Borehole materials search — help

How to search for borehole materials

The database may be searched by any of the following fields, either singly or in combination:

  • Borehole name
    Enter either the complete borehole name (e.g. Saltfleetby 1), or the first part (e.g. Saltfleetby).
  • 1:50k geological map sheet
    Use the drop down list to select a sheet.
  • 1:10k topographical map sheet
    Enter a 10k quarter sheet (e.g. TQ23SE). 'TQ23' and 'TQ' may also be used for increasingly wider searches.
  • Depth (metres)
    Use the 'greater than/smaller than' box together with a depth in metres to look for particularly deep or shallow boreholes.

Search results

The search will return a summary screen. Each entry may then be displayed in detail by clicking on 'full'.

The summary screen displays the official BGS borehole name. The official registration number is given under the map reference and is of the form '10k quarter sheet / accession number' e.g. ST68SW/2 is the second borehole to have been registered on 1:10k topographical map sheet ST68SW. The borehole depth (in metres) is also given.

Sample types are indicated by a series of icons and the depth range of samples held is also indicated (in metres).

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