Carboniferous spores part I

The 'Bernard Owens Collection' of single grain mount palynological slides:
Compiled by Mike Stephenson and Bernard Owens

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These pages contain information on the first 68 taxa of the Bernard Owens single mount palynology collection. The complete collection of 145 taxa will be released later. Because, websites do not have publication status, a formal publication has been produced in .pdf format in the British Geological Survey Research Report Series (RR/06/05) and is available as a free download. This report has been assigned an ISBN number and deposited with the copyright libraries. It has been reviewed by two referees internal to the BGS and two further independent and experienced palaeontologists. It is to the research report that bibliographical reference should be made in formal taxonomic research.

A 'professional' version with a number of further images of all species and detailed data concerning age, distribution, etc. is available on CD ROM and hard copy, primarily for the commercial sector, and can be purchased through the BGS. Please contact Dr Mike Stephenson at BGS

The collection

The collection of single grain mount slides which is partly illustrated here, is possibly the most important collection of single grain Late Palaeozoic palynomorphs in the world with over 145 taxa represented by many specimens (up to 25 specimens per taxon), showing a wide range of preservation and natural variation. The specimens were collected from localities worldwide but are most closely associated with the UK and north-west Europe. Many of the taxa illustrated and described are integral to the biozonation of the Carboniferous of north-west Europe published by Clayton et al. (1977) and to earlier regional biozonations of smaller stratigraphical intervals within the UK (Smith and Butterworth, 1967; Neves et al., 1972, 1973; Owens and Burgess, 1965; Owens et al., 1977).

Each single grain mount slide is associated with a unique BGS collections number prefixed with MPK. All slides are held in the BGS Palaeontology Collections at Keyworth, Nottingham. For information on the collection and on slide loans please contact Dr Mike Howe, Chief Curator, BGS, Keyworth phone 0115 936 3105.


The collection

Slides stored in drawer

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List of specimens

Sample details and sometimes description (where this adds to the concept of the taxon) are given alongside the photographed specimens. Each specimen has an MPK code that corresponds to a single slide that identifies it as part of the collection.

Taxon BGS collection number MPK
Angulisporites splendidus 7049-7055
Auroraspora macra 7475-7479, 7490
Bellispores nitidus 7762-7768
Cheiledonites major 7701-7702, 7705-7706, 7708
Cingulizonates bialatus 6977-6988
Cingulizonates capistratus 6958-6976
Cirratriradites saturni 7303-7309
Colatisporites decorus 7671-7672, 7674-7675, 7677
Convolutispora circumvallata 7421-7426
Convolutispora major 7192-7202
Crassispora aculeata 7013-7018
Crassispora kosankei 7001-7011
Crassispora maculosa 7074-7079
Crassispora trychera 7012
Densosporites anulatus 7655, 7659-7661, 7663-7664
Dictyotriletes fimbriatus 7593-7595, 7597-7598
Dictyotriletes muricatus 7583-7586
Endosporites zonalis 7499-7503
Grandispora lupata 7286-7296
Grandispora spinosa 7130-7135
Grumosisporites varioreticulatus 7623-7626, 7628
Grumosisporites verrucosus 7726-7730
Hystricosporites multifurcatus 7267-7268
Knoxisporites hederatus 7297-7302
Knoxisporites triangularis 7031-7036
Knoxisporites stephanephorus 7037-7048
Knoxisporites triradiatus 7715, 7717-7720
Kraeuselisporites echinatus 7056-7061
Kraeuselisporites hibernicus 7443-7448
Kraeuselisporites ornatus 7690-7693
Labiadensites fimbriatus 7257-7266
Lophozonotriletes malevkensis 7455-7465
Lycospora pusilla 7631, 7633-7638, 7640-7641, 7643
Murospora moniloformis 7230-7244
Murospora parthenopia 7165-7179
Radiizonates aligerens 6989-7000
Raistrickia clavata 7392-7403
Raistrickia condylosa 7415-7420
Raistrickia corynoges 7374-7379
Raistrickia fulva 7380-7391
Reinschospora speciosa 7432-7442
Remysporites magnificus 7511-7516
Reticulatisporites carnosus 7019-7030
Retispora lepidophyta 7124-7129
Rotaspora fracta 7569-7572
Rotaspora knoxi 7802-7804, 7806-7809
Schopfites claviger 7782-7787
Schulzospora campyloptera 7136-7146
Schulzospora ocellata 7180-7191
Schulzospora rara 7274-7285
Spelaeotriletes arenaceus 7147-7158
Spelaeotriletes balteatus 7112-7123
Spelaeotriletes cabotii 7738-7742
Spelaeotriletes giganteus 7253-7256
Spelaeotriletes owensi 7245-7252
Spinozonotriletes uncatus 7449, 7450
Torispora securis 7092-7111
Tripartites trilinguis 7559-7565, 7566
Tripartites vetustus 7555-7558, 7564
Triquitrites sculptilis 7215-7229
Triquitrites trivalvis 7750-7757
Umbonatisporites distinctus 7427
Umbonatisporites variabilis 7428-7431
Valatisporites agadesi 7340-7348
Vallatisporites drybrookensis 7080-7091
Vallatisporites hystricosus 7062-7072
Vallatisporites vallatus 7325-7339
Vallatisporites verrucosus 7310-7324