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Dartry Limestone Formation

Computer Code: DARL Preferred Map Code: DARL
Status Code: Full
Age range: Asbian Substage (CR) — Asbian Substage (CR)
Lithological Description: Limestone, dark grey, argillaceous, sparsely fossiliferous with disseminated chert in tabular or nodular form; interbedded with thin, dark grey to black silty, micaceous shale.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Conformable and abrupt, planar or interdigitating with Glencar Limestone Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Disconformable with succeeding Meenymore Formation, locally erosional.
Thickness: Up to 350 m.
Geographical Limits: Northwest Carboniferous basin of Ireland.
Parent Unit: Tyrone Group (TYRO)
Previous Name(s): Upper Limestone (ULE)
Upper Limestone (ULE)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Extensively exposed on higher ground, major scarp-forming limestone and the central plateau of the Benbulben Range and Dartry Mountains, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Centred on Grid Square C 17 18. 
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