Vocabularies — details


This table holds details of BGS's lexicon child codes and is part of a system that is used to export parts of the BGS Lexicon for external publication on the Internet.

No. Column name Data type Notes
1 COMPUTER_CODE Varchar(5) Primary key
2 DESCRIPTION Varchar(255)  
3 STATUS_CODE Varchar(20)  
4 MAP_CODE Varchar(20)  
5 MAX_AGE_CODE Varchar(25)  
6 MAX_AGE Varchar(1000)  
7 MIN_AGE_CODE Varchar(25)  
8 MIN_AGE Varchar(1000)  
10 LITH_DESC Varchar(4000)  
11 LWR_BOUNDARY Varchar(2000)  
12 UPPR_BOUNDARY Varchar(2000)  
13 THICKNESS Varchar(2000)  
14 GEO_LIMITS Varchar(2000)