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A dictionary of mineral working sites where minerals are stored, loaded, produced, unloaded or transported.

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 CODE Varchar(6) Primary key
2 DESCRIPTION Varchar(500)  
3 TRANSLATION Varchar(50)  
4 STATUS Char(1)  

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Not Available - Applicable but try as we might,we can't find a value.  Not Available  13-FEB-07   
Not Applicable  Not Applicable  13-FEB-07   
Not Entered - We haven't assigned a value yet  Not Entered  13-FEB-07   
A surface mineral working. It may be termed Quarry, Sand Pit, Clay Pit or Opencast Coal Site  Open-pit or surface workings  13-FEB-07  23-FEB-07 
OU  Working is partly surface and partly underground, working the same bodies for the same commodities   Open-pit and underground   13-FEB-07   
Power station which produces Desulphogypsum and, or, Pulverised Fuel Ash or Furnace Bottom Ash  Power Station  13-FEB-07  16-JUL-07 
A site where mineral commodities are unloaded from rail trucks and stored  Rail depot   13-FEB-07  23-FEB-07 
Working is wholly underground, access by shaft, adit or drift. Working may be termed Colliery, Mine, Drift Mine, Slant, Level, Adit or Ingoing Eye  Underground workings   13-FEB-07  04-OCT-07 
Sea, river or canal wharf where mineral commodities are unloaded and stored   Wharf   13-FEB-07   
Wooden troughs in which scrap iron was placed in order to precipitate copper metal from mine drainage water  Copper precipitation pit  16-JUL-07   
Steel works which produce Slags as a byproduct of blast furnace steel smelting  Steel Works  16-JUL-07  07-JAN-08 
Tip at a mine, quarry or other location from which mineral is being extracted. Working may be termed Slate Waste Tip, Shale Bing, Coal Tip or Coal Bing  Tip  11-OCT-07  11-OCT-07 
Wellsite, or other surface plant, extracting liquid or gas. Working may be for brine, oil or natural gas  Liquid or gas extraction  07-JAN-08  10-JAN-08 
Recycled material, construction and demolition materials recovered for use as secondary aggregates  Recycled  29-JAN-08