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Title IGS short communications
Ref no CF82/01
Author Institute of Geological Sciences.
Year of publication 1982
Abstract Contents: Tuffaceous clays of the Widmerpool Formation, Lower Carboniferous near Weston. Underwood and in the IGS Duffield borehole, Derbyshire. The determination of copper, lead, zinc, cobalt and nickel in organic-rich geochemical exploration samples. Palaeogeological maps of the floors beneath two major unconformities in the Oxford-Newbury-Reading area. On the nature of Koleoceras Portlock, 1843. A rapid field method for the estimation of arsenic in soil and drill sludges. Gehlenite an exomorphic mineral from Carneal, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland Talc and aragonite from the Triassic halite deposits of the Burton Row borehole, Brent Knoll, Somerset. Petrography of the Little Whin Sill and Great Whin Sill, Crawleyside (H.1) borehole, Weardale, County Durham. The gravity expression of the Start Fault in Plymouth Bay Devonian strata in Scotland Clastic rocks within the Ballantrae complex: borehole evidence. The geology beneath the Lower Greensand/ Gault surface in the Vale of Wardour area Francolite-ooids from the Upper Lias (lower Jurassic) of the Upwood borehole,. Cambridgeshire. The basal London Clay and Lower London Tertiaries of Sheet TL41 (Harlow, Essex). The Pleistocene depositional history of the Norfolk-Suffolk borderlands. The Middle Sands, a prograding sandur succession, its significance in the glacial evolution of the Wrexham-Shrewsbury region. The Barby (IGS) borehole, near Daventry, Northamptonshire. The geology of Carno adit, Ebbw Vale, South Wales.
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication London
Series Report Institute of Geological Sciences
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