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Dictionary of building damage as a result of ground movement directly associated with a Karst Geohazard feature(s).

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 CODE Varchar(6) Primary key
2 DESCRIPTION Varchar(500)  
3 TRANSLATION Varchar(50)  
4 STATUS Char(1)  

Sample data (rows 1 to 11 of 11)

Hairline cracking, widths to 0.1mm. Not visible from outside.  Hairline Cracking  10-JUN-04   
Fine cracks, generally restricted to internal wall finishes: rarely visible in external brickwork. Typical crack widths up to 1mm. Generally not visible from outside.  Very slight damage  10-JUN-04   
Cracks nor necessarily visible externally, some external re-pointing may be required. Doors and windows may stick slightly. Typical crack widths up to 5mm. Difficult to record from outside.  Slight damage  10-JUN-04   
Cracks which can be patched by a builder. Re-pointing of external brickwork and possibly a small amount of brickwork to be replaced. Doors and windows sticking, slight tilt to walls, service pipes may fracture. Typical crack widths are 5 to 15mm, or several of say 3mm. Visible from outside.   Moderate damage  10-JUN-04   
Extensive damage that requires breaking out and replacing sections of walls, especially over doors and windows. Windows and door frames distorted, floors sloping noticeably; some loss of bearing in beams, distortion of structure. Service pipes disrupted. Typical crack widths are 15 to 25mm, but also depends on number of cracks.  Extensive damage  10-JUN-04   
Structural damage, which requires a major repair job, involving partial or complete rebuilding. Beams lose bearing capacity, walls lean badly and require shoring. Windows broken with distortion. Danger of instability. Typical crack widths are greater than 25mm, but depend on the number of cracks. Very obvious from outside.  Severe damage  10-JUN-04   
Partial collapse  Partial collapse  10-JUN-04   
Total collapse  Total collapse  10-JUN-04   
Not Available - Applicable but try as we might,we can't find a value.  Not Available  19-JUN-06   
Not Applicable  Not Applicable  19-JUN-06   
Not Entered - We haven't assigned a value yet  Not Entered  19-JUN-06