A Ministry of Health committee, the 'Inland Water Survey Committee' recommended that work on the underground water could be best undertaken by the Geological Survey. A new Water Department was established by the Survey in 1936 and in response to the Ministry's representation, the county system of data collection was abandoned and replaced with one based on the one-inch geological maps. During the war and into the 1950s these were produced as part of the Wartime pamphlet series however in 1964 after the Water Resources Act of 1973 a formal series was started that published the results of the collection of data about wells and aquifers. They were usually issued under the title: 'Records of wells in the area of of new series one inch (geological)…'. The series ran from 1964-1970 when with a bit of overlap they were superceded by the Well Inventory Series Metric Units Institute of Geological Sciences.