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Malvern Quartzite Formation

Computer Code: MCQ Preferred Map Code: MQ
Status Code: Full
Age range: Comley Series (EC) — Comley Series (EC)
Lithological Description: Pale grey, quartz-cemented sandstones and interbedded conglomerates. Conglomerates contain mainly quartz pebbles, but also Malverns Complex and volcanic lithologies.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Unconformable or in faulted contact with the Precambrian Malverns Complex.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Conformable junction with Hollybush Sandstone.
Thickness: Difficult to estimate, but possibly up to 60m (Worssam and others, 1989).
Geographical Limits: Malvern Hills area, Hereford and Worcester.
Parent Unit: Not Applicable (-)
Previous Name(s): Hollybush Quartzite And Conglomerate (-2314)
Cambrian Quartzite (-4184)
Alternative Name(s): Martley Quartzite = Malvern Quartzite.
Reference Section  Hollybush Quarry, Worssam and others, 1989. 
Type Area  West side of Malvern Hills. 
Reference Section  Southwest of Gullet Quarry, Worssam and others, 1989. 
Groom, T T, 1899. The geological structure of the southern Malvern Hills and of the adjacent areas to the west. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, Vol.55, p.129-169. 
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