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Map series Geological Survey of England and Wales 1:63,360/1:50,000 geological map series, New Series 
Sheet number 257 
Sheet title Romford. 
Map type Solid and Drift 
Scale 1:50 000 
Publication year 1996 
Author statement Original geological survey at 1:63 360 scale by F.J. Bennett, W.B. Dawkins, W.H. Penning, W. Whitaker and H.B. Woodward; published as Old Series Sheet 1 in 1868. Drift added 1871 to 1876. Resurveyed west of Brentwood on the 1:10 560 scale by T.I. Pocock and J.A. Howe in 1902; eastern part resurveyed by H.G. Dines and F.H. Edmunds in 1922-23. Minor amendments by S. Buchan in 1941; and to the southern margin by R.J. Wyatt in 1966-68. Reconstituted on 1:50 000 base in 1976. Second resurvey and revision on the 1:10 560 or 1:10 000 scale by A. Smith, B.S.P. Moorlock, P.J. Strange, R.A. Ellison, A.J.M. Barron, M. McKeown, R.D. Lake, F.G. Berry, D. Millward and C.R. Bristow in 1970-94. Interpretation of deep geology by T.C. Pharaoh and R.A. Ellison. R.G. Thurrell, R.A. Bazley, E.R. Shephard-Thorn , R.W. Gallois and I.R. Basham, Regional Geologists. 
Published statement Published 1996. Print code: 96/1800. 
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