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Dictionary for the end uses (eg brick manufacture) of various mineral commodities (eg clays, shales, fireclays and sand).

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 END_USE_CODE Varchar(6) Primary key
2 END_USE_DESC Varchar(200)  
3 END_USE_NAME Varchar(78)  
6 GENERIC_CODE Varchar(6)  

Sample data (rows 1 to 20 of 141)

1108  Sand used in domestic or public buildings as a floor covering to absorb dirt  Floor Sand  04-JUL-06  04-JUL-06  1050 
1804  Stone cut for use as grinding stones, usually gritty sandstone, but finer grained rocks may be used for meterials other than corn.  Millstones  25-JAN-07  07-SEP-07   
1805  Flints knapped for use in flintlock firearms  Gun Flint  31-AUG-07     
214  Diatomaceous material, Keiselguhr, used in the manufacture of dynamite  Dynamite manufacture  12-SEP-07     
140  E.g. filter media, pipe bedding material, rock wool  Other uses  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
141  Drainage media commonly used in civil engineering  Filter drainage media  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
121  A road material consisting of graded aggregates coated with tar, bitumen or asphalt. Aggregate may be sold from a quarry for coating at a remote site  Coated roadstone  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
122  Coated roadstone  Bitmac  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
123  Coated roadstone  Tarmacadam  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
124  A road material suitable for use in the unbound form in a road structure  Uncoated roadstone  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
125  Uncoated roadstone laid and rolled  Macadam  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
126  Crushed rock used as lower layers of road material  Subbase  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
127  Coarse aggregate used for railway track formations  Railway ballast  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
130  Unbound aggregate used to provide bulk in civil engineering works  Constructional fill  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
131  Unbound aggregate used as common fill  Hoggin  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  1050 
132  Fines from crusher for unspecified use  Dust  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  2000 
210  General or unspecified use in the chemical industry  Chemical Industry  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  2100 
215  Direct use in a chemical process e.g. salt-in-brine, acid-grade fluorspar, sulphur  Chemical feedstock  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  2100 
220  Calcined limestone (quicklime, CaO)  Lime  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  2100 
230  Calcined dolomite (dolime, CaO MgO)  Dolime  29-FEB-00  11-APR-06  2100