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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Rock Collections

Sample ids Locality Sample number Donor Year Rock name
E608 Clogwyn-dur-Arddu, Snowdon E608 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Banded Felsite'
E1586 Cwm above Glaslyn, Snowdon E1586 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E22168 Dawlish Beach. E22168 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
E21830 Highweek, Newton Abbot. E21830 * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E21831 Knowle Hill, Newton Abbot. E21831 * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E21846 Labrador. E21846 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E21885 Below Highweek Church Road. E21885 * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E1574 S slope of Cader Idris E1574 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1575 N shore of Llyn Cau. S of Cader Idris E1575 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1576 Cliff, S of Llyn Cau. S of Cader Idris E1576 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E324 Mynydd Gader E324 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E27700; COLLNO2; N side of Teifi Estuary. 1.5 ml S of Gwbert Hotel E27700; COLLNO2; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E325 Below Cader top on N side E325 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1557 Near 1st Greenstone, W of Dolgelly E1557 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1559 Beyond 1st ml. Stone. W of Dolgelly E1559 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1567 Penrhyn Gwyn Qry. N slope of Cader Idris E1567 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1568 Penrhyn Gwyn Qry. N slope of Cader Idris E1568 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S77302; COLLNOKX461; 290m SE of cairn on Lary Hill. S77302; COLLNOKX461; * Paragneiss.
E1488 Near Inner Forward Point. Kingswear Coast E1488 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: ? Aphanite'
E1489 Near Waterhead Brake. NE of Kingswear E1489 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Aphanite'
E1492 SE of Harbertonford E1492 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Aphanite'
E3076 S end of Black Pool Sands E3076 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Rhyolitic Felsite'
E21775 Withnoe E21775 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E21960 Withnoe E21960 * Porphyry; Rhyolite;. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Rhyolite Or Felsite'
E19317; COLLNO9; Clicker Tor Qry. Menheniot Station E19317; COLLNO9; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E3037 Longbridge Deverill E3037 * Phosphatic Sediments And Phosphorites. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Nodule'
E4329; E4329/A; LABNO231; NEG364M; SW of Molenick. Nr. Criffle Mill E4329; E4329/A; LABNO231; NEG364M; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Picrite'
E5374; E5374/A; Tucker Mill Head. S of Cornwood E5374; E5374/A; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Sheared Felsite'
E5436 Near Donore E5436 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E1085 Rattery Qry. E1085 * Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Vesicular Calcareous Tuff'
E1088 Brent Hill, Se of Dartmoor E1088 * Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Tuff ?'
E1089 Rattery E1089 * Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Tuff ?'
E1820 W of Wastor E1820 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Banded Felsite'
E1821 W of Wastor Wood E1821 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Banded Felsite'
E1822 W of Wastor Wood E1822 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Banded Felsite'
E1823 W of Wastor Wood E1823 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Nodular Felsite'
E1824 W of Wastor Wood E1824 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Banded Felsite'
E1825 W of Wastor Wood E1825 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1826 S of Shearlangston E1826 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Spherulitic Felsite'
E1827 Tor Rock Nr. Saltacrease E1827 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Spherulitic Felsite'
E1828 Whimpston Wood E1828 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Spherulitic Felsite'
E1846 N of Kingsbridge. Putshill Cops. NE of Woodleigh E1846 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Sheared Felsite'
E1847 N of Kingsbridge. Putshill Cops. NE of Woodleigh E1847 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1848 N of Kingsbridge. Putshill Cops. NE of Woodleigh E1848 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E4356; MR11719; Menheniot Station (Clicker Tor) E4356; MR11719; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S78911; COLLNOGX1133; Burn of Tornahaish, 300m S of Wade's Bridge S78911; COLLNOGX1133; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E1854 Whetcombe Qry. Kingsbridge Road Station E1854 * Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Diabase Tuff'
E17315; COLLNOTJ1398; Withnoe Qry. 1/4 ml S of Withnoe Farm E17315; COLLNOTJ1398; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Orthoclase Biotite Porphyry'
E17316; COLLNOTJ1402; Watergate Qry. 300 yds N of Kingsand Chapel E17316; COLLNOTJ1402; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Biotite Felsite'
E17317; COLLNOTJ1405; Bridgmoor Farm Qry. 1 ml NW of Millbrook E17317; COLLNOTJ1405; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Biotite Felsite'
S81809; COLLNOMY1145; Water Aven 300m ENE of confluence with Corlach Burn S81809; COLLNOMY1145; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81622; COLLNOYR2728; Inshriach S81622; COLLNOYR2728; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81625; COLLNOYR2732; Mucherach S81625; COLLNOYR2732; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81807; COLLNOMY1143; Water Aven 350m ENE of confluence with Hawksnest Burn S81807; COLLNOMY1143; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S98516; COLLNOFY1471; Elrich Burn S98516; COLLNOFY1471; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98500; COLLNOFY1454; Elrich Burn S98500; COLLNOFY1454; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81952; COLLNOLY442; Geag a' Chrocain S81952; COLLNOLY442; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81964; COLLNOLY454; W side of Loch Brandy S81964; COLLNOLY454; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98404; COLLNOSMS177; N bank R.Dulnain S98404; COLLNOSMS177; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98405; COLLNOSMS178; SE bank R.Dulnain S98405; COLLNOSMS178; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81950; S81950/A; S81950/B; COLLNOLY440; Geag a' Chrocain S81950; S81950/A; S81950/B; COLLNOLY440; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98467; COLLNOFY1421; R.Findhorn S98467; COLLNOFY1421; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98471; COLLNOFY1425; 500m WSW from bridge on to Allt Calder S98471; COLLNOFY1425; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S98406; COLLNOSMS179; Meltwater channel N of Creag Bhundle S98406; COLLNOSMS179; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98407; COLLNOSMS180; 250m SW of cairn S98407; COLLNOSMS180; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98408; COLLNOSMS181; 250m SW of cairn S98408; COLLNOSMS181; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98410; COLLNOSMS183; SE flank of Ceag Bheag S98410; COLLNOSMS183; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98391; COLLNOLY1047; 250m W of Loch Coire Cheap S98391; COLLNOLY1047; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98394; COLLNOSMS167; R.Nairn S98394; COLLNOSMS167; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98395; S98395/a; S98395/b; COLLNOSMS168; Crags 410m NW of Cnocan Trumpain S98395; S98395/a; S98395/b; COLLNOSMS168; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98398; COLLNOSMS171; Caochan Duine at confluence S98398; COLLNOSMS171; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98399; COLLNOSMS172; SW of Alvie Estate Track S98399; COLLNOSMS172; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98401; COLLNOSMS174; Minor hill W of Alvie Estate Track S98401; COLLNOSMS174; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98380; COLLNOLY1036; 150m SW of Loch Coire Cheap S98380; COLLNOLY1036; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81628; COLLNOYR2735; Mast S81628; COLLNOYR2735; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98504; COLLNOFY1458; Elrich Burn S98504; COLLNOFY1458; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81965; COLLNOLY455; W side of Loch Brandy S81965; COLLNOLY455; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81966; COLLNOLY456; W side of Loch Brandy S81966; COLLNOLY456; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81956; S81956/A; S81956/B; COLLNOLY446; Creag Shaille S81956; S81956/A; S81956/B; COLLNOLY446; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81942; COLLNOLY432; 600m NE of Green Hill S81942; COLLNOLY432; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81948; COLLNOLY438; E end of Craig of Davie S81948; COLLNOLY438; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81949; COLLNOLY439; R.Findhorn S81949; COLLNOLY439; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81928; S81928/A; S81928/B; COLLNOLY418; Allt na Fuar ghlave S81928; S81928/A; S81928/B; COLLNOLY418; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81930; COLLNOLY420; Allt na Faur-ghlave S81930; COLLNOLY420; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81935; COLLNOLY425; 570m WNW of Carn Dar-riacl S81935; COLLNOLY425; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S81917; COLLNOLY407; Gleann Seileach S81917; COLLNOLY407; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98419; COLLNOSMS192; Allt Feathin 110m NE of bothy S98419; COLLNOSMS192; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98421; COLLNOSMS194; R.Feathin S98421; COLLNOSMS194; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98422; COLLNOSMS195; Creag an Loin S98422; COLLNOSMS195; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98423; COLLNOSMS196; Creag an Loin S98423; COLLNOSMS196; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98415; COLLNOSMS188; S summit of Bad Each, 480m N of bothy S98415; COLLNOSMS188; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98269; COLLNOWX1296; Dail Fheannach, Glen Tilt S98269; COLLNOWX1296; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98637; COLLNOZD931; 530m 282deg from Parkhead S98637; COLLNOZD931; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S98539; COLLNOFY1495; Allt Deamhaidh S98539; COLLNOFY1495; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S98526; COLLNOFY1482; NNW flank of Calpa Mor S98526; COLLNOFY1482; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S96881; COLLNOZH4149; 490m E of Welton of Creuches S96881; COLLNOZH4149; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S81898; COLLNOLY388; Burn of Whitehill S81898; COLLNOLY388; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81899; COLLNOLY389; Burn of Whitehill S81899; COLLNOLY389; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81903; COLLNOLY393; Water of Unidh S81903; COLLNOLY393; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81891; COLLNOLY381; 170m N/W of Lochanlvie S81891; COLLNOLY381; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81892; COLLNOLY382; 400m W/S of Lochanlvie S81892; COLLNOLY382; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S97112; COLLNOYW2148; Allt a' Ghiubhais S97112; COLLNOYW2148; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97358; COLLNOGX1614; Port Liath 620m W of Kilmory S97358; COLLNOGX1614; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81887; COLLNOLY377; Craig Burn S81887; COLLNOLY377; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
COLLNOPY355; MC5616; Auchenblae road bridge over Cheyne Burn COLLNOPY355; MC5616; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81881; COLLNOLY371; 400m ENE of Whee S81881; COLLNOLY371; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98654; COLLNOZD950; Parkhall Burn, 1100m 336deg from Maidengill S98654; COLLNOZD950; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S98274; COLLNOWX1301; Allt na Caillich, E flank S98274; COLLNOWX1301; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S98275; COLLNOWX1302; Allt Fheannach, W flank S98275; COLLNOWX1302; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97119; COLLNOYW2155; NW side of Garbh Choire S97119; COLLNOYW2155; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97120; COLLNOYW2156; N side of Garbh Choire S97120; COLLNOYW2156; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97121; COLLNOYW2158; E of Dubh Lochan S97121; COLLNOYW2158; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S98644; COLLNOZD940; 70m 178deg from summit of Brown Hill S98644; COLLNOZD940; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S81918; COLLNOLY408; Allt an Tairbhidh S81918; COLLNOLY408; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81921; COLLNOLY411; Meall Mor S81921; COLLNOLY411; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81925; COLLNOLY415; S side of Carn na Ieinne S81925; COLLNOLY415; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81848; COLLNOLY338; Ridge N of Blowen Holm S81848; COLLNOLY338; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
COLLNO2; ED7345; BOTSWANA. COLLNO2; ED7345; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81915; S81915/A; S81915/B; COLLNOLY405; 800m NNE of Glen Kirk S81915; S81915/A; S81915/B; COLLNOLY405; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81906; COLLNOLY396; Water of Lee S81906; COLLNOLY396; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S81907; COLLNOLY397; S slopes of Wolf Craig S81907; COLLNOLY397; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81910; COLLNOLY400; A9 1km S/W of Meall Mor S81910; COLLNOLY400; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S81913; COLLNOLY403; Allt na Fuar-ghlaic S81913; COLLNOLY403; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81894; COLLNOLY384; Burn of Adielinn S81894; COLLNOLY384; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97155; COLLNOPY368; Cowie Water S97155; COLLNOPY368; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S97338; COLLNOLY994; 500m NNE of Meall Buidhe S97338; COLLNOLY994; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97340; COLLNOLY996; Meall Buidhe S97340; COLLNOLY996; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96989; COLLNOSR286; Cliff top above Wreck Bay, Rum S96989; COLLNOSR286; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S96990; COLLNOSR303; Lighthouse, Oigh-sgeir S96990; COLLNOSR303; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S96992; COLLNOSR318; Meall Breac, Rum S96992; COLLNOSR318; *; *; Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97330; COLLNOLY986; NE edge of Meall na Bracldlach S97330; COLLNOLY986; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97331; COLLNOLY987; Allt Mhainisteir S97331; COLLNOLY987; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97317; COLLNOLY973; 500m SW of Meall Each S97317; COLLNOLY973; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97321; COLLNOLY977; 750m SE of Mullach Dairath S97321; COLLNOLY977; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97322; COLLNOLY978; Allt Meall Each (S slope) S97322; COLLNOLY978; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98118; COLLNOSMS131; Small quarry N of A9 road S98118; COLLNOSMS131; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98105; COLLNOSMS118; N flank of An Suidhe S98105; COLLNOSMS118; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98090; COLLNOSMS103; Crag W of trail S98090; COLLNOSMS103; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98092; COLLNOSMS105; 360m N of cairn, W of Dunachton S98092; COLLNOSMS105; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98093; COLLNOSMS106; 360m N of cairn, W of Dunachton S98093; COLLNOSMS106; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96997; COLLNOSR381; N end of Meall Breac, Rum S96997; COLLNOSR381; *; *; Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97324; COLLNOLY980; All Liath nam Baden S97324; COLLNOLY980; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97325; COLLNOLY981; 180m SE of E end of Loch Coire Chuir S97325; COLLNOLY981; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97309; COLLNOLY965; 300m E of Geag a' Chuir S97309; COLLNOLY965; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98383; COLLNOLY1039; Coire Cheap S98383; COLLNOLY1039; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98384; COLLNOLY1040; Coire Cheap S98384; COLLNOLY1040; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98390; COLLNOLY1046; Coire an Iubhair Mor S98390; COLLNOLY1046; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98386; COLLNOLY1042; Coire Cheap S98386; COLLNOLY1042; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98388; COLLNOLY1044; Top of W wall of Coire Cheap S98388; COLLNOLY1044; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Schist'
S81860; COLLNOLY350; 650m S of Loch Whanal S81860; COLLNOLY350; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81863; COLLNOLY353; Burn of Heughs S81863; COLLNOLY353; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81864; COLLNOLY354; Burn of Heughs S81864; COLLNOLY354; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81865; COLLNOLY355; Burn of Heughs S81865; COLLNOLY355; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81866; COLLNOLY356; Burn of Fleurs S81866; COLLNOLY356; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98298; COLLNOGX1621; W burn draining Coire na Coichille S98298; COLLNOGX1621; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98304; COLLNOGX1627; Allt Coire na Coichille S98304; COLLNOGX1627; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98305; COLLNOGX1628; Allt Coire na Coichille S98305; COLLNOGX1628; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98166; COLLNO36; NE flanks of Cnocantiupain S98166; COLLNO36; *; *; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S96949; COLLNOMY1507; Tilbouries Burn 20m upstream of new bridge on B9077 S96949; COLLNOMY1507; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96950; COLLNOMY1508; Edge of wood 400m E of Altrices House S96950; COLLNOMY1508; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96940; COLLNOMY1498; In stream at fence, 220m E of Smallburn (ruined croft) S96940; COLLNOMY1498; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97310; COLLNOLY966; 300m E of Geag a' Chuir S97310; COLLNOLY966; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97125; COLLNO4; Whiting Burn S97125; COLLNO4; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97126; COLLNO5; Burn of Finglennie S97126; COLLNO5; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97127; COLLNO6; Burn of Finglennie S97127; COLLNO6; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97128; COLLNO7; Cowie Water track S97128; COLLNO7; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98296; COLLNOGX1619; Lower centre part of Coire Sgoir S98296; COLLNOGX1619; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98297; COLLNOGX1620; Lower centre part of Coire Sgoir S98297; COLLNOGX1620; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98292; COLLNOWX1319; Allt na h-Easg Leathain S98292; COLLNOWX1319; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S98095; COLLNOSMS108; Minor hill NE of Cnoc na Tiumpan S98095; COLLNOSMS108; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98096; COLLNOSMS109; Minor hill 350m S of Dunachton trail S98096; COLLNOSMS109; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98098; COLLNOSMS111; 170m SW of cairn, W of Dunachton trail S98098; COLLNOSMS111; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98081; COLLNOSMS94; Summit of minor hill 900m SE of Gabh Mheall S98081; COLLNOSMS94; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98082; COLLNOSMS95; S of Gabh Mheall S98082; COLLNOSMS95; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98083; COLLNOSMS96; Crag 200m SE of Gabh Mheall S98083; COLLNOSMS96; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98088; COLLNOSMS101; Small outcrop SE flanks of Cnoc na Tiumpan S98088; COLLNOSMS101; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96973; COLLNOSR209; SE side of Beinn nan Stac, Rum S96973; COLLNOSR209; *; *; Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97129; COLLNO8; Corsebauld Quarry S97129; COLLNO8; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97130; COLLNO9; Burn of Annamuick S97130; COLLNO9; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97131; COLLNO10; Burn of Annamuick S97131; COLLNO10; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97122; COLLNO1; Elfhill S97122; COLLNO1; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97123; COLLNO2; Elfhill S97123; COLLNO2; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97124; COLLNO3; Whiting Burn S97124; COLLNO3; *; *; Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98372; COLLNOLY1028; Allt Coire Cheap S98372; COLLNOLY1028; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98373; COLLNOLY1029; Allt Coire Cheap S98373; COLLNOLY1029; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Schist'
S98375; COLLNOLY1031; Allt Coire Cheap S98375; COLLNOLY1031; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98279; COLLNOWX1306; Ridge above Torran na Caillich S98279; COLLNOWX1306; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98370; COLLNOLY1026; 1.8km NE of Beinn a' Chlachair S98370; COLLNOLY1026; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98280; COLLNOWX1307; Top of gully, 200m NE of end of Creag Mhor S98280; COLLNOWX1307; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96941; COLLNOMY1499; Little Carewe Hill 850m SW of Borrowfield S96941; COLLNOMY1499; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98157; COLLNO27; N bank of R.Dalmain S98157; COLLNO27; *; *; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98162; COLLNO32; Allt Mor, 230m upstream of bothy S98162; COLLNO32; *; *; Pseudotachylite. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Mylonite'
S98122; COLLNOSMS135; Allt Mor, 190m upstream from bothy S98122; COLLNOSMS135; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98123; COLLNOSMS136; Allt Mor, 190m upstream from bothy S98123; COLLNOSMS136; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98125; COLLNOSMS138; Caochan Easg'an Lochain S98125; COLLNOSMS138; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98126; COLLNOSMS139; Caochan Dubh S98126; COLLNOSMS139; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98344; COLLNOJXX210; Beinn a 'Chachair S98344; COLLNOJXX210; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97401; COLLNOETS226; 980m N 28deg W of Dry Burn/Gass Water junction S97401; COLLNOETS226; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S98329; COLLNOJXX194; Strathmashie Forest S98329; COLLNOJXX194; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98330; COLLNOJXX195; Loch Ericht Forest S98330; COLLNOJXX195; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S98357; COLLNOLY1013; SE slopes Creag Pitridh S98357; COLLNOLY1013; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98358; COLLNOLY1014; W slopes Geal Charn S98358; COLLNOLY1014; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98360; COLLNOLY1016; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S98360; COLLNOLY1016; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98361; COLLNOLY1017; 400m W of Loch a' Bhealaiel Leanlain S98361; COLLNOLY1017; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98363; COLLNOLY1019; 400m S of W end of Loch a' Bhealaiel Leanlain S98363; COLLNOLY1019; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98364; COLLNOLY1020; 400m S of W end of Loch a' Bhealaiel Leanlain S98364; COLLNOLY1020; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S98127; COLLNOSMS140; Caochan Dubh S98127; COLLNOSMS140; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98128; S98128/A; S98128/B; COLLNOSMS141; Caochan Dubh S98128; S98128/A; S98128/B; COLLNOSMS141; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98110; COLLNOSMS123; Leault Burn 100m from Farmhouse S98110; COLLNOSMS123; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98111; COLLNOSMS124; Leault Burn 100m from Farmhouse S98111; COLLNOSMS124; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98075; COLLNOSMS88; NW summit of Meall a'Chocaire S98075; COLLNOSMS88; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98077; COLLNOSMS90; Minor summit N of Creag Righ Tharaill S98077; COLLNOSMS90; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S98078; COLLNOSMS91; Allt na Baranachd S98078; COLLNOSMS91; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S98312; S98312/a; S98312/b; COLLNOGX1635; Lower N part of Coire Sgoir S98312; S98312/a; S98312/b; COLLNOGX1635; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOPY391; MC5614; Glen Ury distillery COLLNOPY391; MC5614; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOPY400; MC5615; Stonehaven by-pass COLLNOPY400; MC5615; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97286; COLLNOJXX121; Allt Tarsuinn Mor S97286; COLLNOJXX121; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97287; COLLNOJXX127; Spay Dam S97287; COLLNOJXX127; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97281; COLLNOGX1610; Bay immediately E of Castle Point, by Portsoy S97281; COLLNOGX1610; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S97040; COLLNODU5696A; NNW of Hallival, Rum S97040; COLLNODU5696A; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97042; COLLNODU5698; N of Hallival, Rum S97042; COLLNODU5698; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97043; COLLNODU9854; W of Loch Sgaorishal, Rum S97043; COLLNODU9854; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97044; COLLNODU9856; N of Minishal, Rum S97044; COLLNODU9856; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97045; COLLNODU9858; Bridge over Allt Bealach Mhic Neill, Rum S97045; COLLNODU9858; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S97277; COLLNOFY1397; Creag Dubh S97277; COLLNOFY1397; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97085; COLLNOHE7456; Rudh' an Tancaird, Eigg S97085; COLLNOHE7456; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S82109; COLLNOGY721; N of Clatteringshaws S82109; COLLNOGY721; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97236; COLLNOSMS81; Allt Beag stream section S97236; COLLNOSMS81; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97237; COLLNOSMS82; Caochan Beac S97237; COLLNOSMS82; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97240; COLLNOSMS85; Brin Rock S97240; COLLNOSMS85; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82100; COLLNOGY712; Airie Bennom S82100; COLLNOGY712; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82101; COLLNOGY713; NW of Maggot Hill S82101; COLLNOGY713; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97062; COLLNODU23765; Allt Slugain a'Choilich, Rum S97062; COLLNODU23765; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S97018; COLLNOSR533; c. 600m S of Papadil Lodge, Rum S97018; COLLNOSR533; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S97302; COLLNOJXX190; Meall Mor, Ben Alder Forest S97302; COLLNOJXX190; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97231; COLLNOSMS76; Creag nam Ba S97231; COLLNOSMS76; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97290; COLLNOJXX175; Strathmashie S97290; COLLNOJXX175; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97291; COLLNOJXX179; Carn Fraoich S97291; COLLNOJXX179; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97293; COLLNOJXX181; Red Burn, Glen markie S97293; COLLNOJXX181; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97295; COLLNOJXX183; Carn Burn, above Sherramore S97295; COLLNOJXX183; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96792; COLLNOPY174; Cowie Water S96792; COLLNOPY174; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96793; COLLNOPY188; Burn of Finglennie S96793; COLLNOPY188; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96794; COLLNOPY121; Burn of Finglennie S96794; COLLNOPY121; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82145; COLLNOGY757; NE of Dromore S82145; COLLNOGY757; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S97298; COLLNOJXX186; Allt a'Chaoil-Reidhe S97298; COLLNOJXX186; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S97074; COLLNOEA1; E end of Cora Bheinn, Eigg S97074; COLLNOEA1; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S97075; COLLNOEA28; Near Grulin, Eigg S97075; COLLNOEA28; *; *; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97077; COLLNOEA48; NNW of An Corrach, Eigg S97077; COLLNOEA48; *; *; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97078; COLLNOEA55; N Eigg S97078; COLLNOEA55; *; *; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S97080; COLLNOHE7406; Beinn Tighe, Eigg S97080; COLLNOHE7406; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S97009; S97009/A; S97009/B; S97009/C; S97009/D; COLLNOSR490; Bidean Boideach, Eigg S97009; S97009/A; S97009/B; S97009/C; S97009/D; COLLNOSR490; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S97010; COLLNOSR492; S of Laig Gorge, Eigg S97010; COLLNOSR492; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S97012; COLLNOSR505; Near North pier, Galmisdale, Eigg S97012; COLLNOSR505; *; *; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S96998; COLLNOSR389; NNW of Hallival, Rum S96998; COLLNOSR389; *; *; Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S96895; COLLNOBRS1040; 6.2km SE of Shawhead S96895; COLLNOBRS1040; *; *; Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82306; COLLNOCX2519; Crathie Burn 220m from bridge S82306; COLLNOCX2519; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82307; COLLNOCX2520; Crathie Burn 220m from bridge S82307; COLLNOCX2520; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82277; COLLNOCX2484; 500m ESE of bridge over Girnoch Burn S82277; COLLNOCX2484; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82054; COLLNOCX2290; Camlet, 25m SW of fence S82054; COLLNOCX2290; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82056; COLLNOCX2292; Base of cliff, 100m N of cairn on Sgor an`h-Iolaire summit S82056; COLLNOCX2292; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82058; S82058/A; COLLNOCX2294; 200m N of stream, E side of Creag nam Bah S82058; S82058/A; COLLNOCX2294; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82060; COLLNOCX2296; 70m WNW of fence junction S82060; COLLNOCX2296; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82045; COLLNOCX2281; 400m SSE of Corby Hall S82045; COLLNOCX2281; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82047; COLLNOCX2283; 250m WSW of track junction S82047; COLLNOCX2283; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82053; COLLNOCX2289; Camlet, 150m NE of bend in deer fence S82053; COLLNOCX2289; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Schist'
S82488; COLLNORY530; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82488; COLLNORY530; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82490; COLLNORY532; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82490; COLLNORY532; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96812; COLLNOHY923; S end of Perthumie Bay S96812; COLLNOHY923; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96813; COLLNOHY924; Central Perthumie Bay S96813; COLLNOHY924; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96814; COLLNOHY925; Central Perthumie Bay S96814; COLLNOHY925; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96815; COLLNOHY926; Central Perthumie Bay S96815; COLLNOHY926; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96816; COLLNOHY927; N end of Perthumie Bay S96816; COLLNOHY927; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96775; COLLNOSCX170; Cliff, E side of Devilly Burn 70m 082deg from Clattering Bridge S96775; COLLNOSCX170; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96776; COLLNOSCX171; Cliff, E bank of Devilly Burn 100m 090deg from Clattering Bridge S96776; COLLNOSCX171; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96779; COLLNOSCX174; Roadside cutting 120m 163deg from Clattering Bridge S96779; COLLNOSCX174; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96802; COLLNOHY913; Craigeven Bay, Stonehaven S96802; COLLNOHY913; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96804; COLLNOHY915; N end, Skatie Shore, Stonehaven S96804; COLLNOHY915; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82491; COLLNORY533; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82491; COLLNORY533; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82492; COLLNORY534; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82492; COLLNORY534; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82493; COLLNORY535; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82493; COLLNORY535; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82477; COLLNORY519; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82477; COLLNORY519; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82673; COLLNOMY1152; Water of Charr, 400m SW of its confluence with Crammint Grains S82673; COLLNOMY1152; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82674; COLLNOMY1153; Gormack Burn, 50m SE of its confluence with Water of Charr S82674; COLLNOMY1153; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82675; COLLNOMY1154; Gormack Burn, 50m SE of its confluence with Water of Charr S82675; COLLNOMY1154; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82679; COLLNOMY1158; Short Gormack Burn, 350m SSW of its confluence with Long Gormack Burn S82679; COLLNOMY1158; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96952; COLLNOHY929; Bottom of Limpet Burn S96952; COLLNOHY929; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96953; COLLNOHY930; Centre of Bay, N of Limpet Burn S96953; COLLNOHY930; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96954; COLLNOHY931; A90 road cut, SE side, Magray Hill S96954; COLLNOHY931; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96956; COLLNOHY933; Castle rock of Muchalls S96956; COLLNOHY933; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96957; COLLNOHY934; Castle rock of Muchalls S96957; COLLNOHY934; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96960; COLLNOHY937; Hall Bay S96960; COLLNOHY937; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96961; COLLNOHY938; Perthurie Bay S96961; COLLNOHY938; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82038; COLLNOCX2274; Base of slope, Creag nan Dan S82038; COLLNOCX2274; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82026; COLLNOCX2260; 200m SE of bend in forest fence S82026; COLLNOCX2260; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82029; COLLNOCX2263; 500m NE of Boraglie S82029; COLLNOCX2263; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82013; COLLNOCX2245; 850m ENE of Abergeldie Cottage S82013; COLLNOCX2245; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96786; COLLNOPY337; Cowton Burn/Rikarton S96786; COLLNOPY337; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82280; COLLNOCX2488; 550m SE of bridge over Girnoch Burn S82280; COLLNOCX2488; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82672; COLLNOMY1151; Water of Charr, 200m SW of its confluence with Crammint Grains S82672; COLLNOMY1151; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82400; COLLNOMB144; Gedloch Quarry S82400; COLLNOMB144; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82274; COLLNOCX2481; 300m ESE of bridge over Girnoch Burn S82274; COLLNOCX2481; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82275; COLLNOCX2482; 300m ESE of bridge over Girnoch Burn S82275; COLLNOCX2482; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82383; COLLNOMB83; Burn of Rathes, in N bank above waterfall(200m) S82383; COLLNOMB83; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82078; COLLNOCX2317; 220m NW of Loinvey, Glen Girnock S82078; COLLNOCX2317; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82073; COLLNOCX2312; NE side of fence, 350m E of Camlet S82073; COLLNOCX2312; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96805; COLLNOHY916; Road section, old A92 by golf course S96805; COLLNOHY916; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96807; COLLNOHY918; N end, Skatie Shore, Stonehaven S96807; COLLNOHY918; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96810; COLLNOHY921; S end of Perthumie Bay S96810; COLLNOHY921; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96811; COLLNOHY922; S end of Perthumie Bay S96811; COLLNOHY922; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82022; COLLNOCX2255; Hillside 330m SSW of Corby Hall S82022; COLLNOCX2255; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82023; COLLNOCX2256; 100m N of track S82023; COLLNOCX2256; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82012; COLLNOCX2244; 600m ENE of Abergeldie Cottage S82012; COLLNOCX2244; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82170; COLLNOCX2407; NE tip, Craig of the Knock S82170; COLLNOCX2407; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82376; COLLNOMB73; Glen Burn 400m W of reservoir S82376; COLLNOMB73; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82377; COLLNOMB74; Glen Burn 450m W of reservoir S82377; COLLNOMB74; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82378; COLLNOMB75; Fairies Burn, S tributary of Glen Burn S82378; COLLNOMB75; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82497; COLLNORY539; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82497; COLLNORY539; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82498; COLLNORY540; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82498; COLLNORY540; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82482; COLLNORY524; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82482; COLLNORY524; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82484; COLLNORY526; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82484; COLLNORY526; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82486; COLLNORY528; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82486; COLLNORY528; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82334; COLLNOCX2549; Disused quarry 450m NNW of Lawsie S82334; COLLNOCX2549; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82320; COLLNOCX2534; 400m NNE of Knock of Lawsie summit S82320; COLLNOCX2534; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82349; COLLNOCX2564; 80m W of bend in fence S82349; COLLNOCX2564; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82324; COLLNOCX2538; 500m NNE of Knock of Lawsie summit S82324; COLLNOCX2538; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82309; COLLNOCX2522; Crathie Burn 250m from bridge S82309; COLLNOCX2522; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82302; COLLNOCX2513; Lowest outcrops 350m WNW of Megen S82302; COLLNOCX2513; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96450; COLLNOLY906; 450m WSW of P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96450; COLLNOLY906; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E15819; COLLNOFMT124; 600 yds N 13 deg W of Dash E15819; COLLNOFMT124; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S82511; COLLNOZM16; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82511; COLLNOZM16; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82512; COLLNOZM17; SCOTLAND. Ballater (65E) S82512; COLLNOZM17; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96487; COLLNOLY944; R. Pattack S96487; COLLNOLY944; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96604; COLLNOPY330; Burn of Graham S96604; COLLNOPY330; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96603; COLLNOPY311; Burn of Day S96603; COLLNOPY311; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82747; COLLNOMY1226; Burn of Mooran, 1050m WSW of confluence with Burn of Whitebank S82747; COLLNOMY1226; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82749; COLLNOMY1228; Burn of Mooran, 1450m WSW of confluence with Burn of Whitebank S82749; COLLNOMY1228; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82750; COLLNOMY1229; Burn of Whitebank, 900m WNW of confluence with Burn of Mooran S82750; COLLNOMY1229; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E227; NEG1956M; Little Knott E227; NEG1956M; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Picrite'
S82730; COLLNOMY1209; N.Esk, E bank, 1000m WNW of Bonharry S82730; COLLNOMY1209; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82731; COLLNOMY1210; N.Esk, E bank, 1050m WNW of Bonharry S82731; COLLNOMY1210; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82733; COLLNOMY1212; N.Esk, E bank, 1120m WNW of Bonharry S82733; COLLNOMY1212; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96456; COLLNOLY912; Allt a'Mhuilinn S96456; COLLNOLY912; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96457; COLLNOLY913; Allt a'Mhuilinn S96457; COLLNOLY913; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96458; COLLNOLY914; Allt a'Mhuilinn S96458; COLLNOLY914; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82734; COLLNOMY1213; N.Esk, E bank, 1200m WNW of Bonharry S82734; COLLNOMY1213; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82735; COLLNOMY1214; N.Esk, E bank, 930m SSW of Auchmull S82735; COLLNOMY1214; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96563; COLLNOSMS61; Allt na Beinne stream S96563; COLLNOSMS61; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96564; COLLNOSMS62; Allt na Beinne stream S96564; COLLNOSMS62; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96565; COLLNOSMS63; Allt na Beinne stream S96565; COLLNOSMS63; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96566; COLLNOSMS64; R. Nairn S96566; COLLNOSMS64; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96501; COLLNOLY958; Drumturn Burn S96501; COLLNOLY958; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96504; COLLNOLY961; R. Ericht, SW of Milton of Drimmie S96504; COLLNOLY961; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96448; COLLNOLY904; 1050m S of P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96448; COLLNOLY904; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96449; COLLNOLY905; 850m S/W of P.O., Kinlochlaggan S96449; COLLNOLY905; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96429; COLLNOLY870; SCOTLAND. Glen Shee (56W) S96429; COLLNOLY870; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96430; COLLNOLY871; E end of Loch laggan S96430; COLLNOLY871; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82784; COLLNOMY1263; Burn of Adekimore, 110m WNW of confluence with Water of Tarf S82784; COLLNOMY1263; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82768; COLLNOMY1247; Near gate at fence corner 470m ENE of Colmeallie S82768; COLLNOMY1247; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96378; COLLNOSMS60; Creag Dubh Flichity, NE crag S96378; COLLNOSMS60; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S82447; COLLNORY489; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82447; COLLNORY489; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96473; COLLNOLY930; R. Pattack S96473; COLLNOLY930; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E16185; COLLNOSEH468; ELABNO945; Dump of head of Long Grain, 550 yds W 34 deg W of Trig Pt. 2157, High Pike E16185; COLLNOSEH468; ELABNO945; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
E15872; COLLNOFMT177; 850 yds W of Ireby Grange E15872; COLLNOFMT177; * Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
E15873; COLLNOFMT178; 450 yds E 12 deg S of Ireby Grange E15873; COLLNOFMT178; * Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S96498; COLLNOLY955; 300m SE of Hill of Ashmore S96498; COLLNOLY955; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96499; COLLNOLY956; Black Water, SW of Ashmore Ho S96499; COLLNOLY956; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96500; COLLNOLY957; Drumturn Burn S96500; COLLNOLY957; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96490; COLLNOLY947; R.Isla, Dalvanie S96490; COLLNOLY947; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82773; COLLNOMY1252; Burn of Blackpots, 370m NNE of confluence with Burn of Leuchery S82773; COLLNOMY1252; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82775; COLLNOMY1254; Burn of Turret, 1100m SE of confluence of black and white Burns S82775; COLLNOMY1254; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82711; COLLNOMY1190; N Esk, E bank, 800m NW of The Burn House S82711; COLLNOMY1190; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82765; COLLNOMY1244; Craigancash S82765; COLLNOMY1244; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82767; COLLNOMY1246; On W side of steep gully 600m ENE of Colmeallie S82767; COLLNOMY1246; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E61 White Hause E61 * Picrite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Picrite'
S96341; COLLNOSMS23; Beinn Bhreac S96341; COLLNOSMS23; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96343; COLLNOSMS25; Beinn Bhuraich, N flank S96343; COLLNOSMS25; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82423; COLLNORY465; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82423; COLLNORY465; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E12489; COLLNOSEH8; Southern Slope of Bowness Knott E12489; COLLNOSEH8; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82404; COLLNORY446; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82404; COLLNORY446; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82411; COLLNORY453; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82411; COLLNORY453; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82412; COLLNORY454; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82412; COLLNORY454; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96491; COLLNOLY948; R.Isla, Dalvanie S96491; COLLNOLY948; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E14610; COLLNOSEH156; 200 yds Up Ramsgill E14610; COLLNOSEH156; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82764; COLLNOMY1243; Slack of Barna, beside fence, 450m S summit of Craigancash S82764; COLLNOMY1243; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82758; COLLNOMY1237; Hare Cairn, 980m SSW of summit of Hill of Wirren S82758; COLLNOMY1237; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82759; COLLNOMY1238; West Water, 60m downstream from confluence with Burn of Darnich S82759; COLLNOMY1238; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82762; COLLNOMY1241; Maolearn, S slopoes, 1520m ENE of Auchmull Farmhouse S82762; COLLNOMY1241; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82763; COLLNOMY1242; Hill slope 450m NE of Craigoshina S82763; COLLNOMY1242; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82752; COLLNOMY1231; Craigangower, S slope, 500m ESE of summit S82752; COLLNOMY1231; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82754; COLLNOMY1233; Bulg, 170m SSE of summit cairn S82754; COLLNOMY1233; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82755; COLLNOMY1234; Garlot, 900m NW of disused farm building at Leys S82755; COLLNOMY1234; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82757; COLLNOMY1236; Craig Narb, NE slopes, 1550m NW of Oldtown S82757; COLLNOMY1236; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96385; COLLNOBH002P; Borlum House S96385; COLLNOBH002P; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
E14647; COLLNOSEH193; 700 yds SW of Trig Pt. 2157 on High Pike E14647; COLLNOSEH193; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82792; COLLNOMY1271; Beside track, 300m SE of Wester Aucheen S82792; COLLNOMY1271; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82523; COLLNOZM37; SCOTLAND. Braemar (65W) S82523; COLLNOZM37; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E2186 Wilton Fell E2186 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96462; COLLNOLY918; Allt Meall Earl S96462; COLLNOLY918; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96463; COLLNOLY919; Allt Meall Earl S96463; COLLNOLY919; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96570; COLLNOSMS68; NW of Brin Rock S96570; COLLNOSMS68; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82401; COLLNORY443; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63W) S82401; COLLNORY443; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82683; COLLNOMY1162; Back Burn of Remora, 70m SSE of its confluence with Water of Charr S82683; COLLNOMY1162; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82684; COLLNOMY1163; Back Burn of Remora, 450m SSE of its confluence with Water of Charr S82684; COLLNOMY1163; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96110; COLLNOMY1445; Disused quarry on N bank of Knowegreens Burn 500m upstream from Clatterin Bridge S96110; COLLNOMY1445; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96103; COLLNOMY1438; Piclethen Burn 220m upstream from confluence with Water of Dye S96103; COLLNOMY1438; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96106; COLLNOMY1441; Devilly Burn, E bank 100m E of Clatterin Bridge S96106; COLLNOMY1441; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96231; COLLNOJXX140; Glen Markie Burn S96231; COLLNOJXX140; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96233; COLLNOJXX162; Markie Burn S96233; COLLNOJXX162; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96242; COLLNOJXX177; Markie Burn S96242; COLLNOJXX177; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E865 Wansfell. Nr Ambleside E865 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E784 High Barn. Nr Hawkshead E784 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E273 North end of Yewbarrow E273 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E274 In Beck, just below Angle Tarn E274 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83144; COLLNOFY939; Easter Laggan S83144; COLLNOFY939; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Kyanite Schist'
S83117; COLLNOFY901; 650m SW of Carn Cruinn S83117; COLLNOFY901; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96208; COLLNOPY317; Snob Cottage S96208; COLLNOPY317; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S96184; COLLNOMY1488; Rumbleyend Burn, 300m NNW of Rumbleyend S96184; COLLNOMY1488; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96312; COLLNOGX1603; Burn of Curlusk, 170m NE of Curlusk Farm S96312; COLLNOGX1603; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Graphite Pelitic Rock'
S96313; COLLNOGX1604; Burn of Curlusk, 90m NE of Curlusk Farm S96313; COLLNOGX1604; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Graphite Staurolite Pelitic Rock'
S96314; COLLNOGX1605; Burn of Curlusk, 130m W of Curlusk Farmhouse S96314; COLLNOGX1605; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Graphite Staurolite Pelitic Rock'
S96315; COLLNOGX1606; Burn of Curlusk, 130m W of Curlusk Farmhouse S96315; COLLNOGX1606; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Graphite Staurolite Pelitic Rock'
S96316; COLLNOGX1607; Maryhill Burn, 100m SW of Maryhill Barn S96316; COLLNOGX1607; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Graphite Pelitic Rock'
S96094; COLLNOMY1429; Small hillock 20m N of Water of Dye, 30m E of confluence with Burn of Waterhead S96094; COLLNOMY1429; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83107; COLLNOFY889; 550m NE of Lynwily Hse S83107; COLLNOFY889; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83108; COLLNOFY890; Quarry at Kinakyle S83108; COLLNOFY890; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E169 Oxendale E169 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83173; COLLNOFY969; Creag Mheadonach S83173; COLLNOFY969; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83176; COLLNOFY973; Carnbridge, R.Dulmain S83176; COLLNOFY973; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83177; COLLNOFY974; Speybridge S83177; COLLNOFY974; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83169; COLLNOFY965; Stac na h Iolaire S83169; COLLNOFY965; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96221; COLLNOJXX119; Allt Tarsuinn Mor S96221; COLLNOJXX119; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ914; MC5490; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ914; MC5490; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ915; MC5491; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ915; MC5491; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82898; COLLNOGX1302; White Water, Glen Doll S82898; COLLNOGX1302; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82900; COLLNOGX1304; Slope below The Strone, Upper Glen Clova S82900; COLLNOGX1304; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82901; COLLNOGX1305; Base of The Strone cliff, Upper Glen Clova S82901; COLLNOGX1305; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83170; COLLNOFY966; Stac na h Iolaire S83170; COLLNOFY966; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83163; COLLNOFY959; Road cutting, A9, Aviemore S83163; COLLNOFY959; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83164; COLLNOFY960; Quarry Lynwily S83164; COLLNOFY960; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83165; COLLNOFY961; Am Beanaidh, Coylumbridge S83165; COLLNOFY961; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96045; COLLNOETS111; Outcrop near March Burn, W fork 630m S 19deg W of Stony Hill cairn S96045; COLLNOETS111; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96171; COLLNOMY1475; Stan Burn, 1030m NW of Wester Auquhollie S96171; COLLNOMY1475; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96280; COLLNOYW2139; Hillside, Meall nan Ruadhag S96280; COLLNOYW2139; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96271; COLLNOYW2127; Hillside, Coire Gorm S96271; COLLNOYW2127; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96274; COLLNOYW2132; Hillside, Leathad Gaothach S96274; COLLNOYW2132; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96248; COLLNOYW2091; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96248; COLLNOYW2091; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96249; COLLNOYW2092; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96249; COLLNOYW2092; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83109; COLLNOFY891; Quarry at Kinakyle S83109; COLLNOFY891; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83110; COLLNOFY892; Quarry at Kinakyle S83110; COLLNOFY892; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83112; COLLNOFY895; 100m NNE of Lynwily Ho S83112; COLLNOFY895; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelitic Rock'
E724; MR1130; COLLNO5; Bootle E724; MR1130; COLLNO5; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite / Andesite (Lava)'
S83194; COLLNOFY992; Garrocher S83194; COLLNOFY992; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83198; COLLNOFY996; Ord Ban S83198; COLLNOFY996; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Kyanite Schist'
S83199; COLLNOFY998; Ord Ban S83199; COLLNOFY998; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83187; COLLNOFY985; Muckrach Castle S83187; COLLNOFY985; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83188; S83188/A; COLLNOFY986; Dulnain Bridge S83188; S83188/A; COLLNOFY986; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82893; COLLNOGX1297; Gully 140m 340deg from summit of Craig Rennet S82893; COLLNOGX1297; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E258 North of Scawfell Pikes E258 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83153; COLLNOFY949; Creag an Fhiatlich S83153; COLLNOFY949; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83154; COLLNOFY950; 800m E of Creag an Fhiatlich S83154; COLLNOFY950; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83191; COLLNOFY989; Craigmore Wood S83191; COLLNOFY989; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83192; COLLNOFY990; 600m NW of Auchterteag S83192; COLLNOFY990; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ889; MC5467; R.Pattack COLLNOZQ889; MC5467; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ901; MC5478; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) COLLNOZQ901; MC5478; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ902; MC5479; Beinn Eilde COLLNOZQ902; MC5479; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ854; MC5461; Glen Buch COLLNOZQ854; MC5461; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ867; MC5462; Murligan Hill COLLNOZQ867; MC5462; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
COLLNOZQ884; MC5463; R.Pattack COLLNOZQ884; MC5463; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83162; COLLNOFY958; R.Freshie, Freshiebridge S83162; COLLNOFY958; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83146; COLLNOFY942; Broomhill Quarry S83146; COLLNOFY942; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83149; COLLNOFY945; Docharn, railway cutting S83149; COLLNOFY945; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83150; COLLNOFY946; Docharn, railway cutting S83150; COLLNOFY946; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96195; COLLNOPY294; NE of Boys Hill S96195; COLLNOPY294; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S96196; COLLNOPY295; Quadeby S96196; COLLNOPY295; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S96197; COLLNOPY297; Burn of Annamuck S96197; COLLNOPY297; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S96200; COLLNOPY303; Burn of Baulks S96200; COLLNOPY303; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S96202; COLLNOPY305; Burn of Baulks S96202; COLLNOPY305; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S96281; COLLNOYW2141; Stream section, Allt Coire Iain Oig S96281; COLLNOYW2141; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96282; COLLNOYW2142; Stream section, Allt Coire Iain Oig S96282; COLLNOYW2142; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E17088; COLLNOWCR134; In Robbin Gill, 170 yds W of Initudale Head E17088; COLLNOWCR134; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S96285; COLLNOYW2146; Stream section, Allt Coire Iain Oig S96285; COLLNOYW2146; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E862 Bootle E862 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E17009; COLLNOSEH606; 440 yds E 1 deg N of Earthwaite E17009; COLLNOSEH606; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82931; COLLNOGX1335; Upper slope of NE flank of the upper part of Glen Doll S82931; COLLNOGX1335; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82915; COLLNOGX1319; Erne Craigs, Corrie Fee, Glen Doll S82915; COLLNOGX1319; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82916; COLLNOGX1320; Erne Craigs, Corrie Fee, Glen Doll S82916; COLLNOGX1320; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
COLLNOZQ888; MC5466; R.Pattack COLLNOZQ888; MC5466; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96166; COLLNOCX2920; S bank of Geldie Burn, 500m SW of White Bridge S96166; COLLNOCX2920; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E870 Carron Plantation. Nr. Grizedale E870 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E876 Carron Plantation. Nr Grizedale E876 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E878 The Knott Broughton Moor E878 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82561; COLLNOBRS486B; Trackside 1.5km NE of Newton Stewart S82561; COLLNOBRS486B; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82562; COLLNOBRS488B; Trackside 5km W of Newton Stewart S82562; COLLNOBRS488B; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82934; COLLNOGX1338; W side of Corrie Sharroch 150m 234deg from SE corner of forestry S82934; COLLNOGX1338; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83138; COLLNOFY933; Road cutting, A9 Aviemore S83138; COLLNOFY933; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83139; COLLNOFY934; Quarries, Grantown S83139; COLLNOFY934; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83141; COLLNOFY936; Laggan Hill S83141; COLLNOFY936; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Kyanite Schist'
S82804; COLLNOMY1283; N Esk, N bank, 450m ESE of The Retreat S82804; COLLNOMY1283; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82806; COLLNOMY1285; N Esk, 500m SSE of Auchentoul road end S82806; COLLNOMY1285; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82795; COLLNOMY1274; Burn of Linns, S bank, 950m NNE of The Retreat S82795; COLLNOMY1274; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82798; COLLNOMY1277; Burn of Greenholm, 600m ESE of summit of Craig Soales S82798; COLLNOMY1277; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S82937; COLLNOGX1341; SW part of Corrie Sharroch S82937; COLLNOGX1341; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82922; COLLNOGX1326; S Craig, Upper Glen Prosen S82922; COLLNOGX1326; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82924; COLLNOGX1328; W side of White Glen, 310m 070deg from Bawhelps summite S82924; COLLNOGX1328; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82925; COLLNOGX1329; W side of White Glen, 310m 061deg from Bawhelps summite S82925; COLLNOGX1329; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82926; COLLNOGX1330; Lower crags on SW side of Corrie Fee S82926; COLLNOGX1330; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82930; COLLNOGX1334; Upper slope of NE flank of the upper part of Glen Doll S82930; COLLNOGX1334; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96116; COLLNOMY1451; Garrol Burn 950m WNW of Arnbarrow Farmhouse S96116; COLLNOMY1451; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96118; COLLNOMY1453; East Burn of Cardowan, 580m upstream of confluence with West Burn of Cardowan S96118; COLLNOMY1453; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96122; COLLNOMY1457; Crichie Burn 560m upstream of Fasque Home Farm S96122; COLLNOMY1457; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96123; COLLNOMY1458; Crichie Burn 650m upstream of Fasque Home Farm S96123; COLLNOMY1458; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E18141; COLLNOWCCR200; Hodbarrow Mine, Low Mier Pit Area. 500 yds NW of Hodbarrow Point at 320 O.D E18141; COLLNOWCCR200; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82697; COLLNOMY1176; Water of Charr, 1400m S of its confluence with Water of Dye S82697; COLLNOMY1176; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82701; COLLNOMY1180; 50m downstream from confluence of Burn of Corsheilie with Burn of Balvairnie S82701; COLLNOMY1180; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82702; COLLNOMY1181; Burn of Balvairnie 40m N of its confluence with Burn of Corsheilie S82702; COLLNOMY1181; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82703; COLLNOMY1182; Burn of matthew 100m upstream from where it is crossed by deer fence S82703; COLLNOMY1182; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82704; COLLNOMY1183; On watershed 950m ESE of trig. beacon on Sturdy Hill S82704; COLLNOMY1183; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82705; COLLNOMY1184; Craigancash, 300m E of summit cairn at fence junction S82705; COLLNOMY1184; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82690; COLLNOMY1169; Small bluff above Burn of Saughs, 500m SW of Lochnawean S82690; COLLNOMY1169; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82681; COLLNOMY1160; 20m S of confluence of White Burn with Water of Charr S82681; COLLNOMY1160; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79179; COLLNOGU249; SP-; 260m WSW of Dunbennan S79179; COLLNOGU249; SP-; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S79180; COLLNOGU250; 175m WSW of Dunbennan S79180; COLLNOGU250; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S95718; COLLNOPY282; Maxie Well S95718; COLLNOPY282; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83385; COLLNOLY468; Daviot Quarry S83385; COLLNOLY468; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83391; COLLNOLY474; Burn of Bonhard S83391; COLLNOLY474; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81435; COLLNOGU361; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 143.50m S81435; COLLNOGU361; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S83314; COLLNOYR2756; Ballin Tomb Burn S83314; COLLNOYR2756; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83315; COLLNOYR2757; Lyne Burn S83315; COLLNOYR2757; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83316; COLLNOYR2758; Burn of Yellowbog S83316; COLLNOYR2758; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83317; COLLNOYR2759; Burn of Yellowbog S83317; COLLNOYR2759; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83318; COLLNOYR2760; Knockando Burn S83318; COLLNOYR2760; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83296; COLLNOYR2737; Glen Tulchan S83296; COLLNOYR2737; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83297; COLLNOYR2738; Glen Tulchan S83297; COLLNOYR2738; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83298; COLLNOYR2739; Glen Tulchan S83298; COLLNOYR2739; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83312; COLLNOYR2754; Allt Luahair S83312; COLLNOYR2754; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79045; COLLNOGU78; SP-; 350m WNW of Craig House S79045; COLLNOGU78; SP-; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S79046; COLLNOGU79; 150m SW of Dunbennan Hill S79046; COLLNOGU79; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S79047; COLLNOGU80; SP-; Dunbennan Hill S79047; COLLNOGU80; SP-; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S82843; COLLNOCX2581; Tom bad a`Mhonaidh S82843; COLLNOCX2581; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S81436; COLLNOGU362; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 148.85m S81436; COLLNOGU362; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81437; COLLNOGU363; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 155.75m S81437; COLLNOGU363; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81438; COLLNOGU364; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 161.35m S81438; COLLNOGU364; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81417; COLLNOGU343; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 70.22m S81417; COLLNOGU343; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81418; COLLNOGU344; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 103.55m S81418; COLLNOGU344; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81419; COLLNOGU345; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 119.45m S81419; COLLNOGU345; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81420; COLLNOGU346; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 147.85m S81420; COLLNOGU346; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81421; COLLNOGU347; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 148.70m S81421; COLLNOGU347; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81425; COLLNOGU351; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 36.00m S81425; COLLNOGU351; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81427; COLLNOGU353; Red Burn BH 2, depth 47.05m S81427; COLLNOGU353; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81416; COLLNOGU342; Red Burn BH 3, depth 66.07m S81416; COLLNOGU342; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94414; COLLNOCX2340; 600m SW of Strathgirnoch S94414; COLLNOCX2340; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94415; COLLNOCX2341; Old limestone pit S94415; COLLNOCX2341; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94417; COLLNOCX2343; 350m SSE of summit of Creag Phiobaidh S94417; COLLNOCX2343; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S94401; COLLNOCX2325; 400m SE of Bridge of Girnoch S94401; COLLNOCX2325; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96148; COLLNOCX2901; N slope of Carn Dearg 730m SE of Dulbrack S96148; COLLNOCX2901; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82975; COLLNOFY580; Burn of Sheeoch S82975; COLLNOFY580; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82981; S82981/A; COLLNOFY586; Gask Quarry S82981; S82981/A; COLLNOFY586; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82982; COLLNOFY587; Gask Quarry S82982; COLLNOFY587; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S96149; COLLNOCX2902; N slope of Carn Dearg 730m SE of Dulbrack S96149; COLLNOCX2902; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S78788; COLLNOTY69; W side, S end of Adamston road cutting on A96 S78788; COLLNOTY69; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S78770; COLLNOTY52; N end of E face of Battlehill Quarry S78770; COLLNOTY52; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S94446; COLLNOCX2375; W side of forest track, Glen Muich S94446; COLLNOCX2375; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96269; COLLNOYW2125; Stream section, Allt Coire Iain Oig S96269; COLLNOYW2125; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96253; COLLNOYW2101; Stream section, tributary of Feith Talagain S96253; COLLNOYW2101; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S96254; COLLNOYW2102; Meall an Domhnaich, hillside S96254; COLLNOYW2102; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S96262; COLLNOYW2115; Stream section, Feith Talagain S96262; COLLNOYW2115; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S96263; COLLNOYW2117; NE of Meall an Domhnaich, hillside S96263; COLLNOYW2117; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94425; S94425/A; COLLNOCX2353; 240m NNW of Carn a'Bhealaidh S94425; S94425/A; COLLNOCX2353; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94426; S94426/A; COLLNOCX2354; 450m SW of Carn a'Bhealaidh S94426; S94426/A; COLLNOCX2354; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82961; COLLNOGX1365; Near top of small scarp, 300m NNE of gorge of Allt an Loch by Loch Kander S82961; COLLNOGX1365; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82962; COLLNOGX1366; Near top of small scarp, 300m NNE of gorge of Allt an Loch by Loch Kander S82962; COLLNOGX1366; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81410; COLLNOGU336; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 53.12m S81410; COLLNOGU336; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81411; COLLNOGU337; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 53.81m S81411; COLLNOGU337; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81412; COLLNOGU338; Red Burn BH 3, depth 54.12m S81412; COLLNOGU338; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81413; COLLNOGU339; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 54.73m S81413; COLLNOGU339; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S96130; COLLNOMY1465; Ditch beside Burn of Lennarty 1000m NW of Mains of Balnakettle S96130; COLLNOMY1465; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S96135; COLLNOMY1470; Burn of Balnakettle 750m upstream of road bridge S96135; COLLNOMY1470; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79042; COLLNOGU73; SP-; Craighead Quarry S79042; COLLNOGU73; SP-; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S96250; COLLNOYW2098; Allt Coire Iain Oig, stream section S96250; COLLNOYW2098; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S78766; COLLNOTY48; N face of Battlehill Quarry S78766; COLLNOTY48; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S81399; COLLNOGU325; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 26.15m S81399; COLLNOGU325; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81400; COLLNOGU326; Red Burn BH 3, depth 27.00m S81400; COLLNOGU326; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81401; COLLNOGU327; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 29.10m S81401; COLLNOGU327; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81402; COLLNOGU328; Red Burn BH 3, depth 32.30m S81402; COLLNOGU328; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81403; COLLNOGU329; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 33.55m S81403; COLLNOGU329; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81404; COLLNOGU330; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 34.75m S81404; COLLNOGU330; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81406; COLLNOGU332; Red Burn BH 3, depth 42.70m S81406; COLLNOGU332; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81407; COLLNOGU333; Red Burn BH 3, depth 44.91m S81407; COLLNOGU333; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81408; COLLNOGU334; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 49.16m S81408; COLLNOGU334; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81409; COLLNOGU335; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 52.02m S81409; COLLNOGU335; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81395; COLLNOGU321; Red Burn BH 3, depth 21.55m S81395; COLLNOGU321; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81396; COLLNOGU322; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 22.16m S81396; COLLNOGU322; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S79982; COLLNOTY280; In ditch, 150m SW of Andersons Wards S79982; COLLNOTY280; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81397; COLLNOGU323; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 24.33m S81397; COLLNOGU323; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81398; COLLNOGU324; SP-; Red Burn BH 3, depth 24.55m S81398; COLLNOGU324; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81428; COLLNOGU354; Red Burn BH 2, depth 96.15m S81428; COLLNOGU354; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81429; COLLNOGU355; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 100.30m S81429; COLLNOGU355; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81432; COLLNOGU358; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 128.95m S81432; COLLNOGU358; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81433; COLLNOGU359; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 131.07m S81433; COLLNOGU359; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81434; COLLNOGU360; SP-; Red Burn BH 2, depth 137.10m S81434; COLLNOGU360; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S83002; COLLNOFY607; Craigenlow Quarry S83002; COLLNOFY607; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83009; COLLNOFY614; Craigenlow Quarry S83009; COLLNOFY614; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S81822; COLLNOGU384; SP-; Red Burn BH 4, depth 50.55m S81822; COLLNOGU384; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81823; COLLNOGU385; SP-; Red Burn BH 4, depth 54.45m S81823; COLLNOGU385; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81824; COLLNOGU386; SP-; Red Burn BH 4, depth 128.00m S81824; COLLNOGU386; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S82272; COLLNOGU419; 320m S of Malach S82272; COLLNOGU419; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S81813; COLLNOGU375; SP-; Red Burn BH 1, depth 26.80m S81813; COLLNOGU375; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S81816; COLLNOGU378; SP-; Red Burn BH 1, depth 37.65m S81816; COLLNOGU378; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S82857; COLLNOCX2595; W side of track 350m NNW of the Maim S82857; COLLNOCX2595; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82984; COLLNOFY589; Gask Quarry S82984; COLLNOFY589; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82985; COLLNOFY590; Dunecht S82985; COLLNOFY590; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83395; COLLNOLY479; 300m NW of Lochanluie S83395; COLLNOLY479; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83396; COLLNOLY480; 300m NW of Lochanluie S83396; COLLNOLY480; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79182; COLLNOGU252; 80m SSE of Dunbennan S79182; COLLNOGU252; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S79183; COLLNOGU253; 90m SE of Dunbennan S79183; COLLNOGU253; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S81818; COLLNOGU380; SP-; Red Burn BH 4, depth 33.53m S81818; COLLNOGU380; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
E137 Bow Fell Gully E137 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E141 Near Summit of Wood End Height E141 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E144 Rowantree How E144 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E156 Near Knott E156 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83088; COLLNOFY868; Creag Ealraich S83088; COLLNOFY868; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83089; COLLNOFY869; Creag an Fhithich S83089; COLLNOFY869; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92878; COLLNOGU421; SP-; Red Burn BH No.3, Depth 48.23m S92878; COLLNOGU421; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92879; COLLNOGU422; SP-; Red Burn BH No.3, Depth 79.37m S92879; COLLNOGU422; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92880; COLLNOGU423; SP-; Red Burn BH No.3, Depth 138.1m S92880; COLLNOGU423; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92881; COLLNOGU424; SP-; Red Burn BH No.3, Depth 154.5m S92881; COLLNOGU424; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S92882; COLLNOGU425; SP-; Red Burn BH No.2, Depth 19.80m S92882; COLLNOGU425; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S95751; COLLNOLY820; 680m WNW of S end of Loch Shandra S95751; COLLNOLY820; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95752; COLLNOLY821; 920m WNW of S end of Loch Shandra S95752; COLLNOLY821; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83466; COLLNOLY554; Corrie of Clova, N wall S83466; COLLNOLY554; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S83467; COLLNOLY555; Corrie of Clova, N wall S83467; COLLNOLY555; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S92884; COLLNOGU427; SP-; Red Burn BH No.2, Depth 99.35m S92884; COLLNOGU427; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92886; COLLNOGU429; SP-; Red Burn BH No.2, Depth 139.12m S92886; COLLNOGU429; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92887; COLLNOGU430; SP-; Red Burn BH No.1, Depth 24.95m S92887; COLLNOGU430; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S95742; COLLNOLY801; 2400m NNE of Craighead S95742; COLLNOLY801; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95744; COLLNOLY803; 3200m NNE of Craighead S95744; COLLNOLY803; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95748; COLLNOLY817; Gallow Hill S95748; COLLNOLY817; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95741; COLLNOLY800; 2400m NNE of Craighead S95741; COLLNOLY800; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E57130; COLLNOWG245; 1190 Yds. at 250 deg. from Cuns Fell Summit. E57130; COLLNOWG245; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S78856; COLLNOTY137; R.Deveron, S side, 90m E of Castle Bridge S78856; COLLNOTY137; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79939; COLLNOTY238; White Hill, crags on W side, 60m WSW of summit S79939; COLLNOTY238; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S79940; COLLNOTY239; White Hill, crags on W side, 60m WSW of summit S79940; COLLNOTY239; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S95711; COLLNOPY275; West Burn of Bulig S95711; COLLNOPY275; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95712; COLLNOPY276; Bellie's Burn S95712; COLLNOPY276; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95715; COLLNOPY279; Maxie Burn S95715; COLLNOPY279; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95716; COLLNOPY280; Maxie Burn S95716; COLLNOPY280; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95695; COLLNOPY251; Brawliemuir S95695; COLLNOPY251; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79946; COLLNOTY245; Ridge W of Road Burn, Cumrie, E side, crags S79946; COLLNOTY245; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S79931; COLLNOTY230; Whitehill Quarry, 5m S of site of S.79930 S79931; COLLNOTY230; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S79932; COLLNOTY231; Whitehill Quarry, middle of face S79932; COLLNOTY231; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S79937; COLLNOTY236; White Hill, crags 80m SSW of summit S79937; COLLNOTY236; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S79916; COLLNOTY215; Wood by entrance to Ardmeallie House, 110m NNW of The Old Manse of Marnoch S79916; COLLNOTY215; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S83066; COLLNOFY847; 100m NW of Triangulation Stn., Beinn Mhor S83066; COLLNOFY847; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S83058; COLLNOFY839; 200m SW of Cam Sgriob S83058; COLLNOFY839; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95740; COLLNOLY799; 2400m NNE of Craighead S95740; COLLNOLY799; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95731; COLLNOLY790; 1030m NE/N of N end of Auchintaple Loch S95731; COLLNOLY790; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95727; COLLNOLY786; 800m ESE of Cuinard S95727; COLLNOLY786; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95706; COLLNOPY268; Corsebauld S95706; COLLNOPY268; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S78826; COLLNOTY107; Fairy Hillock S78826; COLLNOTY107; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S79917; COLLNOTY216; Wood by entrance to Ardmeallie House, 50m NW of The Old Manse of Marnoch S79917; COLLNOTY216; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S79918; COLLNOTY217; Wood by entrance to Ardmeallie House, 170m NNW of The Old Manse of Marnoch S79918; COLLNOTY217; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S79906; COLLNOTY204; Gangie's Cairn, Fourman Hill S79906; COLLNOTY204; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S83046; COLLNOFY827; 400m SSE of Carn Cruinn S83046; COLLNOFY827; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S83051; COLLNOFY832; 150m SE of Carn Cruinn S83051; COLLNOFY832; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S83038; COLLNOFY819; 410m WSW of Easter Rynechkra S83038; COLLNOFY819; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83447; COLLNOLY534; 450m SSW of Red Craig S83447; COLLNOLY534; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83450; COLLNOLY537; Craigs of Loch Wharrel S83450; COLLNOLY537; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92750; COLLNOLY645; Water of Saughs S92750; COLLNOLY645; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Garnet Kyanite Pelitic Rock'
S83432; COLLNOLY519; Glen Doll, Dun Mor S83432; COLLNOLY519; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S78809; COLLNOTY90; Newtongarry Hill, old quarry SW side of woods S78809; COLLNOTY90; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92737; COLLNOLY632; Burn of Duskintry S92737; COLLNOLY632; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83507; COLLNOLY597; 200m SW of Carlochy of Mark S83507; COLLNOLY597; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79869; COLLNOTY167; Coniecleugh Forest, by end of new road in new plantation, 600m of weir on R.Deveron S79869; COLLNOTY167; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S79870; S79870/A; S79870/B; COLLNOTY168; Coniecleugh Forest, Crow Wood Hill, 500m E of summit, 5m E of forest road S79870; S79870/A; S79870/B; COLLNOTY168; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S83031; COLLNOFY812; 560m NNW of Easter Rynechkra S83031; COLLNOFY812; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83025; COLLNOFY806; Torr Alvie S83025; COLLNOFY806; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83015; S83015/A; S83015/B; COLLNOFY795; Creag na h-lolaire S83015; S83015/A; S83015/B; COLLNOFY795; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83016; COLLNOFY796; Creag na h-lolaire S83016; COLLNOFY796; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83018; COLLNOFY798; 600m NE of Allt na Criche S83018; COLLNOFY798; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83019; COLLNOFY799; 650m NE of Allt na Criche S83019; COLLNOFY799; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79969; COLLNOTY267; Priest's Water, S of Easter Tillathrowie S79969; COLLNOTY267; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79970; COLLNOTY268; Priest's Water, S of Easter Tillathrowie S79970; COLLNOTY268; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79959; COLLNOTY258; Cuttle Hill, 250m ESE of summit S79959; COLLNOTY258; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S83407; COLLNOLY491; 350m S of Dalnabo Farm S83407; COLLNOLY491; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92507; COLLNOYW1963; NW of Auchivarie S92507; COLLNOYW1963; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92636; COLLNOZQ766; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92636; COLLNOZQ766; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92638; COLLNOZQ770; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92638; COLLNOZQ770; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92639; COLLNOZQ771; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92639; COLLNOZQ771; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92641; COLLNOZQ775; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92641; COLLNOZQ775; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S92642; COLLNOZQ777; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92642; COLLNOZQ777; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92643; COLLNOZQ778; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92643; COLLNOZQ778; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S92645; COLLNOZQ780; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92645; COLLNOZQ780; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92553; COLLNOZQ601; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92553; COLLNOZQ601; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95672; COLLNOPY217; Midtown Farm S95672; COLLNOPY217; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95679; COLLNOPY225; Black Burn S95679; COLLNOPY225; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92560; COLLNOZQ615; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92560; COLLNOZQ615; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92561; COLLNOZQ616; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92561; COLLNOZQ616; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92562; COLLNOZQ617; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92562; COLLNOZQ617; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92729; COLLNOLY624; Water of Saughs S92729; COLLNOLY624; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92518; COLLNOYW1974; Coire an t-Sidhein S92518; COLLNOYW1974; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92770; COLLNOLY665; Algeilly Burn S92770; COLLNOLY665; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92771; COLLNOLY666; Algeilly Burn S92771; COLLNOLY666; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92721; COLLNOMY1363; Burn of Duskintry, 400m SW of confluence with Muckle Saughan Burn S92721; COLLNOMY1363; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92723; COLLNOMY1365; Burn of Duskintry, 750m SW of confluence with Muckle Saughan Burn S92723; COLLNOMY1365; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92726; COLLNOMY1368; Water of Saughs, 300m SE of confluence with Muckle Falloch S92726; COLLNOMY1368; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92573; COLLNOZQ636; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92573; COLLNOZQ636; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92575; S92575/A; COLLNOZQ640; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92575; S92575/A; COLLNOZQ640; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92576; COLLNOZQ641; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92576; COLLNOZQ641; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92583; COLLNOZQ652; S slopes of Meallan Odhar S92583; COLLNOZQ652; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92844; COLLNOCX2659; 280m SW of Sron Dubh S summit S92844; COLLNOCX2659; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Schist'
S92530; COLLNOYW1990; Allt Goibhre S92530; COLLNOYW1990; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92692; COLLNOMY1334; West Water, S bank, 350m SE of Tillybardine S92692; COLLNOMY1334; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92693; COLLNOMY1335; West Water, S bank, 220m SE of Tillybardine S92693; COLLNOMY1335; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92696; S92696/A; COLLNOMY1338; West Water, N bank, 600m ENE of Hunthill Lodge S92696; S92696/A; COLLNOMY1338; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92697; COLLNOMY1339; Burn of Anchowrie, East Grain, 900m NNE of Anchowrie Farmhouse S92697; COLLNOMY1339; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92700; COLLNOMY1342; Burn of Tarsney, 1180m NE of Tillybardine S92700; COLLNOMY1342; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92702; COLLNOMY1344; In track bed 400m NW of Broom Craig summit S92702; COLLNOMY1344; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92704; COLLNOMY1346; Crags of Stonyford, 430m SSW of Stronyford S92704; COLLNOMY1346; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95628; COLLNOPY144; Cowie Water S95628; COLLNOPY144; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95632; COLLNOPY151; Meikleouf Burn S95632; COLLNOPY151; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelitic Rock'
S95616; COLLNOPY126; Pittendarknie Grain S95616; COLLNOPY126; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95641; COLLNOPY164; Cowie Water S95641; COLLNOPY164; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95645; S95645/A; COLLNOPY169; Burn of Roughbank S95645; S95645/A; COLLNOPY169; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95647; COLLNOPY171; Burn of Roughbank S95647; COLLNOPY171; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94832; COLLNOYW2047; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94832; COLLNOYW2047; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S94833; COLLNOYW2048; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94833; COLLNOYW2048; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94834; COLLNOYW2049; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94834; COLLNOYW2049; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94835; COLLNOYW2050; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94835; COLLNOYW2050; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94836; COLLNOYW2051; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94836; COLLNOYW2051; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94840; COLLNOYW2055; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94840; COLLNOYW2055; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83885; S83885/A; COLLNOFY1170; Slochd Mor S83885; S83885/A; COLLNOFY1170; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83889; COLLNOFY1174; Allt Loisgale S83889; COLLNOFY1174; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83890; COLLNOFY1175; Allt Loisgale S83890; COLLNOFY1175; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94842; COLLNOYW2057; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94842; COLLNOYW2057; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92674; COLLNOCX2645; Fence 150m NE of Creag a' Chlamhain S92674; COLLNOCX2645; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92570; COLLNOZQ626; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92570; COLLNOZQ626; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S92856; COLLNOCX2671; Crag below path NW side of Corrie Kilbo S92856; COLLNOCX2671; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92629; COLLNOZQ746; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92629; COLLNOZQ746; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92630; COLLNOZQ747; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92630; COLLNOZQ747; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92633; COLLNOZQ759; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92633; COLLNOZQ759; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95622; COLLNOPY136; Cowie Water S95622; COLLNOPY136; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95775; COLLNOLY844; Whin Craigie S95775; COLLNOLY844; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95778; COLLNOLY847; Alyth Burn, 250m SW of Craighead S95778; COLLNOLY847; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S95779; COLLNOLY848; Alyth Burn, 150m SW of Craighead S95779; COLLNOLY848; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S95614; COLLNOPY122; Burn of Finglennie S95614; COLLNOPY122; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95765; COLLNOLY834; 600m NE of Knockton S95765; COLLNOLY834; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S95766; COLLNOLY835; 350m WSW of Druim Dearg S95766; COLLNOLY835; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S92888; COLLNOGU431; SP-; Red Burn BH No.1, Depth 26.62m S92888; COLLNOGU431; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92889; COLLNOGU432; SP-; Red Burn BH No.1, Depth 36.85m S92889; COLLNOGU432; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S92890; COLLNOGU433; SP-; Craig Roy S92890; COLLNOGU433; SP-; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Olivine Pyroxenite'
S95636; COLLNOPY156; Blackhill Burn S95636; COLLNOPY156; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95637; COLLNOPY158; Wolf Burn S95637; COLLNOPY158; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95639; COLLNOPY162; Wolf Burn S95639; COLLNOPY162; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95767; COLLNOLY836; 700m NW of Nether Drumhead S95767; COLLNOLY836; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95770; COLLNOLY839; Burn of Watersheal, 900m WSW of Hill of Fernyhirst S95770; COLLNOLY839; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95691; COLLNOPY245; Bog Jurgan S95691; COLLNOPY245; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92470; COLLNOYW1924; Glen Gloy S92470; COLLNOYW1924; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92585; COLLNOZQ656; N slopes of Glas Charn S92585; COLLNOZQ656; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92586; COLLNOZQ657; Upper reaches of Glen Buck S92586; COLLNOZQ657; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92587; COLLNOZQ659; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92587; COLLNOZQ659; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92589; COLLNOZQ663; Slopes above N Laggan S92589; COLLNOZQ663; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92602; COLLNOZQ698; Polt Gormack Hill S92602; COLLNOZQ698; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92603; COLLNOZQ699; Carn Leac S92603; COLLNOZQ699; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92606; COLLNOZQ704; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92606; COLLNOZQ704; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92608; COLLNOZQ708; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92608; COLLNOZQ708; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92609; COLLNOZQ709; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92609; COLLNOZQ709; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E5525; COLLNO340; Close to China Works, High Moor. E5525; COLLNO340; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E8012; COLLNO241; Bettleford Down, Parish of Widescombe in The Moor. E8012; COLLNO241; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
E3838; COLLNO310; 600 Yds. W. by S. of Trebowland. E3838; COLLNO310; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S92705; COLLNOMY1347; Craigs of Stonyford, 450m SW of Stonyford S92705; COLLNOMY1347; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92708; COLLNOMY1350; Broom Craig, S ridge, 900m N of Waterhead S92708; COLLNOMY1350; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92709; COLLNOMY1351; Broom Craig, S ridge, 900m N of Waterhead S92709; COLLNOMY1351; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92710; COLLNOMY1352; Broom Craig, S ridge, 600m N of Waterhead S92710; COLLNOMY1352; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92711; COLLNOMY1353; Hill of Berran, NE slopes, 1250m WNW of Waterhead S92711; COLLNOMY1353; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92713; COLLNOMY1355; Coire na Berran, W face, 2400m WNW of Waterhead S92713; COLLNOMY1355; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92714; COLLNOMY1356; Black Craig, 700m SE of confluence of Burn of Duskinskry with Water of Saughs S92714; COLLNOMY1356; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92715; COLLNOMY1357; Water of Saughs, 450m NW of confluence with Burn of Duskintry S92715; COLLNOMY1357; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92716; COLLNOMY1358; Water of Saughs, 900m NW of confluence with Burn of Duskintry S92716; COLLNOMY1358; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E3840; COLLNO312; Quarry, 1300 Yds. SW. of Carmenellis. E3840; COLLNO312; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S92480; COLLNOYW1934; Allt Goibhre S92480; COLLNOYW1934; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92481; COLLNOYW1935; Allt Goibhre S92481; COLLNOYW1935; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92483; COLLNOYW1937; Allt Goibhre S92483; COLLNOYW1937; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92484; COLLNOYW1938; Allt Goibhre S92484; COLLNOYW1938; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S92485; COLLNOYW1939; Allt Goibhre S92485; COLLNOYW1939; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E8259; COLLNO64; 10. 2 ft. above granite, The Mardle. E8259; COLLNO64; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
E4730; COLLNO232; Streamlet, St. Brenand Quarry. E4730; COLLNO232; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S92462; COLLNOYW1915; R. Gloy S92462; COLLNOYW1915; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92466; COLLNOYW1920; R. Gloy S92466; COLLNOYW1920; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E7897; COLLNO30; Quarry, E. side of road, 1 mile S. of Camelford. E7897; COLLNO30; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7901; COLLNO34; Elavn No. 2. Parkwood. Close to Camel, W. side of river. E7901; COLLNO34; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7903; COLLNO40; Roadside, NE. corner, Treslee Downs. E7903; COLLNO40; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7904; COLLNO41; No. 2. S. of villa, Dyke next to E 7903 E7904; COLLNO41; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7905; COLLNO43; Quarry SW. of Panters Bridge. E7905; COLLNO43; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7906; COLLNO45; Crag in Carne Wood at top of Lank. E7906; COLLNO45; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7907; COLLNO47; Bowden Quarry. E7907; COLLNO47; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7908; COLLNO48; Hobbs Hill. E7908; COLLNO48; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7909; COLLNO49; Hobbs Hill. E7909; COLLNO49; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7910; COLLNO50; Little Hammet. E7910; COLLNO50; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7911; COLLNO51; Little Hammet. E7911; COLLNO51; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
E7912; COLLNO53; E. side of St. Neots River. N. of Old Wheal Herbert. (Adit to Wheal Herbert). E7912; COLLNO53; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S83937; COLLNOGX1413; The Rives, Cairn Broadlands S83937; COLLNOGX1413; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E7203; COLLNO187; NEG1310M; NEG760M; PHOTOM776-7; 3 fields W. of Trewen. E7203; COLLNO187; NEG1310M; NEG760M; PHOTOM776-7; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Picrite'
E17437; E17437/A; COLLNOR4Y4[783]; Wolf Rock Lighthouse. E17437; E17437/A; COLLNOR4Y4[783]; * Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nosean Phonolite'
E15642 Tresarret Quarry, Blisland. E15642 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
E25374 Price of Wales Quarry. E25374 *; *; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
E7840; COLLNO226; PHOTOM761; Crag near Combe. E7840; COLLNO226; PHOTOM761; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Hornblende Picrite'
S83533; COLLNOMY1287; R. N Esk, N bank, 600m WSW of Millden Lodge S83533; COLLNOMY1287; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83535; COLLNOMY1289; R. N Esk, N bank, 450m SSW of bridge leading to Dalhastrie S83535; COLLNOMY1289; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83536; COLLNOMY1290; Road cutting on S bank of N Esk, 250m SW of Melrose Cottage S83536; COLLNOMY1290; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83537; COLLNOMY1291; Burn of Ranoch, 5m upstream of fence; 600m W of Craigoshina S83537; COLLNOMY1291; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E8021; COLLNO250; Lane SE. of Bag Tor Farm. E8021; COLLNO250; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
E8026; COLLNO255; NEG802M; Field next to Mill Wood, N. of Bag Tor. E8026; COLLNO255; NEG802M; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
E8043; COLLNO272; Near Pinchford, Islington. E8043; COLLNO272; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
E9139; COLLNO2A; Bittleford Down. E9139; COLLNO2A; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S83540; COLLNOMY1295; Bulg, c60m NNW of summit cairn S83540; COLLNOMY1295; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E6487; COLLNO119; PHOTOM624; New Well near Germoe. E6487; COLLNO119; PHOTOM624; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
E6488; COLLNO120; New Well near Germoe. E6488; COLLNO120; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
S83550; COLLNOMY1305; Auld Craig, N end of main crag; 500m due S of Glen Effock farmhouse S83550; COLLNOMY1305; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83551; COLLNOMY1306; Auld Craig, main crag; 550m SSE of Glen Effock farmhouse S83551; COLLNOMY1306; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83552; COLLNOMY1307; Auld Craig, main crag; 600m SSE of Glen Effock farmhouse S83552; COLLNOMY1307; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83558; COLLNOMY1313; About 5m E of Triangulation Station on Cairn Caidloch S83558; COLLNOMY1313; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83560; COLLNOMY1315; Wester Cruys, W end of crags, 1200m NNW of summit of Cruys S83560; COLLNOMY1315; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83562; COLLNOMY1317; Hill of Rowan, 200m SE of monument S83562; COLLNOMY1317; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83949; COLLNORY546; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83949; COLLNORY546; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83950; COLLNORY547; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83950; COLLNORY547; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83952; COLLNORY549; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83952; COLLNORY549; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83954; COLLNORY551; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83954; COLLNORY551; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83955; COLLNORY552; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83955; COLLNORY552; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83956; COLLNORY553; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83956; COLLNORY553; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S83959; COLLNORY556; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83959; COLLNORY556; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83961; COLLNORY558; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S83961; COLLNORY558; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E6313; COLLNO25; Lynher. E6313; COLLNO25; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
S83920; COLLNOGX1396; 990m at 294deg from Moulzie, Glen Clova S83920; COLLNOGX1396; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83922; COLLNOGX1398; NW end of the Dounalt S83922; COLLNOGX1398; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83924; COLLNOGX1400; Gully at the SE end of Dounalt cliff S83924; COLLNOGX1400; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83571; COLLNOMY1326; Badadarrach, S slopes 1400m due N of House of Mark S83571; COLLNOMY1326; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83572; COLLNOMY1327; Badadarrach, S slopes 1350m due N of House of Mark S83572; COLLNOMY1327; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83901; COLLNOGX1377; Upper crags, W side of E Corrie S83901; COLLNOGX1377; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S95137; COLLNORY590; Loch Loggen S95137; COLLNORY590; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E605 Y Gard Nr. Llanrhaiddr y Mochnant E605 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E12334; COLLNO3; Quarry entrance, Knowles Hill, Newton Abbot. E12334; COLLNO3; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E19319; COLLNO188; Parish Piece Quarry, Hingston Down, Calstock. E19319; COLLNO188; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S83329; COLLNOYW1845; Carn Dearg S83329; COLLNOYW1845; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83332; COLLNOYW1850; Carn Dearg S83332; COLLNOYW1850; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E14417; COLLNOLP239; Mynydd Rhiw E14417; COLLNOLP239; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S83913; COLLNOGX1389; Upper E Corrie - W burn S83913; COLLNOGX1389; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E304 Aran Benlynn E304 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95121; COLLNOMY1406; Dhulin Burn, 180m upstream of confluence with West Grain S95121; COLLNOMY1406; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E6294; COLLNO16; Near Castlewitch. E6294; COLLNO16; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S95594; COLLNOFY1343; Slochd, cutting A9 S95594; COLLNOFY1343; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E6307; COLLNO9; Higher Ford. E6307; COLLNO9; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E8068; COLLNO11; D. Levarne Mine, nearest granite. E8068; COLLNO11; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
E8069; COLLNO13; C. Levarne Mine, further from granite E8069; COLLNO13; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S95114; COLLNOWX1294; R.Tilt, Dail Fheannach S95114; COLLNOWX1294; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95226; COLLNOJXX51; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95226; COLLNOJXX51; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95229; COLLNOJXX54; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95229; COLLNOJXX54; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82643; COLLNOYW1809; SW of Meall a' Chomhlain S82643; COLLNOYW1809; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94924; COLLNOPGR8186; N bank, Allt Cathair Bhan, 380m NE of Kinlochailsh S94924; COLLNOPGR8186; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93809; COLLNOGY860; Kirkmabreck Quarry, upper bench S93809; COLLNOGY860; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93812; COLLNOGY863; Kirkmabreck Quarry, upper bench S93812; COLLNOGY863; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93813; S93813/A; COLLNOGY864; Kirkmabreck Quarry, upper bench S93813; S93813/A; COLLNOGY864; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93796; COLLNOGY847; Kirkmabreck Quarry, lower bench S93796; COLLNOGY847; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93797; COLLNOGY848; Kirkmabreck Quarry, lower bench S93797; COLLNOGY848; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93798; COLLNOGY849; Kirkmabreck Quarry, lower bench S93798; COLLNOGY849; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93799; COLLNOGY850; Kirkmabreck Quarry, lower bench S93799; COLLNOGY850; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93800; COLLNOGY851; Kirkmabreck Quarry, lower bench S93800; COLLNOGY851; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S93801; COLLNOGY852; Kirkmabreck Quarry, lower bench S93801; COLLNOGY852; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S94926; COLLNOPGR8196; W side, Loch Sail an Ruathair S94926; COLLNOPGR8196; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94928; COLLNOPGR8123; Allt Cathair Bhan, 550m NE of Kinlochailsh S94928; COLLNOPGR8123; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94916; COLLNOPGR8141; Allt Cathair Bhan tributary, 1350m NE of Kinlochailsh S94916; COLLNOPGR8141; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94919; COLLNOPGR8166; Allt Cathair Bhan, 640m NE of Kinlochailsh S94919; COLLNOPGR8166; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94920; COLLNOPGR8167; Allt Cathair Bhan, 590m NE of Kinlochailsh S94920; COLLNOPGR8167; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94921; COLLNOPGR8168; Allt Cathair Bhan, 590m NE of Kinlochailsh S94921; COLLNOPGR8168; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94922; COLLNOPGR8181; Allt Cathair Bhan, 410m NE of Kinlochailsh S94922; COLLNOPGR8181; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S94923; COLLNOPGR8183; Allt Cathair Bhan, 400m NE of Kinlochailsh S94923; COLLNOPGR8183; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94915; COLLNOPGR8124; Allt Cathair Bhan, 550m NE of Kinlochailsh S94915; COLLNOPGR8124; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S95310; COLLNOGX1582; Drumnagorrach No.1 Borehole, depth 143.63m S95310; COLLNOGX1582; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S95091; COLLNOWX1271; Crags E side of Loch Loch S95091; COLLNOWX1271; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95092; COLLNOWX1272; Creag an Loch S95092; COLLNOWX1272; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95093; COLLNOWX1273; Creag an Loch S95093; COLLNOWX1273; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95402; COLLNOIY706; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95402; COLLNOIY706; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83847; COLLNOFY1132; Adjacent to shooting track, Alvie S83847; COLLNOFY1132; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S95225; COLLNOJXX50; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95225; COLLNOJXX50; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95207; COLLNOJXX32; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95207; COLLNOJXX32; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95467; COLLNOETS29; Duneaton water 240m E 60deg S of North Bottom S95467; COLLNOETS29; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95468; COLLNOETS30; Duneaton water 290m E 60deg S of North Bottom S95468; COLLNOETS30; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E19892; MR17659; 400 yds SW of Woodgate, Cwm Mawr E19892; MR17659; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S92458; COLLNOFY1086; Allt an Tudain S92458; COLLNOFY1086; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95569; COLLNOFY1318; Allt na h-Airigh Samhraich S95569; COLLNOFY1318; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95550; COLLNOFY1299; Carn Ruighe Bhric S95550; COLLNOFY1299; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92442; COLLNOFY1069; Allt an Aonaich S92442; COLLNOFY1069; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94910; COLLNOPGR8081; Allt Cathair Bhan, 620m NE of Kinlochailsh S94910; COLLNOPGR8081; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94911; COLLNOPGR8082; Allt Cathair Bhan, 620m NE of Kinlochailsh S94911; COLLNOPGR8082; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94914; COLLNOPGR8108; Allt Cathair Bhan, 520m NE of Kinlochailsh S94914; COLLNOPGR8108; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S95274; COLLNOJXX99; Carn Macoul S95274; COLLNOJXX99; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95275; COLLNOJXX100; Carn Macoul S95275; COLLNOJXX100; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95277; COLLNOJXX102; Creag an Eass S95277; COLLNOJXX102; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95140; COLLNOLY806; 300m SE of Meall Mor S95140; COLLNOLY806; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95141; COLLNOLY807; 500m NNE of Meall Mor S95141; COLLNOLY807; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95142; COLLNOLY808; Meall Mor S95142; COLLNOLY808; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92963; COLLNOCX2740; 400m WNW of An Creagan S92963; COLLNOCX2740; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95612; COLLNOGX1286; Upper Glen Doll, 800m SE of Cairn Lunkard, by Jock's Road S95612; COLLNOGX1286; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95265; COLLNOJXX90; Carn Macoul S95265; COLLNOJXX90; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83994; COLLNOFY1049; 1200m E of Coire Phris Mhoir S83994; COLLNOFY1049; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83970; COLLNOFY1025; Road cut A9 Clunesh S83970; COLLNOFY1025; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83982; COLLNOFY1037; 460m SSE Sguman Beag S83982; COLLNOFY1037; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92429; COLLNOFY1056; Carn na Lair S92429; COLLNOFY1056; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S95107; COLLNOWX1287; Meall Gharran, NE flank S95107; COLLNOWX1287; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S95108; COLLNOWX1288; Meall Gharran, NE flank S95108; COLLNOWX1288; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S95104; COLLNOWX1284; Sron Lochan, E flank S95104; COLLNOWX1284; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95105; COLLNOWX1285; Coire Breac, Sron Lochan S95105; COLLNOWX1285; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95095; COLLNOWX1275; Slopes E of S end of Loch Loch S95095; COLLNOWX1275; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95256; COLLNOJXX81; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95256; COLLNOJXX81; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95369; COLLNOIY673; SCOTLAND. Ben Macdui (64E) S95369; COLLNOIY673; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelitic Rock'
S83981; COLLNOFY1036; 480m SSE Sguman Beag S83981; COLLNOFY1036; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S93818; COLLNOGY869; Kirkmabreck Quarry, upper bench S93818; COLLNOGY869; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83965; COLLNOFY1020; Allt Bruachaig S83965; COLLNOFY1020; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82652; COLLNOYW1819; Beinn Bhan S82652; COLLNOYW1819; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82653; COLLNOYW1820; Beinn Bhan S82653; COLLNOYW1820; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82654; COLLNOYW1822; S of Beinn Bhan S82654; COLLNOYW1822; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S95590; COLLNOFY1339; Allt a' Mhuillin S95590; COLLNOFY1339; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E465 Roadside, W. of Goat Station, Bryn-y-Garn, St. Davids. E465 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E303 Arenig. E303 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95027; COLLNONY237; Dyke Burn S95027; COLLNONY237; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E7187; E7187/A; COLLNO7; Bwlchmawr Quarry, Dinas. E7187; E7187/A; COLLNO7; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95066; COLLNOYW2066; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95066; COLLNOYW2066; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95069; COLLNOYW2069; R.Spey S95069; COLLNOYW2069; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95136; COLLNOMY1421; Thieves' Bush, 450m due N of Cairn o' Mount road summit S95136; COLLNOMY1421; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S95071; COLLNOYW2072; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95071; COLLNOYW2072; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S95075; COLLNOYW2076; SCOTLAND. Dalwhinnie (63E) S95075; COLLNOYW2076; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S83819; COLLNOFY1104; Knock of Buchromb S83819; COLLNOFY1104; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S95010; COLLNONY219; Glen Water S95010; COLLNONY219; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82568; COLLNOYW1752; SE of Meall Ptarmigan S82568; COLLNOYW1752; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82584; COLLNOYW1772; Meall Ptarmigan S82584; COLLNOYW1772; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E51932; COLLNOLA618; 200 Yds. at 210 deg. from Hollybush Farm. E51932; COLLNOLA618; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51933; COLLNOLA619; 460 Yds. at 350 deg. from Pwll ceffyl. E51933; COLLNOLA619; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51934; COLLNOLA620; 200 Yds. at 260 deg. from Blaen llyn. E51934; COLLNOLA620; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51935; COLLNOLA621; 310 Yds. at 002 deg. from Treiva. E51935; COLLNOLA621; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51936; COLLNOLA623; Track to Gluis Farm. E51936; COLLNOLA623; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51937; COLLNOLA624; Above Aber Dwyrain. E51937; COLLNOLA624; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51938; COLLNOLA626; Solva Harbour. E51938; COLLNOLA626; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
E51939; COLLNOLA625; Middle Hill Quarry. E51939; COLLNOLA625; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82588; COLLNOYW1776; S of Creag a`Chail S82588; COLLNOYW1776; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S82589; COLLNOYW1777; SW of Creag a`Chail S82589; COLLNOYW1777; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81666; COLLNOYW1684; Allt Chonnal S81666; COLLNOYW1684; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S81668; COLLNOYW1686; Meall a'Chomhlain S81668; COLLNOYW1686; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81656; COLLNOYW1673; S of Carn Dearg Beag S81656; COLLNOYW1673; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93027; COLLNOHY563; Folla Rule S93027; COLLNOHY563; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93009; COLLNOHY544; Top quarry, Peth of Minnonie section S93009; COLLNOHY544; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93010; COLLNOHY545; Top quarry, Peth of Minnonie section S93010; COLLNOHY545; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93011; COLLNOHY546; Knap of Ords S93011; COLLNOHY546; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93012; COLLNOHY547; SW end of o.c. on SW side of Burn of Invercamey S93012; COLLNOHY547; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93121; COLLNOGX1437; 250m E of N tip of Caol Loch S93121; COLLNOGX1437; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E54858; COLLNOLA998; 150 m. N. of Reynish House. E54858; COLLNOLA998; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S82212; COLLNOYW1709; Allt Tarsuinn S82212; COLLNOYW1709; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92999; COLLNOHY534; 60m N of Slatie's Pot, Ythan Valley S92999; COLLNOHY534; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93116; COLLNOGX1432; In burn section, Lone Torrigal S93116; COLLNOGX1432; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93036; COLLNOHY659; Kirkney Bridge S93036; COLLNOHY659; * Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroclastic Rock'
S93029; COLLNOHY565; Folla Rule S93029; COLLNOHY565; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93030; S93030/A; COLLNOHY566; Sunnyside of Folla S93030; S93030/A; COLLNOHY566; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93031; COLLNOHY567; Hill of Folla S93031; COLLNOHY567; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81671; COLLNOYW1689; Allt Dubh S81671; COLLNOYW1689; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81673; COLLNOYW1692; Allt Dubh S81673; COLLNOYW1692; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93019; COLLNOHY555; Mill of Easterton S93019; COLLNOHY555; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93020; COLLNOHY556; Mill of Easterton S93020; COLLNOHY556; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93023; COLLNOHY559; Mill of Easterton S93023; COLLNOHY559; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93024; COLLNOHY560; Mill of Easterton S93024; COLLNOHY560; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93025; COLLNOHY561; Folla Rule S93025; COLLNOHY561; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93026; COLLNOHY562; Folla Rule S93026; COLLNOHY562; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82594; COLLNOYW1783; R.Roy S82594; COLLNOYW1783; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93507; COLLNOGU438; Loch Borralan BH4 8.35m S93507; COLLNOGU438; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93508; COLLNOGU439; Loch Borralan BH4 15m S93508; COLLNOGU439; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S82227; COLLNOYW1725; Carn Dearg S82227; COLLNOYW1725; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S82223; COLLNOYW1721; SE of Allt Squadaig S82223; COLLNOYW1721; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94831; COLLNOYW2045; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94831; COLLNOYW2045; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94643; COLLNOCY54; S flank of Barfill Hill S94643; COLLNOCY54; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S82232; COLLNOYW1731; Near White Falls S82232; COLLNOYW1731; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S82236; COLLNOYW1735; Carn Dearg Beag S82236; COLLNOYW1735; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94531; COLLNOPY109; Forestry track - Mill of Three Stones 500m W of Black Burn S94531; COLLNOPY109; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92792; COLLNOYW2005; Creag a'Chail S92792; COLLNOYW2005; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93574; COLLNOTY349; R. Deveron, Glenniehouse Pot, E bank S93574; COLLNOTY349; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S94554; COLLNOLY773; 850m NW Craighead S94554; COLLNOLY773; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93521; COLLNOGU452; Loch Borralan BH4 50m S93521; COLLNOGU452; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93522; COLLNOGU453; Loch Borralan BH4 51.56m S93522; COLLNOGU453; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93525; COLLNOGU456; Loch Borralan BH4 59.15m S93525; COLLNOGU456; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93526; COLLNOGU457; Loch Borralan BH4 63.7m S93526; COLLNOGU457; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93527; COLLNOGU458; Loch Borralan BH4 68.74m S93527; COLLNOGU458; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93512; COLLNOGU443; Loch Borralan BH4 28.4m S93512; COLLNOGU443; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93513; COLLNOGU444; Loch Borralan BH4 28.47m S93513; COLLNOGU444; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93514; COLLNOGU445; Loch Borralan BH4 31.42m S93514; COLLNOGU445; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93516; COLLNOGU447; Loch Borralan BH4 37.60m S93516; COLLNOGU447; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93518; COLLNOGU449; Loch Borralan BH4 40m S93518; COLLNOGU449; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93519; COLLNOGU450; Loch Borralan BH4 44.92m S93519; COLLNOGU450; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93520; COLLNOGU451; Loch Borralan BH4 46.64m S93520; COLLNOGU451; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S93649; COLLNOTY424; Doonie Point S93649; COLLNOTY424; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94592; COLLNOBRS826B; 3.5km SW of Moniaive S94592; COLLNOBRS826B; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S92790; COLLNOGX1425; 310m 229deg from Fafernie Shiel S92790; COLLNOGX1425; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94376; COLLNOZQ807; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94376; COLLNOZQ807; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S94378; COLLNOZQ810; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94378; COLLNOZQ810; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S94381; COLLNOZQ831; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94381; COLLNOZQ831; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94459; COLLNOJX41; Rothes Burn S94459; COLLNOJX41; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S94463; COLLNOJX45; Burn of Rothes S94463; COLLNOJX45; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94464; COLLNORY585; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94464; COLLNORY585; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94465; COLLNORY586; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94465; COLLNORY586; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94467; COLLNORY588; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94467; COLLNORY588; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94387; COLLNOZQ840; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94387; COLLNOZQ840; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S94394; COLLNOZQ852; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S94394; COLLNOZQ852; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S92650; COLLNOZQ790; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S92650; COLLNOZQ790; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94131; COLLNOPY95; Burn of Finglennie S94131; COLLNOPY95; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94121; COLLNOPY84; 600m W of Clochanshiels S94121; COLLNOPY84; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93841; COLLNOHY714; Logg Hill S93841; COLLNOHY714; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93842; COLLNOHY715; Logg Hill S93842; COLLNOHY715; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93829; COLLNOHY702; NW end of Heugh of Bucharn S93829; COLLNOHY702; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94044; COLLNOPY6; Elfhill Burn S94044; COLLNOPY6; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94045; COLLNOPY7; Elfhill Burn S94045; COLLNOPY7; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94046; COLLNOPY8; Elfhill Burn S94046; COLLNOPY8; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94047; COLLNOPY9; Elfhill Burn S94047; COLLNOPY9; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94130; COLLNOPY94; Burn of Finglennie S94130; COLLNOPY94; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94036; COLLNOGU504; Claymires BH2, depth 67.70m S94036; COLLNOGU504; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94037; COLLNOGU505; Claymires BH2, depth 80.15m S94037; COLLNOGU505; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94040; COLLNOGU508; Claymires BH2, depth 120.42m S94040; COLLNOGU508; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94112; COLLNOPY74; Loch of the Lochan S94112; COLLNOPY74; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94114; COLLNOPY76; Burn of Finglennie S94114; COLLNOPY76; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94117; COLLNOPY79; Cowie Water S94117; COLLNOPY79; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94118; COLLNOPY81; Head of the Burn of Annamuick S94118; COLLNOPY81; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94119; COLLNOPY82; 1km W of Clochanshiels S94119; COLLNOPY82; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94104; COLLNOPY66; Burn of Finglennie S94104; COLLNOPY66; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94105; COLLNOPY67; Eely Loch S94105; COLLNOPY67; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94106; COLLNOPY68; Burn of Anaholans S94106; COLLNOPY68; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94107; COLLNOPY69; Burn of Anaholans S94107; COLLNOPY69; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94174; COLLNOFY1224; Allt Lathach S94174; COLLNOFY1224; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S93777; COLLNOZQ816; SE Eilrig S93777; COLLNOZQ816; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93784; COLLNOZQ823; SE Eilrig S93784; COLLNOZQ823; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93786; S93786/A; COLLNOZQ825; SW of Glen Buck bothy S93786; S93786/A; COLLNOZQ825; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93831; COLLNOHY704; Black Bank, Coynachie S93831; COLLNOHY704; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93832; COLLNOHY705; Priest's Water, NW side of the Drum S93832; COLLNOHY705; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93833; COLLNOHY706; Braes of Blairfowl S93833; COLLNOHY706; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93821; COLLNOHY696; NW of Black Bank S93821; COLLNOHY696; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93822; S93822/A; S93822/B; COLLNOHY697; NW side of Kemp's Hill S93822; S93822/A; S93822/B; COLLNOHY697; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93823; COLLNOHY694; Kirkney Water S93823; COLLNOHY694; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93824; COLLNOHY695; S side of Shone Hill S93824; COLLNOHY695; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93825; COLLNOHY698; NE of Cats Craig S93825; COLLNOHY698; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93826; COLLNOHY699; 100m S of Round Tore S93826; COLLNOHY699; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94348; COLLNOLY733; 200m W of Auchintaple Loch S94348; COLLNOLY733; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94349; COLLNOLY734; 800m NW of Badandun Hill S94349; COLLNOLY734; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
COLLNOBH002P; MC5435; Borlum House COLLNOBH002P; MC5435; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammitic Rock'
S94199; COLLNOFY1249; Strathnoonan Burn S94199; COLLNOFY1249; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94355; COLLNOLY740; Ridge W of Glen Finlet S94355; COLLNOLY740; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93746; COLLNOGU495; Bin quarry S93746; COLLNOGU495; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S93742; COLLNOGU491; Bin quarry S93742; COLLNOGU491; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S93637; S93637/A; S93637/B; COLLNOTY412; Rubbish Tip Point, Portsoy S93637; S93637/A; S93637/B; COLLNOTY412; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94183; COLLNOFY1233; Strathnoonan Burn S94183; COLLNOFY1233; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94184; COLLNOFY1234; Strathnoonan Burn S94184; COLLNOFY1234; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94185; COLLNOFY1235; Wester Strathnoonan Burn S94185; COLLNOFY1235; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94186; COLLNOFY1236; Wester Strathnoonan Burn S94186; COLLNOFY1236; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S77404; COLLNOMY542; Hill of Airlie, 50m SE of summit S77404; COLLNOMY542; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S93787; S93787/B; COLLNOZQ826; SW of Glen Buck bothy S93787; S93787/B; COLLNOZQ826; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93788; S93788/A; S93788/B; COLLNOZQ827; SW of Glen Buck bothy S93788; S93788/A; S93788/B; COLLNOZQ827; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94108; COLLNOPY70; Burn of Anaholans S94108; COLLNOPY70; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94109; S94109/A; COLLNOPY71; Burn of Anaholans S94109; S94109/A; COLLNOPY71; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94103; COLLNOPY65; Burn of Finglennie S94103; COLLNOPY65; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S93882; COLLNOHY520; Burn of Allahanay S93882; COLLNOHY520; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93891; COLLNOHY529; Dufftown S93891; COLLNOHY529; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93873; COLLNOHY511; Comehabble Burn S93873; COLLNOHY511; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93874; COLLNOHY512; Dillan Water 400m E of Milltown of Laggan S93874; COLLNOHY512; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94102; COLLNOPY64; Burn of Finglennie S94102; COLLNOPY64; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94238; COLLNOYR2769; Clune S94238; COLLNOYR2769; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94242; COLLNOYR2773; Newtyle Forest S94242; COLLNOYR2773; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94224; COLLNOJX24; SCOTLAND. Rothes (85) S94224; COLLNOJX24; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94225; COLLNOJX26; Netherglen Quarry S94225; COLLNOJX26; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94226; COLLNOJX27; Netherglen Quarry S94226; COLLNOJX27; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94230; COLLNOJX31; Gedloch Quarry S94230; COLLNOJX31; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94214; COLLNOJX14; Forestry Commission land N of Archiestown S94214; COLLNOJX14; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93557; COLLNOTY332; Bucharn Railway cutting S93557; COLLNOTY332; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94090; COLLNOPY52; Burn of Annamuick S94090; COLLNOPY52; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94216; COLLNOJX16; Archiestown Forestry Commission quarry S94216; COLLNOJX16; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S94093; COLLNOPY55; White Rashes S94093; COLLNOPY55; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94085; COLLNOPY47; Head of the Burn of Annamuick S94085; COLLNOPY47; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94086; COLLNOPY48; Head of the Burn of Annamuick S94086; COLLNOPY48; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94088; COLLNOPY50; Head of the Burn of Annamuick S94088; COLLNOPY50; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94089; COLLNOPY51; Head of the Burn of Annamuick S94089; COLLNOPY51; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94076; COLLNOPY38; Burn of Annamuick S94076; COLLNOPY38; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94077; COLLNOPY39; Burn of Annamuick S94077; COLLNOPY39; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S93875; COLLNOHY513; Dillan Water 500m ENE of Milltown of Laggan S93875; COLLNOHY513; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93876; COLLNOHY514; Dillan Water 500m ENE of Milltown of Laggan S93876; COLLNOHY514; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93877; COLLNOHY515; Dillan Water at confluence with Burn of Allachampit S93877; COLLNOHY515; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93879; COLLNOHY517; Burn of Whitestone S93879; COLLNOHY517; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93880; COLLNOHY518; Dillan Water S93880; COLLNOHY518; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93881; COLLNOHY519; Dillan Water S93881; COLLNOHY519; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93867; COLLNOHY505; Allt a'Bhainne S93867; COLLNOHY505; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93868; COLLNOHY506; Allt a'Bhainne S93868; COLLNOHY506; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93869; COLLNOHY507; Allt a'Bhainne S93869; COLLNOHY507; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93870; COLLNOHY508; Allt a'Bhainne S93870; COLLNOHY508; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S77376; COLLNOMY492; Large excavation beside forestry track 1300m WSW of Culthibert S77376; COLLNOMY492; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94096; COLLNOPY58; Confluence of Queel Burn and Cowie Water S94096; COLLNOPY58; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94092; COLLNOPY54; White Rashes S94092; COLLNOPY54; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94146; COLLNOFY1196; N slope of Carn na Glaic Fluich S94146; COLLNOFY1196; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94142; COLLNOFY1192; N slope of Carn na Glaic Fluich S94142; COLLNOFY1192; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94144; COLLNOFY1194; N slope of Carn na Glaic Fluich S94144; COLLNOFY1194; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94145; COLLNOFY1195; N slope of Carn na Glaic Fluich S94145; COLLNOFY1195; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93871; COLLNOHY509; Comehabble Burn S93871; COLLNOHY509; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93872; COLLNOHY510; Comehabble Burn S93872; COLLNOHY510; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93862; COLLNOHY500; Mains Burn S93862; COLLNOHY500; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93864; COLLNOHY502; Mains Burn S93864; COLLNOHY502; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93865; COLLNOHY503; Mains Burn S93865; COLLNOHY503; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93866; COLLNOHY504; Mains Burn S93866; COLLNOHY504; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93545; COLLNOTY320; Rothiemay Station cutting, N side W end S93545; COLLNOTY320; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S93546; COLLNOTY321; Rothiemay Station cutting, N side W end S93546; COLLNOTY321; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S93547; COLLNOTY322; Rothiemay Station cutting, N side W end S93547; COLLNOTY322; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S93548; COLLNOTY323; Rothiemay Station cutting, N side centre S93548; COLLNOTY323; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S94062; COLLNOPY24; Foggy Moss S94062; COLLNOPY24; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S93551; COLLNOTY326; Rothiemay Station cutting, E end under trees S93551; COLLNOTY326; * Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
S93536; COLLNOTY311; Backwood Hill 250m S of top, 50m E of road S93536; COLLNOTY311; * Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S94289; COLLNOWX1262; R. Tilt below Creag an Duibh S94289; COLLNOWX1262; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94290; COLLNOWX1263; R. Tilt below Creag an Duibh S94290; COLLNOWX1263; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94291; COLLNOWX1264; R. Tilt below Creag an Duibh S94291; COLLNOWX1264; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94292; COLLNOWX1265; R. Tilt below Creag an Duibh S94292; COLLNOWX1265; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94293; COLLNOWX1266; R. Tilt 250m S of Bedford Bridge S94293; COLLNOWX1266; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94079; COLLNOPY41; Burn of Annamuick S94079; COLLNOPY41; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80104; COLLNORY228; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80104; COLLNORY228; * Pseudotachylite. 'Original entry: Mylonite'
S94080; COLLNOPY42; Torrie Hillocks, Burn of Annamuick S94080; COLLNOPY42; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94082; COLLNOPY44; Torrie Hillocks, Burn of Annamuick S94082; COLLNOPY44; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94068; COLLNOPY30; Burn of Annamuick S94068; COLLNOPY30; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94069; COLLNOPY31; Burn of Annamuick S94069; COLLNOPY31; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94070; COLLNOPY32; Burn of Annamuick S94070; COLLNOPY32; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94071; COLLNOPY33; Burn of Annamuick S94071; COLLNOPY33; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94072; COLLNOPY34; Burn of Annamuick S94072; COLLNOPY34; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94073; COLLNOPY35; Burn of Annamuick S94073; COLLNOPY35; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94064; COLLNOPY26; Clerkenwell Burn S94064; COLLNOPY26; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93852; COLLNOHY488; In drain 300m NE of schoolhouse S93852; COLLNOHY488; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94258; COLLNOGX1457; Camore Burn W of Carn Meadhonach S94258; COLLNOGX1457; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94259; COLLNOGX1458; Camore Burn W of Carn Meadhonach S94259; COLLNOGX1458; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93846; COLLNOHY482; Comehabble Burn 300m W of Upper Bellandy S93846; COLLNOHY482; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93848; COLLNOHY484; Comehabble Burn 300m W of Upper Bellandy S93848; COLLNOHY484; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94059; COLLNOPY21; Whiting Burn S94059; COLLNOPY21; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94060; COLLNOPY22; Whiting Burn S94060; COLLNOPY22; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94054; COLLNOPY16; Elfhill Burn S94054; COLLNOPY16; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94055; COLLNOPY17; Elfhill Burn S94055; COLLNOPY17; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94057; COLLNOPY19; Whiting Burn S94057; COLLNOPY19; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94052; COLLNOPY14; Elfhill Burn S94052; COLLNOPY14; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94053; COLLNOPY15; Elfhill Burn S94053; COLLNOPY15; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94278; COLLNOWX1251; Burn opposite Bedford Bridge S94278; COLLNOWX1251; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S94279; COLLNOWX1252; Burn opposite Bedford Bridge S94279; COLLNOWX1252; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94281; COLLNOWX1254; Allt An Lochain S94281; COLLNOWX1254; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S94282; COLLNOWX1255; Allt An Lochain S94282; COLLNOWX1255; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S94285; COLLNOWX1258; 550m NW of Creag Dheag S94285; COLLNOWX1258; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94287; COLLNOWX1260; R. Tilt, Ruigh na Cuile S94287; COLLNOWX1260; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S94269; COLLNOWX1242; Allt Feith Guithsachain S94269; COLLNOWX1242; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S93715; COLLNOFY793; 500m ENE of Carn Dearg Mor S93715; COLLNOFY793; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94152; COLLNOFY1202; Carn na Loine S94152; COLLNOFY1202; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94247; COLLNOYR2779; Black Burn S94247; COLLNOYR2779; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94248; COLLNOYR2780; Black Burn S94248; COLLNOYR2780; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94250; COLLNOYR2783; Cluny S94250; COLLNOYR2783; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94255; COLLNOYR2790; Bognie S94255; COLLNOYR2790; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94232; COLLNOJX33; Gedloch Burn S94232; COLLNOJX33; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S93768; COLLNOGX1445; SE corner of Geodh' na Moine S93768; COLLNOGX1445; * Phosphatic Sediments And Phosphorites. 'Original entry: Fish Bed'
S77387; COLLNOMY524; Stream section, Kirkton of Tough, 200m S of village S77387; COLLNOMY524; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S77388; COLLNOMY525; Stream section, Kirkton of Tough, opposite church S77388; COLLNOMY525; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S77500; COLLNOMY641; At W edge of Westertown Wood, 250m WNW of Townhead S77500; COLLNOMY641; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Pelite'
S77501; COLLNOMY642; Wood 250m SE of Minew S77501; COLLNOMY642; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Garnetiferous Pelite'
S77494; COLLNOMY635; By roadside 230m NE of Upper Craigton S77494; COLLNOMY635; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S77495; COLLNOMY636; By roadside 230m NE of Upper Craigton S77495; COLLNOMY636; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80128; COLLNORY252; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80128; COLLNORY252; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80129; COLLNORY253; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80129; COLLNORY253; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80119; COLLNORY243; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80119; COLLNORY243; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Quartz Hornblende Pegmatite'
S80122; COLLNORY246; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80122; COLLNORY246; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80123; COLLNORY247; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80123; COLLNORY247; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S80096; COLLNORY220; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80096; COLLNORY220; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80127; COLLNORY251; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80127; COLLNORY251; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S77469; COLLNOMY609; Boundary of young and mature forestry plantations 550m SSE of summit of Suie Hill S77469; COLLNOMY609; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Mica Schist'
S80147; COLLNORY271; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80147; COLLNORY271; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80148; COLLNORY272; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80148; COLLNORY272; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80149; COLLNORY273; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80149; COLLNORY273; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80151; COLLNORY275; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80151; COLLNORY275; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnetiferous Semipsammite'
S80152; COLLNORY276; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80152; COLLNORY276; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Pelite'
S79996; COLLNORY120; SW shore of Loch Laggan S79996; COLLNORY120; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80281; S80281/A; COLLNOCX2073; Mayer/Snow Burn confluence S80281; S80281/A; COLLNOCX2073; * Psammite, Calcareous . 'Original entry: Psammite'
S77490; COLLNOMY631; 180m NW of Balnacraig S77490; COLLNOMY631; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80140; COLLNORY264; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80140; COLLNORY264; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80141; COLLNORY265; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80141; COLLNORY265; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80142; COLLNORY266; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80142; COLLNORY266; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80146; COLLNORY270; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80146; COLLNORY270; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E8666; COLLNO292; Raggd Stone Hill, Malverns E8666; COLLNO292; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E8667; COLLNO294; Raggd Stone Hill, Malverns E8667; COLLNO294; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E8668; COLLNO295; Raggd Stone Hill, Malverns E8668; COLLNO295; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E8669; COLLNO296; Raggd Stone Hill, Malverns E8669; COLLNO296; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80131; COLLNORY255; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80131; COLLNORY255; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80132; COLLNORY256; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80132; COLLNORY256; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80133; COLLNORY257; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80133; COLLNORY257; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80135; COLLNORY259; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80135; COLLNORY259; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80107; COLLNORY231; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80107; COLLNORY231; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80108; COLLNORY232; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80108; COLLNORY232; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80110; COLLNORY234; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80110; COLLNORY234; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80111; COLLNORY235; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80111; COLLNORY235; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80113; COLLNORY237; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80113; COLLNORY237; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80115; COLLNORY239; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80115; COLLNORY239; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80116; COLLNORY240; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80116; COLLNORY240; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S77393; COLLNOMY530; 300m NW of Craich S77393; COLLNOMY530; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80634; S80634/A; COLLNORY412; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80634; S80634/A; COLLNORY412; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammite'
S80635; COLLNORY414; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80635; COLLNORY414; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80638; COLLNORY424; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80638; COLLNORY424; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S80640; COLLNORY427; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80640; COLLNORY427; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammite'
S80641; COLLNORY428; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80641; COLLNORY428; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammite'
S80596; COLLNORY319; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80596; COLLNORY319; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80599; COLLNORY328; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80599; COLLNORY328; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Mica Felsite'
S80616; COLLNORY381; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80616; COLLNORY381; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammite'
S80624; COLLNORY393; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80624; COLLNORY393; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Calcite Psammite'
S80626; COLLNORY398; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80626; COLLNORY398; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammite'
S80045; COLLNORY169; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80045; COLLNORY169; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S81042; COLLNOCX2096; SE flank of Little Driesh S81042; COLLNOCX2096; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80245; COLLNOCX2036; W side of gully, top of crags, Corlourie S80245; COLLNOCX2036; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80246; COLLNOCX2037; Eastmost exposure SE corner Corlourie S80246; COLLNOCX2037; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S81048; COLLNOCX2102; S side of fence 250m SE of Coll S81048; COLLNOCX2102; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81050; COLLNOCX2104; 950m SSW of Atton S81050; COLLNOCX2104; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S81054; COLLNOCX2108; 400m S of Cairn Inks summit S81054; COLLNOCX2108; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S81055; COLLNOCX2109; 600m SSE of Cairn Inks summit S81055; COLLNOCX2109; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S80048; COLLNORY172; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80048; COLLNORY172; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80265; COLLNOCX2057; SE end of features 1000m WSW of Whitehaugh S80265; COLLNOCX2057; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
S80270; COLLNOCX2062; 45m ESE of coll, Sneck of Farchal S80270; COLLNOCX2062; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80029; COLLNORY153; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80029; COLLNORY153; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80030; COLLNORY154; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80030; COLLNORY154; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80022; COLLNORY146; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80022; COLLNORY146; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80012; COLLNORY136; Allt Cam Stream S80012; COLLNORY136; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80013; COLLNORY137; Allt Cam Stream S80013; COLLNORY137; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80272; COLLNOCX2064; Base of crags 170m ENE of Sneck of Farchal S80272; COLLNOCX2064; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S81031; COLLNOCX2085; C.150m N of Snech of Farchel S81031; COLLNOCX2085; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81033; COLLNOCX2087; C.620m ESE of Driesh summit S81033; COLLNOCX2087; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81034; COLLNOCX2088; N side of fence, 350m ENE of Driesh S81034; COLLNOCX2088; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81035; COLLNOCX2089; N side of fence, 350m ENE of Driesh S81035; COLLNOCX2089; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81036; COLLNOCX2090; 300m ENE of Driesh summite S81036; COLLNOCX2090; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S92891; COLLNOGX1371; Upper part of Burn of Taiuhers S92891; COLLNOGX1371; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Garnet Schist'
S80009; COLLNORY133; Allt Cam stream S80009; COLLNORY133; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80010; COLLNORY134; Allt Cam stream S80010; COLLNORY134; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80004; COLLNORY128; Strath Ossian Estate S80004; COLLNORY128; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Microgranite'
S80005; COLLNORY129; Strath Ossian Estate S80005; COLLNORY129; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80087; COLLNORY211; Allt a' Chaorainn S80087; COLLNORY211; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80088; COLLNORY212; Allt a' Chaorainn S80088; COLLNORY212; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80083; COLLNORY207; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80083; COLLNORY207; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80084; COLLNORY208; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80084; COLLNORY208; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80043; COLLNORY167; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80043; COLLNORY167; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80040; COLLNORY164; Meall Nathrach S80040; COLLNORY164; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80034; COLLNORY158; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80034; COLLNORY158; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80035; COLLNORY159; Beinn a' Chlachair S80035; COLLNORY159; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80036; COLLNORY160; Beinn a' Chlachair S80036; COLLNORY160; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80038; COLLNORY162; Meall Nathrach S80038; COLLNORY162; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80023; COLLNORY147; Ruigh Raonuill S80023; COLLNORY147; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80024; COLLNORY148; Ruigh Raonuill S80024; COLLNORY148; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81045; COLLNOCX2099; 200m ENE of Driesh summit S81045; COLLNOCX2099; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S81046; COLLNOCX2100; 750m WSW of Driesh summit S81046; COLLNOCX2100; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80264; COLLNOCX2056; Lowest crag level, main buttress, Winter Corrie S80264; COLLNOCX2056; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S80261; COLLNOCX2053; Crags 950m SW of Braedownie S80261; COLLNOCX2053; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80254; COLLNOCX2046; Top of feature 80m E of fence S80254; COLLNOCX2046; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80258; COLLNOCX2050; Burn of Gourach NE end of gorge S80258; COLLNOCX2050; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80243; COLLNOCX2034; Float, 10m above forestry fence S80243; COLLNOCX2034; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S80273; COLLNOCX2065; Burn of Kilbo 350m from forestry fence S80273; COLLNOCX2065; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80082; COLLNORY206; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80082; COLLNORY206; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnetiferous Micaceous Psammite'
S80072; COLLNORY196; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80072; COLLNORY196; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80076; COLLNORY200; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80076; COLLNORY200; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80058; COLLNORY182; Creag Dhubh S80058; COLLNORY182; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80059; COLLNORY183; Fersit S80059; COLLNORY183; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80060; COLLNORY184; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80060; COLLNORY184; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80062; COLLNORY186; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80062; COLLNORY186; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80064; COLLNORY188; Fersit S80064; COLLNORY188; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S80067; COLLNORY191; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80067; COLLNORY191; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S80090; COLLNORY214; Allt a' Chaorainn S80090; COLLNORY214; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80091; COLLNORY215; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80091; COLLNORY215; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80092; COLLNORY216; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80092; COLLNORY216; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80093; COLLNORY217; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80093; COLLNORY217; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80094; COLLNORY218; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S80094; COLLNORY218; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E62057; COLLNOGW95; 525 m 027 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62057; COLLNOGW95; * Pelite.
S80008; COLLNORY132; Allt Cam stream S80008; COLLNORY132; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S80001; COLLNORY125; Allt Meall Ardruighe S80001; COLLNORY125; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Semipsammite'
S80000; COLLNORY124; Binnein Shuas S80000; COLLNORY124; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Semipsammite'
E62045; COLLNOGW83; 820 m 248 deg from Bryn Brith; 5.4 Km NE of Fairbourne Stn. E62045; COLLNOGW83; * Psammite.
S94946; COLLNOMY1391; Thieves' Bush, E side of gully, 700m N summit of Cairn o`Mount road S94946; COLLNOMY1391; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E61306; COLLNOTG458; Quarry. 150 m NNW of Alston Hall E61306; COLLNOTG458; * Pelite.
S94949; COLLNOMY1394; Beside track, 1325m NE of Bows S94949; COLLNOMY1394; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94977; COLLNOZQ871; N of Loch Tarff S94977; COLLNOZQ871; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94978; COLLNOZQ872; N of Loch Tarff S94978; COLLNOZQ872; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94981; COLLNOZQ875; E of Loch Tarff road S94981; COLLNOZQ875; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94982; COLLNOZQ876; E of Loch Tarff road S94982; COLLNOZQ876; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94983; COLLNOZQ877; E of Loch Tarff road S94983; COLLNOZQ877; * Pseudotachylite. 'Original entry: Quartz Mylonite'
S94984; COLLNOZQ878; E of Loch Tarff road S94984; COLLNOZQ878; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94968; COLLNOZQ862; Mushigan Hill S94968; COLLNOZQ862; * Pseudotachylite. 'Original entry: Quartz Mylonite'
S94969; COLLNOZQ863; Mushigan Hill S94969; COLLNOZQ863; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94970; COLLNOZQ864; Mushigan Hill S94970; COLLNOZQ864; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94974; COLLNOZQ868; Mushigan Hill S94974; COLLNOZQ868; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94971; COLLNOZQ865; Mushigan Hill S94971; COLLNOZQ865; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94972; COLLNOZQ866; Mushigan Hill S94972; COLLNOZQ866; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94973; COLLNOZQ867; Mushigan Hill S94973; COLLNOZQ867; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94960; COLLNOZQ854; Glen Buch S94960; COLLNOZQ854; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94963; COLLNOZQ857; Glen Buch S94963; COLLNOZQ857; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94965; COLLNOZQ859; Glen Buch S94965; COLLNOZQ859; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83784; COLLNOWX1232; Allt Fearnach? S83784; COLLNOWX1232; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94989; COLLNOZQ883; Loch Ness shore S94989; COLLNOZQ883; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83777; COLLNOWX1225; Allt a'Ghlinne Mhoir, at bridge S83777; COLLNOWX1225; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83764; COLLNOWX1212; Allt a'Ghlinne Mhoir S83764; COLLNOWX1212; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83768; COLLNOWX1216; Allt a'Ghlinne Mhoir S83768; COLLNOWX1216; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83769; COLLNOWX1217; Allt Feith Lair, Fealar Lodge S83769; COLLNOWX1217; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83760; COLLNOWX1208; Allt a'Ghlinne Mhoir S83760; COLLNOWX1208; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94938; COLLNOMY1383; Iron Grain, S side of gully, 200m E of confluence with Slack Burn S94938; COLLNOMY1383; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S94934; COLLNOMY1379; Slack Burn, W bank, 1300m upstream of confluence with Birnie Burn S94934; COLLNOMY1379; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S94892; COLLNOLC1180; Kirkmabreck Quarries BH CT2/91 S94892; COLLNOLC1180; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S94893; COLLNOLC1181; Kirkmabreck Quarries BH CT2/91 S94893; COLLNOLC1181; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S94894; COLLNOLC1182; Kirkmabreck Quarries BH CT2/91 S94894; COLLNOLC1182; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S83752; COLLNOWX1200; Allt Ruigh-chuilein S83752; COLLNOWX1200; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83778; COLLNOWX1226; Caochan nam Fiadh S83778; COLLNOWX1226; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S73995; COLLNOFY520; 100m N of Lundie S73995; COLLNOFY520; * Porphyry.
S73996; COLLNOFY521; Quarry 550m NW of Cluanie Dam S73996; COLLNOFY521; * Porphyry.
S73986; COLLNOFY506; A87 300m WNW Cluanie Dam S73986; COLLNOFY506; * Porphyry.
S73987; COLLNOFY507; A87 300m WNW Cluanie Dam S73987; COLLNOFY507; * Porphyry.
E1584 E of Capel Curig E1584 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S77134; COLLNOWX963; River Fiddich, 50m E of old Bridge of Auchindoun S77134; COLLNOWX963; * Psammite.
E1579 E of Capel Curig E1579 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S74391; COLLNOHY209; Portsoy swimming pool S74391; COLLNOHY209; * Paraschist.
S74392; COLLNOHY210; Boyndie Bay, 1km E of Whitehills S74392; COLLNOHY210; * Paraschist.
S74394; COLLNOHY212; c.70m upstream of Bridge of Slateford S74394; COLLNOHY212; * Pelite.
S74395; COLLNOHY213; Allt Vattiern, 350m ENE of Lettoch S74395; COLLNOHY213; * Pelite.
S74398; COLLNOHY220; 50m N of St. Stephens Well S74398; COLLNOHY220; * Pelite.
S74402; COLLNOHY224; N side of Tom Cruinn S74402; COLLNOHY224; * Pelite.
S74384; S74384/A; S74384/B; S74384/C; COLLNOHY193; Allt na Fanich, c.400m NW of Tom Trumper S74384; S74384/A; S74384/B; S74384/C; COLLNOHY193; * Pelite.
S77153; COLLNOWX982; Black Burn S77153; COLLNOWX982; * Psammite.
S77151; COLLNOWX980; Track above Long Slough S77151; COLLNOWX980; * Psammite.
S77139; COLLNOWX968; River Fiddich, 200m W of Burnend S77139; COLLNOWX968; * Pelite.
S77140; COLLNOWX969; Burn of Corrie, 200m S of Bridge of Burnend S77140; COLLNOWX969; * Pelite.
S77141; COLLNOWX970; Burn of Corrie, 400m SW of Tomnon Farm S77141; COLLNOWX970; * Pelite.
S77142; COLLNOWX971; Burn of Corrie, 400m ENE of Auchanhandock Farm S77142; COLLNOWX971; * Psammite.
S74532; COLLNONX1742; Beside track, Glen Ernan S74532; COLLNONX1742; * Paragneiss.
S74534; COLLNONX1744; Ernan Water, S bank S74534; COLLNONX1744; * Paragneiss.
S77165; S77165/A; COLLNOWX994; Small quarry, 250m E of Hillockhead Farm S77165; S77165/A; COLLNOWX994; * Psammite.
S74421; COLLNOHY245; 150m NNW of Eshemulloch S74421; COLLNOHY245; * Psammite.
S74422; COLLNOHY246; 150m NNW of Eshemulloch S74422; COLLNOHY246; * Psammite.
S74407; COLLNOHY229; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74407; COLLNOHY229; * Pelite.
S74408; COLLNOHY230; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74408; COLLNOHY230; * Pelite.
S74409; COLLNOHY231; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74409; COLLNOHY231; * Pelite.
S74410; COLLNOHY232; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74410; COLLNOHY232; * Pelite.
S73970; COLLNOFY497; 750m W of Loch a' Bhainne S73970; COLLNOFY497; * Porphyry.
S73971; COLLNOFY498; 670m SW of Loch a' Bhainne S73971; COLLNOFY498; * Porphyry.
S73972; COLLNOFY499; 760m NW of Torr a'Chait S73972; COLLNOFY499; * Psammite.
SFY487A; COLLNOFY487A; 720m SW of Loch a' Bhainne SFY487A; COLLNOFY487A; * Porphyry.
S74411; COLLNOHY233; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74411; COLLNOHY233; * Pelite.
S74412; COLLNOHY234; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74412; COLLNOHY234; * Pelite.
S74413; COLLNOHY235; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74413; COLLNOHY235; * Pelite.
S74414; COLLNOHY236; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74414; COLLNOHY236; * Pelite.
S74415; COLLNOHY237; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74415; COLLNOHY237; * Pelite.
S74403; COLLNOHY225; 250m W of Lettoch S74403; COLLNOHY225; * Pelite.
S74404; COLLNOHY226; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74404; COLLNOHY226; * Pelite.
S74405; COLLNOHY227; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74405; COLLNOHY227; * Pelite.
S74406; COLLNOHY228; In gorge section, 300m W of Braeval S74406; COLLNOHY228; * Pelite.
S77194; COLLNOHX1568; Glen Laff S77194; COLLNOHX1568; * Porphyry.
S77197; COLLNOHX1571; Hare Cairns, Broom Hill S77197; COLLNOHX1571; * Porphyry.
S77198; COLLNOHX1573; Quarry, Culsh Farm, Kildrummy S77198; COLLNOHX1573; * Porphyry.
S77201; COLLNOHX1576A; Quarry, Rinmore Farm, Glenkindie S77201; COLLNOHX1576A; * Porphyry.
S77190; COLLNOHX1564; Glen Laff S77190; COLLNOHX1564; * Paraschist.
S73401; COLLNONX1242; Craigneuk Point, Sandyhills Bay S73401; COLLNONX1242; * Porphyry.
S74341; COLLNOGX969; Tom a'Gharraidh summit, Donside S74341; COLLNOGX969; * Psammite.
S74329; COLLNOGX895; Allt Loan, 430m ENE of Tomnareave S74329; COLLNOGX895; * Paraschist.
S74332; COLLNOGX898; Allt Ballagan, 500m NE of Bridge of Avon S74332; COLLNOGX898; * Psammite.
S74333; COLLNOGX899; New Shank, 830m NW of Newtown S74333; COLLNOGX899; * Psammite.
S74022; COLLNONX1419; Leader Water (E bank) below A68, SSE of Carolside S74022; COLLNONX1419; * Porphyry.
S74514; COLLNONX1724; Ernan Water, E bank S74514; COLLNONX1724; * Paragneiss.
S74210; COLLNOGX942; Upper part of Camore Burn S74210; COLLNOGX942; * Psammite.
S74208; COLLNOGX940; 970m at 187 degrees from Clash of Scalan, Braes of Glenlivet S74208; COLLNOGX940; * Psammite.
S74207; COLLNOGX939; 950m S of Clash of Scalan (Ladder Hills) S74207; COLLNOGX939; * Psammite.
S77218; COLLNOZN1919; SE side of Hill of Greenstile S77218; COLLNOZN1919; * Pelite.
S76341; COLLNOLY094; Sluggan Burn, exposures on N slope of valley S76341; COLLNOLY094; * Porphyry.
S76328; COLLNOLY081; Crest of E spur on Cloggans S76328; COLLNOLY081; * Psammite; Psammite, Calcareous ;.
S74205; COLLNOGX937; 410m NW of Allargue Hotel S74205; COLLNOGX937; * Porphyry.
S74211; COLLNOGX943; Upper part of Camore Burn S74211; COLLNOGX943; * Psammite.
S74428; COLLNOYR2607; Creag Coire Doe S74428; COLLNOYR2607; * Pegmatite.
S74429; COLLNOYR2608; Borlum Hill S74429; COLLNOYR2608; * Pelite.
S73988; COLLNOFY508; Quarry 550m NW Cluanie Dam S73988; COLLNOFY508; * Porphyry.
S73989; COLLNOFY509; Quarry 550m NW Cluanie Dam S73989; COLLNOFY509; * Porphyry.
S73990; COLLNOFY510; Quarry 550m NW Cluanie Dam S73990; COLLNOFY510; * Porphyry.
S73991; COLLNOFY511; Quarry 550m NW Cluanie Dam S73991; COLLNOFY511; * Porphyry.
S73992; COLLNOFY512; Quarry 550m NW Cluanie Dam S73992; COLLNOFY512; * Porphyry.
S74432; COLLNOYR2611; Glen nan Eun S74432; COLLNOYR2611; * Porphyry.
S76357; COLLNOLY110; 650m WNW of Culsh S76357; COLLNOLY110; * Paragneiss.
S76358; COLLNOLY111; 650m WNW of Culsh S76358; COLLNOLY111; * Paragneiss.
S76347; COLLNOLY100; Tullich Burn, exposure immediately E of alluvium S76347; COLLNOLY100; * Psammite.
S74288; COLLNOGX854; 310m SE of Bridge of Brown S74288; COLLNOGX854; * Porphyry.
S74280; COLLNOGX846; Water of Ailnack, 60m NE of Allt Dearcaige junction S74280; COLLNOGX846; * Psammite.
S74282; COLLNOGX848; Milton Burn, 720m W of Milton S74282; COLLNOGX848; * Psammite.
S74283; COLLNOGX849; Milton Burn, 960m W of Milton S74283; COLLNOGX849; * Psammite.
S74285; COLLNOGX851; SE side of Bluehill Quarry, near Craigellachie S74285; COLLNOGX851; * Psammite.
S77205; COLLNOHX1580; Rinmore Farm, Glenkindie S77205; COLLNOHX1580; * Porphyry.
S77213; COLLNOHX1591; Deskry Water, Davies Hillock, Glenkindie S77213; COLLNOHX1591; * Porphyry.
S74572; COLLNOGX987; Burn of Tervie 300m ENE of Tombreckachie Farm S74572; COLLNOGX987; * Psammite; Psammite, Calcareous ;.
S74220; S74220/A; COLLNOGX954; Coire Breac by Letterach, Ladder Hills S74220; S74220/A; COLLNOGX954; * Psammite.
S74230; COLLNOGX964; Allt Damh, 550m SSE of Carn Mor S74230; COLLNOGX964; * Porphyry.
S74250; COLLNOGX835; Strathmarchin Bay S74250; COLLNOGX835; * Psammite.
S74298; COLLNOGX864; Small burn E of Allt Mor, 550m at 192 degrees from Tom na Fianaig S74298; COLLNOGX864; * Psammite.
S74300; COLLNOGX866; In upper part of small burn E of Allt Mor, 570m at 154 degrees from Tom na Fianaig S74300; COLLNOGX866; * Pelite.
S74301; COLLNOGX867; Water of Ailnack, 210m NE of Allt Dearcaige junction S74301; COLLNOGX867; * Porphyry.
S75731; COLLNOWX865; MC13151; Dry Burn, 1km ENE of Succoth S75731; COLLNOWX865; MC13151; * Pelite.
S75738; COLLNOWX872; River Deveron, Brock Ness S75738; COLLNOWX872; * Pelite.
S74214; COLLNOGX948; Northern part of Milltown Burn S74214; COLLNOGX948; * Porphyry.
S77243; COLLNOKX243; G3469; SP5320; SE side of Cairn Hill S77243; COLLNOKX243; G3469; SP5320; * Pyroxenite.
S77246; COLLNOLX437; SP6271; Burnfoot, about high water mark S77246; COLLNOLX437; SP6271; * Peridotite.
S74423; COLLNOYR2602; Creag Ard Achaidh S74423; COLLNOYR2602; * Psammite.
S74424; COLLNOYR2603; Creag Ard Achaidh S74424; COLLNOYR2603; * Psammite.
S74425; COLLNOYR2604; Creag Ard Achaidh S74425; COLLNOYR2604; * Psammite.
S74427; COLLNOYR2606; Coire Doe S74427; COLLNOYR2606; * Pegmatite.
S74522; COLLNONX1732; Caochan Tarsuinn, E bank S74522; COLLNONX1732; * Psammite.
S73964; COLLNOFY491; 880m WSW of Loch a' Bhainne S73964; COLLNOFY491; * Porphyry.
S73968; COLLNOFY495; 1000m NW of Loch a' Bhainne S73968; COLLNOFY495; * Psammite.
SFY485A; COLLNOFY485A; 730m SW of Loch a' Bhainne SFY485A; COLLNOFY485A; * Porphyry.
SFY486A; COLLNOFY486A; 720m SW of Loch a' Bhainne SFY486A; COLLNOFY486A; * Porphyry.
S74054; COLLNONX1514; Long Grain, N bank at bend S74054; COLLNONX1514; * Porphyry.
S74275; COLLNOGX841; Water of Ailnack, 990m SSW of Allt Dearcaige junction S74275; COLLNOGX841; * Porphyry.
S74276; COLLNOGX842; Water of Ailnack, 870m at 209 degrees from Allt Dearcaige junction S74276; COLLNOGX842; * Psammite.
S77192; COLLNOHX1566; Culsh Burn S77192; COLLNOHX1566; * Paraschist.
S76830; COLLNOMY652; Pit 3: 600m NNW of Chapel of Garioch Post Ofice S76830; COLLNOMY652; * Psammite.
S74240; COLLNOGX825; 140m at 075 degrees from Findlater Castle S74240; COLLNOGX825; * Psammite.
S74244; COLLNOGX829; 50m SSE from swimming pool, Portsoy S74244; COLLNOGX829; * Pelite.
S74245; COLLNOGX830; 30m SE from swimming pool, Portsoy S74245; COLLNOGX830; * Pelite.
S74327; COLLNOGX893; Burn of Tervie, 440m NNE of Bridge of Tomachlaven S74327; COLLNOGX893; * Paraschist.
S74328; COLLNOGX894; Burn of Tervie, 175m at 200 degrees from Newtown S74328; COLLNOGX894; * Paraschist.
S74292; COLLNOGX858; 115m S of Bridge of Brown S74292; COLLNOGX858; * Psammite.
S74316; COLLNOGX882; Gedloch Quarry, off A941 S74316; COLLNOGX882; * Psammite.
S74318; COLLNOGX884; 230m WNW from Findlater Castle S74318; COLLNOGX884; * Psammite.
S74319; COLLNOGX885; SE side of promontory on SE side of West Sands Bay S74319; COLLNOGX885; * Psammite.
S74007; COLLNONX1401B; In field E of A68 and woods, N of Earlston S74007; COLLNONX1401B; * Porphyry.
S74009; COLLNONX1404; Low cut E of Linn Dean Water, Soutra Hill S74009; COLLNONX1404; * Porphyry.
S74010; COLLNONX1408A; E bank of Linn Dean Water, at sharp S bend S74010; COLLNONX1408A; * Porphyry.
S74011; COLLNONX1408B; E bank of Linn Dean Water, at sharp S bend S74011; COLLNONX1408B; * Porphyry.
S74012; COLLNONX1408C; E bank of Linn Dean Water, at sharp S bend S74012; COLLNONX1408C; * Porphyry.
S74013; COLLNONX1408D; E bank of Linn Dean Water, at sharp S bend S74013; COLLNONX1408D; * Porphyry.
S73921; COLLNOZN1790; Blackwater S73921; COLLNOZN1790; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S74323; COLLNOGX889; 690m at 020 degrees from Bridge of Avon S74323; COLLNOGX889; * Paraschist.
S74344; COLLNOGX972; 190m WNW of Well of the Lecht S74344; COLLNOGX972; * Psammite.
S74314; COLLNOGX880; Allt Mor, 490m upstream from confluence with Allt nam Gamhuinn S74314; COLLNOGX880; * Psammite.
S74315; COLLNOGX881; Allt Mor, 800m upstream from confluence with Allt nam Gamhuinn S74315; COLLNOGX881; * Psammite.
S74334; COLLNOGX900; Allt nam Muc S74334; COLLNOGX900; * Psammite.
S74335; COLLNOGX901; Allt nam Muc S74335; COLLNOGX901; * Psammite.
S74008; COLLNONX1402; In Earnscleugh Burn beside fence S74008; COLLNONX1402; * Porphyry.
S74004; COLLNONX1400A; Disused quarry in woods just E of A68, Ford, Earlston S74004; COLLNONX1400A; * Porphyry.
S74005; COLLNONX1400B; Disused quarry in woods just E of A68, Ford, Earlston S74005; COLLNONX1400B; * Porphyry.
S74006; COLLNONX1401A; In field E of A68 and woods, N of Earlston S74006; COLLNONX1401A; * Porphyry.
S73999; COLLNONX1387; S bank, Monynut Water, SSW of Godscroft S73999; COLLNONX1387; * Porphyry.
S74491; COLLNONX1707; Ernan Water, due S of shiel S74491; COLLNONX1707; * Paragneiss.
S74179; COLLNOGX912; Fireach Beag S74179; COLLNOGX912; * Psammite.
S74181; COLLNOGX914; By River Avon, below the Old Manse, Kirkmichael S74181; COLLNOGX914; * Psammite.
S74182; COLLNOGX915; In burn W of Chabet Water, 580m NNW of Tom a'Chor S74182; COLLNOGX915; * Psammite.
S74183; COLLNOGX916; Allt Dearcaige S74183; COLLNOGX916; * Porphyry.
S74202; COLLNOGX947; 600m SSE of Carn na Bruar S74202; COLLNOGX947; * Psammite.
S74203; COLLNOGX935; Hill of Allargue S74203; COLLNOGX935; * Psammite.
S74177; COLLNOGX910; Fireach Beag S74177; COLLNOGX910; * Psammite.
S74196; COLLNOGX930; Camore Burn (W of Carn Meadhonach) S74196; COLLNOGX930; * Porphyry.
S74197; COLLNOGX931; Camore Burn S74197; COLLNOGX931; * Psammite.
S74198; S74198/A; COLLNOGX932; 270m WNW of Allargue Arms S74198; S74198/A; COLLNOGX932; * Paraschist.
S74185; COLLNOGX918; Allt Dearcaige S74185; COLLNOGX918; * Psammite.
S74186; COLLNOGX919; Conglass Water, 920m SSW of Croughly S74186; COLLNOGX919; * Pelite.
S74191; COLLNOGX925; Burn of Loinherry S74191; COLLNOGX925; * Psammite.
S74192; S74192/B; COLLNOGX926; Burn of Loinherry S74192; S74192/B; COLLNOGX926; * Porphyry.
S74385; COLLNOHY199; Bridge of Slateford S74385; COLLNOHY199; * Pelite.
S74386; COLLNOHY202; Allt na Fanich, c.300m ESE of Clashnoir S74386; COLLNOHY202; * Pelite.
S74387; COLLNOHY203; Burn of Lochy, c.300m downstream of Bridge of Brown S74387; COLLNOHY203; * Pelite.
S76302; COLLNOIY555; Foreshore, Whitehills S76302; COLLNOIY555; * Paraschist.
S76305; COLLNOIY558; Burn 200m SSW of Corryhallie Cottage S76305; COLLNOIY558; * Paraschist.
S76306; COLLNOIY559; Mid Burn, Corryhallie S76306; COLLNOIY559; * Paraschist.
S76307; COLLNOIY560; Mid Burn, Corryhallie S76307; COLLNOIY560; * Paraschist.
S76308; COLLNOIY561; Mid Burn, Corryhallie S76308; COLLNOIY561; * Paraschist.
S76291; COLLNOIY544; Several meters N of swimming pool S76291; COLLNOIY544; * Paraschist.
S76907; COLLNORY58; Coire Chomharsain S76907; COLLNORY58; * Porphyry.
S76883; COLLNORY1; Rubha na Magach S76883; COLLNORY1; * Psammite.
S76888; COLLNORY9; Allt an Doire Dhuibh S76888; COLLNORY9; * Psammite.
S76890; COLLNORY14; Moy Burn S76890; COLLNORY14; * Psammite.
S76892; COLLNORY22; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76892; COLLNORY22; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S76726; COLLNOYW1602; N of Creag Corrag S76726; COLLNOYW1602; * Pelite.
S76727; COLLNOYW1603; SE of Glas Bheinn S76727; COLLNOYW1603; * Pelite.
S76722; COLLNOYW1596; Creagan Breac S76722; COLLNOYW1596; * Porphyry.
S76725; COLLNOYW1601; N of Creag Corrag S76725; COLLNOYW1601; * Pelite.
S76703; COLLNOYW1566; Burn of Agie S76703; COLLNOYW1566; * Pelite.
S75841; COLLNOWX895; Small Burn, Glen Fiddich S75841; COLLNOWX895; * Pelite.
S75842; COLLNOWX896; 550m E of Earnfold S75842; COLLNOWX896; * Pelite.
S75845; COLLNOWX899; B9014, 150m E of Burn of Mackalea S75845; COLLNOWX899; * Pelite.
S75829; COLLNOWX883; River Fiddich, 200m SE of Auchindoun Cas S75829; COLLNOWX883; * Pelite.
S75833; COLLNOWX887; River Fiddich, Auchindoun S75833; COLLNOWX887; * Pelite.
S75834; COLLNOWX888; River Fiddich, Auchindoun S75834; COLLNOWX888; * Pelite.
S75824; COLLNOWX878; Allt a'Choileachain S75824; COLLNOWX878; * Pelite.
S75825; COLLNOWX879; Allt a'Choileachain S75825; COLLNOWX879; * Pelite.
S75826; COLLNOWX880; Old slate quarries S75826; COLLNOWX880; * Pelite.
S75827; COLLNOWX881; Allt a'Choileachain S75827; COLLNOWX881; * Pelite.
S75828; COLLNOWX882; Jet of Allt a'Choileachain at River Fiddich S75828; COLLNOWX882; * Pelite.
S75710; COLLNOWX844; River DeveroC, junction with Raigie Burn S75710; COLLNOWX844; * Psammite.
S76288; COLLNOIY541; E side of Sandend beach S76288; COLLNOIY541; * Psammite.
S75908; COLLNOWX962; Burn 350m SW of Upper Enoch S75908; COLLNOWX962; * Psammite.
S75900; COLLNOWX954; River Fiddich, 100m SW of Bridge of Mackalea S75900; COLLNOWX954; * Psammite.
S76869; S76869/A; COLLNORY112; River Roy S76869; S76869/A; COLLNORY112; * Psammite.
S76289; COLLNOIY542; E side of Sandend bay S76289; COLLNOIY542; * Psammite.
S75889; COLLNOWX944; Carn Chrom, NW spur (float) S75889; COLLNOWX944; * Pelite.
S74587; COLLNOGX1007; Allt Bad a'Chuirn, 500m SW from Badochurn S74587; COLLNOGX1007; * Paraschist; Schist;.
S76202; COLLNOYR2661; Dirdha S76202; COLLNOYR2661; * Psammite.
S76203; COLLNOYR2662; Connage S76203; COLLNOYR2662; * Psammite.
S76204; COLLNOYR2663; Connage S76204; COLLNOYR2663; * Psammite.
S76205; COLLNOYR2664; Connage S76205; COLLNOYR2664; * Pelite.
S76207; COLLNOYR2666; Liath Dhoire S76207; COLLNOYR2666; * Psammite.
S76208; COLLNOYR2667; Liath Dhoire S76208; COLLNOYR2667; * Psammite.
S76690; COLLNOYW1548; Creagan Breac S76690; COLLNOYW1548; * Psammite.
S76696; COLLNOYW1555; River Roy S76696; COLLNOYW1555; * Pelite.
S76698; COLLNOYW1558; Lower Creagan Breac S76698; COLLNOYW1558; * Psammite.
S74580; COLLNOGX998; 220m at 353 degrees from Bridge of Avon S74580; COLLNOGX998; * Pelite.
S74581; COLLNOGX1000; 300m S of Tom Dunan S74581; COLLNOGX1000; * Psammite.
S75679; COLLNOWX813; River Deveron, 130m S of S Mause S75679; COLLNOWX813; * Psammite.
S75680; COLLNOWX814; River Deveron, 250m S of S Mause S75680; COLLNOWX814; * Psammite.
S76677; COLLNOYW1515; Burn of Agie S76677; COLLNOYW1515; * Psammite.
S76678; COLLNOYW1516; Burn of Agie S76678; COLLNOYW1516; * Psammite.
S76679; COLLNOYW1517; Burn of Agie S76679; COLLNOYW1517; * Psammite.
S76682; COLLNOYW1526; Glen Turret S76682; COLLNOYW1526; * Psammite.
S76687; COLLNOYW1541; Meall a'Mheanbh-chruidh S76687; COLLNOYW1541; * Psammite.
S76688; COLLNOYW1543; E of Lower Creagan Breac S76688; COLLNOYW1543; * Psammite.
S76863; COLLNOMY685; Pit 24: Gallows Hill, 850m due N of Balquhair Castle S76863; COLLNOMY685; * Pelite.
S76864; COLLNOMY686; Pit 25: 650m WSW of Conglas, 50m E and 50m S from field margins S76864; COLLNOMY686; * Pelite.
S76778; COLLNOZN1915; Rivenpumphal Burn S76778; COLLNOZN1915; * Paraschist.
S76754; COLLNOZN1887; Tom Dubh Burn S76754; COLLNOZN1887; * Porphyry.
S75803; COLLNOCX1687; W side of Burn of Faichfield S75803; COLLNOCX1687; * Psammite.
S75785; COLLNOGX1112; 80m SE of Memorial by Allt Dregnie/River Livet confluence S75785; COLLNOGX1112; * Porphyry.
S76272; COLLNOIY525; Burn 500m S of Oldtown of Corinacy S76272; COLLNOIY525; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S76274; COLLNOIY527; Hillock Burn S76274; COLLNOIY527; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
S75875; COLLNOWX930; Red Burn, Drumduan S75875; COLLNOWX930; * Pyroxenite.
S75876; COLLNOWX931; Un-named burn between Dubh Allt and Allt Screen, Glen Fiddich S75876; COLLNOWX931; * Pegmatite.
S75877; COLLNOWX932; Allt na Ceardaich, Glen Fiddich S75877; COLLNOWX932; * Psammite, Calcareous .
S75878; COLLNOWX933; Allt na Ceardaich, Glen Fiddich S75878; COLLNOWX933; * Psammite.
S75879; COLLNOWX934; Craigy Stripe, Glen Fiddich S75879; COLLNOWX934; * Pegmatite.
S75865; COLLNOWX920; The Dune, Glen Fiddich S75865; COLLNOWX920; * Pelite.
S75775; COLLNOGX1102; River Lochy, 280m WSW of Inverlochy Farm S75775; COLLNOGX1102; * Psammite.
S75777; COLLNOGX1104; Cnocfergan Slate Quarry S75777; COLLNOGX1104; * Psammite.
S75778; COLLNOGX1105; River Avon, 100m NNW of junction with Allt nam Muc S75778; COLLNOGX1105; * Psammite.
S75779; COLLNOGX1106; River Avon, 130m NNW of junction with Allt nam Muc S75779; COLLNOGX1106; * Porphyry.
S75780; COLLNOGX1107; Allt Dregnie, 690m NE of confluence with River Livet S75780; COLLNOGX1107; * Psammite.
S75773; COLLNOGX1100; W bank of River Avon, opposite Strathavon Lodge S75773; COLLNOGX1100; * Paraschist.
S75774; COLLNOGX1101; W bank of River Avon, 20m S of confluence with Allt nam Muc S75774; COLLNOGX1101; * Psammite.
S76192; COLLNOYR2651; Allt Iomadaidh S76192; COLLNOYR2651; * Psammite.
S76193; COLLNOYR2652; Balnellan Burn S76193; COLLNOYR2652; * Psammite.
S76194; COLLNOYR2653; Balnellan Burn S76194; COLLNOYR2653; * Psammite.
S76195; COLLNOYR2654; Balnellan Burn S76195; COLLNOYR2654; * Psammite.
S76196; COLLNOYR2655; Balnellan Burn S76196; COLLNOYR2655; * Psammite.
S76198; COLLNOYR2657; Balnellan Burn S76198; COLLNOYR2657; * Psammite.
S76199; COLLNOYR2658; Milton Burn S76199; COLLNOYR2658; * Psammite.
S76200; COLLNOYR2659; Milton Burn S76200; COLLNOYR2659; * Psammite.
S76182; COLLNOFY571; 150m WNW of Eas Allt a Mhail S76182; COLLNOFY571; * Porphyry.
S76189; COLLNOYR2648; Allt Balnabienne S76189; COLLNOYR2648; * Psammite.
S76190; COLLNOYR2649; Allt Balnabienne S76190; COLLNOYR2649; * Psammite.
S76191; COLLNOYR2650; Allt Balnabienne S76191; COLLNOYR2650; * Psammite.
S75678; COLLNOWX812; River Deveron, 100m SW of S Mause S75678; COLLNOWX812; * Pelite.
S75822; COLLNOWX876; Burn W of Allt a'Choileachain S75822; COLLNOWX876; * Pelite.
S75823; COLLNOWX877; Allt a'Choileachain S75823; COLLNOWX877; * Pelite.
S76876; COLLNOHX1501; Greymare Stone, SW of Clayhooter Hill S76876; COLLNOHX1501; * Paraschist.
S76877; COLLNOHX1502; Burn of Corchinnan, SE of Clayhooter Hill S76877; COLLNOHX1502; * Paraschist.
S76880; COLLNOHX1505; 700m ENE of Clova Hill, Lumsden S76880; COLLNOHX1505; * Paraschist.
S76881; COLLNOHX1506; Trackside float, Blaeberry Slack, E of Long Burn S76881; COLLNOHX1506; * Paraschist.
S76882; COLLNOHX1508; Murchie Burn, Braeside Woods, Lumsden S76882; COLLNOHX1508; * Paraschist.
S75562; COLLNOCX1654; Rocky knoll opposite lane to Craigforthie Farm S75562; COLLNOCX1654; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S75566; COLLNOCX1658; S side of road 600m NE of Ardmurdo House S75566; COLLNOCX1658; * Psammite.
S75567; COLLNOCX1659; On low rise 400m E of Ardmurdo House S75567; COLLNOCX1659; * Psammite.
S75568; COLLNOCX1660; On low rise 400m E of Ardmurdo House S75568; COLLNOCX1660; * Psammite.
S76738; COLLNOYW1624; Allt na Reinich S76738; COLLNOYW1624; * Pelite.
S76740; COLLNOYW1629; Canal Burn S76740; COLLNOYW1629; * Psammite.
S76741; COLLNOYW1633; March Burn S76741; COLLNOYW1633; * Psammite.
S76742; COLLNOYW1637; River Roy S76742; COLLNOYW1637; * Psammite.
S76743; COLLNOYW1638; River Roy S76743; COLLNOYW1638; * Psammite.
S76744; COLLNOYW1639; River Roy S76744; COLLNOYW1639; * Psammite.
S76745; COLLNOYW1640; River Roy S76745; COLLNOYW1640; * Psammite.
S76253; S76253/A; COLLNOIY506; SP-; Allawaken Burn near A941 S76253; S76253/A; COLLNOIY506; SP-; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Graphite Schist'
S76254; COLLNOIY507; River Fiddich, Parkhead S76254; COLLNOIY507; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Graphite Schist'
S75872; COLLNOWX927; Burn of Aswanley S75872; COLLNOWX927; * Pyroxenite.
S75873; COLLNOWX928; Burn of Aswanley S75873; COLLNOWX928; * Pyroxenite.
S75874; COLLNOWX929; Burn of Aswanley S75874; COLLNOWX929; * Psammite.
S76927; COLLNORY101; River Treig S76927; COLLNORY101; * Porphyry.
S76931; COLLNORY107; A86 cutting S76931; COLLNORY107; * Psammite.
S76910; COLLNORY64; SCOTLAND. Glen Roy (63) S76910; COLLNORY64; * Psammite.
S76915; COLLNORY75; E side of Coire Ardair S76915; COLLNORY75; * Psammite.
S76322; COLLNOLY075; Centre of broad spur, SW spur of Culblean Hill S76322; COLLNOLY075; * Porphyry.
S76310; COLLNOLY063; Craigendarroch; prominant line of crags to E of hilltop S76310; COLLNOLY063; * Pegmatite.
S75853; COLLNOWX907; Allt a'Chlaiginn, Glen Fiddich S75853; COLLNOWX907; * Pelite.
S75854; COLLNOWX908; Fluich Bhadan, Glen Fiddich S75854; COLLNOWX908; * Psammite.
S75835; COLLNOWX889; River Fiddich, Auchindoun S75835; COLLNOWX889; * Pelite.
S75836; S75836/A; COLLNOWX890; Red Burn, Glen Fiddich S75836; S75836/A; COLLNOWX890; * Pelite.
S74576; COLLNOGX993; On W bank of River Avon, 310m E of Wester Fodderletter Farm S74576; COLLNOGX993; * Pelite.
S74577; S74577/A; COLLNOGX994; On W bank of River Avon, 310m E of Wester Fodderletter Farm S74577; S74577/A; COLLNOGX994; * Pelite.
S74578; COLLNOGX996; 430m N of Bridge of Avon S74578; COLLNOGX996; * Pelite.
S74559; COLLNONX1768; Behind Shiel, Glen Ernan S74559; COLLNONX1768; * Psammite.
S75643; COLLNOWX777; Markie Water, 100m SW of Ravock S75643; COLLNOWX777; * Psammite, Calcareous .
S75636; S75636/A; COLLNOWX770; Muckle Allt Venney S75636; S75636/A; COLLNOWX770; * Pelite.
S75640; COLLNOWX774; Muckle Allt Venney S75640; COLLNOWX774; * Pelite.
S75624; COLLNOWX758; Little Gouls Farm S75624; COLLNOWX758; * Paraschist.
S75653; COLLNOWX787; Markie Water, 500m ESE of Auldyne S75653; COLLNOWX787; * Pelite.
LABNO5154; RC671/1; LABNO5154; RC671/1; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S74546; COLLNONX1756; N side of track, Glen Ernan S74546; COLLNONX1756; * Psammite.
S76387; COLLNOLY141; N side of Peter's Hill S76387; COLLNOLY141; * Paragneiss.
S74570; COLLNOGX985; Old quarries 930m W of Blairfindy Lodge Hotel S74570; COLLNOGX985; * Psammite.
S76363; COLLNOLY116; 500m E of Carn Dearg S76363; COLLNOLY116; * Paragneiss.
S75768; COLLNOGX1095; Allt a'Choileachain, 330m downstream of junction with Dairy Burn S75768; COLLNOGX1095; * Porphyry.
S75769; COLLNOGX1096; Allt a'Choileachain, 640m W of junction with Allt Cullach S75769; COLLNOGX1096; * Paraschist.
S75760; COLLNOGX1087; Forestry Pit on SW flank of Muckle Tomlair S75760; COLLNOGX1087; * Paraschist.
S75762; COLLNOGX1089; Lynn Bridge, Allt a'Choileachain S75762; COLLNOGX1089; * Paraschist.
S75764; COLLNOGX1091; 15m W of Allt a'Choileachain, 450m SSE of Lynn Bridge S75764; COLLNOGX1091; * Pelite.
S75766; COLLNOGX1093; Allt a'Choileachain, 950m SE of Lynn Bridge S75766; COLLNOGX1093; * Porphyry.
S75752; COLLNOGX1079; Allt a'Choire, 30m W of junction with River Livet S75752; COLLNOGX1079; * Paraschist.
S75753; COLLNOGX1080; On E bank of River Livet, 160m WSW of Auchorachan S75753; COLLNOGX1080; * Paraschist.
S75754; COLLNOGX1081; On E bank of River Livet, 160m WSW of Auchorachan S75754; COLLNOGX1081; * Paraschist.
S75755; COLLNOGX1082; Nevie Burn, 520m ENE of Bridge of Nevie S75755; COLLNOGX1082; * Paraschist.
S75756; COLLNOGX1083; Nevie Burn, 660m ENE of Bridge of Nevie S75756; COLLNOGX1083; * Paraschist.
S75758; COLLNOGX1085; Allt a'Choileachain, 360m upstream of junction with Dairy Burn S75758; COLLNOGX1085; * Pelite.
S75759; COLLNOGX1086; New Pit , 730m @ 130 degrees from Tom na Liach S75759; COLLNOGX1086; * Psammite.
S76853; COLLNOMY675; Pit 16: 360m E of Drumdurno, c.30m S of field corner S76853; COLLNOMY675; * Pelite.
S76854; COLLNOMY676; Pit 16: 360m E of Drumdurno, c.30m S of field corner S76854; COLLNOMY676; * Pelite.
S76847; COLLNOMY669; Pit 14: 550m ENE of Logie House, 30m S of Pit 11 S76847; COLLNOMY669; * Psammite.
S76834; COLLNOMY656; Pit 8: 200m ENE of Mid Harlaw Farmhouse S76834; COLLNOMY656; * Pelite.
S76838; COLLNOMY660; Pit 9: 230m ENE of Mid Harlaw Farmhouse S76838; COLLNOMY660; * Psammite.
S75430; COLLNOHX1016; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75430; COLLNOHX1016; * Psammite.
S75432; COLLNOHX1018; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75432; COLLNOHX1018; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S75436; COLLNOHX1022; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75436; COLLNOHX1022; * Psammite.
S75584; COLLNOCX1531; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75584; COLLNOCX1531; * Paraschist.
S75587; COLLNOCX1535; Tributary stream, SE side of Gleann a Chlachain, near Tyndrum S75587; COLLNOCX1535; * Paraschist.
S75442; COLLNOHX1028; SCOTLAND. Inverurie (76) S75442; COLLNOHX1028; * Pelite.
S83338; COLLNOYW1858; SW of Coire nan Eun S83338; COLLNOYW1858; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83339; COLLNOYW1860; Coire nan Eun S83339; COLLNOYW1860; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83375; COLLNOYW1905; Creagan Breac S83375; COLLNOYW1905; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83376; COLLNOYW1906; Creagan Breac S83376; COLLNOYW1906; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83377; COLLNOYW1907; Creagan Breac S83377; COLLNOYW1907; * Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S83359; COLLNOYW1887; Creag Corrag S83359; COLLNOYW1887; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83360; COLLNOYW1888; Creag Corrag S83360; COLLNOYW1888; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S83351; COLLNOYW1877; Garbh Choire S83351; COLLNOYW1877; * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E6904; COLLNO402; Cliff at Duporth, St. Austell. E6904; COLLNO402; * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
E6907 Duporth, St. Austell. E6907 * Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
COLLNO45 SCOTLAND. Mull (44) COLLNO45 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Andesitic Pitchstone'
E6634 Cwm Penmachno, 8 ml S of Betws-y-Coed E6634 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Sheared Felsite'
ED4639 SCOTLAND. Ayr (14) ED4639 Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S1397; S1397/A; S1397/a; S1397/b; S1397/c; S1397/d; SCOTLAND. Edinburgh (32) S1397; S1397/A; S1397/a; S1397/b; S1397/c; S1397/d; Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
S672 At Grind of the Navir (dyke) S672 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
SCOTLAND. Inverarray (37) Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
ED510 SCOTLAND. Arisaig (61) ED510 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
ED511 SCOTLAND. Yell (130) ED511 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
COLLNOUC237; ED4273; COLLNOUC237; ED4273; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
COLLNOA74; ED2108; SCOTLAND. Arran (Millport) (21) COLLNOA74; ED2108; Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
S74826; COLLNOFY530; 500m NNE of Loch Tarsuinn S74826; COLLNOFY530; * Psammite.
S74828; COLLNOFY532; Coire Biudhe S74828; COLLNOFY532; * Psammite.
S74825; COLLNOFY529; 220m NE of Loch Tarsuinn S74825; COLLNOFY529; * Psammite.
S75935; COLLNOMY404; S bank of R. Don, 450m S of Ardtannes S75935; COLLNOMY404; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S75936; COLLNOMY421; 100m SW of Leylodge School S75936; COLLNOMY421; * Paragneiss.
S75941; COLLNOMY470; Tillyfourie Railway Cutting, 220m NNW of A944/B993 junction S75941; COLLNOMY470; * Pelite.
S75942; COLLNOMY471; Tillyfourie Railway Cutting, 300m NNW of A944/B993 junction S75942; COLLNOMY471; * Psammite.
S75924; COLLNOMY311; 200m E of Portstown S75924; COLLNOMY311; * Porphyry.
S75925; COLLNOMY312; Above small cottage, 250m ESE of Portstown S75925; COLLNOMY312; * Psammite.
S75927; COLLNOMY314; Old quarry 200m SW of old farmhouse, Lofthillock S75927; COLLNOMY314; * Porphyry.
S75914; COLLNOMY301; Quarry, 100m E of Dubston S75914; COLLNOMY301; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S75918; COLLNOMY305; Quarry on N side of Dilly Hill, 700m SW of Conglass farm S75918; COLLNOMY305; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S75923; COLLNOMY310; 200m E of Harlaw Monument S75923; COLLNOMY310; * Pelite.
RC306/32 Pomeroon River RC306/32 Paraschist. 'Original entry: Kyanite Schist'
S74830; COLLNOFY534; Allt a' Bhrochain S74830; COLLNOFY534; * Psammite.
S74831; S74831/A; COLLNOFY535; Allt a' Bhrochain S74831; S74831/A; COLLNOFY535; * Psammite.
S74663; COLLNOMY86; 100m due S of Pittenkerrie Farmhouse S74663; COLLNOMY86; * Psammite.
S74665; COLLNOMY88; 100m NNW of Brathens Cottage S74665; COLLNOMY88; * Porphyry.
S75911; COLLNOMY298; Roadside, 1km E of Chapel of Garioch S75911; COLLNOMY298; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S74657; COLLNOMY78; Corbie Den Wood, northern cliffs: 750m N of Hill of Brathens ITE station S74657; COLLNOMY78; * Psammite.
S74808; COLLNOMY281; Disused gravel pit, 250m S of Corsindee Cottage S74808; COLLNOMY281; * Porphyry.
S74810; COLLNOMY283; N slope of hill, 450m N of Dockenwell S74810; COLLNOMY283; * Psammite.
S74797; COLLNOMY270; Corrennie Wood, 350m WNW of Tillyfro S74797; COLLNOMY270; * Psammite.
S74693; COLLNOMY136; S slopes of Cairn William, 300m ENE of Horsemans Stone S74693; COLLNOMY136; * Pelite.
S74695; COLLNOMY138; Kist Hill, 430m WNW of Kings Stone S74695; COLLNOMY138; * Psammite.
S74669; COLLNOMY95; Field drain close to W end of Bennachie Forestry Plantation S74669; COLLNOMY95; * Psammite.
S74670; COLLNOMY96; Field drain close to W end of Bennachie Forestry Plantation S74670; COLLNOMY96; * Pelite.
S74647; COLLNOMY66; Tillydrine Quarry (disused) S74647; COLLNOMY66; * Porphyry.
S74648; COLLNOMY67; Cutting on E side of A93, 1.3 km NW of Potarch Bridge S74648; COLLNOMY67; * Pelite.
S74649; COLLNOMY68; Cutting on E side of A93, 1.3 km NW of Potarch Bridge S74649; COLLNOMY68; * Psammite.
S74650; COLLNOMY70; Birk Hills, 150m SW of summit S74650; COLLNOMY70; * Psammite.
S74636; COLLNOMY50; Blackhall Forest, approx. 1.5 km N of summit of Hill of Tillylair S74636; COLLNOMY50; * Pelite.
S74673; COLLNOMY103; 10m below top of new field drain, above forestry plantation on NW slopes of Bennachie S74673; COLLNOMY103; * Pegmatite.
S75973; COLLNOMY513; Kist Hill, W slope, 1050m due E of Cattie S75973; COLLNOMY513; * Pelite.
S75974; COLLNOMY517; White Hill, 20m S of survey beacon S75974; COLLNOMY517; * Psammite.
S75975; COLLNOMY518; E slope of Pittendamph, 1050m W of Quinach S75975; COLLNOMY518; * Psammite.
S75976; COLLNOMY519; Ladymoss Wood, beside forestry track, 850m NE of Culthibert S75976; COLLNOMY519; * Pelite.
S74798; COLLNOMY271; Corrennie Wood, 600m NNW of Tillyfro S74798; COLLNOMY271; * Psammite.
S74802; COLLNOMY275; Summit of Miss Thomas' Chair, 500m NW of Craigenhigh S74802; COLLNOMY275; * Porphyry.
S74803; COLLNOMY276; 50m S of summit of Miss Thomas' Chair, 450m NW of Craigenhigh S74803; COLLNOMY276; * Psammite; Semipelite;.
S74789; COLLNOMY262; Forestry road, 250m NNE of summit of Craigenget S74789; COLLNOMY262; * Porphyry.
S74776; S74776/A; COLLNOMY247; Railway cutting, 10m W of A980 bridge S74776; S74776/A; COLLNOMY247; * Pelite.
S74639; COLLNOMY54; Slidderybrae Wood, 250m NNW of Slidderybrae farmhouse S74639; COLLNOMY54; * Psammite.
S74640; COLLNOMY55; Slidderybrae Wood, approx. 650m WSW of Potarch Hotel S74640; COLLNOMY55; * Psammite.
S74816; COLLNOMY289; Eastern slopes of Green Hill, 750m ESE of summit S74816; COLLNOMY289; * Psammite.
S75094; COLLNOCX1599; Disused quarry on hilltop 250m ESE of E Keithney S75094; COLLNOCX1599; * Psammite.
RC275/10 Kaleri RC275/10 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Granite Porphyry'
S74668; COLLNOMY94; Field drain close to W end of Bennachie Forestry Plantation S74668; COLLNOMY94; * Pelite.
S75962; COLLNOMY499; 800m NE of Mains of Whitehouse S75962; COLLNOMY499; * Pelite.
S75963; COLLNOMY500; 700m NE of Mains of Whitehouse S75963; COLLNOMY500; * Pelite.
S74632; COLLNOMY44; Blackhall forest, 700m SW of Blackhall Research Station (beside track) S74632; COLLNOMY44; * Pelite.
S74622; COLLNOMY28; Glack's Hill, approx. 150m WNW of summit S74622; COLLNOMY28; * Pelite.
S74625; COLLNOMY31; S side of Potarch-Feughside Inn road, 30m E of old quarry S74625; COLLNOMY31; * Porphyry.
S74626; COLLNOMY33; Red cairn, 500m E of Forestry Commission picnic spot S74626; COLLNOMY33; * Psammite.
S74612; COLLNOMY15; Ord of Cuttieshillock, summit S74612; COLLNOMY15; * Porphyry.
S75968; COLLNOMY505; Beside Forestry Commission boundary, 1750m E of Pittoothies S75968; COLLNOMY505; * Pelite.
S75970; COLLNOMY507; Whitehouse Burn, 250m below derelict cottage, 1000m E of Pittoothies S75970; COLLNOMY507; * Pelite.
S75954; COLLNOMY487; Railway cutting, 1200m ESE of Whiteley S75954; COLLNOMY487; * Psammite.
S75956; COLLNOMY491; Culthibert Wood, on forestry track just N of Tough-Culthibert track S75956; COLLNOMY491; * Psammite.
S75961; COLLNOMY498; 700m NE of Mains of Whitehouse S75961; COLLNOMY498; * Pelite.
S75945; COLLNOMY476; White Lady summit, 750m SSW of summit of Green Hill S75945; COLLNOMY476; * Paraschist.
S75948; COLLNOMY479; Green Hill, S slope, 280m SW of summit S75948; COLLNOMY479; * Paraschist.
S75949; COLLNOMY480; Green Hill, S slope, 120m SW of summit S75949; COLLNOMY480; * Pelite.
S76061; COLLNOMY405; of River Don,450m. S of Ardtarnes S76061; COLLNOMY405; * Pegmatite.
S75092; COLLNOCX1597; Woodland, 250m SW of Manar House S75092; COLLNOCX1597; * Psammite.
S74941; COLLNOYW1507; Road cutting at Dundreggan Reservoir S74941; COLLNOYW1507; * Psammite.
S74942; COLLNOYW1508; Road cutting, Torgyle Bridge S74942; COLLNOYW1508; * Psammite.
S74943; COLLNOYW1509; Road cutting, Torgyle Bridge S74943; COLLNOYW1509; * Psammite.
S74944; COLLNOYW1510; Road cutting, Dundreggan Dam S74944; COLLNOYW1510; * Psammite.
S74932; COLLNOYW1261; Shore of Loch ma Stac S74932; COLLNOYW1261; * Psammite.
S74933; COLLNOYW1497; Invermoriston Bridge S74933; COLLNOYW1497; * Psammite.
S74934; COLLNOYW1498; Invermoriston Bridge S74934; COLLNOYW1498; * Psammite.
S74935; COLLNOYW1499; Forest road above Dalcataig Cottage S74935; COLLNOYW1499; * Psammite.
S74936; COLLNOYW1500; Forest road above Dalcataig Cottage S74936; COLLNOYW1500; * Psammite.
S74937; COLLNOYW1501; Forest road above Dalcataig Cottage S74937; COLLNOYW1501; * Psammite.
S74938; COLLNOYW1502; Road cutting at Riverside Park S74938; COLLNOYW1502; * Psammite.
S74939; COLLNOYW1504; Road cutting at Bhlaraidh S74939; COLLNOYW1504; * Psammite.
S74940; COLLNOYW1506; Road cutting at Dundreggan Reservoir S74940; COLLNOYW1506; * Psammite.
S74924; COLLNOYW1495; S of Srathan Allt na Fiacail S74924; COLLNOYW1495; * Psammite.
S74926; COLLNOYW1503; Road cutting at Riverside Park S74926; COLLNOYW1503; * Psammite.
S74927; COLLNOYW1505; Road cutting at Bhlaraidh S74927; COLLNOYW1505; * Psammite.
S74930; COLLNOYW1175; NW of Achnaconeran S74930; COLLNOYW1175; * Psammite.
S74931; COLLNOYW1256; N of Loch an t-Sionnaich S74931; COLLNOYW1256; * Psammite.
S76105; COLLNOMY451; Disused quarry, N end of N face, 250m NW of Gask S76105; COLLNOMY451; * Porphyry.
S76106; COLLNOMY452; Disused quarry, S end of S face, 150m NW of Gask S76106; COLLNOMY452; * Pegmatite.
S76095; COLLNOMY441; Disused quarry, 300m SW of Knockquharn S76095; COLLNOMY441; * Pegmatite.
S76098; COLLNOMY444; Old quarry on N side of A944, 400m ESE of junction with northward B977 S76098; COLLNOMY444; * Porphyry.
S76099; COLLNOMY445; Old quarry on N side of A944, 400m ESE of junction with northward B977 S76099; COLLNOMY445; * Porphyry.
S74922; COLLNOYW1493; S of Siudhe Ghuirmain S74922; COLLNOYW1493; * Psammite.
RC329/1 York RC329/1 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S74918; COLLNOYW1489; NE of Glas-bheinn Mhor S74918; COLLNOYW1489; * Pegmatite.
S74855; COLLNOFY558; 1300m NW of Inchnacardoch S74855; COLLNOFY558; * Psammite.
S74689; COLLNOMY132; SW slopes of Cairn William, 600m ENE of Horsemans Stone S74689; COLLNOMY132; * Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S74842; COLLNOFY546; 700m SE of Carn nan Dubh Lochan S74842; COLLNOFY546; * Psammite.
S74843; S74843/A; COLLNOFY547; 750m ESE of Carn nan Dubh Lochan S74843; S74843/A; COLLNOFY547; * Psammite.
S74850; COLLNOFY553; 900m NW of Easter Portclair S74850; COLLNOFY553; * Psammite.
S74851; COLLNOFY554; Coire Buidhe S74851; COLLNOFY554; * Psammite.
S74775; COLLNOMY246; Railway cutting, 20m W of A980 bridge S74775; COLLNOMY246; * Pelite.
S74692; COLLNOMY135; N spur of Green Hill, 100m N of Luath's Stone S74692; COLLNOMY135; * Pelite.
S74616; COLLNOMY20; Pass between Balnahard Hill and Tom's Cairn (N of Harry's Hill) S74616; COLLNOMY20; * Psammite.
S76053; COLLNOMY397; Hill of Barra, 150m NNE of summit S76053; COLLNOMY397; * Pyroxenite.
S74600; COLLNOMY2; Craiglash Quarry S74600; COLLNOMY2; * Pelite.
S76128; COLLNOMY621; Quarry on S side of Pitfichie-Rerandle road, 350m NW of Ord Mill S76128; COLLNOMY621; * Pegmatite.
S76043; COLLNOMY387; Garden of house, 550m W of Hillhead of Lethenty S76043; COLLNOMY387; * Psammite.
S76045; COLLNOMY389; Old quarry, 550m E of Balcairn House S76045; COLLNOMY389; * Pelite.
S76047; COLLNOMY391; Old quarry, 800m NW of Oldmeldrum town centre S76047; COLLNOMY391; * Pelite.
E3886; E3886/A; NEG1788M; NEG1789M; Wheal Coates, Open Work. E3886; E3886/A; NEG1788M; NEG1789M; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
E70930; COLLNOLV282; 670 m @ 314 deg from Pen-a-maen Point E70930; COLLNOLV282; * 1996 Porphyry.
E70931; COLLNOLV283; 780 m @ 335 deg from Gell Point E70931; COLLNOLV283; * 1996 Porphyry.
E70932; COLLNOLV284; 730 m @ 342 deg from Gell Point E70932; COLLNOLV284; * 1996 Porphyry.
E70933; COLLNOLV285; 1450 m @ 303 deg from Gell Point E70933; COLLNOLV285; * 1996 Porphyry.
E3887; NEG1790M; Wheal Coates, Open Work. E3887; NEG1790M; * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
E3888 Wheal Coates, Open Work. E3888 * Paraschist. 'Original entry: Andalusite Schist'
E71303; COLLNOLC69; SW flank of Low Bank E71303; COLLNOLC69; * 1982 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Igneous Rock'
LABNO5642; UG8838; RC969/8; Graftonite. Ndola pegmatite, Miami Area, Rhodesia. LABNO5642; UG8838; RC969/8; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Graftonite'
E23261; COLLNOGM248; Manor Park Gravel Pits. King's Bromley E23261; COLLNOGM248; * 0 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Erratics'
RC1205/1 Calcite. Aomac property, MonmouthTwp., Haliburton County, Canada. RC1205/1 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Calcite'
RC1177/1 Biotite - Nepheline-Syenite. Blue Mountain Quarry, International Minerals and Chemicals, Ontario, Canada. RC1177/1 0 Pegmatite; Syenite;. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
UG7109; RC956/1; Pollucite. Dam site pegmatite, Bikita, Rhodesia. UG7109; RC956/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
LABNO5689; UG8480; RC957/1; Pollucite. Bikita pegmatite, Rhodesia. LABNO5689; UG8480; RC957/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
LABNO5689; UG7101; RC958/1; Pollucite. Bikita, Rhodesia. LABNO5689; UG7101; RC958/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
UG8085; RC960/1; Manganese oxide. Lyassa Main pegmatite, Ankole, Uganda. UG8085; RC960/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Kaolinite, Muscovite, Hollandite, Coranadite'
MRPROG1002; UG6903; RC951/5; Petalite, Casa Ventura Mine, 17 miles E.N.E. of Salisbury, near Mloko Roafd, Rhodesia MRPROG1002; UG6903; RC951/5; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
MRPROG1116; LABNO5633; UG8869; RC969/5; Garnet. Tom Tom pegmatite, Miami (near Harzlemore), Rhodesia. MRPROG1116; LABNO5633; UG8869; RC969/5; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Garnet'
RC1120/5; UG8697; Tantalite etc. Morrua Mine, Mozambigue. RC1120/5; UG8697; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
LABNO6614; UG6851; MRPROG903; RC951/6; Lepidolite. Sarah Clairis, 8 miles N.E. of Salisbury, Rhodesia. LABNO6614; UG6851; MRPROG903; RC951/6; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Lepidolite'
MRPROG1116; LABNO5700; UG8857; RC969/6; Garnet. Bold pegmatite, Miami area, Rhodesia. MRPROG1116; LABNO5700; UG8857; RC969/6; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Garnet, Feldspar'
LABNO6455; UG9432; RC973/6; Manganese mineral. Spider S.W. 1 pegmatite, Miami, Rhodesia. LABNO6455; UG9432; RC973/6; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Manganese Minerals, Perthite'
MRPROG1114; RC1117/1; UG9201; Mica Pegmatite. Buranga, Katumba Region, Rwanda-Urundi. MRPROG1114; RC1117/1; UG9201; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Muscovite'
LABNO5669; UG7614; RC969/3; MRPROG989; Cassiterite. Mauve pegmatite, Rhodesia. LABNO5669; UG7614; RC969/3; MRPROG989; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Cassiterite, Beryl'
LABNO6462; UG6936; RC970/3; Microlite. Benson II pegmatite, Mtoko, Rhodesia. LABNO6462; UG6936; RC970/3; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Microlite, Apatite'
MRPROG1117; LABNO6461; UG8482; RC971/3; Lepidolite. Bikita pegmatite, Rhodesia. MRPROG1117; LABNO6461; UG8482; RC971/3; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Lepidolite, Albite'
LABNO6453; UG8435; RC973/3; Tantalite. Bettina Clairis, near Bovan Mtoko, Rhodesia. LABNO6453; UG8435; RC973/3; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Tantalite, Albite'
MRPROG1023; LABNO6600; UG7830; RC951/3; Hopedale Farm, Loch Ness 4 Claims, Buidinia, Rhodesia MRPROG1023; LABNO6600; UG7830; RC951/3; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Spodumene'
LABNO5690; UG8507; RC955/3; Pollucite. Dam site pegmatite, Bikita, Rhodesia. LABNO5690; UG8507; RC955/3; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
MRPROG1017; LABNO5631; UG7749; RC966/3; Bismutite. BensonIV pegmatite, Mtoko, Rhodesia. MRPROG1017; LABNO5631; UG7749; RC966/3; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Bismutite'
UG10121; RC1120/B; Manganotantalite. Morrua Mine, Mozambique. UG10121; RC1120/B; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
UG10123; RC1120/C; Manganotantalite. Morrua Mine, Mozambique. UG10123; RC1120/C; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
UG10110; RC1120/D; (Wodginite) Clinotantalite. Ai bHayat, Bikita, Southern Rhodesia. UG10110; RC1120/D; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Wodginite (Clinotantalite)'
RC997/D Pyroxenite porphyry. Africanda, Kola Peninsula, U.S.S.R. RC997/D 0 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: 'Pyroxenite Porphyry', Olivine'
MRPROG1067; UG8082; LABNO8845; RC952/1; Kaolinite. Alyassa Main Working, Uganda MRPROG1067; UG8082; LABNO8845; RC952/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Kaolinite'
RC954/1 Montebrasite. Nyarga Main pegmatite, Ankole, Uganda. RC954/1 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Montebrasite'
MRPROG1091; LABNO6464; UG7235; MRPROG950; RC971/1; Tantalite. Bikita Mine, Rhodesia. MRPROG1091; LABNO6464; UG7235; MRPROG950; RC971/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
LABNO6452; UG8421; RC972/1; Tantalite. Gooddays central pegmatite, Rhodesia. LABNO6452; UG8421; RC972/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Tantalite'
LABNO6468; UG8298; RC973/1; Columbite. Bepe Main pegmatite, Rhodesia. LABNO6468; UG8298; RC973/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Columbite-Tantalite'
MRPROG1053; LABNO6610; UG8537; RC950/1; Mubtress pegmatite, Salisbury, Rhodesia MRPROG1053; LABNO6610; UG8537; RC950/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Halloysite-7? (Metahalloysite)'
RC997/4 (?) Eudyalite-Khibinite. Quarry, east of Kirovsh, Kola Peninsula, U.S.S.R. RC997/4 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Eudialyte, ?Molybdenite'
MRPROG1091; LABNO6454; UG7322; RC973/2; Columbite. Ishasha No. 14 pegmatite, Uganda. MRPROG1091; LABNO6454; UG7322; RC973/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Columbite-Tantalite'
UG6944; RC970/4; Tantalite. Benson III pegmatite, Mtoko, Rhodesia. UG6944; RC970/4; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Garnet, Microlite-Tantalite'
LABNO6459; UG8363; RC973/4; Tantalite minerals. Sutskwe West Clairis, Mtoko area, Rhodesia. LABNO6459; UG8363; RC973/4; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Tantalite'
UG9339; RC951/4; Altered Petalite. Portree pegmatite, Odzi, Rhodesia UG9339; RC951/4; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Petalite'
LABNO5690; UG8507; RC955/4; Pollucite. Dam site pegmatite, Bikita, Rhodesia. LABNO5690; UG8507; RC955/4; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
RC1162/1 Nepheline-syenite. St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. RC1162/1 0 Pegmatite; Syenite;. 'Original entry: Nepheline-Syenite Rock'
RC1163/1 Phonolite. Varennes, Quebec, Canada. RC1163/1 0 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite Rock'
E71369; COLLNOLC644; Parish Crag, bank of River Lowther E71369; COLLNOLC644; * 1986 Porphyry.
LABNO5653; UG9517; RC966/1; Calcite. Benson II pegmatite, Mtoko, Rhodesia. LABNO5653; UG9517; RC966/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Calcite, Microcline, Albite'
LABNO514; UG9242; RC967/1; Hematite. Owl pegmatite, Miami, Rhodesia. LABNO514; UG9242; RC967/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Hematite'
LABNO6456; UG9335; RC968/1; Manganese mineral. Lith No.9 pegmatite, Belingwe Reserve, Rhodesia. LABNO6456; UG9335; RC968/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Manganese Mineral (Unspecified)'
UG8862; RC969/1; Hematite. Bluff mica pegmatite, Miami Area, Rhodesia. UG8862; RC969/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Hematite'
MRPROG1081; LABNO5830; UG8386; RC970/1; Tantalite. Benson I Clairis, Mtoko, Rhodesia. MRPROG1081; LABNO5830; UG8386; RC970/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Tantalite, Topaz'
UG7814; RC962/1; Manganese mineral. Zonkosi pegmatite, Miami area, Rhodesia. UG7814; RC962/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Manganese Minerals, Spessartite, Pegmatite'
UG8058; RC963/1; Manganese oxides. Nyanga N. pegmatite, Ankole, S.W. Uganda. UG8058; RC963/1; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Manganese Minerals, Muscovite, Columbite-Tantalite'
MRPROG1114; RC1117/3; UG9204; Quartz. Nganzo, Katumba, Rwanda. MRPROG1114; RC1117/3; UG9204; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Quartz'
RC965/1 Fluorapatite. Beesak pegmatite, Miami area, Rhodesia. RC965/1 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Flourapatite'
RC1120/7; UG8239; yttrotantalite. Donza Clairns, Southern Rhodesia. RC1120/7; UG8239; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Yttrotantalite-(Y)'
RC1121/6 Genthelvite in pegmatite associted with amazooite, Harwell Paddock, Rayfield, Jos Plateau, Nigeria. RC1121/6 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Genthelvite, Helvite, Danalite'
RC1009/1 Phosphate. Glenover, Transvaal, South Africa. RC1009/1 0 Phosphatic Sediments And Phosphorites. 'Original entry: Phosphate (Unspecified)'
RC1183/1 Nepheline-Syenite. Blue Mountain Quarry, International Minerals and Chemicals, Ontario, Canada. RC1183/1 0 Pegmatite; Syenite;. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
RC1215/1 Nepheline-pegmatite. The Gap, Monmouth Twp., Ontario, Canada. RC1215/1 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Nepheline (Pegmatite)'
S80840; COLLNOFY770; 800m SE of Shillochan S80840; COLLNOFY770; * 1989 Psammite.
S80844; COLLNOFY783; Boat of Garten S80844; COLLNOFY783; * 1989 Psammite.
S80845; COLLNOFY786; Docharn Crags S80845; COLLNOFY786; * 1989 Psammite.
E71227; COLLNOZN2102; North of Bowness Knott. Lake Ennerdale E71227; COLLNOZN2102; * 0 Porphyry.
E71228; COLLNOZN2103; North of Bowness Knott. Lake Ennerdale E71228; COLLNOZN2103; * 0 Porphyry.
LABNO5641; UG9325; RC966/2; Manganese mineral. Benson IV pegmatite, Mtoko, Rhodesia. LABNO5641; UG9325; RC966/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Manganese Minerals, Albite'
LABNO5742; UG8853; RC967/2; Hematite. Owl 2 West pegmatite, Miami, Rhodesia. LABNO5742; UG8853; RC967/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Hematite'
LABNO1115; UG9336; RC968/2; Manganese oxide. Lith No. 9 pegmatite, Belingwe Reserve, Rhodesia. LABNO1115; UG9336; RC968/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Manganese Minerals, Kaolinite'
S80838; COLLNOFY768; R.Dulnain at Carrbridge S80838; COLLNOFY768; * 1989 Porphyry.
MRPROG1114; RC1117/2; UG9202; Mica Pegmatite. Buranga, Katumba Region, Rwanda-Urundi. MRPROG1114; RC1117/2; UG9202; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Muscovite'
MRPROG1067; UG8086; RC952/2; Kaolinite. Nyassa Main pegmatite, Ankola, Uganda. MRPROG1067; UG8086; RC952/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Kaolinite'
LABNO5690; UG8507; RC955/2; Pollucite. Dam site pegmatite, Bikita, Rhodesia. LABNO5690; UG8507; RC955/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
MRPROG1010; MRPROG111; UG7109; RC956/2; Pollucite. Dam site pegmatite, Bikita, Rhodesia MRPROG1010; MRPROG111; UG7109; RC956/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
LABNO5689; UG8480; RC957/2; Pollucite. Bikita pegmatite, Rhodesia. LABNO5689; UG8480; RC957/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pollucite'
UG7258; MRPROG941; RC959/2; Manganese minerals. Kazuriu Mine, Ankole, Uganda. UG7258; MRPROG941; RC959/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
MRPROG1004; LABNO6809; UG7680; RC951/2; Goodays Clairus, Mtoho, Rhodesia MRPROG1004; LABNO6809; UG7680; RC951/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Spodumene'
UG10119; RC1120/9; Manganotantalite. Morrua Mine, Mozambique. UG10119; RC1120/9; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
RC997/9 Aenigmatite. Khibine Pluton, Kola Peninsula, U.S.S.R. RC997/9 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Aenigmatite, Lamprophyllite'
LABNO6457; UG9253; RC969/2; Hematite. Hendren No. 9 Claim, Miami area, Rhodesia. LABNO6457; UG9253; RC969/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Hematite, Perthite, Tourmaline'
MRPROG1127; LABNO5751; UG9427; RC970/2; Tantalite. Benson 2 pegmatite, Mtoko area, Rhodesia. MRPROG1127; LABNO5751; UG9427; RC970/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Tantalite, Albite'
MRPROG1117; LABNO6469; UG8495; RC971/2; Amblygonite. Bikita pegmatite, Rhodesia. MRPROG1117; LABNO6469; UG8495; RC971/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Amblygonite, Beryl, Apatite'
MRPROG1092; LABNO6465; UG8407; RC972/2; Columbite. Gooddays Clairis, Rhodesia. MRPROG1092; LABNO6465; UG8407; RC972/2; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Columbite-Tantalite'
UG10118; RC1120/8; Manganotantalite. Morrua Mine, Mozambique. UG10118; RC1120/8; 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Mineral Sample'
S99248; COLLNOSMS265; Am Bodach, upper slopes S99248; COLLNOSMS265; * 1996 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S99249; COLLNOSMS266; A'Chailleach, lip of coire S99249; COLLNOSMS266; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99239; COLLNOSMS256; Creag far-Ieitre, SE of Loch Insh S99239; COLLNOSMS256; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99241; COLLNOSMS258; Allt Coire nan Aonach S99241; COLLNOSMS258; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99242; COLLNOSMS259; Allt Coire an t-Sreatha S99242; COLLNOSMS259; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99609; S99609/A; COLLNOEPT120; Letter Burn, Stream Section S99609; S99609/A; COLLNOEPT120; * 1997 Psammite.
S99602; COLLNOEPT113; Letter Burn, Stream Section S99602; COLLNOEPT113; * 1997 Psammite.
S99601; COLLNOEPT112; Letter Burn, Stream Section S99601; COLLNOEPT112; * 1997 Psammite.
S99603; COLLNOEPT114; Letter Burn, Stream Section S99603; COLLNOEPT114; * 1997 Psammite.
S99618; COLLNOEPT129; Firkin Point, A22 Road Cutting S99618; COLLNOEPT129; * 1997 Psammite.
S99619; COLLNOEPT130; Firkin Point, A22 Road Cutting S99619; COLLNOEPT130; * 1997 Psammite.
E71627; COLLNOMS1673; 100m east of Porthellou (beach). E71627; COLLNOMS1673; * 1997 Pelite.
E71628; COLLNOMS1674; Beach Cliff east side of Polpeor Cove. E71628; COLLNOMS1674; * 1997 Pelite.
E71629; COLLNOMS1675; Cliff south side Lizard Point. E71629; COLLNOMS1675; * 1997 Psammite.
E71745; COLLNODMA107; S.E. Haweswater, South of Walla Crag. E71745; COLLNODMA107; * 1997 Porphyry.
E71817; COLLNODMA176; S.E. of Haweswater, Selside End. E71817; COLLNODMA176; * 1997 Porphyry.
S80223; COLLNOWX1108; Kitchen Burn 300m SW of Bridge of Forgieside S80223; COLLNOWX1108; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Actinolite Psammite'
S80219; COLLNOWX1104; 200m N of Ardoich Farm S80219; COLLNOWX1104; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80224; S80224/A; COLLNOWX1109; Kitchen Burn 300m SW of Bridge of Forgieside S80224; S80224/A; COLLNOWX1109; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Actinolite Psammite'
S99202; COLLNOHY1207; Entrance to Achray Forest Drive, Duke's pais S99202; COLLNOHY1207; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E38382; COLLNOSY1227; Monkton Colliery BH (1944-45) at 250 yards, SE of Notton Bridge. Neither NGR nor Qtr sheet given E38382; COLLNOSY1227; * 0 Phosphatic Sediments And Phosphorites.
S79853; COLLNOWX1097; Burn of Fordyce, N of Glassaugh Bridge S79853; COLLNOWX1097; * 1988 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S99918; COLLNOLY1102; Tom nan Cabar S99918; COLLNOLY1102; * 1997 Psammite.
S99921; COLLNOLY1105; Coire na Maine S99921; COLLNOLY1105; * 1997 Psammite.
S99922; COLLNOLY1106; 1.5km SW of Creag Dhubh S99922; COLLNOLY1106; * 1997 Psammite.
S99923; COLLNOLY1107; SW ridge of Creag Dhubh, 250m from summit S99923; COLLNOLY1107; * 1997 Psammite.
S99233; COLLNOSMS250; Back wall of Coire NE of A' Chailleach S99233; COLLNOSMS250; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Micaceous Psammite'
S99236; COLLNOSMS253; Allt creag nah-Iolaire S99236; COLLNOSMS253; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99237; COLLNOSMS254; Allt Creag nah-Iolaire S99237; COLLNOSMS254; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99238; S99238/A; S99238/B; COLLNOSMS255; Creag far-Ieitre, SE of Loch Insh S99238; S99238/A; S99238/B; COLLNOSMS255; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99225; COLLNOSMS242; Lower part Allt Tom Dubh Ghobliach S99225; COLLNOSMS242; * 1996 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry'
S99226; COLLNOSMS243; An Ieitir, N end S99226; COLLNOSMS243; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99227; COLLNOSMS244; An Ieitir, N end S99227; COLLNOSMS244; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E71761; COLLNODMA121; S.E. Haweswater, upper reaches Guerness. E71761; COLLNODMA121; * 1997 Porphyry.
S99267; COLLNOJXX231; Marg na Craige S99267; COLLNOJXX231; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99268; COLLNOJXX232; A' Mharconaich Coire S99268; COLLNOJXX232; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99258; COLLNOJXX222; Allt an Creagach S99258; COLLNOJXX222; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Psammite'
S99259; COLLNOJXX223; A9 roadcut (Dalnaspidal) S99259; COLLNOJXX223; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99260; COLLNOJXX224; A9 roadcut (Dalnaspidal) S99260; COLLNOJXX224; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Psammite'
S99264; COLLNOJXX228; Allt Raoch-Choire S99264; COLLNOJXX228; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99253; COLLNOJXX215; Allt Coire Dhomhain (Drumochter) S99253; COLLNOJXX215; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99674; COLLNOFY1618; Creaggan Ruddh S99674; COLLNOFY1618; * 1997 Psammite.
S99709; COLLNOFY1581; Milton Burn S99709; COLLNOFY1581; * 1997 Psammite.
S99713; COLLNOFY1589; R.Calder S99713; COLLNOFY1589; * 1997 Psammite.
S99714; COLLNOFY1590; Creag a'Bhainne S99714; COLLNOFY1590; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;.
S99715; COLLNOFY1603; Allt Garbh Ghaig S99715; COLLNOFY1603; * 1997 Pseudotachylite.
S99702; COLLNOFY1574; Creagan a'Bhainne S99702; COLLNOFY1574; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;.
S80193; COLLNOGY597; Knocktin S80193; COLLNOGY597; * 1988 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S99706; COLLNOFY1578; Spey Bridge S99706; COLLNOFY1578; * 1997 Psammite.
S99707; COLLNOFY1579; Milton Burn S99707; COLLNOFY1579; * 1997 Psammite.
S99708; COLLNOFY1580; Milton Burn S99708; COLLNOFY1580; * 1997 Psammite.
S99696; COLLNOFY1567; Creag Shiaraidh S99696; COLLNOFY1567; * 1997 Pegmatite.
S99697; COLLNOFY1568; Creag Shiaraidh S99697; COLLNOFY1568; * 1997 Pelite.
S99699; COLLNOFY1570; Creag Shiaraidh S99699; COLLNOFY1570; * 1997 Psammite.
S99688; COLLNOFY1559; Uinneag Coire Each S99688; COLLNOFY1559; * 0 Psammite.
S99689; COLLNOFY1560; Sron na Creige S99689; COLLNOFY1560; * 1997 Psammite.
S99692; COLLNOFY1563; Allt-Coire Shiaraidh S99692; COLLNOFY1563; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;.
E71094; COLLNOMS1661; Treuassack Quarry. E71094; COLLNOMS1661; * 1996 Peridotite.
E71086; COLLNOMS1651; Poltesco. E71086; COLLNOMS1651; * 1996 Peridotite.
E71551; COLLNOLV319; 1170 m NNE of Nare Head E71551; COLLNOLV319; * 0 Peridotite.
S99910; COLLNOLY1094; Cliffs 350m NW of Lochain Uvie S99910; COLLNOLY1094; * 1997 Psammite.
S99915; COLLNOLY1099; SW of Creag Shiaraidh S99915; COLLNOLY1099; * 1997 Porphyry.
S99904; COLLNOLY1089; Creag Ruadh S99904; COLLNOLY1089; * 1997 Psammite.
E71089; COLLNOMS1655; Poltesco. E71089; COLLNOMS1655; * 1996 Peridotite.
E71090; COLLNOMS1657; Ebber Rocks. E71090; COLLNOMS1657; * 1996 Peridotite.
S79852; COLLNOWX1906; Burn of Fordyce, S of Glassaugh Bridge S79852; COLLNOWX1906; * 1988 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79846; COLLNOWX1090; Burn of Fordyce, W of Beechbank S79846; COLLNOWX1090; * 1988 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S99610; COLLNOEPT121; Letter Burn, Stream Section S99610; COLLNOEPT121; * 1997 Psammite.
E71714; COLLNODMA68; S.E. Haweswater, near Aaron's Bield. E71714; COLLNODMA68; * 1997 Porphyry.
S79847; COLLNOWX1091; 200m NW of Beechbank S79847; COLLNOWX1091; * 1988 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79848; S79848/A; COLLNOWX1092; Burn of Fordyce, W of Beechbank S79848; S79848/A; COLLNOWX1092; * 1988 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79849; COLLNOWX1093; Burn of Fordyce, N of Breechbank S79849; COLLNOWX1093; * 1988 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79850; S79850/A; COLLNOWX1094; Burn of Fordyce, S of Glassaugh Bridge S79850; S79850/A; COLLNOWX1094; * 1988 Pelite; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79851; COLLNOWX1095; Burn of Fordyce, S of Glassaugh Bridge S79851; COLLNOWX1095; * 1988 Pelite; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S79834; COLLNOWX1078; 200m SE of Upper Skeith S79834; COLLNOWX1078; * 1988 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79835; S79835/A; COLLNOWX1079; 500m S of Mid Skeith S79835; S79835/A; COLLNOWX1079; * 1988 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79838; COLLNOWX1082; Hoggie Burn, 250m SE of Skeith S79838; COLLNOWX1082; * 1988 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S99219; COLLNOIY988; R.Till, 400m S of Bedford Bridge S99219; COLLNOIY988; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99627; COLLNOEPT138; A815 Road Cutting S99627; COLLNOEPT138; * 1997 Psammite.
S99628; S99628/A; COLLNOEPT139; MC8715; A815 Road Cutting S99628; S99628/A; COLLNOEPT139; MC8715; * 1997 Psammite.
S99621; COLLNOEPT132; Glen Kinglass, Road Cutting S99621; COLLNOEPT132; * 1997 Psammite.
S99620; COLLNOEPT131; Firkin Point, A22 Road Cutting S99620; COLLNOEPT131; * 1997 Psammite.
S99626; COLLNOEPT137; A815 Road Cutting S99626; COLLNOEPT137; * 1997 Psammite.
S99630; COLLNOEPT141; MC8716; Ardlui, Road Cutting S99630; COLLNOEPT141; MC8716; * 1997 Psammite.
S99599; COLLNOMY1579; Burn of Boyne, 70m E of SE tower of Boyne Castle S99599; COLLNOMY1579; * 1997 Psammite.
S99596; COLLNOMY1576; Glen Burn, 450m NNE of Davie's Castle S99596; COLLNOMY1576; * 1997 Pelite.
S99930; COLLNORJM649; Hillside outcrop, Shiel Hill 7.5km N of Sanquhar S99930; COLLNORJM649; *; *; 1996 Pelite.
S99684; COLLNOFY1555; Coire an Eigh S99684; COLLNOFY1555; * 1997 Pegmatite; Pelite;.
S99677; COLLNOFY1548; Creagan na h-Eighich S99677; COLLNOFY1548; * 1997 Psammite.
S99682; COLLNOFY1553; Coire an Eigh S99682; COLLNOFY1553; * 1997 Pegmatite; Semipelite;.
E21488 Cowthick Ironstone Pit, Corby E21488 0 Phosphatic Sediments And Phosphorites. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Nodule'
S99486; COLLNOFY1528; Allt a' Mhuilin S99486; COLLNOFY1528; * 1996 Psammite.
S99206; COLLNORYF25; Letter Burn 1100m N of Letter S99206; COLLNORYF25; *; *; 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Greenbeds'
S99210; COLLNORYF29; 1km SSE of Meall Quathach S99210; COLLNORYF29; *; *; 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Greenbeds'
S99211; COLLNOIY980; 350m NW of summit of Dun Mor S99211; COLLNOIY980; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99593; COLLNOMY1573; Disused quarry, 100m E of Baggierow Croft S99593; COLLNOMY1573; * 1997 Pelite.
S80568; COLLNOGU267; Candle Hill S80568; COLLNOGU267; * 1988 Pyroxenite.
N1265; COLLNOETS549; 580m SSW of Corrycharle N1265; COLLNOETS549; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1259; COLLNOETS543; 590m SSW of Cairnloch N1259; COLLNOETS543; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1260; COLLNOETS544; 500m SSW of Cairnloch N1260; COLLNOETS544; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1262; COLLNOETS546; 140m SW of Carn nan Gabhar summit N1262; COLLNOETS546; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1263; COLLNOETS547; 200m SSE of Carn nan Gabhar summit N1263; COLLNOETS547; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1264; COLLNOETS548; 70m SSE of Carn nan Gabhar summit N1264; COLLNOETS548; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1253; COLLNOETS537; 300m NNW of Drumroy N1253; COLLNOETS537; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1254; COLLNOETS538; 530m SW of Boathouse on Loch ant-Sidhein N1254; COLLNOETS538; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1255; COLLNOETS539; 70m SW of Glentarroch N1255; COLLNOETS539; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1257; COLLNOETS541; 490m NW of junction of Feith a` Mhor-fhir and Caochan Burn N1257; COLLNOETS541; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1258; COLLNOETS542; 570m WNW of junction of Feith a` Mhor-fhir and Caochan Burn N1258; COLLNOETS542; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99722; S99722/A; S99722/B; COLLNOLY1080; S side Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99722; S99722/A; S99722/B; COLLNOLY1080; * 1997 Psammite.
S99827; COLLNOETS495; Allt na Feithe Buidhe, 420m N of Strone S99827; COLLNOETS495; * 1997 Psammite.
S99726; COLLNOLY1084; Col W of Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99726; COLLNOLY1084; * 1997 Psammite.
N1248; COLLNOETS532; 1350m NE of Easter Rynechkra N1248; COLLNOETS532; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1250; COLLNOETS534; 860m WSW of junction of Feith a` Mhor-fhir and Caochan Burn N1250; COLLNOETS534; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1251; COLLNOETS535; 560m WSW of junction of Feith a` Mhor-fhir and Caochan Burn N1251; COLLNOETS535; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1252; COLLNOETS536; 840m N of Drumroy N1252; COLLNOETS536; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1241; COLLNOETS525; 500m NNW of Creagan na h-Othaisge N1241; COLLNOETS525; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1243; COLLNOETS527; 140m NNW of Carn Mor N1243; COLLNOETS527; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1244; COLLNOETS528; 580m NW of Easter Rynechkra N1244; COLLNOETS528; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E72002; COLLNOIY1054; Near bottom of Laythwaite Sike E72002; COLLNOIY1054; * 1997 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite Porphyry'
S99255; COLLNOJXX218; Allt Coire Dhomhain (Drumochter) S99255; COLLNOJXX218; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99256; COLLNOJXX220; Allt Coire Dhomhain (Drumochter) S99256; COLLNOJXX220; * 1996 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
S99257; COLLNOJXX221; Allt an Creagach S99257; COLLNOJXX221; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Muscovite Psammite'
S80217; COLLNOWX1102; Drodland Burn S80217; COLLNOWX1102; * 1988 Psammite; Schist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S80218; COLLNOWX1103; Burn of Kinminitie S80218; COLLNOWX1103; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80225; COLLNOWX1110; Railway bridge 200m N of Aultmore Distillery S80225; COLLNOWX1110; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80226; S80226/A; COLLNOWX1111; Burn of Auchibderran 100m below Bridge of Terrycroys S80226; S80226/A; COLLNOWX1111; * 1988 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80220; COLLNOWX1105; 200m N of Ardoich Farm S80220; COLLNOWX1105; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S80221; COLLNOWX1106; Kitchen Burn head S80221; COLLNOWX1106; * 1988 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1546; COLLNOFY1623; Allt Sheicheachan N1546; COLLNOFY1623; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1548; COLLNOFY1626; Allt Sheicheachan N1548; COLLNOFY1626; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99940; COLLNORYF9; R. Tummel Dam S99940; COLLNORYF9; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99935; COLLNORYF4; Kinaldy Scar (Glen Errochty) S99935; COLLNORYF4; * 1998 Pelite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S99939; COLLNORYF8; R. Garry (Dailnafroich) S99939; COLLNORYF8; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S99941; COLLNORYF10; Craig nan Caisean forestry track S99941; COLLNORYF10; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1588; COLLNOFY1672; R.Tilt, 280m NE of Gilberts Bridge N1588; COLLNOFY1672; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1587; COLLNOFY1671; R.Tilt, 230m NE of Gilberts Bridge N1587; COLLNOFY1671; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99728; COLLNOLY1086; Allt Mhainisteir S99728; COLLNOLY1086; * 1997 Psammite.
S99717; COLLNOLY1075; 800m W of Loch Pattack S99717; COLLNOLY1075; * 1997 Psammite.
S99718; S99718/A; S99718/B; COLLNOLY1076; S side Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99718; S99718/A; S99718/B; COLLNOLY1076; * 1997 Psammite.
S99719; S99719/A; S99719/B; COLLNOLY1077; S side Loch a' Bhealaich Leamhain S99719; S99719/A; S99719/B; COLLNOLY1077; * 1997 Psammite.
S99820; COLLNOETS488; S side of Creag Bheag, 890m NNW of Westcott S99820; COLLNOETS488; * 1997 Psammite.
S99836; COLLNOETS504; Gynack Burn, 110m SE of St. Vincent's Home S99836; COLLNOETS504; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;.
S99837; COLLNOETS505; Gynack Burn, 140m N of High St bridge S99837; COLLNOETS505; * 1997 Psammite.
E72172; COLLNODMA220; Ash Knott, Mardale E72172; COLLNODMA220; * 1998 Porphyry.
E72153; COLLNODMA201; Wet Sleddale E72153; COLLNODMA201; * 1998 Porphyry.
S99829; COLLNOETS497; Crag, 460m NNE of Strone S99829; COLLNOETS497; * 1997 Psammite.
S99833; COLLNOETS501; Allt Mhor, 1420m NNW of Strone S99833; COLLNOETS501; * 1997 Psammite.
N1414; COLLNOPY448; Geddes Estate Hill track N1414; COLLNOPY448; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1415; COLLNOPY449; Geddes Estate Hill track N1415; COLLNOPY449; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1160; COLLNOWX1323; Allt na Duibhrre N1160; COLLNOWX1323; * 1998 Pelite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1161; COLLNOWX1324; Allt na Duibhrre N1161; COLLNOWX1324; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
N1162; COLLNOWX1325; Allt na Duibhrre N1162; COLLNOWX1325; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
N1164; COLLNOWX1327; Allt Bhron N1164; COLLNOWX1327; * 1998 Pelite; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1077; COLLNORYF76; Allt Kinardochy N1077; COLLNORYF76; *; *; 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N981; COLLNORYF64; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N981; COLLNORYF64; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N982; COLLNORYF65; S face of Meall Mor N982; COLLNORYF65; * 1997 Pelite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N983; COLLNORYF66; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N983; COLLNORYF66; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N984; COLLNORYF67; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N984; COLLNORYF67; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N986; COLLNORYF69; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N986; COLLNORYF69; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N987; COLLNORYF70; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N987; COLLNORYF70; * 1997 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S99972; COLLNOGX1688; Central Strathmarchin Bay S99972; COLLNOGX1688; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99975; COLLNOGX1691; NW side of Old Hythe Bay S99975; COLLNOGX1691; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S99976; COLLNOGX1692; NW side of Old Hythe Bay S99976; COLLNOGX1692; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99977; COLLNOGX1693; E part of Strathmarchin Bay S99977; COLLNOGX1693; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1083; COLLNORYF82; Strath Fionan N1083; COLLNORYF82; *; *; 1998 Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Schist'
N975; COLLNORYF58; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N975; COLLNORYF58; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N974; COLLNORYF57; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N974; COLLNORYF57; * 1997 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
N976; COLLNORYF59; Riverside exposure N976; COLLNORYF59; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N979; COLLNORYF62; SCOTLAND. Loch Lomond (38) N979; COLLNORYF62; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1236; COLLNOETS520; 450m NNE of Cairnloch, 5m NW of N.1235 N1236; COLLNOETS520; * 1998 Pseudotachylite. 'Original entry: Quartz Muscovite Mylonite'
E72110; COLLNOIY1104; BB09. Wasdale Foot, Shap E72110; COLLNOIY1104; * 1998 Porphyry.
E21504 Midway Gravel Pit, Woodville, near Burton. E21504 * Pyritic Rock Or Vein; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);.
S99942; COLLNORYF11; Craig nan Caisean forestry track S99942; COLLNORYF11; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1237; COLLNOETS521; 720m NE of Cairnloch N1237; COLLNOETS521; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1229; COLLNOETS513; 100m ENE of Cairn Cruin summit N1229; COLLNOETS513; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1230; COLLNOETS514; 100m SE of Cairnloch N1230; COLLNOETS514; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1233; COLLNOETS517; 280m NNE of Cairnloch N1233; COLLNOETS517; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1234; COLLNOETS518; 260m NNE of Cairnloch N1234; COLLNOETS518; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1223; COLLNOETS507; 730m NNW of Easter Rynechkra N1223; COLLNOETS507; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1224; COLLNOETS508; 810m NNW of Easter Rynechkra N1224; COLLNOETS508; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1225; COLLNOETS509; 1110m NNW of Easter Rynechkra N1225; COLLNOETS509; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1226; COLLNOETS510; 860m NW of Easter Rynechkra N1226; COLLNOETS510; * 1998 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR36469 Probably as MR 36468. MR36469 1998 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite.'
N1079; COLLNORYF78; S of Lochan Beoil N1079; COLLNORYF78; *; *; 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1245; COLLNOETS529; 660m NW of Easter Rynechkra N1245; COLLNOETS529; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1217; COLLNOEY287; Calligreen Quarry N1217; COLLNOEY287; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
N1570; COLLNOFY1648; Allt Damh Dubh N1570; COLLNOFY1648; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1064; COLLNOWX1153; 100m E of E side of Sandend Beach N1064; COLLNOWX1153; * 1997 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1065; COLLNOWX1154; NE side of Red Haven N1065; COLLNOWX1154; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammite'
N1066; COLLNOWX1155; Curious weathering stack at NE side of Red Haven N1066; COLLNOWX1155; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99933; COLLNORYF2; Errochty (forest track) Allt Garbh, E S99933; COLLNORYF2; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S99932; COLLNORYF1; R. Garry (Dailnafroich) S99932; COLLNORYF1; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S99946; COLLNORYF15; A9, Drumochter Pass S99946; COLLNORYF15; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99948; COLLNORYF17; A9 cut, Craig a' Bhataich S99948; COLLNORYF17; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99951; COLLNORYF20; A9 cut, Clunes S99951; COLLNORYF20; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
MR36472 Locality unknown. MR36472 1998 Pyroclastic-Sediment (Tephra). 'Original entry: Pumice.'
N1571; COLLNOFY1650; Ruigh na Gaoithe N1571; COLLNOFY1650; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1572; COLLNOFY1651; Allt Creag na h-Iolaire N1572; COLLNOFY1651; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1549; COLLNOFY1627; Carn Dearg Mor N1549; COLLNOFY1627; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E72180; COLLNODMA228; Poorhag Gill, Shap Fells E72180; COLLNODMA228; * 1998 Porphyry.
N1070; COLLNOWX1159; Skedam Cliff N1070; COLLNOWX1159; * 1997 Psammite; Quartzite;. 'Original entry: Quartzite'
N1072; COLLNOWX1161; 100m SE of Broad Craig N1072; COLLNOWX1161; * 1997 Psammite; Quartzite;. 'Original entry: Quartzite'
N1554; COLLNOFY1632; Beinn a' Chait N1554; COLLNOFY1632; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1555; COLLNOFY1633; Beinn a' Chait N1555; COLLNOFY1633; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99669; COLLNOSMS307; Glen Bruar, Bruar Water S99669; COLLNOSMS307; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99670; COLLNOSMS308; River Pshie S99670; COLLNOSMS308; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99660; COLLNOSMS298; Tom Dubh Ghoblaich, E of summit S99660; COLLNOSMS298; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99661; COLLNOSMS299; Glac a' Chaise S99661; COLLNOSMS299; * 1997 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Feldspar Porphyry'
S99666; COLLNOSMS304; Creag Liath, NE slopes S99666; COLLNOSMS304; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99655; COLLNOSMS293; Creag nam Abhag, E of summit S99655; COLLNOSMS293; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelite'
S99657; COLLNOSMS295; SW flank of Creag nah' Ilore S99657; COLLNOSMS295; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99658; COLLNOSMS296; SW flank of Creag nah' Ilore S99658; COLLNOSMS296; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1113; COLLNORYF112; Allt Tarruichon N1113; COLLNORYF112; *; *; 1998 Pelite; Quartzite;. 'Original entry: Quartzite'
N1297; COLLNOETS615; Wanlock Water, 230m W of Clackleith N1297; COLLNOETS615; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite Porphyry'
E20909 Long Clawson No.1 (core No.2) 5 & a half miles north of Melton Mowbray. Below Long Clawson & Hose. E20909 Picrite.
E20910; E20910/A; Long Clawson No.1 (core No.2) 5 & a half miles north of Melton Mowbray. Below Long Clawson & Hose. E20910; E20910/A; Picrite.
N1497; COLLNOETS645; 360m NE of Craig Titibeg N1497; COLLNOETS645; * 1998 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N1498; COLLNOETS646; 400m NE of Craig Titibeg N1498; COLLNOETS646; * 1998 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N1485; COLLNOETS633; 120m SW of Glengour ruin N1485; COLLNOETS633; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1487; COLLNOETS635; 680m ENE of Glengour ruin N1487; COLLNOETS635; * 1998 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1490; COLLNOETS638; 550m ENE of Glengour ruin N1490; COLLNOETS638; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1480; COLLNOETS628; 820m NE of Lochindorb Castle N1480; COLLNOETS628; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1482; COLLNOETS630; 230m NE of Carn nan Gabhar N1482; COLLNOETS630; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1474; COLLNOETS622; 660m SE of Corrycharde N1474; COLLNOETS622; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1475; COLLNOETS623; 670m SE of Corrycharde N1475; COLLNOETS623; * 1998 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N1476; COLLNOETS624; 750m SE of Corrycharde N1476; COLLNOETS624; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99649; COLLNOSMS287; Allt a` Chaorainn, N of bridge S99649; COLLNOSMS287; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99651; COLLNOSMS289; Allt a` Chaorainn S99651; COLLNOSMS289; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelite'
S99652; COLLNOSMS290; Creag a Dearg, E of An Stac S99652; COLLNOSMS290; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99653; COLLNOSMS291; SE flank of Creag nam Abhag S99653; COLLNOSMS291; * 1997 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelite'
S99645; COLLNOSMS283; NE summit of Creag an Loin S99645; COLLNOSMS283; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnet Sillimanite Psammite'
N1157; COLLNORYF156; A9 road, Black Tank N1157; COLLNORYF156; *; *; 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N1179; COLLNOWX1342; Coll SE of Meal Clais Doire (float) N1179; COLLNOWX1342; * 1998 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
N1182; COLLNOWX1345; 250m WSW of Creag na h-Iolair N1182; COLLNOWX1345; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1168; COLLNOWX1331; Allt Bhron N1168; COLLNOWX1331; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1166; COLLNOWX1329; Allt Bhron N1166; COLLNOWX1329; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1538; COLLNOGW852; Cloon Burn (tributary?), near Craighead N1538; COLLNOGW852; * 1998 Porphyry; Rhyolite;. 'Original entry: Rhyolite'
N1539; COLLNOGW853; Cloon Burn (tributary?), near Craighead N1539; COLLNOGW853; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N1540; COLLNOGW854; E side of Cloon, facing Craighead N1540; COLLNOGW854; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N910; COLLNOHY1252; 250m SW of Drum Buidhe N910; COLLNOHY1252; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N911; COLLNOHY1253; Loch Drunkie N911; COLLNOHY1253; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N912; COLLNOHY1254; Achray Forest, 500m NW of Meall Ear N912; COLLNOHY1254; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N913; COLLNOHY1255; Achray Forest, 500m NW of Meall Ear N913; COLLNOHY1255; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N914; COLLNOHY1256; Achray Forest, 500m NW of Meall Ear N914; COLLNOHY1256; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N905; COLLNOHY1247; Ground N of Drum Buidhe N905; COLLNOHY1247; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N906; COLLNOHY1248; Ground N of Drum Buidhe N906; COLLNOHY1248; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N898; COLLNOHY1240; Ben Venue summit N898; COLLNOHY1240; * 1997 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N899; COLLNOHY1241; Gleann Riabhach N899; COLLNOHY1241; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1175; COLLNOWX1338; Allt na h-Easg Leathain N1175; COLLNOWX1338; * 1998 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1176; COLLNOWX1339; Allt an Ruigh Ghil N1176; COLLNOWX1339; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N1177; COLLNOWX1340; Allt an Ruigh Ghil N1177; COLLNOWX1340; * 1998 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Mica Schist'
N1178; COLLNOWX1341; Allt Clais Doire N1178; COLLNOWX1341; * 1998 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
N1190; COLLNOWX1353; NW spur of Carn Liath N1190; COLLNOWX1353; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite Porphyry'
N1191; COLLNOWX1354; NW spur of Carn Liath N1191; COLLNOWX1354; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite Porphyry'
N1194; COLLNOWX1357; 801m hill E of Coire Bhronn N1194; COLLNOWX1357; * 1998 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1186; COLLNOWX1349; Carn a'Bhutha, 100m SW of summit N1186; COLLNOWX1349; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1188; COLLNOWX1351; Carn a'Bhutha N1188; COLLNOWX1351; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N1195; N1195/A; COLLNOWX1358; Jct of Geddie Burn & Bynack Burn N1195; N1195/A; COLLNOWX1358; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1196; COLLNOWX1359; Top of Allt Cristie Beag track (float) N1196; COLLNOWX1359; * 1998 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Biotite Schist'
N1197; COLLNOWX1360; Glas Leathoal, head N1197; COLLNOWX1360; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1199; COLLNOWX1362; Bealach an Fhiodha N1199; COLLNOWX1362; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N1506; COLLNOLY1209; Carn na Glaisneach, Dava Moor N1506; COLLNOLY1209; * 1998 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1507; COLLNOLY1210; Carn na Glaisneach, Dava Moor N1507; COLLNOLY1210; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1509; COLLNOLY1212; Carn Bad a'Glad, Dava Moor N1509; COLLNOLY1212; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1499; COLLNOLY1202; Coull Farm N1499; COLLNOLY1202; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1424; COLLNOPY475; Ord Quarry N1424; COLLNOPY475; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1411; COLLNOPY442; Rait Burn Mill N1411; COLLNOPY442; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N953; COLLNOHY1295; Duke's Pass N953; COLLNOHY1295; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N954; COLLNOHY1296; Duke's Pass N954; COLLNOHY1296; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N957; COLLNOHY1299; 150m S of Allt an Fhearna N957; COLLNOHY1299; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N947; COLLNOHY1289; Achray Forest, 400m E of Duke's Pass N947; COLLNOHY1289; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N948; COLLNOHY1290; Achray Forest, 400m E of Duke's Pass N948; COLLNOHY1290; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N949; COLLNOHY1291; Achray Forest, 400m E of Duke's Pass N949; COLLNOHY1291; * 1997 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S99961; S99961/A; S99961/B; COLLNOGX1677; Intertidal promontory at E margin of Bay, 210m N of Rosehall Croft S99961; S99961/A; S99961/B; COLLNOGX1677; * 1997 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1206; COLLNOSMS315; Summit of Sron Direachain N1206; COLLNOSMS315; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1209; COLLNOSMS318; Allt Sgairnich N1209; COLLNOSMS318; * 1998 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N1200; COLLNOSMS309; S side of Coire Garbhlach N1200; COLLNOSMS309; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1202; COLLNOSMS311; Upper River Feshie N1202; COLLNOSMS311; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2316; COLLNOALW123; Carn Allt Laoigh N2316; COLLNOALW123; * 1999 Pegmatite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
N2310; COLLNOALW113; Findhorn (Banchor) N2310; COLLNOALW113; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2313; COLLNOALW119; Carn Allt Laoigh N2313; COLLNOALW119; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnet Psammitic Rock'
N2315; COLLNOALW122; Carn Allt Laoigh N2315; COLLNOALW122; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2327; COLLNOPY585; Wier, Cose Burn N2327; COLLNOPY585; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2328; COLLNOPY586; Upstream from wier, Cose Burn N2328; COLLNOPY586; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2331; COLLNOPY657; Ordhill Wood Quarry N2331; COLLNOPY657; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2326; COLLNOPY584; Cose Burn N2326; COLLNOPY584; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2325; COLLNOPY583; Cose Burn N2325; COLLNOPY583; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2059; COLLNOASW77; Central Wester Head of Ayr N2059; COLLNOASW77; * 1999 Peridotite; Tuff;. 'Original entry: Tuff'
N2060; COLLNOASW79; E end of Head of Ayr N2060; COLLNOASW79; * 1999 Peridotite; Tuffite;. 'Original entry: Tuff'
N1881; COLLNOEPT199; Balfracks Hill N1881; COLLNOEPT199; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99404; COLLNOJXX259; Mullach Sron na h-Uamhaidh S99404; COLLNOJXX259; * 1996 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99405; COLLNOJXX260; Mullach Sron na h-Uamhaidh S99405; COLLNOJXX260; * 1996 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99398; COLLNOJXX252; Marg na Craige S99398; COLLNOJXX252; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99399; COLLNOJXX253; Marg na Craige S99399; COLLNOJXX253; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2177; COLLNOSMS512; A9 road cut S of Newtonmore N2177; COLLNOSMS512; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1817; COLLNOUY82; Glen Meann N1817; COLLNOUY82; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelitic Rock'
N2270; COLLNOALW72; S of Meall Monachyle N2270; COLLNOALW72; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2267; COLLNOALW64; Inverlochlarig Burn N2267; COLLNOALW64; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2262; COLLNOALW23; Meall an t-Seallaidh N2262; COLLNOALW23; * 1999 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Semi Pelitic Rock'
N2266; COLLNOALW63; Inverlochlarig Burn N2266; COLLNOALW63; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2255; COLLNOALW10; Meall an Lochain N2255; COLLNOALW10; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2286; COLLNOALW103; Creag an Sasunnaich N2286; COLLNOALW103; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2289; COLLNOALW106; Stob an t-Suidhe N2289; COLLNOALW106; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Chlorite Psammitic Rock'
N1891; COLLNOEPT211; Tarbet, Loch Fyne (quarry) N1891; COLLNOEPT211; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1892; COLLNOEPT212; Tarbet, Loch Fyne (quarry) N1892; COLLNOEPT212; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1893; COLLNOEPT213; Tarbet, Loch Fyne (quarry) N1893; COLLNOEPT213; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1894; N1894/A; COLLNOEPT214; Tarbet, Loch Fyne (quarry) N1894; N1894/A; COLLNOEPT214; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1886; COLLNOEPT204; Loch na Creige N1886; COLLNOEPT204; * 1998 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2204; COLLNOJXX160; Breakachy Burn N2204; COLLNOJXX160; *; *; 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2196; COLLNOLY883; Loch Laggan beach N2196; COLLNOLY883; *; *; 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2191; COLLNOLY878; Kinlochlaggan N2191; COLLNOLY878; *; *; 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2194; COLLNOLY881; Loch Laggan beach N2194; COLLNOLY881; *; *; 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2195; COLLNOLY882; Loch Laggan beach N2195; COLLNOLY882; *; *; 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2245; COLLNOUY166; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2245; COLLNOUY166; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2247; COLLNOUY169; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2247; COLLNOUY169; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2250; COLLNOUY171; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2250; COLLNOUY171; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E2852 Swithland Wood, Charnwood. E2852 Porphyry; Quartzite;. 'Original entry: Laminated Porphyre And Quatzite.'
N2283; COLLNOALW80; Allt Coire Chaorach N2283; COLLNOALW80; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2280; COLLNOALW70; Meall Monachyle N2280; COLLNOALW70; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E48069 Quarry 60m west of Bardon House Hill. E48069 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry Dyke.'
E72356; COLLNOCT1052; not recorded E72356; COLLNOCT1052; * 1986 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E72351; COLLNOCT1047; not recorded E72351; COLLNOCT1047; * 1986 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N1829; COLLNOUY100; Glen Meann N1829; COLLNOUY100; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelitic Rock'
N1843; COLLNOUY114; Coille Mhor N1843; COLLNOUY114; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2281; COLLNOALW77; Allt Carnaig N2281; COLLNOALW77; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2251; COLLNOUY173; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2251; COLLNOUY173; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2240; COLLNOUY153; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2240; COLLNOUY153; * 1999 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2231; COLLNOUY141; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2231; COLLNOUY141; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1839; COLLNOUY110; Coille Mhor N1839; COLLNOUY110; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
E72343; COLLNOCT722; not recorded E72343; COLLNOCT722; * 1984 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E72344; COLLNOCT842; not recorded E72344; COLLNOCT842; * 1985 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N2249; COLLNOUY170/B; Glen Beich, Lochearnhead N2249; COLLNOUY170/B; * 1999 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N2290; COLLNOALW28; S of Loch Ille Mhor N2290; COLLNOALW28; * 1999 Pegmatite; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2302; COLLNOALW111; Lochindorb N2302; COLLNOALW111; * 1999 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N2303; COLLNOALW28/A; S of Loch Ille Mhor N2303; COLLNOALW28/A; * 1999 Pegmatite; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2308; COLLNOALW55; SE of Cnocan Buidhe N2308; COLLNOALW55; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1822; COLLNOUY90; Glen Meann N1822; COLLNOUY90; * 1998 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelitic Rock'
N1851; COLLNOUY123; Near Loch Tinker N1851; COLLNOUY123; * 1998 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E72263; COLLNOCT1837; Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1837. E72263; COLLNOCT1837; * 1998 Porphyry.
E72266; COLLNOCT1840; Withered, Kentmere. Sample No. CT 1840. E72266; COLLNOCT1840; * 1998 Porphyry.
S99383; COLLNOLY1072; Allt Meal a' Ghaorainn S99383; COLLNOLY1072; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99385; COLLNOLY1074; SE shore of Loch Ericht S99385; COLLNOLY1074; * 1996 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99374; COLLNOLY1063; 1250m NNE of Beinn a' Chlachair S99374; COLLNOLY1063; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99379; COLLNOLY1068; E slopes of Geal Charn above Allt Coire Fhar S99379; COLLNOLY1068; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S99372; COLLNOLY1061; Allt Beul an Sporain S99372; COLLNOLY1061; * 1996 Pegmatite; Psammite;. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S99363; COLLNOLY1052; Ridge W of Meall leac na Sguabaich S99363; COLLNOLY1052; * 1996 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N1957; COLLNOEY115; 550m NW of Deer Craig N1957; COLLNOEY115; * 1999 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2253; COLLNOALW8; Leum an Eireannaich N2253; COLLNOALW8; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnet Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2188; COLLNOSMS521; Stream up from Garva Bridge N2188; COLLNOSMS521; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2179; COLLNOSMS514; A9 road cut at Crudenmore N2179; COLLNOSMS514; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2180; COLLNOSMS515; NW of Loch Tarff N2180; COLLNOSMS515; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2181; COLLNOSMS516; NW of Loch Tarff N2181; COLLNOSMS516; * 1999 Psammite; Sandstone (Undifferentiated);. 'Original entry: Sandstone'
N2173; COLLNOSMS508; R. Tilt, N of Blair Atholl N2173; COLLNOSMS508; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2175; COLLNOSMS510; R. Garry N2175; COLLNOSMS510; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2176; COLLNOSMS511; A9 road cut S of Newtonmore N2176; COLLNOSMS511; * 1999 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
E48291 300m N.N.E. Birch Hill Farm. E48291 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry.'
N2090; COLLNOFY1730; Cairn Geldie N2090; COLLNOFY1730; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2079; COLLNOFY1719; Coire Buidhe N2079; COLLNOFY1719; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2080; COLLNOFY1720; Coire Buidhe N2080; COLLNOFY1720; * 1999 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N2081; COLLNOFY1721; Coire Buidhe N2081; COLLNOFY1721; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2103; COLLNOFY1743; 1200m SSW of Carn Cloich-mhuilinn N2103; COLLNOFY1743; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2104; COLLNOFY1744; 000m SW of Carn Cloich-mhuilinn N2104; COLLNOFY1744; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2094; COLLNOFY1734; Coire na Creige N2094; COLLNOFY1734; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2095; COLLNOFY1735; Coire na Creige N2095; COLLNOFY1735; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2078; COLLNOFY1718; Cnapan Garbh N2078; COLLNOFY1718; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2073; COLLNOFY1713; 1200m ESE of Cnapan Garbh N2073; COLLNOFY1713; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2074; COLLNOFY1714; 1200m ESE of Cnapan Garbh N2074; COLLNOFY1714; * 1999 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N2076; COLLNOFY1716; Cnapan Garbh N2076; COLLNOFY1716; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2077; COLLNOFY1717; Cnapan Garbh N2077; COLLNOFY1717; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2072; COLLNOFY1712; 1600m ESE of Cnapan Garbh N2072; COLLNOFY1712; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2068; COLLNOFY1708; R. Dee above Whitebridge N2068; COLLNOFY1708; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2069; COLLNOFY1709; R. Dee above Whitebridge N2069; COLLNOFY1709; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E72373; COLLNOCT1073; not recorded E72373; COLLNOCT1073; * 1986 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N2085; COLLNOFY1725; Cnapan Loch Tilt N2085; COLLNOFY1725; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2088; COLLNOFY1728; Geldie Burn N2088; COLLNOFY1728; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2084; COLLNOFY1724; Cnapan Loch Tilt N2084; COLLNOFY1724; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79562; COLLNOWX1074; Tack Burn, 250m SSW of Lodge S79562; COLLNOWX1074; * 1987 Paraschist; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Semi Pelite'
S79557; COLLNOWX1069; Burn of Deskford, Backies S79557; COLLNOWX1069; * 1987 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79553; COLLNOWX1065; 250m N of Clochmacreich S79553; COLLNOWX1065; * 1987 Pelite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2350; COLLNOETS695; Outcrop 200m E of Wester Limekilns N2350; COLLNOETS695; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2351; COLLNOETS696; Outcrop 400m SSE of Wester Limekilns N2351; COLLNOETS696; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2348; COLLNOETS693; Outcrop 630m SW of Easter Limekilns N2348; COLLNOETS693; * 1999 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2376; COLLNOETS721; Outcrop 80m SW of Culfearn, E side of Dorback Burn N2376; COLLNOETS721; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79540; COLLNOWX1052; Red Craig, Burn of Paithnick S79540; COLLNOWX1052; * 1987 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79543; COLLNOWX1055; Float, Balnamoon Moss S79543; COLLNOWX1055; * 1987 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N2335; COLLNOLY1223; R. Divie, 1km NW of Dunphail Ho N2335; COLLNOLY1223; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2337; COLLNOLY1225; R. Divie, 900m NW of Dunphail Ho N2337; COLLNOLY1225; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2488; COLLNOCX3021; Allt Innischoarach, c.50-60m above bend by ford N2488; COLLNOCX3021; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2483; COLLNOCX3016; C.90m NW of bridge, Auchlyne East Burn N2483; COLLNOCX3016; * 1999 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
N2472; COLLNOCX2945; Sgiath Chuil, NW slopes N2472; COLLNOCX2945; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2476; COLLNOCX2949; Meall a'Churain, W slopes N2476; COLLNOCX2949; * 1999 Psammite; Quartzite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2477; COLLNOCX2950; Auchlyne West Burn N2477; COLLNOCX2950; * 1999 Paraschist. 'Original entry: Graphite Schist'
S79348; COLLNOWX1036; R.Isla, 300m E of Burnmouth S79348; COLLNOWX1036; * 1987 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Staurolite Biotite Schist'
S79345; COLLNOWX1033; Mill of Wood Burn, Keith S79345; COLLNOWX1033; * 1987 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79334; COLLNOWX1022; Burn of Crooksmill S79334; COLLNOWX1022; * 1987 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2467; COLLNOCX2940; Allt Riobain c.15m above waterfall N2467; COLLNOCX2940; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2468; COLLNOCX2941; Lubahurrah Burn N2468; COLLNOCX2941; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2469; COLLNOCX2942; Lubahurrah Burn N2469; COLLNOCX2942; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2470; COLLNOCX2943; Lower most exposure, Sgiath Chuil N2470; COLLNOCX2943; * 1999 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2464; COLLNOCX2937; Allt Riobain 15m below confluence N2464; COLLNOCX2937; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2461; COLLNOCX2934; Allt Coire nam Moine N2461; COLLNOCX2934; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2462; COLLNOCX2935; Allt Riobain N2462; COLLNOCX2935; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
N2463; COLLNOCX2936; Allt Riobain N2463; COLLNOCX2936; * 1999 Psammite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Hornblende Schist'
N2481; COLLNOCX3014; Lowest section of waterfall, Auchlyne East Burn N2481; COLLNOCX3014; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2478; COLLNOCX2951; Auchlyne West Burn N2478; COLLNOCX2951; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2378; COLLNOETS723; Outcrop 960m WNW of Wester Limekilns N2378; COLLNOETS723; * 1999 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
N2529; COLLNOMG92; Glen Dubh N2529; COLLNOMG92; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2518; COLLNOMG81; Glen Dubh N2518; COLLNOMG81; * 1999 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2519; COLLNOMG82; Glen Dubh N2519; COLLNOMG82; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2520; COLLNOMG83; Glen Dubh N2520; COLLNOMG83; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2522; COLLNOMG85; Glen Dubh N2522; COLLNOMG85; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Mica Psammitic Rock'
N2523; COLLNOMG86; Glen Dubh N2523; COLLNOMG86; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
S79537; COLLNOWX1049; Mill at Paithnick S79537; COLLNOWX1049; * 1987 Pelite; Quartzite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
S79538; COLLNOWX1050; Mill at Paithnick S79538; COLLNOWX1050; * 1987 Pelite; Schist;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2368; COLLNOETS713; Outcrop 460m NNE of Hill of Aitnoch summit N2368; COLLNOETS713; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2369; COLLNOETS714; Outcrop 410m NNE of Hill of Aitnoch summit N2369; COLLNOETS714; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2370; COLLNOETS715; Outcrop 300m NNE of Hill of Aitnoch summit N2370; COLLNOETS715; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2514; COLLNOMG77; Glen Kendrum N2514; COLLNOMG77; * 1999 Pelite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Pelite'
N2507; COLLNOMG70; Glen Kendrum N2507; COLLNOMG70; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2508; COLLNOMG71; Glen Kendrum N2508; COLLNOMG71; * 1999 Psammite; Semipelite;. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Psammitic Rock'
N2504; COLLNOMG67; Glen Kendrum N2504; COLLNOMG67; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2510; COLLNOMG73; Glen Kendrum N2510; COLLNOMG73; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Garnet Muscovite Psammitic Rock'
N2493; COLLNOCX3026; Small scarp, c.480m S of Innischoarach N2493; COLLNOCX3026; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2494; COLLNOCX3027; Auchlyne East Burn c.130m down from bend N2494; COLLNOCX3027; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
N2363; COLLNOETS708; Outcrop, Reroppie Burn 660m S of Refouble N2363; COLLNOETS708; * 1999 Psammite. 'Original entry: Psammite'
E72512 Shap Blue Quarry. E72512 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E72505 Wasdale Pike, Shap. E72505 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E72507 Bleabeck Bridge, Shap. E72507 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
E72499 Brown Howe, Shap Fells. E72499 * Porphyry. 'Original entry: Felsite'
MR36415 South Crofty Tin Mine, No.3B lode 360 fathoms, 400 m W MR36415 * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR36370 North Sea oil boreholes miscellaneous - BH 30/16.5 MR36370 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Red Phyllite'
MR14645; COLLNO139; Coaxden Quarry,between Fosse Way and S.R. Railway near Coaxden Hall 2 and three quarter miles N.E. of Axminister, Devon, MR14645; COLLNO139; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Rough Laminated Shale With Surface Of Spines'
MR14673 Tollgate Quarry, near Wyche Malvern, MR14673 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Biotite-Pyroxenite With Lens Of Calcite Non-Poikilitic Facies'
MR14674 Tollgate Quarry, near Wyche Malvern, MR14674 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Poikilitic Biotite-Pyroxenite. Film Appears (On Field Evidence) To Be A Reconfil'
MR14675 Tollgate Quarry, near Wyche Malvern, MR14675 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Typical Of Reaction-Effect At Upper And Lower Surface Of A "Red-Granite" Pegmati'
MR14676 Tollgate Quarry, near Wyche Malvern, MR14676 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite From Contact Reaction Zone - Biotite-Pyroxenuite And Granite'
MR12854 Middleton Colliery,Day Hole End, Middleton Colliery, 0.5 mile NE of St.Mary's Church, Middleton, near Leeds, MR12854 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Coal Measures Shale With Carbonicola (Roof Of Flockton Thin Coal)'
MR12137 Penrlyn Mawr Quarry,Penrlyn Mawr Quarry, Cemaes bay, Anglesey (same locality as N0. 107), MR12137 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Black Phyllite With Limestone'
MR12975 Dosthill Quarry,below base of intrusion, MR12975 Pelite. 'Original entry: Stochingford Shales'
MR11723 Wrayston Quarry, ?Devon, MR11723 Psammite, Calcareous . 'Original entry: Calc-Flinta'
MR13365 Thornilee Slate Quarry,Thornilee Slate Quarry, 3 miles east of Walkerburn, Selkirkshire, MR13365 Pelite. 'Original entry: Fissile Shale Worked As Slate. Gala Group - Silurian'
MR13366 Grieston Quarry,Grieston Quarry, 1.5 miles W.S.W. of Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, MR13366 Pelite. 'Original entry: Fissile Shale Worked As Slate. Gala Group - Silurian'
MR11758 Barrasford Quarry,Barrasford Quarry, Northumberland, MR11758 Pelite. 'Original entry: Carboniferous Shale Altered By Contact With Whim Sill'
MR10426 at ruins of Capelaw Cottage, S side of Capelaw Hill, Pentlands, MR10426 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Trachyte'
MR12864 Allerton Bywater Colliery,Allerton Bywater, Castleford, MR12864 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale With Mussel Bands'
MR13201 Stobo Quarry,Stobo Quarry, Peebleshire, MR13201 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale, Formely Worked As Stobo Slate. Hartfell Series - Ordovician'
MR13243 Greiston Quarry, 1.5 miles W.S.W. of Inneileithen, Peeblesshire, MR13243 Pelite. 'Original entry: Fissile Shale, Worked As Slate. Gala Group - Silurian'
MR13244 Thornilee Slate Quarry, Selkirkshire, MR13244 Pelite. 'Original entry: Fissile Shale Worked As Slate. Gala Group - Silurian'
MR13288 Quarry 0.5 miles east of Clatteringssaw Bridge, Newton Stewart, New Galloway Road, Kirkcudbrightshire, MR13288 Pelite. 'Original entry: Altered Ordovician Shale. Contact Aureole Of C. Of F. Granite, 0.25 Miles From M'
MR1909 Qy. S of Treganna, Altarnum, MR1909 Pelite. 'Original entry: Contact Altered Shale'
MR1910 Qy. at Bittaford, Ugborough, MR1910 Pelite, Hornfelsed. 'Original entry: Shaly Band In Hornstone'
MR13459 Quarry west of Guiltreehill, 1 mile N.E. of Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, MR13459 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Doleritic Porphyrite - Sill - Lower Old Red Sandstone'
MR13467 50 yards of Quarry in Horn Burn, 0.5 miles N.E. of Barbeth, E.S.E. of Darvel, Ayrshire, MR13467 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyrite (Chem. Anal. 145) - Dyke - Lower Old Red Sandstone'
MR13469 Old Quarry north side of Tincorn Hill, near Sorn, Ayrshire, MR13469 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Baked Hypersthene-Porphyrite. Intrusion - Lower Old Red Sandstone'
MR15832 Small Quarry on north side of road half a mile N.E. of Loch Leven Hotel, North Ballachulish, MR15832 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Phyllite - Leven Schist'
MR16151 Quarry east of Oydermouth Castle, Glamorgan, MR16151 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR18537 Cae Coch Mine,Cae Coch pyrite mine above road 1.25 mile N of Trefriw, MR18537 1950 Pyrite-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyrite Ore'
MR18538 Cae Coch Mine,Cae Coch pyrite mine above road 1.25 mile N of Trefriw, MR18538 1950 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale Roof Of Ore Body; May Be As Much As 1 Foot Above The Ore)'
MR11175 Quarry one-eigth of a mile N.W. of The bridge, Camelford, Cornwall, MR11175 Psammite, Calcareous . 'Original entry: Calc-Finta (Described By J. A. Phillips Q.J.G.S. Xxxiv, 1878, P479'
E21585; MR17959; Whitecliff Mine,from No.1 Straight in Old No.14 workings at mine - loc not in gazetteer, E21585; MR17959; Pelite. 'Original entry: Cleveland Main Ironstone Seam, Shale Band, 2ft4"'
MR15966 Small Quarry half a mile N.E. of Loch Leven Hotel, U. Ballachulish, Inverness, MR15966 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Grey Phyllite'
MR16537 Old Quarry,Old Quarry in wood 350 yards N.W. of Lingen Hall, Herefordshire, MR16537 Pelite. 'Original entry: Hard Blue Micaceous Shale With Calcite Veining ?Wenlock'
MR16540 Old Quarry,Old Quarry by side of road from upper to lower Lye 734 yards N.E. of upper Lye crossroads, Herefordshire, MR16540 Pelite. 'Original entry: Portion Of Nodule From Contorted Shales With Dagia. Fine Grained Limestone - Lud'
MR1658; COLLNO249; Qy. at Polyne, Talland, MR1658; COLLNO249; Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale, Fossiliferous'
MR1659; COLLNO246; Qy. at Kilminorth, Talland, MR1659; COLLNO246; Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale, Buff Coloured'
MR19027; MR19027A; Kincorth Quarry,Kincorth, about 2 miles south of Aberdeen, MR19027; MR19027A; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite And ?Wollastonite From Granite Mass'
MR19028 Kincorth Quarry,Kincorth, about 2 miles south of Aberdeen, MR19028 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite And ?Wollastonite From Granite Mass'
MR1870 Qy. 300 yards WNW of Cosawes, Barton, S of Ponsanooth, MR1870 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR1872 Roche Feldspar Quarry,Roche, MR1872 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite And Aplite'
MR15455 Hannaborough Quarry,1 and a quarter miles S.S.W. of Hatherleigh, MR15455 1936 Pelite. 'Original entry: Baked And Shattered Culm Shales From Large Isolated Pillar In Quarry Centre'
MR18499 Meldon Quarry (British Railways Southern Regio),Meldon Qry. (British Railways) Southern Region), 2 ml SW of Oakhampton, MR18499 1950 Pyrite-Rock. 'Original entry: Micaceous And Pyritised Black Shale. Black Shale And Hornfels Series'
MR16048 Ballachulish Quarries,Ballachulish Quarries, Argyll, MR16048 Pyrite-Rock. 'Original entry: Roofing Slate With Pyrites'
MR19068 Knowle Quarry,Braunton, MR19068 Pelite. 'Original entry: Pink And Cream Coloured Banded Shale - Baggy And Marwood Beds - Upper Devonian'
MR19071 Yyse Quarry,Yyse Quarry, Devon, MR19071 Pelite. 'Original entry: Purple Coloured Slatey Shale - Upper Devonian'
MR11281 Quarry byLandlake Mill, South Petherwin, Cornwall, MR11281 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale (Lower Column)'
MR11283 Quarry below Holy Well, St. Stephen, Launceston, Cornwall, MR11283 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale (Lower Column)'
MR11285 Quarry by high road, 0.25 miles S.S.W. of Norton, Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, MR11285 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale (Lower Column)'
MR15732 East of Quarry Burn, Inninmore, Morvern, Argyllshire MR15732 Pelite. 'Original entry: Sandy Shale - Coal Measures'
E18629; MR17347; Ystrad Iron Mines,Bettws Garmon, E18629; MR17347; 1939 Pyrite-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyriferous Mudstone In Association With The Oolitic Ironstone'
MR16115 Mean Offeren Quarries, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Merionethshire, MR16115 Pelite. 'Original entry: Arly Shale - Ordovician - Llanvirn'
MR16150 Quarry east of Oydermouth Castle, Glamorgan, MR16150 Pelite. 'Original entry: Calcareous Shale'
MR18823; COLLNOEM69; Newton Quarry,Ruddle ?, MR18823; COLLNOEM69; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite With Radiating Clusters Of Mica, From A Vein In The Granite'
MR18828; COLLNOEM74; Tresayes Feldspar Quarry,Roche, MR18828; COLLNOEM74; * Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite Vein'
E29957; MR22443; COLLNOEE1048; Buxton Qry. All Streton, c. 200 yd NW of The Hall, E29957; MR22443; COLLNOEE1048; * 1959 Pelite. 'Original entry: Green Shales At Base Of Qry. ; Below Buxton Rock'
MR22444 Quarry,Buxton Qry. All Streton, c. 200 yd NW of The Hall, MR22444 1959 Pelite. 'Original entry: Buxton Rock, 12 Ft Above Base'
MR18836; COLLNOEM85; Southdown Quarry,former brickworks, Mullbrook, MR18836; COLLNOEM85; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Grey Shale - Middle Devonian'
MR2161 Qy. by LSWR station, Launceston, MR2161 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR2162 Qy. 1/4 mileSE of Truscott, St. Stephen, Launceston, MR2162 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR2163 Qy. on S side of harbour at Boscastle, MR2163 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR18863; COLLNOEM112; Gravesend Quarry,Gravesend Quarry, Porltevan, MR18863; COLLNOEM112; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale, Mylor Series, ?Devonian'
MR21432 Polyphant Qry.,Lewannick, MR21432 1957 Picrite. 'Original entry: Polyphant Stone ?Picrite'
MR2150 Qy. N of Lifton, MR2150 Pelite. 'Original entry: Carbonaceous Shale'
MR1686; COLLNO438; Qy. near cross-roads at W end of town, Bodmin, MR1686; COLLNO438; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale, Calcareous'
MR16864 Small Quarry on north side of road half a mile N.E. Loch Leven Hotel, North Ballachulish, Inverness-shire, MR16864 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Normal Grey Phyllite'
MR18889; COLLNOEM139; Bodwithiel Quarry,Bodilthiel [?Bodrawl] Quarry , St. Pinnock, MR18889; COLLNOEM139; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Pink Coloured Slaty Shale - Middle Devonian'
MR18890; COLLNOEM140; Springs Hill Quarry,Tredinnick, MR18890; COLLNOEM140; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Grey-Pink Shale - Middle Devonian'
MR18891; COLLNOEM141; Tredinnick Quarry,St. Issey, MR18891; COLLNOEM141; * Pelite. 'Original entry: Grey Shale - Middle Devonian'
MR16636 Quarry half a mile W.S.W. of Levencorroch, Arran, MR16636 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz-Feldspar-Porphyry - Acid Central Member Of Bennan Composite Sill - Tertia'
MR15383 Peldar Tor Quarry,half a mile SE of Whitwick, Charnwood, MR15383 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Peldar Porphyroid - Pre-Cambrian'
MR15387 Grimley Quarry,Whitwick, Charnwood Forest, MR15387 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Grimley Porphyoid - Pre-Cambrian'
MR20845 Plaistow Quarry,Plaistow Quarry, 1 and half miles E.N.E. of Marwood Church, Devonshire, MR20845 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR20846 Plaistow Quarry,Plaistow Quarry, 1 and half miles E.N.E. of Marwood Church, Devonshire, MR20846 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR9959 Ingleton Granite Quarry,on the Ingleton - Hawes road, 1 mile N.E. of Ingleton, Yorkshire,See JFN Green, PGA, 1917, Note on the correlation of the Ingletonian MR9959 1933 Pelite. 'Original entry: Decomposed Slate'
MR19528 Cove Cleave Quarry,Tiverton, MR19528 Pelite. 'Original entry: Grey Shale - Culm Measures - Carboniferous'
MR21012 Spa Green Brickworks,S of Huddersfield - Lepton road, Cowms and 3/8 mile N of Fenay Bridge, MR21012 Pelite. 'Original entry: Sandy Micaceous Shale, Above Better Bed Coal, Lower Coal Measures'
MR32646 un-named,Old quarry E of Newbridge and 1.5 km 110 deg. from All Saints Church, Merton MR32646 1975 Pelite. 'Original entry: Greenish-Grey Shale'
MR21013 brickworks at Birchencliffe, 600m NNE of St. Stephens Ch Lindley, Huddersfield, MR21013 Pelite. 'Original entry: Sandy Micaceous Shale, Base Of Lower Coal Measures'
MR21014 Thurstonland Brick and Tile Works, 700m SW of St. Thomas's Ch. Thurstonland MR21014 Pelite. 'Original entry: Sandy Micaceous Shale, Above Elland Flags, Lower Coal Measures'
MR21015 Cumberworth Brickworks, 400m NNW of Methodist Chapel Lower Cumberworth, MR21015 Pelite. 'Original entry: Black Shale Immediately On Top Of Coal, Whinmoor Coal, Coal Measures'
MR8005 roadside 1 mile S of Conway, adjacent to Bodeidda, MR8005 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR19428 Rockford Quarry,Rockford Quarry, MR19428 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale - Lower Devonian'
MR20333 Quarry above High Force, R. Tees, Durham, MR20333 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatitic Quartz Dolerite In Coarse Grained Whin Sill'
MR20821 Old Quarry,Old Quarry in wood, 350 yards N.W. of Lingen Hall, Hereford, MR20821 Pelite. 'Original entry: Hard Blue Micaceous Shale - ?Wenlock'
MR20822 Quarry by track from cross of the tree to Upper Lye 528 yards S.E. of Deepmoor Farm, Herefordshire, MR20822 Pelite. 'Original entry: Calcareous Grey-Green Shale - Ludlow'
MR20823 Large Quarry,Large Quarry by road Haven Farm to Lower Lye, 997 yards WNW of Lower Lye, Herefordshire, MR20823 Pelite. 'Original entry: Grey Shale From Slumped Beds With Dayia - Ludlow'
MR21100 Roadstone Quarry,Roadstone Quarry, Lambstone Farm, NW of Llangynog, Carmarthenshire, MR21100 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry - Arenig'
MR21265 Disused Quarry, 150 yd W of Horswell House, Kingsbridge, MR21265 1957 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale Agglomerate'
MR9951 Ingleton Granite Quarry,on the Ingleton - Hawes road, 1 mile N.E. of Ingleton, Yorkshire,See JFN Green, PGA, 1917, Note on the correlation of the Ingletonian MR9951 1933 Psammite, Calcareous . 'Original entry: Grit, Exceptionally Calcareous'
MR9953 Ingleton Granite Quarry,on the Ingleton - Hawes road, 1 mile N.E. of Ingleton, Yorkshire,See JFN Green, PGA, 1917, Note on the correlation of the Ingletonian MR9953 1933 Psammite, Pebbly. 'Original entry: Arkose, Conglomeratic'
MR20831 Quarry by track from Lingen-Wigmore Road, N.W. to Birtley, 788 yards south of Newton, Herefordshire, MR20831 Pelite. 'Original entry: Slab Of Shale From Contorded (Slumped) Beds Containing Limestone Nodules And Bro'
MR953 Qy. near roadside about 1/3 mile E of Builth, MR953 * 1877 Pelite. 'Original entry: Graptolitic Shale'
MR7909 Pen-y-Garnedd,old phosphate mine, 2 miles SW of Llanrhaiadr-ym-Mochnant, MR7909 1931 Phosphate-Grainstone. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Limestone'
MR9569 Gullet quarry,Castle Morton, South Malverns,WJ Jackman, Stoneleigh, Castle Morton, Malvern MR9569 1932 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite Vein In Basic Intrusion'
MR9584 Cleehill Granite Co.,quarry at Titterstone Clee Hill, MR9584 1932 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR7910 Pen-y-Garnedd,old phosphate mine, 2 miles SW of Llanrhaiadr-ym-Mochnant, MR7910 1931 Phosphate-Grainstone. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Limestone'
MR7911 Cwm Gwern,old phosphate mine at Cwm Gwern, 1.5 miles S of Pen-y-Bont Fawr, NE of Lake Vyrnwy, MR7911 1931 Phosphate-Grainstone. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Limestone'
MR7927 Hendre (British Granite Co's Ceiriog Unit),2 miles S of Glyn Ceiriog, MR7927 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR7931 disused quarry above roadside 250 yards SE of Ddol-lin Farm, Glyn Ceiriog, MR7931 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR7848 W side of Abercastle Harbour, MR7848 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale'
MR971 Qy. behind the inn, Aymestry, MR971 * 1877 Pelite. 'Original entry: Calcareous Shale'
MR9748 Cadeby Brick Works,brick pit at Cadeby Brick Works, MR9748 1931 Pelite. 'Original entry: Black Shale'
MR9493 small quarry at roadside S of Tan-y-Graig, N of Llanelwedd, Builth, MR9493 1932 Pelite. 'Original entry: Shale, Llandeilo'
MR9102 Poortown,Poortown, MR9102 Picrite. 'Original entry: Altered Picrite'
MR6719; F3300; Schellkopf, Eifel,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6719; F3300; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nosean Phonolite'
MR6720; F3301; Kempenich, Eifel,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6720; F3301; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nosean Phonolite'
MR6721; F3302; Bungberg-Rieden, Eifel,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6721; F3302; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nosean Phonolite'
MR5318 Hartmannsdorf, near Chemnitz, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5318 2027 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Granulite'
MR8075; F1260; Gemeindesteinbruch, Michelsberg, Katzenbuckel, Odenwald,surface exposure,Germany MR8075; F1260; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Nepheline Mica Porphyry'
MR8076; F1261; Gemeindesteinbruch, Michelsberg, Katzenbuckel, Odenwald,surface exposure,Germany MR8076; F1261; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Nepheline Mica Porphyry'
MR8077; F1262; Gemeindesteinbruch, Michelsberg, Katzenbuckel, Odenwald,surface exposure,Dyke in shonkinite,Germany MR8077; F1262; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphry'
MR8078; F1263; Michelsberg, Katzenbuckel, Odenwald,surface exposure,Germany MR8078; F1263; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphry'
MR8079; F1264; Gemeindesteinbruch, Michelsberg, Katzenbuckel, Odenwald,surface exposure,Same dyke as MR 8080,Germany MR8079; F1264; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphry'
MR8080; F1265; Gemeindesteinbruch, Michelsberg, Katzenbuckel, Odenwald,surface exposure,Same dyke as MR 8079,Germany MR8080; F1265; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphry'
MR6879 ?Johiefenig, Dame de Meuse, near Mairus, Franzos, Ardennes,surface exposure,?Belgium MR6879 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyroid'
MR6883; F234; Webster, North Carolina,surface exposure,USA MR6883; F234; Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite (Websterite)'
MR441 Euishonoran Mountain, W. Innishowen, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR441 Psammite, Feldspathic. 'Original entry: Feldspathic Grit'
MR4936 Algeria (no details),surface exposure,Algeria MR4936 1839 Pisoid-Calcite-Limestone. 'Original entry: Pisolite Concretion'
MR6651; F3233; Skritin, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6651; F3233; 1932 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR6926; F715; Nestomitz on Elbe, Grosspriesen, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6926; F715; 1903 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nepheline Phonolite'
MR8104; F1289; Malesov, Kuttenberg, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8104; F1289; 1931 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Garnet Rock'
MR6759; F3340; Kleintal, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6759; F3340; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nepheline Phonolite'
MR6760; F3341; Nieder-Rothweil, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6760; F3341; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Hauyne Phonolite'
MR6927; F716; Bahn between P?mmerle and Rongstock, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6927; F716; 1903 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Nepheline Porphyry'
MR6930; F719; Ziegenberg, Grosspriesen, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6930; F719; 1903 Phono-Tephrite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Tephritic'
MR6931; F720; Wittal, Grosspriesen, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6931; F720; 1903 Phono-Tephrite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Tephritic'
MR8253 Tringestein, Nassau,surface exposure,Germany MR8253 1931 Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
MR8263 Kozelnik,surface exposure,Hungary MR8263 1931 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone Porphry'
MR8267 Geletnek,surface exposure,Hungary MR8267 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: M?Hlstein Porphyry'
MR8273 Katzenellbogen, Nassau,surface exposure,Germany MR8273 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry (Orthoclase Porphyrite)'
MR8275 Lienschbach, Hohwald, Vosges,surface exposure,Germany MR8275 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR5372 Geising, Altenberg, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5372 2057 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry'
MR5381 Auer, S Tirol,surface exposure,Germany MR5381 2065 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone, Porphyritic'
MR5382 Altes Schloss, Glash?tte,surface exposure,Hungary MR5382 2066 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone, Porphyritic'
MR5383 Spechtshausen, Tharandt, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5383 2067 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone, Porphyritic'
MR5384 Corbitz, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5384 2068 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone, Felsitic'
MR5385 Friebischthal, Meissen, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5385 2069 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR5386 Mayo Island, Cape de Verde,surface exposure,?Cape Verde Islands MR5386 2070 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR6669; F3251; Fuchsh?bel, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6669; F3251; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Glastephrite, Phonolitic'
MR6671; F3253; Ziegenberg, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6671; F3253; 1932 Phono-Tephrite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Tephritic'
MR6672; F3254; Teplitzer Berg, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6672; F3254; 1932 Phono-Tephrite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Tephritic'
MR6678; F3260; Nestomitz, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6678; F3260; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nepheline Phonolite'
MR6679; F3261; Aussig, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6679; F3261; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Natrolite Phonolite'
MR5046 Hartmansdorf, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5046 1871 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Augite Granulite - Pegmatite'
MR5055 Greece (no details),surface exposure,Greece MR5055 1873 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Structure In Porfido Verde Antico'
MR5062 Jebel Dorkan,surface exposure,Egypt MR5062 1874 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Structure In Hornblende Porphyrite'
MR5082 Cape Verde,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Cape Verde Islands MR5082 Darwin ,C. Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR6761; F3342; Todtenkopf, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6761; F3342; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Sanidine Phonolite, Dyke In Essexite'
MR6762; F3343; Oberbergen, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Germany MR6762; F3343; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Sanidine Phonolite'
MR6763; F3344; Oberschaffhausen, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,Germany MR6763; F3344; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR6680; F3262; Tauchenschin, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6680; F3262; 1932 Phono-Tephrite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Tephritic'
MR6681; F3263; Kleiner Geltsch, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6681; F3263; 1932 Phono-Tephrite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Tephritic'
MR6683; F3265; Kleiner Debus, Mittelgebirges, Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6683; F3265; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR6776; F3357; Oberschaffhausen, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,Germany MR6776; F3357; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR6777; F3358; Oberschaffhausen, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,Germany MR6777; F3358; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR6778; F3359; Oberschaffhausen, Kaiserstuhl,surface exposure,Germany MR6778; F3359; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8290 Kvin, Nahe,surface exposure,Germany MR8290 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Augite Felso-Porphyrite'
MR6957; F746; Takuben on Elbe, Rongstock, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6957; F746; 1903 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR6961; F750; Peterm?hle, Konigsbachthal, Rongstock, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6961; F750; 1903 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR6966; F755; Skritin, Rongstock, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6966; F755; 1903 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR6972; F761; Jungfernstein, Neschwitz, Rongstock, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR6972; F761; 1903 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR5088 Hlinik,surface exposure,Hungary MR5088 1885 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone, Var. Perlite'
MR5430 Vessena, Tassa, Tyrol,surface exposure,?Austria MR5430 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Elaeolite Porphyry (Liebeneite-Porphyry)'
MR5281 Neutitsschein, Moravia,surface exposure,Austria registered in archive,?Czechoslovakia MR5281 2003 Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite Porphyrite'
MR6703; F3284; Maschwitzberg, Polzengebietes, N. Bohemia,surface exposure,See ledger for reference to analysis,Czechoslovakia MR6703; F3284; 1932 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Hauyne Phonolite, Nephelinitic'
MR8159; F1513; Seaview, Dunedin,surface exposure,New Zealand MR8159; F1513; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8165; F1519; Logario Point, Dunedin,surface exposure,New Zealand MR8165; F1519; 1931 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8166; F1520; Mopanui, Dunedin,surface exposure,New Zealand MR8166; F1520; 1931 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite, Nephelinitoid'
MR8167; F1521; Hoopers Inlet, Dunedin,surface exposure,New Zealand MR8167; F1521; 1931 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite (Kaiwakaite)'
MR8175; F1529; Sommergraben, Kraubat, Steiermark,surface exposure,Austria MR8175; F1529; 1931 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Bronzite Rock'
MR5282 Niederbieten, Biedenkopf,surface exposure,Germany MR5282 2004 Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
MR5283 Amalie Mine, Amelose, Nassau,Amalie Mine,Germany MR5283 2005 Picrite. 'Original entry: Picrite'
MR5284 Hartmannsdorf, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR5284 2006 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Granulite'
MR8906 Forge de la commune, Mavius, Franzos, Ardennes,surface exposure,?France MR8906 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyroid With Large Orthoclases'
MR8914 Ravin de Mavius, Franzos, Ardennes,surface exposure,France MR8914 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyroid With Small Orthoclases'
MR8965 ?Tinnacarrig Hill, near New Ross,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR8965 Psammite, Feldspathic. 'Original entry: Feldspathic Sandstone'
MR8968 Monte Somma, Italy,surface exposure,Italy MR8968 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR8427 Greifendorf, R?hrigen, Saxony,surface exposure,Germany MR8427 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Granulite'
MR7583 Hill above Cala, Pantelleria,surface exposure,Italy MR7583 1875 Pitchstone, Porphyritic-Ryhyolitic. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Pitchstone'
MR7584 La Mantua, Pantelleria,surface exposure,Italy MR7584 1875 Pitchstone, Porphyritic-Ryhyolitic. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Pitchstone'
MR12347 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1102m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12347 1871 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR12348 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1102m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12348 1872 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR12349 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1102m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12349 1873 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR12350 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1136m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12350 1874 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR12351 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1136m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12351 1875 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR10159; F3650; Toppo di S Paolo, SE of Melfi,surface exposure,Series from Monte Vulture. Anal: Zeitschift f. vulkanologie, Bd 14, p.239 No.3,Italy MR10159; F3650; 1933 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Hauyne Phonolite'
MR10160; F3651; Toppo di S Paolo, SE of Melfi,surface exposure,Series from Monte Vulture. Anal: Zeitschift f. vulkanologie, Bd 14, p.239 No.1,Italy MR10160; F3651; 1933 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite With Anorthoclase'
MR15315; F4247; 1.5 miles E of Pitcairn, Lake Bonaparte quadrangle, New York State,surface exposure,Border chill facies of Diana Complex. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15315; F4247; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Quartz Syenite'
MR15316; F4248; Lake Bonaparte quadrangle, New York State,surface exposure,Sill in limestone beneath base of diana Complex. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15316; F4248; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Syenite'
MR15317; F4249; 1.25 miles E of Harrisville, Lake Bonaparte Quad, New York State,surface exposure,Near base of Pyroxene Syenite Facies of Diana Complex. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15317; F4249; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Syenite (Augen Gneiss)'
MR16333 Drachenfels, Siebengeberge,surface exposure,?Germany MR16333 1937 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8755 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8755 Darwin ,C. 1836 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Cellular Porphyry'
MR12166; F5034; Carene, Elba,surface exposure,Italy - Elba MR12166; F5034; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphyry'
MR12167; F5035; Carene, Elba,surface exposure,Italy - Elba MR12167; F5035; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR12356 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1231m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12356 1880 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR12357 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1232m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12357 1881 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR12360 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 1372m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12360 1884 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR160; I1126; Erris Head, Co. Mayo,surface exposure,Also slides I 1128,1129, 1130 (Irish Collection),Republic of Ireland MR160; I1126; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR166 Close to Roundstone, Connemara, Co. Galway,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR166 Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
MR10086; F3585; Bellinzona,surface exposure,Zone of Roots,Switzerland MR10086; F3585; 1933 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR15324; F4261; Near Tupper Lake, New York State,surface exposure,See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15324; F4261; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Syenite'
MR15325; F4262; Tupper Lake, New York State,surface exposure,Transitional rock or Keene Gneiss of Adirondacks. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15325; F4262; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Quartz Syenite'
MR15331; F4268; Lake Duane, Santa Clara Quad., New York State,surface exposure,Chill Facies, Santa Clara Complex. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15331; F4268; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Quartz Syenite'
MR15332; F4269; Santa Clara Quad., New York State,surface exposure,Mafic facies of Santa Clara Quartz syenite developed through assimilation of amphibolite. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15332; F4269; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Syenite'
MR15343; F4280; E side of Gouverneur Phacolith, Gouverneur Quad., New York State,surface exposure,Contact aureole of granite (Alexandria type). See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15343; F4280; 1936 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR15352; F4289; Lake Bonaparte quadrangle, New York State,surface exposure,Facies of Rusty Gneiss. See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15352; F4289; 1936 Pyrite-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyritic Migmatite'
MR10206; F3694; Soccavo, W of Naples,surface exposure,Series from Campi Flegrei,Italy MR10206; F3694; 1933 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Sodalite-Trachyte-Phonolite'
MR11775 Chambley Canal, Canada,surface exposure,Canada MR11775 1920 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Feldspar'
MR10091; F3590; Bellinzona,surface exposure,Zone of Roots,Switzerland MR10091; F3590; 1933 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidosite, With Hornblende'
MR10106; F3606; Bonatchesse, Val de Bagnes,surface exposure,St Bernard Nappe; also section F3607,Switzerland MR10106; F3606; 1933 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Garnet-Chloritoid-Phyllite'
MR10007; F3492; Murb?hl, Unteralptal,surface exposure,Gotthard Massif,Switzerland MR10007; F3492; 1933 Paragneiss. 'Original entry: Paragneiss'
MR12372 Mont Cenis (Fr?jus) Tunnel, Alps. Distance from Modane, Savoie, France 2036m,Mont Cenis railway tunnel,The first great Alpine tunnel, driven from two headings from 1857 to 1871, using novel tunnelling techniques including dynamite.,France - MR12372 1896 Psammite, Gritty-Foliated. 'Original entry: Schistose Grit'
MR8701 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8701 Darwin ,C. 1836 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR16391 Schelkopf, near Breuk,surface exposure,Germany MR16391 1937 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR16393 Schelkopf, near Breuk,surface exposure,Germany MR16393 1937 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8461 Kleine Priessen, Mittelgebirge, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8461 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR9633; F3377; Monte Somma eruption of 79AD, Pompei,surface exposure,Rittman Anal. 41,Italy MR9633; F3377; 1933 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR9651; F3395; Boscotrecase, SE side of Vesuvius,surface exposure,Italy MR9651; F3395; 1933 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Missourite, Pyroxenitic'
MR9653; F3397; Lagno di Trocchia, N slope of Somma,surface exposure,Italy MR9653; F3397; 1933 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Biotite Pyroxenite'
MR8463 Schlossberg, Br?x, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8463 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8464 Kletschner Berg, Mittelgebirge, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8464 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nosean-Sanidine Phonolite'
MR8467 Le Pissy, Mont Dore,surface exposure,France MR8467 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite (Leucostine)'
MR8469 Oberschaffhausen, Kaisenstuhl, Baden,surface exposure,Germany MR8469 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8472 Tilkaner, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8472 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8482 Mileschauer, Mittelgebirge, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR8482 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite (Nosean Sanidine Phonolite)'
MR8483 Burg Olbr?ck, Lake Laach, Eifel,surface exposure,Germany MR8483 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Nosite Phonolite'
MR10111; F3613; Fionnay, Val de Bagnes,surface exposure,St Bernard Nappe,Switzerland MR10111; F3613; 1933 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Glaucophanite'
MR10128; F3630; Lej Giaz?l, Sils Baselgia,surface exposure,Bernina Nappe,Switzerland MR10128; F3630; 1933 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphyry (Porphyroid)'
MR5466 Lobositz, Bohemia,surface exposure,Czechoslovakia MR5466 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite (Nepheline Nosean Phonolite)'
MR5467 Hohen Mahlberg, Montabaur, Nassau,surface exposure,Germany MR5467 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR5469 Selberg, Eifel,surface exposure,Germany MR5469 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8721 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8721 Darwin ,C. 1836 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR8724 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8724 Darwin ,C. 1836 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR8725 Ascension Island,surface exposure,Charles Darwin Collection,Ascension Island MR8725 Darwin ,C. 1836 Pitchstone. 'Original entry: Pitchstone'
MR15358; F4295; E of Pitcairn, Lake Bonaparte quadrangle, New York State,surface exposure,See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15358; F4295; 1936 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite-Scapolite Gneiss'
MR15359; F4296; Little Falls, New York State,surface exposure,See Memoranda from A F Buddington in MR ledger p. 93,USA MR15359; F4296; 1936 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene Quartz Syenite Gneiss'
MR11916 Drey K?nig Mine, Oravitza,mine,Hungary MR11916 Psammite, Feldspathic. 'Original entry: Feldspathic Rock'
MR11922 Nagyyag, Transylvania,surface exposure,Hungary MR11922 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Greenstone Porphyry With Metalliferous Threads'
MR11923 Forming peaks of mountains around Nagyyag, Transylvania,surface exposure,Hungary MR11923 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR11924 Almas, between Zalathna and Nagyag,surface exposure,Hungary MR11924 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR11929 Piatra Dorni, Transylvania,surface exposure,Hungary MR11929 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR11934 Kieban Maden, Taurus Mountains,surface exposure,Hungary MR11934 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR11936 W of the Serai at Argana Maden, Taurus Mountains,surface exposure,occurring between serpentine and limestone,Hungary MR11936 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR22643; I1257; W side of Gortnalughoge Hill, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22643; I1257; 1960 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR20814; F3930; Taeyudong,surface exposure,North Korea MR20814; F3930; 1956 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR21808; F6562; Large dyke, about 5 miles N of Jos, Nigeria,surface exposure,Large polished specimen. See Bull Geol Surv Nig. No 19 "Geology of the Plateau Tinfields",Nigeria MR21808; F6562; 1958 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Motley Porphyry'
MR22652; I1261; Melmore Head, S of Melmore Tower, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22652; I1261; 1960 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR21809; F6562; Large dyke, about 5 miles N of Jos, Nigeria,surface exposure,Large polished specimen. See Bull Geol Surv Nig. No 19 "Geology of the Plateau Tinfields",Nigeria MR21809; F6562; 1958 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Motley Porphyry'
MR22009; F6239; Le Gal, Puys de Dome, c. 20 miles SW of Clermont Ferrand,surface exposure,Map 166,France MR22009; F6239; 1959 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR22010; F6240; Chez Tamboine, Puys de Dome, c. 20 miles SW of Clermont Ferrand,surface exposure,Map 166,France MR22010; F6240; 1959 Pyroclastic-Breccia. 'Original entry: Pyroclastic Breccia'
MR22701 Stn 152/65-80E, Port Cygnet Complex, Tasmania,surface exposure,From portion of dyke about 2ft wide intruded into Woodbridge Sediments. See Edwards AB, 1947.Proc. Roy. Soc Vic 58:81-115,Australia MR22701 1960 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR10082; F3581; Valle della Madonna, Brissago,surface exposure,Zone of Roots,Switzerland MR10082; F3581; 1933 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR25203 Bottom Sheet, Maraetai Dam,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25203 1961 Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Ignimbrite'
MR25206 Kaingaroa Plains. N85/875777,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25206 1961 Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Ignimbrite'
MR25208 Hinuera,surface exposure,Hinuera Stone,New Zealand MR25208 1961 Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Ignimbrite'
MR25209 Tokoroa,surface exposure,Tokoroa Stone,New Zealand MR25209 1961 Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Ignimbrite'
MR22682; I1276; 150 yds ESE of Dooey, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22682; I1276; 1960 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR25354; F6682; Dolni Bori, Western Moravia,surface exposure,Also F6682A,Czechoslovakia MR25354; F6682; * 1961 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR23440; F6645; Kendal to Richmond, Richmond subdivision, St Mary, Jamaica,surface exposure,Jamaica, West Indies MR23440; F6645; 1960 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Feldspar Porphyry Aggregate'
MR23442; F6647; Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, Jamaica,surface exposure,Jamaica, West Indies MR23442; F6647; 1960 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Carbonated Porphyry Aggregate'
MR26281 180ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 2.89,Guyana MR26281 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR26284 527ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 3.04,Guyana MR26284 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Vein In Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR26286 797ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 2.96,Guyana MR26286 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR26287 820ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 3.10,Guyana MR26287 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR26289 256ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 2.78,Guyana MR26289 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR26290 282ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 3.03,Guyana MR26290 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR26293 94ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 2.78,Guyana MR26293 1963 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Feldspar'
MR31408; F7242; Pampa Junin, due S of Chavin, Peru,surface exposure,Peru MR31408; F7242; 1971 Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Ignimbrite'
MR25720 Slapy Dani, R. Ultava, Bohemia (Bohemian Massif),surface exposure,via F W Dunning,Bohemia MR25720 1962 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphyry'
MR26295 550ft depth in borehole, Omai Goldfield, Essequibo River, British Guiana,borehole,SG = 3.04,Guyana MR26295 1963 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Vein In Epidote Chlorite Rock'
MR18910 Dovlin, West Clare,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR18910 1951 Phosphate-Packstone. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Limestone'
MR18911 Dovlin, West Clare,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR18911 1951 Phosphate-Packstone. 'Original entry: Phosphatic Limestone'
MR22653; I1262; Melmore Head, S of Melmore Tower, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22653; I1262; 1960 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite - Hornblende Granite Contact'
MR25202 Middle Sheet, Maraetai Dam,surface exposure,New Zealand MR25202 1961 Pyroclastic-Rock. 'Original entry: Ignimbrite'
MR22609 Downings, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22609 1960 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry Dyke'
MR22618; I1245; 500 yds W of Dooey, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22618; I1245; 1960 Pelite, Hornfelsed. 'Original entry: Pelite'
MR24759; F6653; Stabar Quarry, near Kuching,Stabar Quarry,Sarawak, Malaysia MR24759; F6653; 1961 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry Aggregate'
MR16518 Leadville, Colorado,surface exposure,USA MR16518 1938 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Feldspar'
MR16519 Tintic, Utah,surface exposure,See Billingsley, P 1933 16th IGC Guidebook pp 101-124.,USA MR16519 1938 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Monzonite Porphyry'
MR16523 Cripple Creek, Colorado,surface exposure,See Loughlin, G F 1933. 16th IGC Guidebook pp 113-122.,USA MR16523 1938 Phonolitic-Rock. 'Original entry: Phonolitic Breccia'
MR16549; F4868; Khabozero, Kola Peninsula, Soviet Lapland,surface exposure,Russia MR16549; F4868; 1938 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR11898 Georg Stolln, near mouth of the Ferdinand Adit, Schemnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR11898 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Greenstone Porphyry'
MR11899 100 yds west of Tepla, Schemnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR11899 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Greenstone Porphyry'
MR11901 E of Mount Szitna, Schemnitz, between Antal and Prinzendorf,surface exposure,Hungary MR11901 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR11910 E of road a few hundred yards below Bleih?tte, Schemnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR11910 Psammite, Feldspathic. 'Original entry: Feldspathic Rock'
MR11911 Near aqueduct, W of Calvanienberg, Schemnitz,surface exposure,Hungary MR11911 Psammite, Feldspathic. 'Original entry: Feldspathic Rock'
MR8557; F1709; Giffel des Picos 2 (?), Marmelete,surface exposure,Portugal MR8557; F1709; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR8558; F1710; Peso, N of Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8558; F1710; Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR8562; F1714; Ribeiro di Banho, below Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8562; F1714; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8563; F1715; Beyond Ternada in new road from Monchique to Saboia,surface exposure,Portugal MR8563; F1715; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8564; F1716; Ribeiro di Banho, below Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8564; F1716; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8565; F1717; Baranco de Passair, Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8565; F1717; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8566; F1718; Barbelote, N slopes of Foya,surface exposure,Portugal MR8566; F1718; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8567; F1719; On new road from Monchique to Saboia,surface exposure,Portugal MR8567; F1719; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Bostonite Porphyry'
MR8568; F1720; Barbelote, N slopes of Foya,surface exposure,Portugal MR8568; F1720; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8569; F1721; Corte Grande,surface exposure,Portugal MR8569; F1721; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8575; F1727; Between Picos I and Giffel der Foya,surface exposure,Portugal MR8575; F1727; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8576; F1728; Barbelote, N slopes of Foya,surface exposure,Portugal MR8576; F1728; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8577; F1729; Between Esgravatadouna and Fornalhas,surface exposure,Portugal MR8577; F1729; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8578; F1730; Corte Grande,surface exposure,Portugal MR8578; F1730; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8579; F1731; Between Picos I and Giffel der Foya,surface exposure,Portugal MR8579; F1731; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Sodalite Tinguaite Porphyry'
MR8580; F1732; Tal von Freitas rechte Talseite,surface exposure,Portugal MR8580; F1732; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Arfvedsonite-Biotite-Tinguaite Porphyry'
MR19646; F5984; Munnar Top Station Road, 3.75 miles from Munnar, 0.75 miles N5?W of junction of Kundale and Gudarale rivers, Devikolam, South India,surface exposure,India MR19646; F5984; 1953 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite Vein'
MR8548; F1700; Palmeira, near Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8548; F1700; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR8549; F1701; Barona, above Turn near Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8549; F1701; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR8550; F1702; on road from Covando to Esgravatadouna,surface exposure,Portugal MR8550; F1702; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR8551; F1703; Below Turmes, Barona, Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8551; F1703; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR22620 Rosapenna House, 1 mile SE of Downings, Rosguill, Co. Donegal,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR22620 1960 Pelite, Schistose. 'Original entry: Pelitic Schists'
MR10046; F3538; Punteglas region, B?ndner Oberland,surface exposure,Aar Massif,Switzerland MR10046; F3538; 1933 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Augite Porphyrite'
MR10051; F3543; Bronico, Lukmanierstrasse,surface exposure,Gotthard Massif; also section F3544,Switzerland MR10051; F3543; 1933 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Garnet Biotite Phyllite'
MR8552; F1704; Cavando, N of Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8552; F1704; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR8553; F1705; Alceria, near Caldas de Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8553; F1705; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR8554; F1706; N of Peso, N of Monchique,surface exposure,Portugal MR8554; F1706; Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyr'
MR10025; F3513; Sasso rosso, Airolo,surface exposure,Gotthard Massif,Switzerland MR10025; F3513; 1933 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Garnet Phyllite'
MR10027 Val Canaria,surface exposure,Gotthard Massif,Switzerland MR10027 1933 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Biotite Sericite Phyllite'
MR33948; COLLNOJB51; On road leading from bridge across O Ta Vav to S. des Mines, Pailin. GR 414 224. Cambodia 1:50,000 Series L708 Pailin 5549iv,surface exposure,See Berrang? & Jobbins, IGS Overseas Div. Rep. No. 35. Geology & Gemmology of Pailin Gemfield.,Cam MR33948; COLLNOJB51; * 1977 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR32594 Busumbu,surface exposure,Uganda MR32594 Phosphorite. 'Original entry: Secondary Phosphate Rock (Francolite)'
MR32595 Probaby Toraro Quarry, Uganda,?quarry,Uganda MR32595 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene-S?Vite'
MR32698 Surumbusa, Bukusu Carbonatite Complex, SE Uganda,surface exposure,x638,Uganda MR32698 1975 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatoid Ijolite With Perovskite'
MR17487; I862; Noughaval, 3 miles NE of Kilfenora, Co. Clare. Sheet 123.,surface exposure,Intercalated with shale at base of Yoredale Series jus above top of d2''' limestone,Republic of Ireland MR17487; I862; 1941 Phosphate-Sediments. 'Original entry: Phosphate Rock'
MR2709; I594; Coolnapith, 1.5 miles E of Pallas, Co. Limerick,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR2709; I594; 1884 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry (Olivine Basalt)'
MR3413 Axim Beach, Pepreh Point, Gold Coast, W Africa,surface exposure,Ghana MR3413 1880 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Orthoclase Porphyry'
MR17664 Djebel Dokham,surface exposure,polished specimen,Egypt MR17664 1942 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR17666; F7132; Marathonisi,surface exposure,polished specimen,Greece MR17666; F7132; 1942 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR33988; F7849; COLLNOJB100; Phnum O Tang, inside N rim of crater, Pailin. GR 364 264. Cambodia 1:50,000 Series L708 Pailin 5549iv,surface exposure,See Berrang? & Jobbins, IGS Overseas Div. Rep. No. 35. Geology & Gemmology of Pailin Gemfield.,Cambodia MR33988; F7849; COLLNOJB100; * 1977 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidosite'
MR33989; COLLNOJB101; Phnum O Tang, inside N rim of crater, Pailin. GR 364 264. Cambodia 1:50,000 Series L708 Pailin 5549iv,surface exposure,See Berrang? & Jobbins, IGS Overseas Div. Rep. No. 35. Geology & Gemmology of Pailin Gemfield.,Cambodia MR33989; COLLNOJB101; * 1977 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidosite'
MR32768 From sandpit between Dachsbusch and H?ttenberg, Laacher See area, near Koblenz,surface exposure,See Frechen 1962, p. 79, loc. 28,Germany MR32768 1975 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR32769 From sandpit between Dachsbusch and H?ttenberg, Laacher See area, near Koblenz,surface exposure,See Frechen 1962, p. 79, loc. 28,Germany MR32769 1975 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite, Sanidine-Rich Type'
MR32058 South of Nambazu School,surface exposure,See 'Carbonatites in Malawi' by M S Garson in 'Carbonatites' ed. O F Tuttle & Gittins (Interscience) 1966. Also Garson & Smith, 1958. Chilwa Island, Nyasaland. Geol. Surv. Mem. No. 1 127pp.,Malawi MR32058 1961 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Pseudoleucite-Phonolite'
MR32062 Chigwakwala Plug,surface exposure,See 'Carbonatites in Malawi' by M S Garson in 'Carbonatites' ed. Tuttle & Gittins (Interscience) 1966. Also Garson, MS 1961 The Tundulu Carbonatite Ring Complex in southern Nyasaland. Geol Surv Mem 2, 248pp MR32062 1961 Phonolitic-Rock. 'Original entry: Phonolite-Porphyry (With Eudialyte And Soda-Amphibole)'
MR32770 From sandpit between Dachsbusch and H?ttenberg, Laacher See area, near Koblenz,surface exposure,See Frechen 1962, p. 79, loc. 28,Germany MR32770 1975 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite, Sanidine-Rich Type'
MR32771 From sandpit between Dachsbusch and H?ttenberg, Laacher See area, near Koblenz,surface exposure,See Frechen 1962, p. 79, loc. 28,Germany MR32771 1975 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite, Sanidine-Rich Type'
MR32772 From sandpit between Dachsbusch and H?ttenberg, Laacher See area, near Koblenz,surface exposure,See Frechen 1962, p. 79, loc. 28,Germany MR32772 1975 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite, Sanidine-Rich Type With Ferromagnesians And Druses'
MR32075 Palabora Complex, Transvaal, South Africa,surface exposure,South Africa MR32075 1974 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite (Diopside Rock)'
MR25930 Near mine, 4km SE of Mijas, N of Fuengirola, Malaga,near mine,X-ray X3020,Spain MR25930 1962 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR16562; F4880; Lovchorrite Mine, Yukspor, Kola Peninsula, Soviet Lapland,mine,Russia MR16562; F4880; 1938 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Louchorrite In Pegmatite'
MR17061; I845; Devil's Punch Bowl, Mangerton Mountain, Co. Kerry,surface exposure,Republic of Ireland MR17061; I845; 1938 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR35465 Hualalai, just N of Relay Tower, c. 1 mile SE of highwau and c. 9 miles N of Honokohau, Hawaii,surface exposure,From 1801 lava, from concentration in scoriaceous lava,USA - Hawaii MR35465 1981 Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite Or Dunite'
MR35479 Laveno Mine, Steelsport, East Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,Laveno Mine,South Africa MR35479 1981 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR35489 5km E of Steelsport on road to Burgersfoot, East Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,surface exposure,South Africa MR35489 1981 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR34821 North Quarry, Nedamannur, NE of Trivandrum, Kerala,North Quarry, Nedamannur,India MR34821 * 1979 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite With Monazite In Khondolite'
MR34850 Large disused quarry near main river at Usti nad Labem, Manaske Hora,quarry,Czechoslovakia MR34850 1980 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Marienbergite (Phonolite)'
MR35498 Bed of Groot Dwars River, near Lydensburg-Maartenshoop road bridge, 8km E of main Middleburg-Burgersfoot highway, East Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,surface exposure,South Africa MR35498 1981 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite With Chromite'
MR35500 Middleburg-Burgersfoot highway, 1.5km S of junction with Lydensburg dirt road, East Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,surface exposure,South Africa MR35500 1981 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR35513 Atok Platinum Mine, East Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,Atok Platinum Mine,South Africa MR35513 1981 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR35514 Atok Platinum Mine, East Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,Atok Platinum Mine,South Africa MR35514 1981 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatoid'
MR32182 Carbonate Rock, Sulphide-Queen-Birthday area, Mountain Pass district, San Bernadino County, California,surface exposure,From a collection sent by Dr G Switzer (US national Museum, Washington DC) to dept. Min & Pet, Cambridge, Feb 1958. They MR32182 1974 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyritic Shonkinite Dyke Rock'
MR35347 just W of Sawyer Rock c.1.8 ml W of Bartless, Highway 302, New Hampshire; SE rectangle of Crawford Notch Quadrangle,surface exposure,USA MR35347 1981 Pyroxene-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyroxene-Syenite'
MR35443 Rip-rap quarry, 3.4 miles W of Cazidero, California.,surface exposure,USA MR35443 1981 Psammite, Epidotic. 'Original entry: Epidote Or Pumpellyite-Bearing Rock'
MR34276 Volcan. GR 206 738. El Hato del Volcan 3642-11.,surface exposure,Panama MR34276 1978 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR34277 Rio los Pozos. GR 164 814, Cerro Punta 3642-1,surface exposure,Panama MR34277 1978 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR34278 Rio Gatu,surface exposure,Panama MR34278 1978 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry With Sulphur'
MR35478 mine at Steelsport, Eastern Transvaal,Laveno Mine,South Africa MR35478 1981 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR8352 Grimstad,surface exposure,Norway MR8352 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8353 Ringerike Plateau,surface exposure,Norway MR8353 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8354 Sandviken,surface exposure,Norway MR8354 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8355 Sandviken,surface exposure,Norway MR8355 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8356 Sandviken,surface exposure,Norway MR8356 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8357 Sandviken,surface exposure,Norway MR8357 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR18679 Kircumavaera, N Sweden,surface exposure,Sweden MR18679 1950 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR18681 Spikarne, S E Alnv,surface exposure,Sweden MR18681 1950 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14932; F4175; Island of ?Toftehohnen, Oslo fjord and 14 km E of Holmestrand,surface exposure,Poor handwriting in ledger for locality,Norway MR14932; F4175; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14937; F4179; Island of ?Eikaholmen, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,also F4179A. Poor handwriting in ledger for locality,Norway MR14937; F4179; 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR14938; F4180; Island of ?Eikaholmen, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,Poor handwriting in ledger for locality,Norway MR14938; F4180; 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR14939 Island of ?Eikaholmen, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,with some rare minerals,Norway MR14939 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
RC1008/1 Phosphorite. Sokli, N.E. Finland. RC1008/1 0 Phosphatic Sediments And Phosphorites. 'Original entry: Phosphorite'
MR8137; F1322; Aitoniemi, Messukyld, Tammenfors,surface exposure,Finland MR8137; F1322; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Feldspar'
MR8138; F1323; Aitoniemi, Messukyld, Tammenfors,surface exposure,Finland MR8138; F1323; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Mica Porphyry'
MR8140; F1325; Tassi, Tottijdrri, Tammenfors,surface exposure,Finland MR8140; F1325; 1931 Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite'
MR7032; F622; Vasvikstunellen, Larvik,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7032; F622; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Nepheline Rhomb Porphyry'
MR7045; F635; Nakholmen, Kristianiafjord,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7045; F635; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7046; F636; Nakholmen, Kristianiafjord,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7046; F636; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7047; F637; Humledal, Ringerike,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7047; F637; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7048; F638; Suisenbakken, Kristiania,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7048; F638; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S45877; MR26344; COLLNOYC564; Road cutting on E side of Lake Inyvn, 11km SSE of Leksand,surface exposure,Sweden S45877; MR26344; COLLNOYC564; * 1963 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Quartz Albite Pegmatite With Beryl'
S45878; MR26345; COLLNOYC565; Road cutting on E side of Lake Inyvn, 11km SSE of Leksand,surface exposure,Sweden S45878; MR26345; COLLNOYC565; * 1963 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Quartz Albite Pegmatite With Beryl'
S23814; MR32103; Halfway to Es Pier at cutting, Alnv,surface exposure,Sweden S23814; MR32103; * 1974 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
S24509; MR32109; Es Pier, Alnv,surface exposure,Sweden S24509; MR32109; * 1974 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR12318; F2999; Ringsevja, Fen Region,surface exposure,also section 3000. Border zone of dyke in fenite,Norway MR12318; F2999; 1926 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Ringite Pegmatite'
MR12319; F3001; Ringsevja, Fen Region,surface exposure,Central part of dyke in fenite,Norway MR12319; F3001; 1926 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Ringite Pegmatite'
MR12320; F3002; Small valley W from Kampenhaug, Fen Region,surface exposure,rich in feldspar, from dyke in fenite,Norway MR12320; F3002; 1926 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Ringite Pegmatite'
S24600; MR32092; along NNE of SSW border of fenite and granite, NNE of Prestegard, Fen,surface exposure,via M S Garson,Norway S24600; MR32092; * 1974 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Ringit Pegmatite'
MR8148; F1333; Teiskola, Teisko, Tammenfors,surface exposure,Finland MR8148; F1333; 1931 Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite Amphibolite'
MR8149; F1334; Tydanmaanvuori, Teisko, Tammenfors,surface exposure,Finland MR8149; F1334; 1931 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyritoid'
MR8323 Hammarudda, Aland Island, Baltic Finland,surface exposure,Finland MR8323 1883 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphyry'
MR8324 Aland Island, Baltic Finland,surface exposure,Finland MR8324 1889 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphyry'
MR14959; F4200; Island of Revlingen, 4km S of Moss, 58 km S of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14959; F4200; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
Folldal Old Mine dump, Folldal, off Hjerkinn-Alvdal road, Norway,Folldal Old Mine,Norway 1983 Pyrite-Rock. 'Original entry: Pyrite - Chalcopyrite Ore'
MR4764 near Stockholm,surface exposure,first steps towards ball-granite (Torell),Sweden. MR4764 1888 Pegmatite, Brecciated-Feldspar-Quartz. 'Original entry: Brecciated Granite'
MR8329 Hogland,surface exposure,Finland MR8329 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry With Feldspar Crystals'
MR8336 Bommelv,surface exposure,See "Bome=meloem og Karmoen", Hans Reusch (Chritiania) 1988, p.52,Finland MR8336 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphyry'
MR7064; F655; Drammen,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7064; F655; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphry'
MR7065; F656; Kjeholmen, Kristianiafjord,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7065; F656; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphry'
MR7066; F657; Kjeholmen, Kristianiafjord,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7066; F657; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Porphry'
RC1102/1 Pegmatite with Uraninite. Vats, Nr. Stavanper, Norway. RC1102/1 0 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Uraninite'
MR14787; F650; Rundemyr o Eker,surface exposure,Inv Cat 353,Norway MR14787; F650; 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR14889 East side of Holsfjorden, 25km WNW of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14889 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14890; F4137; East side of Holsfjorden, 25km WNW of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14890; F4137; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14891 At roadside, Tanum, 15km W of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14891 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14892; F4138; At roadside, Tanum, 15km W of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14892; F4138; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14893; F4139; Kolsaas mountain, 12 km WNW of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14893; F4139; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14894; F4140; East side of Holsfjorden, 25km WNW of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14894; F4140; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14895; F4141; East side of Holsfjorden, 25km WNW of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14895; F4141; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR3688 Vagtdal, near Ulven, S of Bergen,surface exposure,Norway MR3688 1898 Pelite, Phyllitic. 'Original entry: Micaceous Phyllite With Coral'
MR6977; F563; Brandberget,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR6977; F563; 1890 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
S3712; MR32131; 1km NW of Pahkalampi, Siilinjdrvi Complex,surface exposure,Finland S3712; MR32131; *; *; 1974 Peridotite. 'Original entry: Mica Peridotite'
S24528; MR32134; Main phosphorite area, Sokli Complex,surface exposure,Finland S24528; MR32134; * 1974 Phosphorite. 'Original entry: Phosphorite'
S24529; MR32135; Main phosphorite area, Sokli Complex,surface exposure,Finland S24529; MR32135; * 1974 Phosphorite. 'Original entry: Phosphorite'
S7138; MR32139; Sokli Complex, near Loitsonjarvi Lake,surface exposure,Finland S7138; MR32139; * 1974 Phosphorite. 'Original entry: Phosphorite'
MR8195; F1549; Skeie, near Os,surface exposure,Norway MR8195; F1549; 1931 Peridotite. 'Original entry: Peridotite,'
MR8300 Blyberg, Elfdalen, Dalarne,surface exposure,Sweden MR8300 1883 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR8330 Panish Sdrna, Dalecanlia,surface exposure,SGU = Fren veriges Geologiska Undersvknings Museum,Sweden MR8330 Phonolite. 'Original entry: Phonolite'
MR8314 Linderud, Christiania,surface exposure,Norway MR8314 1889 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Quartz Syenite Porphyry'
MR8315 Linderud, Christiania,surface exposure,Norway MR8315 1889 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14912; F4157; Near Sundvollen, W side of Stenofjord, 30km NW of Oslo,surface exposure,Norway MR14912; F4157; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14921; F4166; Island of Revlingen, 4km S of Moss, 58km S of Oslo,surface exposure, MR14921; F4166; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14922 Island of Aroy, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,Norway MR14922 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'
MR14923; F4167; Island of Aroy, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,Norway MR14923; F4167; 1935 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR14926 Island of Rdven, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,Norway MR14926 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite With Nepheline And Aegirine'
MR14927 Island of Rdven, Langesund fjord, Brevik,surface exposure,Norway MR14927 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite With Nepheline And Aegirine'
MR6989; F575; Randviksholmen, Kristianiafjord,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR6989; F575; 1890 Pyroxenite. 'Original entry: Pyroxenite'
MR6994; F580; Sxlvsberget Gran,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR6994; F580; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Augite-Porphyrite'
MR6999; F585; Holmestrand,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR6999; F585; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Augite-Porphyrite'
MR7006; F593; Slotsfjejdet, Txnsberg,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7006; F593; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7007; F594; Tyveholmen, Kristiania,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7007; F594; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7008; F595; Rambergxen, Kristianiafjord,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7008; F595; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7009; F597; Skaanaasen Nykirhe,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7009; F597; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR7010; F598; Humledal, Ringenike,surface exposure,W C Brvgger's Type rock specimens,Norway MR7010; F598; 1890 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR17922 Feldspar quarries, Island of Ornv, Stockholm archipelago,quarry,Sweden MR17922 1946 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR18676 Kircumavaera, N Sweden,surface exposure,Sweden MR18676 1950 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
S24847; MR27025; Kolsaas, Baerum,surface exposure,Norway S24847; MR27025; * 1964 Porphyry. 'Original entry: Porphyry'
MR15020; F4240; ?Liavand, Lyderhorn, Bergen,surface exposure,Pre-Cambrian arc,Norway MR15020; F4240; 1935 Pegmatite. 'Original entry: Pegmatite'

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