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Home Farm Member

Computer Code: HFMB Preferred Map Code: HFM
Status Code: Full
Age range: Comley Series (EC) — Comley Series (EC)
Lithological Description: Basal quartzose conglomerate and calcareous sandstone overlain by maroon sandy limestones with siltstone layers, hardground surfaces and stromatolites. Shelly faunas locally abundant.
Definition of Lower Boundary: At base of the grey quartzose conglomerate or, where absent, the lower maroon carbonate-cemented sandstone. Sharpness of contact suggests a disconformity.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Sharp hardground surface, on which rests basal grey, glauconitic sandstone of Woodlands Member; a thin mudstone drape occurs locally.
Thickness: 1.5-2m in general area; 1.8m in type section.
Geographical Limits: From Nuneaton town centre, extending northwest for 5.2km to Worthington Farm, Mancetter (SP 3533 9199 - SP 3192 9572).
Parent Unit: Hartshill Sandstone Formation (CQ)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Northeast face of Woodlands Quarry, 200m north-north-west of Hartshill Green. 
Brasier, M D, Hewitt, R A and Brasier, C J, 1978. On the late Precambrian - Early Cambrian Hartshill Formation of Warwickshire. Geological Magazine, Vol.115/1, p.21-36. 
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none recorded or not applicable