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Hodder Mudstone Formation

Computer Code: HOM Preferred Map Code: HoM
Status Code: Full
Age range: Chadian Substage (CI) — Holkerian Substage (CQ)
Lithological Description: Predominantly grey to dark grey mudstone, with subordinate and variable detrital limestone, siltstone and sandstone. Mudmound reef (Waulsortian) limestones, limestone boulder conglomerates and breccias locally, near the base. Soft sediment deformation, slumps, debris flows and gravity slides are widespread.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The contact with the underlying Clitheroe Limestone Formation is unconformable and shows considerable regional overstep. Many sections show a sharp lithological change from pale grey wackestone limestone of the Clitheroe Limestone Formation to grey mudstone or, locally, limestone conglomerate.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Taken where grey mudstone with subordinate limestone, siltstone and sandstone, passes up into the pale olive and blue-grey to cream-coloured porcellanous mottled wackestone, of the Hodderense Limestone Formation.
Thickness: To 900m
Geographical Limits: Craven Basin, Lancaster [SD 46] to Skipton [SD 95].
Parent Unit: Craven Group (CRAV)
Previous Name(s): Worston Shales [Obsolete Code: Use WSG] (WRSH)
Nappa Shale And Limestone Member [Obsolete Name And Code: Part Of HOM] (NSL)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  The lowermost exposed beds are on the north bank of the River Hodder 1.8km eastnortheast of Doeford Bridge. The top of the formation is seen 4.8km to the southeast on the southwest bank of the river, 0.5km southeast of Higher Hodder Bridge. 
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