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Please note that the online records begin in December of 1846 and end in January 1987.

Currently loaded data

Currently loaded on the system are the records between 1846 and 1987 from:

Abinger (1924 - 1958)

Cape Evans (1911 - 1912)

Eskdalemuir (1909 - 1984)

Falmouth (1886 - 1913)

Greenwich (1846 - 1934)

Hartland (1957 - 1987)

Kew (1857 - 1925)

Lerwick (1922 - 1984)

Stonyhurst (1867 - 1976)

In parallel with the capture of the magnetograms, the related published yearbooks were scanned and are available as PDF documents. This allows users to view the details of observatory operations and how the magnetograms were created along with any associated observatory results.