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Grey Shale Member

Computer Code: GREY Preferred Map Code: GSh
Status Code: Full
Age range: Toarcian Age (JT) — Toarcian Age (JT)
Lithological Description: Mudstone and siltstone, grey, shaly, with layers of small calcareous and ferruginous nodules; fossiliferous, with common ammonites in upper beds; laminated and bituminous in parts
Definition of Lower Boundary: Conformable: base of mudstone resting upon ooidal limestone, ironstone or sideritic mudstone nodules of the Cleveland Ironstone Formation. Bed 43 on Bed 42 at Hawsker Bottoms; Bed 57 on Bed 56 at Port Mulgrave (bed numbers of Howarth, 1955).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Conformable: base of bituminous mudstone with large concretions (Mulgrave Shale Member) resting upon non-bituminous shaly mudstone. Bed 33 on Bed 32 at Hawsker Bottoms and Port Mulgrave (bed numbers of Howarth, 1955).
Thickness: 12 to 17m thick on the Yorkshire coast, thinning west and south to between 5 and 7m (Felixkirk and Brown Moor boreholes).
Geographical Limits: Cleveland Basin as far south as Acklam area, becomes indistinguishable southwards (see Supplementary Information).
Parent Unit: Whitby Mudstone Formation (WHM)
Previous Name(s): Grey Shale Series [Obsolete Name and Code: Use GREY] (-3442)
Grey Shales Formation [Obsolete Name and Code: Use GREY] (-2214)
Grey Shales [Obsolete Name and Code: Use GREY] (-1573)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Fully exposed in continuous foreshore at Port Mulgrave, North Yorkshire coast, 12 to 15m thick. Beds 57 to 60 and 1 to 32 of Howarth (1955). Simms et al. 2004, pp 281-293. 
Type Section  Fully exposed in cliffs and foreshore east of Hawsker Bottoms, North Yorkshire coast, between 16 and 17m thick. Beds 43 to 44 and 1 to 32 of Howarth (1955) Powell, 1984 (gives NGR of NZ 951 077); Simms et al. 2004, pp 262-271. 
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