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Great Britain Superficial Deposits Supergroup

Computer Code: GBG Preferred Map Code: GBG
Status Code: Full
Age range: Paleogene Period (G) — Quaternary Period (Q)
Lithological Description: The Great Britain Superficial Deposits Supergroup is established for all natural superficial deposits including till (diamicton), sand, gravel, silt, clay and peat. Seven groups are defined: Crag Group: marine deposits, Pliocene - Pleistocene; Dunwich Group: mainly fluvial deposits of the ancestral Thames and Bytham rivers, early to mid-Pleistocene; Residual Deposits Group: including the Clay-with-flints, Paleocene - Pleistocene; British Coastal Deposits Group: coastal and marine deposits, Pliocene - Holocene, excluding formations of the Crag Group; Britannia Catchments Group: fluvial, organic and mass movement deposits, mid-Pleistocene - Holocene; Albion Glacigenic Group: glacigenic deposits, mid-Pleistocene (pre-Ipswichian); Caledonia Glacigenic Group: glacigenic deposits, Late Pleistocene (Devensian). Exceptionally, a formation may stand outside a group. A wide range of landforms from those associated with glacigenic processes to fluvial and marine terraces and planated surfaces. Palaeogene-Neogene (Tertiary) to Quaternary.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Generally sharp, unconformable contact with variably weathered bedrock of Neogene (Tertiary) age and older.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The ground surface.
Thickness: Up to 200 m in onshore Britain.
Geographical Limits: Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the Isle of Man together with adjacent offshore areas.
Parent Unit: Not Applicable (-)
Previous Name(s): Drift deposits [Obsolete Name and Code: Use GBG] (-3416)
Great Britain Glacigenic Supergroup [Obsolete Name and Code: Use GBG] (-1554)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Great Britain and the Isle of Man. See type areas and sections of component units at group, subgroup, formation, member and bed levels. 
McMillan, A A, Hamblin, R J O, and Merritt, J W. 2011. A lithostratigraphical framework for onshore Quaternary and Neogene (Tertiary) superficial deposits of Great Britain and the Isle of Man. British Geological Survey Research Report, RR/10/03. 343pp. 
McMillan, A A, Hamblin, R J O, and Merritt, J W. 2005. An overview of the lithostratigraphical framework for the Quarternary and Neogene deposits of Great Britain (onshore). British Geological Survey Research Report RR/04/04. 
McMillan, A A. 2005. A provisional Quaternary and Neogene lithostratigraphical framework for Great Britain. (Netherlands: Journal of Geosciences), 84-2, 87-107. 
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