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Title ICSU/SCOR Working Party 31 symposium, Cambridge 1970: The geology of the east Atlantic continental margin, 3: Europe (continued)
Ref no CF70/15
Author Delany, F.M.
Year of publication 1970
Abstract Contents: Results of a sparker reconnaissance survey of the eastern and central English Channel. Geology of the east Atlantic continental margin from Finisterre to Casablanca. Vertical crustal movements in the North Sea area through geological time. The continental margin in the Bay of Biscay. Late Quaternary geology of the North Sea south-east of the Dogger Bank. Sediments of the southern North Sea. Morphology, sediments and Quaternary history of the continental shelf between the Straits of Dover and Cape Finisterre.
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication London
Series Report Institute of Geological Sciences
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