, 530 m. W. of Portwrinkle Harbour. E66116; COLLNOMZ10; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66117; COLLNOMZ11; Britain Cove, 520 m. W. of Portwrinkle Harbour. E66117; COLLNOMZ11; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E66118; COLLNOMZ12; 140 m. NW. of the Long Stone. E66118; COLLNOMZ12; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E66144; COLLNOMZ39; Bass Rock, 500 m. ESE. of Downderry Church. E66144; COLLNOMZ39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3385; COLLNO212; Tregarne Mill. E3385; COLLNO212; * Slate. 'Original entry: Andalusite Slate'
E3392; COLLNO219; Treviles. E3392; COLLNO219; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E54429; COLLNOFU1; 115 m. at 059 deg. from the summit of Cilgwyn. E54429; COLLNOFU1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
E54431; COLLNOFU3; 335 m. at 154 deg. from the Chapel in Carmel. E54431; COLLNOFU3; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E4746; COLLNO248; BG. Quarry, in field 300 Yds. S. of Lower Lank. E4746; COLLNO248; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E4747; COLLNO249; Great Consols level by side of River Camel. E4747; COLLNO249; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E53458; COLLNOKH1340; Greenseat Beck section, Swaledale. E53458; COLLNOKH1340; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92463; COLLNOYW1916; R. Gloy S92463; COLLNOYW1916; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E54434; COLLNOFU6; 325 m. at 169 deg. from the Chapel in Carmel. E54434; COLLNOFU6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
E54440; COLLNOFU12; 200 m. at 300 deg. from summit of Cilgwyn. E54440; COLLNOFU12; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E54445; COLLNOFU18; 325 m. at 042 deg. from summit of Cilgwyn. E54445; COLLNOFU18; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54446; COLLNOFU19; 325 m. at 042 deg. from summit of Cilgwyn. E54446; COLLNOFU19; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54447; COLLNOFU20; 335 m. at 009 deg. from summit of Cilgwyn. E54447; COLLNOFU20; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54755; DX2490; ELABNO2946; I.G.S. Stowell Park BH. (1949-1951). 950 Yds. N. by W. of Coln St. Denis Church, 50 Yds. W. of Fosse Way. E54755; DX2490; ELABNO2946; * Smectite-Claystone Fullers Earth. 'Original entry: Fullers Earth'
E54756; DX2491; ELABNO2947; I.G.S. Stowell Park BH. (1949-1951). 950 Yds. N. by W. of Coln St. Denis Church, 50 Yds. W. of Fosse Way. E54756; DX2491; ELABNO2947; * Smectite-Claystone Fullers Earth. 'Original entry: Fullers Earth'
E5605; COLLNO32; West of Bokelly. E5605; COLLNO32; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E5618; COLLNO45; 350 Yds. E. of Carclaze. E5618; COLLNO45; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S83738; COLLNOPX210; S side of Kinloch - Harris Bay track below lowest waterfall, adjacent to picrite, Rhum S83738; COLLNOPX210; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83739; COLLNOPX211; Flanks of Mouadh Dubh above Lochan, N of Glen Shellesder, adjacent to peridotite body, Rhum S83739; COLLNOPX211; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94867; COLLNOSCX24; Float, foundations, SE corner of Wood of Newton at 40m 61deg from SE corner of wood S94867; COLLNOSCX24; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S94870; COLLNOSCX27; Ruined mill on Cheyne Burn 110m downstream from bridge on Auchenblae to Stonehaven road S94870; COLLNOSCX27; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E31351; COLLNOKB178; Stream, 430 Yds. N. 38 deg. W. of Hill Farm. E31351; COLLNOKB178; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Silty Sandstone'
E20717; COLLNOA; Quarry, 1/4 mile SW. of Trethewy, 5.5 miles SE. of Helston. E20717; COLLNOA; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E20703; COLLNORB1742; St. Keverne Quarry, Porth Kerris Point, St. Keverne. E20703; COLLNORB1742; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E8305; COLLNO110; Horse Falls, Dart below Holne Cottage. E8305; COLLNO110; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8306; COLLNO111; Salters Pool, Dart. E8306; COLLNO111; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8307; COLLNO112; No. 2. Dart close to old mine near New Bridge. E8307; COLLNO112; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8308; COLLNO113; Opposite New Bridge, Dart. E8308; COLLNO113; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8309; COLLNO114; 2. East of island in Dart. E8309; COLLNO114; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8310; COLLNO115; I. Landslip under Holne Cottage. E8310; COLLNO115; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8311; COLLNO116; G. NE. of Holne. E8311; COLLNO116; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8312; COLLNO117; Holne Park Woods. E8312; COLLNO117; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8313; COLLNO118; C. West of Hannaford. E8313; COLLNO118; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8314; COLLNO119; 7. Hannaford Stickles. Dart side, E. E8314; COLLNO119; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8315; COLLNO120; 7. Hannaford Stickles. Dart side, E. E8315; COLLNO120; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8316; COLLNO121; East side of Dart, well below Carne Aishe. E8316; COLLNO121; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E6450; COLLNO82; Pentire Haven. E6450; COLLNO82; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E24744 Delabole Slate Quarry, 2 miles W. of Camelford. E24744 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E23760; COLLNOC1; Trenance Quarry, Mullion Cove. E23760; COLLNOC1; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E7850; COLLNO236; Quarry near Trefuge. E7850; COLLNO236; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S94852; COLLNOSCX9; Toucks Burn, below Dunnottar Church at 40m 157deg from mouth of Toucks Burn S94852; COLLNOSCX9; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83532; COLLNOMY1286; R. N Esk, N bank, 450m WSW of Millden Lodge S83532; COLLNOMY1286; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83538; COLLNOMY1293; R.N Esk, N bank 100m WSW of Greenburn Haugh S83538; COLLNOMY1293; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83539; COLLNOMY1294; Bulg, 300m ENE of summit cairn S83539; COLLNOMY1294; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94873; COLLNOSCX30; Carron Water, WNW corner of Carron Wood at 650m 316deg from cairn on Carmont Hill S94873; COLLNOSCX30; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E31425; COLLNOEE8; North Bay, Meldon Quarry. E31425; COLLNOEE8; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S83545; COLLNOMY1300; 750m ESE of summit of Cowie Hill S83545; COLLNOMY1300; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83547; COLLNOMY1302; R.N Esk, S bank, 150m NW of Dalbrack S83547; COLLNOMY1302; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83548; COLLNOMY1303; R.N Esk, S bank, 350m downstream of incoming of Burn of Dalbrack S83548; COLLNOMY1303; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E8320; COLLNO125; High road, NW. of Holne. E8320; COLLNO125; * Slate. 'Original entry: Andalusite Slate'
E8324; COLLNO129; Adit level driven for water, W. of Hannaford House. E8324; COLLNO129; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E8325; COLLNO130; A. West of Hannaford House. E8325; COLLNO130; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8326; COLLNO131; 5. Hannaford Stables. (Cut open in building). E8326; COLLNO131; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E30960; COLLNOKB237; W. bank of road cutting at fork. W. of Burton Hall, N. of North Tawton. E30960; COLLNOKB237; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S83543; COLLNOMY1298; Burn of Keenie, 450m SW of Keenie farmhouse S83543; COLLNOMY1298; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E7283; COLLNO55; High road opposite Mill and S. Brentor, E. of Railway. E7283; COLLNO55; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E6486; COLLNO118; Delabole Slate Quarry. E6486; COLLNO118; * Slate. 'Original entry: Sericite Slate'
E6497; COLLNO129; 1st. field N. of Stone Cross. E6497; COLLNO129; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E6498; COLLNO130; Tresquare Quarry. E6498; COLLNO130; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E27480; MR21273; Trecarne Quarry, c. half a mile S. of Trebarwith. E27480; MR21273; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E27481; MR21274; COLLNO131/7; Delabole Slate Quarry, 2 miles W. of Camelford. E27481; MR21274; COLLNO131/7; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E27482; MR21275; COLLNO131/9; Delabole Slate Quarry, 2 miles W. of Camelford. E27482; MR21275; COLLNO131/9; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E27483; MR21276; COLLNO131/10; Delabole Slate Quarry, 2 miles W. of Camelford. E27483; MR21276; COLLNO131/10; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E32133; COLLNOEE53; Stream bed, 410 Yds. NW. of Great Cocktree. E32133; COLLNOEE53; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E32135; COLLNOEE55; Stream bed, 720 Yds. N. of entrance to Hilldown Farm. E32135; COLLNOEE55; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
S83553; COLLNOMY1308; Auld Craig, main crag; 750m SSE of Glen Effock farmhouse S83553; COLLNOMY1308; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83554; COLLNOMY1309; Auld Craig, above S end of main crag; 760m SSE by S of Glen Effock farmhouse S83554; COLLNOMY1309; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83555; COLLNOMY1310; Craig Dullet, top of crags at W end, 1100m SW of outlet of Loch Lee S83555; COLLNOMY1310; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83556; COLLNOMY1311; Craig Dullet, top of crags near gully, 1020m SW of outlet of Loch Lee S83556; COLLNOMY1311; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83557; COLLNOMY1312; N end of spur, 650m due N of Triangulation Station on Cairn Caidloch S83557; COLLNOMY1312; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83559; COLLNOMY1314; Water of Effock, 1700m SW of summit of Cairn Caidoch S83559; COLLNOMY1314; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83561; COLLNOMY1316; Wester Cruys, W end of crags, 1150m NNW of summit of Cruys S83561; COLLNOMY1316; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E7835; COLLNO221; Downs Quarry, half a mile N. of Trekenna Laneart. E7835; COLLNO221; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E7836; COLLNO222; PHOTOM759; Badgall Down. E7836; COLLNO222; PHOTOM759; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E7477; COLLNO212; S. of Villaparks, 2.5 miles N. of Camelford. E7477; COLLNO212; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S94844; COLLNOSCX1; Foreshore, Ruthery Head; 210m 104deg from St.Mary's Church S94844; COLLNOSCX1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94845; COLLNOSCX2; Old Kirk Shore, Cowie; 130m 143deg from St.Mary's Church S94845; COLLNOSCX2; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13623; COLLNO990; Extreme North of Enys Head. E13623; COLLNO990; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13633; COLLNO1006; Entrance to Ugo Dour Cove. E13633; COLLNO1006; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13634; COLLNO1007; Predannack Wollar Quarry. E13634; COLLNO1007; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E13637; COLLNO1013; Mullion. Quarry just outside cove above Craigan Mill. E13637; COLLNO1013; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83947; COLLNORY544; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83947; COLLNORY544; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83953; COLLNORY550; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83953; COLLNORY550; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83960; COLLNORY557; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83960; COLLNORY557; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S94846; COLLNOSCX3; Shore below Castle of Cowie; 170m 187deg from St.Mary's Church S94846; COLLNOSCX3; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7610; NEG757M; Glubhole Quarry. E7610; NEG757M; * Slate. 'Original entry: Tremolite Slate'
E13648; COLLNO1029; Outside of Porthoustock. E13648; COLLNO1029; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E31314; COLLNOFC24; 480 Yds. S. 30 deg. E. of Pinda Farm. E31314; COLLNOFC24; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
E31315; COLLNOFC29; 350 Yds. NE. of Hurlbridge Farm. E31315; COLLNOFC29; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
E31316; COLLNOFC30; 350 Yds. ESE. of Passaford Farm. E31316; COLLNOFC30; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
E31320; COLLNOFC47; 350 Yds. NE. of Bassetts Cross. E31320; COLLNOFC47; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
E31334; COLLNOKB282; River Lew Mill, 35 Yds. N. of Milltown Weir. E31334; COLLNOKB282; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E6515; COLLNO147; Villaparks. E6515; COLLNO147; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Phyllite'
E6516; COLLNO148; Quarry N. of Higher Trefrew. E6516; COLLNO148; * Schist. 'Original entry: Sericite Phyllite'
E8195; COLLNO2; Holne Chase Farm. E8195; COLLNO2; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8199; COLLNO6; Cutting to chase mine, a few Yds. N. E8199; COLLNO6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8207; COLLNO14; 4. Chase Wood, close to Dart. SE. corner of 6" map. E8207; COLLNO14; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E8210; COLLNO17; C. Chase Wood, East side, 100 Yds. N. of reef. E8210; COLLNO17; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E1069 Waterfall Wood on granite border, in valley E. of Shuttermoor and W. of Cannonteign. E1069 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E9161; COLLNO24A; 2/3 of the way up Was Tor (East). E9161; COLLNO24A; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Siltstone'
E6311; COLLNO11; Viverdon Downs. E6311; COLLNO11; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8097; COLLNO60; T. W. of Hatt Wood Farm. E8097; COLLNO60; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E8098; COLLNO62; X. The Fowey, NE. of Hendergrove. E8098; COLLNO62; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E8100; COLLNO66; C. Eastern edge of 6" map, Fowey. E8100; COLLNO66; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E13684; COLLNO1108; From top of hill, overhanging. E13684; COLLNO1108; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S83801; COLLNOZM79; Bridge of Ringomn S83801; COLLNOZM79; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E7723; COLLNO21; N. border of wood, N. of waterfall, Cannonteign. E7723; COLLNO21; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S83564; COLLNOMY1319; 20m E of hill summit, 1500m NW of Westbank S83564; COLLNOMY1319; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83565; COLLNOMY1320; Easter Burn, 1750m NNW of Burnside S83565; COLLNOMY1320; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83566; COLLNOMY1321; Lochylinn, beside cairn, 1100m WNW of Burnside S83566; COLLNOMY1321; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83568; COLLNOMY1323; Water of Mark, 1550m NW of House of Mark S83568; COLLNOMY1323; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83529; COLLNOGX1371; Upper part of Burn of Tauchers S83529; COLLNOGX1371; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Graphite Schist'
E8110; COLLNO82; A. Lower Lake. E8110; COLLNO82; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E8287; COLLNO92; B. West of Leigh Tor, E. of Aish Tor. E8287; COLLNO92; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S83900; S83900/A; COLLNOGX1376; W edge of E Corrie S83900; S83900/A; COLLNOGX1376; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83932; COLLNOGX1408; Fee Burn S83932; COLLNOGX1408; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
E23053 Little Parkwalls, Nr. Rough Tor. E23053 * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Chlorite Schist'
E17004; COLLNORB1437; Fforest Fack Qry., Cray E17004; COLLNORB1437; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E976 Greystone Bridge near Bradstone. E976 * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S95489; COLLNOETS51; Quarry 840m N 40deg W of Wedder Dod top S95489; COLLNOETS51; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95491; COLLNOETS53; 350m E 19deg S of Shawhead S95491; COLLNOETS53; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95492; COLLNOETS54; Shaw Burn 740m NE of Shawhead S95492; COLLNOETS54; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83906; COLLNOGX1382; Ridge of the Strone, WSW of footbridge S83906; COLLNOGX1382; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E22303 Lee Bay, Ilfracombe Qry.; 170 Yds WSW of Damage Huue House E22303 * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Siltstone'
E21825 N. of Bagtor House, Haytor. E21825 * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S83915; COLLNOGX1391; 425m at 331deg from summit fo Craig Rennet S83915; COLLNOGX1391; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S95120; COLLNOMY1405; Burn of Greenshiels, 800m upstream of confluence with Slack Burn S95120; COLLNOMY1405; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95122; COLLNOMY1407; Dhulin Burn, 450m upstream of confluence with West Grain S95122; COLLNOMY1407; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E30449; COLLNOC155; Rock Nose Qry. E30449; COLLNOC155; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E6791; COLLNO79; Half a mile SW. of Aller, S. of Christow. E6791; COLLNO79; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E6796; COLLNO88; 16 chains N. of Christow Church. E6796; COLLNO88; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E7725; COLLNO23; Near granite. W. of Combe, S. of Christow. E7725; COLLNO23; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E8072; COLLNO20; 2. West Castrell, NW. corner of 6" map. E8072; COLLNO20; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E8073; E8073/A; COLLNO21; A. Upton Wood. E8073; E8073/A; COLLNO21; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
E8086; COLLNO40; A. Tokenbury, S. edge of map. E8086; COLLNO40; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E8089; COLLNO45; M. NE. of Frome Downs. E8089; COLLNO45; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E7726; COLLNO24; N. of Lower Yeo. E7726; COLLNO24; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S95113; COLLNOWX1293; R.Tilt, Dail Fheannach S95113; COLLNOWX1293; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S95155; COLLNOCYY78; Meikle Barncleugh Hill S95155; COLLNOCYY78; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95156; COLLNOCYY79; Quarry Wood S95156; COLLNOCYY79; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95145; COLLNOCYY68; Outcrop, N of Comlee Hill S95145; COLLNOCYY68; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95146; COLLNOCYY69; Outcrop, W of Bishop Forest Hill S95146; COLLNOCYY69; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95147; COLLNOCYY70; Outcrop, SE of Bishop Forest Hill S95147; COLLNOCYY70; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95148; COLLNOCYY71; Outcrop, 200m N of Shepherds cairn to SE of Bishop Forest Hill S95148; COLLNOCYY71; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95149; COLLNOCYY72; Outcrop, 230m NE of communion stone near Skeach Hill S95149; COLLNOCYY72; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95150; COLLNOCYY73; Old quarry to S of Routin Bridge Wood S95150; COLLNOCYY73; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95151; COLLNOCYY74; 400m NW of Horse Bog Loch S95151; COLLNOCYY74; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95152; COLLNOCYY75; Summit of Dalquhairn Hill S95152; COLLNOCYY75; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95153; COLLNOCYY76; Summit of hill N of Ingleston Glen S95153; COLLNOCYY76; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95154; COLLNOCYY77; W of Braeface Wood S95154; COLLNOCYY77; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95245; S95245/A; COLLNOJXX70; Sron na Creige S95245; S95245/A; COLLNOJXX70; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S95320; COLLNOGX1592; Drumnagorrach No.2 Borehole, depth 47.02m S95320; COLLNOGX1592; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95321; COLLNOGX1593; Drumnagorrach No.2 Borehole, depth 50.99m S95321; COLLNOGX1593; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S95323; COLLNOGX1595; Drumnagorrach No.2 Borehole, depth 61.64m S95323; COLLNOGX1595; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95291; COLLNOPX338; SE of Windyhill Linn S95291; COLLNOPX338; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95292; COLLNOPX339; Clauchrie Plantation S95292; COLLNOPX339; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95293; COLLNOPX371; Speddoch Burn S95293; COLLNOPX371; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95294; COLLNOPX372; Slongaber Burn S95294; COLLNOPX372; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95289; COLLNOPX333; SW of Windy Hill S95289; COLLNOPX333; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95290; COLLNOPX334; NE of Glencoise S95290; COLLNOPX334; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E24518; MR18612; COLLNOIRAQ PETCO; Portheor Beach. Approx 10.5 miles WSW. of Nefyn E24518; MR18612; COLLNOIRAQ PETCO; * Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand'
S95353; COLLNOIY657; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95353; COLLNOIY657; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95332; COLLNOIY594; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95332; COLLNOIY594; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S82638; COLLNOYW1803; Allt Brunachain S82638; COLLNOYW1803; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Schist'
S82641; COLLNOYW1806; Allt Brunachain S82641; COLLNOYW1806; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S82642; COLLNOYW1807; Allt Brunachain S82642; COLLNOYW1807; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S95303; COLLNOPX392; E of Duncow Burn S95303; COLLNOPX392; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95304; COLLNOPX395; SW of Gavin's Linn, Dalswinton Wood S95304; COLLNOPX395; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
S94925; COLLNOPGR8195; Glen Oykel, 680m NW of Kinlochailsh S94925; COLLNOPGR8195; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S94927; COLLNOPGR8239; Foot of limestone ridge, 280m ENE of Kinlochailsh S94927; COLLNOPGR8239; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S94929; COLLNOPGR8162; Allt Cathair Bhan, 830m ENE of Kinlochailsh S94929; COLLNOPGR8162; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
E14869; COLLNOSH/55/1/17; 220 yds N of Lower Beack E14869; COLLNOSH/55/1/17; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S95089; COLLNOWX1269; Creag Cam a' Choire S95089; COLLNOWX1269; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S95090; COLLNOWX1270; Crags E side of Loch Loch S95090; COLLNOWX1270; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
E11238 Van Mine (Lead), Llanidloe E11238 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Carbonaceous Sandstone'
E12113 ENGLAND. Llanidloes (164) E12113 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95166; COLLNOCYY89; Outcrop, opposite entrance to Cleughbrae S95166; COLLNOCYY89; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95167; COLLNOCYY90; Outcrop, Collochan S95167; COLLNOCYY90; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95168; COLLNOCYY91; Outcrop, Clunie Hill S95168; COLLNOCYY91; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95169; COLLNOCYY92; Quarry, Cargenbank Hill S95169; COLLNOCYY92; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95170; COLLNOCYY93; Outcrop, Waterhead S95170; COLLNOCYY93; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95171; COLLNOCYY94; Outcrop, Drummore S95171; COLLNOCYY94; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95172; S95172/A; S95172/B; S95172/C; COLLNOCYY95; Outcrop, Northpark S95172; S95172/A; S95172/B; S95172/C; COLLNOCYY95; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95173; S95173/A; S95173/B; S95173/C; COLLNOCYY96; Outcrop, Northpark S95173; S95173/A; S95173/B; S95173/C; COLLNOCYY96; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95174; S95174/A; S95174/B; S95174/C; COLLNOCYY97; Outcrop, Northpark, adjacent to S.95173 S95174; S95174/A; S95174/B; S95174/C; COLLNOCYY97; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95175; COLLNOCYY98; Outcrop, S flank of Skeuch Hill S95175; COLLNOCYY98; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95144; COLLNOCYY67; Outcrop, SE flank of Comlee Hill S95144; COLLNOCYY67; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95157; COLLNOCYY80; 170m NE of Meikle Barncleugh S95157; COLLNOCYY80; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95158; COLLNOCYY81; Heathery Wood S95158; COLLNOCYY81; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95159; COLLNOCYY82; Bonerick S95159; COLLNOCYY82; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95160; COLLNOCYY83; Railway cutting, Doweel Farm S95160; COLLNOCYY83; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95162; COLLNOCYY85; Old quarry, SW flank of White Hill of Terregles S95162; COLLNOCYY85; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S95163; COLLNOCYY86; Outcrop NE of Beacon Hill S95163; COLLNOCYY86; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S83848; COLLNOFY1133; N side of shooting track, Alvie S83848; COLLNOFY1133; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83828; COLLNOFY1113; 1000m ESE of Carn Caol S83828; COLLNOFY1113; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S92969; COLLNOCX2747; 200m S of Meall Dubh summit S92969; COLLNOCX2747; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92970; COLLNOCX2748; 200m SSW of Meall Dubh summit S92970; COLLNOCX2748; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92971; COLLNOCX2749; 200m SSW of Meall Dubh summit S92971; COLLNOCX2749; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S92972; COLLNOCX2750; 130m S of Carn a' Bhealaidh S92972; COLLNOCX2750; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S92973; COLLNOCX2751; 100m N of forest track S92973; COLLNOCX2751; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95164; COLLNOCYY87; Outcrop, S flank of White Hill of Terregles S95164; COLLNOCYY87; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95165; COLLNOCYY88; Outcrop, 300m SE of Seeside S95165; COLLNOCYY88; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95288; COLLNOPX332; Ae Water, Skerries Linn S95288; COLLNOPX332; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95474; COLLNOETS36; Mossy Burn 1030m N 17deg W of Greenburn S95474; COLLNOETS36; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95476; COLLNOETS38; Mossy Burn 1300m N 27deg W of Greenburn S95476; COLLNOETS38; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95464; COLLNOETS26; Black Burn 490m N 13deg E of North Bottom S95464; COLLNOETS26; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S95454; COLLNOETS16; 880m N 70deg W of Cleughs S95454; COLLNOETS16; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S95455; COLLNOETS17; 890m N 70deg W of Cleughs S95455; COLLNOETS17; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95456; COLLNOETS18; 1530m W 6deg N of Cleughs S95456; COLLNOETS18; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E11183 340 yds SW of Bench Mark 1701, Mynydd Mawr E11183 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S92904; COLLNOCX2702; 100m W of Crathie Burn S92904; COLLNOCX2702; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95295; COLLNOPX380; SE of Grean Craig S95295; COLLNOPX380; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95296; COLLNOPX383; S of Hillhead, Kirkbride Hill S95296; COLLNOPX383; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95297; COLLNOPX386; Fleuchlarg Hill summit S95297; COLLNOPX386; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95298; COLLNOPX387; S of track up hill from Dunesslin S95298; COLLNOPX387; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95299; COLLNOPX388; Downstream of Dalgonar Bridge S95299; COLLNOPX388; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95300; COLLNOPX389; N of Cat's Craig S95300; COLLNOPX389; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95301; COLLNOPX390; Fort NW of Springfieldhill S95301; COLLNOPX390; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95302; COLLNOPX391; Duncow Burn, 80m downstream of footbridge S95302; COLLNOPX391; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94912; COLLNOPGR8087; Allt Cathair Bhan, sharp bend, 700m NE of Kinlochailsh S94912; COLLNOPGR8087; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S94913; COLLNOPGR8103; Glen Oykel, downstream of Hydroelectric dam S94913; COLLNOPGR8103; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S95417; COLLNOMPB16; Outcrop on forest track, 1.2km NE of Craighope S95417; COLLNOMPB16; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95143; COLLNOLY809; Meall Mor S95143; COLLNOLY809; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S95411; COLLNOMPB10; Outcrop on forest track 400m E of Hearthstane S95411; COLLNOMPB10; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S95551; COLLNOFY1300; Carn Choire Odhair S95551; COLLNOFY1300; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95540; COLLNOFY1289; Old workings, W flank of Carn na Seanalaich S95540; COLLNOFY1289; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95547; COLLNOFY1296; Creag a' Bhealaidh S95547; COLLNOFY1296; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Granodiorite'
S95263; COLLNOJXX88; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95263; COLLNOJXX88; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95390; COLLNOIY694; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95390; COLLNOIY694; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95397; COLLNOIY701; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95397; COLLNOIY701; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S95398; COLLNOIY702; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95398; COLLNOIY702; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S95399; COLLNOIY703; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95399; COLLNOIY703; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S95401; COLLNOIY705; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95401; COLLNOIY705; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83999; COLLNOFY1054; 320m WNW of Torbreck S83999; COLLNOFY1054; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83989; COLLNOFY1044; 200m SW Creag Shoiller S83989; COLLNOFY1044; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E11184 Old Qry. Nr. Vyrnwy Viaduct. Llanrhaidr y Mochnant E11184 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S95384; COLLNOIY688; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95384; COLLNOIY688; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S83990; COLLNOFY1045; Allt an t-Sluichd Bhig S83990; COLLNOFY1045; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83991; COLLNOFY1046; Allt an t-Sluichd Bhig S83991; COLLNOFY1046; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S83993; S83993/A; COLLNOFY1048; Allt Coire Phris Mhoir S83993; S83993/A; COLLNOFY1048; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95462; COLLNOETS24; Duneaton Water 780m N 15deg E of Scar Hill summit S95462; COLLNOETS24; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
E9580 230 yds NNE of Ten y Graig Pandy, Glyn Geriog E9580 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95328; S95328/A; S95328/B; COLLNOGX1600; N wall of Gedloch Quarry, W side of Rothes Glen S95328; S95328/A; S95328/B; COLLNOGX1600; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95329; S95329/A; S95329/B; COLLNOGX1601; N wall of Gedloch Quarry, W side of Rothes Glen S95329; S95329/A; S95329/B; COLLNOGX1601; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95330; COLLNOGX1602; N wall of Gedloch Quarry, W side of Rothes Glen S95330; COLLNOGX1602; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92430; COLLNOFY1057; Carn na Sguabaich S92430; COLLNOFY1057; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95445; COLLNOETS7; 620m E of Kennoxhead S95445; COLLNOETS7; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95447; COLLNOETS9; 360m N 20deg E of Kennoxhead S95447; COLLNOETS9; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95450; COLLNOETS12; 360m N 75deg W of Cleughs S95450; COLLNOETS12; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95109; COLLNOWX1289; Large crag 500m NE of Meall Gharran S95109; COLLNOWX1289; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S95096; COLLNOWX1276; 200m N of top of Sron nan Dias S95096; COLLNOWX1276; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S95097; COLLNOWX1277; Creag Leacagach S95097; COLLNOWX1277; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S95101; COLLNOWX1281; Creag an Loch S95101; COLLNOWX1281; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S92431; COLLNOFY1058; Shooting hut SE of Carn na Sguabaich S92431; COLLNOFY1058; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S92432; COLLNOFY1059; Carn an Ailean S92432; COLLNOFY1059; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S92435; COLLNOFY1062; Carn an Ailean S92435; COLLNOFY1062; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E14433 Llanrhaidr ym mochnant E14433 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92978; COLLNOCX2757; 30m N of Burn of Loinberry S92978; COLLNOCX2757; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S82668; COLLNOYW1838; Stream draining Coire an t-Seilich S82668; COLLNOYW1838; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Phyllite'
S82655; COLLNOYW1823; S of Beinn Bhan S82655; COLLNOYW1823; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95361; COLLNOIY665; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95361; COLLNOIY665; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95371; COLLNOIY675; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95371; COLLNOIY675; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S95363; COLLNOIY667; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95363; COLLNOIY667; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S95368; COLLNOIY672; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95368; COLLNOIY672; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Schist'
S95342; COLLNOIY646; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95342; COLLNOIY646; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95347; COLLNOIY651; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95347; COLLNOIY651; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95349; COLLNOIY653; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95349; COLLNOIY653; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S95581; COLLNOFY1330; R.Findhorn SW of Dalmigaile Lodge S95581; COLLNOFY1330; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95582; COLLNOFY1331; Allt a' Mhuillin S95582; COLLNOFY1331; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95324; COLLNOGX1596; Drumnagorrach No.2 Borehole, depth 63.80m S95324; COLLNOGX1596; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95439; COLLNOETS1; 180m SEC of Crossbase, Glen Taggart S95439; COLLNOETS1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95588; COLLNOFY1337; Allt a' Mhuillin S95588; COLLNOFY1337; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95591; COLLNOFY1340; W slope of Carn Bad an Daimh S95591; COLLNOFY1340; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S95497; COLLNOETS59; Duneaton Water 760m S 7deg E of Crossbase, Glen Taggart S95497; COLLNOETS59; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95498; COLLNOETS60; Drain 1360m S 16deg W of Cairn Kinney Trianglation Station S95498; COLLNOETS60; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E13386; COLLNO20; Coast NW. of Pared-Llech-y Menyn. E13386; COLLNO20; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E17846; COLLNO1588; Rock and Fountain Quarry, Newchurch. E17846; COLLNO1588; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E9408; COLLNO6; Near broken down weir, 1/4 mile S. of Pont-y-Blew, on River Ceriog, near Chirk. E9408; COLLNO6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E26806; COLLNOAJW53; 1970 Yds. N. at 11 deg. E. of Burleydam, St. Michael's Church. E26806; COLLNOAJW53; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Ferruginous Sandstone'
S95077; COLLNOYW2078; Greagan Liatha S95077; COLLNOYW2078; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95078; COLLNOYW2079; Greagan Liatha S95078; COLLNOYW2079; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S95079; COLLNOYW2080; Greagan Liatha S95079; COLLNOYW2080; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E26797; COLLNOAJW44; 500 Yds. N. at 10 deg. W. of Claverhall Church. E26797; COLLNOAJW44; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95025; COLLNONY235; Dyke Burn S95025; COLLNONY235; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95026; COLLNONY236; Dyke Burn S95026; COLLNONY236; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
E7512; COLLNO1139; Garih, Trevor, near Llangollen. E7512; COLLNO1139; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E9376; COLLNO44; About 300 Yds. S. of The Lodge, Nant-y-Garth. E9376; COLLNO44; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95067; S95067/A; S95067/B; COLLNOYW2067; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95067; S95067/A; S95067/B; COLLNOYW2067; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E12129; COLLNOMG6; Mynydd Ystim. Roadside quarry, N. of Ffynnon Ffol. E12129; COLLNOMG6; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Chlorite Schist'
E12130; COLLNOMG7; Coast of Mynydd Bychees tyn. W. of Parwyd. E12130; COLLNOMG7; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Chlorite Schist'
E12132; COLLNOMG9; Coast of Mynydd Bychees. W. headland of Parwyd. E12132; COLLNOMG9; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Chlorite Schist'
E12133; COLLNOMG10; Coast of Mynydd Bycheestyn. W. headland of Parwyd. E12133; COLLNOMG10; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
E12134; COLLNOMG11; Coast of Mynydd Bycheestyn. W. of Parwyd. E12134; COLLNOMG11; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
E38128; MR31829; COLLNO27; Rwlchgwyn Quarry, 5 miles WNW. of Wrexham. E38128; MR31829; COLLNO27; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E23758; COLLNO2059; Denbighshire Sand and Gravel Co. Ltd., Maes Mynan Hall, Crerwys Station, Aberwheeler. E23758; COLLNO2059; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E18622; ELABNO1131; 2 Miles from Cold Talon Station. E18622; ELABNO1131; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
E7193; COLLNO15; Newgale Hill Quarry, Brawdy. E7193; COLLNO15; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7194; COLLNO16; Plumstone Mountain Quarry, Hayscastle. E7194; COLLNO16; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E38129; MR31830; COLLNO28; Tir Celyn Quarry, 1 mile S. of Minera. E38129; MR31830; COLLNO28; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
E11578; COLLNO4396; Delph Works, Trevor. E11578; COLLNO4396; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E11596; COLLNO4550; NEG1160,1161M; ELABNO518; Buckley Brick and Tile Co., Buckley, Catheralls Quarry. E11596; COLLNO4550; NEG1160,1161M; ELABNO518; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7188; COLLNO10; Penralltydre. Dogwells. E7188; COLLNO10; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93494; COLLNOZH4116; 250m N 32deg E of Gallowhill S93494; COLLNOZH4116; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S93495; COLLNOZH4117; 280m E 42deg N of Gallowhill S93495; COLLNOZH4117; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
E9653; COLLNO598; Bwlchgwyn Roadstone Quarry C. Ltd., Bwlchgwyn. E9653; COLLNO598; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E11505; COLLNO4388; Vron Silica Works, Llangollen. E11505; COLLNO4388; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E9651; COLLNO595; Voel Arthur Granite Co. Quarry, Cileain. E9651; COLLNO595; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E9562; COLLNO14; 130 Yds. W. by N. of Pen-y-Vivod, about 1 mile SW. of Beawyn Railway Station, near Llangollen. E9562; COLLNO14; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95133; COLLNOMY1418; Slack Burn, 400m upstream of confluence with Burn of Greenshiels S95133; COLLNOMY1418; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95135; COLLNOMY1420; Thieves' Bush, 450m due N of Cairn o' Mount road summit S95135; COLLNOMY1420; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95123; COLLNOMY1408; Forestry road, 180m W of confluence of West Grain with Dhulin Burn S95123; COLLNOMY1408; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95124; COLLNOMY1409; Forestry road, 700m NE of confluence of West Grain with Dhulin Burn S95124; COLLNOMY1409; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95125; COLLNOMY1410; West Grain 60m upstream of confluence with Dhulin Burn S95125; COLLNOMY1410; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95126; COLLNOMY1411; West Grain 450m upstream of confluence with Dhulin Burn S95126; COLLNOMY1411; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95128; COLLNOMY1413; Bervie Burn, 250m upstream of confluence with Burn of Luchray S95128; COLLNOMY1413; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95072; COLLNOYW2073; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95072; COLLNOYW2073; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E26810; COLLNOAJW58; 970 Yds. N. at 18 deg. W. of Burletdam, St. Michael's Church. E26810; COLLNOAJW58; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S95081; COLLNOYW2082; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95081; COLLNOYW2082; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95082; COLLNOYW2084; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95082; COLLNOYW2084; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95083; COLLNOYW2085; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95083; COLLNOYW2085; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S95076; COLLNOYW2077; Greagan Liatha S95076; COLLNOYW2077; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S83836; COLLNOFY1121; Caochan na Feoraige S83836; COLLNOFY1121; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S94998; COLLNONY205; Burn W of Feoch Farm S94998; COLLNONY205; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S95493; COLLNOETS55; Slimmingford Rig 1310m E 28deg N of Shawhead S95493; COLLNOETS55; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S95496; COLLNOETS58; Duneaton Water 610m W 62deg S of Crossbase, Glen Taggart S95496; COLLNOETS58; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
E12238; COLLNO902; Glasalt Quarry, Myddfai. E12238; COLLNO902; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E12239; COLLNO903; Glasalt Quarry, Myddfai. E12239; COLLNO903; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7189; COLLNO11; Newgale Cliff, Brawdy. E7189; COLLNO11; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E7190; COLLNO12; ENGLAND. St. Davids (209) E7190; COLLNO12; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E7501; COLLNO1149; BS1149; Viney Hill, Forest of Dean. E7501; COLLNO1149; BS1149; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E9506; COLLNO1399; BS1399; NEG893M; Forest of Dean. E9506; COLLNO1399; BS1399; NEG893M; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E23706; COLLNORB2055; Rassau Quarry, 1 mile W. of Beaufort Parish Church. E23706; COLLNORB2055; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E23707; COLLNORB2055; Rassau Quarry, 1 mile W. of Beaufort Parish Church. E23707; COLLNORB2055; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7507; COLLNO1145; BS1145; Tintern, Barbasoes Quarry. E7507; COLLNO1145; BS1145; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E28954; MR22045; COLLNO61; Llanfair Quarry, Crickhowell. E28954; MR22045; COLLNO61; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E23270; COLLNOC; Opencast site "Cefn", i mile E. of Kentig Hill. E23270; COLLNOC; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E23271; COLLNOD; Opencast site "Eryl Bryn", between Bryn and Port Talbot. E23271; COLLNOD; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E24559; COLLNOAWW63; No. 1. seam, H2 conveyor, right hand supply road, national colliery, Wattstown, Rhondda Fach. E24559; COLLNOAWW63; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E17124; COLLNO1478; Cwen Sawddle Quarry, Ceidryeh, Llangadock. E17124; COLLNO1478; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E1199 Througham Fields, Bisley. E1199 Woodward, H.B. Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
E12148; COLLNO915; Heol Ddu Quarry, Geelygaer. E12148; COLLNO915; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E15884; COLLNO1314; Grey Pentrbach Quarry, Eglwysilan. E15884; COLLNO1314; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E16973; COLLNO1435; Cemetary Road Quarry, Abercarn. E16973; COLLNO1435; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E17475; COLLNO1527; Cemetary Road Quarry, Abercarn. E17475; COLLNO1527; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
S82569; COLLNOYW1753; SE of Meall Ptarmigan S82569; COLLNOYW1753; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S82571; COLLNOYW1755; SW of Creag a`Chail S82571; COLLNOYW1755; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82573; COLLNOYW1757; SW of Creag a`Chail S82573; COLLNOYW1757; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82246; COLLNOYW1747; Meall Ptarmigan S82246; COLLNOYW1747; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S82247; COLLNOYW1748; Meall Ptarmigan S82247; COLLNOYW1748; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
E30094; COLLNOBL2801; Cynheidre No. 3 shaft Bore. E30094; COLLNOBL2801; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
E30095; COLLNOBL2813; Cynheidre No. 3 shaft Bore. E30095; COLLNOBL2813; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
E8821 Llangwnadl (Edge of syenite), Lleyn Peninsular.. E8821 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E8831 Bardsey Island. By lighthouse. Lleyn Peninsular.. E8831 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E31459; COLLNOHS60; Crindan Tunnel. 1700 Yds. N. at 10 deg. W. of Newport Station. E31459; COLLNOHS60; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E31461; COLLNOHS62; Exposure, 2900 Yds. E. at 30 deg. N. of Cefn-on Halt. E31461; COLLNOHS62; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E31462; COLLNOHS63; Exposure, 2900 Yds. E. at 30 deg. N. of Cefn-on Halt. E31462; COLLNOHS63; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E12085; COLLNO907; Gelliwen Quarry, Bedwelty Gelliwen Farm. E12085; COLLNO907; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E5288; COLLNO61; S. side of dingle, 300 Yds. NE. of Fairy Hill House. E5288; COLLNO61; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7498; COLLNO1144; BS1144; Abercarne and Newbridge. E7498; COLLNO1144; BS1144; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81637; COLLNOYW1650; Allt a'Chomhlain S81637; COLLNOYW1650; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81638; COLLNOYW1652; E of Glen Turret S81638; COLLNOYW1652; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S81641; COLLNOYW1656; SW of Carn Dearg Beag S81641; COLLNOYW1656; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S81646; COLLNOYW1661; SW of Annat S81646; COLLNOYW1661; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S81647; COLLNOYW1662; SW of Annat S81647; COLLNOYW1662; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S93134; COLLNOLY701; Achvarasdale S93134; COLLNOLY701; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E30298; COLLNOHS31; 2675 Yds. W. at 17 deg. N. of Pontnewydd Station. E30298; COLLNOHS31; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E30301; COLLNOHS34; 1750 Yds. S. at 18 deg. E. of Pontnewydd Station. E30301; COLLNOHS34; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E30302; COLLNOHS35; 1800 Yds. N. at 13 deg. E. of Risca Station. E30302; COLLNOHS35; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
E30288; COLLNOHS21; 1650 Yds. N. at 35 deg. E. of Risca Station. E30288; COLLNOHS21; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E30293; COLLNOHS26; 2150 Yds. N. at 30 deg. E. of Risca Station. E30293; COLLNOHS26; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
E30295; COLLNOHS28; 1700 Yds. N. at 5 deg. E. of Risca Station. E30295; COLLNOHS28; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
S80288; COLLNOCX2080; 870m ESE of Driesh summit S80288; COLLNOCX2080; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E3400; E3400/A; COLLNO84; ENQ82; Nant-gihirych Cwm Caai, near Crai [Cray], Brecknockshire E3400; E3400/A; COLLNO84; ENQ82; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E54154; COLLNONEQ3269; Site investigation BH. between N. Elmsall and S. Elmsall. BH. No. 7 on site plan. E54154; COLLNONEQ3269; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E21088; COLLNOBW149; Caerwent Quarries, 1300 Yds. SE. of Caerwent Church and 1200 Yds. NE. of Dewstone Cophill Quarry, 300 Yds. N. of Cophill Farm and 1700 Yds. ESE. of Itton Court. E21088; COLLNOBW149; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S82587; COLLNOYW1775; NE of Meall Ptarmigan S82587; COLLNOYW1775; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82591; COLLNOYW1779; Creag a`Chail S82591; COLLNOYW1779; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S82592; COLLNOYW1780; Creag a`Chail S82592; COLLNOYW1780; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E38335; MR31852; COLLNO50; Craig-y-Fro, old roadside quarry on A470 road, 8 miles SW. of Brecon. E38335; MR31852; COLLNO50; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Protoquartzite'
S82585; COLLNOYW1773; Meall Ptarmigan S82585; COLLNOYW1773; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
E3965; COLLNO30; NEG12M; Blue Pennant Craig-yr-Hesg, Pontypridd. E3965; COLLNO30; NEG12M; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E7537; COLLNO348; Craig-yr-Heog, Pontypridd. E7537; COLLNO348; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E11623; COLLNO4950; Pyle. E11623; COLLNO4950; * Silicate-Sand. 'Original entry: Quartz Sand'
S81669; COLLNOYW1687; Meall a'Chomhlain S81669; COLLNOYW1687; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E21083; COLLNOBW144; Knoll, 800 Yds. Nw. of Severn Tunnel Junction Station. (N. of Rectory). E21083; COLLNOBW144; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E21084; COLLNOBW145; Farthinghill Quarry, 800 Yds. NW. of Portskewett Church and 1200 Yds. E. of Caldecot Church. E21084; COLLNOBW145; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E47877; COLLNOBDE635; IGS. Abersycnan BH. E47877; COLLNOBDE635; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Gravelly Sandstone'
E34985; COLLNOIH1; Dorlais top open cast site. 1800 Yds. N. at 35 deg. N. of Cwm Bargoed Station. E34985; COLLNOIH1; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
E22103 Mynnedd Llangynidr Quarry, Beaufort. E22103 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E23272; COLLNOE; Opencast site, 'Six Bells'. 1 mile south of Six Bells Village. E23272; COLLNOE; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E22636; COLLNO1998; Caeglas Quarry, Llandovery. E22636; COLLNO1998; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E21581; COLLNORB1794; Riverside Lowey River, near Llandovery. E21581; COLLNORB1794; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chloritic Siltstone'
S94602; COLLNOCY12; Abandoned quarry on N side of Brockloch Hill S94602; COLLNOCY12; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E31825; COLLNO161; S. outcrop on E. side of Caswell Bay, Gower. E31825; COLLNO161; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
S93028; COLLNOHY564; Folla Rule S93028; COLLNOHY564; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S93013; COLLNOHY548; Cliffs below Peth of Minnonie S93013; COLLNOHY548; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S93014; COLLNOHY549; Ronald's Pot, R. Ythan S93014; COLLNOHY549; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S93015; COLLNOHY551; Den Wood S93015; COLLNOHY551; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S93016; COLLNOHY552; Hill of Tillymorgan S93016; COLLNOHY552; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93017; COLLNOHY553; Hill of Tillymorgan S93017; COLLNOHY553; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93144; COLLNOLY711; Achvarasdel Burn S93144; COLLNOLY711; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E54885; COLLNODF1355; 100 Yds. SE. of Northallerton Church E54885; COLLNODF1355; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54854; COLLNOLA994; 100 m. at 190 deg. from Clun Felin. E54854; COLLNOLA994; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E54855; COLLNOLA995; 260 m. at 165 deg. from Clun Felin. E54855; COLLNOLA995; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93048; COLLNOHY671; Hill of Kirkney from old quarries S93048; COLLNOHY671; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93042; COLLNOHY665; Kirkney Hill S93042; COLLNOHY665; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93043; COLLNOHY666; Kirkney Hill S93043; COLLNOHY666; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93044; COLLNOHY667; Kirkney Hill S93044; COLLNOHY667; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S93045; COLLNOHY668; Kirkney Hill S93045; COLLNOHY668; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S93046; COLLNOHY669; Hill of Noth, N side S93046; COLLNOHY669; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S93047; COLLNOHY670; Track W of Old Noth Farm S93047; COLLNOHY670; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94593; COLLNOCY1; S of boundary wall on SE flank of Bennan S94593; COLLNOCY1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94594; COLLNOCY4; NE of road at Auchenhay Bridge on NW bank of stream S94594; COLLNOCY4; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92825; COLLNOYW2042; Creag a'Bhanain S92825; COLLNOYW2042; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E17001; COLLNORB1439; Gilfach Quarry, Blan-Rhonddan, Byrncock Neath. E17001; COLLNORB1439; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E17003; COLLNORB1441; Gilfach Quarry, Blan-Rhonddan, Byrncock Neath. E17003; COLLNORB1441; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94656; COLLNOZH4129; 1410m S 2deg W of Waterhead S94656; COLLNOZH4129; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94658; COLLNOZH4131; 900m E 2deg N of Walesley S94658; COLLNOZH4131; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93196; COLLNOPX213; Tibbert Wood S93196; COLLNOPX213; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93197; COLLNOPX214; Eccles Mains, in Eccles Burn S93197; COLLNOPX214; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93199; COLLNOPX216; Gatelowbridge, N end of Newton Quarry (in new workings) S93199; COLLNOPX216; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93200; COLLNOPX217; Keely Cleuch, Tibbert Wood S93200; COLLNOPX217; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93001; COLLNOHY536; Large disused quarry SE of Slatehaugh nr Fyvie S93001; COLLNOHY536; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93002; COLLNOHY537; Large disused quarry SE of Slatehaugh nr Fyvie S93002; COLLNOHY537; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93119; COLLNOGX1435; 245m 205deg from summit of Ceann Mor S93119; COLLNOGX1435; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93003; COLLNOHY538; Large quarry, N end of Den of Crichie S93003; COLLNOHY538; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S94640; COLLNOCY52; 130m NW of summit of Brockloch Hill S94640; COLLNOCY52; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94641; COLLNOCY53; 300m SE of Slongaber S94641; COLLNOCY53; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93209; COLLNOPX226; Clachope Water S93209; COLLNOPX226; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93212; COLLNOPX230; Capel Burn, N of Mitchellslacks S93212; COLLNOPX230; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93215; COLLNOPX233; Clachope Water, W of Lockerben S93215; COLLNOPX233; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93039; COLLNOHY662; Hill of Noth S93039; COLLNOHY662; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93040; COLLNOHY663; Kirkney Hill S93040; COLLNOHY663; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93041; COLLNOHY664; Kirkney Hill S93041; COLLNOHY664; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93033; COLLNOHY656; Glen of Tillyminnate, Gartly S93033; COLLNOHY656; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93034; COLLNOHY657; Kirkney Quarries S93034; COLLNOHY657; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S93035; COLLNOHY658; Corskie Quarries S93035; COLLNOHY658; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E19777; MR17636; COLLNOAWW29; Old open trial workings for Ironstone, near cliffs, half a mile W. of Trevor village; N. of Yr Eifl. E19777; MR17636; COLLNOAWW29; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone With Chlorite, Pyrite Spots.'
E19778; MR17639; COLLNOAWW32; Old open trial workings for Ironstone, near cliffs, half a mile W. of Trevor village; N. of Yr Eifl. E19778; MR17639; COLLNOAWW32; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Chamosite, Pisolite With Chloritic Matrix.'
S93008; COLLNOHY543; Peth of Minnonie S93008; COLLNOHY543; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94631; COLLNOCY43; Small abandoned quarry NE flank of Peartree Hill S94631; COLLNOCY43; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94632; COLLNOCY44; Small abandoned quarry cum sheep pen SW of Glenkiln Bridge S94632; COLLNOCY44; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94633; COLLNOCY45; N of Heart Wood on E flank of Glenkiln Bridge S94633; COLLNOCY45; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94634; COLLNOCY46; Shiel Head S94634; COLLNOCY46; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94635; COLLNOCY47; S of Shalloch Burn S94635; COLLNOCY47; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94636; COLLNOCY48; N of Cornlee S94636; COLLNOCY48; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94637; COLLNOCY49; NE of Cornlee Bridge S94637; COLLNOCY49; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94638; COLLNOCY50; Crag on W promentry of Bishop Forest Hill S94638; COLLNOCY50; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92820; COLLNOYW2037; Meall Ptarmigan S92820; COLLNOYW2037; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S92823; COLLNOYW2040; Creag a'Bhanain S92823; COLLNOYW2040; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92824; COLLNOYW2041; Creag a'Bhanain S92824; COLLNOYW2041; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E5188; COLLNO142; 40 Yds. n. of Pol Cormick. E5188; COLLNO142; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S93208; COLLNOPX225; SW of Braidshaw Rigg S93208; COLLNOPX225; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94639; COLLNOCY51; 350m S of Trig Stn on Bishop Forest Hill S94639; COLLNOCY51; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94621; COLLNOCY33; S of summit cairn, NE of Maiden Crag S94621; COLLNOCY33; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94622; COLLNOCY34; S of Trig point, Milharay Hill S94622; COLLNOCY34; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94623; COLLNOCY35; W of quarry on Crofts Hill S94623; COLLNOCY35; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94624; COLLNOCY36; E of Brooklands Glen, W flank of Brooklands Hill S94624; COLLNOCY36; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94625; COLLNOCY37; SW flank of Craigelwhan S94625; COLLNOCY37; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94626; COLLNOCY38; NW side of Craigelwhan S94626; COLLNOCY38; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94627; COLLNOCY39; W side of Lochenkit Bennan S94627; COLLNOCY39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94628; COLLNOCY40; Quarry NE of summit of Ewe Brae S94628; COLLNOCY40; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94629; COLLNOCY41; In copice N of Larghill Farm S94629; COLLNOCY41; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94630; COLLNOCY42; Glen Bennan, 150m SW of Turners Monument S94630; COLLNOCY42; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94612; COLLNOCY24; Quarry NNW of Lochenkit Loch S94612; COLLNOCY24; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94613; COLLNOCY25; Quarry NNW of Lochenkit Loch S94613; COLLNOCY25; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94614; COLLNOCY26; Small quarry W of road to Lochenkit Cottage S94614; COLLNOCY26; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94615; COLLNOCY27; E of road, NW of Auchenhay Bridge S94615; COLLNOCY27; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93007; COLLNOHY542; Peth of Minnonie S93007; COLLNOHY542; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93206; COLLNOPX223; Linn Burn S93206; COLLNOPX223; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93018; COLLNOHY554; Hill of Tillymorgan S93018; COLLNOHY554; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93021; COLLNOHY557; Mill of Easterton S93021; COLLNOHY557; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S93022; COLLNOHY558; Mill of Easterton S93022; COLLNOHY558; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E55276; COLLNO3; Loch Ewe New Road. Cutting on main road, 3.3 miles (along road) N. of Inverewe House. W. side of road where it cuts small promontory, SE. of Isle of Ewe. E55276; COLLNO3; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93128; COLLNOZQ799; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93128; COLLNOZQ799; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E54886; COLLNODF1356; Winton Manor BH. 1950 Yds. NNW. of Stank Hall. E54886; COLLNODF1356; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3579; COLLNO39; West Quarry, Cochett. (Black Pennant). E3579; COLLNO39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
S93067; COLLNOHY690; Foudland Hill S93067; COLLNOHY690; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93068; COLLNOHY691; Hill of Corskie S93068; COLLNOHY691; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93056; COLLNOHY679; Wishach Hill, N side S93056; COLLNOHY679; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93057; COLLNOHY680; Wishach Hill, N side S93057; COLLNOHY680; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93058; COLLNOHY681; Wishach Hill, SE side S93058; COLLNOHY681; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E3816; COLLNO47; BS1052; Quarella, near Bridgend. E3816; COLLNO47; BS1052; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93059; COLLNOHY682; Wishach Hill, SE side S93059; COLLNOHY682; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93060; COLLNOHY683; Garthy Forest, Wishach Hill S93060; COLLNOHY683; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93061; COLLNOHY684; Small trail, Red Hill S93061; COLLNOHY684; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93062; COLLNOHY685; Red Hill/Foudland Hill S93062; COLLNOHY685; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93063; COLLNOHY686; Foudland Hill S93063; COLLNOHY686; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93049; COLLNOHY672; Hill of Kirkney from old quarries S93049; COLLNOHY672; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93050; COLLNOHY673; Hill of Kirkney from old quarries S93050; COLLNOHY673; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S93051; COLLNOHY674; Birch Hill S93051; COLLNOHY674; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93052; COLLNOHY675; W end Hill of Corskie S93052; COLLNOHY675; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93053; COLLNOHY676; Glen of Cults S93053; COLLNOHY676; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93054; COLLNOHY677; Glen of Cults S93054; COLLNOHY677; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93055; COLLNOHY678; Wishach Hill, N side S93055; COLLNOHY678; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93509; COLLNOGU440; Loch Borralan BH4 18.87m S93509; COLLNOGU440; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Borolanite'
S93510; COLLNOGU441; Loch Borralan BH4 22.96m S93510; COLLNOGU441; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S93511; COLLNOGU442; Loch Borralan BH4 25.57m S93511; COLLNOGU442; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S94648; COLLNOCY59; Small abandoned quarry E of N end of Milton Loch S94648; COLLNOCY59; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S82243; COLLNOYW1744; Meall Ptarmigan S82243; COLLNOYW1744; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94616; COLLNOCY28; E side of road, NE of Holmhead Plantation S94616; COLLNOCY28; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94617; COLLNOCY29; Small abandoned quarry NW of Crocketford Plantation S94617; COLLNOCY29; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94618; COLLNOCY30; W of King's Chair, E of dog leg in stone wall S94618; COLLNOCY30; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94619; COLLNOCY31; Summit N of Rough Hill and trout lake S94619; COLLNOCY31; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94620; COLLNOCY32; S of cairn in col crossed by wall, Milharay Hill S94620; COLLNOCY32; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94603; COLLNOCY13; S shore of Loch Patrick, near Kirkpatrick Durham S94603; COLLNOCY13; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94606; COLLNOCY16; Within field NW of Black Park Farm S94606; COLLNOCY16; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94607; COLLNOCY19; Areaming Burn, E of cattle grid S94607; COLLNOCY19; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94609; COLLNOCY21; Adjacent to ruined sheep fold W of cattle grid, Lochenkit Waterworks S94609; COLLNOCY21; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94610; S94610/A; S94610/B; COLLNOCY22; E of Dumhumphry Burn, SE of cattle grid S94610; S94610/A; S94610/B; COLLNOCY22; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94611; COLLNOCY23; E of Dumhumphry Burn, SW of sheep fold S94611; COLLNOCY23; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94596; COLLNOCY6; Small abandoned quarry E of Dumhumphry to Auchenhay Bridge road S94596; COLLNOCY6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94599; S94599/A; COLLNOCY9; Small exposure in centre of field to SE of Lairdlaugh Farm S94599; S94599/A; COLLNOCY9; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94600; COLLNOCY10; Very small abandoned quarry SE of drive to Mains of Minnydow S94600; COLLNOCY10; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94601; COLLNOCY11; Small abandoned quarry on W side of Brockloch Hill S94601; COLLNOCY11; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E23028; COLLNO31; Furnace Quarry, Llanelly. E23028; COLLNO31; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94649; COLLNOCY60; Adjacent to most NE point of Milton Loch S94649; COLLNOCY60; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94650; COLLNOCY61; 160m due W of Little Milton Farmhouse S94650; COLLNOCY61; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94651; COLLNOCY62; 370m SE of entrance to Fell Farm S94651; COLLNOCY62; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94652; COLLNOCY63; Disused quarry S of road to Fell Farm S94652; COLLNOCY63; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94655; COLLNOCY66; Quarry 600m SSW of Auchengibbert Farm S94655; COLLNOCY66; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94587; COLLNOBRS777; 6km ENE of St.John's Town of Dalry S94587; COLLNOBRS777; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94645; COLLNOCY56; Recently excavated quarry to NE of Milton Loch S94645; COLLNOCY56; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94647; COLLNOCY58; Recently excavated quarry to NE of Milton Loch S94647; COLLNOCY58; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93625; S93625/A; S93625/B; COLLNOTY400; Exposure by swimming pool S93625; S93625/A; S93625/B; COLLNOTY400; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
S93099; COLLNORY562; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93099; COLLNORY562; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcareous Sandstone'
S94533; COLLNOPY111; East Drummer Burn S94533; COLLNOPY111; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94534; COLLNOPY112; East Drummer Burn S94534; COLLNOPY112; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93646; S93646/A; S93646/B; COLLNOTY421; Doonie Point S93646; S93646/A; S93646/B; COLLNOTY421; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S92808; COLLNOYW2024; Glas Bheinn S92808; COLLNOYW2024; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Schist'
S92809; COLLNOYW2025; Glas Bheinn S92809; COLLNOYW2025; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Schist'
S92793; COLLNOYW2006; Creag a'Chail S92793; COLLNOYW2006; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92794; COLLNOYW2007; Creag a'Chail S92794; COLLNOYW2007; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92795; COLLNOYW2008; Creag a'Chail S92795; COLLNOYW2008; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92796; COLLNOYW2009; Creag a'Chail S92796; COLLNOYW2009; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92797; COLLNOYW2010; Allt Cuil S92797; COLLNOYW2010; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92798; COLLNOYW2011; Creag a'Chail S92798; COLLNOYW2011; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92799; COLLNOYW2012; Creag a'Chail S92799; COLLNOYW2012; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E29359; COLLNOBP3346; Warlingham BH, 2230 yds S 27 deg W of All Saints Church, Warlingham E29359; COLLNOBP3346; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S94549; COLLNOLY768; 450m ENE of Glen Isla House S94549; COLLNOLY768; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94540; COLLNOMPB6; Top of Barr Hill S94540; COLLNOMPB6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94536; COLLNOMPB2; Outcrop in Gana Burn, where Gana Burn joins Portail Water S94536; COLLNOMPB2; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94537; COLLNOMPB3; Stream outcrop 200m below stream rise on Clone Moor S94537; COLLNOMPB3; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S94538; COLLNOMPB4; Exposure on side of valley to N of Stanhope Burn, 1km E of Stanhope Hope S94538; COLLNOMPB4; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S94539; COLLNOMPB5; Stream section in Kirkhope Cleuch, 800m N of Rodger Law S94539; COLLNOMPB5; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94561; COLLNOLY780; 650m ESE of West Mill S94561; COLLNOLY780; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S93532; COLLNOGU463; Loch Borralan BH2 85.29m S93532; COLLNOGU463; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E29370; COLLNOBR1832; Warlingham BH, 2230 yds S 27 deg W of All Saints Church, Warlingham E29370; COLLNOBR1832; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93618; COLLNOTY393; Links Bay, SW side S93618; COLLNOTY393; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93620; COLLNOTY395; Links Bay, SW side S93620; COLLNOTY395; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93622; COLLNOTY397; Links Bay Reef, SW side S93622; COLLNOTY397; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93610; COLLNOTY385; Burn of Drum S93610; COLLNOTY385; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S92923; COLLNOCX2486; 500m ESE of bridge over Girnoch Burn S92923; COLLNOCX2486; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S93611; COLLNOTY386; Burn of Drum, SW of Aird Bridge S93611; COLLNOTY386; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93614; COLLNOTY389; Links Bay, High Water Mark, 4m E of sewer pipe S93614; COLLNOTY389; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93591; COLLNOTY366; Auchip, field to NE - exposure by boulder dump S93591; COLLNOTY366; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S94525; COLLNOPY97; Cowie Water S94525; COLLNOPY97; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94526; COLLNOPY98; Black Burn 120m upstream from confluence with Cowie Water S94526; COLLNOPY98; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S93584; COLLNOTY359; Ordenhores, old quarry S93584; COLLNOTY359; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93587; COLLNOTY362; Burn 120m NW of Windsole S93587; COLLNOTY362; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93589; COLLNOTY364; Hillend Farm, under S end of building at N end S93589; COLLNOTY364; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93590; COLLNOTY365; Slackdale Farm, old quarry S93590; COLLNOTY365; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93578; COLLNOTY353; Burn of Boyne, Newmills of Boyne, S bank S93578; COLLNOTY353; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93579; COLLNOTY354; Burn of Boyne, Newmills of Boyne, on bend S93579; COLLNOTY354; * Schist. 'Original entry: Talc Schist'
S93580; COLLNOTY355; Burn of Boyne, 20m E of Newmills Bridge S93580; COLLNOTY355; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93219; COLLNOPX237; Tributary of Bran Burn, N of Upper Dod S93219; COLLNOPX237; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93064; COLLNOHY687; Foudland Hill S93064; COLLNOHY687; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93065; COLLNOHY688; Foudland Hill S93065; COLLNOHY688; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93066; COLLNOHY689; Foudland Hill S93066; COLLNOHY689; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94559; COLLNOLY778; 500m ESE of Balnamennoch, Glen Isla S94559; COLLNOLY778; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94560; COLLNOLY779; 650m ESE of West Mill S94560; COLLNOLY779; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S94555; COLLNOLY774; 700m WNW Craighead S94555; COLLNOLY774; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94556; COLLNOLY775; 950m WNW Craighead S94556; COLLNOLY775; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S93515; COLLNOGU446; Loch Borralan BH4 31.66m S93515; COLLNOGU446; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S94588; COLLNOBRS781B; 9.5km ENE of St.John's Town of Dalry S94588; COLLNOBRS781B; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93648; S93648/A; S93648/B; COLLNOTY423; Doonie Point just N of Old Harbour S93648; S93648/A; S93648/B; COLLNOTY423; * Skarn. 'Original entry: Skarn'
S94591; COLLNOBRS810B; 4.5km ESE of New Galloway S94591; COLLNOBRS810B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S92992; COLLNOYR2762; 500m WNW of Mchna Hatnch S92992; COLLNOYR2762; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S92993; COLLNOYR2763; 500m WNW of Mchna Hatnch S92993; COLLNOYR2763; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92995; COLLNOYR2765; 500m WNW of Mchna Hatnch S92995; COLLNOYR2765; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93096; COLLNOMY1372; Creag Liath 580m ENE of Creag Mhor summit S93096; COLLNOMY1372; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S92652; COLLNOZQ792; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92652; COLLNOZQ792; * Spessartite. 'Original entry: Spessartite'
S92653; COLLNOZQ794; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92653; COLLNOZQ794; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94460; COLLNOJX42; Hillhead Bridge S94460; COLLNOJX42; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94461; COLLNOJX43; Burn of Rothes S94461; COLLNOJX43; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93593; COLLNOTY368; Burn 10m ESE(downstream) of S.93592 S93593; COLLNOTY368; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
E5341; COLLNO155; 300 Yds. S. of Trenoon. E5341; COLLNO155; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E5343; COLLNO157; 400 Yds. S. of Uro. E5343; COLLNO157; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S92647; COLLNOZQ787; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92647; COLLNOZQ787; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E27114; COLLNOTA7; Exposure at Northern end of Trevoole Moor. E27114; COLLNOTA7; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E27115; COLLNOTA8; Adit, at Trevoole Farm. E27115; COLLNOTA8; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S94550; COLLNOLY769; 450m ENE of Glen Isla House S94550; COLLNOLY769; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94551; COLLNOLY770; 500m SE of Auchintaple Loch S94551; COLLNOLY770; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94552; COLLNOLY771; 650m SE of Auchintaple Loch S94552; COLLNOLY771; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92815; COLLNOYW2032; Bridge over R.Roy, track to Annat S92815; COLLNOYW2032; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S92805; COLLNOYW2021; Allt Chonnal S92805; COLLNOYW2021; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S92807; COLLNOYW2023; Allt Chonnal S92807; COLLNOYW2023; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Schist'
S94012; COLLNOPX302; Mid Hill S94012; COLLNOPX302; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94013; COLLNOPX303; Auchengibbert Hill S94013; COLLNOPX303; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94000; S94000/A; S94000/B; S94000/C; COLLNOPX289; Poundland Hill S94000; S94000/A; S94000/B; S94000/C; COLLNOPX289; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94002; COLLNOPX291; Quarry E of Maxwelton Hill S94002; COLLNOPX291; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94003; COLLNOPX292; SW of Maxwelton Hill S94003; COLLNOPX292; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94004; S94004/A; S94004/B; S94004/C; COLLNOPX293; Summit of Shancastle Doon S94004; S94004/A; S94004/B; S94004/C; COLLNOPX293; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94005; COLLNOPX294; NW of Shancastle Doon S94005; COLLNOPX294; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94006; COLLNOPX295; Lannhall Wood S94006; COLLNOPX295; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94332; COLLNOLY698; 750m S/E of Fergus, Glen Isla S94332; COLLNOLY698; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94333; COLLNOLY699; 750m S/E of Fergus, Glen Isla S94333; COLLNOLY699; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94334; COLLNOLY718; 200m ENE of Crandart, Glen Isla S94334; COLLNOLY718; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S93944; COLLNOGX1456; Road cut on new A82, Luss (by footbridge) S93944; COLLNOGX1456; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E27162; COLLNOTA55; Outcrop in path, N of Nancemellin Plantation and 550 Yds. NNW of Newmill Arsenic Works. E27162; COLLNOTA55; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Phyllite'
E27163; COLLNOTA56; Outcrop behind Newmill Arsenic Works. E27163; COLLNOTA56; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Phyllite'
E27164; COLLNOTA57; Behind store shed, 40 Yds. N of Newmill Arsenic Works. E27164; COLLNOTA57; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Phyllite'
E27165; COLLNOTA58; Outcrop in stream bank, 400 Yds. W of Newmill Arsenic Works. E27165; COLLNOTA58; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Phyllite'
E27166; COLLNOTA59; Old quarry, N of Nancemellin Plantation and 550 Yds. WNW of Newmill Arsenic Works. E27166; COLLNOTA59; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Phyllite'
E27156; COLLNOTA49; In ditch by Angew Barn. E27156; COLLNOTA49; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S94246; COLLNOYR2778; Washingcot Rocks S94246; COLLNOYR2778; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93661; COLLNOET432; Disused sst quarry 220m SW of Cauldhame S93661; COLLNOET432; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93665; COLLNOET436; 590m SW of Bridgend School, Haugh Burn S93665; COLLNOET436; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93668; COLLNOET439; Hillhouse Lst Workings 450m SW of Hillhouse S93668; COLLNOET439; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S94132; COLLNOPY96; Burn of Anaholans S94132; COLLNOPY96; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94120; COLLNOPY83; 700m W of Clochanshiels S94120; COLLNOPY83; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94122; COLLNOPY85; 600m W of Clochanshiels S94122; COLLNOPY85; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94123; COLLNOPY86; Irish Burn S94123; COLLNOPY86; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93845; COLLNOHY718; Hill of Foudland S93845; COLLNOHY718; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93836; COLLNOHY709; W side of Hill of Tillymorgan S93836; COLLNOHY709; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93837; COLLNOHY710; Road A96 E of Braehead S93837; COLLNOHY710; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93838; COLLNOHY711; Road A96 E of Braehead S93838; COLLNOHY711; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93839; COLLNOHY712; Bank of Deveron, Kinnairdy Castle S93839; COLLNOHY712; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93840; COLLNOHY713; Bank of Deveron, Kinnairdy Castle S93840; COLLNOHY713; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93843; COLLNOHY716; Hill of Foudland S93843; COLLNOHY716; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93844; COLLNOHY717; Hill of Foudland S93844; COLLNOHY717; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93828; COLLNOHY701; NW end of Heugh of Bucharn S93828; COLLNOHY701; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S94049; COLLNOPY11; Elfhill Burn S94049; COLLNOPY11; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S93999; S93999/A; S93999/B; COLLNOPX288; Ell Rig S93999; S93999/A; S93999/B; COLLNOPX288; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93991; COLLNOPX278; Wauk Hill, Keir Hills S93991; COLLNOPX278; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93791; S93791/A; S93791/B; COLLNORY580; Allt Beian Chlianaig S93791; S93791/A; S93791/B; COLLNORY580; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93792; S93792/A; S93792/B; COLLNORY581; Allt Beian Chlianaig S93792; S93792/A; S93792/B; COLLNORY581; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93793; S93793/A; S93793/B; COLLNORY582; Allt Beian Chlianaig S93793; S93793/A; S93793/B; COLLNORY582; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S94043; COLLNOPY6A; Elfhill Burn S94043; COLLNOPY6A; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94048; COLLNOPY10; Elfhill Burn S94048; COLLNOPY10; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94129; COLLNOPY93; Head of Burn of Annamuick S94129; COLLNOPY93; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E17602 Tregadra Roadstone Quarry. E17602 * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94024; COLLNOPX318; N of A702 S94024; COLLNOPX318; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94025; S94025/A; S94025/B; S94025/C; COLLNOPX319; N of Maxwelton Hill S94025; S94025/A; S94025/B; S94025/C; COLLNOPX319; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94026; COLLNOPX321; NE of Shancastle Farm S94026; COLLNOPX321; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94027; COLLNOPX322; Scar Water S94027; COLLNOPX322; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94028; S94028/A; S94028/B; S94028/C; COLLNOPX323; Shinnel Water downstream of Shinnel Bridge S94028; S94028/A; S94028/B; S94028/C; COLLNOPX323; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94029; S94029/A; S94029/B; S94029/C; COLLNOPX324; W of Round Hill S94029; S94029/A; S94029/B; S94029/C; COLLNOPX324; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S94125; COLLNOPY88; Confluence of Cowie Water and Burn of Anaholans S94125; COLLNOPY88; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94115; COLLNOPY77; Cowie Water S94115; COLLNOPY77; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94116; COLLNOPY78; Cowie Water S94116; COLLNOPY78; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94177; COLLNOFY1227; NE slope of Earn Phris Mor S94177; COLLNOFY1227; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E27127; COLLNOTA20; Quarry, 200 Yds. NE of Bezurrel Farm. E27127; COLLNOTA20; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
E27129; COLLNOTA22; Quarry, 200 Yds. NE of Bezurrel Farm, E27129; COLLNOTA22; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S94030; COLLNOPX325; Shinnel Water S94030; COLLNOPX325; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94031; COLLNOPX329; Bardennoch Burn S94031; COLLNOPX329; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94032; S94032/A; S94032/B; S94032/C; COLLNOPX330; Crichen Wood S94032; S94032/A; S94032/B; S94032/C; COLLNOPX330; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93794; S93794/A; S93794/B; COLLNORY583; Glen Roy S93794; S93794/A; S93794/B; COLLNORY583; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93795; S93795/A; S93795/B; COLLNORY584; Glen Roy S93795; S93795/A; S93795/B; COLLNORY584; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93778; S93778/A; COLLNOZQ817; SE Eilrig S93778; S93778/A; COLLNOZQ817; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93779; COLLNOZQ818; SE Eilrig S93779; COLLNOZQ818; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93780; COLLNOZQ819; SE Eilrig S93780; COLLNOZQ819; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93781; COLLNOZQ820; SE Eilrig S93781; COLLNOZQ820; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S93782; S93782/A; COLLNOZQ821; SE Eilrig S93782; S93782/A; COLLNOZQ821; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S93783; COLLNOZQ822; SE Eilrig S93783; COLLNOZQ822; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93785; S93785/A; COLLNOZQ824; SW of Glen Buck bothy S93785; S93785/A; COLLNOZQ824; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
E4707; COLLNOCREID223; North of Perhaver Fault, Gorran Haven. E4707; COLLNOCREID223; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93830; COLLNOHY703; E side of Hill of Skares S93830; COLLNOHY703; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93834; COLLNOHY707; Braes of Gight S93834; COLLNOHY707; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93835; COLLNOHY708; Road A96 N of Hill Skares S93835; COLLNOHY708; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93820; COLLNOHY693; Kirkney Water S93820; COLLNOHY693; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93827; COLLNOHY700; NW end of Heugh of Bucharn S93827; COLLNOHY700; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S94167; COLLNOFY1217; Carn an Ruighe S94167; COLLNOFY1217; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94168; COLLNOFY1218; Carn an Ruighe S94168; COLLNOFY1218; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94338; COLLNOLY722; 200m ESE of Crandart, Glen Isla S94338; COLLNOLY722; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S94345; COLLNOLY730; W shore of Auchintaple Loch S94345; COLLNOLY730; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Quartz Schist'
S94329; COLLNOLY695; 550m SE of Fergus, Glen Isla S94329; COLLNOLY695; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S93819; COLLNOHY692; Kirkney Water S93819; COLLNOHY692; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93992; COLLNOPX279; Wauk Hill, Keir Hills S93992; COLLNOPX279; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93994; COLLNOPX282; W of Castlehill S93994; COLLNOPX282; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93996; COLLNOPX284; NW of Lochurr Farm S93996; COLLNOPX284; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93997; S93997/A; S93997/B; S93997/C; COLLNOPX285; NW of Lochurr Farm S93997; S93997/A; S93997/B; S93997/C; COLLNOPX285; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93998; S93998/A; S93998/B; S93998/C; COLLNOPX286; W of Walls Plantation, Ellrig S93998; S93998/A; S93998/B; S93998/C; COLLNOPX286; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94014; S94014/A; S94014/B; COLLNOPX304; Cramling Craigs S94014; S94014/A; S94014/B; COLLNOPX304; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94015; COLLNOPX305; Quarry, Dalmacallan Forest S94015; COLLNOPX305; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94016; COLLNOPX306; Quarry W of Clonrae S94016; COLLNOPX306; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94017; COLLNOPX309; Craigturra Burn S94017; COLLNOPX309; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94018; COLLNOPX311; Summit of Court Hill S94018; COLLNOPX311; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94019; S94019/A; S94019/B; S94019/C; COLLNOPX312; SE of Craigturra Cottage S94019; S94019/A; S94019/B; S94019/C; COLLNOPX312; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94020; S94020/A; S94020/B; S94020/C; COLLNOPX313; Ell Rig S94020; S94020/A; S94020/B; S94020/C; COLLNOPX313; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94021; S94021/A; S94021/B; S94021/C; COLLNOPX314; Ell Rig S94021; S94021/A; S94021/B; S94021/C; COLLNOPX314; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94128; COLLNOPY92; Bog of Trusta S94128; COLLNOPY92; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
COLLNORP055P; MC5446; Red Point COLLNORP055P; MC5446; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94022; COLLNOPX315; Ell Rig S94022; COLLNOPX315; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94023; COLLNOPX317; N of Maxwelton Hill S94023; COLLNOPX317; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94007; COLLNOPX296; Lannhall Wood S94007; COLLNOPX296; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94008; COLLNOPX297; W of Barr Hill S94008; COLLNOPX297; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94009; S94009/A; S94009/B; S94009/C; COLLNOPX298; Clone Moor S94009; S94009/A; S94009/B; S94009/C; COLLNOPX298; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94010; S94010/A; S94010/B; S94010/C; COLLNOPX299; N of Logganpark Hill S94010; S94010/A; S94010/B; S94010/C; COLLNOPX299; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S94011; S94011/A; S94011/B; S94011/C; COLLNOPX300; N of Barr Hill S94011; S94011/A; S94011/B; S94011/C; COLLNOPX300; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S94356; COLLNOLY741; The Banks W of Glen Finlet S94356; COLLNOLY741; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
S93605; COLLNOTY380; Damhead Quarry, Dam Hill, overgrown S93605; COLLNOTY380; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93595; COLLNOTY370; Meikle Toux, overgrown quarry S93595; COLLNOTY370; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93739; COLLNOGU488; SW Whitehill S93739; COLLNOGU488; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93596; COLLNOTY371; Little Toux, overflow channel in wood just N of farm S93596; COLLNOTY371; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93598; COLLNOTY373; Wintertown, small quarry to W, on S side of Burn of Drum S93598; COLLNOTY373; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93597; COLLNOTY372; Wintertown, 220m SSW of rough field, overflow channel S93597; COLLNOTY372; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S94187; COLLNOFY1237; Wester Strathnoonan Burn S94187; COLLNOFY1237; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94457; COLLNOJX39; Small disused sandstone quarry near Plascarden S94457; COLLNOJX39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E15346; COLLNOHD348; Quarry a little SE. of Chygaskie. E15346; COLLNOHD348; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S93627; COLLNOTY402; Marble Quarry, E edge S93627; COLLNOTY402; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93628; COLLNOTY403; Marble Quarry, E edge of serpentinite outcrop S93628; COLLNOTY403; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93631; COLLNOTY406; Portsoy W of Old Hawb, N of Marine Terrace S93631; COLLNOTY406; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S93681; COLLNOET452; 110m E 20deg S of W Broadlaw S93681; COLLNOET452; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93682; COLLNOET453; 10m W of Law Farm buildings S93682; COLLNOET453; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94261; COLLNOWX1234; Creag an Loch S94261; COLLNOWX1234; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94262; COLLNOWX1235; Creag an Loch S94262; COLLNOWX1235; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S94263; COLLNOWX1236; Creag an Loch S94263; COLLNOWX1236; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
E7497; COLLNO1183; Cradley Nr. Hereford E7497; COLLNO1183; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S77403; COLLNOMY541; Hill of Airlie, 20m NE of summit S77403; COLLNOMY541; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S77405; COLLNOMY543; Caird Hill 100m S of Everton Farm S77405; COLLNOMY543; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S93790; S93790/A; S93790/B; COLLNORY579; Allt Beian Chlianaig S93790; S93790/A; S93790/B; COLLNORY579; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S94110; S94110/A; COLLNOPY72; Burn of Anaholans S94110; S94110/A; COLLNOPY72; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93883; COLLNOHY521; Burn of Allahanay S93883; COLLNOHY521; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S93884; COLLNOHY522; Dillan Water S93884; COLLNOHY522; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93885; COLLNOHY523; Mortlach, Dufftown S93885; COLLNOHY523; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93886; COLLNOHY524; Master's Well, Dufftown S93886; COLLNOHY524; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93888; COLLNOHY526; Dillan Water S93888; COLLNOHY526; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93889; COLLNOHY527; Dillan Water S93889; COLLNOHY527; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93890; COLLNOHY528; Dillan Water S93890; COLLNOHY528; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94101; COLLNOPY63; Burn of Finglennie S94101; COLLNOPY63; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94240; COLLNOYR2771; NW of Loch Dallas S94240; COLLNOYR2771; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94241; COLLNOYR2772; Newtyle Forest S94241; COLLNOYR2772; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94243; COLLNOYR2774; Newtyle Forest S94243; COLLNOYR2774; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94244; COLLNOYR2776; Washingcot Rocks S94244; COLLNOYR2776; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94212; COLLNOJX12; N of Buinach Hill S94212; COLLNOJX12; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Biotite Schist'
S93556; COLLNOTY331; Bucharn Railway cutting S93556; COLLNOTY331; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93673; COLLNOET444; 410m SE of Beecraigs S93673; COLLNOET444; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93676; COLLNOET447; 160m S 20deg E of Broomyknowes S93676; COLLNOET447; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93938; COLLNOBRS720B; Old slate quarry, Parton, Loch Ken (R.Dee) S93938; COLLNOBRS720B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S93930; COLLNOBRS606B; 3km E of Borgue S93930; COLLNOBRS606B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S93931; COLLNOBRS613B; 3.2km W of Borgue S93931; COLLNOBRS613B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S94083; COLLNOPY45; Torrie Hillocks, Burn of Annamuick S94083; COLLNOPY45; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94084; COLLNOPY46; Torrie Hillocks, Burn of Annamuick S94084; COLLNOPY46; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94087; S94087/A; COLLNOPY49; Head of the Burn of Annamuick S94087; S94087/A; COLLNOPY49; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93878; COLLNOHY516; Dillan Water at confluence with Burn of Allachampit S93878; COLLNOHY516; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S77377; COLLNOMY493; Large excavation beside forestry track 1300m WSW of Culthibert S77377; COLLNOMY493; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80651; S80651/A; COLLNORY441; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80651; S80651/A; COLLNORY441; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Garnet Schist'
S94094; COLLNOPY56; Cross Queel S94094; COLLNOPY56; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94095; S94095/A; COLLNOPY57; Cross Queel S94095; S94095/A; COLLNOPY57; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94097; COLLNOPY59; Confluence of Queel Burn and Cowie Water S94097; COLLNOPY59; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94098; S94098/A; COLLNOPY60; Burn of Finglennie S94098; S94098/A; COLLNOPY60; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94091; COLLNOPY53; White Rashes S94091; COLLNOPY53; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93860; COLLNOHY498; Stripe of Black Knowe S93860; COLLNOHY498; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S93863; COLLNOHY501; Mains Burn S93863; COLLNOHY501; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93850; COLLNOHY486; Comehabble Burn 200m SSE of Old Schoolhouse S93850; COLLNOHY486; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93851; COLLNOHY487; Burn of Favat S93851; COLLNOHY487; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S80101; COLLNORY225; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80101; COLLNORY225; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80102; COLLNORY226; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80102; COLLNORY226; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80103; COLLNORY227; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80103; COLLNORY227; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S94081; COLLNOPY43; Torrie Hillocks, Burn of Annamuick S94081; COLLNOPY43; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94075; COLLNOPY37; Burn of Annamuick S94075; COLLNOPY37; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94065; COLLNOPY27; Clerkenwell Burn S94065; COLLNOPY27; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94066; S94066/A; COLLNOPY28; MC9725; Clerkenwell Burn S94066; S94066/A; COLLNOPY28; MC9725; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S94067; COLLNOPY29; Clerkenwell Burn S94067; COLLNOPY29; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S77379; COLLNOMY509; Bridge of Keig, S side of river, W of bridge S77379; COLLNOMY509; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S93747; COLLNOLY712; W of Janetstown S93747; COLLNOLY712; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93748; COLLNOLY713; Water of Forss S93748; COLLNOLY713; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93749; COLLNOLY714; 450m NW of Baillie S93749; COLLNOLY714; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S93752; COLLNOMY1374; E shore of Loch Calder S93752; COLLNOMY1374; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Bituminous Mudstone'
S93854; S93854/A; COLLNOHY490; Comehabble burn just upstream of bridge S93854; S93854/A; COLLNOHY490; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93857; COLLNOHY495; Stripe of Black Knowe S93857; COLLNOHY495; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S93858; COLLNOHY496; Stripe of Black Knowe S93858; COLLNOHY496; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S93859; COLLNOHY497; Stripe of Black Knowe S93859; COLLNOHY497; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S93847; S93847/A; COLLNOHY483; Comehabble Burn 300m W of Upper Bellandy S93847; S93847/A; COLLNOHY483; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93849; S93849/A; COLLNOHY485; Comehabble Burn 200m SSE of Old Schoolhouse S93849; S93849/A; COLLNOHY485; * Schist. 'Original entry: Quartz Mica Schist'
S94267; COLLNOWX1240; 663m conical hill S94267; COLLNOWX1240; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Schist'
S94271; COLLNOWX1244; Meall Reamhar S94271; COLLNOWX1244; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S77427; COLLNOMY567; Den of Chapelton 550m SW of Chapelton farm S77427; COLLNOMY567; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Semi Pelite'
S77428; COLLNOMY568; Den of Chapelton 570m SW of Chapelton farm S77428; COLLNOMY568; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S77429; COLLNOMY569; Den of Chapelton 580m SW of Chapelton farm S77429; COLLNOMY569; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Semi Pelite'
S94272; COLLNOWX1245; Meall Reamhar S94272; COLLNOWX1245; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calc Silicate Schist'
S94274; COLLNOWX1247; Creag an Loch S94274; COLLNOWX1247; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94275; COLLNOWX1248; Allt Fheannach S94275; COLLNOWX1248; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
S94276; COLLNOWX1249; Allt an Dearg S94276; COLLNOWX1249; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S94260; COLLNOWX1233; Creag an Loch S94260; COLLNOWX1233; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94163; COLLNOFY1213; N slope of Carn na Loine S94163; COLLNOFY1213; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94135; COLLNOFY1185; E bank of R. Findhorn 600m SW of Balnagordsnach S94135; COLLNOFY1185; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93989; COLLNOPX276; Moss Sandy, Keir Hills S93989; COLLNOPX276; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93980; COLLNOPX265; Borgie Hill S93980; COLLNOPX265; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93982; COLLNOPX268; NE of Knockoure S93982; COLLNOPX268; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
S93983; COLLNOPX269; Borgie Hill S93983; COLLNOPX269; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93984; COLLNOPX270; Girharrow Hill S93984; COLLNOPX270; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94251; COLLNOYR2785; Cluny S94251; COLLNOYR2785; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94254; COLLNOYR2789; Bognie S94254; COLLNOYR2789; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94133; COLLNOFY1183; Allt Bruachaig S94133; COLLNOFY1183; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S93759; COLLNORY575; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93759; COLLNORY575; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93760; COLLNORY576; SCOTLAND. Reay (115) S93760; COLLNORY576; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93766; COLLNOGX1443; Coastal cliff E of Sandside Bay 210m N of Isauld Burn mouth S93766; COLLNOGX1443; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
S93767; COLLNOGX1444; Small quarry by cliffs 220m at 117deg from Sandside Head S93767; COLLNOGX1444; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Carbonate Siltstone'
S93769; COLLNOGX1446; By sluice on Dounreay shore 270m NE of Dounreay Castle S93769; COLLNOGX1446; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Bituminous Sandstone'
S93764; COLLNOGX1441; Red Point W side S93764; COLLNOGX1441; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
S77414; COLLNOMY552; Hawk Hill near summit 220m N of Loanend S77414; COLLNOMY552; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S77415; COLLNOMY554; Hill of Dunnideer 170m ESE of ruined tower S77415; COLLNOMY554; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S77416; COLLNOMY555; Hill of Dunnideer 100m NW of ruined tower S77416; COLLNOMY555; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S80117; COLLNORY241; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80117; COLLNORY241; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80118; COLLNORY242; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80118; COLLNORY242; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80120; COLLNORY244; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80120; COLLNORY244; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80121; COLLNORY245; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80121; COLLNORY245; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80124; COLLNORY248; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80124; COLLNORY248; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80125; COLLNORY249; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80125; COLLNORY249; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80126; COLLNORY250; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80126; COLLNORY250; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80284; COLLNOCX2076; 760m SSE of Driesh summit S80284; COLLNOCX2076; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80590; COLLNORY303; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80590; COLLNORY303; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80592; COLLNORY306; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80592; COLLNORY306; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80593; COLLNORY307; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80593; COLLNORY307; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80589; COLLNORY301; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80589; COLLNORY301; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Garnet Schist'
S77468; COLLNOMY608; Den of Drumgowan summit 350m N of Millburn S77468; COLLNOMY608; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S77452; COLLNOMY592; Roadside exposure 550m NW of Old Leslie S77452; COLLNOMY592; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E8729; COLLNO362; NE side of Ragged Stone Hill, Malvern E8729; COLLNO362; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E8730; COLLNO364; NE side of Ragged Stone Hill, Malvern E8730; COLLNO364; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E8712; COLLNO342; E top of Raggedstone Hill, Malverns E8712; COLLNO342; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
E8715; COLLNO345; E top of Raggedstone Hill, Malverns E8715; COLLNO345; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
E8717; COLLNO347; Near W top of Raggedstone Hill, Malverns E8717; COLLNO347; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80150; COLLNORY274; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80150; COLLNORY274; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80285; COLLNOCX2077; 760m SSE of Driesh summit S80285; COLLNOCX2077; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Hornblende Schist'
S80286; COLLNOCX2078; 760m SSE of Driesh summit S80286; COLLNOCX2078; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80282; COLLNOCX2074; 750m SSE of Driesh summit S80282; COLLNOCX2074; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80283; COLLNOCX2075; 760m SSE of Driesh summit S80283; COLLNOCX2075; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E8670; COLLNO297; Raggd Stone Hill, Malverns E8670; COLLNO297; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E8672; COLLNO299; Raggd Stone Hill, Malverns E8672; COLLNO299; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S77385; COLLNOMY522; Stream section, Kirkton of Tough, 200m S of village S77385; COLLNOMY522; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Biotite Semi Pelite'
S77481; COLLNOMY622; Quarry at foot of Suie Hill 450m NW of Newtonhill S77481; COLLNOMY622; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S77407; COLLNOMY545; Caird Hill 120m SW of Everton Farm S77407; COLLNOMY545; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S77408; COLLNOMY546; Caird Hill 200m WSW of Everton Farm S77408; COLLNOMY546; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S77413; COLLNOMY551; Old quarry 200m NNW of Loanend S77413; COLLNOMY551; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S80584; COLLNORY292; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80584; COLLNORY292; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Garnet Schist'
S77434; COLLNOMY574; Roadside 450m NE of Bogs Fm S77434; COLLNOMY574; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S77431; COLLNOMY571; Den of Chapelton 650m SW of Chapelton farm S77431; COLLNOMY571; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80587; COLLNORY297; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80587; COLLNORY297; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S80588; COLLNORY298; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80588; COLLNORY298; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S80578; COLLNORY280; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80578; COLLNORY280; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80581; COLLNORY287; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80581; COLLNORY287; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S80582; COLLNORY288; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80582; COLLNORY288; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S77432; S77432/A; COLLNOMY572; Den of Chapelton 720m SW of Chapelton farm S77432; S77432/A; COLLNOMY572; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S77433; COLLNOMY573; Small wood 270m due S of Leslie Church S77433; COLLNOMY573; * Serpentinite. 'Original entry: Serpentinite'
S77430; COLLNOMY570; Den of Chapelton 600m SW of Chapelton farm S77430; COLLNOMY570; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Semi Pelite'
S80138; COLLNORY262; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80138; COLLNORY262; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80143; COLLNORY267; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80143; COLLNORY267; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80144; COLLNORY268; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80144; COLLNORY268; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80145; COLLNORY269; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80145; COLLNORY269; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S77440; COLLNOMY580; S side of Hill of Johnston, 450m NE of Mill of Johnston S77440; COLLNOMY580; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S77441; COLLNOMY581; Summit of Hill 600m WSW of Millfield S77441; COLLNOMY581; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S80136; COLLNORY260; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80136; COLLNORY260; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S77488; COLLNOMY629; 200m NW of Balnacraig S77488; COLLNOMY629; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80106; COLLNORY230; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80106; COLLNORY230; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnetiferous Semipelite'
E65472; COLLNOBH35; Ramridge Plantation, North Wood, Dunchideock E65472; COLLNOBH35; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93904; COLLNOAX2364; Dippal Burn, 1100m N 46deg W of Waterhead S93904; COLLNOAX2364; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93905; COLLNOAX2365; Dippal Burn, 1300m N 22deg W of Waterhead S93905; COLLNOAX2365; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S93906; COLLNOAX2366; Kip Burn, 750m W 40deg S of Logan House S93906; COLLNOAX2366; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S80631; COLLNORY408; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80631; COLLNORY408; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80632; COLLNORY410; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80632; COLLNORY410; * Schist. 'Original entry: Muscovite Biotite Schist'
S80633; COLLNORY411; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80633; COLLNORY411; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Semipelite'
S80637; COLLNORY420; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80637; COLLNORY420; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Garnet Schist'
S80639; COLLNORY426; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80639; COLLNORY426; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S80603; COLLNORY344; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80603; COLLNORY344; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
S80605; COLLNORY352; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80605; COLLNORY352; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calcite Schist'
S80609; COLLNORY362; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80609; COLLNORY362; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S80610; COLLNORY365; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80610; COLLNORY365; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S80614; COLLNORY374; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80614; COLLNORY374; * Schist. 'Original entry: Calcite Schist'
S80598; COLLNORY327; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80598; COLLNORY327; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80600; COLLNORY330; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80600; COLLNORY330; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S77447; COLLNOMY587; Hill of Newleslie, W end 600m NW of Cotetown S77447; COLLNOMY587; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S93125; COLLNOJX4; Broubster Bridge S93125; COLLNOJX4; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S80625; COLLNORY396; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80625; COLLNORY396; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
E49901; COLLNOCT34; Waterfall, 80 m upstream from Dam House Bridge, Austwick Beck E49901; COLLNOCT34; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E65271; COLLNOAP919; track, 550 m ESE of Bwlch Penbaras E65271; COLLNOAP919; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65272; COLLNOAP920; hillside, 900 m WNW of Bwlch Penbaras E65272; COLLNOAP920; * 1990 Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65273; COLLNOAP921; stream, 1.35 Km NW of Bwlch Penbaras E65273; COLLNOAP921; * 1990 Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S81041; COLLNOCX2095; 570m SSW of Driesh summit S81041; COLLNOCX2095; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S81044; COLLNOCX2098; SE flank of Little Driesh S81044; COLLNOCX2098; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80250; COLLNOCX2042; 175m SSE of bend in fence S80250; COLLNOCX2042; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80251; COLLNOCX2043; Crags 200m SW of Skel's Craig S80251; COLLNOCX2043; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Hornfelsed Semipelite'
S80252; COLLNOCX2044; Top crag NW corner of Corrie of Farchal S80252; COLLNOCX2044; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S81047; COLLNOCX2101; W side of Little Driesh 350m S of Coll S81047; COLLNOCX2101; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80049; COLLNORY173; Aonach Beag S80049; COLLNORY173; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite Schist'
S80050; COLLNORY174; Aonach Beag S80050; COLLNORY174; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S80268; COLLNOCX2060; 110m NNE of cairn Hill of Strone S80268; COLLNOCX2060; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Semipelite'
E65262; COLLNOAP910; Track, 450 m SW of Galchog Fm. E65262; COLLNOAP910; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65263; COLLNOAP911; Crags, 1.6 Km ESE of Llangynhafal Church E65263; COLLNOAP911; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65264; COLLNOAP912; Ridge, 1.2 Km ESE of Dol y Caeau Fm. E65264; COLLNOAP912; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65265; COLLNOAP913; Quarry, 1.05 Km ESE of Llabgynhafal Church E65265; COLLNOAP913; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S81032; COLLNOCX2086; C.620m ESE of Driesh summit S81032; COLLNOCX2086; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S81037; COLLNOCX2091; Small crag, E face of Hunt Hill S81037; COLLNOCX2091; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E65266; COLLNOAP914; old Quarry, 875 m NNE of Llangynhafal Church E65266; COLLNOAP914; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E65267; COLLNOAP915; Stream Section, 175 m SSE of Teiran Fm. E65267; COLLNOAP915; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E65268; COLLNOAP916; Old Workings on summit of Moel Dywyll E65268; COLLNOAP916; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65269; COLLNOAP917; Bluffs, 800 m NNW of Bwlch Penbaras E65269; COLLNOAP917; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65270; COLLNOAP918; crags, 500 m NNE of Bwlch Penbaras E65270; COLLNOAP918; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E65260; COLLNOAP908; Valley, 400 m NNE of Penrhengoed Farm. E65260; COLLNOAP908; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S81030; COLLNOCX2084; C.230m WSW of Snech of Farchel S81030; COLLNOCX2084; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80086; COLLNORY210; Allt a' Chaorainn S80086; COLLNORY210; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80078; COLLNORY202; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80078; COLLNORY202; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
E62900; COLLNOOHR5033; Newborough Glyn Teg. c. 60 m SW of Farm E62900; COLLNOOHR5033; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80263; COLLNOCX2055; Crags at NW corner of Winter Corrie S80263; COLLNOCX2055; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80262; COLLNOCX2054; Crags at NW corner of Winter Corrie S80262; COLLNOCX2054; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80253; COLLNOCX2045; Top crag NW corner of Corrie S80253; COLLNOCX2045; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite'
S80255; COLLNOCX2047; Shank of Strone 60m SE of grouse butt S80255; COLLNOCX2047; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S80256; COLLNOCX2048; Shank of Strone 60m SE of grouse butt S80256; COLLNOCX2048; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
E49900; COLLNOCT33; Waterfall, 80 m upstream from Dam House Bridge, Austwick Beck E49900; COLLNOCT33; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E49906; COLLNOCT39; 150 m at 65 deg from Austwick Beck, Northern Spring E49906; COLLNOCT39; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E49907; COLLNOCT40; 450 m due E of Sannet Hall E49907; COLLNOCT40; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S80066; COLLNORY190; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80066; COLLNORY190; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semipelite Schist'
E18109; COLLNOM226; Coed Garth Gell E18109; COLLNOM226; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E18094; COLLNOM211; Egryn N Slate Qry. E18094; COLLNOM211; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E62047; COLLNOGW85; 675 m 251 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62047; COLLNOGW85; * Semipelite.
E62048; COLLNOGW86; 675 m 251 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62048; COLLNOGW86; * Semipelite.
E62049; COLLNOGW87; 675 m 251 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62049; COLLNOGW87; * Semipelite.
E62149; COLLNOBRM1316; Farm Qry. 2 Km SW of Llandrindod Wells E62149; COLLNOBRM1316; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E62140; COLLNOW3697B; Wessenden No. 1 BH E62140; COLLNOW3697B; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S78397; COLLNOZD841; 510m 143deg from Parish Holm, Smithy Burn S78397; COLLNOZD841; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Arenite'
E62428; COLLNOAP873; Old Workings. 400 m WNW of Cyfnant Farm E62428; COLLNOAP873; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62429; COLLNOAP874; Old Qry. 600 m WSW of Cyfnant E62429; COLLNOAP874; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S78387; COLLNOZD831; 220m 206deg from Parish Holm, Douglas Water S78387; COLLNOZD831; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62141; COLLNOW3700; Wessenden No. 1 BH E62141; COLLNOW3700; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E18074; COLLNOM205; 120 yds W of Cae Gorcnwy E18074; COLLNOM205; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandy Siltstone'
COLLNOCS023P; MC5285; Castletown Quarry COLLNOCS023P; MC5285; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62412; COLLNOAP846; Small Qry. 200 m SSW of Moel Eithinen Farm E62412; COLLNOAP846; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62413; COLLNOAP848; Small Qry. 300 m SSW of Moel Eithinen Farm E62413; COLLNOAP848; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62414; COLLNOAP849; Track Exp. on Foel Fenlli, 700 m NE of Blaen y Nant E62414; COLLNOAP849; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62416; COLLNOAP853; Exp. on Foel Fenlli, 420 m NNE of Lys E62416; COLLNOAP853; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandy Siltstone'
E62222; COLLNOLC907; Aik Beck, near Pooley Bridge E62222; COLLNOLC907; * 1989 Sandstone (Undifferentiated); Tuff;.
E62146; COLLNOBRM1313; Road Cutting, A470. 5.5 Km W of Llandrindod Wells E62146; COLLNOBRM1313; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E62148; COLLNOBRM1315; Camlo Hill, 7 Km E of Rhayader E62148; COLLNOBRM1315; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E61360; COLLNOLC422; Beweldath Gill E61360; COLLNOLC422; * 1989 Slate.
S83528; COLLNOBRS4806; Mull of Galloway, cutting behind lighthouse S83528; COLLNOBRS4806; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62220; COLLNOLC905; Aik Beck, near Pooley Bridge E62220; COLLNOLC905; * 1989 Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E61352; COLLNOLC400; Scarbrow Wood, exposure by roadway E61352; COLLNOLC400; * 1989 Slate.
E61355; COLLNOLC409; Old Quarry on Long Fell, Embleton High Common E61355; COLLNOLC409; * 1989 Slate.
E61361; COLLNOLC425; Old Qry. at Long Close; by A591 Rd. E61361; COLLNOLC425; * 1989 Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E62259; COLLNOLC944; Master Knott; 100 m NE of Fox's Pulpit E62259; COLLNOLC944; * 1990 Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62249; COLLNOLC934; By track on N side of Millrigg Knott, Kentmere Valley E62249; COLLNOLC934; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62250; COLLNOLC935; E side of Elf Howe, Kentmere Valley E62250; COLLNOLC935; * 1990 Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62251; COLLNOLC936; 360 m W of Redscar Farm E62251; COLLNOLC936; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62252; COLLNOLC937; 600 m ENE of Bowland Bridge E62252; COLLNOLC937; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62253; COLLNOLC938; Close to Rd. in woodland at 50 m NE of Gateside E62253; COLLNOLC938; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62254; COLLNOLC939; 200 m S of Silver Birch Cottage E62254; COLLNOLC939; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E18059; COLLNOM190; Coed Byrdir E18059; COLLNOM190; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E18056; COLLNOM187; Pont Cerig, Nr. Foel Wen E18056; COLLNOM187; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E62418; COLLNOAP859; Crags, 950 m N of Tyn y Mynydd Farm E62418; COLLNOAP859; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62419; COLLNOAP860; Trackside exp. 900 m SSE of Pls y Nant E62419; COLLNOAP860; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62420; COLLNOAP863; Old Qry. in flield. 900 m NE of Sinet E62420; COLLNOAP863; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62423; COLLNOAP867; Exposure on Moel Llech. 350 m NNW of Tyn y Mynydd E62423; COLLNOAP867; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Silty Mudstone'
E62424; COLLNOAP868; Exposure on Moel Llech. 650 m NNW of Tyn y Mynydd E62424; COLLNOAP868; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62425; COLLNOAP869; Old Qry. 470 m NE of Tyn y Mynydd E62425; COLLNOAP869; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62426; COLLNOAP870; Exposure on ridge. 470 m WNW of summit of Moel y Plas E62426; COLLNOAP870; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62052; COLLNOGW90; 295 m 226 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62052; COLLNOGW90; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E62053; COLLNOGW91; 295 m 226 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62053; COLLNOGW91; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E62059; COLLNOGW97; 600 m 031 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62059; COLLNOGW97; * Semipelite.
E62060; COLLNOGW98; 600 m 031 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62060; COLLNOGW98; * Semipelite.
E62044; COLLNOGW82; 600 m 152 deg from Garth Angahard Hospital; 6.1 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62044; COLLNOGW82; * Semipelite.
E62041; COLLNOGW79; 460 m 128 deg from Abergwynant Farm; 5.43 Km WSW of Dolgellau Bridge (S. end) E62041; COLLNOGW79; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
E62046; COLLNOGW84; 820 m 245 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62046; COLLNOGW84; * Semipelite.
E18103; COLLNOM220; Llanfihangel y Trachau; Shore W of Clogwyn Melyn E18103; COLLNOM220; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E18111; COLLNOM228; SE of Cae Mawr Llanelltyd E18111; COLLNOM228; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E62230; E62230/A; E62230/B; E62230/C; COLLNOLC915; Forestry track on Skiddaw Dodd E62230; E62230/A; E62230/B; E62230/C; COLLNOLC915; * 1989 Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
E62231; E62231/A; E62231/B; E62231/C; E62231/D; COLLNOLC916; Forestry track on Skiddaw Dodd E62231; E62231/A; E62231/B; E62231/C; E62231/D; COLLNOLC916; * 1989 Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
E61350; COLLNOLC396; Hawse End, outcrop by old trackway E61350; COLLNOLC396; * 1989 Slate.
E61351; COLLNOLC399; Roadside exposure at Manesty E61351; COLLNOLC399; * 1989 Slate.
E62213; E62213/A; E62213/B; COLLNOLC898; Grisedale Gill; 400 m NE of summit of Grisedale Pike E62213; E62213/A; E62213/B; COLLNOLC898; *; *; 1989 Slate.
E62212; COLLNOLC897; Old quarry. by forestry road. in Hospital Plantation, NE spur of Grisedale Pike E62212; COLLNOLC897; *; *; 1989 Sandstone (Undifferentiated); Siltstone (Undifferentiated);.
E62215; E62215/A; E62215/B; COLLNOLC900; Side of forestry road in Hospital Plantation, on the NE spur of Grisedale Pike E62215; E62215/A; E62215/B; COLLNOLC900; *; *; 1989 Slate.
E62217; E62217/A; E62217/B; COLLNOLC902; Bowscale End; hillside exposure close to road E62217; E62217/A; E62217/B; COLLNOLC902; *; *; 1989 Slate.
E62214; COLLNOLC899; On crest of Sleet How, NE spur of Grisedale Pike E62214; COLLNOLC899; *; *; 1989 Slate.
E62223; COLLNOLC908; Coledale Beck; just below weir at Braithwaite E62223; COLLNOLC908; * 1989 Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
E62224; COLLNOLC909; Coledale Beck at Braithwaite E62224; COLLNOLC909; * 1989 Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
E62211; E62211/B; COLLNOLC896; Grisedale Gill; 900 m NE of summit of Grisedale Pike E62211; E62211/B; COLLNOLC896; *; *; 1989 Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
E62255; COLLNOLC940; On Barrow Hollin, 250 m SE of Height Farm E62255; COLLNOLC940; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62243; COLLNOLC928; 600 m WSW of Starnthwaite Ghyll School E62243; COLLNOLC928; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62244; COLLNOLC929; 800 m NE of Green Bank Farm E62244; COLLNOLC929; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E62245; COLLNOLC930; 400 m NE of Green Bank Farm E62245; COLLNOLC930; * 1990 Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E62246; COLLNOLC931; 100 m E of Brow Head Farm E62246; COLLNOLC931; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E23268; COLLNOA; Close to Hook Colly, 3 miles SE. of Haverfordwest. E23268; COLLNOA; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E29896; MR26615; COLLNOYG4157; Approx. 4 ml NNW of Ripon, Slgningford Hall yard. North Stainley (BH approx. +142 ft O.D) E29896; MR26615; COLLNOYG4157; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Dolomite Siltstone'
E29897; MR26616; COLLNOYG4168; Approx. 4 ml NNW of Ripon, Slgningford Hall yard. North Stainley (BH approx. +142 ft O.D) E29897; MR26616; COLLNOYG4168; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Dolomite Siltstone'
S94990; COLLNOTF631; Avoch Cliff just left of harbour S94990; COLLNOTF631; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E61330; COLLNOLC808; Applethwaite Quarry, Troutbeck, near Ambleside; foot of old faces in largest of old slate pits E61330; COLLNOLC808; * 1989 Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E61264; COLLNOTG416; Brash, 460 m at 236 deg from South Hooe E61264; COLLNOTG416; * Sandstone, Pebbly.
E3977 Greenhall Quarry. E3977 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E3976 Greenhall Quarry. E3976 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E29899; MR26618; COLLNOYG4164; Approx. 4 ml NNW of Ripon, Slgningford Hall yard. North Stainley (BH approx. +142 ft O.D) E29899; MR26618; COLLNOYG4164; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcite Siltstone'
E29895; MR26614; COLLNOYG4155; Approx. 4 ml NNW of Ripon, Slgningford Hall yard. North Stainley (BH approx. +142 ft O.D) E29895; MR26614; COLLNOYG4155; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Dolomite Siltstone'
S94947; COLLNOMY1392; Slack of Birnie, W side, 650m NW of conflence of Slack Burn and Iron Grain S94947; COLLNOMY1392; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94948; COLLNOMY1393; On W side of track, 1100m NE of Bows S94948; COLLNOMY1393; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94940; COLLNOMY1385; Slack of Birnie, E side, 320m NW of confluence of Slack Burn with iron Grain S94940; COLLNOMY1385; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94941; COLLNOMY1386; Birnie Burn, 90m N of confluence with Slack Burn S94941; COLLNOMY1386; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94942; COLLNOMY1387; Birnie Burn, 220m N of confluence with Slack Burn S94942; COLLNOMY1387; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94943; COLLNOMY1388; Birnie Burn, 440m NNW of confluence with Slack Burn S94943; COLLNOMY1388; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94944; COLLNOMY1389; Birnie Burn, 770m NNW of confluence with Slack Burn S94944; COLLNOMY1389; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94945; COLLNOMY1390; On S side of Clattering Brig - Auchenblae road, 70m E of junction with Cairn o`Mount road S94945; COLLNOMY1390; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Schist'
E25310; COLLNO4; The Tors, Lynmouth. E25310; COLLNO4; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E6615; COLLNO74; 7. In yard of S. Farm at Moor Farms, 1.25 miles W. of Tiers Cross. E6615; COLLNO74; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E25307; COLLNO1; On track. 300 Yds. from lighthouse, north cliff of foreland. E25307; COLLNO1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
E9447; COLLNO519; South Down Quarry on Martinhoe Common, about 1 mile from main road, Ilfracombe to Lynton. E9447; COLLNO519; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
S94979; COLLNOZQ873; N of Loch Tarff S94979; COLLNOZQ873; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94980; COLLNOZQ874; N of Loch Tarff S94980; COLLNOZQ874; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94986; COLLNOZQ880; Carn an t-Suiahe S94986; COLLNOZQ880; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94961; COLLNOZQ855; Glen Buch S94961; COLLNOZQ855; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
E29569; COLLNOAA157; Cynheidre 4/1 BH. E29569; COLLNOAA157; * Siderite-Mudstone. 'Original entry: Siderite Mudstone'
E29575; COLLNOAA163; Cynheidre 4/1 BH. E29575; COLLNOAA163; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E9646; COLLNO584; Pusehill Quarry, Abbotsham. E9646; COLLNO584; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E9647; COLLNO585; Hubbastone Quarry, Northam. E9647; COLLNO585; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
S94962; COLLNOZQ856; Glen Buch S94962; COLLNOZQ856; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelitic Rock'
S94964; S94964/A; COLLNOZQ858; Glen Buch S94964; S94964/A; COLLNOZQ858; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E7223; COLLNO207; L & S W Railway, cuting by bridge near Greymill Cottage. E7223; COLLNO207; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E13391; COLLNO1107; Conygar Quarry, 2 miles SE. of Minehead. ? Lower Devonian. E13391; COLLNO1107; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E38341; MR31859; COLLNO57; Smarts Quarry, working quarry. 2 miles NW. of Kidwelly. E38341; MR31859; COLLNO57; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Orthoquartzite'
E6939; COLLNO176; Boscastle, near the Quay. E6939; COLLNO176; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Grit'
E29556; COLLNOAA144; Cynheidre 4/1 BH. E29556; COLLNOAA144; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E29557; COLLNOAA145; Cynheidre 4/1 BH. E29557; COLLNOAA145; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E27454 Abernant Colliery, S. shaft. Depth 1659 Ft. E27454 * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Dolomite Siltstone'
E7795; COLLNO312; 31. SE. of Mathewa Slade, Marloes Bay. E7795; COLLNO312; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Arkose'
S83779; COLLNOWX1227; Allt Feith Lair S83779; COLLNOWX1227; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
E6936; COLLNO173; Dria Quarry. E6936; COLLNO173; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E4268; COLLNO205; Quarry, 180 Yds. E. of Pen-Yr Heal, 1 mile SW. of Pontyffynnon. E4268; COLLNO205; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartzitic Sandstone'
E9424; COLLNO495; Baberball Quarry, Stowford. E9424; COLLNO495; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E8149; COLLNO104A; Shore of Millbay, between samples E8147 and E8148. E8149; COLLNO104A; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E30483; COLLNOC196; Poundicleave Quarry, Merton. E30483; COLLNOC196; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E9453; COLLNO526; Woodawood Quarry, abutting on the Exeter and Barnstaple main road, (W. side), about 0.25 miles from the 14th milestone to Barnstaple. E9453; COLLNO526; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
S83772; COLLNOWX1220; Allt Feith Lair, above Fealar Lodge S83772; COLLNOWX1220; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S83775; COLLNOWX1223; 300m N of Fealar Lodge S83775; COLLNOWX1223; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S83759; COLLNOWX1207; Allt a'Ghlinne Mhoir S83759; COLLNOWX1207; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E11142; COLLNO683; Buckswood Quarry, Woolfardisworthy. E11142; COLLNO683; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
S94939; COLLNOMY1384; Small gully 1650m ENE of summit of Cairn o`Mount road S94939; COLLNOMY1384; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94909; COLLNOBRS720B; Old slate quarry, Parton, Loch Ken(R.Dee) S94909; COLLNOBRS720B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S94932; COLLNOMY1377; Slack Burn, E bank, 1000m upstream of confluence with Birnie Burn S94932; COLLNOMY1377; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S94933; COLLNOMY1378; Slack Burn, E bank, 1650m upstream of confluence with Birnie Burn S94933; COLLNOMY1378; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E29800; COLLNODK262; Exposure in roadside beside Washfield-Coleford Rd and road to Moorhayes. E29800; COLLNODK262; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E11143; COLLNO684; Trew Quarry, Hartland. E11143; COLLNO684; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
E11144; COLLNO685; Hollwell Quarry, Parkham. E11144; COLLNO685; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Quartz Sandstone'
E11192; COLLNO751; Newhaven Quarry, Parkham. E11192; COLLNO751; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
S83758; COLLNOWX1206; Allt a'Ghlinne Bhig S83758; COLLNOWX1206; * Semipelite. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S83753; COLLNOWX1201; Allt Ruigh-chuilein S83753; COLLNOWX1201; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Schist'
S83755; COLLNOWX1203; Allt Meall na h Eilrig S83755; COLLNOWX1203; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
S83756; COLLNOWX1204; Allt Meall na h Eilrig S83756; COLLNOWX1204; * Schist. 'Original entry: Phyllite'
E9416; COLLNO489; Hestcott Quarry, Hartland, Bideford. E9416; COLLNO489; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E9418; COLLNO491; Barnstone Quarry, Clovelly. E9418; COLLNO491; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E9832; COLLNO44; NEG1087M; Corner Lane, 500 Ft. NW. of Rhos. E9832; COLLNO44; NEG1087M; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Epidote Schist'
E9831; COLLNO43; 300 ft. NNE. of "C S" Leucu Old Lakes. Alluvium end. E9831; COLLNO43; * Schist. 'Original entry: Chlorite Epidote Schist'
S94901; COLLNOBRS606B; 3km E of Borgue S94901; COLLNOBRS606B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
S94902; COLLNOBRS613B; 3.2km W of Borgue S94902; COLLNOBRS613B; * Slate. 'Original entry: Slate'
E16310; COLLNO1373; Holminghan Quarry, Stoodleigh. E16310; COLLNO1373; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S94904; COLLNOBRS661B; Black Stockarton Moor, 4km NE of Tongland S94904; COLLNOBRS661B; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E42689 Quarry in field adjacent to SW. side of road. 1 Km. SSE. of Burrow Cross and 3.2 Km. SSE. of Meshaw Church. E42689 * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E9747; COLLNO623; Little Silver Wood Quarry, Marwood, adjoining main road Barnstaple to Ilfracombe. Between 5 and 6 miles from Barnstaple. E9747; COLLNO623; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E11972; COLLNO317; Bittadon Quarry. E11972; COLLNO317; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E12156; COLLNO918; Chestwood Quarry, Bishop's Tawton. E12156; COLLNO918; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E9445; COLLNO517; Rocky quarry at Whitehall, Marwood, about 3 miles ENE of Barnstaple. E9445; COLLNO517; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E9450; COLLNO522; Knightacott, about 1.5 miles SSW. of Fremmington village on Barnstaple to Bideford main road. E9450; COLLNO522; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E9452; COLLNO524; Loxhore Glebe Quarry, adjoining the road leading from Loxhore Cottage to Lynton. E9452; COLLNO524; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Micaceous Sandstone'
E13583; COLLNO904; Bude. E13583; COLLNO904; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Argillaceous Siltstone'
E13588; COLLNO909; Bude. E13588; COLLNO909; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E13589; COLLNO912; Bude. E13589; COLLNO912; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
E13592; COLLNO917; Bude. Efford ditch. E13592; COLLNO917; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Siltstone'
S73909; COLLNOZN1748; Blackwater at Muckle Burn S73909; COLLNOZN1748; * Semipelite.
S74154; COLLNOCX1238; Carn Dulack c.100m NE of cairn S74154; COLLNOCX1238; * Schist.
S74156; COLLNOCX1242; Allt nan Seileach S74156; COLLNOCX1242; * Schist.
S74360; COLLNOLY13; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74360; COLLNOLY13; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74361; COLLNOLY14; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74361; COLLNOLY14; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74362; COLLNOLY15; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74362; COLLNOLY15; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74363; COLLNOLY16; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74363; COLLNOLY16; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74364; COLLNOLY17; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74364; COLLNOLY17; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74351; COLLNOLY4; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74351; COLLNOLY4; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74352; COLLNOLY5; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74352; COLLNOLY5; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74353; COLLNOLY6; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74353; COLLNOLY6; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74354; COLLNOLY7; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74354; COLLNOLY7; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74356; COLLNOLY9; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74356; COLLNOLY9; * Syenite.
S74357; COLLNOLY10; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74357; COLLNOLY10; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74348; COLLNOLY1; Stonehaven S74348; COLLNOLY1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74349; COLLNOLY2; Stonehaven S74349; COLLNOLY2; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74350; COLLNOLY3; Stonehaven S74350; COLLNOLY3; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S77161; COLLNOWX990; Forestry track, 1900m NE of Glenfiddich Lodge S77161; COLLNOWX990; * Semipelite.
S74372; COLLNOLY25; Cowie Harbour, Stonehaven S74372; COLLNOLY25; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S77135; COLLNOWX964; River Fiddich, 300m E of Bridge of Fiddich Post Office S77135; COLLNOWX964; * Semipelite.
S77136; COLLNOWX965; River Fiddich, 100m NE of Bridge of Alltnacreich S77136; COLLNOWX965; * Semipelite.
S77137; COLLNOWX966; River Fiddich, 100m NE of Bridge of Alltnacreich S77137; COLLNOWX966; * Semipelite.
S77138; COLLNOWX967; River Fiddich, 170m ESE of Goat Well S77138; COLLNOWX967; * Semipelite.
E40988; COLLNOBD339; IMAU BH, D71-3 (G), 400 Yds 224 deg from Nether Wheal E40988; COLLNOBD339; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcarenite'
E40989; COLLNOBD340; IMAU BH, D71-3 (G), 400 Yds 224 deg from Nether Wheal E40989; COLLNOBD340; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcarenite'
E40991; COLLNOBD342; IMAU BH, D71-3 (G), 400 Yds 224 deg from Nether Wheal E40991; COLLNOBD342; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcarenite'
S74158; COLLNOCX1244; Allt Lynavoir S74158; COLLNOCX1244; * Schist.
S74159; COLLNOCX1245; W bank of stream, 1km ENE of old crushing mill S74159; COLLNOCX1245; * Schist.
S74160; COLLNOCX1246; Stream section, c.30-40m SSE of CX1245 S74160; COLLNOCX1246; * Schist.
S73893; COLLNOZN1726; 1km W of Shenval S73893; COLLNOZN1726; * Serpentinite.
S73895; COLLNOZN1728; 1km W of Shenval S73895; COLLNOZN1728; * Schist.
S73896; COLLNOZN1729; Little Stripe S73896; COLLNOZN1729; * Serpentinite.
S73898; COLLNOZN1731; Little Stripe S73898; COLLNOZN1731; * Serpentinite.
S73902; COLLNOZN1741; Muckle Burn S73902; COLLNOZN1741; * Schist.
S73903; COLLNOZN1742; Muckle Burn S73903; COLLNOZN1742; * Semipelite.
S73914; COLLNOZN1763; Blackwater, 0.5km S of Steplar Road S73914; COLLNOZN1763; * Semipelite.
S73918; COLLNOZN1781; Allt na Bradan S73918; COLLNOZN1781; * Semipelite.
S73919; COLLNOZN1782; Allt a'Mhullinn S73919; COLLNOZN1782; * Schist.
S74368; COLLNOLY21; Dunnottar Castle S74368; COLLNOLY21; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74369; COLLNOLY22; Dunnottar Castle S74369; COLLNOLY22; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74396; COLLNOHY214; Allt Vattiern, 300m ENE of Lettoch S74396; COLLNOHY214; * Semipelite.
S74397; COLLNOHY215; Allt Vattiern, 300m ENE of Lettoch S74397; COLLNOHY215; * Semipelite.
S74146; COLLNOCX1229; 2nd lowest grouse butt S74146; COLLNOCX1229; * Schist.
S74147; COLLNOCX1230; 3rd lowest grouse butt S74147; COLLNOCX1230; * Schist.
S74139; COLLNOCX1222; Allt Garbh-bheinne S74139; COLLNOCX1222; * Schist.
S74140; COLLNOCX1223; E bank of Allt Garbh-Bheinne S74140; COLLNOCX1223; * Schist.
S74141; COLLNOCX1224; Allt Blairnamarrow S74141; COLLNOCX1224; * Schist.
S74142; COLLNOCX1225; Allt Blairnamarrow S74142; COLLNOCX1225; * Schist.
S74144; COLLNOCX1227; Allt Blairnamarrow S74144; COLLNOCX1227; * Schist.
S74145; COLLNOCX1228; Track on W side of mine valley S74145; COLLNOCX1228; * Schist.
E40975; COLLNOBD326; IMAU BH, D71-3 (G), 400 Yds 224 deg from Nether Wheal E40975; COLLNOBD326; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcarenite'
S73940; COLLNOZN1810; N of Shenval S73940; COLLNOZN1810; * Serpentinite.
S73930; COLLNOZN1800; Blackwater S73930; COLLNOZN1800; * Schist.
S73931; COLLNOZN1801; Blackwater S73931; COLLNOZN1801; * Schist.
S74162; COLLNOCX1248; SE tributary of Meur Crionach S74162; COLLNOCX1248; * Schist.
S74163; COLLNOCX1249; Stream section, Coire Ranaich S74163; COLLNOCX1249; * Schist.
S77154; COLLNOWX983; Knoll, 400m NNE of Smiddy Hillocks S77154; COLLNOWX983; * Serpentinite.
S77155; COLLNOWX984; Gearlan Burn, Westerpark S77155; COLLNOWX984; * Schist.
S77152; COLLNOWX981; Track above Long Slough S77152; COLLNOWX981; * Semipelite.
S77143; COLLNOWX972; A941 road cutting, 150m E of Blackfolds Farm S77143; COLLNOWX972; * Schist.
S77144; COLLNOWX973; River Deveron, 300m NE of Parkhaugh S77144; COLLNOWX973; * Semipelite.
S74161; COLLNOCX1247; Stream section, c.50m SSE of CX1246 S74161; COLLNOCX1247; * Schist.
E23398 D'Arcy Boring. Normanton BH. No.4 E23398 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S74536; COLLNONX1746; Ernan Water, S bank (crags) S74536; COLLNONX1746; * Skarn.
S77156; COLLNOWX985; Knoll, 750m SSE of Drumduan Farm S77156; COLLNOWX985; * Serpentinite.
S74417; COLLNOHY239; 450m WSW of Braeval S74417; COLLNOHY239; * Schist.
S73882; COLLNOZN1710; Crespet Burn S73882; COLLNOZN1710; * Schist.
S73891; COLLNOZN1724; Cachnamuin Stripe S73891; COLLNOZN1724; * Schist.
S73969; COLLNOFY496; 1000m NW of Loch a' Bhainne S73969; COLLNOFY496; * Schist.
S73873; COLLNOZN1701; Alltan Odhar S73873; COLLNOZN1701; * Slate.
S73874; COLLNOZN1702; Scors Burn S73874; COLLNOZN1702; * Semipelite.
S73875; COLLNOZN1703; Scors Burn S73875; COLLNOZN1703; * Schist.
S73876; COLLNOZN1704; SE of Scors of Blackwater S73876; COLLNOZN1704; * Schist.
S73879; COLLNOZN1707; Saugh Burn S73879; COLLNOZN1707; * Schist.
S77196; COLLNOHX1570; How of Mar, Culsh Burn S77196; COLLNOHX1570; * Semipelite.
S77202; COLLNOHX1577; Craigie Stripe, Glenkindie S77202; COLLNOHX1577; * Serpentinite.
S77187; COLLNOHX1561; Luggan Burn, S of Tollafraick Farm, Glenkindie S77187; COLLNOHX1561; * Serpentinite.
S77188; COLLNOHX1562; Clashnarae Burn, Peat Hill, Glen Laff S77188; COLLNOHX1562; * Semipelite.
S74133; COLLNOHY0008; Finglack Burn near Dalroy Bridge, Dalroy S74133; COLLNOHY0008; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74340; COLLNOGX968; Cock Burn, 500m S of Corgarff Castle S74340; COLLNOGX968; * Schist.
S74343; COLLNOGX971; NW end of Craigs of Ordaehoy S74343; COLLNOGX971; * Semipelite.
S74330; COLLNOGX896; W bank of River Avon S74330; COLLNOGX896; * Schist.
S74365; COLLNOLY18; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74365; COLLNOLY18; * Syenite.
S74358; COLLNOLY11; Downie Point, Stonehaven S74358; COLLNOLY11; * Syenite.
S74506; COLLNONX1720; W bank, Ernan Water, just above shiel S74506; COLLNONX1720; * Schist.
S74507; COLLNONX1721; Ernan Water, above bridge S74507; COLLNONX1721; * Schist.
S74274; COLLNOGX840; NW side of Old Hythe Bay S74274; COLLNOGX840; * Schist.
S76338; COLLNOLY091; Creagan Riabhach S76338; COLLNOLY091; * Schist.
S73976; COLLNOFY503; 760m NW of Torr a' Chait S73976; COLLNOFY503; * Semipelite.
S73977; COLLNOFY504; 700m SSE of Loch a' Bhainne S73977; COLLNOFY504; * Schist.
S73980; COLLNOFY516; 500m W of Cullochy Loch S73980; COLLNOFY516; * Schist.
S77256; COLLNOLX548; G3480; SP7444; N side of Breaker Hill S77256; COLLNOLX548; G3480; SP7444; * Serpentinite.
S77257; COLLNOLX549; G3481; SP7445; N side of Breaker Hill S77257; COLLNOLX549; G3481; SP7445; * Serpentinite.
S77250; G3474; SP7391; Knockdolian Knowes Borehole S77250; G3474; SP7391; * Serpentinite.
S76354; COLLNOLY107; SW spur, Hill of Candacraig S76354; COLLNOLY107; * Semipelite.
S76355; COLLNOLY108; SW spur, Hill of Candacraig S76355; COLLNOLY108; * Semipelite.
S76356; COLLNOLY109; Hill of Candacraig, adjacent to fence S76356; COLLNOLY109; * Semipelite.
S76360; COLLNOLY113; 1100m NNE of Coilacreich S76360; COLLNOLY113; * Semipelite.
S76361; COLLNOLY114; 1100m NNE of Coilacreich S76361; COLLNOLY114; * Semipelite.
S76350; COLLNOLY103; S slopes of Hill of Candacraig S76350; COLLNOLY103; * Semipelite.
S76351; COLLNOLY104; S slopes of Hill of Candacraig S76351; COLLNOLY104; * Semipelite.
S75741; COLLNOPY1; Trial Pit 8, Moss of Cruden, Surface level 119.4m A.O.D. Sample from 3.0-3.5m depth (116.4m-115.9m A.O.D.) S75741; COLLNOPY1; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74289; COLLNOGX855; 350m SE of Bridge of Brown S74289; COLLNOGX855; * Schist.
S73849; COLLNOZN1699; NE face of Ladylea Hill S73849; COLLNOZN1699; * Schist.
S73853; COLLNOZT435; Kelburn Glen, N side, 400m NE of Kelburn House S73853; COLLNOZT435; *; *; Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S73831; COLLNOZN1680; Crespet Hill S73831; COLLNOZN1680; * Schist.
S76333; COLLNOLY086; E slopes of Craig of Pesny, 7.5 m W of track, slight ridge S76333; COLLNOLY086; * Schist.
S76214; COLLNOBEA5600; IGS Deaconhill Borehole (Reg. No. NS43SE/81) S76214; COLLNOBEA5600; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76215; COLLNOBEA5667; IGS Deaconhill Borehole (Reg. No. NS43SE/81) S76215; COLLNOBEA5667; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76216; COLLNOBEA5731; IGS Deaconhill Borehole (Reg. No. NS43SE/81) S76216; COLLNOBEA5731; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76209; COLLNOBEA1862; IGS East Linton no.2 Borehole (Regd. no. NT57NE/2) S76209; COLLNOBEA1862; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76210; COLLNOBEA1936; IGS East Linton no.2 Borehole (Regd. no. NT57NE/2) S76210; COLLNOBEA1936; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76211; COLLNOBEA1948; IGS East Linton no.2 Borehole (Regd. no. NT57NE/2) S76211; COLLNOBEA1948; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76212; COLLNOBEA1985; IGS East Linton no.2 Borehole (Regd. no. NT57NE/2) S76212; COLLNOBEA1985; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74284; COLLNOGX850; Rinaitin Quarry, Glenrinnes S74284; COLLNOGX850; * Semipelite.
S74571; COLLNOGX986; Burn of Tervie 120m ENE of Tombreckachie Farm S74571; COLLNOGX986; * Semipelite.
S74595; COLLNOGX1016; Allt na Cluaine, 90m SW of junction with River Avon S74595; COLLNOGX1016; * Semipelite.
S74597; S74597/A; COLLNOGX1018; SP-; Allt na Cluaine, 200 m ESE of Torrans Cottage S74597; S74597/A; COLLNOGX1018; SP-; * Semipelite.
S74223; COLLNOGX957; 700m at 340 degrees from Easter Whyntie, near Boyne Bay S74223; COLLNOGX957; * Schist.
S74248; COLLNOGX833; 260m at 057 degrees from Westerwards S74248; COLLNOGX833; * Schist.
S74249; COLLNOGX834; Castle Point, W of Portsoy S74249; COLLNOGX834; * Schist.
S73409; COLLNONX1250; Coast between Rockcliffe and Castle Head Point S73409; COLLNONX1250; * Spessartite.
S74299; COLLNOGX865; Small burn E of Allt Mor, 520m at 188 degrees from Tom na Fianaig S74299; COLLNOGX865; * Semipelite.
S75744; COLLNOPY4; Trial Pit 5, Moss of Cruden, Surface level 127.1m A.O.D. Sample from 4.8m depth (122.3m A.O.D.) S75744; COLLNOPY4; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
S75746; COLLNOGY345; Foreshore N of Maryport Harbour S75746; COLLNOGY345; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75747; COLLNOGY346; Foreshore N of Maryport Harbour S75747; COLLNOGY346; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75748; COLLNOGY347; Maryport Harbour Bridge Bh. (NY03NW/57) S75748; COLLNOGY347; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75749; COLLNOGY349; Maryport Harbour Bridge Bh. (NY03NW/57) S75749; COLLNOGY349; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75733; COLLNOWX867; Craigs of Succoth, Horne's Loaning S75733; COLLNOWX867; * Serpentinite.
S75734; COLLNOWX868; Craigs of Succoth, NE end S75734; COLLNOWX868; * Serpentinite.
S75739; COLLNOWX873; River Deveron, Brock Ness S75739; COLLNOWX873; * Semipelite.
S74252; COLLNOGX836; Strathmarchin Bay S74252; COLLNOGX836; * Schist.
S74217; S74217/A; COLLNOGX951; 460m N of summit of Cairn Vachich S74217; S74217/A; COLLNOGX951; * Semipelite.
S74238; COLLNOGX823; 60m SE of Findlater Castle S74238; COLLNOGX823; * Schist.
S77251; G3475; SP7393; Knockdolian Knowes Borehole S77251; G3475; SP7393; * Serpentinite.
S77253; COLLNOLX506; G3477; SP7430; River Stinchar at Knockdolian Castle S77253; COLLNOLX506; G3477; SP7430; * Serpentinite.
S77254; COLLNOLX545A; G3478; SP7441; SE side of Knockdaw Hill S77254; COLLNOLX545A; G3478; SP7441; * Serpentinite.
S77245; COLLNOZD684; G3470; SP5669; 1km SE from Knockdaw Hill S77245; COLLNOZD684; G3470; SP5669; * Serpentinite.
S77247; COLLNOLX492B; G3471; SP7021; 60m NNE of Knockdhu Bridge S77247; COLLNOLX492B; G3471; SP7021; * Serpentinite.
S74517; COLLNONX1727; Shannach Burn S74517; COLLNONX1727; * Slate.
S74523; COLLNONX1733; Caochan Tarsuinn, working above bridge S74523; COLLNONX1733; * Slate.
S74539; COLLNONX1749; Ernan Water, S bank S74539; COLLNONX1749; * Schist.
S74541; COLLNONX1751; Beside track, Glen Ernan S74541; COLLNONX1751; * Slate.
S73965; COLLNOFY492; 800m WSW of Loch a' Bhainne S73965; COLLNOFY492; * Semipelite.
SFY482A; COLLNOFY482A; 680m SSE of Boathouse, Loch Lundie SFY482A; COLLNOFY482A; * Schist.
S77248; G3472; SP7388; Knockdolian Knowes Borehole S77248; G3472; SP7388; * Serpentinite.
S77249; G3473; SP7389; Knockdolian Knowes Borehole S77249; G3473; SP7389; * Serpentinite.
S76367; COLLNOLY121; Milton Spur S76367; COLLNOLY121; * Semipelite.
S76371; COLLNOLY125; 900m S of Dalnabo S76371; COLLNOLY125; * Schist.
S76353; COLLNOLY106; SW spur, Hill of Candacraig S76353; COLLNOLY106; * Semipelite.
S74273; COLLNOGX839; W side of Old Hythe Bay S74273; COLLNOGX839; * Schist.
S73892; COLLNOZN1725; 1km W of Shenval S73892; COLLNOZN1725; * Serpentinite.
S74121; COLLNOZA1464; Shore by Knock Castle, Largs. S74121; COLLNOZA1464; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74122; COLLNOZA1461; Fairlie Glen, Largs. S74122; COLLNOZA1461; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74123; COLLNOZA1457; Foot of Salisbury Crags, below sill. S74123; COLLNOZA1457; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74124; COLLNOZA1456; Bridge over Boquhan Burn S74124; COLLNOZA1456; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74239; COLLNOGX824; 50m NE of Findlater Castle S74239; COLLNOGX824; * Schist.
S74125; COLLNOZA1455; Dreghorn Link Cutting, 180m S of footbridge S74125; COLLNOZA1455; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74126; COLLNOZA1447; East Cairn Hill, N face S74126; COLLNOZA1447; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74127; COLLNOZA1441B; Fairy Knowe Quarry, Carmanmuir. S74127; COLLNOZA1441B; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74128; COLLNOZA1438B; Large quarry, Dumbarton S74128; COLLNOZA1438B; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S74326; COLLNOGX892; Chabet Water, 940m NW of Inverchor S74326; COLLNOGX892; * Schist.
S74294; COLLNOGX860; 150m NNE of Bridge of Brown S74294; COLLNOGX860; * Semipelite.
S74295; COLLNOGX861; Glen Brown, 460m SW of Creag an Iaruinn S74295; COLLNOGX861; * Semipelite.
S74317; COLLNOGX883; 170m ENE from Findlater Castle S74317; COLLNOGX883; * Semipelite.
S74320; COLLNOGX886; On promontory immediately SE of West Sands Bay S74320; COLLNOGX886; * Semipelite.
S74246; COLLNOGX831; Road cutting (N. side) 600m W of Deveron Bridge (A920) S74246; COLLNOGX831; * Schist.
S74234; COLLNOGX819; 85m W of Findlater Castle S74234; COLLNOGX819; * Schist.
S74235; COLLNOGX820; 20m N of Findlater Castle S74235; COLLNOGX820; * Schist.
S74236; COLLNOGX821; 60m SE of Findlater Castle S74236; COLLNOGX821; * Schist.
S74237; COLLNOGX822; 60m SE of Findlater Castle S74237; COLLNOGX822; * Schist.
S77241; COLLNOKX223; G3467; SP5307; Between Drumfairn and Balkeachy S77241; COLLNOKX223; G3467; SP5307; * Serpentinite.
S77242; COLLNOKX235; G3468; SP5314; W side of Balkeachy S77242; COLLNOKX235; G3468; SP5314; * Serpentinite.
S77115; COLLNOBRS46; Old quarry on A77 near Carlock House S77115; COLLNOBRS46; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S77116; COLLNOBRS48; Hillside "drift" working off A77, Carlock Hill S77116; COLLNOBRS48; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S73926; COLLNOZN1795; Blackwater S73926; COLLNOZN1795; * Schist.
S74322; COLLNOGX888; SE end of West Sands Bay S74322; COLLNOGX888; * Schist.
S74172; COLLNOCX1509; Burn of Loinherry S74172; COLLNOCX1509; * Schist.
S74171; COLLNOCX1508; Burn of Loinherry S74171; COLLNOCX1508; * Schist.
S74496; COLLNONX1710; By Burn of Derarach S74496; COLLNONX1710; * Slate.
S74500; COLLNONX1714; By Burn of Derarach S74500; COLLNONX1714; * Skarn.
S74501; COLLNONX1715; By Burn of Derarach S74501; COLLNONX1715; * Skarn.
S74502; COLLNONX1716; By Burn of Derarach S74502; COLLNONX1716; * Skarn.
S74503; COLLNONX1717; By Burn of Derarach S74503; COLLNONX1717; * Skarn.
S74486; COLLNONX1702; N bank, Ernan Water S74486; COLLNONX1702; * Schist.
S74487; COLLNONX1703; N bank, Ernan Water S74487; COLLNONX1703; * Slate.
S74488; COLLNONX1704; N bank, Ernan Water S74488; COLLNONX1704; * Schist.
S74490; COLLNONX1706; Just E of Allt Meirleach, Glen Ernan S74490; COLLNONX1706; * Serpentinite.
S73881; COLLNOZN1709; Crespet Burn S73881; COLLNOZN1709; * Schist.
S74170; COLLNOCX1507; Burn of Loinherry S74170; COLLNOCX1507; * Schist.
S74184; S74184/A; COLLNOGX917; NW side of Allt Dearcaige S74184; S74184/A; COLLNOGX917; * Schist.
S74187; COLLNOGX920; River Avon, 200m WNW of Strathavon Lodge S74187; COLLNOGX920; * Semipelite.
S74189; COLLNOGX922; Chabet Water, 410m ESE of Glenconglass Farm S74189; COLLNOGX922; * Semipelite.
S74190; COLLNOGX923; Allt Ellick, 700m ENE of Glenconglass Farm S74190; COLLNOGX923; * Schist.
S76992; COLLNOAX1733; Breccia c.50m SW of Trig point on Culvennan Fell (Contains boulders of quartzite etc. with greywacke/dark mudstone) S76992; COLLNOAX1733; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76993; COLLNOAX1734; Breccia c.50m SW of Trig point on Culvennan Fell (Contains boulders of quartzite etc. with greywacke/dark mudstone) S76993; COLLNOAX1734; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76994; COLLNOAX1735; Breccia c.50m SW of Trig point on Culvennan Fell (Contains boulders of quartzite etc. with greywacke/dark mudstone) S76994; COLLNOAX1735; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76455; COLLNOMB3; Bank of River Deveron below A920 S76455; COLLNOMB3; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
E29196; COLLNODK239; Old Qry, 300 yds NE of DK267 E29196; COLLNODK239; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E29197; COLLNODK240; X2422,2288A; Old Qry, 300 yds NE of DK267 E29197; COLLNODK240; X2422,2288A; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S76453; COLLNOMB1; Exposure in River Deveron at bend 500m SE of Mains of Cairnborrow S76453; COLLNOMB1; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Staurolite Schist'
S76454; COLLNOMB2; Bank of river terrace 200m S of A920 (Deveron) S76454; COLLNOMB2; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E29156; COLLNODK190; Webberton Cross Qry, E 200 yds SW of Webberton Cross E29156; COLLNODK190; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E29171; COLLNODK209; Columbjohn Qry East E29171; COLLNODK209; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Calcarenite'
S76303; COLLNOIY556; Foreshore, Whitehills S76303; COLLNOIY556; * Semipelite.
S76304; COLLNOIY557; Knock Head, foreshore S76304; COLLNOIY557; * Semipelite.
E28922; COLLNOUG6544; UG6544; Meadow End Qry E28922; COLLNOUG6544; UG6544; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E28720; COLLNOUG6543II; Knowle Hill Qry E28720; COLLNOUG6543II; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S76290; S76290/A; COLLNOIY543; E side of Sandend bay S76290; S76290/A; COLLNOIY543; * Schist.
S76292; COLLNOIY545; Foreshore c.60m W of pool S76292; COLLNOIY545; * Schist.
E959 Large Qry. Knowle Hill, NW of Spencecombe. E959 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S76886; COLLNORY5; Craigbeg S76886; COLLNORY5; * Semipelite.
S76887; COLLNORY7; Allt an Doire Dhuibh S76887; COLLNORY7; * Spessartite.
S76889; COLLNORY11; Moy Burn S76889; COLLNORY11; * Spessartite.
S76891; COLLNORY15; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76891; COLLNORY15; * Spessartite.
S76715; COLLNOYW1587; S of Glas Bheinn S76715; COLLNOYW1587; * Schist.
S76704; COLLNOYW1567; Burn of Agie S76704; COLLNOYW1567; * Semipelite.
S75709; COLLNOWX843; River Deveron, Backhill Gouls S75709; COLLNOWX843; * Serpentinite.
S76240; COLLNOBEB4940; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76240; COLLNOBEB4940; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76241; COLLNOBEB4948; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76241; COLLNOBEB4948; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76242; COLLNOBEB4975; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76242; COLLNOBEB4975; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76243; S76243/A; COLLNOBEB4928; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76243; S76243/A; COLLNOBEB4928; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76244; COLLNOBEB4996; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76244; COLLNOBEB4996; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76245; COLLNOBEB5030; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76245; COLLNOBEB5030; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76246; COLLNOBEB5067; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76246; COLLNOBEB5067; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76233; COLLNOBEB1872; IGS Tak ma Doon Borehole (Regd. No. NS78SW/5) S76233; COLLNOBEB1872; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76234; COLLNOBEB1893; IGS Tak ma Doon Borehole (Regd. No. NS78SW/5) S76234; COLLNOBEB1893; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76235; COLLNOBEB1919; IGS Tak ma Doon Borehole (Regd. No. NS78SW/5) S76235; COLLNOBEB1919; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76236; COLLNOBEB3792; IGS Hurlet Borehole (Regd. No. NS56SW/333) S76236; COLLNOBEB3792; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76237; COLLNOBEB3797; IGS Hurlet Borehole (Regd. No. NS56SW/333) S76237; COLLNOBEB3797; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76298; COLLNOIY551; 200m S of Cowhythe Head S76298; COLLNOIY551; * Schist.
S76299; S76299/A; COLLNOIY552; E side of Links Bay beach S76299; S76299/A; COLLNOIY552; * Schist.
S76300; S76300/A; COLLNOIY553; E side of Links Bay S76300; S76300/A; COLLNOIY553; * Schist.
S76301; COLLNOIY554; E side of Links Bay S76301; COLLNOIY554; * Schist.
S76280; S76280/A; COLLNOIY533; River Deveron 200m N of Walla Kirk S76280; S76280/A; COLLNOIY533; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Epidote Schist'
S76281; COLLNOIY534; Foreshore, Cullen S76281; COLLNOIY534; * Semipelite.
S76282; COLLNOIY535; Foreshore, Muckle Hythe S76282; COLLNOIY535; * Schist.
S76283; COLLNOIY536; Foreshore, W side Dickey Hare S76283; COLLNOIY536; * Schist.
S76284; COLLNOIY537; Foreshore, Logie Head S76284; COLLNOIY537; * Semipelite.
S76285; COLLNOIY538; Foreshore, Logie Head S76285; COLLNOIY538; * Semipelite.
S76286; COLLNOIY539; Foreshore, Logie Head S76286; COLLNOIY539; * Schist.
S76287; COLLNOIY540; Just W of Sandend Harbour S76287; COLLNOIY540; * Schist.
S76238; COLLNOBEB3905; IGS Hurlet Borehole (Regd. No. NS56SW/333) S76238; COLLNOBEB3905; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76239; COLLNOBEB4929; IGS Glenburn Borehole (Regd. No. NS46SE/164) S76239; COLLNOBEB4929; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75899; COLLNOWX953; River Fiddich, 400m NE of Keithmore S75899; COLLNOWX953; * Semipelite.
S75901; COLLNOWX955; River Fiddich, 100m W of Bridge of Mackalea S75901; COLLNOWX955; * Schist.
S75902; COLLNOWX956; Burn of Mackalea, 100m NE of Fiddich S75902; COLLNOWX956; * Schist.
S75903; COLLNOWX957; Burn of Mackalea S75903; COLLNOWX957; * Semipelite.
S75904; COLLNOWX958; Corrie Burn, Glen Corrie S75904; COLLNOWX958; * Semipelite.
S75905; COLLNOWX959; Corrie Burn, Glen Corrie S75905; COLLNOWX959; * Schist.
S76868; S76868/A; COLLNORY111; River Roy S76868; S76868/A; COLLNORY111; * Schist.
S76871; COLLNORY114; River Roy S76871; COLLNORY114; * Schist.
S76275; S76275/A; COLLNOIY528; Hillock Burn S76275; S76275/A; COLLNOIY528; * Schist. 'Original entry: Cordierite Schist'
S76276; COLLNOIY529; Hillock Burn S76276; COLLNOIY529; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S76277; COLLNOIY530; Old quarry (Bogle Den) S76277; COLLNOIY530; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated); Schist;. 'Original entry: Schist'
S76278; COLLNOIY531; River Deveron by Beldorney Castle S76278; COLLNOIY531; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76279; COLLNOIY532; River Deveron by Walla Kirk S76279; COLLNOIY532; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Garnet Schist'
S76270; COLLNOIY523; A96 road cutting, Cairnie S76270; COLLNOIY523; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
E3230; COLLNOJ164; Raddon Court Qry. W of Thorrerton E3230; COLLNOJ164; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E3231; COLLNOJ176; Knowle Hill Qry. NW of Spencecombe E3231; COLLNOJ176; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S75887; COLLNOWX942; Allt a'Choin, Glen Fiddich S75887; COLLNOWX942; * Semipelite.
S75888; COLLNOWX943; East Grain, Glen Fiddich S75888; COLLNOWX943; * Schist.
S74594; S74594/A; COLLNOGX1015; SP-; River Avon, 50m ESE of Kylnadrochit Lodge S74594; S74594/A; COLLNOGX1015; SP-; * Semipelite.
S75697; COLLNOWX831; Craig Dorney, 350m ENE of summit S75697; COLLNOWX831; * Serpentinite.
S75698; COLLNOWX832; Craig Dorney, 270m ENE of summit S75698; COLLNOWX832; * Serpentinite.
S75699; COLLNOWX833; Craig Dorney, 50m NE of summit S75699; COLLNOWX833; * Semipelite.
S75700; COLLNOWX834; Craig Dorney, 130m SW of summit S75700; COLLNOWX834; * Serpentinite.
S76711; COLLNOYW1582; Tributary of Canal Burn S76711; COLLNOYW1582; * Semipelite.
S76712; COLLNOYW1584; Tributary of Canal Burn S76712; COLLNOYW1584; * Schist.
S76713; COLLNOYW1585; Tributary of Canal Burn S76713; COLLNOYW1585; * Semipelite.
S76697; COLLNOYW1557; River Roy S76697; COLLNOYW1557; * Semipelite.
S76472; COLLNOMB34; Drainage ditch at side of track, 400m NW of Drumdelgie S76472; COLLNOMB34; * Schist. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
S76467; COLLNOMB22; Burn of Ardonald, 250m SW of Redfold S76467; COLLNOMB22; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Schist'
S76470; COLLNOMB30; Burn of Cairnie, stream bank below Cairnie village S76470; COLLNOMB30; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S75702; COLLNOWX836; Craig Dorney, 200m S of summit S75702; COLLNOWX836; * Serpentinite.
S75704; COLLNOWX838; 200m ESE of Mains of Beldorney S75704; COLLNOWX838; * Serpentinite.
S75687; COLLNOWX821; River Deveron, 220m NW of Auchinhandoch S75687; COLLNOWX821; * Serpentinite.
S75688; COLLNOWX822; River Deveron, 200m W of Auchinhandoch S75688; COLLNOWX822; * Serpentinite.
S75689; COLLNOWX823; River Deveron, Laing's Pot S75689; COLLNOWX823; * Semipelite.
S75690; COLLNOWX824; River Deveron, 250m WSW of Housemill S75690; COLLNOWX824; * Semipelite.
S75692; COLLNOWX826; River Deveron, 400m WSW of Housemill S75692; COLLNOWX826; * Semipelite.
S75693; COLLNOWX827; River Deveron, Crombie Pot S75693; COLLNOWX827; * Semipelite.
S75695; COLLNOWX829; Tammies Burn, 200m from River Deveron S75695; COLLNOWX829; * Semipelite.
S75696; COLLNOWX830; Tammies Burn, 200m from River Deveron S75696; COLLNOWX830; * Semipelite.
S76230; COLLNOBEB1654; IGS Loch Humphrey Borehole (Regd. No. NS47NE/1) S76230; COLLNOBEB1654; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76231; COLLNOBEB1664; IGS Loch Humphrey Borehole (Regd. No. NS47NE/1) S76231; COLLNOBEB1664; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76232; COLLNOBEB1675; IGS Loch Humphrey Borehole (Regd. No. NS47NE/1) S76232; COLLNOBEB1675; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E28716; E28716/A; COLLNOUG6539; UG6539; Uton Qry, Posbury, Crediton E28716; E28716/A; COLLNOUG6539; UG6539; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Tuffaceous Sandstone'
S76228; COLLNOBEB915; IGS Lawmuir Borehole (Regd. No. NS57SW/162) S76228; COLLNOBEB915; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76229; COLLNOBEB920; IGS Lawmuir Borehole (Regd. No. NS57SW/162) S76229; COLLNOBEB920; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76226; COLLNOBEB648; IGS Kipperoch Borehole (Regd. No. NS37NE/20) S76226; COLLNOBEB648; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E957 Large Qry. nr Copplestone, (Knowle Hill Qry), NW of Spencecombe. E957 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Yogoitic Syenite. Trachyte (Micaceous)'
E956 Large Qry. nr Copplestone, (Knowle Hill Qry), NW of Spencecombe. E956 * Syenite. 'Original entry: Yogoitic Syenite. Trachyte (Micaceous)'
S76271; S76271/A; COLLNOIY524; A96 road cutting, Cairnie S76271; S76271/A; COLLNOIY524; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76273; COLLNOIY526; Burn 200m S of Oldtown S76273; COLLNOIY526; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S76261; COLLNOIY514; Old cottage, Ardonald Burn S76261; COLLNOIY514; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S76262; COLLNOIY515; Stream bed, Ardonald Burn S76262; COLLNOIY515; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Epidote Schist'
S76263; S76263/A; COLLNOIY516; Road cutting, Cairnie, A96 S76263; S76263/A; COLLNOIY516; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76264; COLLNOIY517; Road cutting, Cairnie, A96 S76264; COLLNOIY517; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76265; S76265/A; COLLNOIY518; River Deveron, by footpath S76265; S76265/A; COLLNOIY518; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Sillimanite Schist'
S76266; S76266/A; COLLNOIY519; SP-; Road cutting, A920 S76266; S76266/A; COLLNOIY519; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76267; S76267/A; COLLNOIY520; SP-; Mouth of Backside Burn S76267; S76267/A; COLLNOIY520; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76268; S76268/A; COLLNOIY521; SP-; River Deveron S76268; S76268/A; COLLNOIY521; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S76269; S76269/A; COLLNOIY522; SP-; River Deveron S76269; S76269/A; COLLNOIY522; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Staurolite Schist'
E3220; COLLNO197; Knowle Hill Qry, NW of Spencecombe, nr Crediton E3220; COLLNO197; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
E3221; COLLNO198; Knowle Hill Qry, NW of Spencecombe, nr Crediton E3221; COLLNO198; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S75883; COLLNOWX938; 300m S of junction of Allt na Craoibhe Cuilinn with Black Water S75883; COLLNOWX938; * Schist.
S75884; COLLNOWX939; Blind Stripe, Black Water S75884; COLLNOWX939; * Schist.
S75880; COLLNOWX935; Balloch More, NE ridge S75880; COLLNOWX935; * Schist.
S75881; COLLNOWX936; Balloch More, NE ridge S75881; COLLNOWX936; * Schist.
S75882; COLLNOWX937; Balloch More, SW flank S75882; COLLNOWX937; * Schist.
S75864; COLLNOWX919; Allt Teanga, Glen Fiddich S75864; COLLNOWX919; * Semipelite.
S75867; S75867/A; COLLNOWX922; Burn of Achbreck, Glen Rinnes S75867; S75867/A; COLLNOWX922; * Semipelite.
S75776; COLLNOGX1103; River Lochy, 140m S of junction with Allt an Doruis S75776; COLLNOGX1103; * Schist.
S75781; COLLNOGX1108; River Livet at Bridge of Livet S75781; COLLNOGX1108; * Semipelite.
S75771; COLLNOGX1098; Burn of Tervie, 500m NW of Shenval S75771; COLLNOGX1098; * Semipelite.
S75683; COLLNOWX817; River Deveron, 250m WNW of Netherton S75683; COLLNOWX817; * Semipelite.
S75684; COLLNOWX818; River Deveron, 300m W of Netherton S75684; COLLNOWX818; * Schist.
S75685; COLLNOWX819; River Deveron, NE corner of graveyard S75685; COLLNOWX819; * Schist.
S76464; COLLNOMB17; Burn of Ardonald, 200m S of Alehousehillock S76464; COLLNOMB17; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
S76465; COLLNOMB18; Burn of Ardonald, opposite quarry 500m N of Redfold S76465; COLLNOMB18; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Biotite Schist'
S76466; COLLNOMB19; Burn of Ardonald, in small tributary to W , 500m S of Alehousehillock S76466; COLLNOMB19; * Schist. 'Original entry: Biotite Actinolite Schist'
E30836; COLLNOJW245; 1000 yds E25 deg N from Smallbridge E30836; COLLNOJW245; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E29178; MR25307; COLLNODK217; Sprydon Cottage, E of Junc of A38 & B3185 E29178; MR25307; COLLNODK217; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
S76179; COLLNOFY568; New forestry track, Munerigie S76179; COLLNOFY568; * Spessartite.
S76675; COLLNOYW1513; Burn of Agie S76675; COLLNOYW1513; * Semipelite.
S76676; COLLNOYW1514; Burn of Agie S76676; COLLNOYW1514; * Semipelite.
E30833; COLLNOJW240; 400 yds E 44 deg N from Smallbridge E30833; COLLNOJW240; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
S76461; COLLNOMB11; Burn of Ardonald, 150m S of Redfold S76461; COLLNOMB11; * Schist. 'Original entry: Schist'
E30835; COLLNOJW244; 570 yds E19 deg N from Smallbridge E30835; COLLNOJW244; * Slate. 'Original entry: Chiastolite Slate'
E29204; COLLNODK250; Meadowend, 2.25 ml W of Sandford E29204; COLLNODK250; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S76224; COLLNOBEB594; IGS Kipperoch Borehole (Regd. No. NS37NE/20) S76224; COLLNOBEB594; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76225; COLLNOBEB605; IGS Kipperoch Borehole (Regd. No. NS37NE/20) S76225; COLLNOBEB605; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75821; COLLNOWX875; Meirland Burn S75821; COLLNOWX875; * Schist.
S76213; COLLNOBEA5336; IGS Deaconhill Borehole (Reg. No. NS43SE/81) S76213; COLLNOBEA5336; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
E21809 Posbury, Exeter E21809 * Sandstone (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Sandstone'
E28921; MR25352; COLLNOUG6543I; Knowle Hill Qry., c.2 1/2ml. WNW of Crediton E28921; MR25352; COLLNOUG6543I; * Syenite. 'Original entry: Syenite'
S76259; S76259/A; COLLNOIY512; Old quarry, Ardonald Burn S76259; S76259/A; COLLNOIY512; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S76255; S76255/A; COLLNOIY508; SP-; River Fiddich, 1km S of Laggan S76255; S76255/A; COLLNOIY508; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76256; COLLNOIY509; Quarry, Bridge of Blairmoor S76256; COLLNOIY509; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Biotite Schist'
S76257; COLLNOIY510; Quarry, Bridge of Blairmoor S76257; COLLNOIY510; * Schist. 'Original entry: Tremolite Schist'
S76258; S76258/A; COLLNOIY511; SP-; Old quarry, Ardonald Burn S76258; S76258/A; COLLNOIY511; SP-; * Schist. 'Original entry: Staurolite Garnet Schist'
S76217; COLLNOBEA5740; IGS Deaconhill Borehole (Reg. No. NS43SE/81) S76217; COLLNOBEA5740; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76218; COLLNOBEA5748; IGS Deaconhill Borehole (Reg. No. NS43SE/81) S76218; COLLNOBEA5748; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76219; COLLNOBEB209; IGS Everton Borehole (Regd. No. NS27SW/3) S76219; COLLNOBEB209; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76220; COLLNOBEB230; IGS Everton Borehole (Regd. No. NS27SW/3) S76220; COLLNOBEB230; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76221; COLLNOBEB282; IGS Everton Borehole (Regd. No. NS27SW/3) S76221; COLLNOBEB282; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76222; COLLNOBEB561; IGS Kipperoch Borehole (Regd. No. NS37NE/20) S76222; COLLNOBEB561; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S76223; COLLNOBEB580; IGS Kipperoch Borehole (Regd. No. NS37NE/20) S76223; COLLNOBEB580; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75868; COLLNOWX923; Allt Screen, Glen Fiddich S75868; COLLNOWX923; * Semipelite.
S75869; COLLNOWX924; Glen Fiddich Lodge S75869; COLLNOWX924; * Semipelite.
S75870; COLLNOWX925; Glen Fiddich Lodge S75870; COLLNOWX925; * Schist.
S75871; COLLNOWX926; Glen Fiddich Lodge S75871; COLLNOWX926; * Schist.
S75858; COLLNOWX912; Track opposite Lungart Burn, Glen Fiddich S75858; COLLNOWX912; * Semipelite.
S76923; COLLNORY92; Meall Luidh Mor S76923; COLLNORY92; * Semipelite.
S76247; COLLNOIY500; Dullan Water footpath S76247; COLLNOIY500; * Schist.
S76248; COLLNOIY501; Dullan Water footpath S76248; COLLNOIY501; * Schist. 'Original entry: Actinolite Biotite Schist'
S76250; COLLNOIY503; Corrie Burn near A941 S76250; COLLNOIY503; * Schist. 'Original entry: Garnet Schist'
S76251; COLLNOIY504; A941 cutting S76251; COLLNOIY504; * Schist. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
S76252; COLLNOIY505; A941 cutting S76252; COLLNOIY505; * Semipelite.
S76312; COLLNOLY065; Top of spur, 800m NE of Balmenach S76312; COLLNOLY065; * Semipelite.
S76313; COLLNOLY066; Top of spur, 800m NE of Balmenach S76313; COLLNOLY066; * Schist.
S76314; COLLNOLY067; Top of spur, 1000m NE of Balmenach S76314; COLLNOLY067; * Schist.
S75839; COLLNOWX893; Allt Catha, Glen Fiddich S75839; COLLNOWX893; * Schist.
S75840; COLLNOWX894; Allt Catha, Glen Fiddich S75840; COLLNOWX894; * Schist.
S74574; S74574/A; COLLNOGX989; SP-; 630m at 321 degrees from Bridge of Brown S74574; S74574/A; COLLNOGX989; SP-; * Semipelite.
S74575; COLLNOGX992; On W bank of River Avon, 320m At 088 degrees from Wester Fodderletter S74575; COLLNOGX992; * Semipelite.
S74558; COLLNONX1767; S bank of Ernan Water S74558; COLLNONX1767; * Schist.
S75642; COLLNOWX776; Markie Water, 500m SW of Ravock S75642; COLLNOWX776; * Semipelite.
S75646; COLLNOWX780; River Deveron, Walla Pot S75646; COLLNOWX780; * Semipelite.
S75649; COLLNOWX783; Markie Water, 150m SW of The Burn S75649; COLLNOWX783; * Schist.
S75629; COLLNOWX763; Burn of Glentilt S75629; COLLNOWX763; * Semipelite.
S75630; COLLNOWX764; 450m WNW of Craig Dorney S75630; COLLNOWX764; * Serpentinite.
S75628; COLLNOWX762; Burn of Glentilt S75628; COLLNOWX762; * Schist.
S75654; COLLNOWX788; Markie Water, 100m SE of road bridge S75654; COLLNOWX788; * Semipelite.
S76398; COLLNOLY200; Drynachan Burn S76398; COLLNOLY200; * Semipelite.
S76399; COLLNOLY201; Drynachan Burn S76399; COLLNOLY201; * Semipelite.
S76400; COLLNOLY202; Drynachan Burn S76400; COLLNOLY202; * Semipelite.
S74567; COLLNOGX979; Burn of Tervie, 210m E of Bridge of Tombreckachie S74567; COLLNOGX979; * Semipelite.
S74568; COLLNOGX980; 260m at 155 degrees from Deskie S74568; COLLNOGX980; * Spessartite.
S76389; COLLNOLY143; 500m WNW of Tom Garchory S76389; COLLNOLY143; * Semipelite.
S76364; COLLNOLY118; 400m SE of Carn Dearg S76364; COLLNOLY118; * Semipelite.
S76365; COLLNOLY119; 400m SE of Carn Dearg S76365; COLLNOLY119; * Semipelite.
S76366; COLLNOLY120; 300m SE of Carn Dearg S76366; COLLNOLY120; * Semipelite.
S75581; COLLNOCX1528; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75581; COLLNOCX1528; * Schist.
S75582; COLLNOCX1529; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75582; COLLNOCX1529; * Schist.
S75570; COLLNOCX1516; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75570; COLLNOCX1516; * Schist.
S75571; COLLNOCX1517; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75571; COLLNOCX1517; * Schist.
S75573; COLLNOCX1519; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75573; COLLNOCX1519; * Schist.
S75761; COLLNOGX1088; Allt Cullach, 310m upstream from junction with Allt a'Choileachain S75761; COLLNOGX1088; * Schist.
S75763; COLLNOGX1090; Allt a'Choileachain, 440m SSE of Lynn Bridge S75763; COLLNOGX1090; * Schist.
S75765; COLLNOGX1092; 15m W of Allt a'Choileachain, 450m SSE of Lynn Bridge S75765; COLLNOGX1092; * Schist.
S75750; COLLNOGY350; Shore S of Maryport S75750; COLLNOGY350; * Sandstone (Undifferentiated).
S75751; COLLNOGX1078; 900m @ 063 degrees from Tombae chapel by Tomnavoulin S75751; COLLNOGX1078; * Schist.
S75757; COLLNOGX1084; On forestry road, 60m WNW of junction of Allt a'Choileachain and Dairy Burn S75757; COLLNOGX1084; * Semipelite.
S76858; COLLNOMY680; Pit 20: Gallows Hill, 980m due N of Balquhair Castle S76858; COLLNOMY680; * Semipelite.
S76839; COLLNOMY661; Pit 10: 250m NE of Mid Harlaw Farmhouse S76839; COLLNOMY661; * Semipelite.
S75523; COLLNOAX1338; Big Scare S75523; COLLNOAX1338; * Siltstone (Undifferentiated).
S75433; COLLNOHX1019; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75433; COLLNOHX1019; * Semipelite.
S75437; COLLNOHX1023; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75437; COLLNOHX1023; * Semipelite.
S75427; COLLNOHX1014; Water of Caiplich S75427; COLLNOHX1014; * Semipelite.
S75605; COLLNOCX1559; SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75605; COLLNOCX1559; * Schist.
S75606; COLLNOCX1560; SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75606; COLLNOCX1560; * Schist.
S75607; COLLNOCX1546; Allt Phubill, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75607; COLLNOCX1546; * Schist.
S75593; COLLNOCX1541; Allt Phubill, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75593; COLLNOCX1541; * Schist.
S75594; COLLNOCX1542; Allt Phubill, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75594; COLLNOCX1542; * Schist.
S75595; COLLNOCX1544; Allt Phubill, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75595; COLLNOCX1544; * Schist.
S75596; COLLNOCX1545; Allt Phubill, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75596; COLLNOCX1545; * Schist.
S75597; COLLNOCX1547; Allt Camaslaidh, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75597; COLLNOCX1547; * Schist.
S75598; COLLNOCX1548; Allt Camaslaidh, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75598; COLLNOCX1548; * Schist.
S75599; COLLNOCX1549; Allt Camaslaidh, Pubil, N side of Glen Lyon S75599; COLLNOCX1549; *