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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E21044 Clicker Tor Qry. Menheniot E21044 * Ultramafitite. 'Original entry: Peridotite ? Or Picrite'
S94389; COLLNOZQ844; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94389; COLLNOZQ844; * Ultramafitite. 'Original entry: Ultrabasic Rock'
S73939; COLLNOZN1809; N of Shenval S73939; COLLNOZN1809; * Ultramafitite.
S77216; COLLNOZN1917; S of Barns S77216; COLLNOZN1917; * Ultramafitite.
S73832; COLLNOZN1681; Grey Stone S73832; COLLNOZN1681; * Ultramafitite.
S75723; COLLNOWX857; Bridge of Forteath S75723; COLLNOWX857; * Ultramafitite.
S75726; COLLNOWX860; 550m W of Succoth Farm S75726; COLLNOWX860; * Ultramafitite.
S75728; COLLNOWX862; 800m W of Succoth Farm S75728; COLLNOWX862; * Ultramafitite.
S74188; COLLNOGX921; Conglass Water near River Avon junction S74188; COLLNOGX921; * Ultramafitite.
S75717; COLLNOWX851; Burn of Gouls S75717; COLLNOWX851; * Ultramafitite.
S76719; COLLNOYW1592; Allt na Glas Bheinne S76719; COLLNOYW1592; * Ultramafitite.
S75708; COLLNOWX842; River Deveron, crooked Pot S75708; COLLNOWX842; * Ultramafitite.
S75711; COLLNOWX845; 300m ENE of Crooked Pot S75711; COLLNOWX845; * Ultramafitite.
S75712; COLLNOWX846; 400m ENE of Crooked Pot S75712; COLLNOWX846; * Ultramafitite.
S75713; COLLNOWX847; 388m E of Crooked Pot S75713; COLLNOWX847; * Ultramafitite.
S75714; COLLNOWX848; 500m WNW of Meikle Gouls S75714; COLLNOWX848; * Ultramafitite.
S75715; COLLNOWX849; Burn of Gouls S75715; COLLNOWX849; * Ultramafitite.
S75716; COLLNOWX850; Burn of Gouls S75716; COLLNOWX850; * Ultramafitite.
S75929; COLLNOMY316; 330m NW of Sunnybrae S75929; COLLNOMY316; * Ultramafitite.
S75931; COLLNOMY318; Lawel Hill, S slope, 200m N of Lowhillside S75931; COLLNOMY318; * Ultramafitite.
S75932; COLLNOMY319; Lawel Hill, S slope, 200m N of Lowhillside S75932; COLLNOMY319; * Ultramafitite.
S75933; COLLNOMY320; E end of Lawel Hill, 400m NE of Lowhillside S75933; COLLNOMY320; * Ultramafitite.
S76050; COLLNOMY394; Stream section, 40m E of Blankets S76050; COLLNOMY394; * Ultramafitite.
S76051; COLLNOMY395; Stream section, 80m SE of Blankets S76051; COLLNOMY395; * Ultramafitite.
S76052; COLLNOMY396; E slopes of Hill of Barra, 400m ESE of summit S76052; COLLNOMY396; * Ultramafitite.
MR13020 Chatelard-fronti?re, Switzerland,surface exposure,see M Reinhard H Preiswerk Granitmylonite in Aiguilles-Rouges Massiv. Verhandlung der Naturforshenden Gesellschaft in Basel Bd 38.,Switzerland MR13020 1934 Ultramylonite. 'Original entry: Ultramylonite'

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