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Title Tertiary and post-Tertiary geology of Mull, Loch Aline, and Oban : (A description of parts of sheets 43,44,51 and 52 of the geological map)
Ref no DR043-44+51
Author Bailey. E.B.; Clough. C.T.; Wright. W.B.; Richey. J.E.; Wilson. G.V.; Seward. A.C.; Thomas. H.H.; Anderson. E.M.; Bosworth. T.O.; Burnett. G.A.; Ennos. F.R.; Holttum. R.E.Lee. G.W.; Lightfoot. B.; Maufe. H.B.; Radley. E.G.; Geological Survey of Great Britain. Scotland.
Year of publication 1924
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication Edinburgh
Series Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain (Scotland) (District)
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