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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E22882; COLLNOKY167; Site of bombed house on corner in angle between Freemantle Rd & Kingsdown Parade,Cotham,Bristol E22882; COLLNOKY167; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Sandy Limestone'
E61112; COLLNOMH1463; ENE of Clynnau Cregennen E61112; COLLNOMH1463; * Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Basic Tuff'
E61123; COLLNOMH1474; C. 1 km SW of Haffotty Fach E61123; COLLNOMH1474; * Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Basaltic Tuff'
S96026; COLLNOETS92; Tributary to Lard's Burn 1000m N of Drummond's Knowe S96026; COLLNOETS92; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E1622 Coniston Copper Mine E1622 *; *; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E1430 North of Loughrigg. SW of Rydall E1430 *; *; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
S94850; COLLNOSCX7; Shore, S side of Cowie Harbour; 640m 49deg from bridge at Cowie Water S94850; COLLNOSCX7; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Conglomerate'
S94871; COLLNOSCX28; By confluence of Burn of Graham with Burn of Baulk 200m upstream from Bridge of Graham S94871; COLLNOSCX28; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E62037; COLLNOGW75; 990 m 252 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62037; COLLNOGW75; * Volcaniclastic-Sandstone.
E61985 Woo Dale BH, Nr. Buxton E61985 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E61628; COLLNOMH1542; Craig Las E61628; COLLNOMH1542; * Volcaniclastic-Sandstone.
E61633; COLLNOMH1547; S of Uwchygarreg E61633; COLLNOMH1547; * Volcaniclastic-Sandstone.
E61635; COLLNOMH1549; NW of Mynydd Pennant E61635; COLLNOMH1549; * Volcaniclastic-Sandstone.
E61620; COLLNOMH1534; NW of Llynnau Cregennan E61620; COLLNOMH1534; * Volcaniclastic-Sandstone.
E61529 Woo Dale BH, Nr. Buxton E61529 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E61295; COLLNOTG447; Field exposure N of Pool Farm E61295; COLLNOTG447; * Volcaniclastic-Sand.
E61296; COLLNOTG448; Base of Cliff, 600 m at 223 deg from St. Peters Church, Ravelstoke E61296; COLLNOTG448; * Volcaniclastic-Sand.
E61289; E61289/A; E61289/B; COLLNOTG441; Foreshore, 70 m at 225 from Saddle Rock E61289; E61289/A; E61289/B; COLLNOTG441; * Volcaniclastic-Sand.
S73436; COLLNONX1277; S of Gribdae Farm S73436; COLLNONX1277; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E1514 Lys Dinarwic, Llyn Padarn E1514 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E1516 Tampant Llyn Padarn E1516 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E1517 S side of Dinas Mawr, Padarn E1517 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
SFY489A; COLLNOFY489A; 890m SW of Loch a' Bhainne SFY489A; COLLNOFY489A; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
S73963; COLLNOFY490; 980m SW of Loch a' Bhainne S73963; COLLNOFY490; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
S73981; COLLNOFY517; 940m NE of Lochan na Curra S73981; COLLNOFY517; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
S73408; COLLNONX1249; Coast between Rockcliffe and Castle Head Point S73408; COLLNONX1249; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
S77244; S77244/A; COLLNOZD630; SP5617; 740m towards 049 degrees from Garnaburn S77244; S77244/A; COLLNOZD630; SP5617; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
S73982; COLLNOFY518; 950m NE of Lochan na Curra S73982; COLLNOFY518; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
COLLNOR166; ED2020; COLLNOR166; ED2020; Vogesite. 'Original entry: Vogesite'
COLLNOR167; ED2021; COLLNOR167; ED2021; Vogesite. 'Original entry: Vogesite'
COLLNOR168; ED2022; COLLNOR168; ED2022; Vogesite. 'Original entry: Vogesite'
COLLNOR169; ED2023; COLLNOR169; ED2023; Vogesite. 'Original entry: Vogesite'
S74908; COLLNOYW1479; Allt Phocaichain S74908; COLLNOYW1479; * Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71126; COLLNOJNC801; North Easter Wall of Bardon Qry. E71126; COLLNOJNC801; * 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Dacitic Breccia'
E70286; COLLNOIY807; 350 m NW of High Spy. Base Ell Crag E70286; COLLNOIY807; * 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Breccia'
E71142; COLLNOSLN18; SL75 Outcrop 320 m E71142; COLLNOSLN18; 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71143; COLLNOSLN19; SL78 Outcrop 480 m E71143; COLLNOSLN19; 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71145; COLLNOSLN21; SL81 Outcrop 690 m E71145; COLLNOSLN21; 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71259; COLLNOIY995; BB12. The Benn E71259; COLLNOIY995; * 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71260; COLLNOIY996; BB14. Yewhow Wood E71260; COLLNOIY996; * 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71250; COLLNOIY974; BB11. Brockle Beck, 300 m S of Rakefoot Farm E71250; COLLNOIY974; * 1996 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71511; COLLNODMA40; Raise, Nr. summit. NE side E71511; COLLNODMA40; * 0 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E71552; COLLNOLV320; 590 m WNW of Jacka Point E71552; COLLNOLV320; * 0 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
Scarbrow Wood, near HollonsFarm Borrowdale. 0 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E72015; COLLNOIY1068; Near Skew, 1km WNW of Bampton E72015; COLLNOIY1068; * 1997 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Andesite Breccia'
E71996; COLLNOIY1046; 200m W of Bampton Hall E71996; COLLNOIY1046; * 1997 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E71970; COLLNOIY1019; 700m WNW of Four Stones Hill E71970; COLLNOIY1019; * 1997 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Breccia'
E72129; COLLNOIY1084; BB10. Swarthbeck Gill E72129; COLLNOIY1084; * 1998 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E72017; COLLNOIY1070; Butterwick's Crag E72017; COLLNOIY1070; * 1997 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Peperite Breccia'
S99778; COLLNOETS477; N of Haw Burn, 440m SE of Common Hill Cairn S99778; COLLNOETS477; * 1997 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
E72205; COLLNOGW798; Threshthwaite Mouth, west side E72205; COLLNOGW798; * 1998 Volcaniclastic-Breccia.
N1274; COLLNOETS592; 820m N of Mountherrick N1274; COLLNOETS592; * 1998 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E64057; COLLNOKB1057; Britannia mine E64057; COLLNOKB1057; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Vein Breccia'
E64027; COLLNOKB1027; Shadow gully E64027; COLLNOKB1027; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Vein Breccia'
N2062; COLLNOASW87; Mochrum Hill, SW corner at top N2062; COLLNOASW87; * 1999 Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
E64040; COLLNOKB1040; Cwm Llan E64040; COLLNOKB1040; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Vein Breccia'
E4885 Bardon Hill Quarries. E4885 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia.'
E64373; COLLNOTL4; Carreg y Gath E64373; COLLNOTL4; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Porphyrite Microbreccia'
E64374; COLLNOTL5; Carreg y Gath E64374; COLLNOTL5; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Porphyrite Microbreccia'
E64370; COLLNOTL1; Carreg y Gath E64370; COLLNOTL1; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Porphyrite Microbreccia'
E63972; COLLNOKB972; Hafod y porth E63972; COLLNOKB972; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Rhyolite Breccia'
E23781 Whittington BH near Lichfield (two and a quarter miles E.S.E.). E23781 * Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Conglomerate Sandstone.'
E64210; COLLNOKB1210; Cerrig cochion E64210; COLLNOKB1210; Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Sandstone'
E64211; COLLNOKB1211; Cerrig cochion E64211; COLLNOKB1211; Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Sandstone'
E64371; COLLNOTL2; Carreg y Gath E64371; COLLNOTL2; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Porphyrite Microbreccia'
E64372; COLLNOTL3; Carreg y Gath E64372; COLLNOTL3; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Porphyrite Microbreccia'
E72607 NCB Grimmer BH (SK73SE/50). E72607 * 2000 Volcaniclastic-Breccia, Basaltic . 'Original entry: Basdaltic Volcanic Breccia'
MR5125 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR5125 Darwin ,C. Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
MR4854 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR4854 Darwin ,C. Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Sand And Ashes'
MR4874 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR4874 Darwin ,C. Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia'
MR8753 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8753 Darwin ,C. 1836 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Sand'
MR12003 Teneriffe,surface exposure,Canary Islands - Teneriffe MR12003 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Sand With Pumice'
MR16429 Gorge leading from Plymouth to Gages (Fort Ghaut), Soufri?re Hills Volcano, Montserrat (1936),surface exposure,Montserrat, West Indies MR16429 1937 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Sand'
MR12016 Kentch, Crimea,surface exposure,in bottle,Russia - Crimea MR12016 Volcaniclastic-Mud. 'Original entry: Volcanic Mud'
MR7568 From the Peak of Flores. Fell on ship 'Argus' July 22nd and 23rd 1835 when 10 miles off.,surface exposure,Assumed to be Flores Indonesia rather than Flores Azores, Portugal. (curator's comment, 1998),?Indonesia - Flores MR7568 1835 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Sand (16% Magnetic)'
MR21279 ? mile S of Fisherstreet Bay, Co Clare. Locality 1A,surface exposure,From slump in Namurian Basin of Co. Clare. Geol Soc paper read 27 Feb 1957 "Sand volcanoes on slumps in the Namurian Basin of Western Co. Clare.,Republic of Ireland MR21279 1957 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand Volcano'
MR11943 Aden (no precise locality recorded),surface exposure,Aden MR11943 1847 Volcaniclastic-Igneous-Rock (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Rock'
MR1463; I38; Coast 1.5 miles S of Arklow, Co. Wicklow,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR1463; I38; Volcaniclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Volcanic Breccia, Ash'
MR35385 Polland Brook, N base of Johnson Mountain, c. 15 miles NNE of Belknap Mountain, New Hampshire.,surface exposure,Ossipee Mountain Complex,USA MR35385 1981 Volcaniclastic-Igneous-Rock (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Rock'
MR3526 Torre del Greco,surface exposure,Italy MR3526 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Beach Sand'
MR3534 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Ascension Island MR3534 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Volcanic Sand'
MR34009; COLLNOEJ41A; Small hill to E of Phnum O Tang, Pailin. GR 359 265. Cambodia 1:50,000 Series L708 Pailin 5549iv,surface exposure,See Berrang? & Jobbins, IGS Overseas Div. Rep. No. 35. Geology & Gemmology of Pailin Gemfield.,Cambodia MR34009; COLLNOEJ41A; * 1977 Volcaniclastic-Igneous-Rock (Undifferentiated). 'Original entry: Volcanic Rock'
MR21280 > mile S of Fisherstreet Bay, Co Clare. Locality 1A,surface exposure,From slump in Namurian Basin of Co. Clare. Geol Soc paper read 27 Feb 1957 "Sand volcanoes on slumps in the Namurian Basin of Western Co. Clare.,Republic of Ireland. MR21280 1957 Volcaniclastic-Sand. 'Original entry: Sand Volcano'

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