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Dictionary table.This Xref table cross references Dic XML Attribute Texts to the appropriate BGS Discovery Metadata Dictionary codes. It maps BGS codes to the equivalent XML Attribute texts.Note that an XML attribute text/value can have many equivalent BGS codes.Lack of an entry, resulting in no mapping across from BGS Dictionary to XML attribute text will result in data being IGNORED when the extraction program is run. This table is critical in the picking up of XML atrribute text values from Discovery Metadata dictionary values/codes.

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 METADATA_GUIDELINES_ID Numeric(22) Primary key
2 XML_ENTRY_NO Numeric(22)  
3 BGS_METADATA_CODE Varchar(4)  

Sample data (rows 1 to 20 of 145)

29  BO 
29  DI 
29  DT 
29  PA 
29  CD 
29  AC 
29  EX 
29  WD 
29  PM 
29  TP 
29  PT 
29  JL 
11  IM 
11  PT 
11  GP 
11  AT 
11  RA 
11  DG 
11  GB 
11  MD