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Brownstones Formation

Computer Code: BRS Preferred Map Code: Brs
Status Code: Full
Age range: Lochkovian Age (DO) — Emsian Age (DE)
Lithological Description: Red, brown and purple fluvial sandstones with red mudstone interbeds.
Definition of Lower Boundary: (1) Where sandstones become dominant over mudstone in the underlying St Maughans Formation. (2) At colour change from predominantly green sandstone of the Senni Beds below, to red of the Brownstones.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Where Upper Devonian or Lower Carboniferous beds overlie the Brownstones unconformably.
Thickness: To 1200m
Geographical Limits: South Wales and Welsh Borderlands, as far north as the Clee Hills.
Parent Unit: Cosheston Subgroup (COB)
Previous Name(s): Brownstones [Obsolete Name and Code: Use BRS] (-2640)
Red Sandstone Group (-671)
Monkey's Fold Formation (MFF)
Brownstone Group [Obsolete Name And Code: See BRS] (BRG)
Black Nore Sandstone Formation (BLNS)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  North face of Pen-y-fan. 
Type Area  Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons. 
Reference Section  Wilderness Quarry, Forest of Dean. 
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E216 E263 E262 E234 E232 E230 E231 E233 E181 E182 E180 E197 E214 E215 E229 E212 E213 E246