Vocabularies — details


Dictionary table of terms available to applications as Glossary Entries. This is designed for use within the Technical Metadata application but could be adopted for use in other applications.

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 CODE Varchar(10) Primary key
2 GLOSS_CAT_CODE Varchar(10)  
3 TRANSLATION Varchar(50)  
4 DESCRIPTION Varchar(1024)  
7 STATUS Char(1)  

Sample data (rows 1 to 20 of 125)

META_ATTRI  METADATA  ATTRIBUTE  An item of non-reducible information (ie atomic) that serves to qualify, identify, classify, quantify or define the state of an entity. Usually occurs as a table field.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DATA  METADATA  DATA  Data are facts without semantic form, and are to be distinguished from information.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DATAI  METADATA  DATA ITEM  A singular instance of data, ie `datum?, or more familiarly, a single instance of an attribute.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DD  METADATA  DATA DICTIONARY  Also called a catalog. A system database that contains information about a user database, including lists of fields, data types and lengths, lists of tables, and other look-up tables.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DADMN  METADATA  DATA ADMINISTRATOR  The individual(s) with thorough knowledge of the data contained in the database or dataset. Responsible for data curation, but not for the data systems management or database design nor for any computer programming. (A sub-division of the previous general category `data manager`).  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DBAMN  METADATA  DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR  The person(s) responsible for managing the physical implementation of the database management system (dbms) on the available computer(s). Includes setting up user ids, allocating space on the computer disks, running backup and recovery procedures.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_APMAN  METADATA  APPLICATIONS MANAGER  A skilled SQL-programmer who maintains the structure of the database tables, and provides database application programs, usually for the Data Administrator. (A sub-division of the previous general category `data manager`).  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DATAM  METADATA  DATA MODEL  A representation of the information required by an organisation to function. It can include both digital and non-digital information.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DATAS  METADATA  DATA STANDARD  A standard to which the formal definitions of a data item must conform.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DBANK  METADATA  DATABANK  A BGS definition; a discrete aggregate of Oracle tables which collectively comprise a meaningful data set (ie Borehole data). This is a naming standard to impose meaning on what would otherwise be a large quantity of undifferentiated tables, and to assist in the allocation of management resources to that data.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DB  METADATA  DATABASE  Structured set of data most usually held in a computer, but can be any organised, discrete collection of data. A Database may contain several Databanks, which may contain several Tables.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DSET  METADATA  DATASET  A dataset is best considered as a collection or convenient grouping of data, or individual observations, so that the summary of the information will not be too misleading to others. The data has often been compiled for a specific business purpose or reused for a purpose not origionally envisaged.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DEMTA  METADATA  DETAILED METADATA  This is detailed information about the data themselves. It can be used to describe individual row (or records) or part of a row as well as a dataset itself.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DYMTA  METADATA  DISCOVERY METADATA  The minimum amount of information that is needed to describe a dataset so that a user can determine whether the data in the dataset will be of use to them. It is high-level, generalised information.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_DOMA  METADATA  DOMAIN  Strictly, an area of activity or control. This area may define by value the permissible variation for a given data item.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_ENTTY  METADATA  ENTITY  A distinct thing, or data object that identifies something of significance. An entity will be defined by possessing one or more attributes.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_FORKY  METADATA  FOREIGN KEY  A key which is identical to (and crucially dependent on) a primary key in another table, such as to enable the implementation of a one-to-many join between the two tables.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_INDEX  METADATA  INDEX  A cross-referencing mechanism for one or more fields in a database, usually a database table. It can be used to provide faster access to specified data, as well as being used to control uniqueness.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_INFO  METADATA  INFORMATION  The meaning derived from data through analysis, or the imposition of structure onto that data; a collected body of knowledge; data organised for purposeful use.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06 
META_INSTN  METADATA  INSTANCE  In dbms terms, it is the existence of a working copy of Oracle. The Oracle copies on KWDB and MHDB are each an `instances?. It is possible to have two or more instances of Oracle on one machine, each functioning entirely independently of the other.  06-OCT-05  10-FEB-06