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Cadeby Formation

Computer Code: CDF Preferred Map Code: CdF
Status Code: Full
Age range: Guadalupian Epoch (PUG) — Lopingian Epoch (PUL)
Lithological Description: Dolostone, grey to buff grey, commonly oolitic or granular, with subordinate mudstone, dolomitic siltstone and sandstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: At base of dolostone or dolomitic siltstone, overlying organic-rich mudstone (Marl Slate) or where that is absent, Permian basal sands and breccias.
Definition of Upper Boundary: At upward transition (usually sharp) into Edlington Formation or, farther east in the subsurface, the Hayton Anhydrite.
Thickness: 0-100m
Geographical Limits: Crops out in Nottinghamshire, south Yorkshire, west Yorkshire and part of north Yorkshire. Thickens in subsurface to east. Dies out south of line from Nottingham to Grantham. Equivalent to Raisby Formation of Co. Durham.
Parent Unit: Zechstein Group (ZG)
Previous Name(s): Magnesian Limestone, Lower (Yorkshire/East Midlands) [Obsolete Name And Code: See CDF] (LMLY)
Permian Lower Marls [Obsolete Name And Code: Use CDF] (LPM)
Cadeby (Magnesian Limestone) Formation (-116)
Lower Magnesian Limestone (-757)
Alternative Name(s): Raisby Formation (County Durham)
Reference Section  Wetherby railway cutting (disused), Wetherby, North Yorkshire (Smith et al, 1986). 
Type Section  Cadeby Quarry, Cadeby, South Yorkshire (Smith et al, 1986) 
Smith, D B, Harwood, G M, Pattison, J and Pettigrew, T H. 1986. A revised nomenclature for Upper Permian strata in eastern England. 9-17 in Harwood, G M and Smith, D B (editors). The English Zechstein and Related Topics. Geological Society Special Publication No.22. 
1:50K maps on which the lithostratigraphical unit is found, and map code used:
E090 E042 E043 E082 E126 E087 E072 E081 E091 E115 E127 E078 E070 E142