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Stratheden Group

Computer Code: SAG Preferred Map Code: SAG
Status Code: Full
Age range: Late Devonian Epoch (DU) — Late Devonian Epoch (DU)
Lithological Description: Sandstone, mainly red-brown and yellow, partly pebbly; subordinate red-brown siltstone and mudstone; local thick conglomerates in the west.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Angular unconformity. Base of Stockiemuir Sandstone (Gargunnock Sandstone) Formation in Dumbarton-Stirling area, where this rests on Strathmore Group. Base of Burnside Sandstone Formation in Fife and Kinross, where this rests on the Arbuthnott Group. Stratheden Group rests on Strathmore Group in Arran. The 'Upper Old Red' at Milton Ness (Montrose area) is probably the Kinnesswood Formation and of Carboniferous age, although the Strathededen Group may be present in the subsurface.
Definition of Upper Boundary: At base of Kinnesswood Formation (incoming of common pedogenic carbonate); boundary normally transitional, locally unconformable in west of Midland Valley, marking base of Inverclyde Group.
Thickness: Up to about 1500m thick.
Geographical Limits: Midland Valley of Scotland, Arran to north-east Fife. Sheets 12, Arran 21, 22, 29, 30E, 30W, 38W, 38E, 39E, 39W, 39E, 40W, 40E, 48W, 48E, 49.
Parent Unit: Not Applicable (-)
Previous Name(s): Upper Old Red Sandstone (UORS)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Stratheden and Lomond Hills area, Fife, Scotland (see type sections of components: Burnside, Glenvale, Dura Den, Knox Pulpit, Clashbenny, Stockiemuir Sandstones, Kelly Burn Sandstone, Wemyss Bay Sandstone, and Fairlie Sandstone formations). 
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S012 S021 S030 S030 S038 S039 S038 S040 S040 S048 S049 S033 S033 S048 S039 S014 S022 S022 S029 S033 S057 S034 S338