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Title BGS short communications 6
Ref no CG16/10
Author Institute of Geological Sciences.
Year of publication 1984
Abstract Contents: The palynology of the Tobar Ceann Siltstone Member, Staffin Shale Formation (Jurassic:. Callovian / Oxfordian), Strathaird, Southern Skye. BGS short communications 6. Linguaphillipsia cumbriensis sp.nov., from the Chonetes Shale. (Fifth Shale) of Cumbria (Trilobita, Dinantian).BGS short communications 6. The foraminifer Vaginulinopsis scalariformis-.-a new record from the Santonian (Cretaceous) of the southern North Sea Basin. BGS short communications 6. Metamorphism of the Ballantrae complex, south-west Scotland: a preliminary study. The Samburu-Marsabit geological mapping and mineral exploration project-.-a preliminary statement. BGS short communications 6. The value of LANDSAT imagery in regional mineral reconnaissance exploration-.-the Northumberland Trough: a brief case history. Preliminary Rb/Sr whole-rock results from the Garnfor intrusion on the Llyn Peninsula, North Wales.
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication London
Series BGS Reports
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