Onshore borehole material database

The BGS British onshore borehole collections contain approximately 15 000 boreholes, most of which are stored at Keyworth.

Borehole material is held in a number of different forms, please see the borehole material type key for further details.

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Database status

The database is complete, except for very recent receipts.

The information has been accumulated over many years and contains some inconsistencies and imperfections. Feedback on these is welcomed and should be directed to Dr M P A Howe.

Confidential boreholes

Some boreholes, especially recent hydrocarbon wells, are confidential and depths and sample details may not be given. If you require further information about these boreholes, contact kwcorestore@bgs.ac.uk for details of the owner. In a few cases, the precise map references are also confidential.

Enquiries about the collection of onshore & offshore core and other samples

Mr Scott Renshaw
Telephone: 0115 936 3228 or 3413
Fax: 0115 936 3276

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