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Title IGS short communications 4
Ref no CF83/10
Author Institute of Geological Sciences.
Year of publication 1983
Abstract Contents: IGS short communications 4. A note on the nomenclature of minor substitutions in pyroxenes and biotites. IGS short communications 4. Bascaudaspora gen. nov., a new reticulate miospore genus from. the Namurian of Northern England.IGS short communications 4. Xiphosurid traces, kouphichnium aff. variabilis (Linck), from the Namurian Upper Haslingden Flags of Whitworth, Lancashire IGS short communications 4. The buried glacial channels of the Woolpit (Suffolk). IGS short communications 4. Coffinite in nodules from the Mercia Mudstone Group (Triassic). of the IGS Knowle Borehole, West Midlands.IGS short communications 4. Modified radial line triangulation (MRLT)-a simple method for the accurate transfer of geological data from air photographs to planimetric maps. IGS short communications 4. A revision of the stratigraphy of the Asbian and Brigantian. Limestones of the area west of Matlock, Derbyshire. IGS short communications 4. A possible extension of the South Leicestershire Diorite complex.
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication London
Series Report Institute of Geological Sciences
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