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Dinantian Rocks (Undifferentiated)

Computer Code: DINA Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Tournaisian Stage (CT) — Visean Stage (CV)
Lithological Description: DINA-SLAR: Interbedded sandstone, limestone and argillaceous beds - locally with conglomerates. DINA-LSSA: Interbedded limestone with subordinate sandstone and argillaceous beds. DINA-LMST: Dominated by limestones and locally dolostones.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Typically an unconformable boundary representing the base of Carboniferous strata, resting upon Lower Palaeozoic rocks.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Conformably overlain by Craven Group strata across North Wales, Midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Across northern England conformably overlain by the Yoredale Group. In Berkshire and Kent coalfields overlain unconformably by South Wales Coal Measures Group. In South Wales-Bristol area conformably overlain by the Marros Group. In East Anglia unconformably overlain by Permian strata (undifferentiated)and across much of southern England in subsurface overlain unconformably by Mercia Mudstone Group/Lias Group.
Thickness: Up to c. 2000 m in Peak District; up to c. 2100 m in Clitheroe area of south Pennines; c. 1100 m in south Cumbria; c. 350 m in west Cumbria; 55 m on Alston Block; c. 1100 m around Ravenstonedale; c. 900 m in Somerset Coalfield; up to 1000 m in southern England, South Wales and North Wales; 140 m in Kent Coalfield.
Geographical Limits: DINA-SLAR most extensively developed across North Pennines to North York Moors (equivalent with Ravenstonedale Group)and localised presence in subsurface of central Lancashire and Staffordshire. DINA-LSSA mainly present in subsurface across south and central Pennines, south Isle of Man (partly Craven Group), North Wales to West Midlands (equivalent with Clwyd Limestone and parts of Craven groups) and East Anglia (equivalent with Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup) Oxfordshire/Berkshire Coalfield and South Wales to Bristol (equivalent with Avon Group. DINA-LMST: Extensive across England and Wales, including south and west Cumbria, parts of County Down, Northern Ireland and north Isle of Man, the Yorkshire Dales, North and South Wales, the Peak District and the Bristol area (Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup).
Parent Unit: none recorded or not applicable
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): Ravenstonedale Group
Great Scar Limestone Group
Peak Limestone Group
Craven Group
Clwyd Limestone Group
Pembroke Limestone Group
Avon Group
none recorded or not applicable
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none recorded or not applicable